This Basketball Doesn't Need AIR 😳 

Tyler Webb
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18 Mar 2023




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xPreame 2 aylar önce
Kids in the future won’t know the pain of being last in line to get a basketball during open gym and being stuck with a deflated ball.
SLUMP 2 aylar önce
It looks like yours would never be deflated though
PixelMonster 2 aylar önce
​@SLUMP what the hell
PixelMonster 2 aylar önce
​@SLUMP tf
PixelMonster 2 aylar önce
​@SLUMP Ayo wtf
mary mae patalinghug
the aerodynamics will not be the same since it has airholes. many shooters will hate it specially advanced shooters who are used to "spin" on the ball
T257 11 gün önce
Niftyszn 11 gün önce
Yeah and i wonder if it acts the same when you spin it off the backboard
Weltschmerz ist oft häufig…
Nope; it has a mesh structure, which wouldn't affect the spin or bounce of the ball.
mary mae patalinghug
mary mae patalinghug 10 gün önce
@Weltschmerz ist oft häufig… the spin through the "air" would not be a 1 to 1. hence the term aerodynamics.
TIER AETHER R6 10 gün önce
True but surely they though of this and did someething like change the shapes and stuff for shooting who knows?
John Aylar önce
Kids in the future will never know how amazing old school basketballs were.
David Botos
David Botos Aylar önce
What makes you say that? I mean, couldn't you just as easily say "kids of the past will never know how amazing these pop-proof, leak-proof, high-grip basketballs are"? Why are the old ones any better?
idk Aylar önce
@David Botossay less
plasma Aylar önce
@David Botos because according to the internet everything old is good and new is bad
DawgFL Aylar önce
thats like someone in the 50's saying "future kids won't know how amazing our basketballs were". Do you ever think about how you wish you could play with a basketball from the 1950s? no. no one cares. Things get better.
Venomboy101 2 aylar önce
Really roasted PG in there.
epicmatt27 2 aylar önce
Playoff pg is no more...
Human 2 aylar önce
​@epicmatt27cuz they can't make the playoffs🤣🤣
ByranNuzzi 2 aylar önce
@Human you listen to Tyler the creator. You’re gay on the low
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson Aylar önce
My man gave a whole power point presentation on this ball just to jab PG13 lol
ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ 🗿
Jeremiah Felder
Jeremiah Felder Aylar önce
Plus, all the people that work at the Spalding factory, can be fired now.
Quân Đặng
Quân Đặng Aylar önce
why are you so negative man? Chill
Oliver K.
Oliver K. Aylar önce
I mean is he wrong tho
The Unfeeling Simp
The Unfeeling Simp Aylar önce
Well...yeah, isn't that how economics works?
Your Name
Your Name Aylar önce
Just accept it man in the future our only job will be filling out forums and fixing machinery because companies don’t have to pay machines and right now they are being used in high quantities
Seth 26 gün önce
@Your Name They'll have machines fix machines.
SnifferSock 2 aylar önce
hope there's no tiny rocks on the outdoor courts lol
Banana Cam
Banana Cam 2 aylar önce
Oh lord that would be hell
twitchell 2 aylar önce
SUBJECT M01 2 aylar önce
Exactly. This model will never make it since most of the basketballs sold are being used outside.
Sindri 2 aylar önce
@SUBJECT M01 pretty sure they would skin these anyway. Cause otherwise there's no friction.
Metube 2 aylar önce
Maybe for only matches
Sean's Customs
Sean's Customs Aylar önce
I doubt it feels the same, there's a reason we can't have air-less tires on the street. Air distributes the pressure evenly throughout the inside of the ball, this ball would only bounce because of deformation. So basically it wouldn't feel the same and while it does still bounce I 100% doubt it feels the same.
Jamie Bootay
Jamie Bootay 15 gün önce
You're exactly right. It doesn't bounce the exact same as the official nba game ball
Sean's Customs
Sean's Customs 14 gün önce
@Jamie Bootay And it never will, I see a giant flop. Or maybe it will be like how they promised us airless tires years ago, then they realized that air is kinda important, but they still decided to make them for atv's because they're on rough terrain anyway. Maybe they'll make these and some people will use them, but it will never replace the basketballs in the NBA
Weltschmerz ist oft häufig…
This ball's 3D geometric structure will allow for the same bounce as a standard NBA basketball. I recommend you do more research before concluding how effective the ball would be.
