There's Phineas And Ferb GAMES?

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It’s Summer! Which, of course, means it’s time for my annual Phineas & Ferb video. And this time around we’re doing a deep dive into the world of Phineas And Ferb video games. There’s a lot more of these games than you might expect. Some you may have played, some you probably haven’t. And I’m going through them ALL.

- Confessions Of A Phineas And Ferb Fan ► bit.ly/39NFIrF
- Pretending Gravity Falls Isn't Over ►► bit.ly/3vfO1lq
- Gravity Falls: Everything You Need To Know ► bit.ly/2wRBStK
- Pretending Steven Universe Isn't Over ► bit.ly/3a8XnW8

- History Of Phineas And Ferb ► bit.ly/2t66tlD
- History Of Gravity Falls ►► bit.ly/2vt6CjU
- History Of Star VS The Forces Of Evil ► bit.ly/39BG66P
- History Of SpongeBob Squarepants ► bit.ly/36qK4x5

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23 Haz 2022




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Major thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring today's video!
Y’know whats funny? I literally was just searching up for a Phineas and Ferb game review a few minutes ago, then this was uploaded. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension was the first video game I ever played. Still holds a special place in my heart.
I have a special place in my heart for Phineas and Ferb flash games. The
MUI gogito Ultra sonic
These videos are great, simple transitions, voice actings, generally great...
Dolphin 002
I remember playing a lot of browser games - My favorite was one which was basically Portal without the portal gun. There were two different storylines which you could play separately: one where you played as Ferb and tried to get back home and one where you played as Perry trying to take down Doofenshirtz. 8-year-old me even found a way to get up to where Doofensmirtz was during the bossfight, which was obviously unintentional. Also, it's on Flashpoint and called "transport-inators of doooom". There was even a remake for the second dimension called "the dimension of doooom", apparently, according to Flashpoint.
Pixel Playz
If I'm remembering this correctly, there were a handful of Phineas and Ferb Flash games on the Disney Channel website for a time. I haven't check recently, but I'm pretty sure these are lost. There was a tower defense game were you placed down characters to fight "pharmacists", a coaster maker simulator, and a 2d platformer based upon the Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension Movie; Amongst other games which I forgot
Darth Binks
As someone who grew up playing across the second dimension on the Wii, I got a massive nostalgia rush from this.
Oh my god I have so much nostalgia for the Phineas/Ferb DS games; that awoke some long forgotten memories. They were not that amazing, but I still kinda love them
the reason why the PSP Ratchet games (and by extension Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, they developed that too) are such genuine in quality was actually because High Impact Games was mostly comprised of former Insomniac and Naughty Dog developers! The old blood really shines
Syed Haider
"Theres phineas and ferb games?!"
DatDecidueyeGuy Ennard
The DS version of Across the 2nd Dimension is such a nostalgic game for me. I replayed that game like hell and I recently replayed it without nostalgia goggles to get a better view on it and it did still hold up. Love that game.
I totally remember being so exited in 2015 when I got Phineas and ferb ride again on my DS. I played it so much and didn't realize you actually had to beat it. Sometimes I play it still just for nostalgia and it's so funny.
Mattguy 17
There was a game of everything in the 2000s
Mystery Man
Fun Fact: I remember when we did music trips in high school, going on coach buses for hours in the early morning, I'd stay up the whole ride and just play across the 2nd dimension on my ds. Just replayed the whole game. Miss those times, those were good times.
Jack Reiter
The 2nd Dimension Wii game was my jam back in the day. I replayed it a while ago and it still held up decently. Also if you want to expand it and talk about the flash games and discontinued apps, I definitely recommend it.
Parker James
I loved the phineas and ferb shows and movies. But I had no idea there would be video games. I love your devotion and how you went out of your way just for us to get a good video
Black timb saga
The Phineas and ferb across the 2nd dimension was game was way better than it truly needed to be. I remember beating it once and then playing it all over again because it was that good.
I only had the second dimension ds game, and back then it felt amazing to play, but I recently replayed it, and it’s not as good as I remember, I guess nostalgia had a lot to do with it
As someone who beat second dimension on ds yesterday, I’m glad you enjoyed it!
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