The Wildest & CRAZIEST Tools at sema 2023

Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
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Some Tools have never been shown in Public before now. #new #tools #sema #equipment




5 Şub 2023




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Michael I.
Michael I. Aylar önce
Some crucial information about the tire repair: I used to work for the largest tire repair manufacturing company in the world and traveled around the world demonstrating products at these types of shows. I hope everyone heard the salesman say that it is for "rescue only." It is completely unsafe to drive on any sidewall repair. Period. That means don't continue to drive on it. The tire has to be discarded and replaced. I am afraid so many people will get the wrong idea from this repair.
Road Trippin
Road Trippin Gün önce
Super glue & rubber patches? Nothing vulcanizing? Yea not to be trusted at all. Safety Seal makes plugs that are self vulcanizing and you can plug sidewalls with them, back in the 90s their rep would drive up on 4 tires with plugs all over them, proceed to icepick the sidewalls & tread and plug them on the spot. best advertising ever. And they work! Those plugs will outlast any tire they're put in
Lukaslevanen1435 25 gün önce
I got one of the kits in my Amazon wish list to throw in my overland truck for that very reason. It’s to get you out and to a tire shop.
One Sad Tech
One Sad Tech Aylar önce
Always stoked to watched these videos, thanks for taking the time to put these together, they really keep us up to date!
Jason H
Jason H Aylar önce
Awesomesauce video Stan! It still amazes me how many new products come out each year. I'll definitely have to keep a look out for some of them.
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
You and me both 👌
Doug W
Doug W Aylar önce
Love seeing new tools. Thanks for sharing. Have fun in Louisville at the Farm Machinery show. Wish I could make it with it only 3 1/2 hours away, just can't get away this year.
JasonHam41 Aylar önce
“It’s a power washer” No that’s an expensive garden hose. 😂 4:52
Stephen Farynaz
Stephen Farynaz Aylar önce
Lolllll I'm fkn rolling!!!!!!!!
mitch denner
mitch denner Aylar önce
Its the bathroom buddy.
TheEquipmentking Aylar önce
Lots of cool tools and equipment! Thanks for sharing 😎 Hoping the snow removal has been going well for you guys! ✌️
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Yup. Plowing hasn’t really stopped up here 😅👍
Corey Parks
Corey Parks Aylar önce
~~Definitely liked the Lokithor. Is there an outside area for like various equipment etc.? If there is, I guarantee a crowd favorite would be the Exosystem if it's there. Something I'm sure you'd like&would have fun with.
wirenut003 Aylar önce
Tools give me more tools, thanks Stan for doing the walk-through of the Sema tools.
Apollo Aylar önce
SEMA 2023 hasn't happened yet.
Larry Aylar önce
you put together a pretty nice complination of some worth a look tooks!! Thanks much!
Shelton Group
Shelton Group Aylar önce
It must be the plow that looks like a metal pless. Arctic has them on their trucks around here. I just found out metal pless makes a plow for trucks too.
Mike Scherrer
Mike Scherrer Aylar önce
Thanks for sharing Stan. Some awesome products there.
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
You bet! Thanks for being here 👍
seven dyseven
seven dyseven Aylar önce
Stan, how come you 'very seldom' ask how much these products are anymore ? (like you used to)
CZ Anthony
CZ Anthony Aylar önce
Keep up the amazing work Stan! Love the videos!
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
You know it bud 👊
Robert W Sieburg
Robert W Sieburg Aylar önce
Yea Tool holder. Install it in the service truck and watch it wear the plastic away that is vital to batteries to sit tight in the tool and not rattle around.
TheKnittedBrow Aylar önce
Great info. Thanks for sharing.
Keith Olsen
Keith Olsen Aylar önce
Im a professional detailer, mostly paint correction and coatings. That “spray coating” is a gimmick. You can absolutely apply pretty much any and all ceramic coatings with a spray gun. I do it literally all the time. It’s the easiest way to apply to intricate wheels. I usually use a little airbrush but I’ve used larger paint guns as well. It’s not at all product efficient to spray apply coatings on entire vehicles. You end up using way more product and it’s just more to wipe off in the removal. On large panels, it doesn’t save time, it doesn’t save product.
Michael I.
Michael I. Aylar önce
I was looking in the comments to see if I needed to post this same comment. Pure gimmick. Won't last and is a waste of money and a waste of ceramic coating. Plus if you spray it too thickly, it could mean a lot more work to wipe off.
