The Truth About Giannis Antetokounmpo

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2 May 2019




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JxmyHighroller 3 yıl önce
17:12 👀
Jai Paradez
Jai Paradez Aylar önce
Make another Giannis video... He has those titles now.
Pablo Solimeo
Pablo Solimeo Aylar önce
this video aged like wine
thrabardun 7 aylar önce
jimmy wanna make a 2022 remake of this video? :O :D expecially the 15:49 moment in the video!? ;)
FreshK1ngz 8 aylar önce
Thats tuff
Matt Otto
Matt Otto 10 aylar önce
JXMY! What do you think of him now? the mvps, the championship ? Maybe an updated video or comment examining how he's progressing according to your projection?
Kishori Shetty
Kishori Shetty Yıl önce
Who's here after giannis has won EVERYTHING there is to in the nba
Tortose 5 aylar önce
@Isaac Carroll he also has to get coach of the year
Augustus 5 aylar önce
Does he really have 1 of each award?
Messy Crew
Messy Crew 6 aylar önce
Me one of my fav players in the league right now
jamal 7 aylar önce
1 ring 1 fmvp 2 mvps and 1 dpoy is crazy only 3 players ever have done than
naweza jossard prosper
Meeeee I was like is this a wrong video or what
TheFilthyCasual2 2 yıl önce
Kobe said that if shaq put in his level of effort he would be the best of all time... I guess we're seeing it now.
Leeartlee 26 gün önce
Shaq had a built in problem: his hands are literally too big. If you watched him try and take outside shots, you can see he kind of has sausage fingers when shooting the ball. His hands worked great inside the post but outside it just didn’t work. Giannis has the ability to shoot outside. That’s what sets him apart. It opens up the lane like nobodies business.
Rimimimimimimimim ケ
Rimimimimimimimim ケ 2 aylar önce
@Aiden wdym any effort, he attends every team practice which is already a lot, he does more then enough for most people, not everyone wants to put in the crazy amount of effort kobe or giannis does…
Rumbelstiltskin 2 aylar önce
The season before he won MVP Kobe was handing out challenges on twitter and Giannis tweeted at Kobe and Kobe told a 16 and 7 player to win MVP. We got 27 10 and 5 and the following year he won MVP.
bigdog 2 aylar önce
Giannis has got about 75 pounds of mass to gain for that. People forget how huge shaq was.
gagan banga
gagan banga 9 aylar önce
To very different players
Gabriel Salomao
Gabriel Salomao Yıl önce
I mean, 2x MVP 1x DPOY 1x MIP 1X ASMVP 1X CONF CHAMP 1X NBA CHAMP 1X FMVP We can say that Giannis has made it in just 2 years
samraiz shoaib
samraiz shoaib 6 aylar önce
@mike murgidi The Lakers ring was pretty much proven by Jxmy to be extremely easy. One of the easiest of all time. Plus a majority of his final appearances came as a result of being in the weaker conference. He undoubtedly would make less finals when in the west. The league Giannis plays in is much harder than Lebrons.
mike murgidi
mike murgidi 7 aylar önce
@Earl Ruizyou’re saying what’s the point of making the finals is you lose….would you rather lose in the second round??? and i can MAYBE see the heat rings, but the laker ring how?? because it was the bubble? that argument is trash
Earl Ruiz
Earl Ruiz 8 aylar önce
@mike murgidi yeah cause his eastern conference ain’t trash, plus his ring is worth more than all of LeBron’s heat and lakers rings, he may not end up with 8 finals in a row but whats the point of making em if you can’t win em, he definitely would have won a ring this year if middleton wasn’t injured
mike murgidi
mike murgidi 8 aylar önce
@Earl Ruiz *8 finals
mike murgidi
mike murgidi 8 aylar önce
@Earl Ruiz simply just not as skilled as lebron and will never dream of even sniffing ten finals in a row no one ever will
David Yang
David Yang Yıl önce
Who's here after the bucks won the Championship and Giannis won the FMVP.
Messy Crew
Messy Crew 6 aylar önce
Amebee 8 aylar önce
Ariel_LH 9 aylar önce
DONUTKING 10 aylar önce
mohaz STONER
mohaz STONER 10 aylar önce
Theo Tilton
Theo Tilton Yıl önce
"Is it Karl Anthony-Towns, Kristaps Porzingis?" Ah, good times.
