These 2b2t Griefers Went Too Far...

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Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we'll discuss how these 2b2t griefers went too far, starting one of the largest griefing projects in Minecraft history.
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Additional 2b2t Footage/Information:
5th Column (orsond, rfresh, WarlordN1K)
Thumbnail Render: xcc2

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Minecraft Griefing Speedruns might be a new low for these players.
2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!



25 Eyl 2021




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FitMC 22 gün önce
Get Current and learn more here!: current.com/fitmc
楊家翟 6 gün önce
Kinda feels like every country should make a law that make these kind of stuff a felony.
Andy F.
Andy F. 6 gün önce
Don't censor the names of the griefers. Let the world know who the scumbags are.
Dozee 7 gün önce
this video was uploaded on my birthday, nice
Ell Jensen
Ell Jensen 8 gün önce
@MrCommentGod God I hate the readmore...
Minee 9 gün önce
I have my server greefed and it's OK because my smp is the undo smp
Commandant Aeon
Commandant Aeon Saatler önce
This. This will cross the line and I'm willing to bet that someone will end up getting killed for that. The further they'll go and the more the risk of it will be. Hopefully it won't happen but I know of enough people that are stubborn enough and have actual memento in minecraft to track the ass of anyone touching it, *despite* them having back up. The simple fact that someone had the gall to take that risk baffle me, it's guarantied that it will end up very, very badly.
Sipsitsers 4 saatler önce
We do a lil bit of trolling.
LucasBrien 6 saatler önce
This is just straight up sociopathic behavior like how r u gonna destroy countless people's happiness for your own
Amanite tue-mouche
Amanite tue-mouche 7 saatler önce
is there robot the game (GBA) soundtrack in the background at around 4:17 ? is so, sick
James Dinham
James Dinham 10 saatler önce
I don’t understand how this tech wizards are playing Minecraft lol 😂
IslandSR 15 saatler önce
thetrainguy1 17 saatler önce
If I were to meet these people in real life.... I would beat the crap out of these people. I want to see blood. You sick bastards.
Gedares 999
Gedares 999 17 saatler önce
This is why i play bedrock
April Dolly
April Dolly 18 saatler önce
If you think this is bad, go ahead and look up the market for zero-day exploits. It will make you think twice about connecting any of your stuff to the internet ever again lol
April Dolly
April Dolly 19 saatler önce
Lock up your servers
Chad Wright
Chad Wright 22 saatler önce
Who else ran over to spawn and put up a sign?
Arsanal Gamer🎃
The griefers: KAMIKAZE
GamerNova Gün önce
Which church has a Minecraft server bcuz that might make me become religious
Levent Emre Fidan
If you made a kid cry, fam you have gone too far.
Hamburger HamburgerV2
Aight that’s it *GET THE ANTIWEAPON*
Nova Good
Nova Good Gün önce
Haha that would be funny if they targeted my server.
Dominik Gün önce
i hope they dont try to also attack custom modded servers. I dont want someone to destroy my big automatic crop field.
Phox Games
Phox Games Gün önce
It sounds to me like the 5th column are kids who typically kills cats and torture small animals, but nerd versions who don't leave the basement. Greifing innocent servers for "fun" is an asshat move and doesn't deserve a place in minecraft or any other community. But on the other hand, Let's Go Brandon!
Lavasaurous Gün önce
aww... thay cant make good friends so they ruin others friendships
These people got no lives.
The Riverina Show
Imagine this: you are a kid who owns a minecraft sever with ur friends, you've been working on it for ages only for it to be griefed by a bunch of 20 year old who have nothing better to do than ruin children's day.
So people wanted to be that annoying for what purpose? I just don't get it. I guess 2b2 has nobody playing on it that much. Since people are greifing random servers now.
