They Stole my new Game... 

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okay gamers this is bad news...
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Dani - Adding a Giant Crab to my Game So Netflix doesn't Sue me
Dani2 - He Stole my Game and Released it on Mobile...
Dani2 - He Stole My Game, and made a cringe mobile Ad with it...
Dani2 - They Made a Better Version of My Game??
Dani2 - You made me do this...
Dani2 - They Used MY FACE in a Mobile Game Ad??
#Dani #CrabGame #MilkGang




19 Oca 2022




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Dani2 Yıl önce
okay gamers this is literally so sad smash subscribe to pay respects
QuicklyGamer Yıl önce
Aboudi gaming50™
First edit: oh I am dumb I am 2nd
LiamXD💙💛 Yıl önce
Subs poggers
Dis Person
Dis Person Yıl önce
ocean game
MrCommentGod Yıl önce
*Emotional damage*
Flamme 5.0.6
Flamme 5.0.6 Yıl önce
Can't wait until "Wow, that was really cool" gets to be 10 minutes long and Dani has to make a seperate video for that. Edit: Edit: Edit. 14.04.2022
Bindro Yıl önce
He won't he won't
Ion Patrașcu
Ion Patrașcu Yıl önce
@Bindro oh, he will
xavier Yıl önce
@Ion Patrașcu no he wont
@xavier yes he will
TimeBucks Yıl önce
his voice gradually gets higher pitched throughout the "Wow that was really cool" part
Dani2 Yıl önce
whoah wtf
jintu gogoi
jintu gogoi Yıl önce
@Dani2 wtf
Dxnut Yıl önce
HoomanZombie Yıl önce
Dolphin Yıl önce
it gets way faster as well
blzr Yıl önce
A horror game by dani unironically would probably be seriously cool, especially judging by his ability to add interesting mechanics i wonder what he would do Probably wont live to see that day tho
EvanEvan Yıl önce
What about karlson 🌚
voxh Yıl önce
Karlson (The Nightmare)
some eurasian dude
Tears Yıl önce
The ending make my brain hurt
3:02 He just lost an opportunity to say "This aged like milk"
Chumwar Games
Chumwar Games Yıl önce
I love how he's so popular that every game he makes someone has to recreate and publish it earlier than him
Chumwar Games
Chumwar Games Yıl önce
Alexander 84 01
Alexander 84 01 Yıl önce
That crab challenge came out a while before crab game, then they changed the name and icon
Александра Лебедева
I love how you can gauge the time Dani spent in each house by just looking at the different bgs in every “wow that was really cool”
George Agorakis
George Agorakis Yıl önce
He manages to say the same jokes for 2 years and still be funny
Seikure Rimikare
Seikure Rimikare Yıl önce
It's called the TRvidr effect. It's a rare skill some TRvidrs possess. It's like SSundee with foot jokes and among us mods
יואב סלמיניס
wow that's really cool
Mac_bomber Yıl önce
@Seikure Rimikare finally, someone that actually appreciate the foot jokes
JustLikeBaandi Yıl önce
his jokes makes up his personality and he embraces them as one, thats why its only funny when he does it
MaximQuantum Yıl önce
“I care about the environment…” “Recycling is good…” “Eat shit-“ *Dani seems very invested in ‘recycling’ 😳😳😳*
The Highlighter
The Highlighter Yıl önce
wait no
The Highlighter
The Highlighter Yıl önce
no thats bad
Ayushman Singh
Ayushman Singh Yıl önce
Hilarious Only a few people got it
Kristoff Yıl önce
*alright enough reading comments for today*
Altgameristic Yıl önce
@Kristoff b-but theres more
Amadouu Yıl önce
One day Dani will say wow that wasnt bad. And the universe will tear into itself making a time loop forever. With no way to escape.
