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Why won't they talk about Bruno? We're going to, family rules be d*#$%d!

Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker and filmmaker Alan Seawright are back with more of Disney's (we're not ashamed to say it, MASTERPIECE) ENCANTO, and they're breaking the rules by talking about Bruno, and why his family avoids talking about him.

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Written by: Megan Seawright, Jonathan Decker and Alan Seawright
Produced by: Jonathan Decker, Megan Seawright, Alan Seawright, and Sophie Tellez
Edited by: Sophie Tellez
Director of Photography: Bradley Olsen
English Transcription by: Anna Preis
Spanish Transcription by: Juan Willems

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23 May 2022




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Kaisea Aylar önce
The line 'Bruno walks in with a mischievous grin' sticks with me because I just _bet_ it was Bruno awkwardly laughing at his own poor joke: It looks like rain! Just trying to cheer his sister up and it's taken the wrong way.
Misstah Galuh! the greatest and most awesome fox!!
Bro.this make me remember i was kicked from a discord server just because i said "i like melk" They literally take it out of context just because im a furry and i was replying to a message "hei guys! I m back with the milk" as a meme reverence and im answer melk as another meme reverence Like bruh. Look at the search bar
Call_meesquishy 7 gün önce
@Melinda Field even though it doesn't match his character of how much he cares. On your statement "That may just be me as a little sister though lol." , is the point. Its the perception of the other person and how it effects how they are viewed . In her mind Bruno was being a brat like you thought yourself from experience, her experience was Bruno makes things turn bad and he's smiling so he's being malicious almost instinctually afraid of his words, angry he even mentioned it on her wedding day, resentful . Its actually a really good example. Its almost expected for a level of combativeness amongst siblings to happen especially but not exclusively in very large families, broken families or families with cracks in the foundation that could lead to a broken family if not mended so its very believable.
Melinda Field
Melinda Field 9 gün önce
@Rena Rain See I saw this more like a little brother trying to be a little s***. Like, 'oooh, don't make it rain sis, it'll wreck your whole day!' That may just be me as a little sister though lol.
Sarah Lyon
Sarah Lyon 14 gün önce
@Jenzy Jenzy Touche. And, to be fair, he says he would never work with Disney again, so there's that.
12 year old me was terrible at picking user names
I love her Dad. "I was thinking about my daughter" I feel like he is one of the few people who was looking out for her.
Jennifer Leslie
Jennifer Leslie 9 gün önce
@DrawciaGleam02 But it didn't fail. Her door was the front door, into the house itself. Her gift was seeing everyone as who they are, not who Abeula wants them to be.
Marvin Miller
Marvin Miller 13 gün önce
I love her dad so much!!!
julia's planet
julia's planet 15 gün önce
Yesss Agustín is so underrated and he's my favorite character 😭❤️
Micheal Italian
Micheal Italian 17 gün önce
nice name
Rebecca McConnaughhay
Rebecca McConnaughhay 18 gün önce
It usually takes the in-law who wasn’t raised around this type of behavior to actually have someone put their foot down, unfortunately.
ACuppaTea Aylar önce
Fun fact you've probably had pointed out by now: that type of singing where everyone is carrying a different melody and lyrics but all singing at once is called a madrigal.
aaa sht
aaa sht 14 saatler önce
Jon Snow Jones
Jon Snow Jones 7 gün önce
That's not right actually. What we hear here is the technique of counterpoint. Madrigals were not so contrapuntal, they were homophonic.
Silverlight 9 gün önce
which i find funny because at the begionning of the movie mirabel sings the song "the family, madrigal," which, because its a solo, is not a madrigal, its a fun little mirror about how mirabel singing the praises of her family isn't the real family Madrigal, the hushed whispers and spiteful gossip leeching through the family is the *real* family madrigal
Sammyxcatlover257 11 gün önce
@Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] sounds more like a round
Sammyxcatlover257 11 gün önce
I watch Film Theory too.
loafBread 29 gün önce
Something this reminded me of is a phrase used in a very toxic way by very toxic families. The phrase being "Blood is thicker than water," which is meant to say basically "family above all else." However, the original phrase is "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." Which means that those we choose to form our bonds with are often greater than those we have no choice but to be connected to.
Idk T - T
Idk T - T 8 gün önce
There's something similar in my language, it basically translates to something along the lines of "Blood does not turn into water". I hate that phrase so much, it implies that no matter what you do family doesn't turn their back on you, and that no matter what family does, you need to forgive them and love them unconditionally. The people in my country are also very religion oriented, so they have this unhealthy obsession with family bonds, really damaging stuff from my perspective. I've had it used both ways, my brother said it to me when I came out to him, and then he went on to tell me that he'll never actually accept me, but we're still family so it's cool I guess. And then I had my mother and sister say that I should forgive my father for all the abuse he's put us through because he's my father, like jesus christ, get a grip. In my experience stuff like that only breeds dangerous situations, I find it so odd that my family puts little to no value in relationships outside those in the family. I've had them dismiss my friendships and try to gaslight me into believing that my friends don't actually care about me and never will the way they do. Mind you I only have two friends because I value closeness above anything else, and I know I can count on them anytime. I mean, if I really think about it none of them actually have any close friends, wonder why 🤨
nicolina1987 13 gün önce
@kayakr17 I'm sure their bubble isn't burst. Esp since the original German quote had to do with physical distance not stopping familial duties due to increased knowledge of dangerous tides and sailing. Also there is an Arab quote from around the same time period comparing milk brothers to blood brothers and supporting that the bonds forged in blood are stronger.
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones 16 gün önce
@loafBread yea that’s amazing never heard it before thanks for sharing 🙏🏽
loafBread 16 gün önce
@Quincy Jones I also love the alternative interpretation of "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" saying which is in reference to two who shed blood beside one another in battle. Gives a sort of medieval fantasy vibe, very fantasy-viking kinda stuff which is something I've always enjoyed
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones 16 gün önce
That’s freaking sweet!!!!
Elizabeth Jennings
Elizabeth Jennings Aylar önce
I thought it was sweet how Bruno came out of hiding to defend Mirabelle. He was scared of abuela but he didn't want Mirabelle to become isolated like him. 💚🖤
Rainbow Rosie
Rainbow Rosie 14 gün önce
Yeah, personally that was actually the point where I started crying, because I could almost feel how much he had been avoiding abuala and feared facing him, and yet he faced that fear in order to try and help his niece and it just blew me away how hard that must have been for him to do, you know?
LL C 27 gün önce
One of my few criticisms of this movie is the scene where Bruno reunites with the family, because it is all HIM apologizing, and while they clearly forgive and accept him back into the family, no one but Abuela offers Bruno any apologies of their own. I felt like he was primarily the wronged party and it hurt to see him come in apologizing when he didn't really do anything wrong.
AmesNFire 5 saatler önce
​@Andi Fels Abuela never apologized to Bruno, she hugged him after an emotional scene where she got Mirabel to forgive her (for some reason) for the literal generational trauma she has inflicted upon the family. For somebody so 'protective' of her family, she sure liked abusing them emotionally and psychologically. Regardless of intentions good or otherwise, she hurt people who looked up to her for guidance and direction in their lives. In many scenes she did so knowing it hurt them. I mean, she straight up banished Bruno and he hid in the walls of the house to try and keep it from falling apart. She didn't stop the family from making up rumors and insulting him, nor did she allow Dolores (Who could hear him in the walls) tell the rest of the family. She regularly insulted and belittled Marabel throughout the movie. These things don't just go away with an unprompted apology done right after Abuela blamed her own actions on her husband's death or a sudden hug that Bruno may not have accepted had he been given the chance. It is not prideful to rightfully point out that Abuela was forgiven far too quickly for the trauma she caused and the near-destruction of the Miracle under her personal watch. It is not prideful to think that perhaps Disney dropped the ball here by making everything magically perfect at the end of the movie and thus encouraging kids to believe that these kind of abusive family dynamics can be 'wished' away in a single talk by a river. One can trust somebody not to do something and not forgive them for doing it in the past. Forgiveness is something somebody must strive for and earn, but never expect. You can heal and move on without forgiving somebody, implying otherwise is just bad psychology. Forgiveness is not Acceptance and neither of those are simply Letting Go. Perhaps you should reconsider what lessons you're trying to impart with that in mind. Abuse is Abuse regardless of intentions.
Andi Fels
Andi Fels 18 saatler önce
@AmesNFire The thing is, she does apologise to both Bruno and to Mirabel. She takes responsibility rather than just leaning on her past as an excuse. I appreciate learning her back story because it gives context to her intentions. It explains why she was so protective of her family (ironically, at the expense of her family), because she had lost that before, and she didn't want to let those closest to her go through that pain as well. And that absolutely does not excuse her actions, but he axknowledges that. I think the biggest point of growth is being able to not use your intentions as an excuse. On the other hand, Mirabel takes Abuela's story into account, and sees the situation from someone else's perspective. Yeah , people's wrong actions hurt. But learning their intentions were for good, and putting aside your pride to understand the other person's perspective, can often speed the process of forgiveness, and in turn, the process of healing. If you're not ready to forgive whoever wronged you, that's fine. It's not always going to be Disney-movie fast. But I would give two pieces of advice: 1. Forgiveness is absolutely not the same as trust. Just because you forgive them doesn't mean you have to let that person back in, especially if it was a toxic situation. 2. Forgiveness heals **YOU**. It helps you move on from the hurt, and become better, not bitter.