Temir 4 aylar önce
@dubois stewart well he’s back to what he was in NY now, good for him
dubois stewart
dubois stewart 4 aylar önce
@Temir Shooting got worse because he stopped being aggressive, which made it easier to defend him
Landon Weaver
Landon Weaver Yıl önce
@Goose IK I just like to make that comparison because they are big men carrying trash Timberwolves teams
Goose Yıl önce
@Landon Weaver KG did it on both ends but. KAT doesnt play D so he cant quite carry a low level team as hard as KG did
Landon Weaver
Landon Weaver Yıl önce
@Billy Zambidis kinda like KG. Not as good as KG though.
Itzarzky Yıl önce
Giannis has solidified himself as a GOAT by dropping this ring. Giannis Antetokounmpo has risen against the hate, the counting on free throws, the constant chants of overrated, he has risen from some kid in Greece who wanted to play soccer to literally GOAT status in the NBA. Gg Giannis, Gg.
Benry Yıl önce
@EpikDante top 10 and not 10, that’s for sure
EpikDante Yıl önce
@Benry nah he top 25 all time
Benry Yıl önce
GOAT is a bit strong but he is top 10 and he ain’t 10, that’s for sure
Giovanni Yıl önce
@_𝒩𝑒𝑜𝓃𝒢_ I mean the dude is only 26 and he won a ring so it’s pretty likely he’ll be one of the goats in the future
Not a GOAT but will be on the top
OneWishsz 3 yıl önce
I pray injuries dont ruin his legacy
VF Goditachyyy
VF Goditachyyy 8 aylar önce
@Drogon its literally not possible dont worry, excvept someone cuts his achilles in half with a knife. bro has proly the longest achiles on earth its insane
Drogon 9 aylar önce
@VF Goditachyyy dont jinx him man.
Benry Yıl önce
They didn’t 🥲
VF Goditachyyy
VF Goditachyyy Yıl önce
They didn’t. His achilles is so long its pretty much bullet proof. He won’t be having problems with injuries any time soon
Pablo Solimeo
Pablo Solimeo 2 yıl önce
He won't have that many serious injuries, compared to Joel Embiid, his work ethic, diet, and just care for his health will prevent him from getting injured. He only missed 10 games in his whole career!!!
Otic-Gaming Yıl önce
15:42 funny how over 2 years later he achieved all of these. GOAT status.
Dandalandan Yıl önce
@Marvelous Egbo he's 2nd so far, so I think he can get it
Basilaras 01
Basilaras 01 Yıl önce
@Marvelous Egbo i mean put a dpoy more impressive
sabata Yıl önce
@Josh Garconvil I agree
Josh Garconvil
Josh Garconvil Yıl önce
@sabata true but at this point he don’t even need it lol
sabata Yıl önce
@Marvelous Egbo he could easily get that if he wanted tbh
Dylan Schang
Dylan Schang Yıl önce
This was a hot take in 2019. Now, you can literally just reupload this video after he won 2 MVPs, the finals and fmvp, and nobody would disagree in the slightest. He was and still is the greatest. And he’s 26. The man is unstoppable.
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony Yıl önce
Bro Giannis just get all the awards in the NBA he can get at age of 26. Without joining superteams and just grinding every year until he accomplish everything in the city and team that drafted him. That's greatness right there.
Andi A
Andi A Yıl önce
Giannis is creating his own legend, one day there will be a list: The G.O.A.T., the King, and the Freak.
Andi A
Andi A Yıl önce
@JosKaizer i like that one, too.
JosKaizer Yıl önce
You mean the greek god of ball
Yahel Barash
Yahel Barash Yıl önce
Who's here after Giannis won his first ring & finals mvp
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Yıl önce
Everyone who sees this comment
First name Last name
@2k G.O.A.T Nope, because he said he would soon. Listen a few seconds longer lol
Yahel Barash
Yahel Barash Yıl önce
@2k G.O.A.T yeah now its like he's saying the oposite of Giannis' achivements
jwaj Yıl önce
@2k G.O.A.T speedrun
2k G.O.A.T
2k G.O.A.T Yıl önce
In Two years Giannis dismantled his entire statement at 15:40 😳
Nihilistic Existentialist
"No, he is better" Never in my life i expected Shaq to say that for another player.