MClegend221 Yıl önce
cant wait for dani to stare at a video for 1 hour and finally say "wow that was really cool"
Caps Lock
Caps Lock Yıl önce
this will indeed be really cool
Altgameristic Yıl önce
@Caps Lockand then a "wow that was really cool"for how long till karlson is released
Justin Case
Justin Case Yıl önce
Cant imagine what kind of person would steal someone else's ideas and make an unlicensed knock off 😂
NotCouth Yıl önce
The developers so eco-friendly, they recycle Dani's games
MEE25 Yıl önce
saving the earth
Bindro Yıl önce
frike medood
frike medood Yıl önce
@moon walk wha-
In Darkness
In Darkness Yıl önce
"Forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza" - Michelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Altgameristic Yıl önce
@frike medood He meant EAT SH-
Tom Shirley
Tom Shirley Yıl önce
love how whenever a " wow thats really cool" meme comes up dani just accepts his fate like "damn they got me again"
Тихон Нестеренко
Imagine Dani in his 60s watching him get older and older with this "Wow, that was really cool" meme. Spending about a week just to add another layer to it.
Tears Yıl önce
The intro hurt my Brian
MaskyKid Yıl önce
Satan m8 C
Satan m8 C Yıl önce
"Petition for Dani to make a horror game" Karlson is not even released after 2 years, he's for hell not gonna release it anytime soon if he starts on a new game from scratch
CK 123
CK 123 Yıl önce
I love how dedicated he is to the "wow that was really cool" chain, like he could totally have broken it for being too long but he keeps doing it what a gamer
SuperManDoWork Yıl önce
Know you are in danger when dani starts laughing, slowly...
Fredhel Adrien Kissie
The sheer patience Dani has when waiting for "wow that was really cool"...
Epik gun
Epik gun Yıl önce
Hidratadop Yıl önce
@Epik gun wow that was really nice
aloollo plays
aloollo plays Yıl önce
CalamityOblivion Yıl önce
When the world needed him the least, he returned.
Ball Yıl önce
I can't tell if this is supposed to be a hate comment
Kristoff Yıl önce
When he needed the world the most, he returned
Random Facts
Random Facts Yıl önce
Returned he, Most World needed the
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Yıl önce
for reference: 5:22
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Yıl önce
he asking people to stop spaming the same shıt
Mr.blizzy Yıl önce
congrats on 1 million subs! u deserve it 1000%, grateful that you are different an have your own style to content too keep us entertained!
Nully 11 aylar önce
Big w to the people who took cover for the crab game copies, ''The definition to dog SHI!'' made me laugh lol.
EpikBoj_- Yıl önce
I like how he looks even more dead inside every single "Wow that was really cool" part
Eddy The Reverser
if dani made a horror game he would be too scared to play it himself
Mackan Mulle
Mackan Mulle Yıl önce
How to feel old : there hasn't been a Karlson devlog in 1 year
Dragolord_Ayden Yıl önce
Zap Yıl önce
Zap Yıl önce
And the karlson idea was 2 years or 3 years ago
MEE25 Yıl önce
AdrieMC Yıl önce
Bro ;-;
Joshuah - 2000 -
Joshuah - 2000 - Yıl önce
I get the feeling that Dani's soul purpose in life is to become the world's biggest meme god.
Derek G
Derek G Yıl önce
Dani, I just wanna say I really appreciate you and your skills. Not only have you made great games, which is already an amazing skill, you also have the endurance to scroll through r/danidev for an entire video
ChillDonut Yıl önce
I like how Dani gives the foggiest expression when hitting 1 million subs
thatguy Yıl önce
Honestly Dani’s the best dev TRvidr I’ve ever seen he brings such life to his content is honestly amazing when he post
massivexplosion Yıl önce
I recommend that you watch Alva Majo, it's a little different and it's spanish but for me it's top tier
cross isaac
cross isaac Yıl önce
wow really cool
Doge Yıl önce
I will send You to Brazil
thatguy Yıl önce
@massivexplosion actually I’m Dominican myself thanks for the recommendation
Corrupted impostor tr
6:36 dani when he out of milk
Aqua Boi
Aqua Boi Yıl önce
i swear dani gets older and older every video, he goes from like a 16 year old teen to a man in his 30's every video
Dani2 Yıl önce
Jayant Kashyap
Jayant Kashyap Yıl önce
@Dani2 pleh
Dolphin Yıl önce
@Jayant Kashyap Let's all give google a round of applause for translating your message into "plate"
LuxoBucket Yıl önce
@Dolphin perfect translation
b-Beluga Yıl önce
@Dani2 its soon 2069
DouBlEmAnytDJ Yıl önce
Dani is such a good guy like he even recycle his thumbnail and telling people to eat shi very cool
Ask to seduce Miss
No matter what game dani creates, there will always be people that steal his games.