Product Reviews
Product Reviews 5 gün önce
this bothered the heck out of me too. why does he have to apologize
​@AmesNFire It shouldn't *have* to because that's not the story they're trying to tell. Just because a Disney film has a Disney ending doesn't mean it's bad. If it soured the movie for you thats a shame, but this movie is a masterpiece in my eyes.
yup 7 gün önce
@Nele Meyer Yup. I'm half Bolivian and that's how it goes 90% of the time. That Abuela apologizes too is a miracle.
Lisa Carpenter
Lisa Carpenter Aylar önce
RE: Dolores, I always figured that she could hear Bruno and she knew she was hearing Bruno, and maybe as a kid she would try and tell the adults that she could still hear him. But nobody wanted to talk/think about Bruno so they just acted like she was making it up, so she learned to keep it to herself.
Family Williams
Family Williams 13 saatler önce
@Ashley Renee It's eve more than that, earlier in the song she says "I can always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling" at least that's what I see on the closed caption for the movie.
PolloLocoTheFun 7 gün önce
@Ashley Renee That is a neat idea, but here is my take: That line of "I can hear him now" comes right after Dolores recites her prophecy from Bruno, "He told me that the man of my dreams would be just out of reach; Betrothed to another." so I took the "I can hear him now" line as referring to Mariano. ...And who starts singing over Dolores but Isabella, betrothed to Mariano, who is on his way!
Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee 13 gün önce
This. And if you pay close attention to her lyrics in We Don't Talk About Bruno at one point she sings "I can hear him now." Which we don't initially take literally given the context, but she could have heard him in that moment.
San Schmidt
San Schmidt 17 gün önce
I think this is hands on the best explanation.
Arella Marie
Arella Marie Aylar önce
I didn't realize "Identified Patient" was the term for it. I'm in my 30's and still working in therapy to try and cope with having that put on me by my family. I don't talk to any of them anymore. The last thing I heard from my father was a letter he wrote, explaining all the things he personally blamed me for, and how even as I child I'd 'ripped them all apart'. They're still miserable without me, everyone younger than I am is also cutting off contact with them as they leave home. It was so clearly not about me, but for my entire life, it's all I heard. It destroyed me and my own self-image. It's really hard work to try and get that footing again.
The Broke Artist
The Broke Artist 13 gün önce
I'm currently going through something similar rn. I didn't know there was such thing as identified patient and after watching this i definitely feel much more aware about what is happening currently. I might not be as wise as the elders of my family but wished they understood how what they have said has made me feel. I want to fix things with my family and and to fix our relationship and not let whats happening get between those who really care about me. I really hope we can figure this out but the first time I saw encanto I felt really bad for Bruno. I really didn't expect to be in a similar place, the identified patient.
tcrpgfan 19 gün önce
You left, but their problems didn't.
latronqui 21 gün önce
Goodness! That you ripped them apart as a child, how can some adults be so dumb and cruel! Like the people who blame the baby when their mother dies in childbirth. Good to know you're away from them now.
Sherry 26 gün önce
I just put the pieces together for myself & I'm 50. My mother decided I was the designated patient. Lots of stuff makes more sense now.
moongirl786 27 gün önce
@Kazzellin Empanger I haven't ever used Reddit much, my boyfriend does quite a bit. I should look at those subs, thanks for the advice! And yeah, "fun" about sums it up. She has her good days, or more accurately good moments, and there are certain ways to appease her, but its kind of a death by a thousand cuts thing... anyway, thanks again!! I will be starting my Masters in the fall, which requires me to go to campus, so sweet partial freedom is near :P
SensationalBanana Aylar önce
I just cannot get over how sad and dark it is for Bruno to have been hiding inside the house, hearing his family talk about him, seeing them be together, whilst being behind a wall... It's even darker, to me, than Rapunzel being cooped up in her tower.
Soundwave 4 gün önce
Bruno: [Vibes] Mirabel: Bruno, eject!
Ragan Tate
Ragan Tate 4 gün önce
That can’t turn off the sand thing is petty metaphorical…
Vivvy ololololo
Vivvy ololololo 6 gün önce
Mirabel just stayed in the family because she "hasn't any power", just for pity 😕. But they are basically the same (mirabel and bruno).
Lemur Lover
Lemur Lover 8 gün önce
@Cap'n Lee Same for me and my family except I also was the main human trafficking slave getting raped by the whole family and all the pedophiles who paid the family. I like these movies too. I got my freedom and I am in grad school studying the environment.
Lemur Lover
Lemur Lover 8 gün önce
@Zalied I'm pretty sure when her mother threw her on the floor and screeched about men with pointy teeth coming after her Rapunzel was aware her mother did not love her. People in abusive relationships do know.
ChillsAhoy Aylar önce
While Mirabel's father was just trying to avoid conflict indefinitely, I think there can still be value in putting off a difficult discussion but only if it is scheduled for a specific time later on. In the context of the film, perhaps bringing up Bruno when they're about to have guests for dinner would not be a good idea. You need to have enough time, and an environment that makes you feel safe and comfortable, in order to discuss particularly difficult, challenging or painful topics. It probably would've been healthier if the father had said something along the lines of "We already have a lot on our plates today, so can we leave this discussion until tomorrow and then we will all get a chance to talk about this?"
Rasia 734r053
Rasia 734r053 10 gün önce
but that's not what he says, what he says is "Abuela wants tonight to be perfect. Until the Guzmans leave, you did not break into Bruno's tower, the magic is not dying, the house is not breaking." That, to me, reads as we can deal with this after company leaves, and we have that time and space to deal with this. Does he panic a little? Very much yes. but I don't think he was trying to avoid conflict forever, just for the space of the dinner. If Dolores hadn't overheard and Also Panicked, then they might have had the chance to hash things out better.
Joshua Munn
Joshua Munn 10 gün önce
@Jammin' out Rexan Abuela is part of the reason Dolores chose this path. Abuela always favored Isa over Dolores even when they’re the same age, it seems the family knows Dolores is in love with Mariano and still decide No Isa is better for her even though Dolores could bear his children and actually wants to. Dolores’s feelings were just too strong for her not to try and successfully sabotage Isa’s proposal. The only reason Dolores would think she has no shot is because of Bruno’s vision.
Jammin' out Rexan
Jammin' out Rexan 11 gün önce
@Joshua Munn I can see why that interpretation's there. I don't think it's the point of this scene. I think it was just too-tempting a thing for Dolores to keep to herself. As David Gordy mentioned, she doesn't even think she has a chance with Mariano. Plus, Dolores being an antagonist within the story would muddle the message the writers are trying to get across: how Abuela's trauma has affected the family, how the hyper-perfectionism/heavy pressure is affecting the family, and that the family needs to acknowledge it to make the situation better.
Marzipancutter 13 gün önce
@Joshua Munn Bruno is an entirely different matter. Being in Pepas branch of the family, she was likely told and shown from a young age that it's forbidden to talk about him I don't get how you are surprised that she didn't, she likely figured it's just a thing she isn't supposed to talk about. The reason this is different is because his presence is no threat at all, so other than her telling Mirabel in song that she gets kind of paranoid when she hears him crawling about the house, it's not worth the risk of having her mother throw a fit. Contrast that to what she heard about the magic fading. It poses a huge threat to their very way of life, so it's obvious why this would stress her out to the point where she needs someone to vent to, even if she's otherwise better at keeping secrets. Calling her a villain for that is needlessly black-and-white.
NoName Deviant
NoName Deviant Aylar önce
My favourite Dolores theory is that she wanted her family to lose their “gifts”, because she was the only one that heard how in reality it was a curse. Everyone in the family was suffering because of that pressure of being or not being special, so without the gifts they would be happier.
Normal Human
Normal Human 10 gün önce
I think that’s why she actually talked about the vision during the dinner She hears _everything_ _Everyone’s_ secrets She has to be able to hide things or she probably would’ve revealed many more secrets and ended up like Bruno
Purplekitty81 13 gün önce
That was from Film Theory
Marzipancutter 13 gün önce
@Tesh TishToshTesh Not really. The whole movie is largely allegorical (to an almost hamfisted degree, but that's kind of what's so nice about it), and if you take the magic as a metaphor for their natural gifts, it mostly makes sense. Their talents were suffering by having to give up their individuality for the sake of fitting in with the family. If conformity was what was keeping them from using their potential, there's no reason for their magical gifts not to return once they accepted each other and created a more loving space.
Tesh TishToshTesh
Tesh TishToshTesh 20 gün önce
That's how the movie should have ended. Getting the magic back is a Disney copout, and going back to a crutch.
azsli2 21 gün önce
It makes sense too. Like she knew Louisia was really nervous but didn't say anything until asked about it so it's probably normal to here.
sheller153 Aylar önce
I remember that earlier in the movie she mentions the “rats talking in the walls” so make of that what you will. But I still love to think of her getting *invested* in the telenovelas he puts on for himself. She’ll just be out in the village and stop, gasping “she didn’t!” And then go on with her day.
Broadway Brook
Broadway Brook 22 gün önce
Nicque Marina has done some very popular videos where she plays Dolores listening to Bruno's rat telenovellas. You should check those out. It's a whole series (the videos).
