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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition | Next-Gen Update Trailer

The Witcher
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22 Kas 2022




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TimeBucks 2 aylar önce
This game is truly a timeless masterpiece
Временный гость этого мира
*I hate CD AND NVIDIA conspiracy!* *They called HBAO+ - RayTracing Shadows and turn off optimization.* *HBAO+ in past-gen was more better.* *Never buy NVIDIA cards.* *On 6900xt with 7800x 3d 140 fps with rtx off on Ultra+ in 2K 144hz - must have!*
PC NUBI Aylar önce
KIBA Aylar önce
it is timeless when they upgraded it on switch also jahaha
Musafir Billal
Musafir Billal Aylar önce
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman Aylar önce
I think only Mass Effect trilogy can get close to feeling I have for The Witcher. I can’t put it in words. You have to feel it. CD Project creates timeless games.
Kate Z
Kate Z 22 gün önce
The Witcher trilogy and Mass Effect trilogy are my favourite games ever, they are the best, and both from 2007. And still there are no games like these. I love the plot, the story, the narrative and atmosphere of Cyberpack 2077, too, but the diving into the world and bonding with the characters are not up to the first two. And Kingdom Come can be added to the list.
Hey Ya!
Hey Ya! Aylar önce
@tr3vk4m thanks for your opinion, I'll put it in the trash where it belongs ME3 was one of the biggest trainwrecks in gaming history and andromeda was also a massive clusterfuck lmao ME2 literally carries the entire franchise
tr3vk4m Aylar önce
@Hey Ya! Nope. Witcher eats ass compared to Mass Effect.
Tube Torpedo
Tube Torpedo Aylar önce
Personally It was one quite good game (with caveats), one decent but downgrade of few levels and third I did not even bother. :) Witcher 3 I held higher regard.
Hey Ya!
Hey Ya! Aylar önce
you hold mass effect up on too high of a pedastal, then. mass effect trilogy = 2 bad games and 1 great one. witcher trilogy = two great games and one okay-but-dated one.
Umbra Aylar önce
LETS GOOOOOO THIS LOOKS SICK! haven't done a playthough in a few years looks like i just found an excuse!
Lucy Limbert
Lucy Limbert Aylar önce
Started playing this game through lockdown as a way to keep myself sane. I keep replaying it because I absolutely love it. Next Gen has me all kinds of excited!
Hamno Aylar önce
Can't wait to play the walkthrough one more time!
ayWILDIN 2 aylar önce
The feeling that this game brings you on your first playthrough is undescribable
PhantomPh1re 29 gün önce
funny enough its been so long since i last played this game that i've almost got that feeling again. Barely even remember the details of the story too so its kinda like going through it brand new again.
Mr.Weegeeman Aylar önce
I was so bored i quit after like 20 minutes lmao
Stefan Schernus
Stefan Schernus Aylar önce
So true im blowing away first time witcher3 in 2022 next gen update. Best Video game i play. In 25yeahrs
iTsJimMan Aylar önce
graphics look turddd
Kasey M
Kasey M Aylar önce
@Hugh Davies crack is never as good as the first hit
I’ve been gaming for a very long time, and this is one of those must-play games on my short list. Very excited for this!
Decon Aylar önce
I have lived many lives, but being the Witcher was my favorate. Thank you CDPR team.❤️👍
Ferret With A Gun
Ferret With A Gun Aylar önce
This game has been sitting on my backlog for months, Guess I'll finally get around to playing it when this update comes out.
Avarti Aylar önce
Can't wait, this will be amazing.
E_skillzz Aylar önce
PrattyV 2 aylar önce
This is THE best game i've ever played in my life, sooo much good memories attached to this franchise and you guys made it even better. Thank you CDPR!
Временный гость этого мира
@Ifeelsane they good both, but Blood and Wine better
burjalmadre Aylar önce
Mass Effect trilogy is right on up there in those sorts of feelings for me...
Ifeelsane 2 aylar önce
@Winters_ You, witcher 3 fanboys, would actually love Fortnite
Ifeelsane 2 aylar önce
@Winters_ nah I will play Mass Effect or Dead Space or something actually good like these
Winters_ 2 aylar önce
@Ifeelsane go play fortnite
Life is Raph
Life is Raph Aylar önce
Exceptional beauty, no political correctness, absolutely amazing masterpiece - one of its kind
IS Aylar önce
Going to need a new GPU to fully enjoy all the additions before I jump back into another playthrough. The first playthrough was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. I did the added Netflix quest yesterday on RT Ultra @1080p and it was pretty enjoyable.
