The Ultimate Weapon - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 25

Alan Becker
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27 Ağu 2021




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Alan Becker
Alan Becker Yıl önce
I talk about the next episode here: trvid.com/video/video-AvRUtq6aKqI.html
Sega_&_EmileGemes 12 gün önce
Stickman и важные чтобы они говорили
Луиза Бакшалиева
DBZ Fan 26 gün önce
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Seek dad
Seek dad 2 aylar önce
@Kevin Smith hi
Michael Quinlan
Michael Quinlan 2 aylar önce
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Let's appreciate how Alan Becker has never lost their touch over the years and always makes the best animations.
Infinite Taquito
Infinite Taquito Aylar önce
@JustClip the spider video has more likes than this what do you mean
Infinite Taquito
Infinite Taquito Aylar önce
@amel ft he literally just has a lot of things to say, it’s not that bad
JustClip Aylar önce
@Bhawani Kerung what do you mean the video has 993K likes who can reach that high
Fabiola Salazar
Fabiola Salazar 2 aylar önce
lenn 2 aylar önce
@SticktuberSMP yeah, but the new alex and steve adventures are also great👍
Ninja Goat
Ninja Goat Aylar önce
I love how in this entire series blue is just a stoner for hellish weed
Smt64 Productions
Smt64 Productions 21 gün önce
Exi_M Aylar önce
Rewatching this episode up to episode 29 before AVM 30. comes out in the next 3 hours!
p1nk._ 24 gün önce
Hahaha good all times
Ars Studio Animationツ
@Луиза Бакшалиева РУССКАЯ, ААААААААА
Луиза Бакшалиева
BlaStoZe Aylar önce
Me too
What’dUp 6 aylar önce
Anyone else notice that he doesn’t put in random coordinates? all the coordinates match up and are actually commands that work exactly how they are animated
KingCraft Aylar önce
@Michael QuinlanP
KingCraft Aylar önce
@BruH what?😂
KingCraft Aylar önce
What about the force hold command?😄
ZeraZero Aylar önce
It's highly likely that the commands for the King's attacks is a fairly big factor as to why Alan's animations take quite a while to make. Not complaining tho, we appreciate that he'd go that far to have his animations stay true to the game's mechanics.
Сергей Сиренко
@Latha Sany .
LozCS Aylar önce
Just watched episode 30… This did not feel like it was made a year ago. Time actually flies so fast
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown 6 aylar önce
*Evil king gives Blue a crown* Blue: "NOPE! I am NOT falling for that trick again!" Evil King: "I have weed that grows in hell." Blue: "SAY LESS!"
That one kid next door
It’s not really weed they’re mushrooms they’re a different type of drug But yes they are drugs and yes blue is addicted to them
Просто Polzovatel'
Pixel Crash
Pixel Crash 25 gün önce
Iam Thecat (ikatz876)
Iam Thecat (ikatz876) 29 gün önce
King: Here you go. Blue: ummmmmm..... (Memorizes that trick) Blue: Nether wart! Going for it!
Luki Wei
Luki Wei Aylar önce
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate of how much pig step match the battle music like that battle was insane I like it
Cheese Studios
Cheese Studios 18 gün önce
the prize thing is fake don't click it
FedjaLP Aylar önce
I wonder, why this series isn't on Netflix😂
Ozas_ciL 6 saatler önce
Nah it's too good for some netflix
Tomatogoose2717 18 saatler önce
It's too good for anything
Competitive Trash
Competitive Trash Aylar önce
It's too good for Netflix
JupiterDude3000 Aylar önce
Exactly! We need more stuff like this on Netflix, similar to when Red vs. Blue was on it
CubebutproGD Aylar önce
Yeah Alan becker is incredible
R-Error 5 aylar önce
I love how TSC doesn't use his powers that were shown in AVA 5 end to instantly kill any stick figure, but instead uses legit Minecraft creative powers.
