Things That Feel Illegal

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20 May 2022




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rain Aylar önce
SSsniperwolf is the perfect person to watch while eating
OwlSniper 11 gün önce
Yes I just ate a pot pie actually
Adrianna Dibble
Adrianna Dibble 11 gün önce
Omg that is what I am doing right now lol
Deku and Tsu Simp
Deku and Tsu Simp 11 gün önce
@YeaMan if thats true. Sssniperwolf is WAY better
Mary Scott
Mary Scott Aylar önce
literally i love how she makes this content so enjoyable ❤
doire aintu
doire aintu Aylar önce
I love how she posts almost everyday for our enjoyment
rosie Aylar önce
how does lia have the motivation to make us a video every single day 😂 i’d lose my mind!
Libby travels
Libby travels 14 gün önce
@JB Jambazzle ikr
JB Jambazzle
JB Jambazzle 14 gün önce
She got 30 mil subs
Libby travels
Libby travels Aylar önce
@Sam Monrad hi
Sam Monrad
Sam Monrad Aylar önce
Is your name mine because my name is that
Be happy 🤪
Be happy 🤪 Aylar önce
@Libby travels btw her actual name is lia
miko foin
miko foin 29 gün önce
Ahhhh, let’s just appreciate how she always provides us with something entertaining to watch
🦩Della,s World🕷
🦩Della,s World🕷 20 gün önce
stop the 'ahhh' plz thank you!!
Plaidsensei 28 gün önce
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
It's so nice that she posts every single day to entertain us with her videos!
doire aintu
doire aintu Aylar önce
Thank you for making us content sssniperwolf! I really appreciate it :) it makes my day better and better ^^
Dougey Aylar önce
We can all agree that she never disappoints us with her content
p:geon 27 gün önce
yah is you're 6 years old.
✨𝑺𝒚𝒅𝒏𝒙𝒚✨ -saveUkraine
@SneedGaming I dont care if your a bit but still, why would you say that??
JELLY BEAN123 29 gün önce
Bethany Kleine
Bethany Kleine Aylar önce
True that
wilsonkrewe Aylar önce
rainy cloud
rainy cloud Aylar önce
Hi! I'm a very big fan of yours! Recently, I've been watching your videos a lot. I just wanted to say thank you for being an amazing youtuber, and entertaining all of us! I just want you to know you are an amazing person, your content is amazing, and if anyone tells you otherwise they are wrong. Never give up and keep doing what you do.
Caylee Armstrong
Caylee Armstrong Aylar önce
i love lia, she always finds a way to make us laugh
Jill Ridlehoover
Jill Ridlehoover Aylar önce
I work at Sephora, and I can confirm anyone can just walk in and take these brushes. Sometimes we even give them out to guests to take home
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Aylar önce
The way you always know when someone needs something is amazing.
Celebrity Tik Tok
Celebrity Tik Tok Aylar önce
Your Videos never fail to entertain us ❤️
Lamar Berry PLUS+
Lamar Berry PLUS+ Aylar önce
@SneedGaming Ok,when you "bots" spam in the comments,I start roasting you about it,telling you to cut it out,so please stop,I've warned you!
SneedGaming Aylar önce
@Lamar Berry PLUS+ who asked? I HAVE SO MANY ALTS AHAHA
Lamar Berry PLUS+
Lamar Berry PLUS+ Aylar önce
@Mela (ARYAN AF VIDEOS) Please stop spamming! You will get reported if you keep doing this! And you don't upload bangers.You're just spamming in the comments because you think it's fun
I hope Lia 𝕜𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕤 𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗 and the lord sends her to 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝 because I upload bangers! 🔥😂
Lamar Berry PLUS+
Lamar Berry PLUS+ Aylar önce
@Volshebnik 🅥 No,you don't,dude
Miss- H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
hi lia!! i just wanted to tell you, thank you so much for making these vidoes for us. you've really helped me through a lot and i can't be more appreciative. i've always looked up to you. keep up the great work because it's truely amazing, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!!
Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez Aylar önce
Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for making these videos! :) you make me smile and laugh everyday ❤️
Gypsy Whispers
Gypsy Whispers Aylar önce
The water one is quite common in many places, including Australia depending on the store 👍
Breshannon Devereaux
SO GRATEFUL for you, Lia!! Thanks for GREAT VIDEOS, EVERYDAY!!
stormi clouds-
stormi clouds- Aylar önce
99% of the comments: can we just like appreciate how she uploads everyday and makes us smile 💕
Jellybearplayz 29 gün önce
Thank you !!!!
