The Truth About NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 Adapters: Testing, X-Ray, & 12VHPWR Failures

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The RTX 4090 12-pin cables (12VHPWR connectors) have been in the news for burning, melting, and the theories surrounding them for a few weeks now. We ran our first test piece early because we were at a stage where we needed more cables from viewers -- we got some! With the help of our audience sending in a few failed cables, we were able to reach 3 firm conclusions (or, really, 2+1) of causes for failures of these adapter cables (and unadapted ones, too). Of course, there may be even more reasons -- but we believe these 3 to be the primary ones. Between foreign object debris in manufacturing (seems uncommon, but a cause) and user error, we were able to make a few cables melt. On the user error front, remember one key thing: Even if yours doesn't start fully unseated and is only partly unseated, it can work its way loose over time if you move cables around, do some cleanup, move the system, etc.

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00:00 - Melting the RTX 4090 12VHPWR Cable
02:42 - Background & Frequency of Failure
03:51 - What Cables Can Fail
06:13 - What Makes 12VHPWR Cables Fail
08:04 - Disclosures & Responsible Reporting
09:12 - Debunking the Weak Solder Joints Conclusion
11:44 - Testing Terminal Splits
13:58 - Reasons for Failure: Foreign Object Debris
15:21 - Smoking Gun & Potential for Some Manufacturing Defects
17:50 - Partial Insertion & User Error
22:24 - Conclusions: Some User Error, Some Manufacturer Defects
23:52 - Conclusions: Recapping the Reasons
26:39 - How Small User Error Becomes Big
27:28 - Quick Monologue on Reporting

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Host, Testing, Writing, Video Editing: Steve Burke
Testing, Research, Writing: Patrick Lathan
Video Editing, Camera: Andrew Coleman




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Gamers Nexus 4 aylar önce
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CycleChris 3 gün önce
It’s always the tip.
- PowerBAND - GAMER -
- PowerBAND - GAMER - 3 aylar önce
Why don't they just stick to 3 separate plugs, old GPU`s have 3, this is what happens when the wrong people think they are smart and someone believes them.
Joel Hogan
Joel Hogan 4 aylar önce
Hey if you guys are checking computers for quality I'm down for that
Joel Hogan
Joel Hogan 4 aylar önce
Also I never ever ever ever offended you
oleost 4 aylar önce
I’m no cable expert, but in regards to not properly plugged in this should be easily avoided if a single signal pin was shorter and not allow current to pass through unless it has contact..
fenix144 2 aylar önce
@OutOfNameIdeasyou said that but my 4090 runs at 70 extra frames in mw2 while consuming 50 watts less than the card it replaces. It’s almost like you’re clueless
Dan Vez
Dan Vez 3 aylar önce
@Ken Masters user error should be taken into account in the design process, especially something as minor and a cable not being fully inserted. Lmao
Dan Vez
Dan Vez 3 aylar önce
@jinx20001 are you employed my Nvidia or something? 😂
Kyorin 3 aylar önce
@Wolfsfriend42 No. The shorter pin would be a signal pin, not a power pin.
Wolfsfriend42 3 aylar önce
But it would then have less surface area of contact so another potential point of overheating so the same overall.
Joo Hoe
Joo Hoe 4 aylar önce
Rare to see such in depth and professional investigation from a third party! Appreciate what this does to help inform consumers.
je suis le taxi
je suis le taxi 2 aylar önce
@Vine Ecuador🤡
Vine Ecuador
Vine Ecuador 3 aylar önce
@Intoxicated47 imagine being mad
Intoxicated47 3 aylar önce
@Vine Ecuador imagine being cheap. Nothing wrong with supporting a good channel that you mostly watch for free
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Vine Ecuador 3 aylar önce
imagine paying
seth kokualani
seth kokualani 4 aylar önce
As simple as the issue was, I appreciate that you guys ran multiple other tests to rule out everything else.
Luciano 4 aylar önce
Thanks for your dedication. Without your hard work big corporations like Nvidia could never be challenged in the past.
Avwon 4 aylar önce
I was very surprised that when I just got my 4090 after this video, I plugged it in fairly hard, looked flush, and still managed to pull it out easily with a little wiggle. Glad I was able to catch this and prevent a potential burnt GPU after months/years of use and the occasional cleaning that might have loosened the 12 pin. HUGE!
Avwon 4 aylar önce
@Zixerk 31 Yea, I pushed it down until it felt like it would not move any further, this was with normal plus some extra force because I saw this video ahead of time. Then I wiggled it and it came loose, so the second time I did the exact same thing but made sure to push down specifically for the latch side of the plug to make sure it hooks.
Zixerk 31
Zixerk 31 4 aylar önce
Hi there!! Please describe how did u plugged this 12pin cable into 4090?? Did u push it to the limit ??
TechE 4 aylar önce
Imagine how much better off the world would be if areas such as politics, corporations, and other shady entities had this level of credible, detailed journalistic investigation. Unfortunately for my pipe dream you guys have found great success in the PC sector. Feels like one million subs wasn't so long ago, and pieces like this are why you're creeping on two million so quickly. Awesome work. Glad this community has you guys.