Y20 Vivo
Y20 Vivo 14 gün önce
@Michael Quinlan nah
its_oliverr Aylar önce
@The R.F.G Club the chosen one, the black stick figure
The R.F.G Club
The R.F.G Club Aylar önce
@its_oliverr what who is TCO again?
TheDayOfTheDucks Aylar önce
@Hannah FBR ohhhh, thanks!
Hannah FBR
Hannah FBR Aylar önce
@TheDayOfTheDucks The Chosen One, the black stick figure with fire and laser eyes
Strange but cool fact: this isn’t the first OP weapon to be named, the ultimate weapon before.
𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker00
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Optimus[GL]Slayer123 29 gün önce
@Tiny Desk Engineer whenever they make a weapon that’s insanely overpowered Sometimes they’ll always have a name of “ultimate weapon” or something along those lines
Tiny Desk Engineer
Tiny Desk Engineer Aylar önce
...What? How is that interesting in the slightest?
Yakob Soulstorm
Yakob Soulstorm 6 aylar önce
I really appreciate the differences between how King Orange and the Second Coming fight. The former uses Obsidian and brute force, often just summoning large amounts of thing, whereas the latter utilises more creative options like minecarts, compensating for the raw power the staff grants.
Yakob Soulstorm
Yakob Soulstorm 2 aylar önce
@Atilla Huh, didn't think of that.
Atilla 2 aylar önce
Also, the light and dark colored glows of the app icons represent the creative and destructive sides of power, the ability to make and break.
thepizzacar pizza
thepizzacar pizza 2 aylar önce
@NonSenses Prince i like doing that
NonSenses Prince
NonSenses Prince 2 aylar önce
@thepizzacar pizza the maximum expression of "TL;DR
thepizzacar pizza
thepizzacar pizza 2 aylar önce
Just because you have unlimited power doesn't mean you cant be outsmarted
Lea 3 aylar önce
I always appreciate how much personality these guys have despite literally being stickfigures.
Improvise Studios
Improvise Studios Aylar önce
It's so weird watching these back knowing that King really just wants to see his son again.
Davi Pereira
Davi Pereira 14 gün önce
actually he is not really trying to find his son, he got "corrupted" by the power because he wasnt looking for him son, but trying to get hes revange and destroy minecraft, he literally lost the sense end omly remembered his son after purple tries to stop him
Mew Caedin
Mew Caedin Aylar önce
@IAmFromSpace I Watched this one, all the AVM animations, all the AVA animations, and the Animation vs stuff animations
Improvise Studios
Improvise Studios Aylar önce
@JakeWorms hahahaha mb man
JakeWorms Aylar önce
When you see a potential spoiler and can’t stop thinking about it
IAmFromSpace Aylar önce
@Mew Caedinyeah you prob watched the original series instead of this one
Feizao died so I have no username ideas
I think we’re forgetting that this was all because of blue’s nether wart addiction.
Tearful 231Pluto
Tearful 231Pluto Aylar önce
​@Van Lester AmorosoI don't think they would've met if he had Nether wart addiction which led to the nether which led to them meeting
Van Lester Amoroso
Van Lester Amoroso Aylar önce
No it's not it's was all because red trusted purple to come with them
Spenjaminn Aylar önce
hits different after episode 30
HD Wazowski
HD Wazowski Aylar önce
SussyRed 7 aylar önce
Alan Becker is so talented, he puts so much effort in every his AvM episodes.
Kurtis Goodrich
Kurtis Goodrich Aylar önce
Aww man
Kimiko Akaike
Kimiko Akaike Aylar önce
Among sus
Michael Quinlan
Michael Quinlan 5 aylar önce
striking Sarcophagus
I love how Purple is such a schemer. He's not as great as fighting without equipment, but he's always moving according to some kind of plan
Rubub Aylar önce
@Quintessential Abishek he just like me fr
Quintessential Abishek
Tbh i relate to him
Joshi Tavera
Joshi Tavera Aylar önce
@Rubub bro thinks he's funny 💀🤡
Rubub Aylar önce
bro think he saul 💀
striking Sarcophagus
@Igor Animations True, but again, he was still using his elytra and the environment to hold them off. He's still more of a tactician.
carter denson
carter denson Aylar önce
my dude made an entire f*cking masterpiece of a song for such an epic fight. this guy, and all involved, have amazing talent.
