This $70,000 Water Cooled Beast - HOLY $H!T

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29 Oca 2023




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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 5 aylar önce
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DarKStaR 11 gün önce
really nice tool recommended to the management the just bought it all of us
DoorBellCat 19 gün önce
Nividia can be very easy to work with “turns in to a groundhog” 14:31
Шамиль Расулов
Don't say God on computer, please.
James O. Stanworth
James O. Stanworth 2 aylar önce
Can Grammarly makes this even clearer?
MrJtc0392 4 aylar önce
Sebastian 5 aylar önce
Hey! I work in the aerospace engineering field and we recently purchased about 12 xenowulf servers each with 5 GPUs for simulation work. They cut down our fluid works simulation times from HOURS to single digit minutes. We used to have kind of like a whiteboard schedule/queue for when someone wants to use the servers, now it’s just hit send to queue, even with a team of 50 or so people using it, you can go make a coffee, come back and the data is ready to be analysed and looked at. Absolutely absurd
VinxRodrigues 21 saatler önce
Holy fuck, I need it xD
Darren Falconer
Darren Falconer 22 gün önce
@brandon shorkey bette late than never??
brandon shorkey
brandon shorkey 22 gün önce
@Darren Falconer yeaaaa that's not true
Blues Clues Chlöe
Blues Clues Chlöe Aylar önce
My high school geometry teacher originally went into the aerospace engineer field, but opted to teach high schoolers somehow. The man is am amazing guy and super smart too
hard mode
hard mode 2 aylar önce
next month computers are going to schedule you xD
xSKOOBSx Aylar önce
The fan controller likely looks at component temperatures and adjusts pump speed as well. When components get hot you need to increase flow rates but may not need to increase fan speed. Fan speed would be entirely dependent on the coolant temperature.
Tom Veling
Tom Veling Aylar önce
Might have missed something, but as far as i can see the design of the machine forces air in from the front and pushes it to the back. Benchmarking it with the side panel off seems to me to mess up the cooling performance? Edit: Nevermind, saw the side panel go back on at 26:50
Jessie james
Jessie james Aylar önce
It's called a breakout board. Miners use them.
TDD The Don
TDD The Don 5 aylar önce
Nothing is more nerve racking than watching Linus lift heavy expensive things.
Jay Aries Gianan
Jay Aries Gianan 21 gün önce
@Hunter the KING ìl7
SmallDickBigDreams 2 aylar önce
And he will continue to thrill us in the future 😂
Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox 4 aylar önce
"look how heavy it is!" *drops it to show the noise it makes* >_
sketchyloco 4 aylar önce
when he said whoa i felt that
4rgis 4 aylar önce
It doesn't even need to be heavy
Devo 5 aylar önce
"This is like, perfect cat bed temperature right now." The thought of using a $70,000 server as a cat bed just cracked me up!
Niko Fabic
Niko Fabic 7 gün önce
Npc ahh comment
thekevinager 2 aylar önce
@Kyle L unless it’s from a vacuum
Kyle L
Kyle L 2 aylar önce
@thekevinager noise ain't stopping no pussy
thekevinager 2 aylar önce
yeah and the thought of a cat sleeping on a server this noisy
Nashty94 5 aylar önce
Any chance y'all could do a follow up with like a dreamworks or other studio that works with machines like this? This is insane!
Outland 14 gün önce
Amazon web services. Some or most VFX companies do have their own data centres/servers but cloud is used where bandwidth permits. For example I believe Weta sent the data for Avatar 2 to a number of Australian based AWS centres to be rendered as Weta's own render server wasn't up to task.... Or at least not while working on other projects at the same time. I have heard it was about 18PB of data.
Gavin Greenwalt
Gavin Greenwalt 4 aylar önce
Dreamworks etc don't generally use many GPUs. The scenes are too large to fit into VRAM.
A Partyhat
A Partyhat 4 aylar önce
Dreamworks doing something good? Lol, in your dreams. No pun intended
Ashley Lycan
Ashley Lycan 5 aylar önce
6:03 Alex: Its just 12V, it can't hurt you. Linus: You could probably start a fire? Alex: You gotta be trying pretty hard. NZXT: *sweating* 👀
Rory 2 aylar önce
@demoniack81 I don't see how your description equals "completely wrong". A MOSFET can have extraordinarily high voltage and do nothing to a person. I'll agree that it's an interplay--both matter.