Raina Ramsay
Raina Ramsay 27 gün önce
Yeah, the second time I watched I was like, "WAIT! She just said that Bruno is also worried about! WHAT?"
all .horsefeathers
all .horsefeathers Aylar önce
In regards to Dolores, she did actually say in Bruno’s song that she hears him. He told me that the man of my dreams would be just out of reach Betrothed to another It's like I hear him now It’s like I hear him now I can hear him now! In context with the establishing sentence, that pronoun “he/him” indicated Bruno. So she tried to tell us too, but we ignored her.
DJ9K 5 gün önce
Funny enough it's "I CAN always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling" - It's present tense. But... y'know... you don't talk about Bruno.
PolloLocoTheFun 7 gün önce
That is a really cool idea on the meaning of that line, foreshadowing that she heard Bruno all this time. My initial take is that Dolores could hear 'the man of her dreams' who is 'betrothed to another' - and who starts singing over Dolores but Isabella, betrothed to Mariano, who is on his way!
Marzipancutter 13 gün önce
I mean, yeah, but like, her whole segment before that is just her talking about how she hears him constantly and it's making her somewhat paranoid. "Hey! Grew to live in fear of Bruno stuttering or stumbling I could always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling I associate him with the sound of falling sand, ch-ch-ch"
Liz L
Liz L 23 gün önce
And right after she sings "I can hear him now" the others sing "he's HERE" and they are talking about Isabella's "boyfriend" (forget his name) but it also is like a clue that BRUNO IS HERE.
Gypsy Woman
Gypsy Woman 25 gün önce
She also mentioned she associates him "with the sound of falling sand"
Trina Q
Trina Q Aylar önce
The birth order of the triplets reflects their personalities. Julieta heals the pain of the past through her cooking, Pepa represents the present, the constantly changing times, and Bruno is the future, something we NEVER want to talk about.
Corgi W
Corgi W 28 gün önce
@Fisch37 - I think that the [producer? director?] showrunner who's on Twitter and has been answering questions confirmed it.
I Love Everything
I Love Everything 29 gün önce
@Death con tho Julieta does say she loves her beautiful brain. Or mind? I dunno but it was something along those lines.
Trish Dowell
Trish Dowell Aylar önce
@Brianne Porchak also, Isabella shares a pretty good resemblance to a young Abuela, so I wonder if there's an unconscious bias because Isabella may remind Abuela of her past self before Abuelo was tragically killed.
Death con
Death con Aylar önce
@Brianne Porchak Mirabel even calls Isabelle the beauty and Luisa the brawn. Though of course she doesn’t mention that she is (most likely) the brains.
Jason Heavensrun
Jason Heavensrun Aylar önce
@LittleHobbit13 Citation needed
Nancie Erhard
Nancie Erhard Aylar önce
Thank you. I was the "identified patient" of my family. In our first and only session of family therapy initiated by my brother when he realized I was suicidal at seventeen, the therapist made it clear that it was a family dynamic, that I was not "the problem." I am so very grateful to her for that. I had sensed that something within the family was seriously wrong and had tried to draw attention to it, and thus unconsciously aided the process of the family placing the blame of our brokenness onto me. Unfortunately the real problems were too serious for my parents, my mother particularly, to face. My last therapist said, "If the authorities had been aware of what was going on, the children would have been removed." I had to leave at that young age in order to save myself. This movie and your discussion is so helpful for people to be able to name what is going on.
Screeper 15 gün önce
Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry you’ve went through that 😣 I hope you are doing better now and away from them. Best wishes ❤️
Robyn Wilson
Robyn Wilson Aylar önce
Bruno is such a deeply resonant character for me and so many others with OCD, me and so many others who ended up completely isolated and ostracised from their family because of Obsessions, Compulsions and just being seen as the "family weirdo". Bruno is such a landmark character for us, almost every time we actually DO show up in media we are a criminal, a villain or a controlling jerk (cough cough Jack Nicholson), so having one of the morally good, emotional centres of a movie be a canonical OCD sufferer and seeing his compulsions not be played as funny. It means the whole world to us. Ive seen this movie over 20 times and i STILL cry everytime he FINALLY gets accepted.
B 5 gün önce
@Iona Bab I totally agree with you, he is definitely crap representation that plays on stereotypes. Its probably a testiment to how culterally pervasive he is that he was the example I chose. I also do love Jessica's video on the topic and think it's super informative.
Lemur Lover
Lemur Lover 8 gün önce
What about Monk??
yourlocalcryptid 12 gün önce
@Dungeons and dragons Homebrew homie it’s a fictional character. he could have ocd, me may not. we don’t know, so there is no wrong answer. it’s ok to see yourself in fictional characters and have headcanons.
Dungeons and dragons Homebrew
@yourlocalcryptid the key word there is seeing not the truth and how am I policing it I'm just making sure people don't believe something that has another possible explanation
Miriam Ware
Miriam Ware 11 gün önce
one thing I noticed is how, during "We Don't Talk About Bruno", Camilo is smiling through the whole song. I think its interesting, because since he's one of the younger cousins, he only knows Bruno through stories. In his mind, Bruno isn't even real, he's just a character, and talking about him is just a performance. It really shows how the family stopped seeing Bruno as a person, and more as an idea to fear.
Trinka B
Trinka B Aylar önce
Theory I've heard: Dolores can be interpreted as the bad guy. She and her mom, Pepa, are absolutely berated by their gifts. And she spent years watching her mom distressed by her gift. And hearing **everything all the time** must be psychologically destructive. But she doesn't **have** to tell everyone everything she hears. She chose to tell the proficy in front of everyone during a vital dinner that would lead to the extension of the family/magical line. She is **hoping** for the magic to go away so she and her mom can finally get some rest. Luisa and Isabella actually have the option to stop and rest (even though Luisa doesn't feel like it.) But Dolores and Pepa do not. If Pepa has a nightmare, odds are her and her husband wake up in a deluge replete with thunder and lightning. Felix is walking on egg shells trying to not upset her. Dolores, 24/7 hears everything...down to the twitching of Luisa's eye. How does she sleep??? The magic is destructive for Dolores and her parents. Dolores is the only one sad in the image on the door at the end.
Trinka B
Trinka B 10 gün önce
@Marzipancutter Abuela literally had just said in her speech at dinner that the marriage was going to ensure the continuation of the magic. Also, she is in love with the guy, stopping the marriage would certainly be a goal for her.
Marzipancutter 11 gün önce
@Trinka B Something just occured to me. Dolores didn't have any reason to believe that the magic was linked to the peace of the house at all. As far as she's concerned, it's just a thing that Mirabel is causing by nature. To her it's only about not worrying the others, and keeping up the family image. She has no way to know that telling everyone would directly contribute to destroying the magic. Add that to the fact that her actions didn't change much anyway. The family breaking up was inevitable regardless of whether they talk about it, and to some extent it was happening exactly because they weren't talking about it. In this sense, she couldn't have had any malicious intention towards the family magic and isn't unintentionally responsible for the fallout either. Unless you can prove that she understands the mechanism behind the magic that neither Mirabel nor Alma figure out until much later, this theory seems to fail on every layer.
Trinka B
Trinka B 11 gün önce
@Marzipancutter and then she full on blurted it out loud...to everyone at the table.
Trinka B
Trinka B 11 gün önce
@Marzipancutter sorry if you think it's judgemental. The theory stands.
Marzipancutter 12 gün önce
​@Trinka B But you can't expect every teenager to be able to keep every secret. She only told it to her brother, who she is closest to, because she couldn't hold on any longer. But if you want to be judgemental so bad, suit yourself.
ShakuMascarade Aylar önce
It's funny Camilo described Bruno as this weird, aggressive creature with "rats along his back," because rats are super social animals. That's why they recommend to always adopt two pet rats, because they can fell into depression if living alone (although you may provide them with hours of attention and care, you just can't provide them with the same way another rat would). Yet, we have characterized rats as these dirty nuisance, vermin, bearer of bad omens. They're like Bruno in a way... (💃🐀🕺telenovelas 🕺🐀💃)
Chibi Girl
Chibi Girl 13 gün önce
@Marzipancutter it's a good fit! There was a lot of thought put into the movie! ☺️
Marzipancutter 13 gün önce
@Chibi Girl Which fits really well because, just like rats, its the *perception* of Bruno that's bad, while he's actually way more social than people give him (and them) credit for.
Lee Cody
Lee Cody 21 gün önce
Apparently they also make really talented chefs!
Daniëlle de Vreede
I'm probably the identified patient too. I'm still "the only one with autism" in my family, even though it's mostly hereditary. Both show definite signs now and then, but I was the one who had problems because I always had to adapt to their lifestyle
Brianda Aranda
Brianda Aranda Aylar önce
The only one with ADHD in mine.
Camille Chaustre McNally
My extremely ADHD mother was speculating about how I probably got ADHD because she ate so much tuna when she was pregnant with me (ie mercury poisoning). Like, I'm pretty bright too! I'm just neurodiverse.
peter Buchan
peter Buchan 11 gün önce
I cried in the cinema. Not something I normally do..... I am autistic and saw in Bruno a non-neurotypical family member pushed out because they are ashamed of him. I saw his predictions as a metaphor for saying he was inappropriate "he told me I'd grow a gut" = pointing out somebody is getting bigger and "I'd lose my hair" = pointing out the guy is starting to go bald. He learns to be ashamed of himself for simply who and how he is. He so desperately wants to be a part of his family but he left of his own accord... Though that isn't actually true either... He had no choice but to leave. Come the end, I was fuming that Bruno didn't get REAL closure. He was accepted back.... HE SPENT 10 YEARS IN THE FRIGGING WALLS! 10 years shut out from his family's love because they made him an outcast for not fitting in with their ideal of a family.