AnnoyingBush Gün önce
POV: you play bedrock: SO HALAL MODE!
its not even fun at this point, its just depressing to see
bulbasaur Gün önce
Fit please the comunity needs you, you have to contact them and then make them obliterate the dream smp so dream doesn't rig the vote
Audio Dud3
Audio Dud3 2 gün önce
Well this is what happens when you take toys away from a kid as punishment, they pursue another hook. 2b2t took nocom, now we got COPEnheimer
Ian Christainson
Ian Christainson 2 gün önce
All right I get it you can pop in on my server when you want and destroy my s***... You ain't anywhere close to Oppenheimer Oppenheimer would have been the person to create the system that you've been abused. You claim greatness but all you're able to do is make a Cobalt bomb. (In a metaphorical sense obviously) These people are like poor diesel Bros they can't afford a loud truck so they grief people in Minecraft.
Soouguy 2 gün önce
nine seconds to say "oldest anarchy server on minecraft"
Thermite Vloggz
Thermite Vloggz 2 gün önce
Call me a menace, but I actually think griefing these would be a good way to blow off some steam. Kinda like AVO Their fault for not putting a sign tbh
Wolfie54545 2 gün önce
This should be the only instance Hausemaster hard-bans someone. If you take 2B2T culture out of there, you are not mature enough to be in the culture in the first place.
helicopter Gün önce
I don't think hause would care.
Mahad Baloch
Mahad Baloch 2 gün önce
Now I don't want to make a server
helicopter Gün önce
Just do /whitelist
michael Cr34K
michael Cr34K 2 gün önce
'good hackers' should find these guys and hack them to oblivion
helicopter Gün önce
Well then they wouldn't be whitehats anymore if they decided to hack these guys. And that would be illegal, and I don't think it would be worth anyone's time to do that. I doubt anyone with the skills to hack would want to hack these guys anyways, since what they did from a technical perspective was pretty impressive.
Miguel Gio Villados
Miguel Gio Villados 2 gün önce
hey fit the church ones im from that town, 0:53 thats from Pilippines
Department of Games and Memes.
I hope Microsoft will deal with such things, migrating account is first step to normality in Minecraft world.
andrewuc uc
andrewuc uc 2 gün önce
I hope they get hacked by real hackers cause they don't joke around when it comes to specific things and issues
helicopter Gün önce
That would be illegal, and I don't think it would be worth anyone's time to do that. I doubt anyone with the skills to hack would want to hack these guys anyways, since what they did from a technical perspective was pretty impressive.
Nicktasteless 2 gün önce
people like this are making the minecraft community look like shit honestly. I've played mincraft since its inception and this is disgusting.
None of Your Buisness
Don't personally play Minecraft (but I keep up to date with it and watch other players), but this is indeed crossing a line. Griefing on public servers is one thing, but on private servers owned by families, friend groups, or churches is just wrong
jbrake 1132
jbrake 1132 2 gün önce
or they could just load a back up from before the grief but who knows how to do that right
water boi
water boi 2 gün önce
I still prefer irl grief
RD3l 2 gün önce
I did this a few years ago by using the server finder from garkolym
Hoeb 2 gün önce
This thing went on my friend's server. We're doomed.
Bonbo 2 gün önce
this honestly makes me feel sick. who would find pleasure out of ruining something so special
Muntz 2 gün önce
I’m gonna need a whitelist
bluemarineboy //
bluemarineboy // 2 gün önce
I hope these people who got grief attack attack thus people and destroy there clan :/
Commander Black heart
These new seasons of Vikings are getting rather… strange.
RomanThe Great
RomanThe Great 2 gün önce
Oh the bad luck these people must’ve had after destroying a church server loool
The Glitcher
The Glitcher 3 gün önce
would you like to join the cult
Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills 3 gün önce
Them people need to get a life
Yub aka Skudblaze
Yub aka Skudblaze 3 gün önce
Seriously, the amount of real life frustration you must have accumulated to do so much effort to be a jerk to random dudes must be insane
TT 3 gün önce
That went too far.