Slartibartfast tynsol
Slartibartfast tynsol 3 aylar önce
You won't get a shock, but Linus was right - heating is current squared times the resistance, so you drop a screw in the wrong place and there will be a lot of hot. I have seen a spanner melt like a fuse on a big 24v truck battery when it hit bodywork while tightening a bolt on the busbar - welded itself to the bodywork then just melted. Not great for the battery.
demoniack81 3 aylar önce
@Rory Completely wrong. It doesn't matter how many amps the power supply is capable of providing, you need voltage to drive current through a given load. A car battery can easily deliver 800A while cranking, but it will never give you even the slightest shock, in the same way that it will not only _not obliterate_ a 230V light bulb (which can only handle 500mA at most), but in fact won't even get anywhere close to _turning it on._ Something like a capacitive dropper connected to a 230V supply might only be able to deliver 50mA, but it will still kill you because 30mA are enough to stop your heart.
Rory 3 aylar önce
Also, 12 V isn't necessarily safe. It depends on the amperage and there's no way this thing isn't beefy with amps.
Craig B
Craig B 5 aylar önce
For machines like this you should really consider benchmarking Neural Network training, that's one of their major use cases and a place where you can truly see the scaling
Darktron Gaming
Darktron Gaming 5 aylar önce
I remember when EK started and were advertising their water blocks on a local Slovenian forum. Crazy to think how far they've come.
Felipe Ramos
Felipe Ramos 3 aylar önce
@TitaniumEye I remember the first time I saw a water cooler pc, it was like seeing a sci-fi/witchery computer with lots of tubes. Pretty cool how it is becoming more popular over the years.
Nathan King
Nathan King 4 aylar önce
@therodyman700 oh no, capitalism is bad again? who could have guessed
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 5 aylar önce
@therodyman700 uh..no. There is a ton of competition. EK have peaked and are in decline...a number of brands far out perform EK these days They're also not an NA company...
DavorB 5 aylar önce
Yeah, still have his old water blocks + one from morphling, good times.
JAY 5 aylar önce
And now they've come full circle, cutting corners and producing cheap defective products. It's sad actually, they need to invest more into R&D and quality control
Marc Rover
Marc Rover Aylar önce
17:30 - It would have been HYSTERICAL if he BRICKED IT when he was unplugging each power supply during windows update. (But, only because he wealthy enough to buy another one, and not even notice.)
Paul Berry
Paul Berry 22 gün önce
I think if you send something expensive to Linus for testing you need to be prepared for him dropping it / setting it on fire.
For the Omnissiah
For the Omnissiah Aylar önce
@Maurice Himmelmann Not to mention he doesn't actually own this thing and they sent it out to him for review/video purposes.
Maurice Himmelmann
Maurice Himmelmann Aylar önce
he not wealthy enough to just buy another one- im pretty sure even for Linus 70k isnt just a simple do and done story - especially if you consider he just bought a whole new building and is equipping it with high end testing equipment, while still having 80 staff that need paychecks and so on and so forth :D
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 5 aylar önce
Linus: "Come with me and check out this super expensive, highly-cooled piece of server infrastructure" Alex: Me: "Oh boy! "
EPIC PC AUSTRALIA 5 aylar önce
24:40 We must have got lucky, we had 20 CPUs to pick from... Want to try the 7763 with water cooling in the future. Awesome video as always Linus !
An Unexpected E
An Unexpected E 5 aylar önce
I love the way Linus says "check this out" like he knows he's about to blow your mind with some cool thing he just noticed about whatever project he's working on
Oystein 5 aylar önce
I think that 90 degree tubing is made as a 90 degree, like you find in a lot of automotive. straighening it out would be bending it.
WildRapier 2 aylar önce
@swankHD It is now! And it was before!
Random Blogger
Random Blogger 5 aylar önce
@du ich try whatever the automotive parts retailer nearest you is, many have all the parts on a rack and you can pick one by sight, there will probably be some car that has a hose that is the shape you want, or can be cut down to be the shape you want. it's rubber and nylon string, it's easy to cut with a sharp knife.
du ich
du ich 5 aylar önce
is there a place we could buy stuff like that for ITX systems?
FastSloth87 5 aylar önce
@Jeff Well, Linus drives a Volt, but I guess Alex has no excuse since he owns a Golf.
Romey1son 5 aylar önce
I'm another who was gonna say the same thing lol.
Random Blogger
Random Blogger 5 aylar önce
That small 90 degree tube is probably an automotive part, that comes bent 90 degrees from the factory. (if so it's synthetic rubber reinforced with nylon string) I was disappointed that you guys didn't raid the cooling system parts bin at Princess Auto or Canadian Tire before your car radiator PC video, there would have been parts there that could have joined your hoses up without leaks,
Ari 2 aylar önce
im looking forward to seeing this on LGR in like 25 years
Matt 5 aylar önce
1:01 That countdown before Linus knocks something off the desk... Great editing work there.