Fox 25 gün önce
my older sister was the identified patient of my family. she had addictions problems (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, name it) that were causing us a lot of trouble and my mom in particular would always act like everything was my sister's fault and like we would be a perfect happy family if we could just fix her. what I failed to realize until I got older is that the whole reason why my sister developed all those problems was because of the messed up family dynamics that were already existing. but because her way of (unhealthily) coping was the most obvious, all the blame got put on her instead. I cried the first time I watched Encanto because it just hit so close to home, I've never seen another media that represents so well how messed up individuals can become because of poor treatment from their own family.
Daphne_inProgress 7 gün önce
Damn :( How's your sister doing now?
Juan Manuel Palacio
Juan Manuel Palacio 25 gün önce
I think the way that everybody says “We don’t talk about Bruno” but then goes on gossip about him is something that I experience a lot with people. E.g. “Yeah, we don’t talk about John’s ex-wife…” and then they go on to tell a story about why she is bad and she shouldn’t be talked about.
Dolores Lehmann
Dolores Lehmann Aylar önce
That "Can you fix Bruno?" really got me. When I developped depression, my whole family just wanted to "send me somewhere where I would be fixed", instead of being willing to change the environment that made me sick in the first place.
Optical Sorcerer
Optical Sorcerer Aylar önce
I love that Mirabel's role isn't about defying destiny or making your own destiny; she just followed one of the possible destinies that was laid out before her.
Erin Bathie-Moore
Erin Bathie-Moore Aylar önce
I was the "Identified Patient" in my Dad's house hold. When I left, the "mantle" got passed onto my youngest sibling who started acting the same as me before he left... Dad still hasn't gotten over our (his and my) shared trauma from 6 years ago and it affects the middle two to this day. Personally, I'd love to have you look at my family and help my Dad (since he's caused most of the family issues), but he's resistant to the idea of getting help (my own psych suggested he may be narcissistic after three years of seeing her)
Marzipancutter 13 gün önce
It might feel somewhat weird to say you were the family scapegoat in the same sentence where you say that he's mostly at fault, but that's mostly how it is. Yes, it's the worst people that constantly blame others for their mistakes, but that doesn't mean you can't look at things realistically and see the harm done to you by someone else. I'm glad you were able to get to that point where you see that yes, blaming problems on someone else is bad but also yes, sometimes it IS just someone elses wrongdoing.
Aspenture 27 gün önce
@Hambone when I was 6 my Mum would blame me for her financial problems even though I never asked for anything
Hambone Aylar önce
I was my family's "identified patient" and no matter what the problem was it was ALWAYS my fault. Yes, I wasn't the best and I had my own issues, but being the family scapegoat definitely didn't help anything. Before I left I was literally being blamed and punished for my younger sister having trouble with her schoolwork (she wasn't understanding or keeping up with all the advance placements my mom kept putting her in, so it was my fault?) I moved across the country and things didn't get magically fixed for my family. After a few years I visited and they wanted me to move back. I visited for 2 weeks, the first week everything was great then the second week everything settled down and things went right back to how they were before I had left.
Dhorannis Aylar önce
Honestly, Bruno reads neurodivergent (most likely a form of autism) to me. You could even consider his situation as some kind of metaphor for the autistic experience. He's near the other family members, but hefeels like he doesn't belong. He is different in a way that makes it hard for most people to empathize with him. He is spacially close, but isolated when it comes to emotions and connections. Not to mention that his "acting" statement could also be seen as a metaphor for masking. But I doubt that the writers intended that, to be honest.
Sherri C
Sherri C Aylar önce
My theory about why Dolores never said anything is because “we don’t talk about Bruno” is so ingrained into the family culture. She just assumed everyone knew he was there but just didn’t talk about it.
Teresa 19 gün önce
@Tida Ceesay she was 11 when he left. She's 21 in the movie and he was gone 10 years. I think she did tell. They probably looked for him but Casita was helping him because Casita always helped mirabel and he was helping me Mirbel by hiding. Eventually after having her insist over and over again that he was in the walls, and then not being able to find him, and the light in his door going out, and pepa causing all kinds of storms because her daughter was saying one thing and what they were experiencing was another, they made up the rule about not talking about bruno. They probably told Dolores that she was just hearing rats in the walls and to stop talking about him. It would explain why she also refers to Bruno as the rats in the walls when she hints at him to Mirabel. When directly asked about him, she does reveal that she can hear him in the Bruno song. I guess she figured everyone else was talking about him by that point so she could too. It would also explain why camilo, who's the same age as Mirabel and too young to remember Bruno, associated Bruno with rats in the walls. Dolores may have hinted at that to her younger brother a few times
David Gordy
David Gordy 19 gün önce
My theory is that she never said anything because she knew it would cause a great deal of stress, confusion, and paranoia among the rest of the family.
XYpsilon 19 gün önce
@Dot Otto And she tells Mirabel when she was investigating if someone is concerned about the cracks in the house. She says "No one, except for the rats in the walls". I am pretty sure she references Bruno who is concerned and fixing them all the time.
Grayson Rogers-Barnes
Grayson Rogers-Barnes 20 gün önce
@Ben91 Good point
Alexis Thwing
Alexis Thwing 22 gün önce
I personally think it's because she loves his telanovelas and wants him to keep making them so she helped him stay hidden lol
Susanna Spearman
Susanna Spearman 19 gün önce
After watching this movie a few times, I realized that Bruno was the character I identified with the MOST. Thank you so much for sharing this info -- I had never heard of "identified patient" before, but that is me in my family system. It's so hard because I just want to be healthy and safe, but I always feel like the bad guy when I set boundaries or try to treat my parents like adults.
Kat Aylar önce
As an “identified patient” of my family, this movie flat out broke me.
TransTiger 14 gün önce
Same. And i'm still in my family, and no Mirabelle is coming sadly.
bean gautsy
bean gautsy 14 gün önce
i cried for like half an hour, me and you both bruno, shit.
Kat Tyler
Kat Tyler 26 gün önce
Same *hugs*
dearnoone 10 gün önce
As a person with Hispanic influence, I think Bruno's OCD tendencies were brought upon culture where beliefs like knocking on wood, throwing salt across the shoulder, and avoiding cracks on the floor are considered to break bad luck. It was like he was trying to "protect" everyone around him by trying to prevent his visions (which are apparently bad) from happening. That's how I interpreted the scenes when I first watched the movie and I actually appreciated it so much because it made me feel so much more in touch with the characters.
Literally Baby
Literally Baby 27 gün önce
The part where Bruno shows Mirabel another vision and its Mirabel hugging Isabela, I think its interpreted wrong. See, to me Isabela looks a lot like Abuela did when she was younger and that's why Abuela pays attention to Isabela the most (projecting herself onto Isabela). So basically, the vision wasn't Mirabel hugging Isabela but the rather embracing/communicating to the most hurt part of Abuela; the young mom who lost her husband tragically. Thats why the yellow butterfly appears after the embrace it's symbolic! Where both Mirabel and Abuela understand and accept each other's flaws and come to the conclusion of overall familial acceptance! Just my two cents :)
Tobias Lawrence
Tobias Lawrence Aylar önce
It's crazy how an entire town turned on a guy who not only saw the future but the bad parts of their future. So rather instead of prepare or taking caution for what's to come they instead blamed Bruno for something happening whether they liked it or not It's one thing to come from people you don't know but from your own family, in my opinion, the entire town and his family owed Bruno an apology. (Edit) I would like to add that most of the things he told people about weren't even based on one of his visions just things he physically saw and pointed out the problem; for instance the guy who got fat that wasn't because of Bruno it was just from the guy not taking care of himself.
NinjaTyler 12 gün önce
@theresa schuebel plus she her and her daughters were the most used and abused by the family, she had to bake a ton to make her healing food for everyone, Luisa constantly being used for everything physical labor wise in town, Isabella being the face of the new generation and making only beautiful flowers not being able to express themselves as they want. And of course everything with Mirabelle
Nika 21 gün önce
@Nereid-Bat Oh i would love supernatural weather radar :D
Joshua Munn
Joshua Munn 25 gün önce
@Kayla Woodbury I picked that up after “Waiting for a Miracle” “I’m fine, I’m not fine” then “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” “I’m fine I’m fine” from Isabella and Dolores. That’s the reason I can lend credence to your comments.
Kayla Woodbury
Kayla Woodbury 25 gün önce
@Joshua Munn Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote most of the music himself, Including "Waiting on a Miracle", "We Dont Talk About Bruno" and Isabella's song "What Else Can I Do?" . So it's certainly not a stretch to think he would purposely write the music in this fashion considering his experience on Broadway (Hamilton).
Joshua Munn
Joshua Munn 25 gün önce
@Kayla Woodbury I like your interpretation. The film has a lot of levels.
Elusive Gamergirl
Elusive Gamergirl 20 gün önce
13:52, that moment when she sees the family table through the crack in the wall and the little bit of light shining on the plate he drew for himself so he could still be with them, even if they didn't know he was there always breaks my heart, and I just want to reach through my screen and give Bruno a long, tight hug. (>-_-)>
Jane Aylar önce
17:10 yep, I was right, I'm crying. I needed to hear that more than I ever would have imagined. You guys really are a gift in this world.
jaydiarie 28 gün önce
Literally i started crying too
big gay panic
big gay panic Aylar önce
I want to point out, though, that there is a big difference between "the family doesn't know what to do with you, you're the black sheep not by your choice" label, and the "the family thinks you're toxic, and you've been cut out" label.