Dylan Leary
Dylan Leary Aylar önce
Who put a 5th wheel hitch in a Tacoma? That’s what really blew me away here on the storage container towing example
Stephen Farynaz
Stephen Farynaz Aylar önce
Not 2 mention,.... No idea what those containers weigh, but the truck, trailer, container is gonna be a goldmine 4 the 1st DOT cop that sees ya.... Like, CDL-RATED anyone??....
Dùbhghlas MacDùbhghlas
at around 2 minutes the green little cones and simular machine is what we used at this metal finishing plant I worked at. It was used to debur metal.
David Martin
David Martin Aylar önce
These are some of my favorite videos!
John Terdik
John Terdik Aylar önce
How about links to the tools? Some are easy to find others seem impossible to find.
Pork Chop
Pork Chop Aylar önce
That tire lifter at 12:44 I have been doing the same thing for years using a basic shovel. The nice thing about a shovel is you can roll the tire across it to rotate it to align the lugs.
Stephen Farynaz
Stephen Farynaz Aylar önce
Yup. Semi-technician here.... Literally a tool 4 that.... I think these small gigs either rip off ideas from the big guys n market 2 homeowners, or they themselves are THAT clueless about tools that have existed 4 decades.... Sum of them are reinventing the wheel n it's annoying
GP98072 P
GP98072 P Aylar önce
Skate board works also
Jake Aylar önce
Yeah and a shovel won't cost you 125$
justin edinborough
justin edinborough Aylar önce
I definitely need to get some if the tire repair stuff. Could have used it this last hunting season bad.
justin edinborough
justin edinborough Aylar önce
​@Michael I. I got a stick in the sidewall 7 miles from camp up hunting. That would have saved a lot of walking. If you know what I mean. I agree sidewall damage is not good.
Michael I.
Michael I. Aylar önce
I used to work for the largest tire repair manufacturing company in the world and traveled around the world demonstrating products at these types of shows. I hope everyone heard the salesman say that it is for "rescue only." It is completely unsafe to drive on any sidewall repair. Period. That means don't continue to drive on it. The tire has to be discarded and replaced. I am afraid so many people will get the wrong idea from this repair.
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Jale Chávez
Jale Chávez 22 gün önce
Fantastic ..!!...Gracias por Compartir... Saludosss.
Road Trippin
Road Trippin Gün önce
Triwinch. LOL. Only worth getting if you are either in the container biz or are buying many of them and want to "save" by hauling them yourself... Pretty cool tho.
Rick Bergles
Rick Bergles Aylar önce
I will take one of each item. When may I expect them? Nice vid.
John Hunter
John Hunter Aylar önce
Love love love the trade shows! Thanks Stan!
Stan Hensley
Stan Hensley Aylar önce
You are really going to like the farm show!! I watch a hand full of farm u-tube channels that go there.That show is big big big.All the good stuff is there!! Thanks 😊.
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Woop woop 👍
Bill Hull
Bill Hull Aylar önce
Some interesting tools in this video.
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Smashpaw Aylar önce
i used gojacks in private property towing and they are great unless the car is on dirt, gravel or isnt lubricated. now i just three wheel everything except a dodge journey
TriWich Modular Mobility Solutions
TriWich makes wheel dollies. Largest is 99,000 lbs/tire for 747s (we also make a supercar and Semi-Truck dolly)
Nathan Johansen
Nathan Johansen 5 gün önce
Thumbnail is at 9:46 Looks like a civilian version on the M1022 container dolly the Army uses.
MrMuziekman 28 gün önce
i never knew that i would enjoy watching a vid abouth tools i guess its a given when being a gearhead xd
John Martin
John Martin Aylar önce
As always awesome content thanks
fricknjeep Aylar önce
hi there always nice when you take me where i can't go , thank you john
Philip Crofts
Philip Crofts Aylar önce
Great video and some fantastic tools buddy.
Leon Kaczor
Leon Kaczor Aylar önce
Great video!