BeatrizTS Aylar önce
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Jasmine Al-Igoe
Jasmine Al-Igoe Aylar önce
Watch most of Season 3 again ahead of "The King" / EP 30's release tomorrow! I LOVE, that now I'm able to go back and know what happens next EVERY EP. Pretty much SEEMLESS end and starts/jumps between these episodes! I can still remember the CHILLS I got from this one, and many more at the ends of the eps.. with this one, the sensor going off then the music picking back up..🧡
Gram Gram Animations
Big shoutout to the entire animation crew! Honestly a big part of this series has been the entire animation team involved. One of my favorites (Potions) I believe was animated entirely by Alan’s team without him. The animation crew definitely deserve more credit than the fans give them!
Luki Wei
Luki Wei Aylar önce
@Neo I practically transcended the material plane trying to read that
Neo 4 aylar önce
Yeah he the one who make that but no help with him he try he best
Just a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious replier
To be fair i never knew he had one
Jax White
Jax White Aylar önce
3:57 when the boss music kicks in.
The robot
The robot Aylar önce
After watching the rest of the series, this episode really does hit kinda different. Purple being betrayed by the King just like how his father abandoned him, the King being so close to avenging his son and then beaten to hell by TSC, ect. really give the feels on this one
Z0RD Aylar önce
not even gonna lie this series is a masterpiece, i absolutely love it!
combine soldier
combine soldier Aylar önce
I have been wondering something where has Alan Becker been through this whole process
Landon Lootens
Landon Lootens Aylar önce
we need the full song of the fight scene
Duckmine Aylar önce
I've noticed that the special effect at 5:05 when Minecraft is uninstalled is very similar to the one at the end of AvA3 when Alan's PC is destroyed.
Tiny Desk Engineer
Tiny Desk Engineer Aylar önce
Ohhhh... _that's_ what happened there. The Minecraft icon going into the portal created that vortex because it removed Minecraft from Alan's computer.
SNP Media
SNP Media Aylar önce
It's small things like that make me love Alan Becker and his work so much more
Lowkey_Loki245 Aylar önce
3:57 best fight scene ever
Nawidcool 99
Nawidcool 99 Saatler önce
@⚒️ SpareEnderboy ⚒️ bro your the bot
marioguy 𓆦
marioguy 𓆦 14 gün önce
@⚒️ SpareEnderboy ⚒️ what
⚒️ SpareEnderboy ⚒️
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TheKaraKnight Play Wild
I remember watching your videos as a kid, still appreciate the hard effort you put into your animations
dominace Aylar önce
this is literally the best thing i have ever watched
Klel Eli
Klel Eli 2 aylar önce
To be honest, I miss when people added captions to these. They always made me laugh, especially the one in the nether episode, "cAiK."
My Account Again
My Account Again Aylar önce
It's So Sad that they've have been removed them since 2020 :(
Baked Beans
Baked Beans Aylar önce
And also in the first ep its “I have…” “sOmE iTeMs”
Venessa Modico
Venessa Modico Aylar önce
Alejandro Petit
Alejandro Petit Aylar önce
RIP Community captions God dammit TRvid why do you delete good features for no reason
Nebbyuni Aylar önce
"And now that we're together, it's time to split up."
