There’s Nothing To Do But Let Go - Jim Carrey On Depression 

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Jim Carrey's powerful speech will leave you speechless as he discusses spirituality, depression, and letting go. One of the most inspiring speeches you'll hear.
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"I just want to be myself."
- Jim Carrey
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Our hope with these videos is to push your thinking. As Alan Watts said “No one is more dangerously insane than one who is sane all the time: he is like a steel bridge without flexibility, and the order of his life is rigid and brittle.” - Alan Watts.



26 Şub 2024




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@michaelmacleod2665 4 aylar önce
"Depression is my body needing deep rest from putting on an act" wow
@MS-bs8dd 3 aylar önce
Oh yeah.. that’s it.
@Jade-29 3 aylar önce
that really is it! really hit home for me.
@teeeteee000 3 aylar önce
🥺 Wow! This hit me hard! 😢
@marichiarra8495 3 aylar önce
Absolutely. After being raised in a cult and always having to perform and be on display as a child and beyond, I can relate to this 100%. For me it’s anxiety more than depression.
@j.m.marcovecchio6691 3 aylar önce
In my case, depression derives from extreme loneliness, a problem that looks like will never be sorted out. Who knows one day I will finally learn?
@thebower8027 Aylar önce
I have always been annoyed by people making fun of this man because he talks about spirituality like he's not supposed to do that. I am so glad to hear him speak of this. He has blessed the world with so much laughter which we desperately need. I am sure he must have some great wisdom he can offer us as well.❤
Those that laugh. That ridicule. That ignore. That comment negatively, are simply yet to begin their first ever conscious action to just sit and think of nothing.
@georgedanilov8898 Aylar önce
Hollywood is the shallowest places for the soul, all about appearances and impressions, celebrity culture at the max Carey disturbs that, so they don’t like it
@saralouisa 26 gün önce
After a spiritual awakening, people don’t care what others think or say about them. This is because we understand that whatever any other person says or thinks, is only a reflection of that person. 🙏💜
@LC2567 26 gün önce
He is awake! 🙏🏻❤️
@lqdtrance 24 gün önce
People make fun of him because he is a Biden supporter. He also thinks his political opinion matters more since he’s in Hollywood. Like most actors and sports pros, they contribute little to society besides being modern day jesters with the sole job of being entertaining.
@patriaciasmith3499 15 gün önce
Psychedelics are just an exceptional mental health breakthrough. It's quite fascinating how effective they are against depression and anxiety. Saved my life.
Can you help with the reliable source I would really appreciate it. Many people talk about mushrooms and psychedelics but nobody talks about where to get them. Very hard to get a reliable source here in Australia. Really need!
Yes, dr.sporesss. I have the same experience with anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction and Mushrooms definitely made a huge huge difference to why am clean today.
@AnjeloValeriano 15 gün önce
I wish they were readily available in my place. Microdosing was my next plan of care for my husband. He is 59 & has so many mental health issues plus probable CTE & a TBI that left him in a coma 8 days. It's too late now I had to get a TPO as he's 6'6 300+ pound homicidal maniac. He's constantly talking about killing someone. He's violent. Anyone reading this Familiar w/ BPD know if it is common for an obsession with violence.
Is he on instagram?
Yes he is. dr.sporesss
@GregorsOutdoors Aylar önce
"No alcohol. No drugs. Because life is too beautiful." You can't get any more profound than this...and I can AMEN this as well. I missed a lot of life trying to be the life of a stupid party that will never be remembered by anyone.
@TheBontekraai 26 gün önce
i don't know if i agree with that. those things can definetly help with getting closer to yourself. i think it depends on why you are doing those things, and the type of drugs matter also. i think things like mdma and mushrooms should be studied and used instead of demonized. because they are making big changes in healing of trauma all over the world.
@martenveersoo8502 26 gün önce
@hurtcobain3282 25 gün önce
@@TheBontekraai I wanted to try those but i had such a bad experience with weed. Gave me panic attacks immediately.
@TheBontekraai 25 gün önce
that's because it's bringing out the pain that's already inside you. drugs are usually just that, emotion-magnifiers. it brings out the stuff we have been supressing for a long time. but it can become overwhelming and drive you mad. i wouldn't advise doing weed or even shrooms in that case. but i would recommend you to find a therapist and research into recognizing and dealing with trauma.@@hurtcobain3282
@GregorsOutdoors 21 gün önce
Good for you. Let me know how it turns out when you find yourself using drugs. @@TheBontekraai
@rjolleyhomes 2 aylar önce
being diagnosed and almost dying from stage 4 cancer 4 years ago does the same thing, it wakes you up and you realize that this life, all of this here now, is timeless love expressing itself
God bless you ❤
@pauletteguenther597 28 gün önce
@ruzaruza7813 26 gün önce
Hope your doing better ❤❤❤
@ruzaruza7813 26 gün önce
I love Jim ❤
@robertpaulson4960 22 gün önce
Hope you're doing ok. We all share this time in history together. In a sense we are all bonded in a large way that we don't stop and think about. Hope things go as well as they can ❤
@supermaniac5 3 aylar önce
I’ve struggled with anxiety for years. A perspective that helped me overcome anxiety is to just let it happen. Be anxious. Just feel it however hard it is, just go with it and don’t fight it. It will pass. For me it was mostly in social situations, even just going to the grocery store or post office stressed me out. It has gotten so much better by discovering breathing exercises and meditation. Micheal Sealy has some nice meditation videos. Establishing a healthy sleep environment and pattern, and staying off your phone at night really helps too.
