THE WORST BUS DRIVER IN THE WORLD!!! - THE BUS (Steering Wheel + Shifter) Gameplay

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9 Eyl 2021




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K3BAB Yıl önce
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Hoà Khánh
Hoà Khánh 12 gün önce
Norah Manda
Norah Manda 15 gün önce
@GAME GAMERZ GG ya whic game is this
Wael Ezat
Wael Ezat Aylar önce
Tameara  Hargrove
Tameara Hargrove Aylar önce
U drive like in real life wow bro
Immacolata Margiotta
Immacolata Margiotta 2 aylar önce
Not Your Usual Suspect
I'm impressed with the passengers being able to walk off the bus.. Hardcore passengers! Good ride
Edmund Gluszonek
Edmund Gluszonek 2 aylar önce
GAMER ON TOP 5 aylar önce
ALxdCr4ftPlays Yıl önce
You drove so well! Running red lights, crashing, failing to always indicate, driving the wrong way, and tooting your horn unnecessary. What happens when you work split shifts and weekends and paid low income for horrible hours. Why is there so much traffic? Everyone should be at work. Lol.
Abdele Aylar önce
It was not crashing
Tameara  Hargrove
Tameara Hargrove Aylar önce
Khalid Bsharat
Khalid Bsharat Aylar önce
Khalid Bsharat
Khalid Bsharat Aylar önce
@Roblox and TRvid man omg
RAININGLY 3 aylar önce
@DEKMERZ yeah.. heavyweight driver 😂
That_Bot_6252 Aylar önce
average bus driver in greece 💀💀💀
daw daw
daw daw Aylar önce
i think there is ticket machines in the seating area
Opykliptz 7 aylar önce
This man is legally the best driver. He ran almost every single red light and failed 5 times to get his drivers license. Now this is a REAL man EDIT: Holy shit I've never gotten this many likes before
Opykliptz Aylar önce
@Tameara Hargrove 112
Tameara  Hargrove
Tameara Hargrove Aylar önce
@Sunnyvsxge 100 now lol
Sunnyvsxge Aylar önce
C_H_A_D_______ Aylar önce
@Tameara Hargrove and 1 like for you too
Tameara  Hargrove
Tameara Hargrove Aylar önce
@C_H_A_D_______ one like for u lol
Counterpoints 4 aylar önce
Yet with all the misdemeanors (and felonies aside), this driver made to almost every stop (reminds of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer said he made all the stops while fighting off hijackers).
Limi 7 aylar önce
7:16 the way how you realistically acted to be annoyed at the driver is just 🤩
Normal gamer
Normal gamer Aylar önce
Average bus driver in ohio 💀
shushymushers64 Aylar önce
You drove so well! Btw what game is this
K3BAB Aylar önce
The Bus on steam
Asmongold's Mouth
Asmongold's Mouth 3 aylar önce
You drove like any other bus driver I've ever seen. But the biggest problem was the shifter is on the wrong side of your steering wheel.
刘本 Aylar önce
DanKudYT 3 aylar önce
You drove so well! Running red lights, crashing, failing to always indicate, driving the wrong way, and tooting your horn unnecessary. What happens when you work split shifts and weekends and paid low income for horrible hours. Why is there so much traffic? Everyone should be at work. Lol.
SR3 10 aylar önce
You absolutely showed me why I should wear a seatbelt 😂
K3BAB 10 aylar önce
SOPM2007 9 aylar önce
LMAO so hard ;-D You did a great job, I sure would trust you. Going over red is no problem, as this prevents lateness - just find your way to cross traffic. We'll overlook the one crash. All a matter of practice ;)
Brook Tu
Brook Tu Yıl önce
This was so much more fun than it should have been. Hilarious
1ns4ne1d10t 2 aylar önce
I worked as a real time bus driver and I still work as a real coach driver today. I can confirm that your simulator driving designed for youtube comedy and entertainment value isn't the worst I have witnessed in real life from real passenger carrying professional drivers. They can be as bad if not worse then your entertainment driving. As scary as this may sound I have seen it.
Tameara  Hargrove
Tameara Hargrove Aylar önce
And u gotta be patient for red lights
crispybacon11 Yıl önce
All I see is someone who knows how to drive a bus and is good at it keep up the good job!
D'Angelo Hartley
D'Angelo Hartley 10 aylar önce
As a public transit enthusiast, if you was my bus driver in real life, I'll be scared for my life.
K3BAB 10 aylar önce
Lyon Van Liempt
Lyon Van Liempt 2 aylar önce
i'm a bus driver myself but damn i laughed hard at this hahaha
call me 46 rider 🤟
🤣🤣🤣 funny moments gud
Scruff Mr.
