This Device Detects Hidden Bombs!

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24 Eyl 2021




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Icatt 26 dakika önce
What's the device called
_Ocelot Gaming_
_Ocelot Gaming_ 7 saatler önce
Abiel Novaro
Abiel Novaro 10 saatler önce
Tan Khe Min
Tan Khe Min 10 saatler önce
I thought they would use dogs that are trained to sniff for them... (I feel like this comment will get some hate)
Gevorg Gabrielyan
That mines is 2020 war of armenia and azerbajain
Harpertun XD
Harpertun XD Gün önce
This shouldve been entirely subsidized by the U.S. since, you know...
marie plays roblox
Jamie Christen
Jamie Christen 2 gün önce
They need to make they're brand "TII will never die"
Jewel Hannah
Jewel Hannah 2 gün önce
why don't you just tell people to not be dumb and stupid.
skeletos 2 gün önce
I hate war
ice_wolf2k 2 gün önce
I remember a bodybuilder in my country took a heavy stone and threw it but he didnt know that he accidentally threw it on a land mine and exploded and almost took everyone's lives
G. Afríq™
G. Afríq™ 3 gün önce
Beautiful! Congrats to the good folks at #TII #AbuDhabi Making the world a safer, better, more loving place! 🥰❤️🖤💚🇦🇪
Duje 3 gün önce
Can you go in Croatia🇭🇷???
Lavender Blossomish
Lavender Blossomish 4 gün önce
Thank you abu dhabi and all the scientists to make this possible and save human kind🙏❤
lee sofialee
lee sofialee 4 gün önce
I thought land mines usually don’t kill people and instead they injure people severely
Ito Mito
Ito Mito 5 gün önce
Bosnia 🇧🇦 BOMM BOMM
Heinrich Wimmer
Heinrich Wimmer 5 gün önce
so u practically saying to stay home and wait when they gonna make it in sale?
i am snowy and sus
i am snowy and sus 5 gün önce
bruh ok
•Ash애슐리• 6 gün önce
This is why i always use my eyes to see if there are landmines, i use my eyes to see big seashells even tho my own mother did not detect it, i have a very good eye, i always look to the ground to see if there is any danger around me
Shamir Basheer
Shamir Basheer 7 gün önce
I’m proud I’m a citizen of the Emirates 😍
Gaunter O’dimm
Gaunter O’dimm 5 gün önce
But the project is not from emirates
Yaseen Mohamed
Yaseen Mohamed 7 gün önce
I ♥️ U nas daily this changed my life🌹🌺
~•Mary•~ 7 gün önce
My classmate lives in abhu dabi -
Headmaster Cat Job
Headmaster Cat Job 7 gün önce
As a vietnamese, there a job is bomb sawer, they will find bomb hidden from war and saw then sell it, somehow it kill hundreds of people in my country every years
Amir Raschid Aluk
Amir Raschid Aluk 7 gün önce
Good news... hope someday I can connect with the expert ...
Mizera Mykle
Mizera Mykle 7 gün önce
Please give credit to the trained rats that are detecting mines that are then safely disposed of. I'm delighted to hear of this device because better is wonderful but until it is affordable it's a joy to know rats are helping poor nations already.
sunny sunny
sunny sunny 8 gün önce
You guys are scarring me
Silvana Slv
Silvana Slv 8 gün önce
Shariffah Dorloh
Shariffah Dorloh 8 gün önce
I wish the war was over soon😢
Thebluey ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
Wa-Waht we atill have that oh my god i m ganna cry i m so sad but i like how TII saved the world
Archer 9 gün önce
I hope they will succses
Namal Perera
Namal Perera 9 gün önce
Thank you sir for helping
John Meixner
John Meixner 9 gün önce
So that means it saves 3,650 people a year
ROTAPUN 9 gün önce
Im from abudhabi i never knew this like whoa
Rob Diehl
Rob Diehl 9 gün önce
That is so cool
Bryan Rodriquez
Bryan Rodriquez 9 gün önce
So thats why Garfield wanted to send nermal to abu Dhabi
nurul Tihani binti Zulkifli
I am at 2021
Anja Sarić
Anja Sarić 10 gün önce
Me who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦🥲
X_cookie_X boy
X_cookie_X boy 10 gün önce
Welp if you come to Bosnia & Herzegovina you will find a lot of them
kristian thayer
kristian thayer 10 gün önce
Yes war a big mistake well we are destroyers.
p 10 gün önce
Yayaya tii
Speeder 10 gün önce
I feel bad for those people.
floof 11 gün önce
Now I do not want to go outside eny more
Saira Ishtiaq
Saira Ishtiaq 11 gün önce
I am a Muslim and I am Pakistan girl so o live in abi dabi
Tamara Bradshaw
Tamara Bradshaw 11 gün önce
Finally👍👍👍Thank Goodness
xheang 12 gün önce
Ummm I don't like would war 3 >:(
Sui Khiun Tjen
Sui Khiun Tjen 12 gün önce
ah yes the war ,of course there's still many in indonesia cuz were just like already been ruled by like 5 and more countries andddd my great great grandfather's a pure chinese and the chinese culture already been put to FIVE generations my great granfather ever lived to see his great grandchildrens (which is one is me )oh god this english is getting intense lol
Jocelyn Nitiatmadja
Jocelyn Nitiatmadja 12 gün önce
Is landmines are in Indonesia and Jakarta?