Anonymous Aylar önce
Aerodynamics enters the chat... 😂
Steven C
Steven C Aylar önce
For real 😂 That thing’s not gonna fly the same
Notrando 29 gün önce
​@Steven C That thing is gonna fly 😂😂😂
GatoMichi 11 gün önce
Won’t be able to spin it
Weltschmerz ist oft häufig…
No, the mesh structure would not affect the bounce or spin of the ball.
Weltschmerz ist oft häufig…
​@GatoMichi That's untrue.
Nikolaj 2 aylar önce
PG out here catching strays 💀
BigBerry animations
BigBerry animations 2 aylar önce
Bro stoped playing with dead cows and processed dinossaurs💀
Jaden.Wagoner 2 aylar önce
For valid reason tbh
QueenAnne'sRevenge 2 aylar önce
The crab game picture 😅
ben leafa
ben leafa Aylar önce
PG out here catching strays smh lol
Gaston Family Plays
You can do better than copying
woan grace
woan grace Aylar önce
Bro really did Paul George like that 💀😭
Grim 2 aylar önce
Damn shaq is gonna be destroying the basketballs and the rims.
Church of the NPC
Church of the NPC 2 aylar önce
Mo Dee
Mo Dee 2 aylar önce
Shaq is 51 years old. Been out of the league for 13 years.
acceptable shorts
acceptable shorts 2 aylar önce
​@Mo Dee it's a joke
BBXR 107
BBXR 107 2 aylar önce
​@Mo Dee 🤓☝️
Luka DonGOAT
Luka DonGOAT 2 aylar önce
​@acceptable shorts a joke must be funny and needs to be connected to whats happening right now.
vinvin _2lit
vinvin _2lit Aylar önce
“More easy to make? Good let’s triple the price”
Tony !
Tony ! 5 saatler önce
Mf just explained 3d printing 💀
Mr Dill
Mr Dill 2 aylar önce
Nike: we gotta teach an 11 yr old Chinese kid how to 3D print a ball.
Abe Buckingham
Abe Buckingham 2 aylar önce
Fun fact - China banned child labor in 1991 because we asked them to. By comparison the province I live in here in Canada allows child labor for certain industries like farming. In China the age of work is 16 here it's only 14. So technically they're doing better than Canada on the issue.
Bogdanmeoff 2 aylar önce
​@Abe Buckingham just because it's banned officially doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.
Moses Nyirongo
Moses Nyirongo 2 aylar önce
@Abe Buckingham where’s the fun in that fact?
Proto 8 gün önce
That ending was a violation. 💀
Noushauga _
Noushauga _ Aylar önce
PG caught a stray at the end 😂
Tatsuya Shiba
Tatsuya Shiba 2 aylar önce
"A special kind of 3d printing that prints using 2d layers" Man do i have news for you
The360Cyclone 2 aylar önce
I was thinking that lol
Slut Slayer
Slut Slayer 2 aylar önce
Ikr 😂
Bruuuuuhhhhh 2 aylar önce
Cookie Crumbz
Cookie Crumbz 2 aylar önce
Every 3D printer works like that, like what is so special bout it ☠️
C 2 aylar önce
​@Cookie Crumbz yes mate, that's the point he made...don't need to be a parrot
HolyMango 9 gün önce
The thing is, every ball will now be an AIR ball
Abraham Alcantar
Abraham Alcantar Aylar önce
This needs to get introduced to tires💯🔥
RedShark 2 aylar önce
The aerodynamics of all those holes is what makes me curious
Phoenix7798 2 aylar önce
Same, either will be more or less affected by the air, really just gonna have to see how it plays out
z4gee 2 aylar önce
I was also thinking about the grip, like wouldn't be hard for some players to palm a ball like that?