Rebbecca- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞
Hey! I work in the aerospace engineering field and we recently purchased about 12 xenowulf servers each with 5 GPUs for simulation work. They cut down our fluid works simulation times from HOURS to single digit minutes. We used to have kind of like a whiteboard schedule/queue for when someone wants to use the servers, now it’s just hit send to queue, even with a team of 50 or so people using it, you can go make a coffee, come back and the data is ready to be analysed and looked at. Absolutely absurd
Tho 66
Tho 66 4 aylar önce
Im in awe Thank you guys for the exciting and much more value content you provide
kurema 5 aylar önce
I remember rendering one picture (something like 4k) took whole one night or more on Core i5 3470. Rendering is not difficult if the model is not too complicated (or you have enough memory) and you have time to spare. But if not, you'll miss the deadline. You can also use cloud like Autodesk something or GitHub Actions (free but not designed for rendering). And I forgot, if you are student or bought expensive AutoDesk software or you know how to use Blender. Now I'm not.
Raxis 5 aylar önce
the 90 degree bend is automotive coolant hose, usually used for heater core/heater valve/bypass situations
Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander 5 aylar önce
6:50 I've been using EK's "old" aluminum 240mm fluid gaming kit since like 2017, and upgraded it to 240mm + 120mm, and even upgraded to ryzen from my old core i5 2320 that i started overclocking using this kit. It's been amazing all these years, and i change out the fluid once a year, havent had a problem with leaks, overheating, or any other problems you could have with old watercooling setups
KevinHerronArt 5 aylar önce
I think this product is amazing and I'd want one... but i'm also thinking how awful and terrible this could be for artist because of how much crunch-time this can buy a studio. Sometimes you need obstacles and hard cut offs to pry things away from directors or producers. Nit-picking and redoing until the last minute does not always make a better film, and NEVER makes a good work environment for the artists.
Antnee 5 aylar önce
I have Silicon Graphics Octane workstations that have similar connectors between the PSU and the front-plane which makes it super easy to change components without disassembling the machine. I'd love to see an LTT video that shows how nice some non-PC hardware is for maintenance. That would be sick
pmackni 5 aylar önce
My favorite part about the screwdriver so far is their insistence that it is real and is coming soon(ish), which almost makes it seem less real if it weren't for all the prototypes and updates they've been showing us.
krystal20 delight
krystal20 delight Aylar önce
A good question can it be use for a Minecraft server
ilias iosifidis
ilias iosifidis 5 aylar önce
@Linus, if you wanna check the pure render without the assets loading time (on Blender), got to Render properties> Performance> Final Rendrer and enable Persistent Data, so the next time you ll run the benchmark, they will be loaded already (hurts the ram a liitle bit)
ilias iosifidis
ilias iosifidis 5 aylar önce
@KnowMtB also studios use a6000 for many reasons including use optix and not cuda, but that's another story
KnowMtB 5 aylar önce
Yes, most of the GPU render time will be transferring data in to VRAM. The actual CUDA calculation will be a fraction of that.
ilias iosifidis
ilias iosifidis 5 aylar önce
Since taht comment got some friction, IF you want to stretch the render, go render animation and not render image (ctrl+f12)
ilias iosifidis
ilias iosifidis 5 aylar önce
@Kuttispielt XD
Kuttispielt 5 aylar önce
Not that they don’t have enough RAM
BlameTuna 5 aylar önce
Watching Linus benchmark products is akin to how I imagine gear heads feel at the drag strip watching new fast cars take some runs
DaPoets 5 aylar önce
I've been to the Xenowulf facility in Burbank. Great people there and incredible PCs! They make some fantastic stuff.
mouseEY 3 aylar önce
Chess player / enthusiast here > I would love to see some performance benchmarks from those CPU's running like a Stockfish Analysis of specific positions. My 10850k runs a 16 thread analysis at about 1200k/nps (Nodes per second). Imagine what this thing could do :O
Aepek 5 aylar önce
11:47 looks like tubing from a car or industrial commercial hvac for factories/plants. So cool to see, and those PSUs are nifty as is the modularity if fails and just swap in new one 👍🏻
Charles Murphy
Charles Murphy 5 aylar önce
Corsair: *“Stacking up radiators like that doesn't work!”* EK: *“Challenge accepted!”*
Golden Hate
Golden Hate 2 aylar önce
@Thierry Faquet And we are discussing corsair here, who as of late has not had a good track record with their products. I have officially switched out of everything corsair due to its poor quality. My headset died in 3 months, my buddies lasted about the same. My corsair case isn't doing so hot. Their internal products i used do alright, but feel kinda crummy for what I should be pulling (older build, but still should be faster and run cooler than this.) The rgb mousepads like to just randomly not work, like ever. The assessories I haven't had major issues with are the mouse and keyboards, but then again, if you can't do those right you don't deserve to be a company.