Invoke Aylar önce
Somehow I think that politicians and big companies wouldn't like that...
Neftalí Reyes
Neftalí Reyes 4 aylar önce
The fact that y'all guys took so long to release the video just to make sure that there's an actual problem it's something i really appreciate, love you guys
MDX Gano
MDX Gano Aylar önce
@Nuhash Sarker I unsubbed and just downvote jays videos now. Fluff and downright harmful rumor spreading without proper data collection. Also fairly pompous and rude to his viewers.
Nuhash Sarker
Nuhash Sarker 4 aylar önce
Meanwhile JayTwoCentz made like 3 videos of fluff, with more to go.
Dildo Jizzbaggins
Dildo Jizzbaggins 4 aylar önce
"You all guys" makes no damn sense...
volvo09 4 aylar önce
Yep, not jumping to conclusions and having patience pays off.
Ken 3 aylar önce
Great coverage on this issue. I very much appreciate your approach in reporting data backed theory without jumping straight to making over confident claims based on your findings. This channel just keeps gaining value as a resource and advocate for consumers in the PC hardware/tech space. Thank you!
thanasysdim 4 aylar önce
Well done Steve and GN team. Invaluable content. This is solid and dedicated scientific lab work. This was an outstanding video about a melting hot (pun intended) topic. Thank you all for your hard work.
Justin Petersen
Justin Petersen 4 aylar önce
Great job! Thank you for taking your time, researching, reproducing and fully understanding the issues. If only other sources (main stream media included) would do this. Thank you GN.
CarFlipZ191 4 aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic content. I had purchased a 4090 upon release day and let it sit on my shelf for 4 weeks out of sheer fear that it would melt no matter how careful I was. I was waiting for my cablemod cable to come in the mail but after watching your video twice, I installed my 4090 and played warhammer 40k darktide in 4k ultra and it was glorious. Thank you for easing the communities anxieties.
David Bridge
David Bridge 4 aylar önce
Thanks for doing this; this is awesome. Hope you guys grow and continue to put dedication in as tech reviewers/auditors/etc., or whatever other opportunities comes your way.
RADukura OG
RADukura OG 4 aylar önce
GN is literally irreplaceable at this point. Thank you Steve and team for your dedication 👍🏼
Snickerdoodle 14 gün önce
​@Веско Динев 🤓🤓🤓
JPO 2 aylar önce
João Dário
João Dário 3 aylar önce
@Веско Динев seems like a you problem
Joel Hogan
Joel Hogan 4 aylar önce
@N C but wouldn't all of the nividia cloud be on fire to I don't understand what you saying because I am playing on nividia cloud . Console and PC are obsolete now
Michael Toney
Michael Toney 4 aylar önce
I love your guys deep dives into investigations of problems, companies, and reviews. You dont just pull your stuff from other reviews and always do your own reviews and put a lot of your reviewing to test way beyond what anyone else does. Your testing to the point that some engineers didn't even take into account at the time of designing or didn't care to. When you do surface contact or the coolant used in a AIO causing failure of its pumps, I'm just blown away and as a big technology guy I love your break downs.
jbond350 4 aylar önce
Great Job GN! Thank you for working so hard to find the cause of these issues! Your laboratory and scientific testing methodology may be 'slow' but science is not usually fast. Keep up the great work!
Sergei Tachenov
Sergei Tachenov 4 aylar önce
This is probably the best video on the channel. Gives me some Air Crash Investigation vibes here, where in many episodes the media, public and random "experts" on the Internet are coming up with more and more "versions" of what happened, in the meantime the investigators are honestly doing their job to determine exactly what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.
Nobuko Koyama
Nobuko Koyama 4 aylar önce
Thank you for your thorough, scientific and objective investigation! Your efforts and test results are greatly appreciated by the community that always trust you and your team! Kudos!
AkiraShyFox 4 aylar önce
thank you really really much guys for this intensive/extensive in depth testing ^^ you all are doing a great job and i love your content keep up the good work :3
Jeremy Reinhold
Jeremy Reinhold Aylar önce
Dude you guys are amazing. Thanks for the info. Im doing my first build in 10 years. You have literally helped me build the most optimal pc possible imo
Kris Bramley Drums
Kris Bramley Drums 4 aylar önce
This was really excellent reporting. As an electron microscopist, I particularly liked the failure analysis, really comprehensive. I don't own a 4090 but I'm still checking that my GPU power cable is properly seated when I get home 😂
MDX Gano
MDX Gano Aylar önce
@realonez Sorry man, there is still a difference between Frankenstein wiring, and incomplete connections. You could use fucking molex and still be fine as long as you had everything plugged in all the way.
realonez Aylar önce
​@MDX Gano I have a 4080 with a daisy chain works fine so far on rm850x
MDX Gano
MDX Gano Aylar önce
@Andi Sowieso Just plug it in right bud, you'll be fine.
