The True Cause of Our Fallout (w/ Tana Mongeau)

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4 Eki 2022




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Susan A
Susan A Aylar önce
Tana seems like the kind of person who’s friends with everyone but there’s only a handful that she lets in and deeply cares for. Say what you want about the girl but she definitely loves her friends hard
Ty Aylar önce
@maybe aleah so why be a judgemental b!tch? This ain't a cute personality trait sis.
Greg Splix
Greg Splix Aylar önce
@roflitsdani go touch grass. It’ll do you some good.
roflitsdani Aylar önce
@Greg Splix you think your sarcasm is witty for a situation like this? It’s not. You’re not as funny as you think you are bro. Grow up
Greg Splix
Greg Splix Aylar önce
@roflitsdani do you need a tone indicator to know I was being sarcastic?
roflitsdani Aylar önce
@Greg Splix I read exactly what you wrote. “Babe” not my fault you made yourself look Insensitive
Annabelle Smith
Annabelle Smith Aylar önce
I can’t even tell you the comfort this video gave me… It’s really cool to feel like we’ve all grown up together and now are having adult conversations reflecting on a time when we were all young and dumb. Trevi, you’re truly an inspiration and we all love and support you so much. It warms my heart to see you two on the same screen together again 💛🥹
billivee Aylar önce
Parasocial relationships are so real I read this and thought you knew them 😂😂
Cali cook
Cali cook Aylar önce
For real. This touched me in sum sorta way way. Nostalgic, slay.
trgiun Aylar önce
Abby Birmingham
Abby Birmingham Aylar önce
It’s really interesting because like, when I first started watching Tana and became obsessed with her… I WAS Tana. A total and complete wild ass party girl. That’s what I was known as. Now, years later I’ve grown and evolved and I’m a very different person. I believe Tana is as well. And idk I think it’s just kinda really fucking cool to see your life and story almost mirrored through another person. Very proud of you girls and how far you’ve both come 💜
Rita Marie
Rita Marie Aylar önce
Same 100%
Kimalee renee cedillo
Same like “ bleach and tone” bitch
ginny p.
ginny p. Aylar önce
Wow I actually can really relate to this. I’ve been a huge fan since the toothbrush days, and were very similar ages. I had some really wild years right when she did and I even had a similar style. But now I’ve changed and have grown and looked more inward. I feel that she has done the same, even if sometimes she still makes mistakes :)
Maria Rossi
Maria Rossi Aylar önce
kat passion
kat passion Aylar önce
You’re fucking talented please keep making music ❤
Samantha Aylar önce
Thank you for mentioning the part about having seizures when you’re coming off alcohol. I don’t think many people realize how scary and dangerous it can be to stop drinking when it’s what your body is running on. I almost lost my boyfriend to a multiple seizures brought on by stopping cold Turkey. Absolutely terrifying for all parties involved. Sending you love on your continuous journey through sobriety! ❣️
Angel One
Angel One Aylar önce
I would be shaking bad in the middle of the night walking around the house looking for any alcohol to calm me down. I thank God for getting me through those times. I never want to go back to that.
Kate Gilbreath
Kate Gilbreath Aylar önce
my dad was an alcoholic for 30 years, he drank everyday for 5 years, and when he got sober, his doctor gave him a lot of medications like a few months before he stopped drinking, and when he was in rehab he had like a ziploc bag full of medications that he took, and he still had hallucinations and ended up with a pancreatitis. i think a lot of people think withdrawals are easier than they actually are.
MeetTheCreeper Aylar önce
@Central Elegance yeah so they told my husband after his seizures that he should gradually reduce how much he drinks over a period of time. Since he’s been a heavy addict over all it affected him severely.
Central Elegance
Central Elegance Aylar önce
Is it safer to stop slowly then?
Katelyn Spencer
Katelyn Spencer Aylar önce
Yeah withdrawing for alcohol is super dangerous. For like 4 days I couldn’t write my own name let alone walk around
Haven Alexa Langley
From watching you get blackout in Mexico to making amends and sober living! Proud of you Trevi and glad you got your friend back ❤
c Aylar önce
@Alyssa Beth don't be sad about it. it should make us feel happy that trevi is now in this good place & sober, rather than still being destructive like they were in that video, even tho i loved it too
Alyssa Beth
Alyssa Beth Aylar önce
@YungB it was mine too for the longest 😭
Megan Malone
Megan Malone Aylar önce
oh my gosh this is gonna make me cry
YungB Aylar önce
It’s so sad but that video in Mexico was one of my favorites for a really long time lmao
NATALIE Aylar önce
I looooooove Tana and Trevi. I also love how Tana is turned towards you and fully invested in this conversation.
Tessa Robles
Tessa Robles Aylar önce
Same, for whatever reason I didn't recognize Tana at first and it wasn't until I heard her talk that I was sure it was her because she was literally turned toward Trev and away from the camera the whole time. That body language and commitment to the convo means something, for real.