Fookin Koont
Fookin Koont 2 aylar önce
​@z4gee it's tough to say but really promising considering the amount of basketballs they make every year it would save ressources like crazy
Dayo Olufade
Dayo Olufade 2 aylar önce
Don't play at Venice beach
Muhammad Akmal Azis
Muhammad Akmal Azis 2 aylar önce
​@z4geedidn't NBA try a 'new ball' that was scrapped because it was injuring the players' hands?
JJ Aylar önce
Most importantly, it just looks really cool
BudistaUrbano Aylar önce
I've seen this technology for car tires on the internet for years. Still waiting.
BrokenDesktop 2 aylar önce
I would love to see a video of some teams playing with them for the first time without any practice
TrusSelf Team
TrusSelf Team 2 aylar önce
Yo that would be crazy!!!!!!
JEP 2 aylar önce
I'd love to see that
Crimson Nightshade
Crimson Nightshade 2 aylar önce
CrabbyO 2 aylar önce
If the ball was engineered correctly, it would have EXACTLY the same weight as a standard basketball, and a VERY close approximation to its dynamic elasticity (bounciness).
AdaLiA14 Gaming
AdaLiA14 Gaming Aylar önce
They’re making car tires like this too, airless and whatnot. I’m here for it.
Тимур Самигуллин
Is it printed in layers right? It should behave differently depending on the orientation
EZ_Prod. Aylar önce
PG stay catching strays lol
Alex Ho
Alex Ho Aylar önce
i think it will feels way different. few difference i see due to its design , the air resistance is different with those holes on the surface, the texture if is different to grip also
JulliaStark 2 aylar önce
I would assume the air travelling through the ball rather than around it would create some differences. Would love to see this thing tried out in an exhibition game.
William Berne
William Berne 2 aylar önce
I would assume what we see here is just the inside of it. It still need skin.
underseacondounit 2 aylar önce
​@William Berne he said in the video there's a benefit of it being printed in one piece. Making a skin you need to zip or seal it in makes it pointless
William Berne
William Berne 2 aylar önce
@underseacondounit Rewatched the vid and I think you are right. Then the holes will totally change the airodynamic. That is way too much of change.
Godzilla 2 aylar önce
​@William Berne Unless they accounted for the aerodynamics in the creation of it, only way to know would be to test it though.
TheSilentHeel Aylar önce
Paul George stay catching strays 😂
Yourlocalheathen Aylar önce
The NBA is going to start deflating balls faster than the Patriots
Antbot squad
Antbot squad 2 aylar önce
My dude just said what normal 3D printing is
Black Adventure
Black Adventure 2 aylar önce
It’s not, you can see the actual process on TRvid
Bjorn Pijnacker
Bjorn Pijnacker 2 aylar önce
@Black Adventure It is: source, my 3D printer currently printing precise geometric shapes using 2D layers
Geek Aylar önce
@Black Adventure I have used my 3D printer to print complex 3D objects with moving parts in a single print. I got it for like $300 USD as a kit. It does in fact print using layers that are essentially 2D, like every other 3D printer.
aerime Aylar önce
You can now play basketball in space.
GalacticPipe Aylar önce
Damn PG caught the stray for no reason 😭
Vĩ Hùng Chu
Vĩ Hùng Chu 2 aylar önce
"Ayo man these holes are slipery fr fr, I can't hit my shot"
Sian K.
Sian K. 2 aylar önce
"Man this wind crazy, blew my ball right out the hoop"
☆ragdoll☆ 2 aylar önce
@Sian K. “And I finally put my ball inside the hole and it went through “
Griffin Shorts
Griffin Shorts 2 aylar önce
@MALCOM X bro I blink and then your comment pops like what
Griffin Shorts
Griffin Shorts 2 aylar önce
It’s like a real time TRvid comment conversation
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson 2 aylar önce
Kaiden Cox
Kaiden Cox Aylar önce
And I'm supposed to fly to work by now lmao
Lucas Johannes
Lucas Johannes Aylar önce
Pg taking a stray at the end 😂
Enamul Haque
Enamul Haque 2 aylar önce
PG : “Why’d he say fuck me for?”