Andi Sowieso
Andi Sowieso 4 aylar önce
i would say, no excuse, running that much power thru that piece of garbage... On sensitive electronics... No way, buying unsave hardware, where nowone has the solution ) its a bad gambling that NVIDIA did in my opinion...
isoSwifty 3 aylar önce
The smell of a burning 4090 smells very similar to the burnt hole in the wallet from purchasing it.
Cody Stanley
Cody Stanley 25 gün önce
Wow, you guys put in some serious work to put this together. Thank you!
Razzer 4 aylar önce
man the amount of research you'll do is insane! i bet even nvidia won't go to this extent! cheers keep it up! and i hope you'll launch a gpu/pc components. Id buy it in a heartbeat!
Fabian C
Fabian C 4 aylar önce
This is why I'll never get tired of supporting GN. Thank you for all the work Steve and crew!
rookiebeotch 4 aylar önce
Is 10,000.00 CRC a lot? Compared to 4090 MSRP, no. Compared to no donation, yes!
Thiago Cururu
Thiago Cururu 4 aylar önce
@Gray wait, paypal has no charges for transfers?
eRisforus 4 aylar önce
With my currency, that would be 255000 😂.
hman615 4 aylar önce
Drip Mario
Drip Mario 4 aylar önce
@Fabian C You’re a champion, Fabian. Love that you support them when some of us aren’t able to.
HopInTheCloud 4 aylar önce
Awesome work Steve. We appreciate what you and your team are doing
Dan Fry
Dan Fry 4 aylar önce
Incredible work Nexus. Going over and above, to get to the truth of the matter. Appreciate your work.
Kevin Vujic
Kevin Vujic 4 aylar önce
Man what a high quality piece of content we have here. Awesome video! Also i think the ending monologue was really necessary to say the least. Keep up the good content :) Thank you so much for you hard work to all of gamers nexus!
BigMoneySalvia 4 aylar önce
Nvidia should be paying you MILLIONS! You saved them so much money in testing and engineering costs. While also probably causing millions in loss over deserved negative press ;) Hats off to everyone at Gamers Nexus. What an amazing journey to witness as you and your team have become the gold standard of tech news, hardware review and most impressively, enterprise level testing and evaluation.
Half Baked Productions
I'm still taken aback at what a truly massive card the 4090 is. It becomes even more obvious when seen out of a case like this.
Ryan Niederkorn
Ryan Niederkorn 4 aylar önce
Great job Steve and the GN team. As an engineer myself that has had to do substantial failure analysis like this, people do not realize the amount of time and effort that is spent trying to recreate failure modes. Consulting with experts and the trial and error involved wit reproducing failures all take a ton of time. Most people, even engineers, also struggle with jumping to conclusions and not following the data to consistently reproduce a failure. This often results in fixing nonexistent issues and missing the actual failure mode. Excellent, excellent work.
Donbros 2 aylar önce
Yeah same for software
Jordan 4 aylar önce
@Gamers Nexus Most definitely! I wonder if given more time, more samples, and board side connectors what they could have come up with.🤔
BobT36 4 aylar önce
@Hideo Kojima WTF are you on about mate? The government isn't conspiring to cause a 0.1% failure rate on a video card cable... GN also had this done by an INDEPENDENT failure analysis lab. The cable design could certainly be improved, but it's not like people are "ruining their expensive computers", just a few people who haven't plugged it in properly and bent it afterwards due to the cards being so f*** big nowadays. A slight redesign can easily fix this. The cables aren't inherently "unsafe". I'd expect most high power electronics to melt if not plugged in properly,
Ryan Niederkorn
Ryan Niederkorn 4 aylar önce
@Hideo Kojima I don't think you understand the scientific method. That is exactly how GN approached this issue. Removing any bias and following the science and evidence.
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee 4 aylar önce
I absolutely love how GN puts themselves in the way of danger (even though they obviously have high safety standards) in order to find out the truth, so we don't have to. Makes more mighty fine content, and hilarity you'll only find with Steve's personality 😉 not to mention his was of making highly complicated processes understandable to the obvious noob (which would be me 😎😅)
lewinglobalMedia 4 aylar önce
The videos you guys create are always fantastic never stop.
Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell 4 aylar önce
Been away and just getting to this. Outstanding work from GN as always, although I would add that the decision on the location of the power connector on the card is, in my opinion, a factor in enabling the conditions for these "user error" driven failures. nVidia still don't get a complete free pass for this. While the failure rate is small - the increased risk is still unacceptable if the product is not designed to minimise risk.
enkrypt3d 4 aylar önce
what an incredibly in depth analysis of this issue. Well done Steve and team!
Rick Francis
Rick Francis 4 aylar önce
Steve, its really awesome that you guys went the distance to bring us this information. The sad part is, this is exactly what Nvidia should have done in their QA testing. Very sad that they did not do this or go to these great lengths to make sure these cable are safe for the consumers.