I Aylar önce
I’m not a huge tana fan, as she has a huge problem with taking accountability for her actions/making a joke out of it but, I can totally relate to her as someone who is friends with addicts. She truly loves trevi and has all the patient and believes in trevi so much.
veneranda masunzu
veneranda masunzu Aylar önce
@Destiny C this comment confuses me. How is her joking about her scandals (that included racism, literally endangering her fans, lying, etc) a coping mechanism? She’s not the victim. Her joking about her trauma and childhood, sure. But that doesn’t apply here at all. Also, other influencers liking her means absolutely nothing lmao. A bunch of influencers like David dobrik and look at him
Nicolette Palombo
Nicolette Palombo Aylar önce
@Kelsey Murphy Wow, yes, very much this! Though Tana’s past actions are not excusable they still remain in the past. The fact that she’s taking accountability now and trying to make amends speaks volumes. There are grown adults who can’t even look inward to recognize the damage they’ve not only inflicted on themselves but others. Even though theres just a two year gap SO much can change within those years especially in your 20s. I’m 24 and I feel like ever since I turned 18 every year has been a drastic change and is a learning experience, whether its good or bad. I just thought your comment really rang true to the topic. Its awesome seeing these ladies evolve!
Kelsey Murphy
Kelsey Murphy Aylar önce
@riley kennedy completely agree! Some fans need to stop getting so offended, because tana herself constantly says she's messed up. She does have a lot of coping mechanisms. Not everyone is going to like everyone. It's fine.
riley kennedy
riley kennedy Aylar önce
@Kelsey Murphy i completely agree. my point wasn’t that she was mature adult, but she was closer to being one than not, so not a ‘child’. but i already said that was ignorance, in the sense of she had no knowledge of truly how to handle the situation. and that’s okay.
Kelsey Murphy
Kelsey Murphy Aylar önce
@riley kennedy trauma makes you mature slower as do drugs and alcohol. This is why you see so many adults acting like children nowadays. It does a number on your brain. Unrelated but stress can actually cause autoimmune disorders that cause your body to attack itself.
Melissa Mascari
Melissa Mascari Aylar önce
This hits me in the feels so hard. My best friend was an alcoholic. After I pulled myself away just a bit she almost died. So I was there again. And then she relapsed but kept telling me she was sober and I had such a hard time trusting her. She scared me. And I was always afraid of walking into her house and finding her dead. The last time we hung out we had had plans for weeks. And she was essentially blacked out when I went to pick her up. I thought if we got away for a bit it would be good. But she was passing out. Begging for her little sister (which is what she called me) not even realizing she was with me. So I drove her home and tucked her in and completely cut off every form of communication. People would always tell me they saw her stumbling to the liquor store and I would feel so fucking sad because I loved her so damn much but she was really the only one who could help herself. Nothing I did helped. And then I heard nothing about her or from her in a long time. And one day she reached back out and told me she was clean she was in rehab and doing great. I knew in my soul it was for real that time and I was like oh my god it's like I got my best fucking friend back. She is beautiful and thriving. And I am so fucking proud of her. And proud of you, Trevi! I know it isn't easy. And I am so glad to see you thriving again too
Christina B
Christina B Aylar önce
@Melissa Mascari Thank you SOOOO much! 😭❤️ It always means a lot whenever someone says they are proud! I appreciate it very much! That is so wonderful to hear!!! Congratulations to your friend! I am proud of her too!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 It definitely takes a lot of strength and reflection to make it to this point. There are many times I have felt like giving up and wanted to resort back to drugs, and I am so glad I haven't. I had close to a year and a half sober previously and relapsed after losing my fiancé and close friend. So it feels especially good to have made it this far in my recovery. You are absolutely right! And thank YOU for sharing, therefore allowing others to share their experiences. And thank you even more for your kind words!🤘🏻❤️
Melissa Mascari
Melissa Mascari Aylar önce
@c I feel for you. My ex is a drug addict. I am married now and haven't been with him in 12 years but I still check in and worry about him all the time. He is facing felony charges now. It hurts so much to see people struggle with addiction because I feel we think to ourselves that we did not do enough to help. But the unfortunate reality of it is they have to help themselves. No amount of our efforts can stop their illness, but we absolutely can still support and send love.
Melissa Mascari
Melissa Mascari Aylar önce
@Christina B 3 years clean, that is amazing! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Best friend just celebrated her 1000 days sober too. You guys are both strong as hell. Thank you for sharing this! I love to hear this kind of stuff
Melissa Mascari
Melissa Mascari Aylar önce
@Savannah She just reached 1,000 days sober and I could not be more proud of her! Unfortunately we lose way too many people to addiction. I am glad more people are opening up about how things really are. I have quite a few other friends and loved ones who are still suffering and I just hope and pray for people struggling every day.
c Aylar önce
thank god for that ending. this comment made me cry. my ex is an alcoholic and it's so incredibly hard to watch . it hurts
Julia Boyle
Julia Boyle Aylar önce
I’m glad you both were able to move forward and come back together 🤍
emily Aylar önce
I really resonated with Tana’s statement about what made her finally throw her hands in the air with Trevi. I had a similar experience when my mom was in active addiction where I had to pull away because I simply couldn’t watch her k*ll herself anymore. She is 29 months sober today. ❤ So glad to see you have rekindled your friendship. Trevi, I am so so proud of you. You have been through hell and you are such a strong woman. I wish you nothing but the best in your journey.
