They Were MEAN and HARSH to Him, but He Came Back to PROVE THEM WRONG!

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17 Eki 2017




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Top Viral Talent
Top Viral Talent 4 yıl önce
Many times in my life people didn't believe in me and always tried to put me down, telling me that I am not good enough... but I didn't care about negative comments or influence and now I am successful :) This audition is good example why to NEVER GIVE UP and keep fighting for your dreams! Anyone else is or was in similar situation?
Antoni Texeira
Antoni Texeira 16 gün önce
What is the name of the music of the end please
Eh really?!
Eh really?! Aylar önce
I was but sometimes I just want to talk about it
livsvalentinexox💌⌇ risminee -losing subs?
Since I am black, I usually get called poo. So it’s really hard for me to deal with it, most days I come home crying, and at my old school, there was this racist kid in my class, (not saying names,) and he bullied the world out of me.
Michael Maas
Michael Maas 3 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure everyone has dealt with this at least once in their life
Ruggedtom 3 aylar önce
LEE PAGE Yıl önce
Simon acts like he’s never been mean to anyone 😹
Abstract Wrld
Abstract Wrld 13 saatler önce
Antoni Texeira
Antoni Texeira 16 gün önce
Anyone know what the name of the music of the end please
Bsn8810500 27 gün önce
Simon is not mean to kids!
Jessie_ official
Jessie_ official Aylar önce
But tbh he’s not as mean to kids and teenagers it’s more to adults
Jessie_ official
Jessie_ official Aylar önce
Innit tho😂
FedericK Aylar önce
David gave him and advice, he took it, and he improved incredibly... Sometimes we need to be scolded to become better, this guy is a clear example
Rick Olsen
Rick Olsen 19 saatler önce
That's what I thought that was the best thing that could have happened to this boy. that's why I have to admire almost every millionaire
jozef b
jozef b 23 gün önce
Jace Paulet
Jace Paulet Aylar önce
He told him what he needed to do to improve, he has took it upon himself to show them, sometimes people need to realise criticism isn't a negative, its a positive for growth.
sharline and family
Why ? Why? Why? Did you say they were hash on him ? No only one was hard on him!!! Like he SAID the others were quiet nice fact!!!!
Israel Davila
Israel Davila Aylar önce
It's actually true
Llama Sugar
Llama Sugar 3 aylar önce
David may have been harsh, but he wasn’t wrong. A teacher was what he needed to help him reach his potential. ❤️
Antoni Texeira
Antoni Texeira 16 gün önce
Anyone know what the name of the music of the end please
Jan Kacmar
Jan Kacmar Aylar önce
Jan Kacmar 🚔 Rozumí 🙂
C_Jay Winter
C_Jay Winter Aylar önce
@HOUSE PLANS Its ok man :)
HOUSE PLANS Aylar önce
@C_Jay Winter sorry jay
C_Jay Winter
C_Jay Winter Aylar önce
@Deep Boy And you, you shouldnt be saying that...
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 3 aylar önce
You gotta appreciate David. He's never mean to anyone but the only time he was it was for the good. He helped the kid improve and bring out the singer he had hidden inside him which he would not have discovered otherwise.
Bastien House
Bastien House Aylar önce
Yeah thought the same right before he finished singing... David actually helped him doing so Probably why the kid thanks him in the end It's not about the Golden Buzzer, It's about what David hadn't, or rather, had done before... Allowing him to come back, skilled enough to blow the whole audience Well done to David, who made the kid revealed himself fully, And to the Kid, for not giving up.
Hannah_ Cl0wn
Hannah_ Cl0wn 2 aylar önce
And if there really bad he won’t press his buzzer
Solange Oldfield
Solange Oldfield 3 aylar önce
Exactly! He wouldn't have told him to get singing lessons if he didn't see some potential. That turned out rather well...
Maria Louise Sønderskov
Yes I agree.. the kid didn’t proof David wrong just the opposite.. he needed singing lessons, he got it and he got better. 😊
Siarn Brady
Siarn Brady Aylar önce
He honestly sent shivers down my spine. Well done, beautiful voice
Deep Boy
Deep Boy Aylar önce
{•Sixela•} Aylar önce
Bro same his voice was amazing
Jack Finn
Jack Finn Yıl önce
This guy deserves more credit than he gets, today he’s still singing and sounds even better than in this!