@sweet_lilly_arts1079 3 aylar önce
Thank you😊
@Horan1116 2 aylar önce
This is the practice of mindfulness. Also taught by Sam Harris over at Waking up.
@cherylmiller8353 2 aylar önce
That is true - feel it, and let it pass. It takes about 90 seconds to let it move through you and then it leaves. Make sure to disconnect from the story that frightened you and come back to the now.
@danielrobb2052 2 aylar önce
Don't know how
@kevinhead6464 2 aylar önce
Magnesium helps anxiety
@tandemyeti2515 5 aylar önce
"You can wake up and realize you are the universe, and you don't have to reach for the stars"
@stanleychomina4080 5 aylar önce
Slightly misleading, he is discrediting God. It’s like saying “If we are all one”, then we are each a piece of a broken mirror yet our piece is the whole mirror? Who created the mirror in the first place? And what was the purpose of this mirror as in what are we supposed to reflect? HalleluYah 🙌
@RealBREAKtheArtist 5 aylar önce
@@stanleychomina4080God *IS* the Universe.
@chrismale9976 5 aylar önce
Great quote
@stanleychomina4080 5 aylar önce
@@RealBREAKtheArtist God created the universe… big difference
@patriciagonzalez7815 5 aylar önce
That last line really hit home with me. I finally got it! We don't need to constantly strive for more! We already have it! Thank you Jim for sharing your journey 🙏
@yourreflection8211 3 aylar önce
He did it all for his suffering depressed mother and anyone else suffering. His acting makes so much more sense now. ❤
@ricksanchez9798 2 aylar önce
@tommytheshimigami 2 aylar önce
Suffering is taken with joy as a christain, and also guarunteed.
@ricksanchez9798 2 aylar önce
@cc1k435 2 aylar önce
​@@ricksanchez9798I have always felt he would have done it anyway, but it just happened to find an audience and paid off. He was doing what he was meant to do. ❤
@lismar2378 2 aylar önce
I see this is in my son. My 12yo kid is Jim Carrey. When my son was the size of a blueberry, I knew I loved him and thought that even a crappy life is better than no life at all. My son found his way to me. He chose me. I don’t know why. But he’s taught me more than I could ever teach him. I hope he made the right choice. 🙏❤
@LOVE2Flute 2 aylar önce
“Just let life happen, and walk through the doors.” 😊
@TheCoppoy 2 aylar önce
Same was in the Forrest Gump movie. I used to believe this. But life isn't that simple
@EmilWall 12 gün önce
⁠​⁠@@TheCoppoyI kind of agree but at the same time I can see how this attitude can be life changing, no matter your circumstances. Maybe it depends on what you mean by ”walk through the doors”, I mean, it still implies action.
I heard Jim speak about the difference between depression and sadness. Depression is when you don’t want to be me anymore. That was life changing for me. I could finally say truely I was depressed for a very long time. Life changing and I’m truely greatful for his honesty and putting it into words. Thank you Jim. Peace
@angrypidgeon1714 2 aylar önce
to not want to be is pointless :D and funny, because you cannot cease to exist. Life is eternal and infinite. You are genetically 99.9% identical, or virtually identical to everyone else, and anyone who will ever be conscious, for consciousness is merely the reflection of truth, unique, eternal, immutable. If you don't deal with it you'll just have a bad time eternally. Welcome to your personal hell bwa-ha-ha-ha
I thought depression was obsession with self-deletion.
@angrypidgeon1714 Aylar önce
@@antonionotbanderas9775 depression is a natural response to negative input. Clinical depression is when the nervous system can't get out of depression regardless of positive input. Depression doesn't necessarily paralyze, since there are other ways of functioning than instinctual like an animal
@alexshatner3907 Aylar önce
Lets just hope an pray he doesn't follows Robin Williams road
Oh my god no! Hope not. We all miss Robin a lot.:(
@Taegreth Aylar önce
He really has ascended. Most people only dip their toe in these concepts, and most of them can't even begin to grasp them.
@brendacolbert4823 2 aylar önce
Jim, my prayer for you is that you receive all the healing, joy, happiness and love that life could possibly give. You are an amazing person ❤️
@andrewpeacock4536 Aylar önce
Amen. Love this dude . He helped me when I was a sad kid
@susanswinny588 5 aylar önce
Jim's right according to my experience with depression, anxiety, and meds. Meds are only a temporary respite before recognizing that suffering is part of life experience. I saw it as my job as a human to leave meds behind. To do this, I've focused on increasing awareness and gradually cultivating self-love, self-care, and an attitude of non-resisting and non-judgment of difficult experiences. Been off meds for 8 years. A work in progress.
