Things Aren't Looking Good For Stephen Curry

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20 Oca 2022




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Gonna be honest, the biggest difference has been Draymond Green being out for almost the exact number of games. If Draymond can get back healthy, you'll see Steph shoot up again - after all, Draymond is the real PG of the GSW.
Saiyan Mix
These past couple of months haven’t been fun for me because I was diognosed with leukemia. And jimmy constantly uploading videos just makes the battle so much easier. Man really deserves a vacation for how much work he’s putting into these videos and how constantly we are getting them
César Navalón
Honestly, i believe this is an emotional rollercoaster season for the Warriors and it translates on how the team and especially Steph have been playing. They are at the top of the league once again after a very tough stretch of seasons (on the midst of their all-time dinasty). You can tell they play impatiently at times, turning the ball over too much and rushing up some shots. Add to that Steph breaking the 3pt record and Klay finally coming back, when impatience has been at a season-high level. They also play incredibly consistent and excellent defense so it evens out most times. Despite of it all their overall talent and championship pedigree are good enough for them to be title contenders (or even favorites). They’ve said it time and time again this year is championship or bust for them. I expect the team’s offensive consistency to step up sooner than later. That’s the priority, whether it comes during the next 10 games or the last 10 games of the regular season. I would love to see Steph win the MVP again, but I’d rather watch him win his first Finals MVP and 4th ring.
Edward Ian Santos
"In a season where Lebron is playing like he’s 25, Kevin Durant has hit his 3rd peak, and Stephen Curry has officially become the 3-point god, it’s looking like none of these all-time greats will go home with the coveted award" - JxmyHighroller, 2022
Leon Jacob
One thing you do great is that you don’t focus on one player for all your videos. You really diversify the channel with videos about a lot of players. Keep up the good work jimmy
Also to note: MJ slump was during the Last Dance when Rodman was in a slump, Scottie was hurt, Jordan was putting in overtime
Austin Full
I love how Jimmy never forgets to sprinkle a reminder of MJ's greatness
Burton Jekel
I’m pretty sure the MVP is awarded to the player who is the most valuable to a franchise. So Giannis being in front makes sense cause he is majority of the reason why the Bucks are where they are right now. Not only do you have to look at stats but how this person is able to manage the team and be the definitive leader which is something I haven’t been seeing recently.
Jeon Kookie
I think Steph would be happier with another ring than the mvp award. Hope they really win this season. It'll be so special. Winning in the 75th anniversary and potentially a finals mvp? damn.
Jimmy, another great video. My jaw dropped at the stats from MJ and AI. Thanks as always!
Samuel Borchardt-Cho
I’m just waiting for post ASG Curry, no one gets guarded like Steph Curry, double and triple teams. It’s that mid season slump, and it’s not just Steph going through it. Lets not forget what Steph did last season after the ASG
Ok'Rad Andreevski
Your performance never lets us down Jimmy. Love the content!
Y’all are underestimating how long Curry’s slump has been, it’s been way longer than 6 games.
The quality of your content put you in a league of your own. If I had a chart I would crop in on the other channels and then zoom out a ton, not to fast though, slow enough for dramatic effect, revealing you on the top with a crazy gap. Keep up the good work!
Jeremy B
The quality of this content is absurd. Thank you for what you do, there's no one better.
Jason Call
Living and dying on elite long-distance shooting is a hard way to go. I've always respected Curry for his final second halfcourt heaves. He lets her rip with no thought for the percentage stat. There's a statistical limit to maintaining, say, 50/40/90 through x number of games or seasons.
Giannis Jokic Embid KD have been clear of Steph all season but the media have been campaigning for him so bad it’s actually shameful. Good to see people are actually waking up to this.
Just a video idea but a video on the issues the Celtics have been having this season and the consistency in blowing decently large leads should be looked at
Pranjal Sharma
What a timing, He literally hit the first buzzer beater of his career after Jimmy put in his video he hadn't ever made a single one just a few weeks back. I think we know what's coming now after this video.
Rex Lee
I agree with the overall premise of the video, except for the fact that a regular season mvp will give him an edge in making it to the top 10.
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