Dannielle Camelia
Dannielle Camelia Aylar önce
i’m so happy you get to experience your mom sober in this lifetime. i hope you cherish that & her bc not everyone gets to see their person beat addiction ❤
Dana Feenaghty
Dana Feenaghty Aylar önce
I’m glad your mom was able to get sober
Dana Feenaghty
Dana Feenaghty Aylar önce
I’ve felt the same way watching my mom get sober. it’s so hard to watch and sit there as someone you love goes through it and it’s hard bc you know it’s a disease but of course it still hurts a lot
Cola Oversize
Cola Oversize Aylar önce
How you two managed not to cry on camera BEATS me. My tears were falling throughout the video. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us.
Sam Swanson
Sam Swanson Aylar önce
How do people do that? I must be one emotionless bitch. Cause ya this is great and it’s a good moment for them but definitely not cry worthy to me. Lmao.
Rachel Huston
Rachel Huston Aylar önce
This was so healing and I’m dumbfounded by the enormity of Trevi’s strength. I am in active addiction right now lying to people and stuck in a cycle and trying and failing but still fighting and it gets so overwhelming. Trevi I’m so proud of you and inspired by you for this time you have spent sober and faced so much.
Erica J
Erica J 12 gün önce
You got this ❤ God has got this
Tessa Robles
Tessa Robles Aylar önce
Same, it's so hard! But seeing videos like this gives me hope and strength. Rachel, just know that I love u for what u go through on a daily basis and what you've been through and hope that we see better days soon! ✌️❤✌️❤
Olivia Cancelli
Olivia Cancelli Aylar önce
Sending you strength ❤
KaityE Aylar önce
You’re doing better than you realize by even recognizing that you want change. It’s baby steps, and you’ve already completed the first one by understanding the issue. I’m hoping for all the best for you 🫶🏻
Kinzey Branham
Kinzey Branham Aylar önce
I haven't watched Tana in a couple years and I'm happy to see how much she has grown up and matured
Ellielikesmuffins Aylar önce
I have so much respect for people who are brave enough to work through things and are willing to see each others’ faults. I love you both 💚
Lauryn Iti
Lauryn Iti Aylar önce
this was so refreshing to see two adults have a proper conversation about life and what y’all have been through
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SlumGrum Aylar önce
As a person who is struggling so hard with alcohol and has followed Trevi from the beginning, this gives me the courage to want to stop. I love you so much trevi and I am so proud. And I hope i can become the amazing person you are today
c Aylar önce
good luck to you. i believe in you . you absolutely can become as amazing as trevi is, you're already this close
A D Aylar önce
I think every single person has a demon...yess its hard 2 stop nything that comforts ...then only makes it worse...
heather ray
heather ray Aylar önce
If I can celebrate being clean off of fentanyl you can get clean! I believe in you !!!❤
juliazwei Aylar önce
I wish you a happy alcohol free life. You can do it, really...
C. Hills
C. Hills Aylar önce
Wishing you strength and hope 🙏
Katzun Aylar önce
My mom struggled with addiction her whole life. It’s so hard to see someone you love go through it. But me and her have a great relationship now and I’m glad you guys are rekindling :)
Taylor Reilly
Taylor Reilly Aylar önce
i love everything about this. the mature energy is amazing. sending love to both of u.
Angel Arechiga
Angel Arechiga Aylar önce
The maturity of the conversation is so genuine. I love both Trevi and Tana for having this conversation and sharing it with others.
meanpfahler Aylar önce
I love how Tana's chest is blurred to avoid demonetizing 💀
Julia Aylar önce
Its interesting to see you guys sit down together. I remember the video you guys did years ago, talking about your birthday party fallout and while I won't lie, you both were able to make the story hilarious and entertaining because of the way it was told, I remember thinking "I hope Trevi is ok. There is a lot of "normalizing" what sounds like a dangerous pattern of substance abuse underneath the jokes and comedic timing of this story" I'm glad to see you doing so well and if it is healthy for you to do so, I hope to see you on your channel more often 😊 but only if it's healthy for you
Lauren s.