Quinn Aylar önce
I can't, the background music during the fight hyped me up
king: *gives blue a crown* blue: nope, i know how it ended last time king: i have some *HELL WEED* blue: say no more
𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker00
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Michael 4 Leaf
Michael 4 Leaf Aylar önce
No ones talking about how adorable blue and yellow are together? *Okay*
𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker00
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@Baked Beans Nobody should
Baked Beans
Baked Beans Aylar önce
Genesis SuperNova
Genesis SuperNova Aylar önce
xXSweeneysXx Aylar önce
3:56 - The Fighting Begins...
lipolelo molapo
lipolelo molapo Yıl önce
Let's just all remember, all of this started just because Blue wanted some nether warts
GLADIATOR 22 saatler önce
No they all trusted purple to follow him
That one kid next door
Blue: 🎶oh lord save me my drug~ is my baby I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life🎶
Jonathan Lea
Jonathan Lea 10 gün önce
Lets all remember this started because 2nd coming found a funky lookin square
someguywhoplayroblox 17 gün önce
Sky blue actually
EchoIzCool 22 gün önce
Marcelo Pedrosa
Marcelo Pedrosa Aylar önce
Man I saw this video in the start of this year and other inumeral times, but whenever I see I feel goosebumps in many scenes. 😁😄😍🤩 Alan Becker you're incredibly and the best youtuber animator of Minecraft 🤩
𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker00
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Pixel Crash
Pixel Crash Aylar önce
pigstep always gets me hyped!
𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker00
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Tripper The Hedgehog
Timestamp: 0:00 - Intro 1:16 - Guarding 3:41 - Pigstep AVM Remix (The Battle) 10:00 - The Warden
F but angry
F but angry Aylar önce
alternative title:2 stickmen with god powers fight eachother
iStealth Yıl önce
This is literally a masterpiece, can't believe it's the same guy who did these animations from 10 years ago
Laiba .A
Laiba .A 5 aylar önce
@Omicron2023 yes
The[🇲🇦]Guy 8 aylar önce
I dare sameone to watch this video on the maxim speed
Omicron2023 Yıl önce
eye Yıl önce
@Anastasia Augustine true and indeed
Hannah FBR
Hannah FBR Aylar önce
This dramatic remix of Pigstep could not have been executed any better, I haven’t felt so hyped over something in a long time
Christina Balfoort
Christina Balfoort Aylar önce
I feel like he plans everything from episode 1 to 30
Katty Kwu Kwu
Katty Kwu Kwu Aylar önce
@GoldyStarGacha yeah plus Alan said himself that he didn’t planned at all to create an arc at first with purple,I’m still amaze tho there isn’t much retcon
GoldyStarGacha Aylar önce
I don’t think so. Purple’s personality is very different in AVM 9 and 10. He almost acts like a more pathetic version of King Orange.
Katty Kwu Kwu
Katty Kwu Kwu Aylar önce
Go to the chanel animation vs agaming and you will heard about his opinion on all the serie with the react video’s
Crown victoria
Crown victoria Aylar önce
*I like how the two Minecraft Icons resembles Yin and Yang*
Ichigo-san 3 aylar önce
I never thought an animation about minecraft and stick figures would get me so hyped. Truly the most exciting thing I've watched in years
Catz Yıl önce
Minecraft should give this man an award for taking "creative mode" to a whole new level
Joseph Sonn
Joseph Sonn 5 aylar önce
Technoavm 6 aylar önce
@Two i'm brazilian i understand a little english but not much so some words may be wrong
Technoavm 6 aylar önce
@ReadingFreak yes but with creative mode when you activate it in Minecraft the chat activates so with it you can kind of do everything you can do in the game
Two Yıl önce
the minecraft block doesnt only give creative mode, read the vid desc
Cossicrots 42
Cossicrots 42 4 aylar önce
After seeing all the stickmen finally reunite for another fight at the end of Noteblock universe, I look back at the amazing fight in this episode and wonder, how is Alan Becker possibly going to top this in the next episode?
•I'm elieli•
•I'm elieli• Aylar önce
the music in the fight scene is so epic!!!
𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker00
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Jon 6 aylar önce
remember, the reason why the series extended by 4 more episodes is because of the existence of nether portals
LewisNotFound 9 saatler önce
I still can’t believe this came out almost a year and a half ago! I remember watching this for the first time thinking how good it was. I would give anything to rewatch this for the first time again.
hecker Yıl önce
This is the most intense fight I have ever seen One word:- *"masterpiece"*
DumBruv Yıl önce
@hecker I want you to bring back one of my gmail IDs
Dhanashri Shivgunde
Hecker you are fake!!!!!!¡!!!!!!
Dhanashri Shivgunde
Fake Hecker
Operator Famous
Operator Famous Yıl önce
hi hecker
D4F1 Yıl önce
FruitCupCat 6 aylar önce
Let’s say, if blue still had nether warts, this would’ve never happened
GalaxyGirl BlackHeart
GalaxyGirl BlackHeart 4 aylar önce
7:25 Took me a while to realize that the final picture there is not Purple and King Orange sharing the power (as what Purple thought in Episode 21). But rather, it's actually the duo fighting over the Minecraft Scepter.
GSF (Green StickFigure)
I have never smiled so much.
8:36 Pixel gun 3D Operation snowball be like:
Max Box
Max Box Yıl önce
Astounding as always. Big shoutout to Aaron and Scott, too. That enhanced Pigstep was 𝐛𝐮𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐧
nmking Yıl önce
@resupero search up Scott’s channel lol
resupero Yıl önce
@nmking w h e r e p l s
nmking Yıl önce
@Smol it is now
ghun choi
ghun choi Yıl önce
Surprising to see max box here
A Wooden Crate
A Wooden Crate Yıl önce
We need the music origins of that Remixed pigstep.
Walid Bichbich
Walid Bichbich 4 aylar önce
This was an absolute masterpiece. But is nobody gonna talk about how purple handled both TSC and red at the same time and they are the most proficient in hand to hand combat. Really goes to show how strong purple is
Trí Đức
Trí Đức Aylar önce
The Pigstep music sounds nearly as intense and breathtaking as Minecraft Story Mode's Wither Storm theme, it's so incredibly cool.!
DragonGamer Aylar önce
How was this a year ago I feel like it was just yesterday that I had watched this and was waiting for the next one
mad laddie
mad laddie 5 aylar önce
I love how just about everything tied back to this. From the other computer they ended up in to that Baby Piglin they met, there's just so many callbacks.
cronicle567 Yıl önce
I just respect the amount of effort put into all of the displayed commands! Every single one has had some thought put into it to make it as realistic as possible to what would actually happen in minecraft, and it is such an amazing detail!
CactusPuppy Yıl önce
I think in a previous episode, Onowhere was credited with all the command stuff. I think they might have helped out here too!
Alexzander yt
Alexzander yt Yıl önce
Your right man
Graceful Penguin
Graceful Penguin 5 aylar önce
3:36 how blue and yellow just run to green and hug him when they realized what he had to go through to figure out King’s plan and then get to them. You can see yellow and blue even pat Red’s pig when they hug. The entire scene is like “it’s okay. We’re all together and understand now.” Congrats to Alan Becker for wholesome stick scenes… right before the epic fight scenes.
Deez🔧. 3 aylar önce
They missed him
Hebi tan
Hebi tan 5 aylar önce
Imagine if alan compile all the canon episodes from avm shorts and calls it "AVM 2"
Venessa Modico
Venessa Modico Aylar önce
rinoplayz20 Aylar önce
MrRaDPH Aylar önce
The way Purple puts the crown to their pig reminds me techo 😢
Corey Boyd
Corey Boyd Yıl önce
I love how you've made a whole ass cinematic universe on youtube...this shit is wild Alan. Thanks for all the work you and the team put in for us like this
Ingradients Aylar önce
You know there was another Minecraft game icon block on Alan’s PC homescreen section that wouldve changed the story line
AreYouAnubHelper 25 gün önce
@𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker lol L bozo edit: ratio + you fell off + your mother hung herself + cope + seeth + cry about it
AreYouAnubHelper 27 gün önce
Ingradients 28 gün önce
@AreYouAnubHelper 1:12
AreYouAnubHelper 28 gün önce
where??? on his desktop screen and not on his desktop hotbar???
