tHiS iS a nO sKiLl cHaMpiOn!!!!!

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Someone told me that Akali needs 0 skill to play and is extremly easy. So i asked myself how to define if a champion needs skill or not. Now here we are! hf

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Title: tHiS iS a nO sKiLl cHaMpiOn!!!!!



7 Ağu 2022




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Lucas Alcaraz
Akali and Master Yi are SOOO different to each other, but the two of them have the tools to make you NOT PLAY THE GAME
I don't say this lightly, I did not for a moment while watching this video think that you had less than 50k subs. The quality is incredible, both confidence and editing wise. Well done you've earned a sub
I think Akali in particular just pisses people off. Because functionally speaking, she has little to no counterplay if played perfectly unless you're a specific set of champs that can kill her by simply existing. So sure she has a fuckton of nuance and it takes a lot of time to master her, there's just that mechanical "how tf is this fair" feel to her. So much so she's one of those champs that ARE balanced around a 47-48% winrate. Whereas a Garen is effectively a stat stick champ, what you see is what you get. So if you get first blooded vs a Garen it becomes a lot more obvious to both sides of the team you just severely misplayed and got yourself killed.
SpysGreed 21 gün önce
I think the tier list is more or less correct for every champion except for Draven- He doesn't really need more skill to play than any other ADC. His axes land in the direction he is walking anyway, which means usually he only has to do very small movement changes that anyone can perform to pick up his axes... And then he just does like 200% the dmg of any other ADC until level 6, lol.
i gave a like because you actually recognized BARD as a hard to play champ. It is my favourite champ and is the balance between TROLL and OP aaand most importantly shows the balance between throwing and overthrowing games.
Mashinal Awalt
I feel like some characters are more "macro-oriented" and some are more "micro-oriented".
Well, coming from a vex main, most vex's I've played with usually go 0/10 on their first time playing and usually never deal too much damage to the enemy. Even when I started out playing vex I went 0/10 because I couldn't really understand how her abilities nor passive worked, but after almost a year playing with vex I can say she's quite difficult to play, since she mostly relies on cooldowns and is very squishy, but once fed, she can easily shut down a fed akali with 3,000 HP within milsecs because of some combo's you can learn as vex, and in the end in order to play vex without feeding the other team, you need to be fully aware of everything that's happening around your lane and be ready to outsmart your laner or the jungler if needed. Lastly, about aurelion sol being godtier, this is a personal experience, when I first played him I didn't find him as hard as I thought, which my score ended up being 19/10 in an aram game.
Moe Lester
It's not about skills, it's about the possibility of the champion. Akali in my opinion is the champion with the most of possibilities, just her mobility makes it horrible if you don't play a champ that can actually hard punish her. She has the right to not be very good since she can easily escape and be over safe (especially against melee)
Joe Sutter
Teemo has skill curve and long time experience actually if you don't play an auto attack build. Some shroom placements are crucial to success and you either need to be able to memorize or improvise with them. You can also cancel your auto attack cooldown with your Q. So Teemo has some hidden shrooms into him! Check some guides out if you want.
Whoever says that Akali has no skill misses the point on how she is such a balance nightmare.
Poppy being placed under easy champs make me question the list on the account that the difference between those picking her up for the first time and those who main her are massive, and the former is an active detriment to their own team with how often they never use their R properly or know how to cancel it.
Aprameya Neopane
Doesnt matter what skill level, if you win game that means you were better than your opponent 👍🏻
Just my personal opinion on what a hard champ is:
Rimuru Tempest
Olaf players when someone tells them being able to 1v2 on point and click abilities and a fail-proof "skillshot" isn't called an outplay
Good video, I think you needed to touch up a bit on play by plays so that people could see how ridiculous the combos are but how much thought a person needs to apply to actually get there. Just for example, the average bruiser player thinks "going in and not getting kited" is hard, and for more mobile champions, getting kited isn't a factor until their skills are on CD. But for a Quinn or Vayne player, positioning is a key skill for marksmans to have or they will get popped very quickly. This is a neutral skill that the enemy will deprioritize as they blame others for their positioning mistakes or just state that the champion doesn't "deserve" to deal damage (it's how this game's community has become).
Skill in league is mostly determined by risk. If you can win lane, win objectives and win games with little to no risks, your champ is easy to play. No matter how many skill shots you have or complicated mechanics. This is also dependent on other champions and the meta.
Jacob Wilson
Akali is hard af for me atleast but if you learn her she is broken
As a someone who would at some point call Akali a "non-skill champ" I think it pretty much stems from the lack of counterplay that it sometimes feels like to be because of her invisibility shroud
Arman Selami
your channel is so underrated your edit skills are very good keep up
Caxarelo 21 gün önce
Must I add that in the case of champions like Akali or Lee Sin, while they are way hard to play AND master, they end up becoming very easy to execute in lower levels (plat below)
WHY YOU should play AKALI NOW!
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