Corrin 3 gün önce
i hope all of these people burn in the deepest circle of hell
Hiiroshima 3 gün önce
This is amazing, while not morally correct it was the server owners fault for not setting up a whitelist. Completely avoidable
Hj radzali Ab ghani
Hj radzali Ab ghani 3 gün önce
i hope they some dream smp ip
Akhtar 3 gün önce
I think my server got grified like this. Cause someone we don't know just randomly joined and leave and a few hours later the server is on chaos 😭
Algot Skoog
Algot Skoog 3 gün önce
1:28 the one's on the yop of the list is from sweden lol
Grass Block
Grass Block 3 gün önce
I guess this block game now has terrorists
Adam McDonald
Adam McDonald 3 gün önce
Doesn’t that mean they can get the dream smp mcc and other private yt one 🤔
Adam McDonald
Adam McDonald 3 gün önce
@Corrin but they are still looking for ones with or with out so even if they do you can still find and they have a white list
Corrin 3 gün önce
i bet they have a backup system or something
IONATVS 3 gün önce
I'm an op on an unlisted open server a friend of mine runs for a college club, which was griefed twice in the past two weeks. This explains it. I was online both times and noticed the new folks who came on were acting a bit suspicious, but did not recognize the usernames (new school year meant I was expecting to see unfamiliar faces despite the small playerbase) and was not quick enough to ban them before they did some damage. Luckily the cheap computer the server runs on gave out before they got too far and we turned on automatic backups between the two (and whitelist after the second), so the only major damage that wasn't reverted was to my own base, not any of the other club members' or the community builds and infrastructure. And the only irreplaceable things destroyed were one of my minecraft cats (whose death notification alerted me to the griefing in the first place) and my horse. Could have been copycats, but some variant on rfresh was one of the two usernames the first time and orsondmc was one of the names the second time, so the shoe fits. We weren't hit too bad, and all our players are adults, but seriously, the reason this kind of thing is acceptable on 2b2t is because of PLAYER BUY-IN; everyone joining 2b2t KNOWS it's a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and are EXPECTING to be griefed the instant someone knows the coordinates. Terrorizing random families and friend groups, possibly including young kids, isn't funny to well-adjusted people, it's just pointlessly mean. It isn't impressive: using hacked clients on servers intended for like 5 people with vanilla clients, no pvp experience, and no expectation of anyone they don't know even being there is about as impressive as robbing a disabled kid at gunpoint, there's no skill you prove, no prestige to gain, just a pointless statement that you are capable of kicking somebody's virtual puppy. So cOnGrAtUlaTiOnS, chucklefucks, I hope you're proud of yourselves, 'cuz no one else is.
Lapez Creeper
Lapez Creeper 3 gün önce
I guarantee you if it hasn't already happened these Griefers are probably going to start committing real crimes with the networking information that they're collecting on everyone
dananab 1
dananab 1 3 gün önce
Nothing scarier to me than people who are both smart and bored cuz trust me they will find a way to entertain themselves
🎃 Flashy Schlongus 🎃
These griefers need to go out and touch some grass
cyao playz
cyao playz 3 gün önce
im joining the organization :D
Professor Chaos
Professor Chaos 3 gün önce
This is just a jackass thing to do i mean most off these were probobly ran by kids or were at least for kids and these trolls deserve to get there pc's set ablaze so these 15000 pound neckbeards who just "troll" random servers finaly are forced to do something else in there miserable little lives
Mitchell Nunn
Mitchell Nunn 3 gün önce
This is disgustingly atrocious. The fact that people go this far to do that yet can't find enjoyment with normal minecraft really pisses me off past my point.
Snowball 60
Snowball 60 4 gün önce
losers with nothing better to do with their time
Douglas Horvath
Douglas Horvath 4 gün önce
My opinion is that what they did probably is a crime, at least in various countries. People HAVE to stop believing that the internet is a lawless place.
helicopter 3 gün önce
This is not a crime, those servers had no authentication which makes them public servers, so anything that goes on there is the owners responsibility.
