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the ultimate you laugh you lose challenge of tiktoks

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21 Haz 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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doreime Yıl önce
Been feeling anxious lately. Videos like this help get me through that feeling. You never fail to make me laugh, Jack!
AnitaJo Allen
AnitaJo Allen 2 aylar önce
Miles Abatecola
Miles Abatecola 3 aylar önce
sucks to be anxious i guess
Crimson Presents
Crimson Presents 6 aylar önce
I’m 9 months late, but I hope your doing better.
balls 6 aylar önce
@Donald Woods what
Donald Woods
Donald Woods 6 aylar önce
@balls bruh
crazy Creepers
crazy Creepers 14 gün önce
Its been pretty alright man. Ups, downs, but you know. That's just the way of life, and we have to accept that. No matter how hard it can be, you'll always get through it. You are strong and amazing.
SSD 11 aylar önce
Purplecliffe ur videos are so good they always make me laugh and make my day
RXQ 10 aylar önce
I tried my hardest and somehow didn't laugh a single time during this video. Had a couple close ones, but I am victorious.
Micah Levi
Micah Levi 8 aylar önce
Honestly purplecliffe it’s been tiring for me but your content and videos always manage to put a smile on my face
Jspike 2008
Jspike 2008 Yıl önce
Honestly purplecliffe it’s been tiring for me but your content and videos always manage to put a smile on my face Godspeed to the man who can’t stop laughing
The death tally
The death tally 9 aylar önce
Ice cream sandwich bad costumers 3:10
Anthony Rizzuto
Anthony Rizzuto 7 aylar önce
i've had a bad month but you always cheer me up
Tropical 10 aylar önce
Cliffes try not to laugh videos make me laugh and he so cool. Keep being funny and laughing at literally everything
random person
random person 11 aylar önce
this turned from a no laughing challenge to a laugh marathon
Elena nance
Elena nance 8 aylar önce
I didn't laugh but I did enjoy it a bit. Thank you for the content ❤️ life is tough rn and it's hard to take care of myself but I'm trying. Hope everyone is doing okay and if you're not then I hope things get better for y'all ❤️
theeighthhokage Yıl önce
Purplecliffe: “I don’t think any Pokétuber could take me on.” Mikey (MandJTV) : Are you challenging me?
timothy manning
timothy manning 5 aylar önce
Yo, where Vinny at on this? Lmao
Forester Plays
Forester Plays 8 aylar önce
Mandjtv is better
The Cheesecake
The Cheesecake 8 aylar önce
A foolish miscalculation
Jaxon Sheats
Jaxon Sheats 8 aylar önce
Mikey could but would not
Bigboom243 Yıl önce
3:59 Lmao that reaction to Raphtalia. You can visibly see the consideration on his face of buying a dakimakura of her skyrocket for a split second.
Batter's Spare Account
Jack's just absolutely hilarious and i love that
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 11 aylar önce
I’ve tried for months not to laugh because this is one o free funniest videos I’ve ever seen and I think I’ve practiced enough to watch and not laugh
Mateous 10 aylar önce
Purplecliffe: These are the best tik toks on the internet Literally one of them A green man in a gecko suit
Styxl Yıl önce
I honestly don’t like Tiktok, but cliffe is cliffe and MAKES them funny for me.
HTS Brick Reviews
HTS Brick Reviews 12 gün önce
dan artega
dan artega 2 aylar önce
It’s called TRvidrs who can polish the turd that is called tik tok
Blazingknight 2 aylar önce
Alex gaming
Alex gaming 2 aylar önce
I agree
Emery Burkleo
Emery Burkleo 3 aylar önce
I Agree
CXD Yıl önce
doing great man, just started watching your videos and I’m hooked on them
Minty 7 aylar önce
This is somehow one of the most wholesome videos I’ve seen from Purplecliffe
nwh Yıl önce
i laughed at two of these, not saying the rest weren't funny but the one with the trash can and the last one got me lmao
AJ Cocek
AJ Cocek 2 aylar önce
This dude ngl laughed 7 times in the first 5 minutes, and I can go half an hour without laughing
Hari-Krishna Koipallil
Cliffe, your content makes me laugh and enjoy myself if I'm feeling down, so I just want to thank you for everything you do for us
holly 6 aylar önce
life is really difficult for me at the moment but this video has really brought some joy to my day:)
Themilkyfrog 5 aylar önce
Not been too great but your vids make me feel better Godspeed to jack.