(wk)#$qwe 12 gün önce
Oh noo
Kidzee world
Kidzee world 13 gün önce
Maya The Star
Maya The Star 14 gün önce
Wow thats crazy
Devil SG
Devil SG 14 gün önce
4evertocalife 💗
4evertocalife 💗 15 gün önce
LED lights for your sloth
ItsInvis Mitell
ItsInvis Mitell 15 gün önce
Would it not just be easier to try set them all off?
amana faisal
amana faisal 16 gün önce
Mr. Juni Kerala
Mr. Juni Kerala 16 gün önce
Unlimited Kindness is on the way to U
Neppie 16 gün önce
dang he’s still trying? imagine studying in hardvard but u have to exploit old people for money
Missyqueenzoe Zoe
Missyqueenzoe Zoe 16 gün önce
This man must be like a teacher but shows the world by exploring
Gerlyn Pandes
Gerlyn Pandes 16 gün önce
I been in Myanmar, Karen and shan States,. where the Myanmar government itself is using land mine's to fight against terrorists killing about 500 people a year. It's an isolated deep forest area in the boarder ing area's to Thailand. No foreigners are allowed to travel there. By mistake 😀 and by lucky I could travel there on my bicycle to Thailand. If I had pitched my tent I would have become one more number to that figure. But I was arrested by the police in the middle and they were very polite and friendly and knowing my innocence, They Arranged a taxi, Send me back with keeping my bike on the taxi. In combodia I have seen hundreds of survivors of landmines, But they had to surrender there arm's, legs. Combodia alone has hundreds of thousands of amputees and hundreds of thousands died of land mine's, wars. That's why the most peaceful country I felt in my journey is combodia, as they have suffered that much and they know the value of peace.
elle shop
elle shop 16 gün önce
He says that there is a device that can remove minefields while at the start of the video he was holding a landmine
Flor Berlinski
Flor Berlinski 16 gün önce
oclee_00 ._.
oclee_00 ._. 16 gün önce
Dang people are a$$ holes
Jordyn Kriner
Jordyn Kriner 16 gün önce
Wow that sounds cool
Itz_Luna _19
Itz_Luna _19 17 gün önce
Metal detectors: Am i a joke to you?
Jessica Hendy
Jessica Hendy 17 gün önce
Who did the biggest hole
Tsuki no Otaku
Tsuki no Otaku 17 gün önce
Scientists coming from all over the world: Cross arms to impose dominance
MatiosDX 17 gün önce
Squid game
rony Pervin
rony Pervin 17 gün önce
You know I'm one of them
Kristen Minnaar
Kristen Minnaar 17 gün önce
Can you do one in South Africa 🇿🇦 please?
Chloe Dauman
Chloe Dauman 17 gün önce
i just moved to abu dhabi
Akuno Hiro
Akuno Hiro 18 gün önce
Landmines has been there seens 1800 right 🙃
🧊Zoe🧊 18 gün önce
🧊Zoe🧊 18 gün önce
3333ferret 18 gün önce
Love you guys
Truss 18 gün önce
There is too mutch in bosnia Help
Jhayden Gabriel
Jhayden Gabriel 18 gün önce
Fun Fact: Many Mines Are In Bosnia
Kyoko Kirigiri
Kyoko Kirigiri 18 gün önce
Rats be like: what am I? Chopped liver?!
technology is not to harm living things but to save them
Rinda Nurnaningsih
Rinda Nurnaningsih 18 gün önce
Thank god the war stopped at year 1991
78tuyin78jeje 18 gün önce
When I was a kid I almost died because of a landmine thanks god there's a cow that step on it first thx to the holy cow
mr Speedbridge aka crappy content
If someone mad ethis in minecraft then its just called Creeper detector
the obscure gamer
the obscure gamer 18 gün önce
Imagine a war vet get a kill icon from a landmine he left since ww1
John 18 gün önce
The Vietcong is excellent in hiding landmine just like themselves
Gary Carpenter
Gary Carpenter 18 gün önce
I hear that vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is still littered with hidden mines and that's what Princess Diana was trying to help get rid of them.There's a kid in Vietnam trying his best to get rid of these things
♡︎ Mx. Dino ♡︎
There's also a company called apopo that trains a certian kind of rats that actually also detect landmines :)
JakeserriaPlayz 18 gün önce
Man, if anyone had a childhood and watched Garfield then this is for you: Nermal would be lucky to go to Abu Dhabi I mean look at that technology
Egy Gamer's
Egy Gamer's 19 gün önce
Im from eygpt
Fareen Pathan
Fareen Pathan 19 gün önce
Omg i didnt knew i nned to me carefullll
Cherish Glowine
Cherish Glowine 19 gün önce
Thank you for showing my sheltered ass these horrid problems
rihan navas
rihan navas 19 gün önce
I'm in indi
Anas Ammar
Anas Ammar 19 gün önce
And Im 11 years old
Anas Ammar
Anas Ammar 19 gün önce
Im Ali Ammar
Anas Ammar
Anas Ammar 19 gün önce
Become Muslim
Anas Ammar
Anas Ammar 19 gün önce
Nas why are you not muslim anymore
Christina on Roblox
Christina on Roblox 19 gün önce
I spent 1 month on finding secrets!
Stephanie Little
Stephanie Little 19 gün önce
I know this isn't relevant but Garfield mails normal to Abu Dhabi
Djomla 20 gün önce
Blue diamond Rapid
Blue diamond Rapid 20 gün önce
You might see a guy with big brains but u just see an 😇angle 😇
Red 20 gün önce
Themba Timile
Themba Timile 20 gün önce
New fear unlocked 🔓
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