Scruff Mr. Aylar önce
1:39 I saw that movie lol
Good boy Zig
Good boy Zig 5 aylar önce
Finally someone who drives in style not those slow drivers
Mahvish Babrak
Mahvish Babrak Aylar önce
9:08 the part when he crashed made me laugh so much LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
A E 5 aylar önce
You would actually considered good driver in my country's standards
numpaknini jos
numpaknini jos Aylar önce
9:06 Hahahahahah 🤣🤣
GDR_VINI 6 aylar önce
Him: Hello passengers? Passengers: 😐👍
WittleDragon Aylar önce
5:14 - That woman couldnt dive out the door fast enough to get away from your driving. rofl
Simply Viral
Simply Viral 7 aylar önce
Some dudes in Berlin do really drive like that
Pianist7137 Gaming
Pianist7137 Gaming 6 aylar önce
They should add in indonesia dlc where you get more points and credits from going faster, from what i see they drive like this over there😂
Alex Aylar önce
This is how the bus drivers of my city drive.
Ronald Mbambala
Ronald Mbambala 4 aylar önce
The best thing I like about this dude is like passing a red light and yellow light and green light doesn't listen to the signal and crashes cars
SimonPlayz. 6 aylar önce
Normal bus driver driving to a station: As slow as a freaking snail if K3BAB is the driver: 5 minutes arrive
Fatos bani
Fatos bani Aylar önce
Mission: drive in Ohio.Mission:completed
random green
random green Aylar önce
The passenger is so calm like its normal there
IsmailplayzYT Yıl önce
8:03 even the cab driver ran the red light
THEboris619KING PSN 5 aylar önce
Yeah ...no the passengers totally didnt crap themselves when you body checked that car
Dertexxx_ 6 aylar önce
The best bus driver ever, which will get you to the next stop in time
KB Jimenez
KB Jimenez 2 aylar önce
Randi Hunter
Randi Hunter Aylar önce
This guy is the bust of abayoing laws its so funny
Chris Yıl önce
You know you're going to fast when you have to take bloody racing lines in a bus 🤣🤣🤣 Needless to say I wouldn't trust bringing my kids on your bus but I'd be on in a shot myself!
K3BAB Yıl önce
Dharmesh Rathod
Dharmesh Rathod 10 aylar önce
This represents our city's city bus driver very well 😂😂
Kamryn rowe
Kamryn rowe 10 aylar önce
Yes I’m sure you would be a good bus driver lol
Yes, i would trust you as my bus driver since I can get to school and home faster.
iiamjevii Yıl önce
His driving seems like he’s been to Jamaica 🇯🇲 before 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂
Jaiden Dominic Sangco
Jaiden Dominic Sangco 4 aylar önce
9:08 imagine if you have this worst crash
Code Creator
Code Creator Yıl önce
only few people know this video could be watched in 4k.
kris 6 aylar önce
I would definitely trust you I would be having the time of my life if you were my bus driver
Wensday Mouse
Wensday Mouse 3 aylar önce
I agree
Mark B.
Mark B. 2 aylar önce
Bro you'd make the perfect bus driver in India 😂😂😂😂😂
Dark Side
Dark Side Yıl önce
Funniest sounds and text over video 🤣🤣🤣 the only video i have watched of "BUS" till the end 🤣🤣 you are best bro.. Love the way you horn, look really nervous driver 🤣🤣🤣
Dylan McCoo
Dylan McCoo 3 aylar önce
𝓛𝓲𝓷𝓸𝓧𝔃   𝓒𝓓𝓖
Hwhyi di fui gy
Malinee Chaikul
Malinee Chaikul 6 aylar önce
LdawgJ27 6 aylar önce
ensar aliu
ensar aliu 6 aylar önce
It was actually a Germany text
Kiran .A
Kiran .A Yıl önce
My College Bus driver drives just like you bruh!
淑玲 陈
淑玲 陈 Yıl önce
If i see this bus i wouldnt go on the bus cause this guy is so talented
Comrade 8 aylar önce
Change from bus driver to be *"bus racer"*
cLab2022 Yıl önce
You drive like those bus drivers from India / other Asian countries where they are honking at people and passing in the shoulder.
FaultLine Aylar önce
Playing like this is some kind of GTA mission wtf
Very aggressive bus driver, in a hurry eh?🤦🏽😭
Piko Yıl önce
Seems like a normal Indian bud driver to me
0:39 is anyone going to ignore the fact that the black car in front of the bus looks like a stock image
Tooth Paste
Tooth Paste Yıl önce
9:08 was just amazing
Jaiden Dominic Sangco
Jaiden Dominic Sangco 2 aylar önce
@J.Carter scania shoots taxi
J.Carter 7 aylar önce
Егор 8 aylar önce
iVolum Yıl önce
What is the problem??
Tooth Paste
Tooth Paste Yıl önce
@Prodbyvolkxy yeah man
Endermaster444 9 aylar önce
Bad drivers gets stuck after 1 corner. so you're "good"
Yoshiakiii David
Yoshiakiii David 6 aylar önce
7:55-8:05 I wouldn’t have not made that turn without crashing I would crash so badly
Keshav Raj
Keshav Raj Yıl önce
He's obeying traffic rules 👀
Gratz 8 aylar önce
No he just following his own rules 😈🖤
Karam Jit
Karam Jit 8 aylar önce
you r driving more dangerously than indian bus drivers
mrlegend Yıl önce
9:05 😂😂😂😂😂 funniest clip ever
Sai Sagar MR Cool
Sai Sagar MR Cool 8 aylar önce
I laughed twice dude!