Thierry Faquet
Thierry Faquet 3 aylar önce
@drister007 Actually nope, EK is right. As long as your water temp is over the room temp you can exchange heat... That's really basic physic I can't see how corsair could say something that dumb. Having 3 rad stacked or one big of the same size is the same thing. Even corsair made plenty marketing builds PCs with multiple radiators inside a standard ATX case, which for all purpose are stacked radiators (having them 20 inches appart in a closed case doesn't make any difference than being 2 inches appart really you still have the same hot air inside). You can make the argument that a triple rad build can have 2 as intake and 1 as Exhaust. But realistically, while technically better, the temp difference would be minimal. And that's not an option in a server blade, which is the point of this video.
drister007 5 aylar önce
The thing is: EK is WRONG, Corsair is RIGHT!
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce 5 aylar önce
@Kevin Marsh in the video he said they were running at 1600, but could max at 6000rpm
Kittsuera 5 aylar önce
well i think its "it doesn't make it any cooler" but if you need more surface area in that configuration its not any hotter and takes up far less space.
formdoggie5 Aylar önce
Linus -- time is exponentially improved. Every halving of time is a doubling in speed. For it to do things in 1 minute compared to things that almost took 4 means it's not 4x times faster, its 8x faster. Every gain you witnessed was actually double the value you were weighing it in your head. If you think of it like driving, in order to go the same distance you can go 60 mph in 4 hours in 1 hr, that would mean youd need to go 480 mph. When you consider it was doing this with only 5 gpus vs the 8 it should otherwise take -- even moreso. Thats before considering it was also doing it at less total power draw than 8 gaming systems in parallel would draw (2.4kW vs 4.8kW [assuming avg 600W draw on parallel gaming machines when GPU pegged]). That adds up really quick because if youre the type of company to buy one of these things, it's probably running 24/7 other than when you're switching jobs or updating things. It probably pays for itself in a handful of years just from that alone.
Estefana  **Check Me
Estefana **Check Me 5 aylar önce
I remember when EK started and were advertising their water blocks on a local Slovenian forum. Crazy to think how far they've come.
Julius Becker
Julius Becker 5 aylar önce
A few versions ago blender added stuff to improve performance for multi frame renders and repeated rendering. So if you render a short animation the impact should be even higher
Phil John
Phil John 5 aylar önce
Hey LTT, if you like that controller for the water cooling, check out the Aquaero 6 LT ... same idea (onboard SoC running things) and Aquasuite allows you to do some funky tuning of fans and pump based on sensor inputs.
Calvin Bacon
Calvin Bacon 5 aylar önce
In Animation, when dealing with these kinds of rendering speeds you'd probably want to optimize the scene and make sure that the 3D assets are cached in memory, so they don't need to be loaded again and again for every single frame. Once the assets are loaded and cached, you I only need to wait for the actual rendering to finish, so even the 60s gooseberry render would drop to 15sec l
tcl 5 aylar önce
@Simon K. When the scene is on close to final is commonly used when adding small objects, slightly moving items or comparing how materials/shaders/nodes interact with lightning. It can be a huge time saver don't underestimate it. Some engines let you pick which objects can be baked you don't need to bake everything.
tcl 5 aylar önce
@Fractal Paradox i would also like to clarify that when you say simulation you mean physics simulation (cloth, particles, fluids, etc...) the reason why it is used that much for this specific case is that if the "geometry interactions" are converted into key frames the result will also be the desired one. If we run the simulatons again and again the precision of the "interactions" is not exact thus making things like marble machines close to impossible to create in a digital environment.
AnotherRandom547 5 aylar önce
@mrigank sutariya 🙃 hopefully.
chinz 5 aylar önce
Things don't get rendered sequentially in one cpu/gpu, we use distributed rendering, where we fire all the frames together on multiple servers at once, so none of those optimizations you mention are used in a real big scale production environment.
Simon K.
Simon K. 5 aylar önce
@tcl offline rendering has very limited application for light baking. The rigidity is just not worth it.
leo watley
leo watley 5 aylar önce
that's totally insane that it can render multiple frames of animation per second. on toy story 1, each frame took more than 24 hours to render. with this machine, that whole movie could render in under 6 hours. that's nuts.
N K 4 aylar önce
I think in recent movies it takes a bit longer, like 1 frame = 25 years on a average computer longer trvid.com/video/video--TQb-6vZ9h4.html 12min mark
Sebastian Fiele
Sebastian Fiele 2 gün önce
Nice. I always come back if i have the feeling i did something good. This brings me down to earth and reminds me my PC is utter crap and i have to be ashamed of it
tippyc2 5 aylar önce
Stacking radiators does in fact work just fine as long as there's enough airflow. I have a system that runs on 2 single-120 radiators sandwiched around a single noctua ippc-3000 fan. It holds temp just fine but does get a bit noisy if it's running hard.
