The Wrecked 379 Peterbilt is Back!

Westen Champlin
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We bring back wrecked 379 Peterbilt and shes gets some new stacks!
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Song: Thomas Gresen - Let Me Fall (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
Video Link: trvid.com/video/video-FZytqehKXZg.html

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20 Oca 2020




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Zachary Hinton
Zachary Hinton Aylar önce
1989 truck
Jessica G
Jessica G Aylar önce
This is rubber duck
Patrick Sandler
Patrick Sandler Aylar önce
Nothing better than Chroming out your rig .
Frank Lackie
Frank Lackie Aylar önce
Should have some bull horns on the hood
Sonny Raine
Sonny Raine Aylar önce
Why isn’t this monetized
Warren Barber
Warren Barber Aylar önce
You know what you should have gotten for a hood ornament? A pig with wings! My dad has one on his rig
Kayla Gundrum
Kayla Gundrum Aylar önce
Anne Kryzak
Anne Kryzak 2 aylar önce
Change your name to shade tree
Joshua Ferguson
Joshua Ferguson 2 aylar önce
bull dog hood ornaments look better on mack model b they look like bull dogs so we callem mack bull dogs
Cody Hoffman
Cody Hoffman 3 aylar önce
My eyes are shining
Matt Pine
Matt Pine 4 aylar önce
I wanna see you do a video with whistling Diesel
Todd King
Todd King 4 aylar önce
:20 "How could I get so much junk?" /// Gee, I don't know, maybe it could be from you constantly throwing everything (excuse me, expertly cataloging) onto the floor? Just an idea.
Arthur Bradley
Arthur Bradley 5 aylar önce
sure that pete hadn`t connected with the shop? looks like an accident scene.
Kirk Griffin
Kirk Griffin 5 aylar önce
Are going to sell the pete
Sal1n1ty 7 aylar önce
You have an inventory system I can get behind.
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand 7 aylar önce
“I know theyre made in canada! You can still smel the maple syrup and mooses” Im canadian and i have a bit of a problem. Even being canadian, i dont know if plural moose is mooses or meese like goose and geese.
Elijah Touhey
Elijah Touhey 7 aylar önce
Where do you live
GoldenGrizzlyGaming 7 aylar önce
Is it wierd that i drooled when he opened the stack
Dominic Summonte
Dominic Summonte 8 aylar önce
There both cracked hahaha
Sarah Gibson
Sarah Gibson 9 aylar önce
9:07 why is your girlfriend over there making all that noise 🤣🤣🤣😂
Logan Minniear
Logan Minniear 10 aylar önce
those abnds on the air filter need to be painted the blue of the truck!
O S K 10 aylar önce
we all know he never had a girlfriend xd
Black Weed
Black Weed 11 aylar önce
Dany plays
Dany plays 11 aylar önce
Imagine he rents the truck to someone then it lt rolls again
Andy Rivas
Andy Rivas 11 aylar önce
louis hauenschild
louis hauenschild 11 aylar önce
Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei Yıl önce
12:35 - You guys are friendly enough that you could easily pass as Canadians. 16:26 - Man, you guys laid that new, shiny, chrome pipe on gravel, with no padding or rags to protect it ? Man, you damn kids......
Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei Yıl önce
Having difficulty putting your mirrors together? You must have bought them from Ikea.
Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei Yıl önce
1:20 - "I've been nappin'." ......Nappin' Auto Parts.
Rick Morrow
Rick Morrow Yıl önce
Bulldog is forr a MACK
smorcr Yıl önce
is that a dent on the door ?
Jeece Kid
Jeece Kid Yıl önce
Why dose westen have so much girl friends
O S K 10 aylar önce
haha he wish xd
Kael Morris
Kael Morris Yıl önce
I like it weston
Paul Peters
Paul Peters Yıl önce
We so not say eh or bud like that🇨🇦
Trucking Fluffy
Trucking Fluffy Yıl önce
That swan ornament is for KW not for peterbilt
Kenworth Headquarters
What you should do to the blue peterbilt is take off the headlights and but flat blinker and then lower the semi and then blue under-glow
Th3AlienMan Yıl önce
Now that’s a truck. Quad horns and stack
Maxpower36912 Yıl önce
Whaddyall doin?? Shnoodling with your stacks?
Lucas MacMillan
Lucas MacMillan Yıl önce
😂🤣 I can’t stop laughing he said. Made in Canada you can still smell the maple syrup and moose’s haha 🤣😂 I’m going to remember that saying haha
Pete Blake
Pete Blake Yıl önce
If you don't mind me asking what was your total for for the rebuild will truck purchase included. By ,you doing the work yourself, that's a lot of shop labor I was just trying to get some like that wrapped around my head if the price is right.
twodollarboy06 Yıl önce
Has anyone noticed him calling it a peterbelt lol
Jeannie Bohannon
Jeannie Bohannon Yıl önce
Too much Adderall!!
Shane Hurenkamp
Shane Hurenkamp Yıl önce
Why didn't you repair any of the body damage to the cabin at all. I notice the large dent in the drivers door and also the dent on the drivers side rear of the cabin in between the sleeper
NightOwl Yıl önce
Im not a huge fan of peterbilt but that one looks nice
Fatdaddy 45
Fatdaddy 45 Yıl önce
Swans don't fly
Marcos Tirado
Marcos Tirado Yıl önce
I wish they put some red and and orange flames
Andres Weinman
Andres Weinman Yıl önce
Fatty likes to pick in "taxi driver" at least he can release his feelings ❤
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Yıl önce
Don't forget headlights😵
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Yıl önce
Cut that pipe twice and it's still too short😝
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Yıl önce
I'm trying to watch this video but I'm scared you guys are going to keep goofin around and scratch it.🤔