HonayBaun Yıl önce
Oh yeah, I totally trust you being my bus driver
Trucker Boy
Trucker Boy 6 aylar önce
If I saw you driving my bus I'll get off it very quickly
Aleks Matlashevsky
It is a game..but have you ever seen real bus driving in india? 😄
KV-2 wotb
KV-2 wotb 6 aylar önce
Idk but i came here because i saw the beginning of the video u were speeding and hitting a car and now u entertained me i subbed 😂
richfrog Yıl önce
8:41 the moment you all waiting for
Officer Tankster
Officer Tankster Yıl önce
Is it bad that I road raged for him every time he honked or got hit?
Itemtotem 3 aylar önce
buses have rev limiters keeping them maxed at 64 mph. you can't go 80, and you now see why
David Casaño
David Casaño Yıl önce
In my country (Perú) it's normal to drive like this 🤣
K3BAB Yıl önce
PioneerTV 3 aylar önce
Wow haha professional driver I’ve never seen someone drive like how u did.
Adventure Boy
Adventure Boy Yıl önce
You would be a good bus driver but your gonna get to pay all those medical bills and red light fees cause I ain’t paying 36483$ dollars
K musics
K musics Yıl önce
this is normal for indonesia, there are 100 bus drivers just like this in indonesia.
E-Berry 4 aylar önce
I would trust you only if I'm in the bus, as I would only sustain minor injuries. But not as a pedestrian or another car driver
6X - PUBG Mobile
6X - PUBG Mobile 8 aylar önce
U can see this type of bus driving in India they r really driving like this on streets filled with people 😂😂😂
Mihlali Dondolo
Mihlali Dondolo Yıl önce
This right here is funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Love it💯
X-gamer Pro-HD ‎‏
Damn this town must be full of rich people. Literally there are 100k G wagons everywhere 😂😂
Fury Falcon
Fury Falcon 9 aylar önce
Best bus driver Guess he is an ex F1 driver takes the apex quite bueatifully and always aims for the racing line
K3BAB 9 aylar önce
Sam Lucap
Sam Lucap 11 aylar önce
Indonesian bus drivers drive their busses exactly like this
Ivywood Caviary
Ivywood Caviary Yıl önce
Me driving in any game. If it isn’t fast and reckless, it isn’t fun enough after I’m done playing normally.
Mark Sevigny
Mark Sevigny Yıl önce
I am like that in GTA 5
Chum Chad
Chum Chad Yıl önce
Well, he can be an indian bus drivers. Traffic rules is only a suggestion to them
That one NSX guy
That one NSX guy 5 aylar önce
1:39 lol I can’t stop laughing
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Yıl önce
I love how he didn't stop at red light haha love it bro
ENFIELDIC gaming 7 aylar önce
That sound inbetween some time intervals was 😂😂😂😂
MTAXD Yıl önce
As a Bangladeshi bwoi, I can confirm that our bus driver really drives like this way. 4:50 so I don't have any prob if ur my bus driver..rather I will enjoy more cuz u make more awesome videos like this one😊
K3BAB Yıl önce
raekwon_playz 6 aylar önce
I love your driving skills bro 😆😆
Carl Urvil Bautista
Carl Urvil Bautista 6 aylar önce
It's like driving a bus in the Philippines 🤣
Unnecessary Croat
Unnecessary Croat 5 aylar önce
I thought this was ETS2 for a second ahaha. The game looks so cool!
Daily Recapped
Daily Recapped 6 aylar önce
Who was that with the reaction sound? I think he was the driver
Sidd Gurung
Sidd Gurung 4 aylar önce
It was such a great time in your bus man had a great ride 😁😁😂😂
WILBIN. W 19BSC054 10 aylar önce
For you and your passengers having too much of guttes🤣🤣🤣🤣
G 9
G 9 Yıl önce
Rules are for fools.. we're legends 😂😂😂
Cecilia So2
Cecilia So2 6 aylar önce
Actually this driving looks like sri lanka's bus drivers
Matt Ardyanto
Matt Ardyanto Yıl önce
That's how Indonesian busses works my friend. It's exactly like that. Deliver people like it was an amazon prime packages. No matter what happens, if the sky falls then the sky falls but they will not go below 80kph. Not even the police can stop them.
Humberto francisco Rodriguez flores
Humberto francisco Rodriguez flores
Humberto francisco Rodriguez flores
@Matt Ardyanto 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
dystopia paradox
dystopia paradox Yıl önce
Berasa di pantura 🤣
GameVibez Yıl önce
@Matt Ardyanto they drove so fast that god couldn't see them and thus god had to give them free protection xD
ProMo Yıl önce
This is hilarious 😂😂
bruh😭 4 aylar önce
We all all know red means speed and green means slow, so it must mean we all should go when light goes red
Scout Whane
Scout Whane Yıl önce
American: How indian drivers drives Me:
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