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Thanks Leon 👊
Amzar Nacht
Amzar Nacht Aylar önce
12:34 - Delightful _idea_ but in practical use it's only good in a garage with a finished floor. Also, there is no way to rotate the wheel so it lines up with the lugs, or lug receivers (mercedes, volks, ect). There needs to be two steel rollers on the leveraging face to allow rotating the wheel into place. When you're dealing with a 250lb custom Jeep tire 70% of the problem is getting the stupid thing to the right elevation, and another 30% trying to rotate it onto the lugs (getting the dead tire onto the rear of the jeep is another problem entirely). As someone who changes tires in every condition, usually on bad surfaces like roadsides, this would be a great aid... but the roller is useless. 13:40 - If that patch will hold up to 40psi why can it not be used for passenger vehicle tires? Just make it glaring red so there's no missing the fact it's there. It's a must-have for the new fleet of EVs coming online that have NO spare tires, and all of those other models in the same boat. As an optional repair for a curb cut it would be indispensable in getting the customer going without calling for a much more expensive tow truck.
Robert vannicolo
Robert vannicolo Aylar önce
Stan this year you have had your share of snow for sure worth investing in snow removal equipment. In Philly the only thing is going to be the confetti covering the ground if the Eagles win the Super Bowl otherwise been big zero for the snow count were just in one of those no snow cycles
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Doesn’t sound like you’re the only one! Guess I got all the snow 🤷
Jason Barthel
Jason Barthel Aylar önce
I watched that nano ceramic segment about 6 times but couldn't catch the name. Is there a website?
axa213 Aylar önce
Have you seen the new Hiniker reversible C-plow that goes right up to garage doors?
Everett Bekkum
Everett Bekkum Aylar önce
Hiniker has had the C-plow available for many years.
axa213 Aylar önce
I just seen it the other day and I was like hmmm maybe he’s seen it if not we probably will on your channel soon lol I love these tool shows it’s amazing what they still come up with.
Mike Sickles
Mike Sickles Aylar önce
What’s was your favorite item Stan
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Sounds familiar!
Tonystank 23 gün önce
Haven't you seen tool holders before that you use in your garage from a different video or am I wrong and this is a different type of product
dirtybirdau Aylar önce
Always enjoy these videos, thanks.
CONNOR 572 Aylar önce
Stan be on the lookout at con expo for the new line of yanmar skid steers they are asv like cabs with a conventional undercarriage
Custom Creations - Rick Kramer
Ok Stan, Im a little confused. Its says sema 2023 but the dealers are all saying 2022.
Blades of Glory Lawn Maintenance
Loved it @Stan!! Stay blessed brother!!
mos8541 Aylar önce
NOW i know how i can get those containers, the ones with special contents.... hah... SFMF
Andy Sukosd
Andy Sukosd Aylar önce
Love these videos, who am I kidding ! I love all your videos. Great job.
charlie Aylar önce
Thanks i really like these shows thank you Stanley
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Glad to hear it!!
Akhil Chalil
Akhil Chalil Aylar önce
Loved tite reach.
William White
William White Aylar önce
Can't wait to see how the new artic does on your truck
Brad Gump
Brad Gump Aylar önce
Wha?! That truck trolley is $499. I'll keep my hook!
dirtybirdau Aylar önce
Pricey but it has given me an idea using an old blow moulded picnic table that folds in half with some wheels on the sides.
Silver Grizzly
Silver Grizzly Aylar önce
Stan, I like how you're not afraid to ask them, "how much will it cost"🤣 putting them on the spot. I love it!!! Awesome stuff brother! Take Care, Stay Warm and God Bless. Jay🕊🕊🕊
Tool Wrangler
Tool Wrangler Aylar önce
I can tell you he VERY MUCH puts the vendors on the spot. No intro, no preamble, no introduction. I randomly had a guy come up wearing a big hat shove a camera in my face and say you have 60 seconds to tell me about your product... GO! I knew I recognized him but my brain didn't even had time to process that it was Stan! The things he's showing you are very much off the cuff and natural, not script, no rehearsal! Keep up the great work Stan!
landfill rat
landfill rat Aylar önce
Is Artic making a plow for trucks ?
Conner Pumphrey
Conner Pumphrey Aylar önce
Thank you !
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
So welcome 👊
Ben Gammell
Ben Gammell Aylar önce
Stanley has been making that extension wrench for many years. I have the whole kit.
Stephen Farynaz
Stephen Farynaz Aylar önce
And Snap-on.... Mac.... Matco..... Cornwell.... Fk u get the point, lolllll
Tom E
Tom E Aylar önce
Kool Tools😛
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
For sure 👍
Scottie Manners
Scottie Manners Aylar önce
$25,000 for like a one time use thing? Yeah I agree, if you're building a container home or workshop somewhere you'd only need it for a little bit, you can get a really nice long gooseneck for a lot cheaper that'll do the same job.