@johnramirez5032 5 aylar önce
What is life? Its has to do with how you define reality,conciousness and truth. That is the logical lens from which you view your life.this the logical way to define my existence. Now when i view it threw the esoteric lens its everything and nothing. Its wholesome and bigger than you or me. There is more to life than we normally see or exspirence. This life here demands what the egoic centralized way of living seems to demand but its what you hold in your mind. Its 24 hrs in a day. Its the human cycle and all the pain and joy that comes from this world. There is another world that is timeless where imagination lives. I think there has to be a balance of understanding of these two worlds. You can follow the spiritual teachings and escape this world but thats not living in this world . Or you can believe this is all there is and literally work your self to death chasing the almighty dollor. Either way your lost. Stuck between two worlds is the beginning is enlightenment. At least that is my current world. Love is the most important part. No matter which world you live in love is better than hate. Hope is better than Apathy. When you choose love you are seldom wrong and great things start happening. Coincidence come fast and you after awhile can no longer say its coincidence. The past is but a record and the future is but a thought but life in the ever constant state of being or becoming. When you die no amount of money matters. Re-learn your childlike innocence and it will open your heart again
What did you take?
@johnramirez5032 5 aylar önce
I think thats great. If you can atay away from anything that traps you is for tge bettermrnt. I dont thi k we understand what conciousness, and truth reality really. We have been told what to believe . I think the more we understand these things the more we understand what life is and isn't. I think its a good way to start. I is it easy....no! Do i walk around saying namaste? No. Its been hard for me this steps towrds enlightment. I dont fit in. I am the observer reviewing my life and thoughts within. It been hard but i can bever go back becauze i know there is more. I cant be who i was. Enlightment comes in spurts and i have a way to go.
@tikitribe5715 5 aylar önce
@jayatkinson1152 5 aylar önce
Me too, Susan... I'm off depression meds too and it feels as if I am in charge of my life. It doesn't make it easier, nor does it make it worse... it just IS... but I feel better and stronger knowing it's all up to me and that feels good. xxx
@consciousshift2590 3 aylar önce
Your soul is my soul. Thank you everyone for being here ❤️☮️
@angelar3997 2 aylar önce
I’m so glad Jim shared this part of himself with us. He’s a beautiful soul. I hope that I can find that level of self awareness and peace within myself.
@alexshatner3907 Aylar önce
Lets just hope an pray he doesn't follows Robin Williams road
@alexshatner3907 Aylar önce
@@JimCarrey-pj9jq what is your complete email so I can contact you, so I know you are real, sorry as you know there a many scammers out there, I just want to know you are really Jim Carrey
@themysticalgg 17 gün önce
Robin Williams did a lot of cocaine in the 80s. It wrecked his brain, and that isn't to say that his depression wasn't just really bad to begin with. Depression, and cocaine will mess your brain up. Think Jim is good, and RIP Robin Williams, dearly missed. @@alexshatner3907
@GeorgetaHere 3 aylar önce
It's true.. life becomes much simpler and happier when you don't have to prove anything to anyone..
@charleneelovitz3738 20 gün önce
There's truth in what he says about "going with the flow & Not taking things personally"--Something about taking things personally seems to cause a lot of distress/ negative emotions-- although I still have that tendency
@eaglesbaby4233 2 aylar önce
It's not a coincidence that love makes you feel wonderful, and hate/anger does the opposite. Jim is one of the few celebrities who are worth listening to. He actually has something real to say.
@user-nn9in1su7w 23 gün önce
He has become PURE LIGHT ! He just described me and who I want to be!
@Donnie-Lee-Gringo 5 aylar önce
These 12 minutes of this video were well spent tonight. Jim Carrey's words really hit for me tonight.
@vandannadale2689 5 aylar önce
Agreed…Same for me the NEXT night (which is tonight!) ☀️✌🏼
@AtlandticEther-tq1ix 5 aylar önce
Yes 12 steps of re covery is of themst forwards to arts to crafts personalisms of performed preformed as na for me chinessed rushed to Masiah complex
@RawKnee1111 5 aylar önce
Me too.
@razzz00 5 aylar önce
This is an awesome compilation of Jim!
@kimsherlock8969 5 aylar önce
Hmm interesting contradiction .
@PaulRowland-no1vj 2 aylar önce
Life IS nothing other than CHANGE, the most important thing we can do is just LET GO, don't try to solidify change as this brings suffering. May the universe bless Jim and us all.
@homegrownyogi403 20 gün önce
Intention is EVERYTHING❤
@CROninja666 2 aylar önce
I freaking love this guy. As a kid when I saw him on tv I just knew the movie was gonna be great.
@gwynnielsen5081 5 gün önce
Letting go is the answer, but so few can do this. Good for Jim. He has found himself.