Me Do
Me Do Aylar önce
Bruno is such a cinnamon bun, he didn't deserve everyone turning on him
Amaya R. Aldabe
Amaya R. Aldabe 17 gün önce
During the Bruno song, Dolores actually says: "I can hear him now" many times. I love those details
Liënne ten Kate
Liënne ten Kate Aylar önce
I was the identified patient in my family, I even heard my parents talk about how much of a problem I was when I secretly listened to them and I was the (first) one who was brought to a therapist to 'get fixed'. It's been many years of learning to accept myself and see I was not really the cause of the problem. Happy that Encanto shows so much family healing! :)
bananaboat805 7 gün önce
The slow pan from the dining table to Bruno's painted plate absolutely broke my heart. So much love and loneliness in that. Makes me tear up every time :(
Timmy Simonsson
Timmy Simonsson Aylar önce
Fun fact. When we see Dolores sing during "we don't talk about Bruno", then you can see Bruno walking on the balcony in the background.
Lynniers L
Lynniers L Aylar önce
Hot take: The main thing I HATED about Bruno reuniting with his family is him feeling the need to apologize. When in reality he was the victim of being isolated/shunned by his family.
Polite Reminder:
Polite Reminder: Aylar önce
Whether you hate it or like it, it's a realistic response. There's no hardcore villain in the film. Just a family where everybody hurts everybody else by accident. Like any normal family
Lisa Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez Aylar önce
@JustAFurryWithInternet chronic passivity and lack of boundaries. Indoctrination from family of origin.
DelusionalDreamer Aylar önce
@Elena S M CANONICO Why? If he had spoken to them, then chances are the situation would only have escalated. Nothing would have been fixed, and it would be one more thing to apologize to Bruno about. They pushed him away; their sin, not his.
Elena S M CANONICO Aylar önce
They owed him apologies, but Bruno did leave them in the middle of the night without a word (even if he had good intentions). He should apologize about that, I think.
DelusionalDreamer Aylar önce
*reads comments* Oh, for the love of- Yes, Bruno was the victim. Yes, he should get an apology. No, it did not have to be in the movie. Why? 1. When you've been treated like a problem for long enough, the first instinct to confronting an issue is to apologize. Sometimes excessively or when you're not the one who needs to apologize. Apply this concept to Bruno, and yes he tries to apologize immediately. 2. They didn't actually need to show this in the movie. Why? Because it's not immediately relevant, we can easily see it happening after the conclusion, and because quite frankly no, they wouldn't apologize right away. Why? It's not immediately relevant because right at that moment, the point is to welcome Bruno, which doesn't require an apology at the moment. Later? Absolutely. But that later would hurt the movie. Encanto wants to end on a specific emotion, and including that later would change that. Besides, it's very easy to see it happening off-camera, so this is okay. Finally, the characters wouldn't apologize right then either, and this is because they have spent actual years more or less mocking Bruno, and this is a very sudden change. They wouldn't apologize right then because it's the high of the moment, goes against years of habit, and they probably don't want to spoil the moment. This is what I could think of right now, I'll be back if I have more.
Stephen Zygiel
Stephen Zygiel 23 gün önce
Bruno is an amazing example of positive vs negative affect read into a person's words.
Jyotsna Srivastava
Jyotsna Srivastava Aylar önce
Another aspect of Encanto which impresses me is how cleverly powers is distributed to family members and the way they use those powers is reminiscent of real life family. Pepa is like that moody mother in our families who, can't stop from expressing their bad mood(my mother is XD) and their mood is rapidly changing. So are the weather powers of Pepa. Dolores is like that quiet kid who always listens but never acts. Metaphor for always listening is super hearing (genius!). Camillo is like that comical kid who likes to being smile on everyone (like ME!) and his shapeshifting powers are used for comedy purposes. Julieta is like a nice compassionate mother who can emotionally heal you so, do represent her healing powers and, she used those powers to heal Mirabel when she was upset(again, like my mother) .Luisa is like the working member of the family who never shows his/her insecurities but, they are insecure(like my father, he never expresses his feelings but when something is really worrying, it appears on his face and then we learn of the problems just the same like Mirabel learned when Luisa's eyes were twitching). Also, Luisa looks so strong, it doesn't look like she fears anything but, she does. The, comes Bruno, the black sheep of Family(skiping as its in video). Isabela's powers are used as an appetizer which appeals everyone although, it isn't something difficult. For example, the way everyone started cheering when she came descending on wines to fix Pepa's mess shows this. Also, the fact flowers appeals everyone, is again, complimenting her personality. Its slightly like the eldest child in family who is given more importance and loved by family and he/she easily appeals the parents(Just like Me). I am just blown away by the amount of work put in this movie. I came to realise this when I learned that in deleted Encanto scene, Pepa had power to be indestructible. She was recklessly launching herself on rocks which breaks rocks but, not her and she says "Still perfectly fine" showing her indestructible powers and, that was something which you don't see in your mother or any normal person. Once, I realized that, I figured out about others.
I love her Dad. "I was thinking about my daughter" I feel like he is one of the few people who was looking out for her.
tss3393 7 gün önce
Anytime I hear somebody sing the hook to the song, I always snap back with, "Yes, we are gonna talk about Bruno, because he did absolutely NOTHING wrong!"
Charisa Martin
Charisa Martin Aylar önce
This film hit so many themes in family...the ones who sweep under the rug, the ones who use humor as a coping mechanism, the outcast, the perfectionist, conflict avoidant/conflict seeking...etc. It's such a ray of hope for families where the members are willing to listen and heal. ❤️ Thanks for another great video, Alan and Jonathan!
Cinema Therapy
Cinema Therapy Aylar önce
You are so welcome!
xprrj 28 gün önce
My mom was the Identified Patient in my grandmother's eyes. Even since I was young I knew that because of the way she behaved with my mom and me. We were never really her priority and we always came after the other children in the family, even if they were misbehaving and we were not. I never resented my grandma for that on me because after all she's had a rough life, but I recently accepted that I did resent her a little bit for hurting my mom so much, because that's one of the reasons my mom grew up the way she did, why she developed her depression, why she was so angry for so long. Now my mom and I have healed so much, and it finally looks like my grandma is starting to understand and accept what she did. Especially accept how much she hurt my mom, who was only a child who wanted her approval. I talked to my mom and saw her cry because sometimes her little girl is still there hoping that her mom would accept her and love her, and I really hope my grandma understands that soon before it's too late. And yes, it doesn't take one person to heal, it takes a whole family and generations of healing for it to happen. It's a whole deconstruction process that takes time, patience and tears.
Screeper 15 gün önce
Thank you for sharing. I feel like I understand the concept of generational trauma/healing better after having read your comment.
Kylie Quinn
Kylie Quinn Aylar önce
The theory I’ve heard for dolores is that her ability is a living hell. She doesn’t ever get a moment of silence or peace. She knew of Bruno but for a gossip she’s pretty silent and let’s a lot of things slide and watches. She instigates the chaos at the dinner party. I think she wanted the gift to leave and them be a normal family.
Caleigh Tilson
Caleigh Tilson 21 gün önce
Identified patient here, I cant tell you how many times I've tried to explain to my family that no matter how much work I try to do on accepting myself and being positive, it won't matter if nothing within the family dynamic changes. I will never be able to fully move past my more difficult struggles until my family recognizes that THEY are the reason I'm struggling
Millie Woo
Millie Woo 12 gün önce
I’m the identified patient in my family. Just hearing this language be used is immensely healing. It’s validation I really think I couldn’t go through the rest of my life without knowing… the burden of being treated by your family the way you described is a very heavy cross to bear and often you don’t realize it’s even happening. You just get scapegoated your whole life and internalize the judgement and criticism. If you have an authoritarian parent who needs to control every aspect of your life and the relationship, trust and honesty can’t happen. It makes you go crazy and develop deep self-loathing as a consequence. This video was so helpful, TY guys
Trina Q
Trina Q Aylar önce
I love how Dolores is the only family member who empathises with Bruno, and spectulates that he wasn't a bad person. This makes sense, given that she could hear him through the walls, and she was likely trying to clue in Mirabel.
Ahstia Summers
Ahstia Summers Aylar önce
@Curt Clark The overall theme of the song is people misinterpreting Bruno's prophecies. Others may have thought Isabela was already living that life and she bought into their words. She may not have realized Bruno was looking out for her and when a person spends so much of their time and energy pushing down personal desires to please someone else, they often forget what they really want for themselves as their identity becomes wrapped up in making others happy
RATED Aylar önce
@Speckielishous Pie I dont think keeping his secret was about Bruno at all, but fear of abuela's wrath. Bruno was the cautionary tale... and if Dolores brought Bruno back, she would be hurting the family and have to leave. Also also... regarding privacy... she can clearly hear everyone in the Encanto having the sex... talk about uncomfy
Ariane Winter
Ariane Winter Aylar önce
@Natalie S same way as bruno in a way, they both carrie cassandras curse
Knoniez Zimlou
Knoniez Zimlou Aylar önce
@Sierra Dawes I have a few hunches the rest of the family didn’t seem to want to see him (of course they did but I think the whole song of “we don’t talk about Bruno” tells us he’s the black sheep), not only that, Bruno looked like he didn’t want to see them (was quite nervous, poor thing :/) Not only that, there would be no necessary benefit to out him lol
Kathy H
Kathy H Aylar önce
@Curt Clark It could be that she took Bruno's prophecy that she would live the life of Abuela's dreams, and to hide her fear of that truly being her life, she claimed it as her own dreams. But she really was scared to death of the prophecy.