P Hyde
P Hyde 4 aylar önce
I was a QC Inspector for Cobra Electronics,they use to hate me for such diligent testing,not to Steve's extent though. They complained i would bump the test piece to hard to check for Bad or Loose connections on New units.So they gave me a Doctors Hammer,Same one they check You with! They were still up-tight about me hitting units "TOO HARD"!. I'd say,Bull$#!T SO,my Boss's Boss came down one day,took a great office type phone we had,took that hammer to it,and WAILED that phone into a Thousand pieces !! I Guess what,the DAM thing still WORKED !! I was GRINNING EAR to EAR ! Never heard a word about that hammer after that ! 😎 Great job STEVE ! I know Exactly what you are pinning down. 1}That DAM plug is to SMALL and we now it !! 2} They DIDN'T do enough R&D,SIMPLE !! 3} $#!t in plug build,Inexcusable!
Czcibor 4 aylar önce
Thanks Steve. Whole GN team is a pinnacle of quality IT journalism in any cases, like this one. Keep it up
Drip Mario
Drip Mario 4 aylar önce
@Czcibor He was so excited lol. Dozens and dozens of hours went into that shot!
Seculi 4 aylar önce
@Gamers Nexus Any interest into researching how hard it would be to have an operating system tell you when the power supply is bad or when you have a bad cable/contact situation. Also temperature sensors next to the power plugs could be useful. (also MB) I have always found that extremely lacking for such advanced computers as we have now.
Czcibor 4 aylar önce
@Gamers Nexus We saw it in the moment when you have captured start of the melt :D
Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus 4 aylar önce
Thank you! We enjoy this kind of research!
Chengiz Khan 😡
Chengiz Khan 😡 4 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information on the cables. Appreciate the hard work and effort you have put on to help us out.
Jeremy 4 aylar önce
Brilliant testing and reporting, thank you for putting this together from a neutral standpoint.
DeepWaterIvy 4 aylar önce
Great video. Thank you. You guys taking it to the next level . I am holding off on buying 4000 series due to this issue . Hypothetically , would you implement this part into aircraft electronics? The ERR is too high therefore this part is unsafe(just my opinion).
Birki gts
Birki gts 4 aylar önce
This was a very interesting piece although while I think this probably is mostly user error ultimately the cable should be designed so that this sort of user error isn't possible. Whenever you're designing a product for a mass audience it's necessary to realize that a mass audience is going to use the product incorrectly, so you have to have some mechanism in place to avoid the possibility of these errors. As you mentioned it could be just an insertion detection mechanism
Sean McIntyre
Sean McIntyre 4 aylar önce
"Late" is not how I would define this coverage. Thorough is how I would define it. I give a thanks to Steve and the Gamers Nexus team for their in-depth testing, as always.
Isogen 4 aylar önce
Steve, I'm so damn glad my Patreon support money is going in to content like this. Sending this stuff to get X ray/scanned probably cost a pretty penny.
armatian 4 aylar önce
@Gamers Nexus A mole not from the enemy, but a neutral party that had access to some serious power toys. That would be something like sleeper agents, that is what gamers nexus meant all this time, ready to be called by the nexus.
Tony Morris
Tony Morris 4 aylar önce
@Eric I don't think it would work very well. Part of these failures is that they go into thermal runaway which an ohmmeter will not replicate. The resistance will raise as you move it and tension it but you won't know if it's enough to cause the cascade of higher temp to higher resistance to higher temp etc.
Eric 4 aylar önce
@Manrique Daniel Mar Perez I’m not saying the solution, molex is rated for plenty current. More recommending how GN could investigate.
Lil' Black Duc
Lil' Black Duc 4 aylar önce
@Gamers Nexus I'm against the bulk of that adapter, period. I also think that 12-pin plug is too 'fiddly'...Nvidia should have used something like a 2 x 6-pins set up.☕
Isogen 4 aylar önce
@Manrique Daniel Mar Perez Ah but you see, nVidia strangely needed that extra PCB space on this gigantic card. Not sure what they are doing with that extra PCB space.
Torque 4 aylar önce
I love to see a tech channel working with professionals. Very professional of you guys.
Derek Thibodeau
Derek Thibodeau 4 aylar önce
Set the standard! And Yes, I saw a couple of videos about this a month ago and was prior opinionated. Thanks for setting that straight. Nothing wrong with calling out your peers, sometimes people need a reminder to REEL IT IN. Excellent objective and science backed reporting with third party testing. I am quite a fan of stats. The 0.01 or 0.05 failure rate you talked about is more like an outlier or otherwise anomaly (Statistically speaking). But, when it includes danger to human life, anomaly or not. You did the right thing in service to other humans, all while setting a stellar example of fact-based reporting. If I don't end up buying some of your merch, You'll have my donation.
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 4 aylar önce
Terrific real world analysis/ testing pushing through all the rumors and general fear of that issue here very informative!!
TheMrawesomest 4 aylar önce
This is above and beyond what other tech channels have done. Fantastic analysis and video on this issue.
Crusader1815 4 aylar önce
Great job, Steve. Thanks for all you do.
