The Warden - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 26

Alan Becker
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Animators: Able Rai, Terkoiz, Shuriken255, Sanguinii, Fox, Hexal, Glob, JasonTheBoring, Kayal, Oxob3000, Doumaki
Sound Designers: Pepper, Alexander Samarov
Music by Scott Buckley
Backgrounds by Avenoire, WingSun



1 Kas 2021




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Alan Becker
Alan Becker Yıl önce
I break my YouTooz figure by accident trvid.com/video/video-BROvBJnlwlo.html
dQw4w9WgXcQ🅧 6 gün önce
Pat Mcmahon
Pat Mcmahon 10 gün önce
Allen the warden is blind you know that right?
Pat Mcmahon
Pat Mcmahon 10 gün önce
The second coming is just like warden just go away
Pat Mcmahon
Pat Mcmahon 10 gün önce
Ababa hahahaha | His sis | lol
Pat Mcmahon
Pat Mcmahon 10 gün önce
will ropa
will ropa Yıl önce
Mojang, take notes. The Warden's flute scene was so sweet.
Zzaaccharay Rainbowguy
It could be craftable. It takes him for a while but then he goes away soon
OofAndOof 23 gün önce
@Sebastian Nasiescu How did you get some likes?
Sammy 25 gün önce
Will Ropa you’re literally wearing a tactical logo and you’re saying that is so sweet
Alavi Pk
Alavi Pk 26 gün önce
Brielle Henderson
Brielle Henderson 4 aylar önce
Fun detail I noticed about when learning about how noteblocks work in Minecraft: The flute sound is produced by placing a noteblock on top of clay or a honeycomb block. So it actually makes perfect sense why SC would be able to make a flute out of a candle with it being crafted from honeycomb. So the flute scene, in that way, is definitely consistent with actual Minecraft mechanics lol
Potato Guy
Potato Guy 25 gün önce
If this was anyone but Alan I would say that's a coincidence
_xXMidnight Aylar önce
@Mushroom Texty dammit
Mushroom Texty
Mushroom Texty Aylar önce
@_xXMidnight no u
_xXMidnight Aylar önce
@Su animator shush, anything is art when you want it to be even text is art and that's proven
Su animator
Su animator Aylar önce
I'm better than Alan Becker, My content is better!
Maniacal Murderer
Maniacal Murderer 3 aylar önce
This backstory for the warden actually makes sense for its design. In ancient myth from real life golems we’re actually depicted be hulking monsters with a gaping hole as a face before in later art they were shown to have more human faces. Since the ancient cities are ancient it wouldn’t be out there for the warden to just be an older corrupted golem model.
Paperully Aylar önce
@Yrrr nah it's just Canon to Alan beckers version
Yrrr 3 aylar önce
Is the backstory canon?
SAMS J 3 aylar önce
Gud @rizmations
_xXMidnight 3 aylar önce
so much for a maniacal murderer /j
78Lamarion Johnson
78Lamarion Johnson 3 aylar önce
Maniacal Murderer
Maniacal Murderer 3 aylar önce
That flute sound soothing the warden and giving it flashbacks to what the ancient city was before was so wholesome. I hope it becomes the wardens actual lore.
RetroGameDays36 14 gün önce
it may have had.
PastryCookie! 21 gün önce
@meme war guy theories aren't canon
meme war guy
meme war guy 27 gün önce
@Lizard productions it's from elite G the wardens are actually axolotls video
Lizard productions
Lizard productions 27 gün önce
@meme war guy show where they said that, because i follow all the Minecraft developers in Twitter and i havent seen anyone mentioning that
Nana Kwakwa
Nana Kwakwa 29 gün önce
Agreed tottaly
Mr. Papaveraceae
Mr. Papaveraceae 4 aylar önce
Actually a great idea with a flute. Imagine that being an in game item as a way to 'soothe' the Warden.