Pegasus101 Aylar önce
So true😂
Sonic the hedgehog Movie Clips
omg finally I found a normal comment lol. and yes it's facts. too many bots
Robin Fowler
Robin Fowler Aylar önce
Definitely agree she is nice seems like a kind person 😘😘😘
Fefe-i Hauzel
Fefe-i Hauzel Aylar önce
1:10 tastes better when removed from cob before it's cooked, fry using little oil and add a pinch of salt(depends on amount of corn)... Please try it
Your Videos never fail to entertain us ❤
Deana Days (DDD.EDITS)
8:23 oh, we are allowed to do this in Jamaica too but it still feels wrong.
Theresa Ha Linh EARDLEY
I was so surprised when I saw the 3 one I thought everyone ate corn like that! 😂 Her videos never fail to surprise me!
adorxalana -my channel is dead lol
4:02 throw away the whole bed. throw away the whole room! throw away the whole house!! THROW A AWAY THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!
xrupertanimatesx Aylar önce
@adorxalana -my channel is dead lol AAA
adorxalana -my channel is dead lol
@xrupertanimatesx PUT IT IN THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN!!
xrupertanimatesx Aylar önce
Moonburn Aylar önce
In Switzerland/Germany, it's also allowed to rip open the pack, and take a singular bottle. And you don't have to pay for the whole pack!
Channel Gquid
Channel Gquid Aylar önce
Stranger: can we all just say lia is so so so so so so amazing Let’s just appreciate how hard she works watching TikToks for us she is amazing
☀︎︎ ʙᴇᴇ ☼
@Channel Gquid ik! :)
Channel Gquid
Channel Gquid Aylar önce
@☀︎︎ ʙᴇᴇ ☼ that’s the joke
☀︎︎ ʙᴇᴇ ☼
five nights at freddys
hi Lia it is amazing that you can do your work and upload so soon! i have been watching your videos since i was 4 i am now 31 thats 27 years! i love you so much you brighten my day plus you the person that wakes me up in the morring i love you so much and wish i could see you in real life! Your amazing lia i hope you are liveing a great life! You can ignore all the haters and i dont know how! I love you lia keep liveing life to the fullest. :)
*gotcha ~your~ gacha cami*
At 4:44 when she said that she would eat it if it was gluten free honestly, so would I. I have a wheat allergy (celiac, gluten *whatever*) and that looks pretty good.
Aesthetic butterfly -
Bro every comment is: let just appreciate how she always provides us with something entertaining to watch
Annie Baird
Annie Baird 20 gün önce
With the water thing. Ye in some countries you can do that. When I moved to Paris, water would come in packs of like 5 and if you only wanted 3 you would just take them out and I’m pretty sure when you scan them it comes up with the money each one costs
ChildOfGod 8
ChildOfGod 8 Aylar önce
0:06 When I saw my mom do this to my youngest sibling it grossed me out. It's actually not that uncommon for mothers to do this. She also did it for me and my other siblings 😃✋
ExplicitlyLonely Aylar önce
0:01 my mom did this with my siblings i thought it was normal 🤷‍♀️
WhiteNoise Aylar önce
It is normal, so they can breathe easily even with the flu
Sharon-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
We can all agree that she never disappoints us with her content
Ipinsagba Oluwatosin
As a Nigerian, I can confirm the first video works and is done
Cosmic_ Critters
Cosmic_ Critters Aylar önce
Your content never get old
Bella_lux_gacha 27 gün önce
The one where their cutting the pizza with scissors ✂️ I love how everyone was just recording it
Muhammad Syakir Aiman
I don't know if it's just me, or Her videos are just getting funnier
Raven Moon
Raven Moon 27 gün önce
0:39 This is really not unusual for mothers to do because if their babies can breathe the have to help them.
KittyCafter MCPE
KittyCafter MCPE Aylar önce
To the part about eyelashes: I technically have a " obsession " with plucking my eyelashes.. it's called trichitellimania, but what's most common is dermatetimania (picking at your skin) which I also have-
Isabelle La'shore
Isabelle La'shore 28 gün önce
Making noodles and eggs in a kettle is quite normal 😂
doire aintu
doire aintu Aylar önce
Fun fact: all the comments say how amazing she is 🙄
Erma 🔥 𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
We can all agree that she never disappoints us with her content
JaySav Chase
JaySav Chase 26 gün önce
I always unless I'm making a lot of them use my tea kettle for hard boiled eggs, I clean it after if course, I don't re use the water lol
Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith Aylar önce
For the last one that she did I once tried to take one of those brush things and all of them ended up going on the floor and then the ladies kept on looking at me so I left😐
99% of these comments: *"Can we just appreciate Lia posts everyday just for our entertainment."*
I just had gelato ice cream yesterday and it was AMAZING 🤤😋
Destiny Franz
Destiny Franz Aylar önce
3:50 My family had to deal with those things for years we use brake clean, and it made them smell worse, and they still didn't die we used foundation earth they didn't die, and it made them smell even worse no matter what we did we could not get rid of them and then when we thought we got rid of them they would come back we ended up moving out of that house I wish we burned that couchs🖤
b2trappy Aylar önce
8:39 here in the uk, well at least where i live, you can take a single pack bottle of water and drink it as long as you pay for it so...