Laetherius Aylar önce
Damn that music.....the wolf and the swallow... I keep picturing the scene in my head.... got chills each time I hear it. Bless you Stroinski for this masterpiece.
Olyunged Aylar önce
Wow, hope those passionate modders are nicely compensated - totally deserve more than recognition ♥
Sage Aizen
Sage Aizen 2 aylar önce
I spent more than 500 hours on this game and seeing this trailer gets me even more hyped up best game ever
Leśniczy Aylar önce
@Yoyo Dude Don't get me wrong, i love GoW, and in my opinion it's better than TW3. It's 9,5/10 for me, TW3 is like 9,0/10
Yoyo Dude
Yoyo Dude Aylar önce
@Leśniczy Belt of war 😂
Leśniczy Aylar önce
W3 is better for exploration and open-world for example, the game might come-off boring at first because i agree it begins slow. But later on it's much better than the first hour of gameplay.
Leśniczy Aylar önce
@Yoyo Dude You also shut up. You can't stand the quality. All of these games are amazing. Saying otherwise means brain damage. RDR2 Is better and more enjoyable in some aspects, W3 is better in some aspects, GoW is better than both in writing aspect + cutscenes. Every one of these games is GOOD in something. Saying they're "trash" means your dad didn't give you the belt you needed.
burjalmadre Aylar önce
@Yoyo Dude cool
Ricurdo Aylar önce
AMO este juego.
JC Moran
JC Moran Aylar önce
Ooohhh I am back to it and fast ... Love this game .. Its just for me the greatest game ever created , and this pack upgrade just made me wanting to play it for the 22 time...And will enjoy it as it was my first time..
neithealebor Aylar önce
Witcher 3 already amazing game and best game i played. So it's good CDproject doing free upgrade. Some games truly deserve Remaster, like Witcher 1 and also Fallout New Vegas. Just imagine also some side studio doing F NV remaster. Games like this treasure, always deserve play!
Bonestryke Aylar önce
The greatest game of all time.
green31OSU Aylar önce
My annual tradition of playing this over my holiday break continues!
Dementia Biden
Dementia Biden Aylar önce
Just did a full playthrough a couple of days ago, dammit I am going to have to play it again.
Varonvan Aylar önce
Crazy how popular this is considering it’s a graphics upgrade just goes to show how much people love the Witcher.
Tenchua Aylar önce
Dang i started playing since 2019 and still haven't finished the main story, 150 hours in too, looks like my experience is going to be enhanced
Stuart Coleman
Stuart Coleman Aylar önce
Am I really gonna invest another 100 hrs into a game I've beaten 3 times already? Of course I am!
ThanOS Aylar önce
Waiting for this masterpiece!!
Musica Non Verba
Musica Non Verba Aylar önce
Henry mate, if you reading this, know that we all feel you and hope that you can at least do another playthrough and experience proper Witcher story... cheers to you and merry xmas all ;)
Mathieu GERARD
Mathieu GERARD Aylar önce
most epic game ever... and its update is free ! Yes Blizzard, i'm looking at you !
David Castaneda
David Castaneda 2 aylar önce
This game is a straight masterpiece! From the visuals at the time, the soundtrack is phenomenal, the gameplay is amazing, the main story, the side quests felt relevant and fun, not to mention Gwent. This game is a must play for any level of gamer. Cannot wait to play this again.
Mr. Vice President
Mr. Vice President 2 aylar önce
@turbotrup96 coping with what? How stupid your comments have been?
turbotrup96 2 aylar önce
@kyleward 7 music is nowhere near a gameplay mechanic. Although it CAN enhance the experience, I guess. But it's rather too subjective. They do react to attacks in GoW and Nier based on the enemy's body type. The heavier ones will not react as much, but that's how many games have it that way. W3 has similar thing going with bigger monsters, doesn't it? I dunno about the punching thing, but you're more complaining about artistic part of combat rather than combat itself. Geralt also does have problems with his fighting style; namely he shouldn't rotate when he swings his sword. It's both dangerous as he is constantly uncovering his back, and doesn't add strength to sword swings (in real life, according to what I've learned). I dunno about the "100 monsters" part. I remember playing 1st few-several hours of the game, and it was, like, same 3 enemy types. Including ghosts and kelpes. Ofc I realize GoW's number of enemies is laughable. Some people would complain about short fights. Cutting people in half, etc. - is also an artistic choice.