Ahem Yıl önce
You know your game is good when people start making copy's of it
Boril Atanasov
Boril Atanasov Yıl önce
me: "watches the trailer for crab game" dani: ... me: why, just why.
ProPixelGaming Yıl önce
Lets appreciate that Dani has amazing editing and makes amazing games
Vivziерор shorts 🅥
*I created delicious not RickRoII video 😂* *Never gonna give you up*
delta Yıl önce
dani should make a horror game, a game centered on horror fiction and typically designed to scare the player. (unless you cannot do that due to unknown problems?)
cinema lazare
cinema lazare Yıl önce
you just said a horror game with fancy words, avarage commenter
delta Yıl önce
@cinema lazare indeed i have
Dani steals a game or show and makes it a game: I sleep. Someone steals Dani's game that was stolen from game or show and makes it a game: Real Milk
Zenith Yıl önce
I like it how at any point in time he could sue all the people who steal his game
Soap Bar
Soap Bar Yıl önce
When you realize it takes about 21 seconds for this video's dani to say "its really cool"
DragonJ Yıl önce
I love how he can just figure out things and just succeed in it like that quick. He's already a great game maker, great at comedy and specially the editing.
Donut Loving Werewolf
His ability to make shit games that still become popular is really inspiring me to make a few games myself
RecycleSans Yıl önce
@Donut Loving Werewolf sounds like someone is jealous
Flamme 5.0.6
Flamme 5.0.6 Yıl önce
@RecycleSansI mean, look at those games. They sure aren't trash, but I wouldn't call them a marble as well.
That Guy
That Guy Yıl önce
@Flamme 5.0.6 a marble?
Flamme 5.0.6
Flamme 5.0.6 Yıl önce
@That Guyopposite of bad.
Elcato001 Yıl önce
Can we just appreciate him for the effort he puts in his videos, and the hard work he does in each of his videos to make them amazing? He is awesome!
Zyrok Yıl önce
I underestimated how good a year this would be for open world games.
Cloudy 2.0
Cloudy 2.0 11 aylar önce
Actually, if Karlson is something that you have to pay for I'm gonna be IN THE ORANGE JUICE SIDE
Do Re Meme
Do Re Meme Yıl önce
You’re the game dev other studios aspire to be.
Robster 10 aylar önce
can we just point out the irony that they made a knockoff of a knockoff
mr elegance from deltarune
Learning the animals with dani: The dog goes 2:49 The monkey goes 3:57 The dani goes 4:05 The hissing cockroach goes 7:01 Edit:quit liking this, this is shit.
cyrotzai Yıl önce
matpal Yıl önce
Special Squad we care a shit if you don't laugh at a joke
random person on the internet
@matpal sus.
Harsh Raj
Harsh Raj Yıl önce
muhammed ali
muhammed ali Yıl önce
It's been 3 years since the first karlson devlog, I can't wait for a new version even if it's early access.
Anonymous Anonymous
When your knockoff gets knockoffed, you know you've made it in life
Angelo Belcastro
Angelo Belcastro Aylar önce
The way we synchronized at the very end with the whistle, love it.