Carolyn Barela-Mcka
Carolyn Barela-Mcka 21 gün önce
Can you tell me where I can find his music?
murielle dellal
murielle dellal Aylar önce
Bruno Di Marco
Bruno Di Marco Aylar önce
@Homer Simpson 1qq11¹1¹
Deep Boy
Deep Boy Aylar önce
47J17p29 X
47J17p29 X Aylar önce
What do you mean more credit. He got the gold buzzer!!!
Grif_Gaming_17 Aylar önce
This man is incredible. I want to meet this guy irl, give him a big hug, and tell him how amazing he is.
_Zombie_08 Aylar önce
He looks and seems like a really good person too!
NinjTiger Aylar önce
Wow man Dedication is what made him there :)
Reidar Tobias Kristiansen
That's a pretty strong voice for a young man, I was moved to tears.
GingerTea 4 gün önce
@Deep Boy not really
h arper
h arper 16 gün önce
He moved me to tears it was a beautiful moment wtg
Deep Boy
Deep Boy Aylar önce
Aylar önce
@Reidar Tobias Kristiansen Okay
Reidar Tobias Kristiansen
@Q² Uhm because I'm human, I have feelings. Besides I'm not a troll like you, bet you're like 12, get a life.
You know something is wrong when Simon isn't the one getting called out for rudeness.
Maria Shelnutt
Maria Shelnutt Aylar önce
But Simon liked it
Collier Soccer
Collier Soccer Aylar önce
Itz Snowy_Claus
Itz Snowy_Claus Aylar önce
I love the part when David said, “I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY GOOD!” Then buzzes the button, like it’s so cool
Arthur Allaman
Arthur Allaman 15 gün önce
@Deep Boy definitly not
Zainab Patel
Zainab Patel Aylar önce
@Deep Boy uhh none asked but sure
Deep Boy
Deep Boy Aylar önce
Zainab Patel
Zainab Patel Aylar önce
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer Yıl önce
😂 Simon is legit hype because he’s finally not the one being “mean”
ashwin mamidi
ashwin mamidi 15 gün önce
Si me lo
Antoni Texeira
Antoni Texeira 16 gün önce
What is the name of the music of the end please
BitterJoy Xx 💙💚
@Soviet guinea pig from Ireland No, he's mean.
Soviet guinea pig from Ireland
“mean” as in he’s honest
Harry Yıl önce
Ikr Lol
Georgia Mensah
Georgia Mensah 2 aylar önce
David is never wrong he needed someone to help him be better 🙏🙏❤️. And Simon smiling as if he's never said anything harsh before 😂😂💔
Deep Boy
Deep Boy Aylar önce
NoobMaster69 Aylar önce
Exactly 😂
zulfiya qambarova
zulfiya qambarova Aylar önce
Mark Andrade
Mark Andrade Aylar önce
David is class personified, giving his professional advice then seeing the hard work and improvement and rewarding him with the golden buzzer. We're all not born with natural talent or ability so there's hard work ahead of 99% of people to succeed .
Beãsty Aylar önce
Geisha Dancer
Geisha Dancer Aylar önce
I absolutely love Kyle and his singing. He sang with such passion. I listen to his song all the time. It changes my mood and makes me feel wonderful when I hear his song. What a great young man!! He will go far with his special talent. Best wishes and much success Kyle!!
ProximityOne 3 aylar önce
This man lives by the quote "I'd rather be called weak than die thinking I was strong". Bravo!
Antoni Texeira
Antoni Texeira 16 gün önce
Sabes como se llama la canción de el final después del botón de oro??