Whitney Parks
Whitney Parks 28 gün önce
*Watches the whole video and feelings still stay as normal* “Neat.”
Luna Star
Luna Star Aylar önce
every comment ever : Ahhhh, let’s just appreciate how she always provides us with something entertaining to watch
RoadWarrior ETCO1
RoadWarrior ETCO1 Aylar önce
Ambra Nigrogno
Ambra Nigrogno Aylar önce
fr and they are bots
c t
c t 26 gün önce
Me: watching the bed bug part in my bed. Also Me: Jumps out of bed and changes the sheets
ilayah Murad
ilayah Murad Aylar önce
I lived in Belgium for three years and just found out by watching this video u can’t just take out a bottle of water from a pack
Ryuukiie Aylar önce
1:15 well yea i ate a corn like that as well....it's easy to peel the 1st-3rd row of corn one by one but it took quite some times. Munch it is faster but it got caught between the teeth a lot
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield Aylar önce
Once during a summative my teacher said it was open book. I repeatedly asked to make sure that I was allowed to and she seemed so annoyed of me 😭
Yandellama Aylar önce
Fun fact: all the comments say how amazing she is 🙄
nyea 26 gün önce
👁Layla👁 28 gün önce
Fun fact:I didn’t give one sh-
Velvet Rings edits
Velvet Rings edits Aylar önce
well this comment dosent
bobbeh Aylar önce
Ajpw fish edits! (Road to 150!)
LoganzLand Aylar önce
Can you eat avocado skin? Yes, it is safe to eat avocado skin. Some avocado varieties, such as Topa Topa and the Mexola, have smooth and thinner skin, making them easy to eat together with the skin. Most avocado variety like Hass has a rough lizard-like texture that makes them nasty and hard to chew.
Maroon burgundy
Maroon burgundy Aylar önce
I wish I didn't see this episode, now I can't take the snout sucking of my mind.
NEZUKO Aylar önce
Let's all agree that I JUST finished drinking my tea, and I just threw up not even 20 secs in the video🤣🤣
Lieke Moyaert
Lieke Moyaert Aylar önce
i swear to god i live in belgium and its like so scary to just take stuff from out of the plastic like it feels illegal, bc im so scared i would actualy walk to a different isle just to get it where it stands in like all singles and not packs
Riley Chambers
Riley Chambers 25 gün önce
A reason why I love sssniperwolf is bc she doesn’t make literally EVERYTHING dirty
king melecio
king melecio Aylar önce
Girl we love ur vids like omg their amazing 🥰
Jay-Tee Aylar önce
My mom used to do the snot thing 😂
MeepitJuice the League of Super Evil Fan
3:03 in small doses you get to watch em' wiggle their feet, in large ones they will crumble your sanity away slowly as you lose loved ones to their sheer inability to care for themselves and sudden ability to care for themselves is denyed because you spent 3 years watching them be dumb. If ya want something small and cute to care for, buy a pet or care for someone in little space.
Izzy May IS ready
have been watching your videos for a while and you don’t let anyone change your opinion you are an amazing and inspiring TRvidr ❤
AestheticDemon123 Aylar önce
I can relate to the flooded toilet lol 😆
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith Aylar önce
You are my favorite TRvidr! I love your reacting videos and your hack videos 😊
Moonlight rays
Moonlight rays Aylar önce
To be fair the avocado lady looked like she had some bud on the table- us Oregonians do not blame her though.
Richel- 🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
9:40 There is actually a type of ramen called “tsukemen” or “dipping ramen” where the broth and the ramen are separated
Alza 💋СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄y CнαηηєL-J𝟘!N🤳МЕ L!VE
We can all agree that she never disappoints us with her content
Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman Aylar önce
Explain how they kept the kettle on without it automatically turning itself off when boiled. Without it breaking...
Nuro Mucussete
Nuro Mucussete Aylar önce
You made me laught, it's funny and i love it
madikinz17 Aylar önce
SSSniperWolf: I can't imagine a universe where Ketchup ice cream would be legal. Dr. Strange in the multiverse: OOHHH.....just you wait 😉
6:04 I lowkey do that too lmao 😅
I'm subbing to everyone who subs to me ꪜ
hi lia!! i just wanted to tell you, thank you so much for making these vidoes for us. you've really helped me through a lot and i can't be more appreciative. i've always looked up to you. keep up the great work because it's truely amazing, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!!