Lauren s. Aylar önce
i remember thinking the same thing during that video
Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns Aylar önce
So proud of you Trevi!! 💖 I’m going on 4 years sober myself. It’s such a hard battle but I’m grateful for every day I have clean. Edit: I also wanted to say I relate to this whole video so much. My best friend also cut me off because of my addiction. We recently reconnected after 3+ years of not speaking and it’s been so amazing. Losing my friendship with him was one of my deepest regrets and the hardest loss I experienced because of being an addict. I’m so glad to have him back in my life 💖 You just have those people in your life that are truly soul sisters
A D Aylar önce
Wow...4 Yrs..CONGRATS😇
JuJu Smith
JuJu Smith Aylar önce
i’m also 4 years clean from heroin & everything in between. to this day i’m still losing friends to overdoses. i’m so proud of you for your sobriety ❤ keep up the amazing work
Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns Aylar önce
@Zoe Shapiro thank you!!! 🥰
Zoe Shapiro
Zoe Shapiro Aylar önce
congrats on 4 years! 😁
Juliette Downing
Juliette Downing Aylar önce
This is a great way to demonstrate that the “Hollywood life” can be so toxic beautifully put together so proud of both of you. I stopped following both of you when my addiction took off because it was too much and seeing this pop up really made me love both of you so much
Sophie C
Sophie C Aylar önce
Haven’t watched anything Tana’s been in in a few years and I’m honestly amazed and proud of the maturity and growth in this video.
Bl ep
Bl ep Aylar önce
Hearing her say trevi was so sweet to me 😭😭 I hope y’all can heal
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Aylar önce
"it takes a village" it TRULY does. Connection could singlehandedly save the world. Sending my love to anyone who needs it!
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Angie Wyss
Angie Wyss Aylar önce
This video means the world to me. My bestfriend died a year ago and she struggled with addiction for years…I never got to say goodbye because we weren’t apart of each others lives anymore and I wish I could’ve had a conversation like this with her
Text me on telegram @SarahStevenson1
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melissa 444
melissa 444 Aylar önce
"Losing you is like losing a part of me." Exactly how I feel after losing my boyfriend. So glad you're thriving and that the two of you reconnected
Text me on telegram @SarahStevenson1
.👆👆Congratulations,you won! Ensure to reach out and send a message to the telegram above 👆 👆 to claim your prize🛍.
Samantha Sartain
Samantha Sartain Aylar önce
Trevi, you can tell you've put in the work. Congratulations mama- a friend of Bill ❤️ #ODAAT
Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson Aylar önce
Veronica O
Veronica O Aylar önce
I feel really guilty right now because my favourite video of theirs is blackout drunk in Mexico. That being said, I’m glad Trevi is doing well and back in their friend group.
c Aylar önce
don't feel guilty. it should make you feel good to think that trevi is now sober and in such a good place. you can look back on that video without the negativity of thinking that he could still be out of control on drugs and alcohol in the present
TillyRose Aylar önce
And that's the difference between someone who loves drugs/ "party girl" and an addict. They don't understand how someone else can't stop, cause they love it, they get on it hard, but then they can stop. They bender/party, then they go home. They don't party until they're homeless. That's the difference. There's an actual chemical difference between someone's brain and an addicts brain.
Spooky Baby
Spooky Baby Aylar önce
Teary eyed. I’m about to hit a year and a half clean and I lost my best friend back in April to the disease of addiction. I’m in the in between of having left behind my friends still using for my own safety and yet to meet new ones. It’s so lonely. I’m really proud of you Trevi.
Spooky Baby
Spooky Baby Aylar önce
@A D thank you 🥹💕💕
Spooky Baby
Spooky Baby Aylar önce
@Shannon yes!!! I totally agree with this. Shame keeps us sick. Sharing our stories is beautiful and I’m so grateful to know people like you and the others who have been so kind and supportive in the comments are out there. ❤️‍🩹 Healing can be painful, but also incredible and brave.
A D Aylar önce
So sorry 4 ur loss...keep ur chin up...proud of u 😇
Shannon Aylar önce
@Spooky Baby I don’t think we ever initially expect anything good to come out from something like addiction but it didn’t happen without a purpose. I believe our hardest and most difficult life moments are not in vain, whether it’s for only an individual or a mass amount, someone is meant to hear your story and become inspired and hopefully, find sobriety themselves. 😊 I believe it’s important for us to stay away from shame which can creep up from time to time. Shame turns us into something we are not. Shame is what holds someone into slavery and holds us back from receiving anything good in our lives. And if we fail, we get back up. If we are broken, then it can only get better. Sometimes it takes more for someone else or sometimes it takes less. Who cares, we are all human who will all make mistakes in our own way and so I don’t really care if someone who doesn’t understand addiction, tries to judge me for my past. Most of the time, they themselves were an addict and are still ashamed of it, lashing out on others. Just keep your head up because you are here for a really important reason!
Spooky Baby
Spooky Baby Aylar önce
@heather ray fighting the same battle. Heroin was my d.o.c. Thank you for the reminder 🤍 you’re absolutely right about that. A lot to be thankful for. And congratulations 🎉 💕
Samantha Aylar önce
Thank you for mentioning the part about having seizures when you’re coming off alcohol. I don’t think many people realize how scary and dangerous it can be to stop drinking when it’s what your body is running on. I almost lost my boyfriend to a multiple seizures brought on by stopping cold Turkey. Absolutely terrifying for all parties involved. Sending you love on your continuous journey through sobriety! ❣️
Lulu !