Void Rain
Void Rain 4 aylar önce
The Fact That Its Been A Year Since This Was Posted Just Shows How Fast Time Flies
Mr Leaf
Mr Leaf 2 aylar önce
Why Are You Talking In Title Case
gonzalo 2 aylar önce
Debería estar en netflix esta serie
Jairus 4 aylar önce
That ender pearl move combined with the piston to get Green out of the rigged power cell is GENIUS. That's super creative, well done Alan I absolutely adore your animation vs minecraft series and i hope you keep up the good work on your other projects as well. I also love your fight scenes and how fluid the characters are.
Josiah The Discontinued
I can’t put this masterpiece into words. How do you even make something as good and detailed as this? It feels like a impossible miracle of TRvid to have a web series as good as this. This is a genuine masterpiece in all categories. This is some of the best action I’ve ever seen anywhere. There is nothing to improve upon this genius. I could go more into depth but you get the idea. Alan, you are so good at making me wonder what’s going to happen next. I bid you a good day and I hope your series takes off. AVM for the win!
SAJAD GAMER 5 aylar önce
It's Hard To Believe a Year Already Passed Since This Was Made
Sahh Aylar önce
goober ⚠️
goober ⚠️ 5 aylar önce
I loved the old style of these videos, just for giggles and stuff. But the new episodes are absolutely amazing, scenes that go harder than a baseball bat hitting an autistic kids head, epic music, and truly just good animation. Never have a I thought 5 lines and one big circle could make me feel emotions.
Baked Beans
Baked Beans Aylar önce
Red Animations
Red Animations 5 aylar önce
@Bluerious lmao yeah
Suigin Migasuto
Suigin Migasuto 5 aylar önce
@Bluerious Yeah… that was… bad. 😟
Bluerious 5 aylar önce
I’m sorry but what in the absolute fuck is that metaphor
Shiloh Merilan
Shiloh Merilan Aylar önce
3:56 Battle Start
RedEarSlider Yıl önce
Dude Alan is talented, how does he come out with something like this so quickly?? Some animators take years (Understandable) But in 1 year we've already gotten so much content that isn't half-assed, this guy is a prodigy.
James Franklin
James Franklin Yıl önce
colin gaming
colin gaming Yıl önce
takes like a month or 2 BUT ITS ALRIGHT
Thunderbot570 Yıl önce
Its not just him, there are 18 other animators. Look at the end credits
RedEarSlider Yıl önce
@Watermelon22400 Yes of course, but still you gotta admit this guy is insane with his content. The quality is just.. *chefs kiss*
El Presidente Az
El Presidente Az Yıl önce
I dont say this enough but dam amen
Hallow Aylar önce
Euder Aylar önce
AWESOME!!!! 😆🤩
𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker00
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Lam Aylar önce
Oh my god, I’ve returned since the 14th episode and OH MY GOD
𝖳𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 𝗆𝖾 @AlanBecker00
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Renegade Media Group
This was Amazing! From start to Finish I was blown away! Great Job Alan!
Kingsilverspeed Yıl önce
true this is amazing orange is a savage
I make edits /I will beat Evil
Ikr but the work that goes into this is insane!
Diego Alberto
Diego Alberto Yıl önce
Oh snap, hey renegade! And agree, the animation is just fantastic
Dan Cruz
Dan Cruz 5 aylar önce
God, the truth is, I admire how much you try to make an animation into something more epic than a movie, I admire it and I'm impressed by your videos, you make your family proud ❤️
witherskeleton Aylar önce
1 year qnd still the best vudeo ive ever seen in my life
Лох • 100 лет назад
Блин, просто лучшая серия, так много действий, которые переплетаются, а музыка... Просто нет слов, Аарон Грувс и Скотт Баккли, вы молодцы, отличная работа, огромное спасибо и тем аниматорам, что делали этот эпизод таким плавным. Просто шедевр.