Nolimit 2 aylar önce
Oc 2 aylar önce
Mr laybackVevo
Mr laybackVevo 2 aylar önce
Fernando M
Fernando M 2 aylar önce
Keith Krause
Keith Krause 16 gün önce
The "air pump" industry will never allow this
Nate 15 gün önce
Wonder if the air passing through it cause interesting/different behaviours then usual.
A money
A money 2 aylar önce
I always ended up with the titty ball during open gym 😂😂
Leo 2 aylar önce
especially at school bro is only like 4 good ones out of 10
Same, it actually made me way better at controlling the ball, because I had to learn to keep the nub on top at all times so it didn't screw up the bounce and make it go flying lol
Pooh Shimmy
Pooh Shimmy 2 aylar önce
​@Leo If this ain't the truth 😂😂😂
In 5 Minutes or Less....🖐️
You'll never have to worry about someone like Tom Brady cheating! 😂😂😂
Amogh Prakash
Amogh Prakash Aylar önce
It’s very cool but probably won’t have the same feel cause of the holes
These companies don’t want to sell a ball that never goes flat, they want you to buy more than one.
weeed 2 aylar önce
Wilson said fick it
Rebbo 2 aylar önce
The goal is a monopoly, as is with every massive corporation
freddd 2 aylar önce
But if this is more durable, why would you need to buy more of these than the traditional ones?
TheLastInferno 2 aylar önce
Why do we keep buying new reusable water bottles. We're indulgent and love the feeling of "new" over utility.
Connor 26 gün önce
The end of those annoying people exploding basketballs while people are having fun
Jaded Gamer
Jaded Gamer Aylar önce
So the only issue I have is that it has to have more drag on it I would assume. I may be wrong
Cle4tle 2 aylar önce
They thought this was a exam question and forgot air resistance
Caffynated 2 aylar önce
Sick reference, bro.
DelDelta 2 aylar önce
I thought about that, too. There was a short clip in the video where it looked like they applied another layer, kind of like a sticker, to the outside of the ball. After the new layer was applied, it looked like it had the surface of a typical basketball.
CleanestBowl553 2 aylar önce
This thing has to be a joke lmao. Its so badly thought out and the design with all those holes is disgusting
Cle4tle 2 aylar önce
@DelDelta that would work but would also defeat the purpose of being made in one piece and that sticker also might change the bounce
James S.
James S. 2 aylar önce
​@CleanestBowl553 it's not disgusting
mani b
mani b Aylar önce
does it FEEL like a basketball? like grip wise and comfortablity wise
Charles Chacon
Charles Chacon Aylar önce
Did not expect that ending, but loved it so dang much
Cam Kornacki
Cam Kornacki 2 aylar önce
Bro you know damn good and well that PG will find some excuse lol "ohh my fingers get stuck in the holes when I shoot" excuse me sir....are your fingers cigarettes??!! Lol
GamerJV 2 aylar önce
Cigarettes? Cause his fingers are butt?
I-Will-Killz-You 2 aylar önce
Hilarious comment, you win 😂😂
All Subscriptions
All Subscriptions 2 aylar önce
I mean I'd have to imagine they'll cover the holes with an outside padding if it starts getting widely used, I'd imagine the commercial version won't look much different than a normal basketball
Matthew Fletcher
Matthew Fletcher Aylar önce
I like the look of it looks like it's meant to have light in it or something very futuristic
Quick think
Quick think Aylar önce
What about air resistance from the holes? Will that affect it's flight?
Mr. Pro
Mr. Pro 2 aylar önce
I loved the part where you showed us how well it bounces! Edit: I think I’m about to start world war 3 in the replies because of the word deadass 💀
Domawari 2 aylar önce
he deadass showed a clip of somone dribbling it
Mr. Pro
Mr. Pro 2 aylar önce
@Domawari hardly
ridebmx24seven 2 aylar önce
@Domawari Shit was deadass the best deadass proof that ever deadassed.
jack pokrywka
jack pokrywka 2 aylar önce
He quite obviously doesn’t own one to test
Melo Ali
Melo Ali 8 gün önce
What's the grip like?