Rosie Aylar önce
some things i only noticed on my like 3rd rewatch: 1) in the song, Camillo is the only one who never met Bruno, only heard from him through his parents (who had a bad opinion) so he adopted their view and amplified it to the point Bruno is not a person anymore, just an archetype. 2) the cracks Bruno fixes are *not the one Mirabel has been encountering.* They have been appearing around him ever since he left and he just did his best to fix them quietly, taking all that responsibility on himself. Another burden he carried silently. The family has been broken for all those 10 years, maybe longer, it was just hidden in the walls. Long before Mirabel. She only brought it to the surface, made it visible because to fix the cracks you have to acknowledge they're there. But that is uncomfortable. "if we dont see them, are they even there?" 3) From what we see Bruno gives prophecies when he is *asked for them.* He just doesnt randomly look into the future then goes around telling people. These people must have *gone to him* and asked their questions, then when they did not like the answer they turned on him. 4) the part where they all sing over each other, they also are *not listening to each other.* their stories overlap but they dont melt into one or play off each other, they overlap but dont really interact in a productive way. they stay separate. it shows how they dont talk to each other, but keep it to themselves
Sarah Lyon
Sarah Lyon 19 gün önce
I liked the fan theory that Delores doesn't love her power and sees how it negatively affects her mother and uncle, so kind of wants to see the powers go away, which is why she chooses the worst possible moment to reveal the house's issues.
Lanna's Missing Link
I feel like whenever I go back home I slide back into my old patterns of being angry and lashing out and I really don't like myself when that happens. They just push all my buttons but even if someone else were to do that, I'm usually much better at dealing with it. At home I definitely regress back into an angry teen
Lyra Chan
Lyra Chan 20 gün önce
In toxic families, in families that hide behind a veil of pretended perfection or in families that are avoidant of any form of conflict, there's always in every generation this one person who's gonna speak up. Most of the time it's useless and they end up leaving or being cast out. Encanto illustrated that so well. Being that person is both a curse and a blessing and it is passed down from one generation to another. Here, it went from Bruno to Mirabel. An awareness, like an itch within your own mind, a sixth sense you can't ignore. One person is aware of just how wrong things are and starts to speak up against the status quo. It hurts, this awareness. You feel so much, you seek answers to understand where all did this pain came from and once you do (if you do succeed in finding out because heaven knows that family secrets can run deep) you want to address it. You want to pierce the abscess to start healing but then you realize that not everyone, hardly anyone actually, is ready for that because it means talking about the tough and painful stuff. For some it means having to admit their wrong doings, realize how much they hurt inside or all that they ignored wether it was purposely or not. It's more comfortable to just keep silent and hope that in time it will all just go away own its own. It *never* goes away... and that's the problem isn't it? People bury their pain and trauma inside, repeat the same mistakes and dump this accumulated trauma onto their child/children and the cycle begins again. An endless loop of pain and hurt. But cycles can be broken, thing is it hurts to do it. It's hard, so hard. It took me 8 years to gather up the courage to stand up against my family's cycle and truth is... I didn't break the cycle itself. But, I broke free from it. Sometimes it's the best you can achieve and that's okay. Both me and my brother broke free, are seing therapists to address the issues we've identified, heal what can be healed and accept the scaring left by the wounds that never truly will heal. If you can't save everyone, save yourself and whoever can be saved, even if it's just one person. I could only save my brother and it's enough, it's alright. It might take another generation or two before the rest follows... there will be a lot more of heartache for them. I'm sorry and sad about that part but my brother and I are already a part of the family myth. They don't talk about us, aside to say they won't talk about us. But... I heard that the younger ones see us in some pictures and they ask questions. "Where are they?" "Why don't we see them?" Eventually they'll tire of the lies, half-truths and evasive responses they get, just like we did. They'll seek answers and then maybe, I hope, they will break free by themselves. One by one, until there's not enough people to maintain the cycle and it dies off at last.
Eimi Choi
Eimi Choi Aylar önce
My favourite Dolores theories are that she couldn't tell *where* he was, because she hears everything from everywhere all the time anyway. That, and she was just super invested in his telenovelas 😂
snowangelnc Aylar önce
There's a series of videos someone did, "Dolores listening to Bruno's rat novelas." In one of them he ends with a commercial telling Dolores that he's out of avocados. In the comments we had "I forgot to feed Bruno, no no no, I forgot to feed Bruno."
kathilisi Aylar önce
Right, and also I think that with her hearing ALL the voices, maybe unsure of her own sanity, and desperate to be as useful as the other gifted children in her family, she wasn't going to admit to hearing a voice nobody else wanted her to hear.
Commander5AM Aylar önce
Bruno is like an Absol, they appear to people to warn them about disaster but people think they're the ones causing said disasters, so they're often shunned away and looked upon with fear. Also no one ever talks about how Bruno was literally right there behind the wall whilst they were singing a song about not talking about him and all the terrible things he's done and that he's this 7ft monster who seals your fates and revels in it.
eigow ou
eigow ou Aylar önce
"Of course, it's exhausting having to constantly be different things for other people," and that one hit me HARD!
O. Demi
O. Demi 19 gün önce
I would love to watch a sequel to this movie because it's interesting how Bruno would fit in this family and what he triplets' relationship would be like; I would also love to see the true colors of Isabela and the new version of Luisa (maybe Luisa's love story?) & the new dynamics between the three sisters.
- [ S O F F Y ]-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
"To heal the family, you gotta heal the family" such wise words. Gotta agree with that, usually the problem in family isn't just one I love that they said not to talk about Bruno, and at the end they all talk about Bruno. Just like us. Such a wholesome and heartwarming animated movie
Window4503 Aylar önce
The “she’s his aunt so it’s forbidden” is a reference to 100 Years of Solitude, the inspiration for this movie. The book has a TON of incest.
M G Sanz
M G Sanz 2 gün önce
It also has an indecent amount of Aurelianos
Gaz 16 gün önce
Ah well that's just classic Disney for you
Silent°Raven 17 gün önce
@Caitlin McCloud ikr...good grief
bluelfsuma 18 gün önce
I don't know if I wanted to know that...
Broadway Brook
Broadway Brook 22 gün önce
Window4503: Ohhh! That makes a lot of sense! I read some fun facts and watched this video of the cultural inspiration for "Encanto": "100 Years of Solitude," but I just assumed the "she's his aunt so it's forbidden" thing was just something based off of a telenovella or something.
Yamileth de Leon
Yamileth de Leon 25 gün önce
Dolores actually had mentioned that Bruno was there in the “We don’t talk about Bruno” song. She says “I can hear him now” 2 times. So TECHNICALLY it’s not a plot hole. Though I understand what you mean because she didn’t directly tell other people. Loved the video as always 🥰.
Breana Williams
Breana Williams 25 gün önce
Dolores is my favorite character! I think it's so interesting/sad that she literally hears everything and every secret from miles away but she's the most soft spoken and often isn't listened to by her family. She clear says/sings in "we don't talk about Bruno" that she can hear him right now. But she's once again drowned out by her family. The only person that seems to actually listen to her is her brother.
Cheers everyone
Cheers everyone Gün önce
When you talked about about black sheep, it reminds me of myself. Somehow, Encanto is a fictional movie but I was living like that at some point of my life. I used to live at the roof, the sheet was cold, everything was cold. I used to see the rest of the family eating together, talking and laughing and I kinda wanted the same thing so I always indulged in Fantasies. I used to think that if I didn't exist, my family won't suffer. I liked my family a lot even when they didn't support me with anything. I remembered each time someone acted with kindness towards me. I grew up as an orphan and I always heard the words "it was because of you" "you are the one who caused this, that". At some point, I realized it wasn't because of me. It was just that I was an outsider. Outsiders would always stay outsiders even if they grew up with a family. I was like that. So I left. And actually, I saw their lives getting better. But at least, I know it's not my fault. It just happened that my father died and my mother gave up on us.
Catherine K
Catherine K 6 gün önce
Getting through being the identified patient was so hard. Absolutely everyone blamed me for everything. Even appliances breaking while I was at school. I identified so hard with Bruno. But then I was also expected to be Luisa.
Staccatostorm Aylar önce
Dolores is a really reserved person for a “gossiper”. She calmly watched the whole family (including her parents and brother) cheering for the engagement that was breaking her heart. But IMO she kept quiet about Bruno firstly because the thought made her mother terrified and secondly because she was afraid if she’d told them, the family would have really made Bruno leave
Pierwiastek z 293
Pierwiastek z 293 28 gün önce
I think Dolores tried to tell at least some people about Bruno, but people either didn't want to listen (because we don't talk about Bruno) or they'd straight up tell her it's impossible. Pepa would tell her to not mention "that person", Felix would tell her to not irritate mother, Camilo would turn that into a joke, Antonio doesn't even know Bruno's story and I don't think Dolores had guts to talk with Abuela personally. And this would be further reinforced by what says to Camilo in "All of you" - her sentence and reaction only makes sense if she tried to tell Camilo, but he didn't believe her then. After being flat out rejected when speaking the truth, she'd naturally stop trying to tell anyone. Then Mirabel came in asking about Bruno, so Dolores tried to tell her, but at the same time she needed to protect herself from being hurt again and she goes on with this weird "tell without telling" by using present tense. She might have even used present subconsciously, like, it was natural for her to talk about Bruno in present, because she can hear him all the time.