Terra Incognita Gaming
I literally hate teh soundtrack and the gameplay. The soundtrack is just some woman shouting or going LEILEILEILEILEI and its the same one every time you fight something. The gameplay is just really boring Batman Arkham but with a sword but instead of sick ass choreography and combos you just do the same 3 swings and do an igni or other sign every now and then lol.
Mr. Barskih
Mr. Barskih 2 aylar önce
The gameplay sucks, but the rest is actually true.
Mimic 2 aylar önce
@turbotrup96 Agreed I don't understand why people refuse to acknowledge any of this the combat in Witcher 3 was trash and this is coming from someone who's played it like 3 or 4 times. You can't improve on something if you refuse to criticise it's VERY apparent flaws.
Miky Dunn
Miky Dunn Aylar önce
2 Days to go!!! Can't wait. Thank you CDPR!
Z3t487 Aylar önce
About 26 hours! 1 am Central European Time December 14th!
Nyxo100 Aylar önce
I beat the game in 2015 and im gonna beat again such a masterpiecd
TheBalhatus 28 gün önce
That feel when initial game was so good that "next-gen update" brings nothing to the table
CivCity Music
CivCity Music 2 aylar önce
Well, I guess i'll have to replay it again. Dark room, Christmas lights on, hot tea and THIS GAME. It will be perfect
Временный гость этого мира
@MaciejkaG unoptimized crap
Временный гость этого мира
*And this sh*t is worse than they show us on E3 2014 Gameplay.* *F...* *them all* *CD and Nvidia scammers and conspiracies.*
MaciejkaG Aylar önce
@Шамиль Расулов wtf bro w3 is not even running on ue, they use their own engine called RedEngine 4
Шамиль Расулов
*Lumen and Nanites give a much greater advantage for less loss of performance, and then if there is no lake or glass, you almost have to go with a magnifying glass in search of changes, as if ENB was simply turned on in places, although it gave more changes in GTA 4. Huang has earned so much on mining that he is no longer afraid to stick with his bestial attitude towards his own consumers, not giving DLSS 3.0 to 3000 cards and also DLSS 2 to 1000, where FSR is used. Only a fool will continue to want to support him and buy his cards.* LOOK AT FORTNITE 5.1 *Люмен и Наниты дают намного большего преимущества за меньшую потерю производительности, а тут если нет озера или стекла, надо чуть ли не с лупой ходить в поисках изменений, будто местами просто ENB включили, хотя он в GTA 4 давал больше изменений. Хуанг на майнинге так заработал что уже не боится палиться со своим скотским отношением к своим же потребителям, не давая DLSS 3.0 в 3000 карты и также DLSS 2 в 1000, где используют FSR. Только глупец будет дальше желать поддерживать его и покупать его карточки.*
Daniel Donnelly
Daniel Donnelly Aylar önce
Never Played Witcher 3 so looking forward to diving into this next gen update.RDR2 is my favourite game ever, so the question is will this takethe number one spot?
Z3t487 Aylar önce
It doesn't matter, it's a great game anyway.
Yusuf 2 aylar önce
To be honest, I played The Witcher 3 for 300 hours, but this trailer still excites me and I think I will play for another 300 hours 🙂
mikeaaron Aylar önce
same! about to do another 300 or so hours
Landen Schmidt
Landen Schmidt Aylar önce
i have 300 hours or so and i’ve never fully finished the game still💀 i’ve been playing it for so long
zohan_94 2 aylar önce
yessir me too time to play again 🔥🔥
Ajaz Aylar önce
I just cant explain how much i enjoyed this game. A truly masterpiece. It will take you to completely different world where u will forget your every problem stress anxiety. The story emotion anger suspense memories every location combat wild life monsters characters side quests challenges different cultures landscape the level of enjoyment everything in this game is mind blowing. Thanks and love CDPR. I remember when this game came out i pre ordered for PS4. After playing for few days on PS4 i thought man this thing deserve some thing very special and i specially build a PC for this game to get all what this game offer and i am still using the same PC today. Whenever i will be able to afford another PC for this next gen update i will definitely not delay.