HenryIX 2 aylar önce
Shaq holds Kareem, Hakeem, and Yao Ming in high regard as far as big men go. Giannis makes it a Mount Rushmore
Even TheObsolete
Even TheObsolete 2 yıl önce
"a man that would rather lie and sit in his misery than compliment another player" bruhh 😂😂
Equilibrium Marquez
Equilibrium Marquez 2 yıl önce
@Samir Warudkar Giannis should go train with Dream.
Wilt with that 48 vertical😂
NosoyTofu Yıl önce
He did everything we expected him to do and more. Just respect for him and hopefully he keeps this goin forward
Ivanners Yıl önce
Gonna come back to this video when Giannis wins his FMVP this season. Edit: Giannis just won his FMVP. 🙌 The prophecy has been fulfilled, *Bucks in 6.*
Moss Yıl önce
@David Epoian fr 51 points
David Epoian
David Epoian Yıl önce
@Hanurag Reddy Top 5 4th quarter scorers in the finals: 1) Giannis- 9.3ppg (67.7%FG) 2) Middleton- 6.7ppg (50%FG) 3) Booker- 6.6ppg (45.2%FG) 4) CP3- 6.5ppg (51.7%FG) 5) Holiday- 3.7ppg (34.8%FG) Stop it with your bullshit narratives about middleton being the closer when Giannis almost shot 70%FG in the fourth quarter, Giannis deserved that finals MVP more than anyone ever has.
troubleshoot Yıl önce
@Hanurag Reddy bruh that's not the most important thing in a criteria for a FMVP lmao. stop it.
The Generator
The Generator Yıl önce
@Hanurag Reddy stop watching nba lol
Deckard2049 Yıl önce
Bucks in 6 🦌🔥
David Turner
David Turner 11 aylar önce
2 years later, Giannis is STILL getting better!
Michael Buscay
Michael Buscay Yıl önce
Please make a part 2 of this. 🙏 He is a CHAMPION now! Congrats to Giannis and the Bucks!
JIDV2 Yıl önce
2 years later, and he’s one game away to win his first championship. Can’t help but respect him for the work he put
Max 3 yıl önce
Harden: I'm winning MVP Paul George: No I am Giannis: Hold my Greek yogurt
Zachary Bohart
Zachary Bohart 11 aylar önce
or mythos
Zachary Bohart
Zachary Bohart 11 aylar önce
nah homie it’s hold my ouzo
Igna Car
Igna Car Yıl önce
*hold my oreos
IB Central
IB Central Yıl önce
IB Central
IB Central Yıl önce
Jason Murray
Jason Murray Yıl önce
Jimmy, my man... great video. Loved it. Good to see you recognized Giannis abilities and ever-increasing potential a while ago. Time to update this video.... a LOT has changed.
Kyesito Yıl önce
The man just won himself a championship, what a legend
GenZ Nerd
GenZ Nerd Yıl önce
This is before he’s in the finals and literally destroying people
Cosmoish Yıl önce
@Nick Loppnow might as well swept them
Nick Loppnow
Nick Loppnow Yıl önce
@Neon Deion bruh fr 4 games in a row?!?
Neon Deion
Neon Deion Yıl önce
Your comment was before he literally nuked the suns.
Trivium 2e2
Trivium 2e2 Yıl önce
watching this video after seeing Giannis dominate everything lately really puts things into perspective even more. don’t take this man for granted, there has never been someone like him
Big T
Big T Yıl önce
I'm here after Giannis just won a championship, finals MVP, two regular season MVPs, an all star game MVP, and a defensive player of the year award.
BadAss LeviZoro
BadAss LeviZoro Yıl önce
All of that at the age of 26 only what an accomplishment
Khash Money
Khash Money Yıl önce
I'm here after the Bucks swept the Heat and eliminated the Nets in 7.
RaptorsFan30 8 aylar önce
@Chase there’s no possible way you came a year later, funny part is I stopped being a nets fan since mid season.
Chase 8 aylar önce
@RaptorsFan30 this didn't age well 😂😂 how'd that sweep taste?