Nick the Pick
Nick the Pick Aylar önce
I like to imagine she knew he never left, but never said anything out of love and respect for him. After all, if she can hear anything, it's not out of the question Bruno knew that she knew. It's also possible that he talks to himself a lot, which can reveal a lot about yourself, so Dolores knew he was genuine. She just can't contain secrets or withhold information if prodded or in certain circumstances.
Tiffanie Aylar önce
My theory is that Delores's real gift is listening...except Abuela misinterpreted it and made her into a gossip....but when left to her own devices she's actually quite reserved.
institches27 Aylar önce
@Teesh W That's a cool interpretation too!
Teesh W
Teesh W Aylar önce
@institches27 I wonder if she just got too tired of keeping so many secrets. At least this secret she knows for a fact
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
I love your analysis of the movies and therapy aspects, but it's even more special when you clearly LOVE the movie your analyzing! Thanks for this video. 🤗
Saucy Serg
Saucy Serg Aylar önce
Awww man, I thought Alan was a bit quiet this time around. I loved hearing the theories on Dolores. Hope you get some rest soon!
Naili`s channel
Naili`s channel Gün önce
I have heard the family members represents our internal parts and Bruno is the traumatized part. When you put it in that perspective everything makes much more sense, I think.
calcium12 Aylar önce
I'd love to see you guys react to Treasure Planet! It's one of my favourite movies ever since I was a kid, and I appreciate it even more now that I'm an adult and can understand some of the more nuanced elements like Jim's behaviour due to his father leaving, etc.
Nacho Cabrera
Nacho Cabrera Aylar önce
5:23 I totally agree with that. After thinking about it, I realized not one person in the song described Bruno as just an outcast, like, "He was banned from our house because (insert reason)", instead they make him sound like some kind of urban legend- more specifically a horror story- because they assumed he was causing the bad stuff he predicted without a second thought. 12:10 Am I the only one who thinks Bruno low-key looks like he has PTSD due to everyone always blaming him for all the bad stuff he foresaw?
agenttheater5 Saatler önce
It's always interesting to watch reactions to the movie or to the song 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' and see what their reaction will be. Sometimes "so he's causing bad stuff to happen", sometimes it's "hey you asked him, he told you", sometimes it's "so he gives bad visions to some, good visions to others? That's not fair", sometimes it's "but why are you hating on him? He didn't cause any of that"
kayakr17 22 gün önce
8:50 honestly, one of my favorite parts of this movie is that the whole thing feels like a theater production. Not even just the musical numbers but a lot of the blocking and so on gives me that feeling as well in a weird way.
Stellart 5 gün önce
The whole identified patient thing has me thinking: was I the identified patient? My parents tried to get along as best as possible, but arguments were few and far between. But as soon as I left home (I'm the oldest of three) for college, everything fell apart. My parents said they were gonna stay together at least til my youngest brother's HS graduation but they split up a month after I started college. As a child, I was the child diagnosed with vision issues and learning disabilities so it's possible that they continued to see me as the identified patient. This is just going off what you said about the child acting up and the fighting stops. My youngest brother was the one who would act out but I was the one most likely to be held accountable. Everything I did had to be prefaced with "what will I get lectured on if I do this?" mind you I didn't act out, not on purpose anyway. Not a formal diagnosis, just an interesting thought that wouldn't have occurred without this video.
Rebecca Robson
Rebecca Robson 25 gün önce
This whole thing just makes me so happy. I love the analysis, I love the friendship between the two specialities. It makes my heart happy.
Donald Wert
Donald Wert Aylar önce
I wondered why I kept re-watching this video and realized that the phrase "this family" really triggers me because I heard it so much growing up, usually in the context of one or the other of us "not caring about THIS FAMILY" when we did or didn't so something. So many relatable things.
Gabriele Martins
Gabriele Martins 6 gün önce
What I find really amazing in the song is how different generations has different views based on how much they actually know about Bruno. Pepa gives facts "Bruno says it looks like rain", "married in a hurricane", facts. Dolores describes more about emotions, as if she doesn't really remember Bruno's actions (probably because she was young when he left) but she remember the results of those actions, emotionally speaking. Camillo by other hand, the youngest, probably remember what people said about Bruno way more than he remember tha real Bruno, so he just describes that 7 foot frame thing.
Aetherguard 2 gün önce
I can relate to Bruno on every level possible. I have tried to find something about the character of Bruno that I cannot identify with and, other than their racial heritage, we are the same.
Cat Lover222
Cat Lover222 Aylar önce
I love how he’s described as having a “7-foot frame”, when he’s actually the shortest of the triplets. Again, dehumanizing and making him more threatening than he actually is.
Coffee Bean87
Coffee Bean87 Aylar önce
@Maya Yeah, I agree that Camilo’s portrayal of Bruno is based in part on how big Bruno must have appeared to Camilo back when he was a small five year old. It’s almost akin to revisiting a place that you haven’t been to since you were very young and noticing how much smaller it is than you remember.
Cat Lover222
Cat Lover222 Aylar önce
@LittleHobbit13 Love the reference!
LittleHobbit13 Aylar önce
Peter: "I remember you being a lot bigger." Hook: "To a 10 year old I'm huge."
Maya Aylar önce
Also Camilo is the same age as Mirabel so he was quite young when Bruno left leading him to perceive Bruno larger than he actually is
Claire Oliva
Claire Oliva Aylar önce
Something I noticed was that Bruno is described my his family as a monster with a "seven foot frame". When, in reality, Bruno is the complete opposite. He's shorter than both of his sisters, thin, skinny, and not at all scary. From his nervous and innocently excited tones of voice to being about Maribel's short height he's definitely not a monster. I think that this shows how over time the "story", "nightmare", or "legend" of Bruno just got more and more exaggerated until this guy who is meek and selfless and physically quite small turns into a monster who "feasts on your screams".
Gul D'Cat
Gul D'Cat 19 gün önce
"...when we're dealing with other people, we're much more optimistic." I love this, and it's so true for many. I started writing to "a friend"; he's exactly like me in every way, his life has been the same, he suffers the same things, makes the same mistakes, and struggles with everything I struggle with. When I journal, he's writing to me asking for help, or just a kind ear, or maybe constructive criticism, and invariably I provide him with a much more compassionate and caring response than I would ever have given myself. To anyone who struggles with being a massive dick to themselves, I'd recommend trying the above. Get a grotty little notepad and a pen and, when you have a question, ask "your friend". :)
Bathing In Acheron
Bathing In Acheron Aylar önce
I watched this movie with my ex(we're still close friends) last year, and I remember tearing up so much at that shot with Bruno's table on the other side of the wall. I grew up with social communications disorder and depression, and my entire family treated me like the identified patient. I thought Bruno was just going to be revealed to be a swell and misunderstood guy and that was it, but I was not expecting to relate to him THAT much. To this very day no one in my family, except my siblings, accept me. As I got older I met people like my ex and various other close friends who feel like the family I always wanted
Tyra x3
Tyra x3 14 gün önce
It's unbelievable how you are able to make me tear up with just one sentence. "Every gift helps your family. Or can. But if your family doesn't value it and doesn't understand it, that's on them, not on you." Now I'm sitting here, crying, feeling finally seen. I'm glad that I found your channel all that time ago. Thank you for everything.
Mark Ritzman
Mark Ritzman Aylar önce
My favorite “theory” about why Dolores doesn’t spill the beans about Bruno is from a series of TikTok sketches by Nicque Marina where Dolores is listening to the rat telenovelas, and she wants to hear what happens next.
Marzipancutter 13 gün önce
@Akira Chaos Suta I mean, it's the whole point that they're not supposed to mention him, and it's especially taboo in her branch of the family. I didn't really get why it's a plothole that she doesn't talk about him when they have a whole song about how it's forbidden.
Jack Whitbread
Jack Whitbread 15 gün önce
My favourite theory is that Delores also has a gift that could be classified more as a curse than an actual gift and she has a deep empathy for Bruno because she understands his pain
tcrpgfan 19 gün önce
That makes so much sense. If she reveals the secret, she loses her precious telenovelas!
Raina Ramsay
Raina Ramsay 27 gün önce
@Akira Chaos Suta Yeah, I think Dolores gave up trying to get anyone to listen to her. Years ago.
Annie Papaz (musicaddictor)
YES! That's absolutely my headcanon too!