@rocker76m88 2 aylar önce
I've been a Jim Carrey fan since the days of In Living Color. He helped me survive through a mentally abusive marriage. I would escape into his movies and TV appearances so I could laugh uncontrollably. I finally got divorced , but always remain a fan. What a great talent he has 💓
@CrystalShadow 2 aylar önce
Me too 😊
Wonderful talent!
@AFMMarcelD 17 gün önce
I sincerely hope all is better with you nowadays rocker, best regards.
@rocker76m88 17 gün önce
@@AFMMarcelD I'm doing extremely well, and remarried to a great man who makes me happy. Thank you for your kind sentiment 🙂
@brettconv83 14 gün önce
Fire Marshal Bill ❤
@TheVerbalAxiom 6 gün önce
Jim Carrey is a national treasure that must be protected at ALL costs.
@libbylum 3 aylar önce
you made your dream come true, you are a gentle man Jim. I also suffer from depression
@juliepera938 2 aylar önce
I'm the universe!!! Woohoo!!! Never knew Jim Carey was so friggin deep.I love this!!!
@JADENALLS-bc7lh 2 aylar önce
Hes so beautiful. Him getting old makes me cry for some reason
@rocker76m88 17 gün önce
I feel the same way 😢
This is so beautiful.. “ You wake up in the morning, you feel like, I’m the universe, you don’t have to reach for the stars”..♥️ You can just let life happen❤ He is such a beautiful soul. ♥️
@elijodespertar4053 26 gün önce
​​@@JimCarrey-pj9jq Escribo desde España y le agradecería que lo traduzca al inglés. Admiro su talento artístico pero sobre todo, Jim, admiro su proceso de des-identificación con el personaje de Jim, con el ego. Yo lo llamo Poco-yo. Mi personaje o poco-yo se llama Ana, es mujer, española, de 55 años, esposa, madre, trabajadora, hija, hermana mayor entre 4, etc...) Pero usted y yo Somos el mismo Ser. Y el resto también. Somos Uno. Mi camino espiritual es un curso de milagros. Es un camino no religioso (no el único, pero es el que llegó a mi vida hace años). Le recomiendo indagar sobre este método de "entrenamiento mental" para des-programar el software mental del ego (miedo, culpa, separación, ira, necesidad de importancia personal , pensamientos de ataque, etc...), para sustituirlo, deshacerlo y corregirlo por el sotware o sistema de pensamiento "amoroso" del Espíritu o Maestro Interno, o Yo Superior (es nuestra esencia y Verdadera Identidad). Mi apodo en español significa "I choose wake up". Le admiro por compartir su camino espiritual, con honestidad y valentía, soltando "la importancia personal" o la necesidad de especialismo, sin importarle qué dirán. El sufrimiento o "las noches oscuras del alma" son precisamente el detonante para pensar que "tiene que haver otra manera". Simplemente, aquí todo es una elección entre el miedo o el amor y estamos eligiendo constantemente (a cada instante). También admiro a Eckart Tolle. Querido Jim: quizás pueda escuchar algún vídeo de Kenn Wapnick sobre un curso de milagros. De cualquier forma, pido y ofrezco un milagro en nombre de Cristo Jesús para usted y todos sus oyentes y fans, así como para todas las personas con anhelo de Paz🕊️🙏 La salida de este mundo no es la muerte, sino despertar. Hacen falta muchas más personas que ofrezcan un testimonio honesto y humilde de su recorrido y experiencia espiritual y desde su "privilegiada" posición profesional y debido a su fama y el rol de su personaje, puede aorovechar esa ventaja para extender el amor y la Verdad. Un curso de milagros puede resumirse así " Nada irreal existe. Nada real puede ser amenazado". Así que, querido Jim, nos Veremos en la Unidad con toda la Filiación y con Dios o la Fuente (de la que nunca nos separamos). Aquí estamos dormidos, soñando con un exilio que parece muy real y por ello, la causa del sufrimiento, el miedo y la culpa es creer que nos separamos por "una idea loca de la que el Hijo de Dios olvidó de reírse". Poco a poco, entre todos, nos vamos recuperando la amnesia de Dios y de nuestra Verdadera Identidad, y vamos des-identificándonos del personaje y de sus roles, como quien se quita un disfraz que ya no necesita. También el cuerpo, cuando deje de ser útil (puede ser un valioso medion de comunicación), se hará a un lado y se desechará. Y todos, sin excepción, llegaremos a recordar que nunca nos fuimos de nuestro Hogar y que nunca nos separamos. Nuestro despertar está garantizado y todo obra para mayor bien. Mientras estemos aquí , todo puede servirle al ego o al Espíritu. Es nuestra elección, entre el miedo o el Amor. Bendiciones y milagros para usted, muy agradecida por su testimonio y honestidad. Lo recibo como un regalo muy inspirador 🎁 Desde España, en Zaragoza, un fraternal abrazo 🫂 Ana
@elijodespertar4053 26 gün önce