RaptorsFan30 9 aylar önce
@𝙙𝙖𝙬𝙣 Bucks only cuz of injuries lmfao
𝙙𝙖𝙬𝙣 9 aylar önce
@RaptorsFan30 who won the 2021 finals again?
SM Gyro
SM Gyro Yıl önce
Here after Giannis won a Championship and Finals MVP! He's already cemented his legacy as an all time great player at age 26! Excited to see where his career goes from here. Truly a potential goat contender. Jimmy your video has aged like a fine wine!
Marcel Hansen
Marcel Hansen Yıl önce
2 years Later an Giannis literally already achived everything possible
Umut Yasar
Umut Yasar Yıl önce
When I first saw this video, it was an incredible vision back then. But we don't need too much thing to say, only looking Giannis' free throw perc. in the last game demonstrates his mental power. I'm highly convinced that we just saw the trailer.
Alexander Yıl önce
2 years later, 2x MVP, DPOY, NBA champ, FMVP. Incredible !
santoryyu817 Yıl önce
James Harden: "7ft and just dunks, takes no skill at all," Giannis: *wins a championship* James harden:
JFK'S SCHOOL BUS 3 yıl önce
Harden: I lead the league in points Lebron: I lead the league in assists Giannis: I lead the league in making grown men look like 5 yr olds
josephmontoya 2 yıl önce
Don’t forget about me leading the league in injuries
king Jr
king Jr 2 yıl önce
@the annony maoos 😂
JFK'S SCHOOL BUS 2 yıl önce
@KingV96 okay then i agree with you but giannis is still really young his shooting and dribbling has improved so he'll be a full powerhouse either next year or the year after that
KingV96 2 yıl önce
@JFK'S SCHOOL BUS not so much as choking since that would mean he doesn't contribute at all instead he underperforms especially in the scoring aspect.
JFK'S SCHOOL BUS 2 yıl önce
@KingV96 so your saying giannis chokes in the playoffs
Hydroxica 3 aylar önce
im here 3 years later in awe of how he just perfectly described and predicted giannis' future career
Judah Gordon
Judah Gordon Yıl önce
Since this video was uploaded Giannis has won 2 MVPs, 1 DPOY, 3 All NBA 1st team selection, 1 ring, 1 FMVP, and has over a 70% win percentage
Tajvir Sidhu
Tajvir Sidhu Yıl önce
2 years later and he has accomplished everything at 15:42
Bright Essan
Bright Essan Yıl önce
15:38 chills🤯😳. He literally has every one of those things now… crazy
Binniam Eskender
Binniam Eskender Yıl önce
@Naveed Thalappil ❤️ me too
Naveed Thalappil
Naveed Thalappil Yıl önce
@Binniam Eskender I’m a Giannis fan bro I’m just saying…
Binniam Eskender
Binniam Eskender Yıl önce
@Naveed Thalappil I’d take DPOY any day of the week over a scoring title
caio santana
caio santana Yıl önce
@Naveed Thalappil yeah, but we could change that one to a an all star game mvp and a DPOY I guess
Naveed Thalappil
Naveed Thalappil Yıl önce
Excluding scoring title
JJ LeBlanc
JJ LeBlanc Yıl önce
“I never wanted to play in the nba, I just wanted to be a champion.” -Giannis after winning the championship
Chris O
Chris O 3 yıl önce
Jxmy: Giannis needs to rely less o his freakish nature and rely more on expanding his skill set. Giannis: *taking notes*
PAQUIN Raino Yıl önce
@Telly's Honest Reviews you're right that's why he dominated in the post with fadeaways, jumphooks, post up and face up in this finals
Young God
Young God Yıl önce
Jahan Scott
Jahan Scott 2 yıl önce
Yea he is doing that bud
Telly's Honest Reviews
@PAQUIN Raino he couldn't even move his legs to save his life.
Hazen J
Hazen J 2 yıl önce
@loveless he only 25
Digiorno Yıl önce
Watching this after he got the title. The growth in this Greek gods game over the past two years is unprecedented.
Charlie's Mat tester Kanal
Crazy watching this in the early 2022 and Giannis is now entering his prime with already two mvps, fmvp, 2 dpoy, and championship
Huhu Roberts
Huhu Roberts Yıl önce
2 years later... and man's a champion 🙏🏽
Solid Yıl önce
We want an updated version of this Jimmy please do your magic!