L.P. 3 aylar önce
maybe other instruments to make noises that please the warden and not anger it6
Pixelcraftian Yıl önce
Love this episode, really like the ending feeling of _"Oh no, he found it."_ Can't wait for the next episode! Really awesome :D
-_POLY _-
-_POLY _- 4 aylar önce
Wow your a actual youtuber
alana 5 aylar önce
Wait you know Alan becker?
CoalSupportsQueer 8 aylar önce
Why do I see you everywhere- In every comment section-
Trxgic *
Trxgic * 8 aylar önce
Novem Harrison
Novem Harrison 8 aylar önce
the bot again
Frenchie Sottises
Frenchie Sottises 2 aylar önce
I know someone already said it here, but the idea of the warden just being an ancient iron golem is something I hope would be canon. I've seen the simple clay golems before, and they don't have any specific features, so the warden would fit right in. Speaking of fitting in... the warden could also be a reference to Haniwa, which are basically the kind of gyroids you'd see in Animal Crossing. Haniwa were clay figurines used to protect the dead from evil spirits, and they were believed to have spirits reside in them. Now that I think about it, it could be possible that the spirits residing in the wardens are those who once lived in the ancient cities. Haniwa aren't exactly known to house evil spirits, just those who they're made to protect. It would mean the wardens are plagued by sorrow and guilt, and combine that with the intense isolation of the deep underground, it's no wonder why the wardens attack everything they hear.. Did I read too deep? Yeah, but it's fun.
meow Aylar önce
i like this theory
Los Pendejos
Los Pendejos 2 aylar önce
VoidInsanity 15 gün önce
The fact you find music disks in the ruins just makes this even better in the terms that Mojang could actually bring a mechanic like this to soothe the warden
One Angry Boi
One Angry Boi 4 aylar önce
I love the idea that the Warden wasn't the reason for the ancient cities no longer having civilizations. It's basically the if the iron golems lost their only purpose. It's depressing, and I have a feeling the King is gonna be a reason behind it.
Bartu 3 aylar önce
What a fun video to watch! This backstory of the warden is so good that it could be the actual lore. Edit: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this! I never would have been able to afford to travel as much as I did without Mighty 😤 Travels 💕 Premium.
Lololol4324 3 aylar önce
@Alix it's a bot that steals comments and adds the travel thing
Alix 3 aylar önce
lol you put "edit" in your original comment to plug some travel thing?
hypershadic11 Yıl önce
This is the perfect example of "show, don't tell." Even without words, Alan Becker has made something truly amazing, and he deserves way more credit for it.
Arjen The Tiger
Arjen The Tiger 24 gün önce
Nate Aylar önce
@Dy Lee and show, you can't forget that one.
Dy Lee
Dy Lee Aylar önce
So it’s a show and show and show
muffin little candy kitten
The most 100% top ten most Show don’t tell Animators ever
Nate 2 aylar önce
@FTFANIMATION ... who are you? You can't really get any credit if... you know... no one knows who you are.
🌈Rainbow Friends🌈
Ok here is my idea, The flute would be a SUPER rare chest item that only would spawn in 1 in 80 ancient city’s. The flute would allow the player to tame a warden as a protector and doesn’t require food to stay alive but can be fed if desired. You can untame a warden by giving the warden a poisonous potato, you would have 5 seconds to crouch before the warden becomes untamed and back to a hostile mob.
DarkFireType Aylar önce
Honestly with how we see the portals act in both season 1 and in later episodes, it makes sense how the warden's backstory is so different compared to what we are given lore wise to the base game. Desktop nether portals are gateways into other minecraft universes where the laws of reality and history of each world vary vastly. The note block world, skyblock world, and Monster School world are examples in how everything can be different compared to the base game. The warden being the peaceful guardian of this underground civilization of people rather than (according to theories) an infestation of semi-sentient skulk that forced a civilization to abandon the deep dark strongholds would be the difference in histories that these worlds have.