Juan Se Gómez Picón
Juan Se Gómez Picón 3 aylar önce
Incredible performance, you can tell that Kyle put his heart into it when he sang
Frantisek Babic
Frantisek Babic 3 aylar önce
2:47 you can see how she is completely happy and amazed by his performance ♥
aman 10940
aman 10940 12 gün önce
absolutely!! she knew he had it , great kid, he got it! he is phenomenal!!! such talent !
samruddhi sharma
samruddhi sharma Aylar önce
Man, at this point of life where I am feeling helpless, unmotivated and confused, this man brought tears and made me think that there's so much more to achieve if I just don't give up and keep on trying, no matter how hard and harsh the people are, let's give them a "look at me now" moment. Thank you Carl and thank you David!✨
Shalah-Maye Jackson
Kylie sang with love in his heart and when David gave him the golden buzzer he got so emotional 😢😢😢💖💖💖
Shalah-Maye Jackson
@Astrophile oh whops my bad 😂😂
e Aylar önce
@Shalah-Maye Jackson it’s kyle
Shalah-Maye Jackson
@RedraideR yep me to 😊😊💯💯
Shalah-Maye Jackson
@Hooman Person you didn't what? 🤔🤔
RedraideR Aylar önce
I always wanted to press the golden button....for Kylie of course.😁
Brisy Olea
Brisy Olea Yıl önce
David: *Looks At Him Straight In The Eye* David: *Pushes Golden Buzzer* Everyone: O_O
Jan Kacmar
Jan Kacmar 6 aylar önce
♋️black queen ♋️
@big joe lol
N Bills
N Bills Yıl önce
I read this before i watched the video thanks for the spoiler. Its actually not your fault tho
ChocoFaith Yıl önce
Brisy Olea he tried to save himself lol
Jesica Lopez
Jesica Lopez 2 aylar önce
Me hizo poner la piel de gallina y emocionarme hasta las lágrimas....eso solo lo consiguen las personas que cantan con el alma....👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Jaukis Sanjur
Jaukis Sanjur Aylar önce
Eliana 3 aylar önce
O que ele tem de mais espetacular não é a voz, são os pais
Lit || Knxght Editz
Lit || Knxght Editz 2 aylar önce
This video is an example of never giving up. If you get rejected once, don't give up! Fight for another chance and prove your powerful! This is an inspiring video.
•–3m0–• Aylar önce
@Rick Grimes LMAO
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 2 aylar önce
I would not act out that advice in the dating world unless you wanna end up with a restraining order
David Haney
David Haney Aylar önce
David wasnt wrong , after working with a singing teacher he nailed it .
a dumbass
a dumbass Yıl önce
Simon really sat back and was like “I’m not the mean one now”
BitterJoy Xx 💙💚
@Littleclown15 He's Gordan Ramsay except not nice at all.. Alteast Gordan is nice outside of the kitchen and yknow, has empathy
Deep Boy
Deep Boy Aylar önce
Reivhal 8 aylar önce
Tf commented this i dont agree what ive commented.
BlazeOfficial 8 aylar önce
@Reivhal nah he's extremely honest.
Awa Cherif
Awa Cherif 10 aylar önce
ee kay
ee kay 3 aylar önce
David still my hero. He's such a sweet genuine guy, full of humor. Talent cannot fail, as its a Gift. Great song & voice! The whole family have a sensitive & pure spirit. 👏
Deeba Ahmed
Deeba Ahmed 3 aylar önce
Yes, his books are so good, and different then any other books I’ve read
Emily Doran
Emily Doran 3 aylar önce
This video is very popular and I love how Kyle sings the song so much passion it gives me chills and goosebumps he is the very reason that I wanna be singer someday just like him he is my role model
Iz _lifee
Iz _lifee Aylar önce
David did nothing wrong to be honest he brought out the best in him and gave him more confidence to prove him wrong.
Iwona Szydłowska
Iwona Szydłowska 2 aylar önce
Przepiękny utwór i super wykonana piosenka znakomity wokal gratulacje dla Ciebie
Claire Holt
Claire Holt Yıl önce
Kyle: I got told to get a singing teacher Everyone: *looks at Simon* 😂
wlknd Aylar önce
@Deep Boy so?