Benjamin Roy
Benjamin Roy Yıl önce
Man it's incredible how your video stay accurate 2 years later and how giannis grow as a player. He's just checking every single accomplishement your telling is gonna have
wayne Ng
wayne Ng 3 yıl önce
Imagine Steph teaching giannis how to shoot and it works ......
Cain Yıl önce
Giannis shooting 3’s is silly
Panagiotis Tsolis
Panagiotis Tsolis 2 yıl önce
DifferentNato lol imagine believing this
Xped 2 yıl önce
Bizin wwww rrrr oooo nnnn gggg where do you get ur info man... stephs release, stephs handles, stephs way to get an open shot... If you judge a shooter the way you think Ray is the best shooter, Klay is the best...
The Breakdown
The Breakdown 2 yıl önce
Bizin | buddy. He is the best shooter ever. Get used to it.
SwaggerStar Yıl önce
Giannis got the MVP, DPOY, MIP, FVMP, a ring, literally everything a player could want. If he retired right now he would be top 20 all time, and he's only 27.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Yıl önce
What's actually clinically insane about Giannis slander is that people say "if I were that damn big, all I would do is run around and dunk too," although he is the ONLY one we can name with his athleticism at this size. He is a near 7'0" point guard (referring to speed not playmaking) and nobody has done that before. We've seen guys his size exclusively play in the post and Giannis runs coast to coast. He is his own player honestly.
Nelly Yıl önce
With this chip Giannis is well on his way to being one of the greatest players of all time.
MuffasasGhost Yıl önce
Watching after he Dropped 50 in the Finals gives me goosebumps Congrats to Akumpo 🏆
Moe Tempah
Moe Tempah Yıl önce
He did it he is a champion 2021 FMVP 2021 amazing congratulations to Giannis after dropping 50pts in game 6 omg amazing journey and hope he continues his legend.
swcthedon 3 yıl önce
If Giannis gets a better jump shot then he will just be Thanos
Lorenzo Gabriel CABELLON
@Tbag Specialist grizzlies’ fan?
Tbag Specialist
Tbag Specialist Yıl önce
@Lorenzo Gabriel CABELLON I was wrong but Giannis needs to leave and join the Grizzlies
Lorenzo Gabriel CABELLON
@Tbag Specialist Hey there, no hate man, but how do you feel now?
crisloko180 Yıl önce
@Tbag Specialist this age like milk lol
Tbag Specialist
Tbag Specialist Yıl önce
@David Epoian I was wrong, but he still needs to leave and join the Grizzlies
NSG Charlie
NSG Charlie Yıl önce
Its crazy to me that this video was two years ago the quality of Jimmy's videos are still at this level of GOATed
Just C1re
Just C1re Yıl önce
Whose here after Giannis had arguably the best finals closeout game in NBA history?
PAF 2005
PAF 2005 Yıl önce
Who’s here after Bucks won the championship? 50 points from Giannis 😳
Blini Yıl önce
2 mvps and 1 championship, man has a great future 🙌
Harry Tyson
Harry Tyson Yıl önce
This aged perfectly
George 3 yıl önce
The ending with Giannis as a kid, .........Goosebumps! Well done!
Dimitrius Van Winkle
Hes done it, he led Milwaukee to a title
Z Yıl önce
FMVP, 2x MVP, DPOTY, MIP What a start for Giannis
This is the FBI.
This is the FBI. 9 gün önce
Stumbled on this vid again after four years and boy did my man Giannis have accomplished all major awards the league can offer.
TheIvoryB Yıl önce
That hall of fame probability stat is insane. Classic Jxmy move.
ThisIsMyChannel Yıl önce
@weeyaatt probably could've retired a year ago and made it
weeyaatt Yıl önce
I wonder what percentage that is now after everything he’s done since…. He could almost retire now and get in
Aaron sam.j
Aaron sam.j Yıl önce
Giannis proved every thing after 2year when this video got uploaded
Paul V
Paul V 3 yıl önce
He's incredible and we haven't seen his best these playoffs yet. But, yes, he is the future.