Lulu ! Aylar önce
I'm loving this conversational era of TRvid. So much has been going on just in the past few years alone. It's nice to watch the space as a whole start to open up and heal. I'm proud of you both. 🫶
Nicci Kelley
Nicci Kelley Aylar önce
Aww this was great and it was nice to see glimpses of the real Tana again. Being healthy, having boundaries and dealing with your traumas honestly is the biggest flex and very attractive! Let’s make prioritizing your health the new BBL😂
Chloe Neal
Chloe Neal Aylar önce
1Y 2M sober and it has been literally life changing. Nice to see you guys hanging out again. Thanks for speaking about addiction Trevi, it’s still so taboo even in todays times.
Joshua Weiss
Joshua Weiss Aylar önce
1y 2m sober is awesome!! Keep going! We got this :)
Chloe Neal
Chloe Neal Aylar önce
@Zoe Shapiro thank you ❤️
Zoe Shapiro
Zoe Shapiro Aylar önce
congrats on over a year!!!! 😁
Marina Milligan
Marina Milligan Aylar önce
love seeing the two of you grow up and become so mature
Advice from a Hypocrite
The way Trevi makes Tana laugh gives me literal serotonin. And she doesn’t even have to try 😂
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Sami Aylar önce
Thank you both for being open with us.
Liam Novak
Liam Novak Aylar önce
My cousin suffered from addiction for 10 years until he took his life in 2007. I wish he reached out and had the resources to recover healthily. I’m so happy to see Trevi alive happy and healthy. Please reach out for help if your are suffering from addiction it’s not worth your life.
lex virgilio
lex virgilio Aylar önce
This video is truly amazing. More conversations like this need to happen especially amongst young adults. And you both look absolutely AMAZING . Literally Breathtaking❤️
zeraiah Aylar önce
i love this, as someone who’s been watching the both of you since the very beginning i’m so happy to see how far the both of you have come. Tana has become so much more mature and sensible over the years. congratulations trevi for being sober, you are badass !! love you both
Text me on telegram @SarahStevenson1
👆👆Congratulations,you won!! Ensure to reach out and send a message to the telegram above 👆 👆 to claim your prize🛍...
Nadia Dansani
Nadia Dansani Aylar önce
This touched me deeply, and allowed me to do some self-realization about what I’ve been through
Lauren Marshall
Lauren Marshall Aylar önce
This hit so close to home. I’m currently struggling with alcohol use. Ever since covid i’ve been drinking daily and using alcohol to feel better when i’m depressed. I always assumed I would be able to stop but now I can’t and it’s the absolute worst thing. The amount of strength and discipline it takes to get sober is something I wish i had. People have started distancing from me for the same reason tana did and it hurts to see knowing this is a result of my own actions
Lauren Marshall
Lauren Marshall 29 gün önce
@Sam Kelsall thank you a million times
Lauren Marshall
Lauren Marshall 29 gün önce
@Hannah Tatum thank u so so much this means a lot
Hannah Tatum
Hannah Tatum Aylar önce
I’ll tell you what I told my brother who is an alcoholic, the only other option is death….soo any other option would be 100 times better
Sam Kelsall
Sam Kelsall Aylar önce
Sending you so much love ❤ Praying for you - you’ve got this!!! 🙌🏼
Julia Boyle
Julia Boyle Aylar önce
I know this couldn’t have been easy to film. Thank you both for being so open and honest 🤍
themilkkmaid_ Aylar önce
This video made me cry, Seeing Tana & Trevi both own up to their shit,& be completely REAl is something so refreshing. I grew up as "tana", the party girl, now Im a completely changed being. I love seeing bad bitches evolve ❤ Im also in recovery, almost four years and watching Trevis story is amazing. She deserves so much praise for her accolades 🙏🏼
Misfit Britt
Misfit Britt Aylar önce
I'm SO glad you two hashed it out! Can I just say I LOVE that you both looked at one another talking it out, not at the camera! Felt like a girly talk w my besties! The way... I cried throughout this video... my lord! 😫 😭👏 I've been through this myself w my favorite human in the world.... she couldn't take watching me drink and do drugs, letting my life slip away! Thankfully now almost 8 years sober!
L Parsons
L Parsons Aylar önce
It hurts so much to watch a friend die from addiction. I am so so proud of trevi for getting clean. It takes a strength that not a lot of people have.
Alexis Patire
Alexis Patire Aylar önce
this video has made me so happy. i’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to see you guys grow throughout these years!