Caleb Wuethrich
Caleb Wuethrich 4 aylar önce
Appreciate your fight for responsible reporting. Beyond admirable!
Brendan 4 aylar önce
@Drip Mario well said. At some point he went from a normal guy excited about tech to a TRvid influencer who thinks he's God's gift to tech. His benchmarks don't even show 1% lows. As a SI who's job it is to build gaming PC's for normies and kids, who watch Jay and Linus and think they are PC pros, I genuinely wish they would disappear.
Drip Mario
Drip Mario 4 aylar önce
Jay and Igor really forced his hand by being so irresponsible and loud with nothing to back it up. You could see how uncomfortable he was even saying that. I refuse to even watch JayzTwoBraincells after his outburst calling people dense and ignorant if they don’t listen to him. The man is a stain on the PC industry as a whole
Perry Kow
Perry Kow 4 aylar önce
This is impressive & extremely in-depth FA & Root Cause investigation work done. You guys have basically completed the investigation on behalf of the quality team over at NVIDIA. This is one example of product qualification not done right prior a release.
James P
James P 4 aylar önce
Did you get a cable to heat up to say 100*c, stop heating it then seat the cable properly? I ask because I wonder if people go check their cable now and realise the cable isnt plugged properly, so they plug it in all the way and cause more damage? Great work on this one!
Todd Long
Todd Long 4 aylar önce
Great video! I do FA in my profession as a Deisel Tech, seeing it used on the electrical field was eye opening. I deal with these small sockets and pins, and never considered the FOD. Everything else you brought up happens in my field aswell.
JAVI 4 aylar önce
Great job guys. Your time and efforts are truly appreciated.
vegan exmuslim
vegan exmuslim 4 aylar önce
Wow, actual dedicated journalism in tech. Mad respect to GN
Andy R
Andy R 4 aylar önce
Thank you for existing and always accepting nothing but the truth, for doing all the hard work of gathering the data and presenting these facts. We love you guys!
Zeno 4 aylar önce
@ArtisChronicles yep, but it's still a very tiny amount per user. it just adds up quickly.
warrax111 4 aylar önce
@Fredo Cuomo yes, i dont understand, why they dont send them directly to bank account
Cyberbrain 4 aylar önce
Because quality is worth tipping.
ArtisChronicles 4 aylar önce
@Zeno TRvid premium to skip the ads actually pays more than just ads do as well, but everything comes together to add up.
Fredo Cuomo
Fredo Cuomo 4 aylar önce
everybody calm down. its only a $35 tip after google takes their cut.
James Kirk
James Kirk 4 aylar önce
Fantastic Reporting! A great reminder to make sure all your seat all power connectors firmly and ensure the retention clip is engaged if there is one. My big error many years ago was inserting a Molex 4-pin power cable backwards into a hard drive. It was easier to do than you'd think was, especially with worn connectors. Modern connectors are 'generally' more fool proof, but not always.
Matty From IT
Matty From IT 4 aylar önce
Thank you for putting in the time and effort to come to a solid conclusion. As much as I want to hop on the Nvidia evil and EVGA got out at the right time bandwagon (still not entirely debunked with just this one issue not being 100% their fault) it's very important that we actually have people doing real research to help people who do not have the means and resources to do this testing make educated purchase choices. Thanks guys, keep it up.
Enrique 3 aylar önce
Love GN and how they're not only afraid to call out companies for their BS but the end user when they have acquiered sufficient evidence that user error comes into play at some point.
Chayce Nell
Chayce Nell 4 aylar önce
Thanks for making owning a 4090 not seem like a burden
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim 4 aylar önce
Thank you Steve for the deep digging and the scientific video. I really look for your reviews before buying anything.
Jae Starks
Jae Starks 4 aylar önce
Truly appreciate the work y’all put in to deliver viewers informative content like this over the years. Thank you GN!
ThePulsarRED 4 aylar önce
Amazing content. Thank you for doing all the hardwork and research with all your cool people. You deserve a kudos for this piece. And thank you for basing your piece on data rather than going with the ‘fear mongering tactics’.
Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus 4 aylar önce
Wow! Thank you so much! We'll keep pushing to do more like this!
Xyales 2 aylar önce
Bless these guys, its a big relieve to know that the point of error is actually really rare and most possibly just users mishandling their cables.