Juwel Playkid
Juwel Playkid 11 aylar önce
I lost because I thought the ‘therapy gecko’ was one of the characters in the harem video LMAOOO😂😂
Dustin Murphy
Dustin Murphy 6 aylar önce
thanks jack you make me feel 100% Thanks
Max Gosse
Max Gosse Yıl önce
A compilation of Jack’s laugh would be the hardest try not to laugh
Pyro731 Yıl önce
Christopher Cushman
Christopher Cushman 10 aylar önce
tbh jack not to good i have been dealing with a lot but your videos make me laugh and make me happy and inspire me to so stuff in a way so thank you for all the content
Aunty Tanya
Aunty Tanya 3 aylar önce
If laughter is the best medicine, then PurpleClIffe DEFINITELY went to Law school
Rejected Yıl önce
3:57 this man really brings in the body pillow😅
Travis Bigda
Travis Bigda 10 aylar önce
I have watched this video many times and I still laugh
Vitorino Esteves
Vitorino Esteves Yıl önce
6:42. Thanks Cliffe. I'm doing well, thanks to you and your vids. You cheer me up when i'm down with your personality. Thanks bro take care of yourself.
SaNsSkY 11 aylar önce
14:32 got me thinking (as an only child being raised by a single mother) IMAGINE HAVING A DAD LOL
J Johnson
J Johnson 6 aylar önce
Xan Ellsworth
Xan Ellsworth 10 aylar önce
I loved this thing. I'm new to the channel and this guy reminds me of my older brother (in a good way my brother isn't bad.)
Parker Rakoczy
Parker Rakoczy 2 aylar önce
I just got done balling my eyes out thank u for cheering me up
Cookie Deau
Cookie Deau 8 aylar önce
7:20 is one of the cutest purplecliffe moments ever
Surreal Cereal
Surreal Cereal Yıl önce
I’m doing good Jack, thanks for making me laugh today :)
Mabey 5 aylar önce
I love ur content Purplecliffe. Also ur laugh is pretty iconic
Bluecliffe 11 aylar önce
Purplecliffe: “I don’t think any Pokétuber could take me on.” John (pokemen7) : ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME? Purplecliffe: no
LaKendra Garrett
LaKendra Garrett 6 aylar önce
Purplecliffe: I will try to see how long I can go without laughing Timeline: 1:31
Jeremiah 111
Jeremiah 111 2 aylar önce
You make my day feel good thank you bro
EvasiveSerpent Yıl önce
6:45 you’ve been my motivation for almost everything, thanks for doing the stuff that you do
Flambé 10 aylar önce
Who else died when he said "Look at these monsters!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Bedwars player Ultimate
Nidia Samayoa
Nidia Samayoa 3 aylar önce
everyday I watch your videos and always come out with a smile somehow I managed not to burst out laughing for 15 bot the others if you heard someone laughing it was me from a across the world
We are nine We are many
Purplecliffe: No Pokémon TRvidr can beat me! Leonheart: Are you sure about that?
A Rosen
A Rosen 13 gün önce
Jack: *Challenges anyone to fight him* Me: BET.
angi pengi
angi pengi Yıl önce
hi jack man you have always made me laugh i just wanna say thank you man. only your videos made me laugh
Frogg Facee
Frogg Facee 10 aylar önce
Me: I laughed 5 times. Jack: I laughed 19 times :(
Aurora Addison
Aurora Addison 11 aylar önce
"No poketuber could keep up with me" *his friends* : are we jokes to you? Also thought chaotic meatball
JaydenPlayz 3 aylar önce
Him: no Pokémon youtuber could ever beat me in a fight MandJTV: FEEL THE WRATH OF TEAM SKIES
rose tiller
rose tiller 3 aylar önce
I'm anxious and in denial about how scared I am off the world and all the shit that is going on in it and how we're slowly but with increasing speed driving our planet towards an irreversible tipping point. And yet somehow you never fall to bring a smile to my face. Thanks Jack. So basically I'm doing F.I.N.E., hbu?
Melonseeeed Yıl önce
Keep up the good work!
pokefan 20 gün önce
Jack says there's no poketuber that can beat him. I can already name 600
Daniel Conrad
Daniel Conrad 9 aylar önce
I'm feeling fine but, your videos help me feel even better. (Well... I am a bit sick.)
RileyTG Yıl önce
Jack " I will not laugh, smile or BDC", Immediately laughs over 15 times
RD 8 aylar önce
He protecc He atacc And mostly He makes us laugh :D
TokoLifts Yıl önce
You and MandJTV are the ones keeping me sane 😂
RealSmexyBez 9 aylar önce
If he would have a boxing match someone make him a costume of hariyama pls it would fit him 😂
Ammar Asyraaf
Ammar Asyraaf Yıl önce
The end make me laugth so hard😂😂😂😂
PixelReaper Yıl önce
Purplecliffe: I AM A 6'5 275 POUND MONSTER Ranboo: *PEASANT*
Katrina's Art studio
Katrina's Art studio 11 aylar önce
Honestly im crying and watching your vid to try and smile :')
Poké Gamer 25
Poké Gamer 25 Yıl önce
No wonder Jack always wears jackets to hide his baby arms and say the stronger then the rocks
Tonya Cuevaz
Tonya Cuevaz 10 aylar önce
VerxyExists Yıl önce
I bet this is the guy that watches discord mod vids on youtube 24/7
lura stepa
lura stepa 10 aylar önce
having a bit of a fever, but binging ur vids is amazing.