Text me on telegram @SarahStevenson1
.👆👆Congratulations,you won! Ensure to reach out and send a message to the telegram above 👆 👆 to claim your prize🛍.
dylan b
dylan b Aylar önce
Sparking up and watching tana CLEAR HER NAME 😭 I love y’all
Averie Aylar önce
@Charlie Wright no one said that they stan tana but it’s kind of strange and weird that someone’s on a video that INCLUDES TANA and acts surprised when people are supportive?
Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright Aylar önce
@Averie Why do you have to stan someone in order to watch one singular video that they appear in… makes no sense
Averie Aylar önce
@amber p. why are you on this video then…
dylan b
dylan b Aylar önce
@amber p. girl FUCK YOU I LOVE TANA
amber p.
amber p. Aylar önce
imagine stanning tana after everything??? embarrassing tbh
Deseree Santillanes-Torrez
Trevi thank you for being so honest about addiction and the Hollywood industry. I am a recovering addict with 11 years clean. Something that's helped me stay sober is, NEVER forgetting the person I was. Because that person can come back anytime. Very PROUD of you! Sending love, light and prayers
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Hilary Owen
Hilary Owen Aylar önce
Trevi, so happy you are sober and able to make ammends. Speaking about this disease will save lives
Julia J.
Julia J. Aylar önce
thank you guys for being vulnerable choosing to share this conversation because i think this would help a lot of people. its helping to break the misconception that you can be “too young” to have substance abuse and addiction issues. congrats on your sobriety trevi im glad you have made it out alive and thriving
i really am so happy you guys rekindled and talked and i wish you all the healing in the world Trev💙💙
Morgan Blanton
Morgan Blanton Aylar önce
This was me. My bestie couldn’t watch me die anymore. You really have to do it for you and only you. I haven’t blacked out or gotten wasted in at least two years. I’ve never been happier or healthier. Maybe I’ll get my bestie back someday too.
Christina B
Christina B Aylar önce
To be quite honest, I don't know who Trevi is, and I don't really who Tana is either aside from the very few things I have seen her in.. but I sat here and watched this entire video. I've been here, and have had many of these conversations over the years. I appreciate you putting this out there, it helped me in a way I didn't really know I needed. It hit my particularly hard when Tana said they used to sit and watch videos of Trevi, wishing she were with them, to which Trevi replied that she thought they forgot about her. I hope you both feel better and have closure for the past. Sending you both love! And congratulations on your sobriety! I am 3 years clean! It's definitely a fight every day, but it's worth it to no longer be in that place.
Erin Smith
Erin Smith Aylar önce
as someone who deals with addiction this has me sobbing, ive pushed so many people away and i hope to have a reconciliation like this with some of them one day
Ugne J
Ugne J Aylar önce
I haven't watched either of you in literally years and it's been lovely to see this healthy discussion!
just ice
just ice Aylar önce
this genuinely made me tear up in the best way ♡ you can HEAR the therapy in the way Trevi speaks about her addiction and her journey I'm just so proud of her :(
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Carissa Holmes
Carissa Holmes Aylar önce
Thank you so much for sharing your story.
Whitney Rose
Whitney Rose Aylar önce
Jazlynn Lowery
Jazlynn Lowery Aylar önce
I’m honestly so proud of both of y’all. Neither of you know me, but I grew up watching y’all and it’s amazing to finally see y’all thriving and working everyday to be the best you possible. This video was truly inspiring and no matter what anyone says y’all really are killin it❤️
Kate_Kosmo Aylar önce
As an addict all we have are broken relationships! I've been in recovery for 14 yrs & it's crazy how much destruction we cause. I'm so happy your in recovery now bc watching through the screen I literally though you were going to die & was so scared for you. At the end you really were at rock bottom. The worst is we couldn't help you, only you could help yourself but it hurt to watch your destruction. Love you 😍
Denisse Vargas
Denisse Vargas Aylar önce
Thank you for this honest conversation on addiction. I have a year and a half clean and sober and I just love hearing people getting honest about this stuff because it affects everybody I don’t think there’s a person in the world who isn’t affected by addiction whether it be a friend or family or themselves. I just got custody of my six-year-old boy back and I’m just grateful I didn’t die in my addiction
Psyche GoddessofLight
So many congratulations to you, Mama!! I’d worked with DCF for years so I know how HARD it is for parents to regain custody after addiction. You did that thing!! The reward keeps giving back to you every day, though-well worth the struggles, and now you’ll be the best version of Mom you could be. Best wishes for the road ahead. 💞🕊
Shannon Aylar önce
I’m glad you’re here! The same with your little one. I hope as you start over because you started a new life. The old one is behind now, and our past (the bad) is only meant to be reflected on to learn and understand, not only yourself but others. Having going through addiction right now, I have compassion and empathy for those who struggle instead of doing the very things which made it hard for me to recover. These things could be from myself or others which would trigger me to grab for anything to take away pain. Now, we can know how to reach for the healthy things when uncomfortable or hard, and the amount of inspiration your son will have for you when he grows older and hears what you have gone through. My parents were severe severe alcoholics and I went through several years of deep darkness as a child, but now as a 24 year old, I reflect back and see how much has changed. My mom has been over 10 years clean, and her sobriety overcame all the internal issues of resentment and blame of her. I am instead PROUD of her and encourage her even to this day to think of how far she came. Please do not hold internal guilt and regret towards yourself, and therapy is really amazing. It teaches you to reset your mind, how your thoughts were, and let’s you become who you truly are designed and brought here for. It’s important to know what your own personal triggers are which you can remind and also teach your child. I learned being around people who use those substances or any, huge amounts of stress, and even certain scents can trigger off a craving. It’s crazy a craving will only last s few minutes (I never knew that for s while) and I love to put music in when it comes by. I’m sure you have know more than me when it comes to this but I had to share with you, I care about you even as a stranger and really wish the best life for your and your son. Enjoy your life to the fullest
Becky David
Becky David Aylar önce
This video makes me so happy. I’m a recovering addict, and have been clean for 6.5 years off of pain meds (I still drink when my friends get together). I’m now dealing with my sister who was always such a amazing sister, and mom to her son being addicted to heroine, meth, and alcohol & it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to watch. It physically hurts to see someone you love with your whole heart dealing with addiction. I pray that someday soon she will get clean, and finally start living her best life. Taking care of my 16 year old nephew as a 27 year old is rough because I see how much it bothers him that both his mom & dad are addicts who can’t take care of him. I love the realness in this video, and I’m so, so happy for you.