Fool Yıl önce
These day developers are taking “inspiration” to a whole new level
Banana Man
Banana Man Yıl önce
When the world needed him the most, he complained.
thesupercool19 Yıl önce
Dani: **Breathes** Random game developer: Write that down write that down.
Vivziерор shorts 🅥
*I created delicious not RickRoII video 😂* *Never gonna give you up* .
Some dude that loves memes
Yoshi Fat
Yoshi Fat Yıl önce
WoW That Was Really Cool 👍
Madwierdo Yıl önce
charles the french...
HackerCyberCrack Yıl önce
@Madwierdo yeah
Chomps Yıl önce
I love how when Dani gets 1mil subs he’s not being like “OH MU GOSH THANKS YOU SO MUCH GUYS THIS IS SO BIG” he’s just “thanks guys, very cool
Ness Robloxian
Ness Robloxian 7 aylar önce
This is the type of Subscriber milestone announcement I like. Dani's not being fake, he's being *very cool.*
A Stick Fighter
A Stick Fighter Yıl önce
dani is just too scared to make a horror game, he knows it'll be really scary if he does
SimpleScript 4 aylar önce
5:30 bro really predicted the future 💀
Koff33 Yıl önce
This video displays how Dani is slowing descending into insanity
gabe gabe
gabe gabe Yıl önce
imagine coming home and sayin "oh boy im so excited to play crab challenge" lol
Imagine if someone steals Dani's games, that has never happened before.
killerb153 Yıl önce
sadly 1 guy pressed the like button
SaltyTacos27 Yıl önce
Don't mind if I just go ahed and.... yoink
Altgameristic Yıl önce
@killerb153 And then 86k likes something like that ruin the NICEEEEEE
HappyHippoEaters Yıl önce
You should make the worst least scary horror game. Using horror game mechanics, but absolutely not scary, like a jump scare, but it's OJ on a spring.
UnifiedMinds Yıl önce
When the world needed him most, he returns
Death_wolf54 gaming&builds
dani is every dad ever but he came back form the milk store
after 5 years or so his videos will be 10 minutes long of "wow that was really cool"🤣
Vizzy Yıl önce
When the world needed him the least, he returned
Jacob Youngs
Jacob Youngs Yıl önce
When the world needed him the most, he returned
Mr.Cookie Yıl önce
you should sue the people who steal your stuff.
Christopher Beriña
Dani will wake up and realize that he needs to make a Horror Game, and the Milk's chasing you
Hamza Solo
Hamza Solo 11 aylar önce
If dani makes a horror game i will eat butter, sour cream, Milk, yogurt and cheese at the same time(those are all made from Milk)
Ďęvīł ツ
Ďęvīł ツ Yıl önce
Imagine "that was really cool" be the longest video ever after 5 years of Dani's memeing himself.
Anonymous Yıl önce
Petition for Dani to make a game using only Unity's particle system:
Filch Hoff
Filch Hoff Yıl önce
Guess Dani is too scared to make a horror game.
Ty_teynium Yıl önce
There's a version on steam called scuffy game; I assumed it was a parody of Danis game. The creator even did the trailer just like Danis for Crab Game. It's an actual game though, made with actual assets based on the game ... based on the TV show.
Alt Account
Alt Account Yıl önce
I really enjoy your videos Dani! You are the best. Keep up the great work 😃👍
Uranium 9 aylar önce
I bet you can't make a horror game, Dani as a giraffe
TotallyNotAnAlt Yıl önce
The "whats up gamers" never gets old
suffynme Yıl önce
Rlasco25 Yıl önce
obesity rates
Vivziерор shorts 🅥
*I created delicious not RickRoII video 😂* *Never gonna give you up* .
miniha35 Yıl önce
@Vivziерор shorts 🅥 ur a bot?
default Yıl önce
Oceiros, The Consumed King
You know you made it to Corporation level when there is a phone copy of your game.