Naveed Thalappil
Naveed Thalappil Yıl önce
Here after dude averaged 35 & 13 in the FINALS
BigVigga 3 yıl önce
I’m a Celtics fan but he’s putting up great numbers so farb
X Travagancy
X Travagancy 3 yıl önce
This year baby!!!! Bucks in 5
Zachary Goggans
Zachary Goggans 3 yıl önce
Paul V True. I will say, however, his game 4 vs. the pistons was a classic.
Carl 6 aylar önce
This is the video that made me a Giannis fan And since I’m young Giannis is the reason I love this game. So this video had a massive impact on why I love basketball
Inro Lavil
Inro Lavil Yıl önce
Glad you believed on this man. He finally did it.
Null Yıl önce
He did it. But his legacy not done yet 💯💯🦌🦌
ItsBerg Yıl önce
2 years later, 2x MVP 1x DPOY 1x MIP 1x FMVP NBA Champion. He's at the top now.
Giga Chad
Giga Chad Yıl önce
Here after the bucks won the championship
5om3_0ne 2 yıl önce
Who’s here after Giannis won his second mvp Edit- +DPOY +Ring +FMVP and took down the iso gang
Billy Zambidis
Billy Zambidis Yıl önce
@King_David amazingly accurate
VF Goditachyyy
VF Goditachyyy Yıl önce
@pook L
SHOTTY Yıl önce
@Mr. Average now hes NBA champion and a fmvp
John Hall
John Hall Yıl önce
Took down the ICU gang is more like it. But props to giannis
Tiger Yum Yums
Tiger Yum Yums Yıl önce
@Hashira15 this didn’t age well 😆
Heezy ➐
Heezy ➐ Yıl önce
looking back at this ,this aged well in 2022 .Giannis is just humble and his work ethic is out of this world
Triplethreatfits Yıl önce
Well now he’s got a ring, two mvp, dpoy, fmvp, mip, one of the most dominant playoff runs EVER, and one of, if not the greatest, title clinching games EVER. Top 20 all time right now.
This is why I subscribe to you good sir. You are like a basketball scientist providing a public service!
Tony Louis
Tony Louis Yıl önce
Giannis already has a case for the best European player ever. Giannis has the resume/accolades though Dirk has the longevity numbers and overall landscape impact
ThisIsMyChannel Yıl önce
but not by a lot
ThisIsMyChannel Yıl önce
@Hristijan Dimitrovski i think a lot of people still have it as dirk
Hristijan Dimitrovski
He hasn't case. He is the greatest european player of all time.
ATheG Yıl önce
I come back to this video every now and then. I remember when This random Greek named Giannis got drafted when he played his first game, when he became an all star, and when he became the best player in the league. I’m proud to part of the Giannis hype train and a bucks fan.
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 3 yıl önce
Giannis went from 60 to 99 in 5 years, Greatness is developed. Edit: woah dang, thanks for the likes y'all!
highway patriot
highway patriot 3 yıl önce
I can't even do that on 2k lol
Wavy Iann
Wavy Iann 3 yıl önce
Dontever touchmyhat he as a galaxy opal (better than a 99)
Dylan Schang
Dylan Schang 3 yıl önce
This is one of the longest sentences I’ve ever read tbh
Anthony Budzko jr
Anthony Budzko jr 3 yıl önce
Every highlight of him is him dunking the ball because that's all he can do on offense. As 1 demensional as they come. And they don't show his traveling before he gets their. Hate on me all you want. The guy takes steroids to.
G’s Journey
G’s Journey 3 yıl önce
Bro they got him rated higher then lebron in 2k idk why it’s kinda sad
Margiris Alekna
Margiris Alekna Yıl önce
This was before he became a 2 time MVP, a DPOY, a Finals MVP, and, with that - a champion
Bright Essan
Bright Essan Yıl önce
And now he’s a champion😭👏🏾❤️
Eric Murphy
Eric Murphy Yıl önce
Watching this after giannis won 2 mvps, nba championship, defensive player of the year, finals mvp just makes this even better
Chris Richmond
Chris Richmond Yıl önce
Watching this 2 years later. He did and he's still going.
Kelechi Matthew
Kelechi Matthew Yıl önce
8:39 and he just did it. Been a fan since the bucks and bulls series. This is definitely the NBA’s new guy.