TriWich Modular Mobility Solutions
FYI - This invention is changing a 2 Billion dollar industry.
Stephen Farynaz
Stephen Farynaz Aylar önce
Ya think?!! Lol
Seldoon Nemar
Seldoon Nemar Aylar önce
okay, i work in a fab shop and that quick storage for pnumatics is pretty trick. I have on my bench/in my box at least 5-7 air tools at any time, and having something like that would be pretty awsome now do they pass the sniff test, other than being "universal", what advantages do they have over just getting female fittings? I don't know about you, but i use one pattern of connector across enough of my life that i just swap whatever oddballs i find to match the rest anyway they should have used a german hug for the demo with the tire lifter, no studs, only bolt holes 😂 but seriously, that might be decent for big tires
Tool Wrangler
Tool Wrangler Aylar önce
@seldoonnemar7992 Thanks for checking us out! I replied yesterday to you but the comment didn't stick! I built these from the ground up specifically for storage. They are threaded in the back for a bolt and have a pass-thru to allow a screw to mount them to wood. They come with all necessary mounting hardware as well. I used to use simple female fittings before designing this, but you were always cross threading something to get it mounted. Air fittings have NPT threads which are conical, so you don't get to choose where they snug up, hence why I put parallel bolt threads. Also for what it's worth, the automatic function makes them much nicer to use. Milton Makes an S-743 female with similar features (universal and automatic) but they run about $20 each so you don't exactly want to cross thread those.
Tool Wrangler
Tool Wrangler Aylar önce
@supersportimpalass Before designing these, I've made all the home made versions including what you suggest. Getting a piece of angle, and mucking around with it for an hour cutting slots just the right size, only to end up with a half assed solution isn't ideal and unless you've already got the angle, an 18" section costs nearly $30 these days! Having slots may work fine in a stationary garage if you never bump your tools, but it doesn't help on a mobile cart or on a tool truck. Our holders lock in, hold over 100 pounds, and won't drop and smash your tools by accident. You can leave all the accessories installed and they are ready to grab with 1 hand anytime. Here is the demo video, thanks for looking! trvid.com/video/video-UZaZQTkioz4.html
supersportimpalass Aylar önce
If you want to hang your air tools you can do the exact same thing with a slot cut in a piece of metal. Those things look like a total waste of money.
Bottle Jack Buddy
Bottle Jack Buddy Aylar önce
Dùbhghlas MacDùbhghlas
That tire lifer seems like a nice product and probably would save some people backs.
prove me wrong
prove me wrong Aylar önce
Was that the "Bandit" on that Jobber bump?
tankiadam Aylar önce
11:21 man that is a excellent idea for evs, because with this they can now generate/recover power as they cruise down the road.
GP98072 P
GP98072 P Aylar önce
Won't work to charge your phone on the autobahn. Need crappy roads like we have in washinton state.
Lynn Anderson
Lynn Anderson Aylar önce
Was thinking yesterday wondering when artic would make truck plow
Suleyman Sekman
Suleyman Sekman Aylar önce
Really? Please look at Annex off set Adapter wrench! Ps! Atnn to Tight Wrench!
Dennis Lamers
Dennis Lamers Aylar önce
Very cool tools.
TriWich Modular Mobility Solutions
Thanks for featuring TriWich
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote Aylar önce
I thought the tire jack (install lever) was a simple but effective tool, hard on the body out in the driveway installing my winter or summer tires.
horse1066 Aylar önce
The EV suspension doesn’t generate anything, so many people fall for than one
JasonHam41 Aylar önce
Vampire tools rebranding a product that Facom has been selling for at least the last 10 years if not more. 8:17
NerfTubeNation Aylar önce
I have used vibratory cleaners for range brass for a while.
Ram-n_dodge Aylar önce
9:47 i just unloaded one of mine 20' containers, it came to my work on a quad axel trailer and the class 8 truck had a pair of drive axels, one drop axel and the steer axel. i had 34,000 lbs of product plus the weight of the container which is about 5,000 i don't see this little trailer setup taking that kind of load.
Stephen Farynaz
Stephen Farynaz Aylar önce
Lol, can we say CDL anyone? Lol
George Aylar önce
I looked that tire lift since I have 22" wheels and tires on my Denali and that is one expensive little piece of metal.