Steph Aylar önce
This one hit home, thanks again guys for combining two of my favourite things into one gloriously fun time! 😄❤
Drew AR
Drew AR Aylar önce
Thanks so much CT Team for making this video and all your videos! I LOVE THEM, keep up the great work!! I'd like to add to the discourse that there are some strong parallels between Bruno's Journey and many LGBTQ+ Peoples' Journeys. For example, Bruno was born into a family with a Gift that he had no choice in how it was going to manifest. And very unfortunately for him, his Gift, in general, was perceived to be hurting others, even though it never actually was. And the "hurt" his Gift "caused" included hurting the townspeople, his own family members whom he loved, as well as hurting the family's reputation. As a result, he was gradually ostracised and shamed-out of his own family that he loved and didn't want to leave (his painted dinner plate always breaks my heart). Even his relationship with his Gift became fearful as he vowed to and stopped using it for a long time because of the misguided association between his Gift and hurting others, something he learned from the flaws in his own family and their system. He was even eventually (quite erroneously) vilified in the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno", which became both the Family's Internal and External Narrative about him in his absence. A narrative that he had no say in, but was perpetuated by his loved ones, as well as the townspeople, onto younger generations. Cuz both inside and outside the family, literally everyone knew that "We Don't Talk About Bruno"....although the younger generations (like Mirabel) never know exactly why. They just learn that that's the convention. Sort of like with Church-going families and/or families with a strong/robust extended family life. If someone is revealed to be gay in a less progressive family, if the Queer Person is not immediately kicked out of their homes/families and are allowed to stay, their gayness/sexuality/romantic lives are often not spoken about at all, both within the family and outside. This leads to a feeling of being there, but also not being there, perhaps more accurately...unable to be there, in a real, meaningful, authentic and significant way. You are restricted from fully showing up. Much like Bruno was there, but unseen, still quietly supporting the family (patching up the cracks) behind the scenes by keeping himself hidden. All these Parallels are especially true within Families of Colour, be it from all the Americas, to the Caribbean, to all the way across the entire world. I mean, y'all, come on, who doesn't have (or at least know of) those older unmarried Aunts and/or Uncles, whose unwed status is just understood and never brought up by the family? Or those Aunts and Uncles who live with long-term Roommates? Or those Aunts and Uncles the family just doesn't talk to anymore? Lastly, it also does not surprise me one bit that Bruno's lyrics at the end (when he fiiinallly gets the chance to set his own narrative) connected to Elsa with the "...Let it Snow, Let it Goooooo". I mean, Elsa who is also another strongly Queer-Paralleled Character, perhaps Disney's most Prominent? It would not surprise me in any way if both Bruno and Elsa are revealed to be Queer later on, when the world is more ready for it. That concludes my Bruno-LGBTQ Parallel. I hope it makes sense and that the idea is able to land. Please take care and be well everyone 🙏
Rodrigo Garduño
Rodrigo Garduño Aylar önce
I'm totally in favor of mental health. It's just very interesting how in english, mental health (emotions) and mental disorders (AKA schizophrenia) are not well differentiated from each other. In Mexico, for example, we mark the difference between mental disorders and emotional problems, which are often not in the same realm of the mind. Must be hard for the emotional suffering in the US to consider themselves not as mentally sick people that need medication, but people that suffered emotional trauma and nobody helped them to get through it properly.
SS.Surprise Aylar önce
I'd say they aren't separated in English because emotions affect mental health disorders and they tend to bleed into each other. Schizophrenic symptoms for instance often get worse under stress. Or stress can trigger the development of schizophrenia. Depression can be brought on by dire circumstances making things feel constantly terrible and may sometimes be lifted when circumstances improve so your feelings improve (depends on the cause of the depression though). And often unresolved trauma results in trauma-based mental health disorders like PTSD because it is unresolved. Talking therapy is mostly helpful really because feelings impact mental health conditions because when a therapist makes you feel secure, safe and confident, you can more easily confront scary memories and thoughts and overcome trauma. You don't need to be avoidant if you feel safe and confident and less afraid.
BlackPiano Aylar önce
The explanation for Dolores not telling anyone about Bruno is that she was scared to talk about him. Throughout the course of Encanto, it became increasingly clear that Abuela Alma's expectations were creating tension within the Madrigals. She says in the song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”: ‘Hey, grew to live in fear of Bruno stuttering or stumbling I can always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling I associate him with the sound of falling sand, ch-ch-ch It's a heavy lift with a gift so humbling Always left Abuela and the family fumbling Grappling with prophecies they couldn't understand Do you understand?’ She told Mirabel she could hear him.
Rachel Noel
Rachel Noel Aylar önce
The Bruno scene that made me cry was at the river. He was already the black sheep and he was willing to take more punishment from the family to protect Mirabel. It really made me think of my Mom, the black sheep of her family, trying her best to protect me and my brothers from what she'd gone through.
Tiph Aylar önce
@Michael Chui the jungle was right there. He could have easily hidden. He chose bravery.
Michael Chui
Michael Chui Aylar önce
Well, in fairness, his hiding spot had also just collapsed around him, so he'd already been forced out into the open. It's a smaller step from that to deciding to reveal yourself.
ZeldaWolf2000 Aylar önce
I know right! The man isolated himself in the walls for 10 years to protect his knees, then, although he doesn't need to, he still throws himself at his mom, the first time he seen her in a decade, to take the fall for literally the house falling apart. He's taking the fall for everything even though he doesn't have to. I love this man so much! I wanna hug him!
ZeldaWolf2000 Aylar önce
@Coletta Karnick I know right! You can hear the same with Alma, when she says that Bruno doesn't care about the family. They love each other so much, they just can't express it and shits getting in the way! God I love this movie so much! Bruno is the best!
Coletta Karnick
Coletta Karnick Aylar önce
Especially the part where he says "I don't care what you think of me." You can clearly hear the pain in his voice slip through. Great job from Leguizamo for this performance.
Marianne Poirier
Marianne Poirier Aylar önce
I heard a theory I love about why Dolores didn't tell anyone about Bruno; she actually wants the magic to end. She's got one of the worst powers you could get, she never has a moment of peace and quiet to herself, and this is backed up by the fact that when the door's magic works when Cassita is rebuilt, she is the only one sad on the picture. It seems too big to be a coincidence.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 13 gün önce
The reason I heard for why Deloris didn't talk about hearing Bruno was actually because she did at first but gave up trying. Maybe no one believes her that he was still there and/or perhaps it was just that no one wanted to hear it and she eventually just stopped trying to tell anyone.
"To heal the family, you gotta heal the family" such wise words. Gotta agree with that, usually the problem in family isn't just one I love that they said not to talk about Bruno, and at the end they all talk about Bruno. Just like us. Such a wholesome and heartwarming animated movie
Jan Pales
Jan Pales Aylar önce
Encanto was SUCH a lovable and amazingly relatable movie, the time in which it got released was like rain after a drought. ^^ thank you for your thoughts on the matter!
bookmasterharry Aylar önce
I would like to say that it has been confirmed that Bruno's room changed as how he viewed himself and the town viewed him. the more he started to isolate himself, the more his tower isolated him in a self perpetuating cycle.
Romacrunch 26 gün önce
@I_prefer_the_term_antihero . in the first scene of the movie, when abuela alma was describing the backstory to casita, the movie shows bruno's door between pepa and julieta's doors. they might be referring to that
I_prefer_the_term_antihero .
Wait WHAT?! That is so cool and fascinating. Do you have a link to where that was confirmed?
Coda Blair
Coda Blair Aylar önce
And eventually it got to the point where he completely isolated himself from everybody which caused the room to lose its connection to Casita. Also it's probably not just his tower itself but the location of it too. At first it seemed to be together with Julietta and Pepa's yet is now all alone in that hallway.
Mr. Dio
Mr. Dio 3 gün önce
The most concerning part of bruno's self imposed isolation is that fact that not only that he's making tv shows for himself to imagine, but that he has gotten to the point that his idea of a romance soap opera is straight up incest. that's deeply concerning, and I'm surprised neither of them point this out.
SerenityM16 Aylar önce
8:00 I adore Dolores’s little squeaks, which apparently culturally translate to “but that’s none of my business” lol
Orlenca De La Cruz
Orlenca De La Cruz 2 gün önce
The thing I love most about this channel besides the professionals giving their prospective is the comments, you can learn so much just from the comments alone. This community is great. ❤️
Cinema Therapy
Cinema Therapy 15 saatler önce
We love our comments section and community. Thank you for being part of it!
Rebecca Fletcher
Rebecca Fletcher 20 gün önce
This made me cry. I blamed myself for everything for my whole childhood. I have worked really hard. But part of me still believes that I am bad. Thank you for helping me understand it wasn't. I love you guys so much 💗 💓 ❤ 💛 💜
jaylecia davila
jaylecia davila Aylar önce
I believe that Dalores didn't tell anyone about Bruno because she was afraid to. Everyone in the family was treated according to their gift. So as someone who heard everything and knew everything in the family she probably was told to "shhhhh" a lot growing up. Now as an adult she is afraid to speak up about anything. That is why she never speaks above a whisper. The only time you see her break is when she blurts out that the magic is dying during dinner.
NecrochildK Aylar önce
@RainAngel111 I think she was probably more eager to speak about it because she knew he was still around and she'd been holding onto that secret for so long. So to know someone else has gone digging into his business, she's pretty much ready to burst.
RainAngel111 Aylar önce
Yeah the fact she bursts out with this secret during the dinner just breaks any consistency in Dolores character for me. Either she's great at keeping secrets or she can't keep a secret to save her life. Sure the thing about the magic dying was important, but was it really necessary to burst out with it at dinner? That's not in character with someone who keeps secrets. I think she just didn't mention it because "we don't talk about Bruno" was too harshly ingrained in her.
Remy Havoc
Remy Havoc Aylar önce
I could agree but there's always one scene that infuriated me. And it's that scene where Mirabel was trying her best not to tell anyone about Bruno's vision and Dolores told everyone. I also don't know why tf Felix thought it would be a great idea to tell Pepa of all people 🤦
cirix Aylar önce
I definitely agree that she probably kept silent out of fear especially since she was still a child when Bruno disappeared (I think around 10- 13 years old). At that age kids are still very impressionable and tend to hide problems or situations that they think would make adults angry. and she's probably extra sensitive to people being angry since people tend to yell when angry which would be extremely painful to someone with super hearing.
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