Cheese king
Cheese king 4 gün önce
The vaccine is Playing on bedrock
Corrin 3 gün önce
or playing on lan
Salam - Peace
Salam - Peace 4 gün önce
I think Mojang themselves needs to do more about it. Like implement better and easier ways to protect your private servers by default. Its their game after all, and if they want to keep their family-friendly image they need to make easy ways to protect private/family servers that are easy to do for people who don't know a lot about setting up/securing servers. Like something where white-lists are activated by default and servers do backup saves by default unless its deactivated. And also warn all players about this and explain to them how to keep their servers protected. Griefing on anarchy servers where its allowed and kind of expected (and people know how to secure their stuff) is one thing. Griefing private servers of unsuspecting people is something completely different. These people might have put a lot of effort and time into their projects, they might even be children. This is basically digital property damage, this is the same as physically damaging someone elses PC or deleting their data, only on a digital level.
c fyffe
c fyffe 4 gün önce
Just have 4chan find them and stomp the shit out of em lol
c fyffe
c fyffe 3 gün önce
@helicopter on the flip side of that they as a collective have tracked down some crazy stuff for example the burger king employee standing in lettuce
c fyffe
c fyffe 3 gün önce
@helicopter probably lol
helicopter 3 gün önce
If anything, 4chan would endorse minecraft griefing.
Prismate 4 gün önce
"We do a too much trolling"
Zeal 4 gün önce
I have a realm in bedrock and this is why I don’t give the code out
Zeal 4 gün önce
Holy shit this is wild 😂😂😂😂
George Smith Patton
George Smith Patton 4 gün önce
this generation is so soft that they have to blow each other's shit up in a block game instead of pointing some Field artillery at the other person's house in real life like a real man does and should do.
shadowness 4 gün önce
tiny bit of trolling
Houston Hines
Houston Hines 4 gün önce
okay thats is too far
Intutum 4 gün önce
this is a great example of why you should have a whitelist one your server
Isi Vje
Isi Vje 4 gün önce
Meanwhile me playing on tlauncer
Hyrocane 4 gün önce
make back UPS
Meztostudious 4 gün önce
Looks like Mojang needs to issue some hardware bans.
helicopter 3 gün önce
I don't think they have a system for hwid bans, and even if they did they wouldn't ban these people's accounts because they didn't break any terms in the end user license agreement or the terms of service.
Barış Özügüler
Barış Özügüler 4 gün önce
They destroying the whole world i stead of just griefing. wtf is this. Looks like a real life rimworld If I ever open a (vanilla MC) server. I will build 6 million block far away from spawn
_ Xephyr
_ Xephyr 4 gün önce
Chaos chaos
mai naughton
mai naughton 4 gün önce
These guys are grieving legends. There ambition is something else as well as the intellect to do it is incredible
Zephlin_Gamming 4 gün önce
@fitMC Have you heard of the stoney community?
UnlyDoors4U 4 gün önce
UniversalCookies 4 gün önce
Alright guys, we do a lil trolling
A non mouse
A non mouse 4 gün önce
What sort of person gets pleasure from causing other people pain or distress? If you find yourself doing this, you need to to some serious self-evaluation.
Crying Ghast
Crying Ghast 4 gün önce
Thus is the first time I ever felt glad I don't feel bad about not owning minecraft
OmteguBlade 4 gün önce
Just imagine a creative world made by somebodies son who just died, and these greifers come and destroy it all, queue the parents finding out the greifers IP and yeah
helicopter 4 gün önce
Sounds like a bit of a stretch.
Warpedmine 4 gün önce
Scpslayer was attacked by them
Soul The egg lord
Soul The egg lord 4 gün önce
Is bed rock affected?
Perialis 4 gün önce
team avolition is probably so proud of them
DatChernobylGuy 4 gün önce
5:47 Seems... out of place for a server which kid-friendly channels play.
Mister Popo
Mister Popo 4 gün önce
Today we do a little trolling
IndonesianYT333 4 gün önce
Lost my inspiration for making server bruh.
DarkWarlord_23 4 gün önce
this takes "its just a prank bro" to a whole other level
Christler_builds 4 gün önce
Iglesia ni Cristo church mostly at Philippines also im from Iglesia Ni Cristo google it if u dont know
ScreenRecordOn 4 gün önce
These guys are the type of monsters to put milk before the cereal…
Lee Hong Jin
Lee Hong Jin 4 gün önce
Dang I kinda wanna /tp them to an open stadium and have people throw rotten food at them
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 4 gün önce
We do a little trolling. A little tom foolery yeah? A tad too much horsin around you can say.
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