DRAKE Aylar önce
The game is truly a master piece, now the TV series is mmm ok, I guess, but then again, Netflix got involved with it. At this point in time, Netflix is the Anita of TV adaptations
Jasmin Mujezinovic
Jasmin Mujezinovic 2 aylar önce
No game will ever come close to the feeling this game gave me. Hands down,the best game ever made!
Karajorma Aylar önce
@vault29a _its a shite game mate, dont be fooled, play the last of us 2 or smth_ We all understand how you get a special tingle in your naughty bits whenever you see Abby on screen. And we all understand that the Witcher 3 with it's copious depictions of naked ladies did nothing for you. But that doesn't mean we should decide if a game is good or bad based on where it gets your blood flowing.
burjalmadre Aylar önce
Mass Effect has that effect on me for sure!
Jasmin Mujezinovic
Jasmin Mujezinovic 2 aylar önce
@hopkins Yeah,thats what I thought.
hopkins 2 aylar önce
@Jasmin Mujezinovic good man.
Jasmin Mujezinovic
Jasmin Mujezinovic 2 aylar önce
@hopkins Im 32 years old, and for the past 25 years my family business was gaming saloons. I have played arcade games from the 80s to all the games you mentioned to the newest ones that come out every single year on any platform. I literally grew up playing video games.... Who are you again? Oh yeah, the guy that thinks assassins creed and counter strike are better than The Witcher 3. As you were, minion. 😂
CashAthletes Aylar önce
the music and sound will forever be master piece this game
Khimera life
Khimera life Aylar önce
Make the first and second parts of the witcher on the engine of the third part! They will buy everything and pass it again. I and millions of other fans will do it with pleasure!
youdrawn 2 aylar önce
This game will never get old! it's a real masterpiece that even CD Project itself can't overcome it! A true GOTY Of Years.
Mr. Acker
Mr. Acker 14 gün önce
@S. fair enough. That can be annoying. The product itself is pretty great when working though.
S. 24 gün önce
@Mr. Acker Ok, I give you that, I may have gone too far with comparing it to Cyberpunk. But you also got right the part that I didn't play the next gen update for W3 - it wouldn't run and crashed immediately after startup for me.
Mr. Acker
Mr. Acker 24 gün önce
@S. I've seen far worse. The game works and runs fine. If you honestly think this was as bad as cyberpunk's launch, you either haven't played cyberpunk or haven't played the next gen update for the Witcher 3. Probably both.
S. Aylar önce
Oh, they managed to f..k it up, this release is broken almost as Cyberpunk was...
iTsJimMan Aylar önce
i was wondering why the graphics look worse and plastic its becuz of new update
President YE
President YE Aylar önce
the fact you guys do this for free great company best game ever. wont be topped for a long time if ever
Darkholow 2 aylar önce
One of the best games of all time..truly an unforgettable masterpiece.
Goro Aylar önce
@TooLate no it isn't, stfu, tastes we don't discuss
TooLate Aylar önce
Fallout New Vegas is better.
EFC 209
EFC 209 Aylar önce
@Ghost Dog oh, but i can.
adoksym Aylar önce
I bought it two years ago but didn't play it. Then they announced the next gen update. So I waited. Next week I'll be building a new PC and I am looking forward to playing it at long last.
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 2 aylar önce
remastered by asshats that made cybergarbage, original creators are long gone
JTTL Aylar önce
The Witcher 3 was already the most beautiful game. now it just far far better. compare any and all game's made in the same year.
DexterSkelter Aylar önce
Thank you CD Projekt Red. 🥲
Tamar Aylar önce
How on earth could you not give xLetalis early access? Such a disappointment, he is a legend
Canada Freedom Convoy
Canada Freedom Convoy 26 gün önce
who the fk is that
Arka Biswas
Arka Biswas 2 aylar önce
Lots and lots of memories tied with this one. Feels like yesterday. The first play, emotions, music, views and city, villages, woods, bogs, hills, sunsets, hard-working poor villagers, their daily life, their own stories, characters, races, politics, magics, natural, supernatural, crimes, horrors, drama, love-hate and what not. Those times will not come again.