LuckyCosmicfirefox 9 gün önce
Purplecliffe your amazing youtuber I love your content. You make life not so bad just by being you. I will support ya forever!
Sir Noah
Sir Noah 8 aylar önce
It’s hard to fight other Pokétubers when you’re 4’11”, but you know
Derek Atherton
Derek Atherton Yıl önce
Fun fact: 1:40 the guy talking was on AGT and is hilarious
wout van den eynde
I'm doing bad but you make my day a lot better. So i'm going to take this as a moment to thank you. Thanks man keep up doing what you're doing.
dino nuggets
dino nuggets 10 aylar önce
at 8:03 i heard "this man was ordering pizza and saw a pedestrian crawling under the bridge" and with that context its hilarious lol
Thadb 11 aylar önce
you know just barely at the end at 15:29 you can hear him laugh for a split second, so he laughed at the vid of that child btw
Axis286 8 aylar önce
i saw that with my friend and everytime we laughed we will have to do 10 push ups (i did 90)
Jaxon Abbott
Jaxon Abbott 7 aylar önce
when he was acting like the hater, he lowkey sounded like Minoru Mineta
Ryan Piddington
Ryan Piddington Yıl önce
I live in the UK, and lockdown is hitting me pretty hard, lost my job and struggling to make ends meet at the moment, got a 1 year old daughter that is my everything and i just feel like a failure at the moment not been able to provide for her as much as i could, just feel like the whole world is against me at the moment. Your vids are the only escape for me at the moment. Thanks man
powerone 7 aylar önce
I hope u get through this ok
poyo. Aylar önce
purplecliffes laugh is hilarious and I just watch this vid very day- poyo.
Katz 7 aylar önce
Jack: how y'all doin Me: i didn't know joey had a youtube channel (reply if you get the reference)
LPAgengar 11 aylar önce
Purplecliffe:The therapy gecko is my favorite twitch streamer Me: that’s some real furry shit
Score & Tnt
Score & Tnt 9 aylar önce
Purplecliffe: I will not laugh and I will not lose Also Purplecliffe:HAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Erwin 3 aylar önce
Thanks purple cliff for the therapy session
Harrison 8 aylar önce
It's not a mistake it's a ✨ MASTERPIECE ✨
Jeramie Shaw
Jeramie Shaw 5 aylar önce
7:16 the confidence of that man
Cool Monke
Cool Monke 3 aylar önce
I wish I had a dad like that
Mr Coal
Mr Coal Yıl önce
Cliffes laugh is so contagious
Primortal J
Primortal J 9 aylar önce
doing great. looking forward to Christmas with my fam
Tommathy Simons
Tommathy Simons 6 aylar önce
gigachad&based 9 aylar önce
07:11 this one got me hahahahahhahahahahah
StellarOwl 2 aylar önce
Shady can beat the absolute ditto out of jack
Ducklez Playz
Ducklez Playz Yıl önce
my anxiety has been going thru the roof but your vids have helped me thank you jack
muffinman1458 5 aylar önce
Tbh I’m not doing well I’ve been depressed because my mom broke up with her boyfriend and my gf said she never had feelings for me in the first place and I just wanna say you’re the best TRvidr for asking us how we feel
100 Ka
100 Ka 10 aylar önce
Mikayla Rubio
Mikayla Rubio 3 aylar önce
I’m doing pretty good, I’m sitting in the living room covered in a blanket at my parents house
Flygon 5973
Flygon 5973 4 aylar önce
"i will not laugh and I will not lose" laughs four seconds later
Yubel Yıl önce
Purplecliffe is that beacon of hope to keep us all from walking alone in the deep dark fog of insanity
Hat Girl
Hat Girl 10 aylar önce
"IM A MONSTER!" says the guy who doesnt even drink water
robbie adams
robbie adams 3 aylar önce
I pulled a “Cynthia’s Garchomp lv. X” just now… -Trent 2022 9:41 Sat Jun 25
NirreZ 7 aylar önce
purplecliffe: i dont think any pokemon youtuber can take me on Me: does this man know who leonhart is?
OwenR08 Yıl önce
“Keep an eye out on my twitter” top 10 famous last words
Pauly D
Pauly D Yıl önce
Already a subscriber on YT Your comment in the video about laughter was so true Sir Purplecliffe! I enjoyed the video and laughing so hard as my birthday is this Sunday & I haven't had a good wholesome laugh in so long. Appreciate your content fine sir!
Shiny moon
Shiny moon 11 aylar önce
Purplecliff :no Pokémon player can take me on. : Me:are you challenging me mere mortal
Dom the duck
Dom the duck Yıl önce
“Check my Twitter for updates on merch” oh how that aged like a fine wine
That Gaming Guy
That Gaming Guy 11 aylar önce
cliffe you have inspired me to be a good dad when i am a dad
Peter Charlesworth
Peter Charlesworth 11 aylar önce
6:37 you have reached the homie checkpoint
Shadow Bandz
Shadow Bandz 8 aylar önce
Broooo that last one was killer 🤣
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