​@@JimCarrey-pj9jq Blessings and miracles for you
@elijodespertar4053 26 gün önce
​​@@JimCarrey-pj9jq Le agradecería si pudiese traducir este comentario al inglés. Le escribo desde España. Admiro mucho su talento y trabajo y sobre todo el testimonio que comparte con tanta honestidad y humildad de su despertar espiritual. Me atrevo a sugerirle que indague sobre un curso de milagros. Es un entrenamiento para des-programar el software o sistema de pensamiento de ataque del ego, y sustituirlo por el sistema de pensamiento del ESPÍRITU SANTO (pensamiento amoroso o milagroso). Este método ayuda a des-identificarnos del personaje y a vivir en este mundo (sabiendo que no Somos de este mundo) por encima del campo de batalla , hasta despertar y regresar a nuestro Hogar (de donde nunca nos fuimos). Así, vamos soltando la necesidad de importancia personal, de especialismo, nos des-identificamos del personaje (yo lo llamo Poco-yo ) y podemos recordar nuestra Verdadera Identidad, en unión con todos los herman@s. Hasta poder despertar (todos lo haremos ) en unión con Dios y con toda la Filiación. Quizás pueda ver algún vídeo de Kenn Wapnick de la Fundación para la Paz interior. Desde España, pido y ofrezco un milagro en nombre de Cristo Jesús para usted, sus seguidores y fans y para todas las personas con anhelo de Paz en sus recorridos espirituales. Un abrazo fraterno y bendiciones desde España 🫂🕊️ Ana
@higherheights3105 5 aylar önce
A spiritual awakening is a high worth chasing forever. 🍃
@tonycarech5545 5 aylar önce
Well said very very well said
@waynetreece2821 5 aylar önce
Agreed 👍
@emmanuelweinman9673 5 aylar önce
And the goal is to stop chasing waves and sink and sit completely in the ocean 🙏🏼
@howardcohen6817 5 aylar önce
Who's chasing? I better watch out and go faster or else my shadow will catch me.
@scotnick59 5 aylar önce
THE Ultimate HIGH!!!
@MrRemmington 2 aylar önce
I was a massive fan of him in the 90s as a kid, the actor I looked up to and wanted to emulate, now I revere him as a great man beyond his stellar performances. Now I simply seek to attempt to see the world the way he does, in my own right.
@alexshatner3907 Aylar önce
Lets just hope an pray he doesn't follows Robin Williams road
@comadoof 2 aylar önce
Comedic genius. Good for him finding his peace.
@mariafarfan5463 2 aylar önce
"When you feel like 'I am the universe' you don't have to reach for the stars" 👌🏻👏🏻✨️👍🏼💜
@aprilmorrow6466 Gün önce
There is no better 'high' than being aware and awake in life. I don't want to take anything that takes me away from that. You have had a beautiful awakening. I had an experience also where there was no "I" am. It was very humbling as I let go. I watched it all as an observer, while at the same time being all of it. All I wanted after that was to 'be' the Love. It's who 'we' all are.
@That_Guy_Says_Hi 2 aylar önce
Carrey's mind, his rational self, is fearless. I have had his quote on the wall in front of me since I began writing my now-completed memoir four years ago, "We who are different have a chance to be original." Thank you, Mr. Carrey.
I am so proud of you, Jim. You teach us how to smile through a broken heart.
@favouritemusic8959 5 aylar önce
Beautiful comment warrior. That is me. Smiling through a broken heart. Thanks ever so much for sharing. Sending healing to you and to me. Mary xx in Ireland
@PamelaLeighRichards 5 aylar önce
@sheepsheadmary4673 5 aylar önce
@@favouritemusic8959 Hi. This is Mary in Brooklyn, NY USA with Irish roots. I too am smiling through a broken heart. Sending you prayers and healing my friend.🥰🙏💓
@favouritemusic8959 5 aylar önce
@@sheepsheadmary4673 Dear Mary my friend now in NYC thanks very much for your lovely message and l am sending you blessing and healing to you and me if at all possible . It is not easy and an uphill struggle at times. Life is bitter sweet. Mary is a lovely name. It was very common when l was a child born in 1961 but now l love it. Gosh it would be lovely to connect but l don't think one can through the Comments. Am just going to bed as it is 23.05 here in Ireland. Sending 👋👋❤🌷 to you Mary.
@sheepsheadmary4673 5 aylar önce
@@favouritemusic8959 I love my name Mary. I was born in May 1960 and named after my Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Lenihan. Mary used to be the number 1 girls name in the USA year after year! Not so much anymore Lol. 😀
@cc1k435 2 aylar önce
This is my favorite side of Jim Carrey, where he can be so spiritually profound. ❤ Check out some of his speeches, i.e. at college graduations. Deceptively deep as a public figure, I don't think many audiences expect to find this.