Временный гость этого мира
*I hate CD AND NVIDIA conspiracy!* *They called HBAO+ - RayTracing Shadows and turn off optimization.* *HBAO+ in past-gen was more better.* *Never buy NVIDIA cards.* *On 6900xt with 7800x 3d 140 fps with rtx off on Ultra+ in 2K 144hz - best choice!*
burjalmadre 21 gün önce
@Kate Z I know right! We need a new trilogy like ME or Witcher for the new generation! Some beautiful, mature, incredible saga thats created with time and love and care by these studios who have the resources to do so!
Kate Z
Kate Z 22 gün önce
@burjalmadre yes, trilogy of Mass Effect and The Wither are the best, my favourite. Every time you play them, you sink completely into these worlds, you can’t break away, and your heart breaks when it’s over. And every time you rethink the story and experience. And there are no more games like this. Still can’t believe that they are from 2007.
Norcal 22 gün önce
I didn't play Witcher 3 until 2020, and all my friends would say "I"m jealous that you are playing it for the first time." lol
ImperialGit Aylar önce
@arkabiswas have hope; the industry might come to their senses someday :)
Wyatt Webb
Wyatt Webb 2 aylar önce
I don't care how many times I see a trailer for this game, I will always get chills.
Mr_Egypt 2 aylar önce
@Timotej Labuda At 0:14 and 0:20 Lighting improvements. At 0:27 Water effects improvements. At 0:51 Texture improvements (The Wild Hunt armor) and particles. At 1:01 draw distance and volumetric clouds improvements. At 1:17 Alternate outfit appears in cutscene (which wasn't possible in the original because it was prerendered). At 1:26 Everything (Look at the foliage, the mountains, the water, the smoke and clouds in the distance).
Nick Pinkowski
Nick Pinkowski 2 aylar önce
@OsteMads58 sorry for pointing it out, but RTX is a Nvidia's trademark. You meant RT as it stands for ray tracing.
Wojciech Stańczyk
Wojciech Stańczyk 2 aylar önce
Press F to pay Respect
@OsteMads58 This is a next-gen free update, not a DLC. They have upgraded the textures to 4k and included ray tracing. Don't expect a 7-year-old game to look like god of war or any other next-gen games that are made with modern softwares.
OsteMads58 2 aylar önce
@Timotej Labuda I also had some trouble finding changes. There are some obvious ones however like the RTX reflections. It also just has a crisper look to it, but i cant explain why
Palestine ESport
Palestine ESport Aylar önce
every year from 2015 to 2022 i finished the game and all dlcs for once
PathlessBullet Aylar önce
I want to come back but I can't yet. I need to give it a handful of more years so it feels fresh.
Wizard 2 aylar önce
Seeing all this hype 7 years later for just an update shows what an absolute banger this game still is and will be
Vitor Mauch
Vitor Mauch Aylar önce
Its been 7 years? oh god i feel old as hell
Великий Азик
О, круто. Уже больше года игру не перепроходил, уже в предвкушении)
strudders2112 2 aylar önce
Possibly the best game I have ever played. Totally up for another play-through.
Joshua A
Joshua A 2 aylar önce
@Fabolous Jada Cry more 🤡
Fabolous Jada
Fabolous Jada 2 aylar önce
@J Garcia writing lol ? The story is terrible and part 2 is way better lol the horse back riding is TERRIBLE and the action is meh lol
J Garcia
J Garcia 2 aylar önce
@Kaldzi1993 you do understand the update is free, correct?
Kaldzi1993 2 aylar önce
Same game for same money. Cd Project is a new Rockstar xDDD
J Garcia
J Garcia 2 aylar önce
@gingergamer94 I missed out on the wii Zelda games, I bought a switch twice but I just can't deal with long load times, pixalated 540p visuals. I need a current gen switch to play those games I missed.
Dirk Doom
Dirk Doom Aylar önce
THIS! THIS is how you support a game! Could have EASILY been resold at full price insteead of doing it for free! Bravo!
M1 Garand
M1 Garand Aylar önce
This game is amazing. One of my fav games of all time. If you already have the 2 dlc’s (Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine), realize you need to pay again another 25 bucks to get the full next gen updated version of the game. Nobody seems to be reporting that although you already paid for the expansions, you need to pay for them again to play the whole game. Only the base game next gen is free.
xpeterson Aylar önce
"With new content inspired by the Netflix series" NO!!!!!! You are the better version! Do not make the same mistake Henry Cavill is regretting right now!