Deep Boy
Deep Boy Aylar önce
Kameshver T
Kameshver T Aylar önce
wlknd Aylar önce
Xero Aylar önce
Ola Aleksandra
Ola Aleksandra 8 saatler önce
Cudowny chłopak ...wokal idealny bez żadnych zażutów perfekcja w każdym calu i skromną aparycją wygrał wszystko u mnie Brawo 😍
Agnieszka Kalisz
Agnieszka Kalisz Aylar önce
Pięknie! Nigdy nie słyszałam lepszego wykonania tej piosenki.
músicas Duda19
músicas Duda19 3 gün önce
Que voz linda meu Deus 😢😍
Нина Шевцова
Парень достоин и платиновой кнопки! Лучшего исполнения не слышала! Божественно красиво! Молодец! Браво!!! ❤️🙏👍👍👍👏👏👏💐😊
Marek 2 aylar önce
Вот именно!
anna Yıl önce
Kyle: “He was harsh to me.” *everyone looks at Simon* Kyle: “It was David.” Simon: “well well well...look how the turn tables...”
Nat New
Nat New Aylar önce
True 😂
Marissa Howlett
Marissa Howlett 3 aylar önce
Mike Reddaway
Mike Reddaway 4 aylar önce
Facts 🤣🤣😂
azzyToca🦄 4 aylar önce
David after he sings uhh ..umm. * should I tell him it was great
Martina Hepburn34
Martina Hepburn34 4 aylar önce
shadah Mcdonald
shadah Mcdonald 3 aylar önce
I love how he made the song his own, so refreshing. Nice voice. Singing lessons def paid off.
Randall Reece
Randall Reece 2 aylar önce
Actually, he proved David right. He got the voice lessons that he needed and came back and smashed it.
Ale Covarrubias Oregel
He visto mil veces este video y no me canso, siempre lloro, Kyle es increíble.
Nos Fire
Nos Fire Aylar önce
I got chills when I heard his great singing talent its so gorgeous 😍
Crexxd Yıl önce
We all know David hit that golden buzzer to save his reputation after this kid almost destroyed it.
ShootingStar 666
ShootingStar 666 Aylar önce
@Evan Cooper where's ur proof
Izzy Brook
Izzy Brook 5 aylar önce
Yup lol
AskMid 5 aylar önce
Charli Gill
Charli Gill 5 aylar önce
Yeah he can’t have a 15 year old ruin his career
TreeClimber 6 aylar önce
@Mobile Slots are you kidding?
faith Smith
faith Smith Aylar önce
I love him, I get chills every time I hear him sing,
Vier Avi
Vier Avi 3 aylar önce
This boy sings like angels because as soon as I heard him my hair stood up with excitement .. wao good for him.
miamiamiamia Aylar önce
everyone: tells kyle a whole essay on how hes amazing david: I THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT! -hits button-
Coby Kerr
Coby Kerr 2 aylar önce
David telling him that obviously worked and helped him out in the long run a lot more than sugar coating would’ve
DippinOutFool 2 aylar önce
yup, we need more people to understand this. David gave this kid the drive to become something amazing.
CBK_Čøvïd Yıl önce
Let’s be honest here, if David didn’t tell him to get a teacher would he really have been as motivated to come and prove them wrong?
IZAC Yıl önce
facts, I don't think its rude to suggest someone get a singing teacher so they can get better
Ari Fahmi Rizali
Ari Fahmi Rizali Yıl önce
@Precy Cruz sometimes you need go through the hard way to reach the top son
Ashley Lynch
Ashley Lynch Yıl önce
Alec smith
Alec smith Yıl önce
Many say good things for us and most time we take it bad. He get a good advice and come back very good
Yoalli Cruz
Yoalli Cruz Yıl önce
he said a NEW teacher,he didn´t change his teacher
Nathlie Majskolv
Nathlie Majskolv 3 aylar önce
I am so glad he took David's advice, because he has now an amazing voice that we love, love, love and can't get enough of!!
Brightstar 2 aylar önce
From what I just heard David was right to make his recommendation ! From what I just heard. Oh my that was beautifully sung and done. I have to rate it the best version I have heard and so powerfully done.
musical 2 aylar önce
i really liked the way he was singing , he deserved to get the golden buzzer!