AdlockHungry Aylar önce
Just don’t play in the outdoor courts. You’ll get little pebbles lodged in the holes, some of them making their way inside and rattling around as you play.
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 aylar önce
Happy to see PG still catching strays
zek eggy
zek eggy 2 aylar önce
mat derih 6
mat derih 6 2 aylar önce
​@zek eggyso what
Milan ten Bosch
Milan ten Bosch 2 aylar önce
Griffin Shorts
Griffin Shorts 2 aylar önce
Hey Malcom
NitroXityRealm Aylar önce
Damn that random attack on Paul George😂😂
Superpasi7 Aylar önce
Curry about to have a 100% 3 throw quote
Hubert Cumberdale
Hubert Cumberdale 2 aylar önce
"It can be made perfectly every time" My man has never run a 3D printer of any kind in his life.
Lunar Vision
Lunar Vision 2 aylar önce
Idk, they're using state-of-the-art printing tech. This is actually quite revolutionary
Hubert Cumberdale
Hubert Cumberdale 2 aylar önce
@Lunar Vision even the best printers a prone to error. I'd say the most stable I've seen is SLA or some other for of lithography.
ProfOzpin 2 aylar önce
Personal-use 3d printers are not of the same quality lmao. Also I would say personal use 3d printers do print correctly around 99% of the time assuming proper usage. Source: I own a 3d printer; only mess-ups I've really had have been bed adhesion.
WolF BaD
WolF BaD 2 aylar önce
I think a professional industrial 3d printer would be more accurate then the one you have at home 😁also to prove you wrong nasa has an accurate 3d printer (u said there aren't any)
Jay 2 aylar önce
@Hubert Cumberdale There was a shot in the video of it being pulled out of what looks like a laser sintering machine, I think that's how theyre made
Nitsujima Aylar önce
They better put an outer layer on that charcoal Dyson sphere 😤🥹
AwsomeDude885 Aylar önce
Yo that’s actually sick ngl
Natebyyou 2 aylar önce
I can’t use this ball what am I gonna blame my bad shooting on
TheArctic Wizard
TheArctic Wizard 2 aylar önce
Double rims. Always blame the double rims
Lance Coultas
Lance Coultas 2 aylar önce
Don't forget about the wind.
bison 2 aylar önce
MatthewUI 2 aylar önce
Realistically, everyone will see this, then they’ll say it’s too weird, too different, or causes problems with how they play (even if it doesn’t). So no one will buy it, Wilson will decide to manufacture basketballs the traditional way to keep from becoming bankrupt, and it’ll all have been one interesting but very short-lived experiment. 😭
PendejosGang 2 aylar önce
Say that air is better
el fondo?
el fondo? Aylar önce
Does it have the same grip?
Oz Aylar önce
The ending really got me 😂
Ayka Ss
Ayka Ss 2 aylar önce
bro just described regular 3dprinting
Mtn Dew
Mtn Dew 2 aylar önce
Kind of a crap explanation but this was produced using additive manufacturing
Beni R.
Beni R. 2 aylar önce
@Mtn Dew Which is 3D printing in a nutshell..?
Thomas Johannesen
Thomas Johannesen 2 aylar önce
​@Mtn DewBy definition, 3d printing is a type of additive manufacturing
Thomas Johannesen
Thomas Johannesen 2 aylar önce
Thomas Mackey
Thomas Mackey 21 gün önce
That is some basketball test facility. it sure looks just like a batting range
Gioele Aylar önce
What about aerodynamics? Damn I'm so curious about this!
Initial DIY mods
Initial DIY mods 2 aylar önce
I'm curious about the air resistance and impact on spin as it goes through the air. Seems like it's going to move in unexpected ways for players
Chordstride Aylar önce
yeah the actual use of this "ball" is really questionable. it's hype for views and nothing more.
xTITANx Aylar önce
This was my initial thought. I'd like to see a pro practice with one.