@amystuckey5900 2 aylar önce
Omg that is how I feel! I want to make my mom happy because her life has so much pain! But it’s making my life miserable, I need to make my life happier.. thank you Jim
@HeyOlive239 2 aylar önce
I love how on a smaller scale (or different situations) we all put on the "mask" of a character and sometimes we manage to realize that we are different from the character we put on (at least in some parts) Love and abundance ❤
@rogerw-interested Aylar önce
its easier to wear the mask because ppl dont want the truth, so like robin williams, be funny outside and hide the truth
Carrey on, love is coming, love is coming to us all
@lauramancini9377 21 gün önce
I had no idea of Jim’s spirituality. I’m so impressed with his honesty. What a beautiful soul.
@waldirenealmeida7167 3 aylar önce
You are bringing people there. And you will do so much more. You transmit truth , peace, honesty.
@shantipadme8781 5 aylar önce
What an inspiring, deeply meaningful man. He is either already fully awake or well on his way. Either way, he's helping the rest of us to wake up... which is the most valuable thing.
@flutefun999 5 aylar önce
@PamelaLeighRichards 5 aylar önce
Totally in alignment with this journey together unravelling the shite from shineola🤝🎶
@buzas69 5 aylar önce
You are helping me too
@Fhhsfft 5 aylar önce
He literally stated that the meaning of life is to love yourself. That couldn’t be more backwards in a world where we are all one. Jim Carrey is a tool of the elite who dug too deep and now they’re forcing him to tell the opposite of the truth as a punishment.
@nicholaslogan5185 4 aylar önce
The trick is that he knows that there is no being awake 😂. It's all a dream.
@donaldvonburen5932 2 aylar önce
Funny guy, great painter. The next door neighbor who you can talk to. Thank you Jim.
@beechase413 2 aylar önce
I’m so grateful every time I see an awakening or a realization of reality or whatever you want to name it … this message can help so many.
@monicasimpson3984 2 aylar önce
Amen Jim!!! Life is TOO BEAUTIFUL to be on drugs or alcohol!! God created you and HE LOVES YOU!!! We all love YOU!!!
@daveparsons5630 5 aylar önce
Jim's clearly a very smart guy. Not because of his depth, just the way he handles interviewers. He never compromises himself at all or gets led by silly questions.
@always_b_kind 2 aylar önce
There's a quote regarding how to choose your life's work and I'm paraphrasing, "Do something that makes you happy. The world needs more happy people." Thank you Jim Carrey ❤
@cynthiatamasi5575 2 aylar önce
Once we let go of Ego..Life Changes ..This Interviewer was sooo off Jim isn't conflicted he's shining On🌟 Brilliantly
@AjayWalls 7 saatler önce
Good to finally meet human JimCarey; and what a relief to know he's one of us.❤
@mattladaslav1187 Aylar önce
He's the best! We need more people in the world like Jim.
@caffeconcerto2591 3 aylar önce
I always loved you. The beautiful person you are and the spiritual experiences you had came through in your body of work since forever. Thank you Jim
@K8_Is_Awake 5 aylar önce
I was on Prozac for 25 years. I am now off Prozac for 4 years. I feel I am spiritually where Jim is at and I’m greatful to have stumbled upon this video. "Depression" is redefined in my heart and mind, it is a broken culture, not a broken me. ❤
@jazzyjeffshirl 5 aylar önce
Good job letting go and opening up. Stay with it ❤
@susangrimes2729 5 aylar önce
Dear friend, invest in an hour (or less) & make the time to listen to the author; Florence Scovel Shinn’s book; “The Game of Life and How to Play It”
@K8_Is_Awake 5 aylar önce
@@susangrimes2729 I've read and listened to that book so many times! I recommend it to everyone! Thank you. ❤
@ccburro1 5 aylar önce
Yes-Our culture is so broken, toxic
@margewisniewski149 5 aylar önce
I've had depression for 18 years and everything he says makes sense but I cannot extricate myself from the monster. Am I the monster?
@SmooveBee1 27 gün önce
I have followed Jim Carrey over the years, as he has sorted through this aspect of living his life ... and that aspect of my own life, really too - and I appreciate his honesty about how he arrived .. and as he says 'what happened' before all of this; he has brought a lot of joy and helped all of us resolve suffering - through humor; and that is why he was placed on this earth, and that is why he had to deal with who he is - the duality of his life: the performer, and the other guy (the actual person that he is) .. and I commend him for sorting it out and grateful on his behalf for the folks who put thought and pen-to-paper for the last thousand years, for him, and for me. Who we are .. and what happened - are two different things; we are not what has happened to us; thank you Mr. Carrey for this, and thank you to the people who taught you this as well.
@mmitkova1 2 aylar önce
What a well made video, best one I’ve seen in a long time. Great messages from Jim, love the authenticity. Amen
@aileenkrauchi6553 2 aylar önce
I admire him so much. Jim Carey, thank you!
@user-gz2fe6ox8h 3 aylar önce
world needs Jim, hoping he doesn't end like Robin Williams. phuck depression!
I love this man and his being.
@americanagothic7851 4 aylar önce
I love Jim Carey ❤ One of the only guys in Hollywood who stayed true and genuinely wanted to make people laugh in the best possible way. Great human being
@dougiehouston2360 2 aylar önce
None of us do anything. Everything happens.