Kristin Todd
Kristin Todd 12 gün önce
Look... I personally eat pizza with my hands but truthfully the creators of pizza, Italians, eat pizza with a fork and knife soo... Eating it with your hands isn't the correct way according to the creators of pizza lol. Even so, great video Lia!
Funnydayz Aylar önce
Hello. I was in the hospital for 3 days. Never slept and I'm feeling better. But at least I can watch you again. Btw sssniperwolf your my favourite TRvidr!!!
The bed bug one I can relate there My bedroom. For a year I finally got out of that room and now sleep on the sofa
Jamsome 18 gün önce
You know in a grocery stores or whatever you can technically can take someone’s shopping cart full of stuff if they haven’t payed for them yet.
ellie emmons
ellie emmons Aylar önce
She always has something funny and entertaining to watch.
Tracy Marte
Tracy Marte Aylar önce
1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2023?
Read my name lol
Anonymous  emo
Anonymous emo Aylar önce
It's not done only in Belgium. It's completely normal to tear 6 pack bottles apart
Amoy Henry
Amoy Henry Aylar önce
Fun fact: Avocado skin is very healthy for you
Cookie Crumbs Calico
I peel my corn as well, but with my teeth LMAO
Stephanie Colina
Stephanie Colina 23 gün önce
I eat my corn that way, after watching this I feel like I commit a grave sin
Waffles 1028
Waffles 1028 Aylar önce
We can all agree that she never disappoints us with her content
th3DOGGirl  ☯︎︎
@Instagram User you don’t even post💀
th3DOGGirl  ☯︎︎
@StickBrixMan you clearly don’t do much editing if you think it’s that easy
StickBrixMan Aylar önce
@th3DOGGirl ☯︎︎ take meme clips, take a recording of yourself doing random reactions, watch a video, add random effect and use the meme clips and overlay them, bam.
Gacha heat torture
Gacha heat torture Aylar önce
@Instagram User Cap. Get out of here.
Instagram User
Instagram User Aylar önce
I'm better than Sssniperwolf, My content is better!
Jude Squier
Jude Squier Aylar önce
4:09 don’t be giving them fear factor folks any ideas lol
Hayden Bodsworth
Hayden Bodsworth Aylar önce
I relate to all of these
mocha fairy
mocha fairy Aylar önce
1:46 am i the only one that thinks its weird that the person is recording with 2 phones in her hand?
othina Aylar önce
" who cuts pizza w scissors ? " as a person who grew up in an asian family, my grandma (and mom) always cuts like meat with scissors and sometimes also cuts pizza, yall find it weird??😭
{Abdulhakeem Jimoh}
0:18, this is actually a normal thing for mothers well unless they care about you, cuz the baby can't breathe with the snot in it and can possibly die, so mothers have to do this when it happens, I know its gross at first but it just turns into a normal thing mothers just have to do.
My aunt on my dads side actually did the same thing in the first tiktok
Christiaan Goldberg
Christiaan Goldberg 23 gün önce
I always blow on my cold food for no reason, it's like an instinct lol
fatuma hussein
fatuma hussein 27 gün önce
SSSniperwolf I hope you read this coming because I really love your videos I enjoy them everywhere I watch them every day and I can’t stop thinking about you❤️
Arif Jamal
Arif Jamal Aylar önce
1:29 the fact that a person is holding two phones just record that slicing trick is hilarious
Yeosangschicken Aylar önce
I love how she just says the funniest things with a straight face
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Aylar önce
I could never
Ebay Yay
Ebay Yay Aylar önce
Yeah that baby one made me not drink water for like an hour
👑⃤ ‎ٴ 👑⃤
Read my name..
Peeling out the corn is easy but like when you do the first row you have to struggle and the like 3 rows is relatively easy and then on it is just a piece of cake
chameleon 20 gün önce
I hope whoever is reading this plus Lia to have a great day afternoon and night and I wish you the best life has to offer and God bless you all, I hope you are doing ok, goodbye now :) ❤❤❤
Thanks for your content
Galaxy Aylar önce
Actually the first one with the baby and the mother scenario actually happened to me when I was first born cause I was suffocating of my snot
Marsha Miles
Marsha Miles Aylar önce
Love your videos 💜
Candace Dreamer
Candace Dreamer 25 gün önce
My cat likes to crawl into my pants and sleep while I’m on the toilet. Although it’s hard to leave because I either don’t want to disturb her or she doesn’t want to leave.
EmnEmGaming Aylar önce
1:51 pls tell me I wasn’t the only one who noticed the other 3 phones recording them cutting the pizza🤣 😂
Grant parry
Grant parry Aylar önce
The overflow thing happened to me last night
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