Dan Skofich
Dan Skofich Aylar önce
Blair C
Blair C Aylar önce
What is the name of those shears? I could understand him.
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Aylar önce
$25k for that container mover is a lot when they already make trailers that winch containers on and off and do it much quicker. And the trailer can be used for other things. How do you move it when there's no container?
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson Aylar önce
@Jay Ellison go to their website. They say it shows how to use it and install it, but it's just a bunch of driving around with no pictures or video of the install. There's one video showing them putting struts on a trailer that's already up in the air on jack stands. The hitch part makes sense to me. That's simple geometry. Its putting a lot of faith in the sheer strenhgth of some hardware, but it works. My biggest question is how do you get the wheels under it.
Jay Ellison
Jay Ellison Aylar önce
Exactly!! This container mover is garbage!! 25k for what? Something you can't even haul it once it's loaded!
Brian Wilton
Brian Wilton Aylar önce
great video
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Thanks man
Nick Wallace
Nick Wallace Aylar önce
Stan you should ceramic coat your new F-250!
mitch denner
mitch denner Aylar önce
Media tumblers not new tool. Dad used them 40 years ago to polish brass for reloading. Had the old school belt drive "rock tumbler" model before the vibratory ones came out.
Adam Sowa
Adam Sowa Aylar önce
Don't remember the name offhand, but the pusher is yellow with blue lettering?
RD 3526
RD 3526 Aylar önce
Can't wait to see the Arctic plow for a pickup!! Was wondering after your video about the adjustable wing pusher, why they hadn't made one for a pickup yet? Excitement!
Wilhem Hoffmann
Wilhem Hoffmann 5 gün önce
Loki Thor Shop ? - spells like a Marvel tool co. Lol but cool
Tony Newton
Tony Newton Aylar önce
Nice one Stan. 👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
tallhorse89 Aylar önce
The farm show is huge, but be sure to check out the big names(JD), its amazing to see all the huge equipment in there.
tallhorse89 Aylar önce
@Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek oh and the tractor pull at night is something you don't see very often. Indoor tractor pull they do an awesome job with it.
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
You got it
Ian Underwood
Ian Underwood Aylar önce
Love the videos
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Thanks man 👍
mitch denner
mitch denner Aylar önce
Like the dewilt tool holders.
Mike Mills
Mike Mills Aylar önce
I thought SEMA was in Oct/ November each year, was this SEMA 2022?
Road Trippin
Road Trippin Gün önce
Vibratory tumblers? Those have been around for EONS... Why is this even at SEMA???
Z Ack
Z Ack Aylar önce
Tool wrangler.. hmm. Aint that what the hooks are for that you can attach to your ugga duggas? Or the belt clipper deal..
Tools are cool
Gary Brazee
Gary Brazee Aylar önce
i have a rip on my sidewall of my side by side wheel. i got a tube in it and just ordered the patch kit! awesome and its gonna save me 130 bucks
Jay Ellison
Jay Ellison Aylar önce
Til you get air and it blows out on impact! I wouldn't trust this as far as someone can throw ya!
Ted Erdmann
Ted Erdmann Aylar önce
Any snowplows there or just junk show now??
James Garrison
James Garrison Aylar önce
10 07 no way that's road legal
TriWich Modular Mobility Solutions
Yep it is. It enable anyone with a truck to start a business without a buying a Semi-Truck or trailer bed. No CDL, no stopping at scales.
supersportimpalass Aylar önce
Its a Western plow 😂
J Wilkers
J Wilkers Aylar önce
12:47 Liftwithtrac only wants $150 for their tool plus shipping what a deal for a piece of metal with a roller I'll take 6 please
Handyman RB
Handyman RB Aylar önce
"Side wall repair" with overpriced CA glue...
Corey Whitt
Corey Whitt Aylar önce
Arctic truck plow!!!!!!
El térmite SD
El térmite SD Aylar önce
That roadkill thing is a dead wish there’s no free energy in the u.s. 😒
Stringfellow Hawke
Stringfellow Hawke 23 gün önce
No product links? Really??? FAIL
Mark K.
Mark K. 5 gün önce
12:40 utterly useless. I cant believe he showed up to sema with that and expected people to be excited about it. if anything people would just steal the idea and make one by bending a scrap piece of steel and skipping the roller.
Chris Schultz
Chris Schultz Aylar önce
mitch denner
mitch denner Aylar önce
25k to move around shipping containers. Me no think so.
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