Charlie Kane
Charlie Kane Aylar önce
I've bought it on xbox one... ps4 nintendo switch and pc. They don't make games like this anymore. Breath of the wild doesn't even come close to this masterpiece
Gabriel Longhi
Gabriel Longhi 2 aylar önce
I wish I could forget all about this game, just to have the amazing and exhilarating feeling I felt the first time!
Rachelle Janssen
Rachelle Janssen 2 aylar önce
@Jed Ward most likely armor sets or something. Voice work is too expensive for free content patches usually.
Rachelle Janssen
Rachelle Janssen 2 aylar önce
I recommend playing a new game+ and do a 100% run (explore everything, do everything)
Thomas Shirley
Thomas Shirley 2 aylar önce
Mister Bubbles
Mister Bubbles 2 aylar önce
My issue is that I start playing it and then I end up stop playing it..
Kucing Ganteng
Kucing Ganteng 2 aylar önce
You need to get flashed by MIB
Geo Skan
Geo Skan Aylar önce
This is the first time I'm playing this - I can't believe it's taken me this long. One small thing though - why does it keep crashing? Anyone else playing on PS5 experiencing this?? Starting to really p*ss me off.
Martin Čičmanec
Martin Čičmanec Aylar önce
"A free update to owners of the game." - I'm looking at you Bethesda ...
ярослав бугагашеньки
Все еще считаю лучшей игрой за долгие , долгие года. 💥💥💥Сегодня на секундочку уже 2022 год .💥💥💥
Hassen Bahri
Hassen Bahri Aylar önce
The best game.
Batzraph 2 aylar önce
For all who have tried to give this game a chance and felt it wasn't for them, I beg you to try again. It's a pure masterpiece
M 2 aylar önce
@Devin Aschenbrenner "It's free" is such a bs argument. Criticism is always valid. They could have done more. Maybe they haven't shown other improvements yet, so we'll have to wait to see, but the trailer only mentioned a few generic graphic upgrades.
M 2 aylar önce
@Mario Scalzi Eurojank almost always refers to eastern-european
ΛutistiЄ 2 aylar önce
The combat is terrible. There's no fixing that.
Devin Aschenbrenner
Devin Aschenbrenner 2 aylar önce
@Lord J'zargo It's one of those upgrades that if you dont have alot of hours in the game, and are use to what it currently looks like unmodded then yeah I could understand that statement. The biggest difference is the Character Models and the armor itself. Metal actually looks like metal (some armors metal peices came off plasticity) Textures did get upgraded, but it's not a massive jump from where they where. It is an over all improvement to what it looked like before. And it's free. So 🤷‍♂️
Lord J'zargo
Lord J'zargo 2 aylar önce
Ok I will, but I don't really see a difference in the trailer, like talking about the visuals
Grey silvers
Grey silvers Aylar önce
from 1:25 this scene with horse.... nature as far as the eye can see...it makes me want to play the game again and again..........my goood
Anamure Aylar önce
Что и требовалось доказать, компания, которая на одном месте вертела своих игроков, лучше бы сделал рефанд киберпанка, чтобы не поддерживать cdpr
Neon Stream
Neon Stream Aylar önce
First time i played this game, I was facing the castle on a cliff, and i just stared at the view, and listened to the wind through the trees for like 40 mins.
CDPR doesn't follow the Current Companies norms in charging for updates/ In Game purchases, thank you guys for the Free DLC, you guys are truly the Goat
Happy here
Happy here 2 aylar önce
I will always feel chills. This is the best game I have ever played in my life, there are so many good memories attached to this franchise and you guys made it even better. Thanks CDPR!
Frederick Grisales
Frederick Grisales Aylar önce
@AmigoBatata bots
AmigoBatata 2 aylar önce
Lol, this it the third comment i see exactly like this one, copy and pasted... why would someone do that
Mangy_Dog Aylar önce
Am i really the only one whos a bit disappointed with how this next gen update looks? It looks totally identical to how I remember it when I played it. And going through the patch notes. It looks like all theyve done is streamed in a bunch of mods like the HD repack that we all used anyway. And thrown RTX ontop. And its taken them 3 or 4 years since the announcement to do all this? Genuinely disappointed. This was so hyped up. Yet really under delivers.
SIQ Enterprises
SIQ Enterprises Aylar önce
Its been five years since I got sucked into this world for hundreds of hours and since I was so sad to leave it behind after I've completed it. I think it's time to return!