Steals_Your_Skills TO
Steals_Your_Skills TO 4 aylar önce
Man I find myself rewatching those videos over and over again. And the more I watch them I find more and more small details which makes me realize how much effort and thinking you put in those videos. Even small moments like watching orange finding a chest a full of useless items yet make use with all of them is so entertaining. I love the warden's backstory and the music so much and it's just 8 minutes long video. Im sooo hyped for episode 29 I really wish I could put into words how much I enjoy those videos, sometimes I even scream out of enjoyment and hype. The fight scenes are always so EPIC and the characters are sooo smart. Also the fact that every character has his own personallity and talent. The way it materialized's so well done.... In the final scene of orange and red's argument, I had tears. Never thought a stickman fights videos could make me actually cry. Also the way they just didn't give a sh** about their hunger and the dozens of zombies that came for them because they're just too op, and they just kept fighting each other AAAHHHHHHHH SO EPIIICCCC
ElUr Vest-Chan
ElUr Vest-Chan 3 aylar önce
It would be really good if they added something like the flute to reassure the warden with a melody, it also makes some sense about the villagers since the warden was a type of golem and became like that because of the catalyst expansion which is causing the warden blocks to expand, :)
Handsome James’ Grand Internet Adventure
It has no right to be as good as it is. The quality, the animation, the plot. I don't know, I'll just say "good job"
Fabio Reyes
Fabio Reyes 3 aylar önce
What a way to turn a chill game into a a suspense and terror one, great work man
Rohnan Atkinson
Rohnan Atkinson 3 aylar önce
I love the creativity that goes into these episodes.
ChillVibes 4 aylar önce
I absolutely love your idea of the lore for the warden. Turning him into the original protector of the village like iron gollems
 ShortHax Yıl önce
Everyone asks: “What is the Warden?” But only Orange knows how is the Warden
Amogus is a cringe meme
I know warden his sculk sensors makes an signal if they heard something make sound and the signal goes to .warden or sculk shrieker warden will go the sound that he heard and his real weakness is bell make a automatic Redstone system and put bell and boom you did it! Warden no longer attack u until you attack him
QwareV6 5 aylar önce
302nd :0
toastyboi 5 aylar önce
And i would ask "why is the warden?"
KrystPl 9 aylar önce
i don't ask it like that
Globalskate8818 9 aylar önce
I know warden even if im bedrock edition warden is a mob that can 2 hit a player with full netherite maybe because im just watching about wardens
The_Oculus_Player 4 aylar önce
I’ve been watching these videos for 3 years and I still love these videos. Keep up the great work.
Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison 3 aylar önce
Another amazing video. No dialogue needed and we have a genuinely chilling introduction to one of the scariest mobs in Minecraft with an interesting backstory behind it.
Jhye Blinco
Jhye Blinco 3 aylar önce
This has to be one of my favourite videos Alan has made, it is absolutely amazing!! With how he depicts the Warden, the music, everything!! And not to forget the story so far. I love these videos, they make my day
Nocturis 27 gün önce
this is great, and i love the fact that he used the piglin song just to animate the warden fighting the other orange
Dominus Aedificabit
Dominus Aedificabit 9 aylar önce
Just imagine the Warden, being alone for thousands of years, reminding the times when his city and his friends were alive. When there was happines all around, but now all it's gone. Just being able to hear that song again must be enough for him. This is beautifull
Emily Brown
Emily Brown 12 gün önce
I'm not crying, it's just raining
Exploded_Thunder 5 aylar önce
@•Ash•the builders could have
E.M.K 5 aylar önce
You are just like me ❤️❤️😭😭
Artyom 5 aylar önce
Борис 6 aylar önce
I'm in a state of ahuevanie right now... it's so ingenious and detailed. that..... I'm just in shock. and I really liked how he drew the warden in the past. I would like this idea to be taken by mojang. so that the supervisor can sing this song with the help of a flute to either distract or to make him his ally
musteren 4 aylar önce
I love the idea of the warden being a corrupted golem. Until the devs revealed it was a mesh of dead souls, bones and sculk...