Mumble 2 aylar önce
23:49 Linus definitely already knows why, but if anyone else is curious: Just connecting a bunch of PCs is actually a thing (it's called distributed computing) but it's so much more difficult than just connecting a few PCs. The performance of individual processors (or entire computers) doesn't really matter, the thing that has the largest effect on the performance/efficiency of a system with this many processors- and the cause of the largest amount of difficulty- is coordinating them. You could have a bunch of the fastest CPUs that money can buy, but if they can't properly communicate and work together then the system might just be so incredibly inefficient that it ends up being slower than a different system with a fraction of the cost. It's kind of like 20 musicians being able to play an instrument, but forming an orchestra would be difficult and any music they try to perform would just sound like meaningless noise. The architecture/organisation of distributed systems (or even just a single, multi-processor system) and the resulting concurrent computation concerns is an interesting topic, but it's honestly just a massive headache that most people shouldn't want to think about.
M4Inchan 5 aylar önce
23:53 So I actually work for an animation studio. We do use gaming components for individual machines simply because its cost-effective. When it comes to studio-wide rendering though, Epycs are the way to go
Little Shop of Random
Little Shop of Random 5 aylar önce
@Stefan Werner But the files only load once, then the job runs for hours on end. So yes you might have a few mins of congestion up front, but In the end, network is a small part, and ten 1 core machines is faster than one 10 core machine because the 10 core machine is really only 5-6 times faster than the one core machine.
Stefan Werner
Stefan Werner 5 aylar önce
@Little Shop of Random Different from what? In house rendering was about 800 computers trying to load the same files simultaneously, with similar problems.
Little Shop of Random
Little Shop of Random 5 aylar önce
@Stefan Werner AWS is an entirely different topic.
Stefan Werner
Stefan Werner 5 aylar önce
@Little Shop of Random Not in my experience - file server traffic became a huge bottleneck when spinning up 1000 AWS render nodes at once.
Little Shop of Random
Little Shop of Random 5 aylar önce
@Stefan Werner The 64 core machine will be slower in most cases. These things do not scale linearly, and with most renderings being several minutes to several hours per frame or pass, network congestion does not come in to play really. You still need a good network config, but the machines are not fighting. Data gets loaded into ram once and then it is mostly idle on the network (there are some exceptions of course).
Ryan Gallagher
Ryan Gallagher 5 aylar önce
Dreamworks released their MoonRay renderer for public use. Renderman is also avaliable since you mentioned wanting to test production rendering.
JimmehB 5 aylar önce
A "completely exposed" 12v supply capable of high current. The last thing I was expecting was that his point was that was somehow dangerous. Does linus not drive a car? Has Linus never jump started a car?
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 5 aylar önce
Wish I understood more! I'm 60 and remember my first computer experience, ticker tape, sheets of paper, a large room to house the "computer" with humans loading programs for ten minutes!! And now, this small box ...with water cooling. In only 50 years!!!
PenitentSlayer 4 aylar önce
I love how Linus has to just jump in every time without reading any instructions, and disregarding recommendations from manufacturers.... then breaks something
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor 5 aylar önce
9:17 In the automotive worls, we actually "stack" "heat exchangers" all the time. Radiators, AC condensers, oil coolers and even front-mount intercoolers all get stacked quite often. Works just fine.
Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes 5 aylar önce
@-Puff Could be someone's coding practice or something, this application isn't really the issue, and some of the bots like the 'fuk wat u sayin' ones are pure gold
-Puff 5 aylar önce
@Paul Hughes Well unfortunately, all those are, are bots. They sell the accounts on Forums, and make a profit. Sad linus has helped them. Over 900 more subs since that heart.
GordoWG1 WG1
GordoWG1 WG1 5 aylar önce
@Cameron M Basically, yes. There's a greater air mass passing through to dump the thermal energy into.
GordoWG1 WG1
GordoWG1 WG1 5 aylar önce
@Coaxill It can do, depends on the specific arrangements, and the cooling demands. Normal practic is to put the coolers that need to provide the lowest temperatures to the front. With multi-pass coolers, the hottest would be placed at the rear with the coldest to the front - ie, inlet at back from the heat source, outlet at the front to the heat source.
Cameron M
Cameron M 5 aylar önce
That’s also why they want to put 7200 rpm fans in it!!! Prolly helps with cooling! Cuz it’s sooo much air!!
G. Scott
G. Scott 4 aylar önce
On this system, I would love to see a render time for one of your Ultra High Definition videos.
kilon 4 aylar önce
I actually would love to see a tour in one of the big animation studios. What kind of monsters they are running.