Paul Holley
Paul Holley Yıl önce
still smell the syrup and moose 😂
Hector Muñoz
Hector Muñoz Yıl önce
Your awsome dude heres a fan from Puerto Rico!!!!
Jerred Wayne
Jerred Wayne Yıl önce
Damn bud. Shoulda fixed them dents in the driver door
Seth Porrini
Seth Porrini Yıl önce
Driver’s side step is tucked in for the night, needs to be woke up to drive.
InphazeGaze 2
InphazeGaze 2 Yıl önce
I love your humor and personality it's a lot like mine and your built like you just I'm 13 and I love your videos KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Prod Meza
Prod Meza Yıl önce
Put a cat in that mine got a c16 cat 800hp
Me Me
Me Me Yıl önce
That wasn't three inches that was an inch and 3/4
Trevor Crumbey
Trevor Crumbey Yıl önce
You should put a lift axle
bernhard85 Yıl önce
The cameraman needs to get some more on screen time hes funny and cool :) not that i don't like everyone else but I feel like the whole team should be on screen :) he needs to quit being shy haha :) much love guys I love the content been a fan for a long time :)
Shawn Jarvis
Shawn Jarvis Yıl önce
People are just jealous you have a big blue beautiful Peterbilt and they're stuck driving crappy Kenworths LOL
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark Yıl önce
What's with the bricknose Ford in the background at 5:13?
dr. two
dr. two Yıl önce
You remind me of my grandfather he recently passed but he was a truck driver 2 we called him the old Indian he made really weird jokes like you God bless you dude and watching your videos about your blue Peterbilt brings back memories of me and my pap doing a thing called hooking and booking it's where we was hooked up that like Safeway's yard and then book on down to Marysville
Platinum Gold
Platinum Gold Yıl önce
you should do bright white LEDs all around the best 👍 the truck would look more sexy
The Cadenheads
The Cadenheads Yıl önce
Can you please do a kenworth w900
D-wade transportation
Where do you buy your stacks?
Whitetails And Peterbilts Dylan
What do you do with the truck then you re sell them or you put them to use
Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes Yıl önce
Where did you order your stacks from??
Tyrone Harper
Tyrone Harper Yıl önce
"Just because somethings bent has never stopped us before." yeah, we know that after seeing Weyland touch your massive pipe.
You Cant HandleTruth
beloitbeags Yıl önce
You using like a go pro, or just a cell phone to video?
TheRedPanda Yıl önce
I'm guessing both( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Cliff Davies
Cliff Davies Yıl önce
Pity about the 2 big dents on the drivers door, one above the door handle, and one below top mirror mount. Why did you not polish all the chrome bits before installing. Then it would’ve looked mint. Under the hood and fenders painted?? Enjoyed watching all episodes, thanks for sharing 😃👍
Ренбо сертса
Budlay chikin
Luis Placencio
Luis Placencio Yıl önce
I used to work on a garage for heavy equipment and a Peterbilt was the powerful trailer we had, amazing power
Peter Elvins
Peter Elvins Yıl önce
Great fun to watch!
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn Yıl önce
Thank you for the fenders... that's man sh... stuff
banshee2014 Yıl önce
It would be nice if the Ex Owner of this truck gets to see it come back together 👍
Joe McCausland
Joe McCausland Yıl önce
Just found this channel. It's so entertaining I love it!
HHfisherman Yıl önce
Why u making fun of my country, a
emilio gonzalez
emilio gonzalez Yıl önce
Where's the place well in the you bought the stacks from
Azim az
Azim az Yıl önce
Now stack r on shoulda turned it on man really was waiting for the sound
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Yıl önce
How much for all the parts buddy i love your videos
Trucker Hezekiah
Trucker Hezekiah Yıl önce
A swan hood ornament is a symbol of good luck and protection for a trucker
tom graham
tom graham Yıl önce
Truck looks good, choice of music sucks!
Martin Duarte
Martin Duarte Yıl önce
You whant to do it you can DO-IT !!! Nice job..WESTERN!!!!
Sruli Stock
Sruli Stock Yıl önce
You should have edited. First opening the box of the new air filter and then him throwing the old one down on the floor right after
DocBaker69 Yıl önce
dady big
dady big Yıl önce
Good paint job
John Urbanski
John Urbanski Yıl önce
Great series love theses guys.a man wit a plan.....
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
Fire up your buffer on those air breather cans.......
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
What year is the square Chevy; it looks like between 73 & 79???????
[] Yıl önce
I binge watched a dude rebuild a truck, did I get the work I was supposed to do done?. No. Was it worth it ? Yes.
Cub Cadet
Cub Cadet Yıl önce
Just have to take the sleeper off
Nate Ruiz
Nate Ruiz Yıl önce
Cummins mustang yayyy!!! Peter built gayyy!!!!
AngeliqueKaga Yıl önce
Miles Dozier
Miles Dozier Yıl önce
Scottie Bolin
Scottie Bolin Yıl önce
I believe it's going to be a good-looking peterbilt I really like the color it's hard to bett a 379 you should change the lights on the back of the breathers remove the 4 and replace it with eight I'm jealous lol
Scottie Bolin
Scottie Bolin Yıl önce
You got it looking great man
James Rosati
James Rosati Yıl önce
Man you guys are my kind of people to work with Peterbilt looking good bro
John Gooch
John Gooch Yıl önce
Try the Iowa80 website for the bull hood ornament.
Aaron Grabowski
Aaron Grabowski Yıl önce
Ha ha. Wayland says”Oh its used!!!”
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