Jacq 2022
Jacq 2022 Aylar önce
According to matpat, the warden came from the ancient city portal and killed everyone. But I think this must be set in another universe where the warden is an ancient protector and not a destroyer. Great work Alan
Koaly Aylar önce
5:03 the flute scene made me feel like this warden used to be like the iron golem and would be great addition to Minecraft villages but with this twist of it being lost to time with the cover up of skulking forgetting its kind and what it used to protect but now with no sense of right or wrong hurts everything it sensed. Good job Alan u really know how to make us feel so inspired and great when watching these animations :>
meow Aylar önce
i have the same theory, and i think it'd be really cool if this is the actual lore of the warden
5:02 That entire scene is one of my favorite moments in this entire series
SirTimidFlash 7 aylar önce
Can we appreciate the fact that the Warden was made compassionate, instead of hostile, and yet he fights like a feral animal; but with WAY more precision than a thing that size should have.
Nguyễn Viết Thái
Smallest smallest smallest smallest coolest
Asta S
Asta S 5 aylar önce
In other words he’s a gentle giant
Nawfal_Index 5 aylar önce
Rafelandroid2 7 aylar önce
fighting like that has its uses Since the enemy doesn't know if you had education in fighting or not, your attacks can be extremely unpredictable and can absolutely destroy you if you aren't careful
theGamingSOLDAT 3 aylar önce
Here I am getting emotional over an incredible backstory for the warden 🥺 AB, you’re absolutely incredible
Cat 3 gün önce
man, time flies by. I remember the original AvM video being the newest and last one.
MrLapi 3 aylar önce
I love the little detail where TSC sings Pigstep on his candle flute, telling the warden a short summary of what happened. Would say it’s referring the episode “The Ultimate Weapon”.
MrLapi 3 aylar önce
@skibbledebabble It is there. Anyways the message at the video just proves my last words to u.
skibbledebabble 3 aylar önce
@MrLapi i literally cant hear it at all its probably there but i just dont hear it
MrLapi 3 aylar önce
@skibbledebabble Theres little bits of it?????????!
skibbledebabble 3 aylar önce
@MrLapi bro i literally just said that it doesnt sound like pigstep to me it could be pigstep but i dont recognize that as pigstep
MrLapi 3 aylar önce
@skibbledebabble since you think you’re right how about i prove it to you eh?
McFloridaMan 4 aylar önce
This is so wholesome, that is what i imagine the wardens past being 🥹
Ansonridesfast 7 aylar önce
I actually love the idea that the warden is the last remnant of a long forgotten civilization rather than the thing that destroyed it. I've seen other game theories say the warden is the destroyer but this new concept actually has some merit.
Los Pendejos
Los Pendejos 2 aylar önce
Георги Димов
@Aden Sanchez Good theory.I was thinking that the Warden was once kinder and was created by some new species of highly intelligent mobs whom he threated with respect and kindnesses and so they did.He was created to guard the city and the mobs,but after the arrival of the sculk they got infected and so he and the civilization died to the infection expect him.Driven by madness he would kill every single being close to the city.Or he is possibly some kind of mutated Enderman.
Aden Sanchez
Aden Sanchez 4 aylar önce
I believe that the warden was a golem to the natives, built to protect them while having a consciousness. Based on the ancient city structures, the "portal" and building it rests on could've acted as a ziggurat (shrine/temple used in several religions to communicate with their gods). The people could've been searching for their deities but accidentally found something darker, a new world with new horrors, known as skulk. Skulk seems to thrive and spread from the collection of dead souls, compressed into a physical object, given that blue souls emerge from skulk blocks being produced by catalysts. This infected and wiped out the people within the city and drew them back to the surface. The warden, however, had a soul but could not die from skulk, meaning it was used as a pawn, operating as part of a hive mind. Upon the surface, the refugee villagers found a new way to defend themselves from the monsters of the night by creating a golem that has no consciousness, but rather acts more machine that man, the Iron Golem. This is just a theory based on my experience. Mojang, you better take notes.