@LisaMo-ms5vf 2 aylar önce
Not afraid to step outta the "norm" :;)
@SueP-jg9vx 2 aylar önce
it always amazed me, how resilient he was. Didnt really bat an eye after his ex committed suicide cuz of what was obviously a long period of emotional abuse. What a guy!
@-._.-KRiS-._.- Aylar önce
@@SueP-jg9vx How do you know how he dealt with it behind closed doors?
Sue What are you talking about? Who committed suicide? What x girlfriend?
@raymondturpin3265 11 gün önce
To have had the experience at all is amazing. A moment of clarity that can carry one for a lifetime.
@tylermcwilliams9141 27 gün önce
I’m crying so hard from this right now…
@rmp9417 22 gün önce
Loving letting secrets go just 2 days ago. Huge. All my love friends
@julierandall9647 Aylar önce
I could talk to him endlessly about topics such as, and related to this video. Someone who unconditionally understands.
@yourmomsaccount69 2 aylar önce
"I only act in the movies" ❤ 😊
@shawncolton9507 5 aylar önce
My experience happened when I was 15 years old. Decided to give my heart to Christ. Went to a open field and prayed to the Holy Spirit and ... WOW! I felt uplifted and light as a feather. Like something held me lovingly. Words can't describe it. I've been wanting to get back to that feeling my whole life.
@themacocko6311 5 aylar önce
Religion..that was your first mistake. The story is made up. Copied from a number of older Religions. You been dropped. Sucks when you first find out that you're in a cult.
@Owlshadow. 5 aylar önce
You'll never get back to that feeling because there is no mediator messiah christ or anything of the like. You and the universe are alone together.. Drop the blood drinking flesh eating cave story narrative .. Fly on
@db-pz1dh 5 aylar önce
Amen! My life was profoundly changed after I received Christ as my Savior. I've gained truth and understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit and reading His Word. I have contentment that I didn't have before. God is so awesome! ❤️
@Owlshadow. 5 aylar önce
@@db-pz1dh see a psychiatrist
@db-pz1dh 5 aylar önce
@@Owlshadow. 😂 Don't need one. I'm not depressed or lonely anymore and I know my purpose in life. How about you?
@AntNelOrtiz-cq1sn Aylar önce
The authenticity is transparent ❤ I authentically love this man. I authentically love everyone. I have boundaries and I love everyone
@patrickdempsey9706 3 aylar önce
That made me want to meet Jim Carey and say thank u. Not because he has the answers but because he doesn’t ask questions.
@traceystreet3208 Aylar önce
ive always liked jim carrey
@robinburns1639 Aylar önce
Our prayers are with and for him 🙏❤
@retiredmenace 23 gün önce
I really hope I get to meet him once in my life.
@brianj5261 5 aylar önce
I've never been able to explain what I've been going through but Jim just did perfectly.
@francerichard801 Aylar önce
What a smart man!!!!! He’s unbelievable!!
@scottchilds5726 2 aylar önce
Great happiness comes with great sorrow, to replace all that for everyone. Is a archangel strength. Stay crazy strong my friend, we can make the road for everyone. Bless you brother
@Holmescourttv165 5 aylar önce
Jim reminds me of Robbin Williams. His talent level and range as an actor, his ability to play the funny, serious and even psychotic characters is amazing..🫡
@cc1k435 2 aylar önce
Agree! They both had to be pretty far into their careers for people to begin to appreciate that about them.
@marythornton363 Aylar önce
Each life touches another ❤ So love one another
@sammiecarter5149 8 gün önce
Wow! This made me smile so much! As much as I and my children have enjoyed so many of your movies, Mr Jim Carey, this brought me even more joy! I am so happy that you no longer have to pretend to be somone. That you are happy being yourself. Thank you for being so humble for all your work, I couldn't have done it-for sure. And thank you for setting such a nice example of coming to peace with yourself yourself, your abilities and being without vices. Wow! What a journey. Can't imagine all that you have learned. Thank you for sharing. May you continue to have peace. Much respect to you from me!
@funnypeoplerule 29 gün önce
I've always loved him and now I feel spiritually connected to him. His words are making me FEEL ALIVE
@jgilc2691 4 aylar önce
"THERES NOTHING TO DO BUT LET GO!" Thats exactly where I am today. No longer is my past going to control my today. Thank you Mr. Carry for your valuable insight.
@rocker76m88 2 aylar önce
It's so freeing when you let it go. Life for me has been so much better.
@donnawendell8882 2 aylar önce
Me too, that's all you can do
@zerocool3394 2 aylar önce
Gilborg, it's hard, im embarrassed. I know I'm not perfect far from it. But I'm hurt. Disappointed
@nancyfuller2768 2 aylar önce
I heard a saying… closure of the past and creation of the future…
@jgilc2691 2 aylar önce
​@@nancyfuller2768Excellent! It also provides great opportunity to truly discover yourself!