Tyler Aylar önce
Probably not unexpected, but probably slightly different than how inflated balls currently travel. Likely the only noticeable different would be during hard and long passes, I don't think there would be much difference when it comes to a simple jumpshot
Drake Oola
Drake Oola Aylar önce
That was my immediate thought seeing it too, the aerodynamics are gonna be way different to the point it puts pro-ballers at a massive disadvantage so I can't see them ever adopting the new style. If they somehow do manage to make it new regulation then there's always going to be tons of complaints in pro games from the losing side... They'll start claiming the new ball bounced or flew differently and cost them the game. No matter which side loses they'll use the new balls as an excuse to demand a rematch claiming they would've won if it was a regular one so I imagine it's not gonna last long before it's banned from all the complaints, if it even somehow gets adopted in the first place...
Toni__ Aylar önce
@Chordstrideyeah all the balls used today in sports should stay that way.
Taylor Craft
Taylor Craft 29 gün önce
If this is the future of the NBA, I better be seeing this for the 23-24 season. Why wait? It’s a ball.
Jamie Bootay
Jamie Bootay 15 gün önce
Be realistic, this 🏀 will never be used in an official game
MinecraftPlyz 19 saatler önce
"I don't think the ball will smell the same like the old ones"
KingDM 2 aylar önce
Me remembering the "new ball" they made, but got scrapped because it was injuring players. 😬
Honey Daddy
Honey Daddy 2 aylar önce
The one that felt like sandpaper or grip tape? XD
call me barney
call me barney 2 aylar önce
​@Honey Daddy the 06 ball
Killme Now
Killme Now 2 aylar önce
@Honey Daddy yup that’s the one this is why we can’t believe when they say “ the future ball of the nba” bs
Nathan Hedglin
Nathan Hedglin 9 gün önce
It has air. Just doesn't trap air.
msm_memes Aylar önce
now that’s what you call an airball
༒ ㄥ99 ༒
༒ ㄥ99 ༒ 2 aylar önce
Aerodynamics enters the chat:
Johnny dohe
Johnny dohe 2 aylar önce
KJ-Edits 2 aylar önce
Mr. SoggyShoes
Mr. SoggyShoes 2 aylar önce
deref 2 aylar önce
Shashwat 2 aylar önce
Doomed Voyage881
Doomed Voyage881 Aylar önce
I think it would be irregular in design so it won't do to well outside and won't be easy to shoot from far distances either because of all of the angles on it that could cause drag.
Temprest Aylar önce
Air resistance will be different
Ian gross
Ian gross 2 aylar önce
Tom Brady looking at this with an angry face cause he can’t deflate a ball anymore
Nehemiah Perez
Nehemiah Perez 2 aylar önce
Damond 2 aylar önce
Sir a foot ball and basket ball aren't used for the same sport
Richard Moore
Richard Moore 2 aylar önce
The colts when they can't blame their humiliating losses due to naturally lower pressure balls.
Nick Paine
Nick Paine 2 aylar önce
Ha…ha…ha ……….ha ….. ha
SteviiLove Aylar önce
How durable is the material itself? Sure, it can't deflate but can it tear or be cut easily?
gia bao Nguyen
gia bao Nguyen Aylar önce
That basketball just went into the backrooms😂
Morgan Mariella
Morgan Mariella Aylar önce
Out of all the videos I’ve seen of this ball I still haven’t seen it bounce once
Jack9579 O.
Jack9579 O. Aylar önce
I’d love to try one
AJ 2 aylar önce
"Type of 3d printing where it prints in 2d layers" bro just described the only kind of 3d printing 💀
Rude Skalamander
Rude Skalamander 2 aylar önce
Every single type of additive manufacturing works like this lmao
Jack Hanson
Jack Hanson 2 aylar önce
Forgot about non planar slicing 4-5-6 axis 3D printers
JacketedRhino24 Aylar önce
Next they gonna 3d print our organs
tylerdumpgaming123 Aylar önce
bro they need to make booster roller skates like the ones in roller champions
Zachary Jeffares
Zachary Jeffares 2 aylar önce
The main problem I see with the ball is how it interacts with surfaces over time (friction - inducing the grip on the ball for dribbling and shooting along with hitting the rim, etc) and spin (it’s hollow so it will fly differently than a regular basketball)
JedisRc00l 2 aylar önce
Regular basketballs are hollow too
Kasey Wahl
Kasey Wahl 2 aylar önce
@JedisRc00l I think what he's trying to say is that air passes through all of the holes in the ball, so the drag is different from a traditional basketball as it flies through the air.