حنان حنين
حنان حنين 4 aylar önce
@Zerofuku but they would also use music but like someone said in the comment music is for a back up plan and something like that
حنان حنين
حنان حنين 4 aylar önce
@Zerofuku it's because so the villagers don't set off the shrieker on accident
Stockton 3 aylar önce
I love how before it attacks SC you can see the warden moving around in the background. And SC talking to the warden by drawing with notes was genius
wardina 3 aylar önce
these will always be my favourite series.
Chensong Dong
Chensong Dong 3 aylar önce
The episodes just keep getting better!
Voulteezkk 4 aylar önce
Meu Deus, os vídeos ainda tem a mesma mágica de antes
AndreasFraDK Yıl önce
this went from horror, to wholesome, to depressing to action, i've felt every emotion during this video.
Puerto Rican V1nce Cuh
@DEATHDROID 3113 How do you not understand what was happening lmao. Its clear that the warden remembers his old village since he remembers them clearly playing the same song. It’s depressing because the warden has nobody anymore. As well as being infected and hostile.
Kyson 4 aylar önce
@Emmanuel The Internet Fan *N O .*
Emmanuel The Internet Fan
Yellow x Blue x Green
Elijah Sabilao
Elijah Sabilao 11 aylar önce
MattBasic Gaming
MattBasic Gaming Yıl önce
@NVS0K and the bot is @Dark
felmagfer 4 aylar önce
Finally someone that sees the warden as a guardian of the cities and not a monster
Amir__ 3 aylar önce
Love how the communication of music is used in a later vid, which is also my favorite so far.
Gustavo Mendes
Gustavo Mendes Aylar önce
I find amazing that Alan made the Warden way more interesting than it originally is at the game, an tale of a fallen guardian who probably failed at protecting his village is a story that I am hoping Mojang does in Minecraft ALAN PLEASE DO A PREQUEL ABOUT THE WARDEN PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSEEEEEEEE😭😭
Dr_John09 2 aylar önce
The little flute remix of pigstep to explain second coming's plan to beat King Orange was such a nice touch
Skull Yıl önce
The idea of "The Warden" being the underground Golem was brilliant.
Princeton Binns
Princeton Binns Yıl önce
Really? Dang
Russian of The internet
I presented this idea to a friend, and fellow TRvidr, and he ruled it out and started screaming at me.
Princeton Binns
Princeton Binns Yıl önce
Could he possibly got that from gamers react
spinish Yıl önce
@Kevin Game yeAh
Finlay Buchan
Finlay Buchan 2 aylar önce
My sister and I both agree that this was one of the more nerve-wracking episodes in the series, especially when the Warden vanishes after first chasing SC, and then abruptly bursts out of the ground at 2:33...
THE UNKNOWN ERROR 3 aylar önce
Its been 9 months but these nether war videos never gets old
Ali León
Ali León 4 aylar önce
Sería muy buena idea que se pudiera calmar al Warden con alguno de los cuernos de cabra que sea especial
ChiefsKCtown 3 aylar önce
Let's just take a moment to realize that he threw the most powerful item in Minecraft the Notch Apple
CEO of CEOs Yıl önce
The fact this dude can animate Minecraft characters so well and make them move so fluidly and still manage to make them look natural is actually admirable
Miguel H.V
Miguel H.V Yıl önce
"Obviamente el warden se ve fluido" ._.
Mudkipz Yıl önce
He has a team so makes sense yeah
Free meme Dealer
Free meme Dealer Yıl önce
And make a shadow on the stickmans
Dude says Hi!