Kate Z
Kate Z 22 gün önce
It was an amazing two weeks, the best Christmas and New Year gift, thanks to the developers for this best game of all time, still don’t believe it came out in 2015, and thank you for being able to immerse myself in the Witcher world again. It was heartbreaking. it hurt. It is gloomy. But that’s the beauty of a good game. That’s how we know it’s stolen our hearts: We never want to leave.
auzzynelson Aylar önce
will console players have mods like Skyrim and fallout? I remember hearing something about mods with this next gen update
Hoes mad
Hoes mad Aylar önce
nope. the mods you heard about were some community mods that got added officially to the game. just some better textures, balances changes, and bug fixes.
Goro 2 aylar önce
The words can't describe what this game means to me, it's literally a part of my childhood, and it will always have a special place in my hearth. I will never stop playing this game and neither should you.
Afflictamine 2 aylar önce
@xLetalis keep up the good work mate :)
R6SCopperAdventures 2 aylar önce
@TheGrace020 cringe
James McShane
James McShane 2 aylar önce
@xLetalis Ha. No man. I would have been hugely surprised if you had played next gen upgrade. I have watched literally tens of hours of your videos and we've had back and forth before about stuff. I was asking if you had played Witcher 3. I was trying to be funny and obviously failing. 🤣
xLetalis 2 aylar önce
@James McShane If you're asking about the Next Gen edition - no, I haven't.
Shalltear Bloodfallen
Shalltear Bloodfallen 2 aylar önce
@xLetalis A expected surprise but a welcome one!
MrAnderson Aylar önce
Please let us have both Triss and Yennefer this time. PLEASE!!!
Jalapeno Aylar önce
Its not even the fact they made this game look even better, but they are adding even more content to it as well. This is my fav game ever and i cant wait to replay it, especially when my pc upgrades come in.
BiteRAWR Aylar önce
would be fun if they include henry as cameo in new update tehee~
OfficialBlazy Aylar önce
I never played his game due to crap PC in the past...Now that i saved and build it with 24GB GPU i will gladly give final chapter a go.
TexNs 2 aylar önce
This, this is truly the game of all time
TheGrace020 2 aylar önce
@King Under The Mountain Classic Geralt moment of all time
M1nat0 2 aylar önce
I loved when Geralt went wild and hunted everyone!
King Under The Mountain
@TheGrace020 "It's witcherin' time."
TheGrace020 2 aylar önce
I love when Geralt witchered all over everyone!
Benja Pizarro
Benja Pizarro 2 aylar önce
The witcher hearted you xd
Thea Webster
Thea Webster Aylar önce
Insane game 15/10 really! I came into it from Skyrim with modest expectations and at the start I was like, eh, okay, will do for the winter. But then it gets interesting, and then it gets REALLY GOOD and hooks you up on it, ultra deep story, insane characters, absolute out-of-the-box scenarios, wonderful combat mechanics, and now even better graphics?!? T H A N K S !!!
Bruh Momentum
Bruh Momentum Aylar önce
Johnny Martin Johansen
Hard to understand how a company making this masterpiece, also made that clusterfuck called Cyberpunk 2077...
Ironbuket Aylar önce
Im probably going to me mocked for this, but I just cant seem to get into this game. I’ve owned it for ages and tried 3 times to play it over the years. I love the TV show. I wish I could play it, but I find the movement and combat complicated and difficult to work with. I even bought a gamepad specifically to try to give it a go with that and still didn’t like it. Using mouse and keyboard frustrates me and makes me feel like I need a gamepad, but playing with a gamepad frustrates me with what is lost without a mouse. I’ll probably give the game a 4th try at some point, but it keeps beating down my enthusiasm after Ive not got far into the game. I play Skyrim, KKD and many other games with no problems, it is only the Witcher series that defeats me in this way. I don’t enjoy frantic button mashing games and maybe that is the real problem.
Ice Rox Pie
Ice Rox Pie 2 aylar önce
722 hours and the platinum on the PS4 version. This game has a truly special place in my heart, it’s all I played during lockdown and it absorbed me into the world like no other game ever has. So many memorable characters and moments. Almost in tears at how happy I am at the thought of getting to experience it again. Thank you CDPR, I love you.
SL4PSH0CK 2 aylar önce
My man, I can related w/ that experience as mine w/ FONV.