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Mari__JUKI 🎀💎
This is a great way to demonstrate that the “Hollywood life” can be so toxic beautifully put together so proud of both of you. I stopped following both of you when my addiction took off because it was too much and seeing this pop up really made me love both of you so much
Claressa Durfee
Claressa Durfee Aylar önce
I personally struggle with alcohol addiction, and this is exactly what I went through.. I wish nothing you but the best in your journey. This hit home hard, and I'm glad that people are finally opening up and talking about it
Shay ASMR Aylar önce
Talking about addiction with your friends is important ❤ im glad you guys got this full circle moment with each other, alot of people don’t get it because its too late. Good job Trevi!!!
Anna Victrix
Anna Victrix Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this conversation. I was a binge drinker for years, needed a shot just to feel okay in the morning, $$$ a week on liquor, etc. Maintaining friendships like that is hard. I’m glad you both are able to have this conversation and I hope it leads to even more healing.
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Sylvia Montgomery
Sylvia Montgomery Aylar önce
I would give so much to have this kind of conversation with my old friends
Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna Aylar önce
I would have never thought a Tana Mongeau & Trevi Moran video would have me in tears but here we are lmao
Zachary Ware
Zachary Ware Aylar önce
this was surprisingly amazing. congratulations on one year sober!
Alessandra P
Alessandra P Aylar önce
I can't tell you how much this video helped me. I've been in Tana's shoes for over a year now and I've always felt a terrible guilt leaving someone I loved behind, I felt like I acted in a narcissistic, selfish way, but Tana put what I thought when leaving into words, and the way you realized the meaning behind her leaving means so much- I hope someday I'll be able to make amends with the person I've left and find them doing better :)
Mads Sdam
Mads Sdam Aylar önce
same. It's so hard when you love someone so much who is battling addiction. that's why they have al-anon groups dedicated solely to the loved ones of addicts.
Chanelle Aylar önce
Trevi we are so proud of you! Thank you for coming out to address this to the public we’ve missed you so much and we’re so happy you’re looking after yourself. We see you and you’re glowing babe! love you!!! Xoxo
Harmony Aylar önce
This hits home for me. Literally the same exact story with my friends and myself. I'm going on 3 years sober at the end of the month! I tell people ALL the time people who go through trauma, addiction then recovery that we give main character vibes if we get our shit together. If you are struggling, find people to connect with for support. When they say "it takes a village" it TRULY does. Connection could singlehandedly save the world. Sending my love to anyone who needs it!
O N Aylar önce
Omg main character vibes.. that's so true
Jana Limbergová
Jana Limbergová Aylar önce
okay i dont want to undermine the severity of this topic but how iconic is it that even in such a serious emotional deep video conversation Trevi had to censor Tana's tatas, okay continue
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Natalia Aylar önce
you know tana is hurting throughout this. You can see it. I hope they are happy and healing now❤️‍🩹
Lake Davies
Lake Davies Aylar önce
I’m in tears.. The way you both have grown immensely in front of all of our eyes. This was so beautiful
liz a
liz a Aylar önce
As someone who recently went through the same thing, thank you for sharing.