Dude says Hi! Yıl önce
@maged baz same but different i want him alive because they had a sad backstory hopefully alan gives them more of a purpose then killing them off
maged baz
maged baz Yıl önce
I agree with you on this, simply because the minecraft animation looks more flexible than the main characters them selfs
Алюна козловская
I got goosebumps from the flute scene, it’s so sweet
Antonio Romero
Antonio Romero 3 aylar önce
I love how other youtubers make 2-hour long videos trying to find the Wardens backstory yet Alan only took 8 minutes🤣🤣
Nguyễn Viết Thái
WIRRULLA is a member
Nguyễn Viết Thái
Nguyễn Viết Thái
Me too
Arctic_Fire 3 aylar önce
4:05 It's funny to see him trying to mine stones using books and candles 🤣
Mr. Conductor
Mr. Conductor 3 aylar önce
I don't know what's worse. The fact that Orange didn't take the wool blocks, or that he threw a literal Notch Apple to distract the Warden over a candle, a stick, and a book. Amazing episode though. Love it to death.
Resonance & Amplitude
Resonance & Amplitude 8 aylar önce
The very fact that Alan made the Warden and its abilities and features so accurately literally 3 months before it actually came out makes me wonder if he has an inside person within Mojang.
Mothball 5 aylar önce
@EndknightZeeper Mods well mine craft legends has the invasion but no ender weapon
spazmatism 5 aylar önce
Nah they got bout 1 thing wrong which was the skulk screecher system
dullasm 6 aylar önce
@Metamega thaat would be badass
TerraLyte 7 aylar önce
He is the inside person.
EndknightZeeper Mods
EndknightZeeper Mods 7 aylar önce
@4eka The other one should be in the game rare easter egg
PianoMation 4 aylar önce
I just wanna say that your animation is so smooth and the fights are so satisfying to watch
Divin 3 aylar önce
I only just discovered this just now but that scene with the music and the warden was so wholesome
DarkingSPro WR
DarkingSPro WR 3 aylar önce
Imaginemos q esa historia fuera real el minecraft fuera algo muy genial y hermoso 💚
meow Aylar önce
this is the most wholesome video about the warden I've ever seen
Skyta 7 aylar önce
Certainly that flute scene actually connects very well to the actual lore of minecraft. The ancient cities were perhaps the cities built by ancient builders long time ago... for deep mining operations and warden as the name suggests, would have protected them from zombified builders who had now become zombies
_A_P_E_X_ 3 aylar önce
Лор Вардена слили в канаву. Верден не хранитель а охотник он это как хищный цветок. Он поглощает души. Он в целом скалк органика а она инопланетянская херня
Russell Uware Jnr
Russell Uware Jnr 4 aylar önce
Ikr perfect idea mojang should follow
Bob the animator
Bob the animator 4 aylar önce
@Aciel Haidir well the warden WAS raised in the caves so giving an iron golem an eye in pure darkness would've been totally pointless if even the guardian doesn't know what it's attacking
RagingHusko 4 aylar önce
yep... thats how being zombified works
Ryan Gao
Ryan Gao 4 aylar önce
The back story
Nhale XHale
Nhale XHale 2 aylar önce
this story has to be told, how great would it be to build a map with the ancient city in its fully life with a friendly warden (maybe a mod) and villagers who live there
Khaalid Walker
Khaalid Walker 2 aylar önce
I heard the flute and literally started tearing up. Loved it
JuanDaGelvez 3 aylar önce
Y pensar que el warden si fue algo así de op
🌈Rainbow Friends🌈
Ok here is my idea, The flute would be a SUPER rare chest item that only would spawn in 1 in 80 ancient city’s. The flute would allow the player to tame a warden as a protector and doesn’t require food to stay alive but can be fed if desired. You can untame a warden by giving the warden a poisonous potato, you would have 5 seconds to crouch before the warden becomes untamed and back to a hostile mob.
Comical Realm Animations
I like how Alan calls these shorts. These aren't shorts, they're cinematic masterpieces
Phoenix of the Stars
100% agree.