Lay Reed
Lay Reed 3 gün önce
Damn he made my heart ❤ skip a beat and melt at the same time he is very talented 👏
f Boima
f Boima 4 yıl önce
Simon is happy for once he is not the mean one.
Cindy Barg
Cindy Barg 11 aylar önce
All the people who defend S.C. even though he bullies people of all ages and thinks nothing of breaking their hearts. What a world.
Elgene Culipapa
Elgene Culipapa Yıl önce
Yes Lol
gubble bubble
gubble bubble Yıl önce
The truth😂😂😂😂😂
Aroshani Fernando
Itzyagorl Yıl önce
He was never mean. He just speaks his mind but that's what judges do
Dazer Play
Dazer Play 3 aylar önce
He sang very well on this stage and I would like him to continue to sing clearly and intelligently as well 😍😇
Eva Petříčková
Eva Petříčková Aylar önce
Úžasný, krásný, božský hlas a charismatický mladý muž ♥
Amy McCowin
Amy McCowin 28 gün önce
Amazing voice . Practice makes perfect he came back n proved himself he got what it takes n did amazing job
Maria Callahan
Maria Callahan 3 aylar önce
Hope this young man went on to a great career. He is awesome.
Thor Cloninger
Thor Cloninger Yıl önce
Kyle: sings perfectly Everyone: looks at David reproachfully David: 😬
Pastel 8 aylar önce
@flare agreed, it was and now I'm saving it to my wholesome album 😌
@flare I agree.
Awa Cherif
Awa Cherif 10 aylar önce
Thor Cloninger
Thor Cloninger Yıl önce
@Aylen Louzao Los sientos. Gracias por le gusto me commentario. Tenga una Buena noche!
Thor Cloninger
Thor Cloninger Yıl önce
@Michael Subryan thanks man! It's more than ive ever gotten!!
I love how Simon acts like he's never been mean in his entire life 😂
Khurram Sarwar
Khurram Sarwar 3 aylar önce
I wouldn't call david mean, I would call him honest and because of that honesty this kid grew.
Carmen P. Mourelle
Carmen P. Mourelle Aylar önce
Hermoso, perfecto, exquisito... Wao! Así se lucha! El talento solo no sirve, la voluntad y el riesgo es necesario! Felicito a este ejemplo de joven talento! Kyle, gracias por este ejemplo al mundo! Dios te bendiga con Armonía, Salud y Bien
Lyz Licah
Lyz Licah Aylar önce
David falou o que ele precisava ouvir. Se melhorou, precisa melhorar ainda mais. Então, entenda críticas como conselhos pra crescer e melhorar.
Alex Supremo
Alex Supremo Yıl önce
He didn't just prove him wrong, he proved that hard work, commitment, and perseverance pay off big time. He is a changed man now.
Laneice Watson
Laneice Watson 11 aylar önce
@ASHwhip 2004 morning Thursdays morning music eat play music on Saturday at morning school with me now on my birthday cake day morning Thursdays Mary Julia go door morning. Lol Thursdays morning door morning lights out morning Thursdays morning to go Mary
Areli Reyes
Areli Reyes 11 aylar önce
@Marcie F. I agree
DRXP 11 aylar önce
Someone’s a bit emotional 😂
G-mannen 11 aylar önce
@Itz Wilza I don't
Itz Wilza
Itz Wilza 11 aylar önce
@G-mannen do you know roomie official??
Linda Moura
Linda Moura 3 aylar önce
Que coisa linda de se ver... Aleluia🙏😘
Darksorcerer 91
Darksorcerer 91 2 aylar önce
This was so good it brought tears to my eyes.
George Kum
George Kum 2 aylar önce
its like the 10000000 time I'm watching it
Robert Czapski
Robert Czapski 2 aylar önce
Bravo for this young man to be so hardworking and brave. That is the way.
Click 2 aylar önce
His burst of excitement and not knowing what to do when the gold button is hit is very touching, good stuff.
PurpleSnow 96
PurpleSnow 96 4 yıl önce
Wow, just Wow. This kid has a phenomenal voice!!!