Brady Aylar önce
Fr I’m wanting to upgrade but I was nervous now I’m not so nervous
Edit: I forgot to say Thank You for doing such a damn good job on the topic, the money spent, and the education on this topic. This potentially will or have already saved lives. I'm not being hyperbolic about that either. Leave it to a TRvid channel (You guys rock) on doing a fraction of the work that shouldve been expected to figure out the issues and the embarrassing design failures which should have been the least amount of RnD by These Companies who create and push a product to market. The complete incompetence or lack of care towards the RND seems non existent. Given the way a lot of companies (big or small) who will give zero fucks to the consumers safety is massive when their greedy goblin brains can increase profit margins, while worming their way through the pathetic regulations. I swear, they probably spend a larger majority on their legal teams than they do for their products which would actually advance technology. I not surprised this type of shit happens though because its become the norm. Though a doubt these things will continue into the foreseeable future until theirs more accountability, harsher punishment, and liabilities. I know bringing a product to market is different for a million different products so its definitely a complicated issue. But when shit like a "cable adapter" that most consumers would assume is a set and forget sort of thing, they aren't expecting life threatening risks down to a coin toss. Where its failure margins for safety are so extreme, its where at the minimum, goes from failure being damaged cable/computer, to a large chance of quickly escalating to worst case scenario where their house is burning down and people could die. This sort of shit is fucking serious and gets me angry. Im aware somebody with enough money to shell out for a 4000 series would be likely wise to the problem especially if they are buying a cable to prevent the issue at hand but its not an excuse. I shouldn't need to explain but I also know there are 100s of situations, products, etc) of other shit we put ourselves in everyday with higher risks of danger and blah blah, but I'm on focused on B.S. right now. Just be careful out there you guys and to the least, let this be a little reminder to be more self aware about these sorts of things. Take care, everyone. be safe.
Varmint260 4 aylar önce
As depressing as part of the conclusion is, it's great to see your levels of transparency about it. User error playing a part doesn't surprise me, but what is the failure rate (due to melting) of 8-pin power connectors over the years? At a certain point, a connector should be designed to minimize the likelihood of failure due to user error, should it not?
wayne schmidt
wayne schmidt 4 aylar önce
Excellent job. Ask any electrician and they will tell you a loose connection equals heat. Love your hard work and dedication in finding the truth.
Jan Witkowsky
Jan Witkowsky 4 aylar önce
To think... The 3dfx Voodoo 5-6000, was to have it's own power brick. (Voodoo Volts - 12V 4,6A output) Combined with the power delivery of the AGP port, it would max out a power consumption of: 103,25 Watt
Terra1396 4 aylar önce
Really impressed by your dedication to your investigations and finding the true answers rather than theorizing. The pc community owes you guys a big thanks for everything you've done for us over the years and always mantaining your integrity!
Patricia micheal
Patricia micheal 4 aylar önce
Patricia micheal
Patricia micheal 4 aylar önce
Patricia micheal
Patricia micheal 4 aylar önce
arkhamkillzone 3 aylar önce
Im happy with my 3070ti. Won't even consider upgrading anything on my build for many years. Just built it this year and works like a dream.
Peter M
Peter M Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣 whatever helps y'all sleep at night
be a light
be a light 3 aylar önce
Im still going strong with 2080ti
TheThiccDonut 3 aylar önce
That's how I feel about my 3080 and how I imagine anyone with a 30 series GPU feels I would imagine. There's just not enough value with the 40 series to justify the upgrade.
Paolo M
Paolo M 4 aylar önce
Good job Gn team! Keep up the good work
Jovi 4 aylar önce
Love the deep dive and research done on this in order to get to the bottom of the issue. A little devils advocate, but if jay didn't cover it the way he did would we even have this video right now or others? Just something to add. Again great reporting as usual GN has become a lot bigger than just a youtube channel.
trued_2 4 aylar önce
Would it be a good idea to put some dielectric grease in the connectors to attempt to prevent the FOD? I could see a case where it doesn't help and just gives the FOD somewhere to gather instead of leaving.
Davidsmusicbox 4 aylar önce
This is why I enjoy what you do. You make sure what you say is right (as best you can). And if something comes up that says otherwise, you test, and if at fault, admit it. True scientific approach. Even if it annoys others. And is also why you’re so well respected among peers. Even if you say something that may ‘hurt’ a peer, it is out of want for what is right to be done, not malice. And why when most of said peers come under that scrutiny, they respect it. They don’t feel it an attack, just a course correction.
Jason Kenyon
Jason Kenyon 4 aylar önce
This is extremely well done. Thoroughness of the reporting as well as the detailed analysis is top flight journalism.
PrincessBukkake 4 aylar önce
Just an FYI for you monetized commenters out there, TRvid is taking 30% of the amount you're contributing. On top of that, if you're sending the monetized comment via the Apple or Android app, they are taking another 30% cut. The creators are not allowed to mention this thanks to TRvid being a super and totally awesome company. This is why creators would rather you buy merch, because you get something in return, and the tech monopolies get nothing.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 4 aylar önce
@TrollerproHDx no he did the right thing, you can try too lol
TrollerproHDx 4 aylar önce
Bro save your money to buy gpus or stocks lol
blackcyborg009 Aylar önce
Question: Would this still be a problem for a 4070TI? Given that 4070TI was introduced January 2023, do you think the problem was fixed after that? Or not really? Also: I'm thinking of a 4070TI on a MicroATX case. Is this issue / concern relating to distance between 4070TI GPU via 16 pin - two slot 8 pin?
Iain Ballas
Iain Ballas 4 aylar önce
Nvidia was so concerned with weather or not they could, they didn't stop to ask if they should.
Nikos Othoneos
Nikos Othoneos 4 aylar önce
doing such a deep analysis of this to actually come up with fact from labs testings and so on would anyway take time and thank you for taking it....