Ur Mum
Ur Mum Yıl önce
That are short
Denzil Halliday
Denzil Halliday Yıl önce
They deserve to be longs
Mauricio Martínez
That's the best thing about Alan's videos
Robin Sampson
Robin Sampson Yıl önce
Well considering some episodes go for 10-15 minutes or longer it makes sense why he would call these ones shorts
kenhimura 3 aylar önce
Si el warden pudiera hacer eso de romper paredes, fuera increíble XD Seguramente acojona a todos xd
ZackTheSnowNeko 2 aylar önce
Can we just talk about how health bars in these vids only exist when they’re inconvenient
HandSanitizer • 10 years ago
Omg I used to love this channel as a child. I'm happy I got recommended this :)
Keanu Ruiz
Keanu Ruiz 4 aylar önce
5:19 - 5:37 makes sense that there was once ancient villages and the warden was like their iron golem.
Neuro Negative
Neuro Negative Yıl önce
Its still so crazy to me thinking about how far alan has come as an animator. So much dedication and passion you see less and less nowadays. Keep up the breathtaking work my mans!!
Neuro Negative
Neuro Negative Yıl önce
@Boner.Pills Well im gonna say you are entitled to your opinion and leave it at that.
Joey Ward
Joey Ward Yıl önce
Yep, still remember the VERY first animator vs animation...
Soviet Federation
@E E who knows could’ve been a joke at one point, an argument, random putting it out there and forgetting about it or just some group thinking they need to push their ideas into peoples face some more
E E Yıl önce
@Soviet Federation yea it those get pretty annoying, although sinetunes I do find myself wobderibg how exactly this trend happened.
Auralmations Aylar önce
5:58 I knew this sounded familiar! Turns out, it's Pigstep!
Eli Williamson
Eli Williamson 3 aylar önce
flute part is so good. keep doing this. its worth rewatching.
Sivan Sado
Sivan Sado 3 aylar önce
The warden's hearing has gotten to the point where it can predict where opponets and "intruders" are.
Top Commander
Top Commander Aylar önce
Honestly you make the best animations ever :)
Payton Wheeler
Payton Wheeler 20 gün önce
1:07-1:30 The Warden is sneaking across the back of the screen, such a great detail!! 😀
Justin 3 aylar önce
1:46 this scene was HORRIFYING. really gave the feel it was supposed to give 👍
Carlos TM
Carlos TM 3 aylar önce
Estuvo tan bueno, que acabo de perdonar a todos los Wardens que me hicieron pereder todo mi loot.
Noah Ortiz
Noah Ortiz 4 aylar önce
Good job with your animations!👍
iStealth Yıl önce
Alan really never disappoints... best animator in the world!!!
ahmed haddadi
ahmed haddadi 27 gün önce
You are right but orange is so dumb
🔥 Sakrofy  - サクロフィ 🔥
I can agree
Spidey Bricks
Spidey Bricks 4 aylar önce
Tiv 5 aylar önce
I wouldn’t say this is the best animator in the world but he’s one of the better ones
정상적인 꿀벌
정상적인 꿀벌 5 aylar önce
Kent Parkinson
Kent Parkinson 3 aylar önce
Love your videos, and that was a good story idea.
Tan Pee How
Tan Pee How 2 aylar önce
the flute is simply awesome , i hope mojang could make the mode that allow warden to be tame
Purple shy guy
Purple shy guy 3 aylar önce
Imagine taming a warden this way.
4DeV 4 aylar önce
When he climbed on the Warden's back, it feels like a Titanfall Scene. "GET READY FOR WARDEN' FALL!"
Steve O’Brine Animations
If Minecraft doesn’t make this Warden Lore cannon, we’re all rioting
Roaches from • 12 years ago
@Its ya boi! Sunny! go to sweden
Myth Yıl önce
Spin attack, smash attack, destroy blocks, hears jumping, have echolocation, can two hit netherite, can be tamed, has 85 hp, can do 15 chunk of hp.
