The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

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Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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People: World War II was gruesome Ant wars: Am i a joke to you?
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6:56 overwatch bastion reference?
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Is all of this true?
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The FaceBook group a group where we pretend to be ants in an ant colony:
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You know what they say. ''everything changed when the fire nation attacked''
Blood in the Water
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Humans: Nooooo, you have to wage war in accordance to the Geneva conventions!!! There are clear rules of engagement even in war!! :( Ants: *_Slaughter their workers, quarter their soldiers, and kidnap their every larvae. We will obliterate their colony from the face of the earth, and feast on their children when victory is ours. The only trace of their existence shall be the echo of their dying screams._*
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While I was seeing this video an ant climbed my computer
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the thing about this is humans still do war its just more verbal now
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whats your name?
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so even ants are cannibals?
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the ant was kinda dancing at 1:38 and another at 3:09. how do these ants dance!?
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The image of the atom, is that an oxygen atom? 8 electrons and 2 shells.
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great work to support popular science. carry on!
Khlein 5 gün önce
Where is other 7 ant videos come on
m1a2 Abrams
m1a2 Abrams 5 gün önce
Jeffrey Fletcher
Jeffrey Fletcher 5 gün önce
Alexander the Great: "I will conquer the entire known world!" Alexander the Ant: "Hold my tiny beer."
SkullKnight Gün önce
alexander the dead
Human I.E.
Human I.E. 6 gün önce
I find bugs repulsive and fascinating
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When will the Harpegnathos episode be out.
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Harish Rajkumar 6 gün önce
YOOOOOO Has anyonne played "Anthill" on the OG Ipad
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Dogecoin is a smart investment
Incognito Mode
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Ant Commander : LETS GO WORLD WAR 122131390013923! FINISH EM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ants : YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
jamusaburo hiroki
jamusaburo hiroki 8 gün önce
Kurzgesagt: welp ill show u the most horrfying than all those universal destruction theories Behold the one who started war the ants cold war battleee!!! Commence Me: O....KAY?
Justin 1.
Justin 1. 8 gün önce
Ant: cmon dude move it Other ant: no Ant: that means war bitch
Justin 1.
Justin 1. 8 gün önce
No no, one crisis at a time
Cindy Weick
Cindy Weick 8 gün önce
Humans:peaceful nothing happening no wars Ants:bullets flying around guns being shot loud sounds of gunfire artillery dreadnoughts body parts fly
Game Hacker
Game Hacker 9 gün önce
Oh thats why theres died ant s ont he walk way
Daeho Kim
Daeho Kim 9 gün önce
more of these please
Xue fan Li
Xue fan Li 10 gün önce
the most dangerous ant species: the chimera ants
L Morales
L Morales 10 gün önce
me: scared everybody;calm me: hOw
Mahesh Zarkar
Mahesh Zarkar 10 gün önce
I liked your voice! What you look like?
Tsooj Baterdene
Tsooj Baterdene 10 gün önce
Lets appreciate for astounding animation.
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0:43 ko biết thằng nào dịch ra 10 nghìn triệu tỉ? nghe ngu vc
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad 10 gün önce
I love that Kurzgesagt just does random stuff like this. It shows that they're genuinely interested in their content.
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Gerard Chong 10 gün önce
girls: ants are scary ew me: SOOOOOOOOO KAWAI
Jung-hoon Kim
Jung-hoon Kim 10 gün önce
ants: we are the most socialized, deadly, and strong insect existing on the planet. 5 y/o boy: [laughs in foot]
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And we step on ants like they're dirt
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some wasps specialize in eating ants
Severed Roach • 2 months ago
Fun fact right now for me: This video has the same amount of views as worldwide coronavirus cases
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Amazing artwork, voice actor and story 🤗
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Wtf did I just watch
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3:54 be like, resistance is futile, you will be eradicted.
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