@howardkoor9365 2 aylar önce
Jim. Thank you for Everything. Good luck on your journey ❤️❤️❤️
@MrTheologianscafe 26 gün önce
This is one of the most amazing videos ive ever seeb. I cant believe jim carry is that deep, abstract, and introspective. I got chills. I replayed several parts, stopped the video and really meditated on the words he was saying
@kateashby3066 Aylar önce
He’s my hero ❤
@melyvarela5845 12 gün önce
THIS DUDE. Hats off.
@vgray6925 Aylar önce
Jim you are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart....❤
@timspiker 5 aylar önce
I finally understand this video after so many years. I had been depressed for 8 or 9 years, raising career from scratch, becoming someone in the world and then Covid swept it all away in the course of just one year. I never understood why I was just so unhappy and in despair and I thought losing all of this would only make it worse. But instead I became happier. I live every day inside my house, I don't even deal with the world and yet I am now happier than I've ever been. What I first considered to be the worst thing that could happen to me, I now realize was the most lucky thing that could've happened to me. Losing it all meant winning. Now I win every day and I don't even have to do anything for it. Life is awesome. Thanks Jim Carrey
@katehiggins9940 5 aylar önce
i live every day in my house too!!!!! the journey has been about not judging that! apparently;)
@timspiker 5 aylar önce
@@katehiggins9940 You judged people for not leaving their homes?
@katehiggins9940 5 aylar önce
@@timspiker nooo!!! not judging myself for not wanting to leave my house. as if there are 2 ;)
@timspiker 5 aylar önce
@@katehiggins9940 Well yes there are 2. The difference being you're probably living on your own but I moved back in where I grew up, with my parents. So I'm technically a freeloading piece of crap. But this is what I always wanted, the world just had a very complex way of giving it to me in a manor so I wouldn't be judged 😂 or well who am I kidding, I have no friends. But I am happy and that's all that matters.
@katehiggins9940 5 aylar önce
@@timspiker true :)
@Enjoyinglife22 3 aylar önce
I love Jim! He’s a very inspirational guy! ❤️
@Thymetravalar 2 aylar önce
i just adore this man. many blessings all
@user-jy2cz6bi4h 3 aylar önce
Thank you God for this beautiful message from Jim Carry. His love for humanity and for first his life, has shown throughout his career. Love you dearly Anna.
@cabellism 2 aylar önce
Jim you have always been my hero growing up, every movie, show, or anything ive seen you in has always left happy memories.
@user-kz5cw2gj3w Aylar önce
It takes courage to step out of the box other people put you in and don't want to let you out. Kudos Jim!
@JohnCordeira 5 aylar önce
I’m experiencing this same thing for a number of years. I get it. We choose what character our ego body is in everyday life.
@mattpatt199 5 aylar önce
Right there with you my friend
@kresivarivkah612 5 aylar önce
Same. Exactly the same.
@stevefenwick8299 3 aylar önce
We All have Troubles and heartaches that We've All have encountered, we get over it by looking forward to the future and Never looking back in the rearview mirror, looking back is senseless and just keeps you stuck in the past, Today is the First day of the rest of your life, Let Go of the past and live life to your fullest and try to help others along the way... encourage and care for others, love your Brothers and neighbors...
@FancyRavenmoon Aylar önce
I love people who are really open and honest!! I feel real! Important when he speaks like this!!
@Lividwish 23 gün önce
Thank you, Jim! This is exceptionally excellent. Needed this today. Amen🌹
@iBaudan 3 aylar önce
I adore this man since I was a little boy. Now I am 41yo and I feel the same way as him. I have been so much in focus to bring joy to others, feeling what others need, listening to others problems. Now at 41, I don’t know who I am because it wasn’t the real me all along and now I don’t know who or how to be me. I am healthy and starting a new life somewhere else to find myself… is not easy but at least I am happy… (wow… I just cry writing this 😢). As I always say, is never to late 😊
@joannecolijn3647 3 aylar önce
You'll get there. The awareness that it was not the real you, is a big step in the right direction. Celebrate these steps. Despite the results.
@iBaudan 3 aylar önce
@@joannecolijn3647 thank you 🥰
@Festus3leggedCat 2 aylar önce
Just let life happen and walk through the doors.....❤️
@jeremybrochu6288 5 aylar önce
"I've decided to be there, I only act in the movies." Gave me GOOSEBUMPS
@kimwolinski 2 gün önce
Thank you, Jim. Yes, deep rest is so important. Letting go is everything. Annnnd, some of us have real brain imbalances too... just had a brain scan that showed it scrambled in areas that need a reset, so more to do on that than just rest. But yes, need rest too and taking it now. Thank you for you!
@dianabroxson7469 Aylar önce
I always think I'll be happy when this or that happens. I have to learn to be happy regardless. Thank you to Jim Carrey for the person you are and for sharing your wisdom.
@reginamathewson3886 24 gün önce
You keep moving forward Jim, but get rest if you need it to rejuvenate yourself dear. You are truly great. I love you!
@ry1255 2 aylar önce
Jim ha ascended. Kudos to you and your soul
Beautiful person.