Manti Core
Manti Core 2 aylar önce
They just use clustered servers.
Microage 5 gün önce
I have an Eheim 1046. It's been running multiple hours for 20 years in my watercooled PCs. Never had a problem, still running strong.
Sloan Taylor
Sloan Taylor 5 aylar önce
Coming from the automotive world, seeing aluminum radiators and formed rubber hoses is completely normal haha. Aluminum conducts heat very well and dissipates it very fast too, basically all high performance automotive radiators are aluminum. They have to keep an internal combustion engine cool at temps above the boiling point of water, meaning the hoses have to hold at least 1 bar of pressure as well. So basically all cooling hoses or heater hoses are reinforced with either steel, nylon or kevlar mesh. That hose at @11:30 looks like any old automotive heater hose you'd see coming off a thermostat housing on most japanese cars from the 80s on up, kinda neat to see!
Maik 5 aylar önce
11:18 These tubes are "molded hoses" and often used in the automotive area. They are produced in this shape and keep it forever.
Raze 5 aylar önce
Was about to say, looks a lot like molded automotive hose for heater cores.
Aurélien ETIENNE
Aurélien ETIENNE 5 aylar önce
27:06 first time that i did that on a server i was both scared and amazed ... feels weird but at the same time it's really pleasant to know and rzalise that if you lost one PSU your entirer server won't just shuts off and risk data corruptions ... that's great
David Reem
David Reem 4 aylar önce
I want to see what Corridor Digital can do with this. They can probably show more real world benchmarks and show some legit use cases.
DGO 5 aylar önce
When you have ample volume to sink heat it you can use aluminum, copper is barely any better at heat conductivity, but it costs more and is more reactive, expressive and heavier.
Woodie 2714
Woodie 2714 22 gün önce
I wonder if those super tight 90 degree bends in the tubing are formed that way. Kind of like how they make radiator tubes for cars
Amir 5 aylar önce
Copper/brass coolant systems are actually the middle budget option. Aluminum fins can be much thinner which results a much higher surface area for the radiators. You can also use a much thinner layer of metal on the bottom of the water block. Copper is used because it allows for cruder manufacturing. What you often see in consumer PC parts is thick machined aluminum which is worse than copper.
Dylan Storts
Dylan Storts 5 aylar önce
There were a ton more render tests used on this one, loved it!
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan 5 aylar önce
That was your best video you've done, so far! Mind you thats coming from a 20yrs plus SFX Artist. :) Amazing render power! Puts my duel Xeon to shame. :]
Raistling89 4 aylar önce
looking through a backlog here. I remember in 2008 when I did 3D stuff at a school. my last project was a scene render in poster size. I used raytracing for it and I remember having to split up the render to 4 of our computers because otherwise I wouldn't be done in time. the render was 23 hours or so for each of those 4 computers... And now, raytracing is done in frames per second.... jesus :O
Ivan T.
Ivan T. 5 aylar önce
LTT actually can get some projects to render VFX from corridor digital if they down to share or make collab to create some heavy renders.
Trithis 5 aylar önce
@Tösel Treps Look, if there is anything I learned from programming, it's that you don't have to spell well, just consistantly.
Tösel Treps
Tösel Treps 5 aylar önce
@Trithis intence
Trithis 5 aylar önce
Now that'd be interesting. I do know they have someone in The Lab who's working on a really intence GPU test, but that's more for testing singular GPUs for gaming.
1 Million With 0 Videos Challenge (Day 34)
Hamartic Downfall
Hamartic Downfall 5 aylar önce
I dream of turning one of these enterprise type high processing servers into a normal home PC Is it possible? Yes with alot of bodgeing Is it a good idea? Guess I'll figure that out when I'm in crippling debt from trying it
L33T_Taco 17 gün önce
Honestly im at the point int LTT lifespan that if Linus is still suprised and amazed by a product then i know its actually impressive.
themastercheif 3 aylar önce
"seconds per frame, and not that long before that, minutes per frame" Linus, remember that in our lifetime, the first computer animated movie (Toy Story) was made. Rendering that movie took an average of *seven hours per frame*, with a range between 45 minutes and 30 hours depending on the complexity. That server alone is 2000-3000x faster than the 117 computers that Toy Story was rendered on *combined*. It's an *insane* machine. 30 years of innovation go brr.
nikkytae 5 aylar önce
A bit of context for non-animation friends here, but shaving off 3 minutes from a 3:40 render for a single frame is huge since we usually render hundreds to thousands of frames for a single shot/batch render, so that's 4/5 of your render time removed. If your 12900k takes 5 hours to render a job, that's reduced to 1 hour.