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Emma Brigham
Emma Brigham Aylar önce
so proud of you trevi, truly so proud. Almost cried sm times hearing you talk about your struggles, so proud of you
Donna 29 gün önce
need more videos with u guys together legit could be the most wholesome content going to a farm or shopping or painting or doing hair or a haul together or LITERALLY anything. this duo is needed on youtube rn
Michelle Trujillo Thornton
I love how they are just in a deep convo while looking at each other and we are just watching it. ❤️
Jenn Aylar önce
I'm so glad to see you 2 mature and being together again ❤️
Mari__JUKI 🎀💎
It’s really interesting because like, when I first started watching Tana and became obsessed with her… I WAS Tana. A total and complete wild ass party girl. That’s what I was known as. Now, years later I’ve grown and evolved and I’m a very different person. I believe Tana is as well. And idk I think it’s just kinda really fucking cool to see your life and story almost mirrored through another person. Very proud of you girls and how far you’ve both come 💜
Alana Gansler
Alana Gansler Aylar önce
Trevi, you’re hilarious and I’m so proud of you. You still have a brightness to you that I don’t see on many people. Keep doing you girl!
Lauren Driscoll
Lauren Driscoll Aylar önce
as someone who detoxed 3 times within a 6 month time period at the age of 21, lemme tell you DTs are no joke. proud of you trevi! i’m only 23 now but 19 months sober! awesome to see someone else get through it and be able to speak publicly about it at a young age!
Meag_ Ken
Meag_ Ken Aylar önce
This made my heart so so happy. I’m glad that the two of you got the real truth out there. I remember SO MANY PEOPLE blaming Tana for Trevor relapsing. And saying she would enable him & drink in front of him all while knowing he was struggling. Say what y’all want.. yes, Tana has a reputation of having scandals after scandal- but aside of Tanacon and a small handful of others- all of those scandals were “planned” for publicity, which i personally think her old manager Jordan encouraged. In the end all it really did was give her a bad reputation. There’s a reason she fired him. NOT saying she’s some innocent angel. At all. But there is a reason Tana has quite a few extremely long time best friends- Ashly, Amari, Trevor just to name a few. And it’s because behind the fame & alter ego “persona” I feel Tana is a good friend, and loves and cares about her true friends deeply. It wasn’t fair that she was blamed for her best friend almost dying. Awesome video guys. Stay close. Appreciate the friendship that y’all have. REAL, TRUE & GENUINE friendships are so rare and are very few and far between. Much love 💕
Quinn Harlow
Quinn Harlow Aylar önce
As a recovering addict I can relate to Trevi so much. I related so much back then too. And I had such heavy resentments over people who distanced themselves with me and so much shame. It made me so happy to see this
Mari__JUKI 🎀💎
I haven't watched Tana in a couple years and I'm happy to see how much she has grown up and matured
Juliana Varela
Juliana Varela Aylar önce
When I first started watching vlogs on TRvid you Trevi and Tana were the first people I would watch so I can't Express how much this makes me happy for y'all!!! I love you both and rooting for your friendship ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ruby Brown
Ruby Brown Aylar önce
wow… this video resonated so hard with me. a year ago a close friend of mine was dealing so hard with addiction and i didn’t know how to handle it as a kid (we were 19) and it just got so out of control i had no idea how to support her and now she’s thriving and in recovery and i’m so proud of her and i’m hoping we can rekindle our friendship the same way you and tana have done here❤️
Haylee Dehart
Haylee Dehart Aylar önce
Trevi, I’m so so so proud of you I look up to you for this recovery and just really getting ahold of yourself I hope to get there some day, I love you and ngl I cried soooo much during this video😭❤️ good tears
Emma Bickford
Emma Bickford Aylar önce
This means so much for me to see right now. I lost my best friend to my addiction, and it has been soul crushing. Just hope one day she will come back. So proud of you xx
Milky Way
Milky Way Aylar önce
i love you, trevi 💕 been here since your apple store dance era and I'm so proud of the woman you are today
Krista Nenni
Krista Nenni Aylar önce
This video is amazing! To hear how far both of you have come, is everything.
Meesa E3
Meesa E3 Aylar önce
I absolutely love this video but I still laugh every time she says back then a few years ago I was just a kid honey you are 24 wait until your 30 you're still a kid. Enjoy your 20s they go by fast!
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Sailor's Cat
Sailor's Cat Aylar önce
This was such a nice conversation, I actually got kind of emotional for some reason. I'm so happy that you both were able to reconnect. Sending Love❤
Morgan Widdice
Morgan Widdice Aylar önce
Watching my mom go through the similar things, I’ve been where tana was with having a parent who’s an addict. It’s hard to watch and I’m just glad I’m not the only who thought like that. You wanna help but your not gunna watch them die. Seeing tana in a new light.
Tana is SUCH a good friend. Ive watched you both for years, and no matter how much she's gone through you can tell that her close friends really are her world. Wow, I was tearing up watching this. I'm so glad you're friends again you can tell how much love you have for eachother
Annalycia Matthews
Annalycia Matthews Aylar önce
this is some real Shit that I feel like a loooooot of youth + young adults can relate to, or are hopeful that they’ll be able to experience (rekindling and seeing a better future) with friends that are experiencing addiction. recovery is possible. Goosebumps the whole time!
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