CatPTSD 2 aylar önce
It’s a valid concern but if the NBA adopted the ball the players would get used to it as they would use the same type of ball every game.
Tristen Schut
Tristen Schut 2 aylar önce
@CatPTSD I mean it'd make existing players worse though
gv 2 aylar önce
They can maybe put the strips of leather on
Cheese Aylar önce
*"this basketball can be printed in ONE PIECE"*
The Tall C
The Tall C Aylar önce
hahaha. I know nothing of basketball, but that last comment...... savage
Punch Oath Δ
Punch Oath Δ 2 aylar önce
"This basketball is the future of the NBA", Proceeds to not show a single bounce of the ball.
F. Freddy :D
F. Freddy :D 2 aylar önce
(Hits floor and does nothing but make a plastic like sound)
Max Stirner
Max Stirner 2 aylar önce
There was a clip in the video of a guy dribbling with it.
Punkrock david
Punkrock david 2 aylar önce
It’s not the future. The NBA ball will always use the same ball, this ball might be for the future for schools in poverty stricken areas.
Abdullah Ali
Abdullah Ali 12 gün önce
Kids in the future won't use a half-filled water bottle as a ball
Kazemi 27 gün önce
bro how does it feel 💀
Frog Wizard
Frog Wizard 2 aylar önce
Alternate title, random dude discovers that 3D printing is 3D printing
Piss Panda
Piss Panda 2 aylar önce
Fr tho😂
Zebulaun 2 aylar önce
Seriously, pretty sure I could make this with mine lmao
Luna r
Luna r 2 aylar önce
3d printing with rubber is pretty cool. cant wait to be able to buy this thing. dont think my ender 3 would cut it.
Rob Rib
Rob Rib 7 gün önce
they tried something similar a while ago, turns out when the ball got sweaty it would get slippy and cut people's hands. Hope this one works better because the only way to find out is to let them use it in a game
Dion Dela
Dion Dela Aylar önce
wouldnt the holes affect the aerodynamics?
Bridget Gurin
Bridget Gurin 2 aylar önce
I assure you, it has air in it lol
CAS 2 aylar önce
Yup and it will still need pressure
spitbukket 2 aylar önce
trinitylovesyou 2 aylar önce
No it doesn't can't you see the holes?
Kamix Aka Dio
Kamix Aka Dio 2 aylar önce
@trinitylovesyou And what do you think will seep in through those holes 24/7?
N. Jards
N. Jards 2 aylar önce
Or is it a magic vacuum?
Nyanyantin Aylar önce
100% has more air resistance. As in 5x the amount
LordGryllwotth Aylar önce
And then the solar flare hits and we are back at rubber balls again.
inkblotCrisis 2 aylar önce
That's a neat prototype. Hope to see more especially with how it handles aerodynamically. Also, how it sounds as well. That dink of a well inflated ball is very distinct.
Thunder_Mouse_2014 2 aylar önce
Good point on the aerodynamics since it's porous.
Tommy H
Tommy H 2 aylar önce
So...my first thought was also about the aerodynamics. I instantly went to thoughts of wiffle balls curving when pitched.
Trenton Staggs
Trenton Staggs 2 aylar önce
The openings are so small, the air resistance is pretty negligible, as far as curving it. But with the right amount of spin, you could curve it pretty good. Although it might not be as dramatic as you think, because of the uniformness and spacing of the holes.
Aloha Tigers
Aloha Tigers Aylar önce
@Trenton Staggs Imaging throwing the ball from coast to coast and it curves mid air. That will be sick
Jeffrey Gray
Jeffrey Gray Aylar önce
Whoa, shots fired at PG! Not sure what that's all about! And obviously, yes PG will use it as an excuse.
Mr Britcoin nakamoto
Mr Britcoin nakamoto 28 gün önce
it will also have less air resistance due to the holes in it so it should fly in the air longer ie more 3 pointers
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