S O 5 aylar önce
I absolutely love watching you guys discover enterprise grade hardware/ways of doing things in recent videos. Something to consider (talking about that fan controller not being able to interact with the system directly) - management connections/items are usually handled in a completely separate network section (considered "Out Of Band", whether it be separate switches or just separate vlans). Definitely helps separate data traffic from management traffic and potential vectors. Please keep up the amazing content!
GordoWG1 WG1
GordoWG1 WG1 5 aylar önce
Quite! The guys and gals using it don't care about the actual hardware just that it does the job they're using it for, whereas The Admin' actually looking after the hardware don't care what it's used for.
Parikshit Harmilapi
Parikshit Harmilapi 4 aylar önce
Nvidia can be very easy to work with... EVGA left the chat🙂
Random Vibes
Random Vibes 13 gün önce
@LinusTechTips Never have I ever seen such amazing videos. You're the beast in Making Tech Videos. Hope I could work for you one day.
Ziegeri 5 aylar önce
Server PSU to your regular ATX conversion boards are pretty common and normal stuff in mining.
zeryphex 5 aylar önce
I want to see a server or regular PC submerged in 3M Novec. They are always on display, in tech conventions ... but it should be time for consumer release, in the 2020s or 2030s.
Nabee H
Nabee H 5 aylar önce
Anything expensive this man touches shakes me to my core
Alphalfa nighjiria
Alphalfa nighjiria 5 aylar önce
And Many of us watch for those moments of things been dropped
Zulu TGS eta
Zulu TGS eta 5 aylar önce
Bot nxjdbhh Bot
Pirojf Mifhghek
Pirojf Mifhghek 5 aylar önce
I come to LTT specifically for the tech gore.
Zulu TGS eta
Zulu TGS eta 5 aylar önce
Thumbnail is like Ek Gold pc
1 Million With 0 Videos Challenge (Day 34)
L J 5 aylar önce
I would had loved to used this as my render farm.
Albert Levins
Albert Levins 5 aylar önce
Wow. That is the coolest computer I have ever seen. What kind of load would be required to fully utilize all that hardware? Wow!!!
MrT3a92 5 aylar önce
This kind of tubing is actually pre formed. Also comes from the automotive industrie but ist also used in other industries, like the one i'm working in (heatpumps).
RainbowAnanas 5 aylar önce
I think the radiator assembly is working because optimized dT of air/water. Hottest water can circulate in hottest air and still gets a decent dT and efficiency. Smurt boys I say :D Most interesting is how the F did they balance those parallel tubings to allow equal flow for each consumer.
Afiq Ismail
Afiq Ismail 5 aylar önce
This video is so amazing. It peek into what computer / computational works business operations spend around 50-100k USD. I can ballpark mechanical manufacturing machine. But tech beast, is another beast I never know!
Fervent 5 aylar önce
A tour of a rendering rig for a production studio would be a really cool video
kingneutron1 5 aylar önce
300 to 400 frames per minute -- I would love to see how long this box would take to re-render something like the 2nd Transformers movie...
K31TH3R 5 aylar önce
I bought the D5 pump (Laing D5 vario) currently in my PC from DangerDen in 2004. It's turning 18 years old this October. The potentiometer failed about 8 years ago, so the pump was stuck at the lowest RPM setting, so I just soldered a jumper wire and bypassed the pot so it always runs at max RPM, and it just keeps on truckin'. The key to keeping a D5 around indefinitely is running ethylene glycol based automotive coolant. I use Valvoline Zerex at a 10/90 ratio to reverse osmosis filtered water. Also, never run any of the PC specific premix sold by Koolance, EK etc. if you want your D5 to last. They're primarily based on propylene glycol and lack the lubricating additives that automotive coolants have, and most of them start breaking down after 6-12 months and gunking up the pump if you're not religious about changing it out. In comparison, I went 8 years running the same Valvoline Zerex mixture, and my loop still looked brand new inside when I overhauled it.
Gnomebauer 5 aylar önce
a lot of tubes in my line of work have a spring run on the inside to keep it from collapsing but you can still squeeze them down.
8bitschnitzel 4 aylar önce
I would love to see them „Benchmarking“ those monsters with Folding@Home.
Computerspieler64 2 aylar önce
It would be cool to see like 10 or 20 year old beasts, their price back then and with inflation to up about today and what they can be compared with today from a performance standpoint... I'd like to see that.
Nels Lindahl
Nels Lindahl 5 aylar önce
Sometimes Linus makes me wonder. I really thought Linus was going to drop that server.
Дмитрий 5 aylar önce
Dang, I'm very happy that the "HOLY $H!T" series are back and are released quite often. Thanks, LTT!
Admiral Bosch
Admiral Bosch 5 aylar önce
nice 👍, I didn't even watch the video yet and I'm not even going to. it's just good to see you've reached the top 1%. finally. made it to where your audience isn't the normal folks, but the people who can actually afford the awesome things you show.