JeverPils 2 aylar önce
And no ingame shop
wavemaker 2 aylar önce
Tripple_Barnett Plays
Tripple_Barnett Plays 2 aylar önce
The PS4 version was my 100th Plat. Feels like so long ago. I just got my 259th Plat with The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me.
abel ald
abel ald 2 aylar önce
@Corvo The1st u play in a pc at 1080p graphicls high and unestable 60fps with your rtx2060?? jajajaja payaso
mashinakohannia Aylar önce
I watch that again and again and again
Steve K
Steve K 2 aylar önce
I've played a game or two in my 60+ years, and to see this coming out all shiny and new has got me drooling. Oh wait, I was already drooling. NM... But still - this game is a jewel already. To remaster and update it is insane and appreciated. We've probably all updated our gaming rigs since we played Witcher 3, so yeah - bring it on!
surfin25 Aylar önce
I've long awaited this, and you, White Wolf.
QMoney_XL Aylar önce
One of the best single-player games to have ever been made. My first playthrough was Mesmerizing, Just doing yourself the biggest favor by playing this OUTSTANDING game! Now with the Next-Gen update its un-telling how crazy things will be.
xLetalis 2 aylar önce
Millions love it, but few as much as I
ST Pro Studio
ST Pro Studio 2 aylar önce
Hey uum... did you notice that Caranthir has 2 staffs in the last shot?😆 A trailer for an update which is suppose to fix glitches and there's a glitch within this trailer, oh ironic. Seriously, it is the last shot, no way everyone in the company missed that. Instead, someone decided to just put the shot with a clear error, nice...
overlord580 2 aylar önce
True to life, indeed.
kyleward 7
kyleward 7 2 aylar önce
A GOAT game like Witcher 3 deserves no less than a GOAT like you as it's number 1 fan, massive respect for your content.
dirtjunkie 2 aylar önce
Very much looking forward to this!! Looks incredible! Can’t believe how much detail has gone into every part of this game. Almost wish there was another lockdown so I could play it all again!
Bahadır Sarıçiçek
Marko Solo
Marko Solo Aylar önce
Wondering if the Wild Hunt is a double entendre, suggesting both the Wild Hunt entities and Geralt's "wild hunt" for Ciri 🤔🤔
Kent Symie
Kent Symie 2 aylar önce
I only started to play around a year ago since that was the time I finally got a pc but has been sitting in my games library for months ever since I got busy. I'll definitely return to finish the game once this update comes. I'm not even halfway done with the game but I completely understand why it's a masterpiece of a game.
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 2 aylar önce
Imagine if every game had a soul like this one did.
ZERO 2077
ZERO 2077 2 aylar önce
Game has, but next gen update no. As like as cdpr
EZ Gaming
EZ Gaming Aylar önce
It;s free?! LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!
Hikennoace 2 aylar önce
Looking forward to play once more after update , over 700 hours already. Great job Cd Projekt Red this game is masterpiece , story , graphics , music and gameplay everything is great and its still fun after finishing game many times .
Harley Rose
Harley Rose 2 aylar önce
Even if it wasn't free, i would still buy this absolute masterpiece on nextgen. One of the best games i have ever had the pleasure of playing 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 incredible game
Hrishikesh Parab
Hrishikesh Parab 2 aylar önce
Even just watching the trailer gives me such pleasure! Other companies would have charged money for this update but not CDPR thats why I love this company as they care for their fanbase. Can't wait to download the update and play again as Geralt!!
Spoderman4 2 aylar önce
I've finished Witcher 3 two times, the second time, after finishing main story and both DLCs I've started clearing the maps from all question marks. I've cleared White Orchid, Velen, Novigrad and Toussaint. Only Skellige was half-cleared. I KNOW that they will give us something more to play after endgame. And I cannot wait to find it all this time. Thank you CD Projekt. Best game I've played in my life.
GABRIEL Rodriguez
GABRIEL Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
Yesssssss, I’ve been waiting for this moment. I had a feeling CD Project Red was going to release The Witcher lll Wild Hunt for the new next gen consoles. Can’t wait till December 14 because I’ve been waiting to replay the game for a long time but I was waiting for this. Thanks for the Holiday Gift CD Project Red And I’ll miss you Henry Cavill as Geralt 😢
Behemoth Aylar önce
Downloaded and ready for Dec 14th ...
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