Anyone else miss the days when Dani was a serious game dev? RIP off the sticks
Lance Radioactive
Lance Radioactive 8 aylar önce
fun fact, if everyone subbed to dani2 wishlisted karlson, it would be in #1
「 」
「 」 Yıl önce
I love dani sounds like a glitch in a matrix and feels like everything is normal.
YourLocalAussieMate 9 aylar önce
Fint arbeid! Fortsett med det flotte arbeidet!
RHW Yıl önce
we have had so many ''wow that was really cool'' clips that you can no longer see dani dressed as karlson
GusainRins Yıl önce
Wow that was really cool
son-of-a-game Yıl önce
Wow that was really cool
ᴀɴɪꜱʜ B
ᴀɴɪꜱʜ B Yıl önce
Wow that was really cool
demodog Yıl önce
Wow that was really cool
Остап Труш
Wow that was really cool
KH4T Yıl önce
when the world needed him the most, he returned.
Mr Kow
Mr Kow Yıl önce
At this point the internet is just trolling Dani every time he makes a new game by blowing it up
Kamikaze XJ
Kamikaze XJ Yıl önce
as long as dani gets 99.999999999999% of profits im happy
P_A_K   B_P_M    Y_T
P_A_K B_P_M Y_T Yıl önce
He reappeared just when the world needed him the most.
JT Yıl önce
i had pain in my throat while watching this, now im litteraly in the hospital of laughing
l'imbécile Yıl önce
Epilogue continuation: Even while Steam and twitch hitmen are after him he still doesnt fail to make a subreddit video
byJose23 Yıl önce
also netflix hitmen for doing a ripoff of squid game xD
Austriker Yıl önce
@byJose23 no, dani added a giant crab so dani cant be sued
Dominic Robinson
Dominic Robinson Yıl önce
We are witnessing Dani's descent into TRvid madness of depression but do you know what *KARLSON IS!!!*
Flame of gaming
Flame of gaming Yıl önce
If Dani got a penny for every time his game was stolen he would be broke because he would spend it all on milk knowing he will be rich soon
tobyygt Yıl önce
The circle of life, dani sees TV show, Dani copies, Someone copies Dan, the tv show sues the person who copied dani and make a new tv show.
Karis K
Karis K Yıl önce
When the world needed him the most, he returned.
Boreal Yıl önce
When the world needed him most, he returned.
Rain Arden
Rain Arden Yıl önce
Nobody: Random devs:*Steals game and pretends that it was a shared idea to them*
Dor Yaari
Dor Yaari Yıl önce
I'm starting to believe that the reason why Dani's upload schedule is so inconsistent is because he's afraid the "Wow that was really cool" section will get out of control too quickly
daring101 Yıl önce
wow, that was rally cool!
Nathaniel John Tuazon
wow, that was rally cool!
Smokey_mango Yıl önce
Wow that was really cool
bashkid276 Yıl önce
wow, that was really good
I'veBenWatching Yıl önce
Wow that was really cool
Muhammad Fawzi
Muhammad Fawzi Yıl önce
When the world needed him most, he returned
mad hero 2
mad hero 2 Yıl önce
Guys you know dani needs around 300 to 600 videos in order to make (wow that was really cool) reach 10 minutes.
Bryan Onila
Bryan Onila 9 aylar önce
Definitely worth watching at 3:30 am and getting insomnia👍
cloud Aylar önce
i for real can relate cause i was doing this in the morning today
Dolphin Yıl önce
It has been a year since the last Karlson Devlog, I can see it's been going super smooth then.
The one thing is sure - people want mobile version of Crab Game, so why not provide it, Dani?
Malindu Kumaradasa
By the time Karlson comes out, there's gonna be a 10 min video from Dani's channel just doing the "Wow that was really cool" streak
Victicat Yıl önce
why not 30 minutes?
Gemcy Yıl önce
@Victicat we'd all be dead before it gets to that point ngl
Victicat Yıl önce
@Gemcy probably
Jacob15 9225
Jacob15 9225 Yıl önce
This just shows that his mic got better as he progress 🤣