The Outerhaven
The Outerhaven 5 aylar önce
You'd think that by now, LTT would have a robot that does the heavy lifting for them ;)
kyle hubner
kyle hubner 5 aylar önce
i would love to see you colab with coridor crew on this machine rendering video scenes etc is WHAT THEY DO!
dzign media -
dzign media - 5 aylar önce
if you guys would render an image sequence instead of a frame you could see the acutal render time without asset loading time. Usually asset loading itme is a 1 time occurance that happens at the beginging of the render sequence and is almost all base on drive speed and io speed. Once loaded, its loaded in ram is way more effecient and you will see more consistent render times.
Simon K.
Simon K. 5 aylar önce
23:52 The reason gaming hardware mostly doesn't cut it is VRAM. These pro GPUs can hit hundreds of Gigabytes Nvilinked while gaming hardware will max out at 48GB with 3090s. VRAM is critical for GPU rendering as production scenes can hit 150GB + in VRAM.
Simon K.
Simon K. 5 aylar önce
@joob Out of core renders tank to CPU levels in terms of speed. They are far from being a solution to huge VRAM pools.
Mustafa Savaş Acar
Mustafa Savaş Acar 5 aylar önce
@joob Its really limited and iırc only works on bucket samplers and hits render times really hard.
Mustafa Savaş Acar
Mustafa Savaş Acar 5 aylar önce
@Mitchell Anderson They did not specify but i know they got sponsored by either Google or Nvidia, they maybe provided acces to a render farm etc. But i dont think they used rtx quadro.
DaClutchMuchBastid 5 aylar önce
@Mitchell Anderson all of them
Mitchell Anderson
Mitchell Anderson 5 aylar önce
@Mustafa Savaş Acar how many A6000s was that?
Vaalkin 4 aylar önce
Ah yes, nothing screams "Personal Computer" more than a water cooled enterprise machine that costs half as much as my house
GamingClipz 2 aylar önce
Linus loves messing with him 😂, that grin had me rolling 😆. Hope everyone has a blessed day! Stay safe y’all
GC3DS 5 aylar önce
if you really want to push its limits you should do an animation rendering in blender. i am still to find a proper system for the renderings i have tried doing. i have crashed and burnt quite a lot of systems trying to figure out what will work best with blender animations
Gunnyboy 4 aylar önce
That is so funny to me being a car guy. @linus the tube that is bent at a tight 90 and holds its shape still is automotive grade. On automotive rads deanse rubber is combined with a cevlar helical thread layout so that you can have increadably tight and complex bends and no distortion. glade that i can help enlighten!!
deathseeker754 5 aylar önce
Damn I'd be happy having a PC that can play games on high settings without dipping in frames lol. Some crazy stuff you show off
demolitionGoat 5 aylar önce
A few things to mention that might make the benchmarks look less impressive: There's a lot of data that is reused for followup frames when rendering an actual animation. That stuff is cached, so frame by frame it would be faster. It's all (or at least mostly) CPU-bound and requires pulling a lot of data, so the bottleneck is not the GPU's. That is likely how the "frames per second" were achieved.
HARD JOHNATHAN 5 aylar önce
You are a life saver! Kudos to you! You rock!!
Ruchi  teaching  classes 1-6
Every day in morning I just think that which expensive thing will Linus drop/destroy by his skill
Jordan Whitecar
Jordan Whitecar 5 aylar önce
the whole "frames per second" thing for animation studios is mind boggling. for reference, it took on average 29 hours to render each frame of monsters inc. 29 hours. to get 1/30th of a second of footage.
Jacce Taylor
Jacce Taylor 5 aylar önce
@Marco Salin can’t wait for monsters inc in 2500
Marco Salin
Marco Salin 5 aylar önce
@DistroHopper39B I love this assumption that each frame was rendered sequentially.
Daniel Buggie
Daniel Buggie 5 aylar önce
@DistroHopper39B At a Red Hat conference years ago DreamWorks did a presentation about their render farm. The presentation was more geared to their massive storage solution (exabyte scale nfs) but it was mentioned they used around 10,000 cpu cores at the time. Per project. For on average 6 months each. With 12 in the pipeline at a time.
Michigan Engineer
Michigan Engineer 5 aylar önce
I got involved with computer editing and animation over 4 decades ago using a Commodore Amiga 2000 with a Video Toaster. A very simple Lightwave render of an array of colored balls in 720x480 (standard definition) would usually run 8 hours+ at high quality settings. When the A4000 was released it cut that render time in half.
Jacce Taylor
Jacce Taylor 5 aylar önce
@Aikano9 they would run multiple servers run parallel to each other to reduce time
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