Gruffdonut 4 aylar önce
I remember watching Jayz videos on this and thinking " Whoa! That's crazy! I wonder what GamersNexus will report on this." I like Jayz videos and I think he does alot of cool and fun projects but GamersNexus is my go to for PC hardware news. I appreciate the work you guys do. Please keep it up
Ross Martin
Ross Martin 2 aylar önce
Just to double check, this only applies to 12VHPWR cables? We don't see similar failure on the majority of previous generation 30 series power adapters right? Thanks for the brilliant content as always GN!
Joaquin Lalusin
Joaquin Lalusin 4 aylar önce
This is the first time that I was ever felt compelled to make a donation to a content creator and deservedly so. Truly amazing work from Steve and the GN team! The community is so lucky to have you guys and this video proves that no one even comes close to the dedication that you guys have to straight up factual journalism and responsible reporting.
Semsem 4 aylar önce
Same, I went right to their store. Too bad so many of the shirts are sold out!
burrfoottopknot 4 aylar önce
GN makes me feel like I have been speaking and or listening to Yoda, I know there will be no fluff and plenty of insight. Class act GN ty!
thisisit8583 4 aylar önce
Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus 4 aylar önce
Thank you for the kind words, Joaquin! It means a lot to the team and we'll keep it up!
A B 4 aylar önce
Well done guys as an ex tech this is the content with background customers want their techs to reference.
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett 4 aylar önce
I love how well you did this work. Very well done.
Garth Smith
Garth Smith 4 aylar önce
I've been using my 4090 for a week now. I just wiggled the power cable and sure enough, it popped right off. No visible damage, but I definitely made sure it fully clipped in and didn't wiggle out easily. Thanks so much for this video!!!
Barry Cole
Barry Cole 4 aylar önce
Thanks for this, my 4090 arrives tomorrow so this is perfect timing for me! Much appreciated. Now i know what NOT to do when i install it 😊
MartiUK 4 aylar önce
👏 well done Steve and the team!
Weston Hawk
Weston Hawk 4 aylar önce
That footage of inserting the connector was really insightful. The amount of force it takes to push it in is way more than I expected. It looks so tight only half way down!
Quackfoo 4 aylar önce
@SpinneretteAlex Pcie 4.0 is pcie 4.0. The card isn't going to go any faster just because you plug it into a pcie 5.0 slot. A good pcie 4 riser will get you all the FPS the card can dish out. I use the Lian Li pcie 4.0 cable. PCIE 3.0 holds the 4090 back only 3% or from so from the some of the testing I've seen. It'll be a few more GPU generations before they overwhelm pcie 4.0. I wouldn't worry about it.
Ken Masters
Ken Masters 4 aylar önce
@woolfel Ah ok, then no need for you to even entertain the 40 series cards at all. Cheers !
SpinneretteAlex 4 aylar önce
@Quackfoo so youre on a riser card then? i know these cards cnt actually do pcie 5 but i still would be feel bad spending $1500 and then limiting myself with a riser. i got myself a big case instead and it barely fits still with the cablemod replacement psu cable lol
woolfel 4 aylar önce
@Ken Masters I'm not a gamer and I mainly use it for zwift cycling and ML work. The biggest limitation for models today is memory, second is ML optimizations. I'm sure 4 series is even faster, but performance/dollar just isn't worth it for me. My M1Max mbp with 24GPU cores runs Stable diffusion faster than my rtx 2060 6G.
Quackfoo 4 aylar önce
@SpinneretteAlex I vertically mounted my 4090 so I have plenty of cable room. I'm still waiting for my cablemod cable to arrive though. More for neatness and cleaner runs than any worry over the adapter.
Master Zoentrobe's Gaming Clips
I remember that it was hard to get the power connectors to fully seat with my 970 because the pins were upside down compared to other GPUs I've owned. That card recently died while a friend was using it, while my 670 is still working... I wonder if this is the same issue.
Kriss Laàn
Kriss Laàn 4 aylar önce
When your research is so good, the multi billion dollar company holds off making a formal statement to wait for your findings. We'll done GN, on your dedication, information, and perseverance.
BlueDevilsBari 4 aylar önce
Finally, someone scientifically gets it right by actual testing and not by guessing(theorizing). Good job Steve and all the crew at Gamers Nexus.
lgmtk 4 aylar önce
This is unbelievable. I am so glad my wife bought me a 150usd gift card for GN store, so worth it just for quality pieces like this.
carlo tumamao
carlo tumamao 4 aylar önce
I never thought that this 12pin connector would result in an investigation similar to air crash investigations lol
Veltrix 4 aylar önce
This is my very first time donating to any TRvidr in my 10 years watching videos, and watching the entire video, being entertained and informed at the same time is an amazing accomplishment. I am well informed about the issue and have been enlightened. You guys deserve any donations for the countless hours you guys did to bring an informative and objective light into this issue. Keep it up and I will continue watching your guys' content!
esoel 4 aylar önce
@Gamers Nexus You guys are incredible. Top notch work.
Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much for that! That you found it educational and entertaining is awesome and we will keep working to provide that value!
zero 4 aylar önce
@Unbound u can thanks them i think
Meteor2000 4 aylar önce
@Xathrid tech the "Thanks" button beside " 👍👎" & "share"
silentdude56k 4 aylar önce
@Unbound Click the "Thanks" button.
auwdioslave 4 aylar önce
Thanks for another amazing piece of tech journalism, you keep the industry on their toes!
Blue Eyes White Dragon
I wanted to say WOW! I really enjoyed the high tech investigation, the way different builds had differing contacts and materials is something useful to know when you're looking to purchase connectors that have varying price tags. I did want to add that these connectors, be they old or new, are LONG TIME tried and tested. Even if they are badly fitted, kinked wires, to shoddy soldering, the problem is inherently that the wires/pins are drawing too much current causing the housing to melt. Seems to me that NVIDIA failed to take into account the the electronics needed to run their card would exceed the rated current handling of what are, essentially, thin, bi-metallic strips carrying the same amount of current as your electric cooker wiring. P=I2R (Power = current squared x resistance) Therefore, if the grapics card power demand ramps up from 20 watts at boot time and then reaches (P)450W at full overclock and the resistance of the copper wires = (R)1ohm or less depending on kinks or impurities, then the (I)current reaches about 22Amps. The 12V rails are rated to 58Amps on a 700W ATX PSU but the wires are rated at about 12 - 20 Amps. Which means the higher the demand of the graphics card the higer the current flow and therefore an increase in heat. If you think in terms of "least resistance" then areas of impurities in the contacts and variations in the metal contacts are the places likely to heat up quickest which is evidenced in your videos...but the same would be true of your power supplies and the solder joints in there, especially around the heatsinks. While all eyes are on the coneectors your power supplies are turning into small time bombs or quielty sceaming "I'm melting! I'm melting!" while the graphics card laughs out loud in an evil mwuhahahaha! Go NVIDIA!
The German
The German 3 aylar önce
Great work, finally a conclusive test and answer to what caused it. Nvidia should reward you for it. We builders as well. Thank you for showing noobs shouldn't be overconfident when building their PC's
Lardroom 4 aylar önce
Some of your best work. Responsible and ethical and easy to understand.
Frozenplague 4 aylar önce
I wonder if it would help fix it to have the connector clip on both sides instead of a center latch.
Bpinator 4 aylar önce
The GN team is irreplaceable. Amazing work as always guys!
Big Blue Frontend
Big Blue Frontend 4 aylar önce
Couldn't possibly be more replaceable, actually.
aaron casto
aaron casto 4 aylar önce
Well done. Thank you for all the hard work GN.
Brad Pittman
Brad Pittman 4 aylar önce
This experience is not from stationary computing systems but may still have some relevance. A couple of years ago, the company I work for decided to switch from deutsch connector with a full barrel style terminal to another brand generally Delphi with flat spade and leaf spring style pins abs sockets. Even on ethernet connections. These are on machines that move and have all have their own vibe and resonance when in operation. So prior to this the wiring system was very strong with the deutsch dt dtm and dtp terminated harnesses. With the new Delphi, we have had more harnesses replacements than I have ever saw before. Been in this field since 2005. It’s a mess. They Initially came out with a fix and it was silly. They wouldn’t sell us the connector components to reterminate failed pins and sockets so they offered little pig tails with the Delphi style on one side and a deutsch on the other and the fix is to cut the failed connector off, terminate it with a deutsch and plug in the adapter/jumper. Smh. The initial reason for the connector switch was claimed that the round terminals that the deutsch use offer less contact than the flat and leaf spring style do….. k. The only time I have ever saw a DT fail in any regard is from the open barrel style pins and sockets that were used occasionally and it would fail just above the crimp. Never happened with a full barrel type with a 4 way crimp. Jumping over dollars. Keep in mind the new Delphi pins on the Ethernet link are rated for 8 to 10 clicks. Meaning disconnect and reconnect…..8 to 10. Unreal to me. Should be nearly infinite. I have developed a fondness for the deutsch connectors especially the auto sport and milspec varieties. I find in my life the pins and sockets will far exceed their respective amp ratings when properly crimped with properly sized and appropriate conductor style and size. Debris entry is very rare on these as well due to the multiple seals and conductor insertion from the rear of the connector through a seal that wipes the contact off. Would be sick if there was a place that could remove that bulkhead style connector from the unit, removing the conductors and terminated to flying leads then terminate to a dt or dtm style connector. As well with the associated cable. Pain in the Butt but I think the service life would be much better. Random video for me but super cool and definitely poor connections makes a shit load of resistance and then amps in my world. Those condition generally lead to unhappiness lol. Good luck out there.
Lincoln Thurber
Lincoln Thurber 4 aylar önce
Gamers Nexus..."We create the problems." 🤣 That is why we should all love this site; great information, a sense of humor, and great videos. Thanks Steve.
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