Its ya boi! Sunny!
A definite raid to mojang office
Preparing Yıl önce
Hailix Yıl önce
Minecraft canon has an ancient civilization as part of it so it likely is canon already
Thatha Mohan Krishna Swamy
The music was sweet. For once, I see the warden as friendly than violent
Issei Ddraig21
Issei Ddraig21 3 aylar önce
Awesome Animation as always!
cordless_vase8 3 aylar önce
i love how reckless the wardan is when hes fighting evil orange
Azuka Azuka
Azuka Azuka 3 aylar önce
Some things always make sense. The Warden was also a reason for being the bad side
Limpind 4 aylar önce
With this new outlook on the warden you can be much more sympathetic. Considering its strength in the game and ancient design you could say it possibly predates the end dimension and is older than the ender dragon. And if it's named "the warden" it's obviously meant to protect something, not destroy it, and it still protects its home from intruders to this day.
Amritss 29 gün önce
@Mandy Scott It's in the name with how to build one, Iron golem = Iron blocks to make the golem so using the same logic warden = ward blocks... (yeah i'm bluffing)
Nhale XHale
Nhale XHale 2 aylar önce
it kinda reminds me on the iron golem
Nate 2 aylar önce
At one point in disc 5, there's a warden sound then the wither death sound. This thing defended its home from intruders so well it killed the fucking wither.
Nanna Hansen
Nanna Hansen 2 aylar önce
@Limpind i didnt read the replys so I replied.
Limpind 2 aylar önce
@Nanna Hansen the strongest entity would probably still be steve/the player but in creative mode.
Gabriela Covarrubias
Gabriela Covarrubias 23 gün önce
Remember: if mojang copyright strikes this, this is the canonical lore for the warden
Maybe Girl Games
Maybe Girl Games 2 aylar önce
This is SO GOOD!!!! I need part two!!!
Ages65 4 aylar önce
Fun fact: when TSC is telling the warden his plan with the flute, he's playing the pigstep remix Edit:it's hard to notice, but it's true
E=MC² 4 aylar önce
the fact that this was made about 8 months before the wild update came is incredible
Gappl 4 aylar önce
Still, its based off of the snapshots
Raymond Sunwito
Raymond Sunwito Yıl önce
Wow, i like the flashback one. Amazing!
Unknown 11 aylar önce
@_Sh1nj1_ if they actually added that to Minecraft that would be hella insane
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BoyDuddeee 366
BoyDuddeee 366 Yıl önce
His Own Theory
Vinh40k Yıl önce
Warden: I do so much damage Player: full enchanted netherite,god apple Warden:ok then*tell flashback to player* Player has been death by sadness
Tanqr galaxy
Tanqr galaxy 2 aylar önce
Alan, when you are finished with this or now, please make it all a full video because this is movie tier
Griffin Holmes
Griffin Holmes 3 aylar önce
I feel like both this theory and Matt Pratt about the warden’s flashback make sense
Mik Moen
Mik Moen 4 aylar önce
The Warden being a Sculk infested Golem is really interesting.
Mikey& leo
Mikey& leo 4 aylar önce
This demonstrates perfectly what happens when you fall down a cave an have limited Items
David 4rancibia
David 4rancibia Yıl önce
Mojang: we haven't reveal details of the new mobs Alan: *Fine, I'll do it myself*
Tacoflash Yıl önce
The Stonger Allay
lolliii Yıl önce
@Lucas Soto well he's actually right because Warden haven't released in minecraft yet i can't find it's spawner egg in creative
lolliii Yıl önce
@Danilo Requena oh
Danilo Requena
Danilo Requena Yıl önce
@Lucas Soto o yeah thanks buddy
Lucas Soto
Lucas Soto Yıl önce
@Danilo Requena In fact, very well that you corrected it because people can get confused, since mods mean something totally different
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