Tang Jing
Tang Jing 2 yıl önce
Sebas Zdzislaw
Sebas Zdzislaw 2 yıl önce
No jasne
MaOkim 2 yıl önce
Nn 😅
Fabinouz 2 yıl önce
hahaha hate u
hahaha hate u 2 yıl önce
They weren’t mean and harsh to him at all, they’re judges, it’s what they do. If you want them t be nice, the contestant has to be good at what they do
Michael Byrnee
Michael Byrnee 2 aylar önce
There is only one thing we want to hear. Whether we are a theoretical physicist or an essential garbage collector: "You ARE good enough". David may have provided the essential obstacle for this talented young man.
Sergio и Верони4ка
Пацан к успеху шёл, и дошёл 👼
Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez Aylar önce
OMG he's absolutely amazing and what a beautiful voice 💖 God bless him
Xx_1337mf_xX Aylar önce
This kid heard exactly what he needed to hear at 15 yes old
CHOOSE 4 yıl önce
"I got told to get a singing teacher" "Oh who told you that" I swear i thought he was gonna point to simon😂😂 this kid was great tho very happy for him.
Ilyass Abbad
Ilyass Abbad Yıl önce
Simon is not that Cruel
Falcon Games
Falcon Games Yıl önce
nvb99 1999 lol true me too
Hxzvrd Yıl önce
Same bro
Blowi Yıl önce
Simon thought it was Simon lmao
Nancy van der Sterren
Niko Sweets
Niko Sweets 3 aylar önce
I love how he never gave up and proved him rong strong beautiful voice
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones Aylar önce
I love how proud his father is of him!!! That’s winning in every country & every race!! GOD Be with this Great Family!!!!
Sydney Mtshayise
Sydney Mtshayise 2 aylar önce
Trust me . listening to people who cam sing , getting all these goosebumps...it literally calms depression!
MonsterMonquey Aylar önce
And people who write like this give me depression
Colby’s left Shoe
Kyle: “I was told to get a singing teacher..” -Me: -*-Glaring at Simon while holding a knife.-* Ps: I was cutting tomatoes:)
le yes
le yes Aylar önce
h M
Colby’s left Shoe
@TylerRoblox I know, I’m saying that I looked at Simon because that’s something Simon would say.
TylerRoblox Aylar önce
It wasn’t Simon it was David
PROD:] Aylar önce
BigBossAdidoss Yıl önce
Simon acting like he hasn’t ever been unnecessarily harsh to people while acting like David was the bad guy
BitterJoy Xx 💙💚
@BigBossAdidoss Exactly, Gordan is actually nice outside of the Kitchen too and is fun. Meanwhile Simon ont he other hand :/
khadija arif
khadija arif 10 aylar önce
Congrats I found your comment it was very down, took me ages to scroll Lol
Patrick Gomes
Patrick Gomes Yıl önce
@Zulekha Alam brutally honest, that was amazing... hahahaha I'll use that
Elvis Flores
Elvis Flores Yıl önce
Ehh si ahuevo
Musa Ali
Musa Ali Yıl önce
Who else loved it
Alexander Kühnau
Alexander Kühnau 2 aylar önce
Und das war wieder so ein Moment wo auch Mann die Tränen fliesen. Mein Respekt. Das ging mitten ins Herz.
🌟Ashish Rozer😁
Simon deserves an Oscar for his acting ngl........
Johnathan Taylor
Johnathan Taylor 2 aylar önce
I don't know how I stumbled upon this just now, but the way he cried at the end brought a tear to my own eye. He gave it his all. That came directly from his soul. I'm an agnostic at best, but if there is a God, they speak to us through music.
Таня Мемстак
Смотрю уже раз 100 за эти годы!!! Не устаю восхищаться талантом ,упорством парнишки!!! Браво!!! Удачи!!!!
