These look like the FUTURE?!

Jake polino
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20 Oca 2022




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Sandra XD
I've been passing through his short's more frequent now and im starting to believe that there is no actual nba player.
Nesia Chan
Someone tell me if they have actually seen a NBA player wearing his shoes
WWE news
This dude always like "It's for an NBA player" if I had a dime for every time he said that I would be rich 🤔😅
you missed with that ngl my guy.
Katia Teteltitla
Look, he clearly has a long way to go. The shoes are splotchy and I don’t like how the holes he makes for the rope aren’t done neater. Maybe that’s the look he’s going for idk. With that being said he’s speaking his goals into existence. I give him props for that and I hope he doesn’t quit because he’s only going to get better. You need to have fails to have success. We can learn a thing or two from him.
I love how every pair of shoes he makes are for a nba player
It started out looking like the sky in van gough’s starry night and ended looking like, uh, i can’t think of a way of describing this without being vulgar-
bssni touir
If that's the future, then artists really are scraping the bottom of the barrel for creativity. On the brightside, even in the future they can still color better than me.
I’ve realized that people don’t hate you, Those designs are just…..✨no✨
keeton foust
That’s a phat miss ngl my dude
You either got lied to about the “NBA player’s” being an NBA player, or you’re lying to us about it, because I don’t think I, little Mr. “No Fashion Sense” Jimmy would, in my right mind, wear half these shoes, let alone a professional basketball player, and public figure.
Josh the Flat Earth Jedi
He buys the size 17 shoes on discount at Marshall's so when he messes them up its not as big of a deal, then he says they are for an NBA player lol
Nah bro, you missed with these ones I can’t even lie to you, sorry g.
bouytt guyt
This is on par with the dude that spins tiles with paint on them using a drill.
Ruby Bewbsday
I really feel he's trolling us, majorly. No way anybody is going to pay for him to destroy sneakers like this. The painting is horrible, the dye, laces, placements... Nicely done troll.
patrick waiters
Shoe would've been dope without the graphics
This guys videos give me the same feeling of seeing someone make something really cool and just do some random shit that messes it up for no reason
This has to be a statement on how modern art has devolved to the point where a literal rainbow puke line is considered ‘abstract’ and ‘meaningful’
Stream of the future? It looks like my 3 year old niece painted them
Vyro Berserker
I'm sure an NBA player would pay him to scribble on their shoes with dollar store paint, instead of hiring a professional to custom make what they want
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