Thompter S. Hunson
Thompter S. Hunson 3 yıl önce
Giannis is so special because he's combining this NBA body material with the unique school of Greek basketball. That prioritize thinking, seeing the court, play for your teammates, etc.
Daniel Stith
Daniel Stith Yıl önce
'unique school of Greek basketball' umm.... what? Look up Coach John Wooden and get back to us....
ActuallyHim 2 yıl önce
thought u said, seeing the yogurt
Slyme Yıl önce
"of course he is still young and some of these may change very soon" little did anyone know, he became a 2x mvp, a champion, and finals mvp in 2 years.
allison g
allison g 9 aylar önce
The best thing to ever happen to milwaukee. Beyond blessed to witness his greatness
Marsell B.A.N.E.
Marsell B.A.N.E. Yıl önce
Who’s here after Giannis won NBA Finals and Finals MVP?.
Goldboy 2 yıl önce
God I hope this man just keeps getting better
Eli Voth
Eli Voth Yıl önce
Who else is watching after the bucks won!
Saint Poli
Saint Poli 3 yıl önce
He’s a 6’11” small forward, who plays like he’s a 6’4” athletic point guard.
Maty Havelka
Maty Havelka 2 yıl önce
He is pf
oumar diop
oumar diop 2 yıl önce
@Bobraz last season he was small forward
TaxiViaAlfa 2 yıl önce
He plays like a big Russell Westbrook if Russ wasn't selfish and if he played defense.
shad 2 yıl önce
Freddy Arkalji if he can only run and dunk then why isn’t anyone else doing what he’s doing if its so easy?
Freddy Arkalji
Freddy Arkalji 2 yıl önce
@shad no russ has some what of a shot giannis can't shoot to save his life and he has no skill only run travel and dunk
Ty Holt
Ty Holt Yıl önce
Just got here after game 5 of the finals and this take has aged like fine wine
BeatOMaticWorld Yıl önce
This video continues to age like fine wine
Jfits Yıl önce
He just brought it home 🙏🏻‼️
Shaka Yıl önce
This video is becoming more and more true every day... the man is a B E A S T.
Dimitrius Van Winkle
He could very well be hours away from fulfilling his destiny
Cxtter 3 yıl önce
No one crediting the amount of time this probably took to edit. It’s an 18 minute video that has clips every second like this shit must’ve taken forever to make
Cxtter Yıl önce
@First name Last name hey man you do realize I commented this over 2 years ago.
First name Last name
Yes they are... Why do you think he got 2.2 million views and 1.78 million subscribers? His hard work is noticed and credited
des Yıl önce
we have similar profile pictures haha
Leetravius Mckay 2.0
@nattydreadlocks1973 Respect for admitting to the truth
@2k G.O.A.T You win.
Eric Soto
Eric Soto 2 yıl önce
Around Draft night when they showed him talking, I told my friend who was over "that kid is gonna amazing" and it even caught me by surprise nowadays.
Kaboha Kevin
Kaboha Kevin Yıl önce
This aged extremely well! Giannis is the guy that will dominate the 2020s.
J22 Yıl önce
Who’s here after the bucks won the title?
Andy Sseki
Andy Sseki Yıl önce
I’m here after This man led the Bucks to a championship and won Finals MVP.
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor Yıl önce
This man brought a ring to MILWAUKEE. He is a Legend and is a HoF player and on the path of the being the greatest ever.
snakexpert552 3 yıl önce
Giannis is doing more and more 3s this season, he's doing to be a living, breathing 2K player with Max stats
George 2 yıl önce
Hahaha true
Ryan Bueno
Ryan Bueno 2 yıl önce
Yeah no hes not
X D 2 yıl önce
Freddy Arkalji there’s always that one person who is in denial 🙄
Freddy Arkalji
Freddy Arkalji 2 yıl önce
Tristyn Norbury hes not gonna do it and he still wouldn't be the goat
Alex Greekz
Alex Greekz 2 yıl önce
He's already a cheat code in 2k20😂😂
Embarr Yıl önce
“No finals mvp, no mvp, no conferance finals, no mvp” that hits different
Keegan Adair
Keegan Adair Yıl önce
15:48 giannis literally has almost all of those things now Crazy how good he got in just a couple seasons
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