LolHow Yıl önce
Everyone before he says who was harsh to him: *Looks at Simon.* Everyone after he says who was harsh to him: *Looks at David.* David after the performance: *HIT THAT GOLDEN BUZZER BOI*
id Yıl önce
Fresh Yıl önce
Uprising Angels lol
Petr Kre
Petr Kre Yıl önce
@JSam no idea
_Emelysworld Yıl önce
Im we are 3 years late 😂😂
Angel Hangout
Angel Hangout Yıl önce
Agda Ribeiro
Agda Ribeiro Aylar önce
Incrível,realmente mt incrível!!
steph Djeff
steph Djeff Aylar önce
Il m’a boulversé bravo, il me met les larmes au yeux. Une voix incroyable👍
Guna Segar
Guna Segar 3 aylar önce
When David felt bad, I cried👌
robyn highsmith
robyn highsmith 2 aylar önce
Love this, gave him a great moment to replace the hurtful one. He was amazing.
Juliet Robin
Juliet Robin 4 yıl önce
What an absolutely beautiful voice Kyle has. I'm so happy for him. He was so emotional and it's understandable since he was not very good the last time around. I wish him every success.
MsHouston 3 yıl önce
Juliet Robin m
Honorable_Aj 3 yıl önce
I thought you were Mel b 😂
Shiroyasha 3 yıl önce
Yup :)
April Rose
April Rose 3 yıl önce
omfg alissa
G4mingSwap GT
G4mingSwap GT 3 yıl önce
alissa s no he doesn’t
Jeremiah Farmer
Jeremiah Farmer Aylar önce
I’m literally clapping so much right know he’s like the best singer ever!! And I mean it!
Herminia Nieto
Herminia Nieto 3 aylar önce
It’s nice how he was proud of himself for winning :)
Mam 3 aylar önce
One of the best cover ever! I never get tired of watching this over and over 👏👏👏
DR7TCO 3 aylar önce
Man! What did I just watch😳 😭😭 this was sucha perfect comeback! He Aced it Beautifuly. ❤️🔥❤️
Aaron 4 yıl önce
I love how proud his dad is. You can actually feel his emotions
April Santa Ana
April Santa Ana 4 yıl önce
Jake King wut
Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise 4 yıl önce
Aaron Toh ....That means you have empathy which is rare in people these days! You can feel how others feel and identify with it! Sadly, most humans are turning into robots! (Emotionless)
robloxshark roblox
robloxshark roblox 4 yıl önce
Connor lamontagne
Connor lamontagne 4 yıl önce
Aaron T yes
bruh moment
bruh moment 4 yıl önce
Carol Jo Clark
Carol Jo Clark 3 aylar önce
AMEN, beautiful song beautiful voice. God bless you young man.
Dianete do Nascimento
Dianete do Nascimento 27 gün önce
Impossível não chorarr.😭
HBT Allen
HBT Allen 3 aylar önce
O filho do Érick Jacquin canta muito!
Vitoria Laysa
Vitoria Laysa 3 aylar önce
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique 3 aylar önce
Pqp mano 😂
Fay Correia
Fay Correia 3 aylar önce
Kyle is so passionate and he’s amazing!!! Also it wasn’t just me who notices (I know it) *Simon who kept looking over at David😂😂*
g0thyc !
g0thyc ! Yıl önce
Kyle: I was told to get a singing teacher Everyone else: looking at Simon not David HAHAHAA
g0thyc !
g0thyc ! 7 aylar önce
@Ted Marakas yea :)
Ted Marakas
Ted Marakas 7 aylar önce
Simon can be mean at times but sure as hell he knows how to bring the best out of talented people. He's a very successful man for a reason.
Julia (:
Julia (: 9 aylar önce
Arsenal Player
Arsenal Player Yıl önce
Fluffycoripuppy _Eatsfood same loll
DMG Savage
DMG Savage Yıl önce
Scott Hunter
Scott Hunter Aylar önce
Amazing young lad. Hairs standing up . He's a winner. A gift from God. I hope he hits the stars .
Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford Aylar önce
I love how Simon kept looking at David Like he showed you 😹😹
Piotrek 3 aylar önce
Piękny występ 👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😉😉😉😉😉
Just Gotta Do It
I wish I could hit the like button a million times. Well done Kyle! Absolutely beautiful!👏👏
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