Gamer 756
Gamer 756 Aylar önce
someone knows what the background music is I liked the video
Anteater Yıl önce
I really love how Alan perfectly choreographs each fight scene, it’s incredible. I also love how they’re able to fight out of most situations, almost as a reckoning to their past as a stick figure fighting animation
Mauro Miranda
Mauro Miranda 5 aylar önce
I think it’s funny how yellow is still trying to figure out how to use the command block Thing
` Your Worst Nightmare `
I love how purple is a passive-agressive person who is truly on no ones team at all
BUQUETA 3 gün önce
Can we talk about how epic this was and will ever be?
Alt Aniceto Baturi
Alt Aniceto Baturi Aylar önce
Bro, the pigstep and their movements are copletely in sync gives me the chillss i love the way how alan shows us new updates and soo cool-ass actions goddamn bro keep up the good work
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⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️Thanks for the feedback, Except more videos soon Send a direct message to the above telegram name 📩📩🎊🎊🥳🥳
Skelebot Yıl önce
I was expecting The Second Coming to unleash his Chosen One strength, but a Creative Mode battle is just as epic.
Eon Super Vincent
Eon Super Vincent 6 aylar önce
Second Coming Powers plus Creative mode plus = King Orange Obliterated (but too much power that would kill SC)
IAmInGreatPain PleaseHelp
@Pink Hoodie Guy I think the Showdown took place in 2018 still because it was minutes after virabot was killed
Brahim Bachir
Brahim Bachir Yıl önce
@Pink Hoodie Guy i believe it might be, i mean, looking back they didn't use anything Minecraft related (houses itmes etc) at least in my clusterfuck of a gold fish memory.
Pink Hoodie Guy
Pink Hoodie Guy Yıl önce
Huh, does The Showdown happen before this episode? I always imagined the Dark Lord series along with TSC's awakening to be after the Minecraft series.
Brahim Bachir
Brahim Bachir Yıl önce
@CesarTW99 not necessarily, he just doesn't know how to use them. I mean, we don't use all of our strength that happens when we a subject to especially strong emotional or physical stress. Exactly what happened to orange
xLoneclicks 4 aylar önce
1 year later and i still love the fact that the deciding factor for victory was 4 blocks of cobblestone.
DaviYT_Boi 3 aylar önce
at the end, in a last ditch effort, og orange launched king down with the 5 bits of cobble, then he finally got to the void/black hole and that explosion that saved the entirety of mc happened
The Cheesiest Of All
The Cheesiest Of All 3 aylar önce
5, actually
Neo 4 aylar önce
What 4 block of cobblestone what you mean
zipliner45 Aylar önce
Never knew Minecraft vs animation could be so.. epic def my favorite fight scene with the remixed pigstep. It felt like I was watching and actual movie.
TamZaza 3 aylar önce
Its crazy how stickmans travel through pcs with such genius idea lol
Aztec 6 aylar önce
I literally cant explain to you all how much i love this series Thank you Alen Becker for creating this💕
Sans Yıl önce
I just noticed that when the king uses the staff to drag stickmen the displayed command changes according to the direction and speed. The attention to detail is over the top.
soundman enemy
soundman enemy 10 aylar önce
musta took alan at LEAST a day to animate all the commands and there are a lot of them
Eduardo C souza
Eduardo C souza 10 aylar önce
qui tau de pois voce faze ou trodia
Pikachu 10 aylar önce
@Shuriken255 It is possible. U don't know the minecraft commands
Taffles 11 aylar önce
isnt it the distance? not the speed or direction
Аква Yıl önce
Almost every single command works
Ata 5 aylar önce
This was the most intense video I've watched in years, The Animation and music really put joy inside you.
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