The Tragic Downfall of The Flash

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adorafied™ Yıl önce
I never want to hear the words ‘Run Barry run’ again
Stefano Meloni
Stefano Meloni Gün önce
I never want to hear the word 'Impossible' again
Dustin Henderson
Dustin Henderson 12 gün önce
RUN BARRY RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just Joanis
Just Joanis 26 gün önce
Thank you exactly what I was thinking
Arab yoda
Arab yoda 27 gün önce
Now run barry RUN
Alien Dead
Alien Dead Aylar önce
Run Barry run
GippyHappy 4 aylar önce
Barry: I can’t do it Everyone: have you tried running very fast? Barry: *runs very fast* Barry: I did it
SkyGuardian 18 gün önce
@WlatPziupp Wait... Arrow is actually crazy?!? 😳
Sofie Aylar önce
Wulf Mangetsu
Wulf Mangetsu 2 aylar önce
That sounds like something Goku would say.
$vckerXVI 2 aylar önce
Then immediately stop to talk with the vilians or just stops and does nothing anddddd he can Dodge a Bullet but can't dodge a punch. Barry is just fast and dumb.
Xehanort10 2 aylar önce
His team's useless. If their only advice to a man with superspeed is "run" they're not needed.
CallMeCloby 4 aylar önce
I think the phrase “Run Barry, run.” worked well ONLY with the Reverse Flash. It was first a sort of encouraging phrase from him to Barry before he revealed he was the Reverse Flash, but then it became almost a way of mocking him and I loved that in Season 1. Buuuut now anyone says it sooooo…. Yeah
Sogeking Simp
Sogeking Simp 16 gün önce
I actually think it works well with Barry's dad too and arguably Joe. Barry's dad telling him to run works well cause he was just a kid, and Eobard coming back and saying it to him as his mentor adds a connection to the 2 for Barry. Eobard is his mentor and idol and is repeating the same line thst Barry's father said to him when he was just a kid. As you said, its like reverse flash is mocking Barry. I wouldn't be surprised if he heard Barry's dad say that the night Nora died and holds that over Barry as encouragement and a reason to stay angry at him and get faster. And I think Joe saying it works because Joe is that new father figure in his life. It only works like twice though. I think it's fitting for him to say it after zoom kills Henry to give us that sense of a passing of the torch moment almost.
SkyGuardian 18 gün önce
POV: They're actually mocking him.
Sofie Aylar önce
@Ivanna Claudette 😂😂😂
Ivanna Claudette
Ivanna Claudette 2 aylar önce
The fucking dog next door: Run Barry run
Why this happend? ?
Why this happend? ? 2 aylar önce
I love season 1, it's actually interesting compared to the rest, but i think the issue also came from there as the formula they use in every single episode coming after that is just the same but getting worse each time, the fights in season 1 actually carried weight as they tested barry's and his team's strenght (as well as speed) and sometimes, they would force the main villain to do smth (like how Eobart was almost forced to use his speed to run away from the electric lad). Now it all feels like an anime filler episode
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor 4 aylar önce
Its really hard to write the Flash, because his speed should solve pretty much everything within a few minutes of the intro. So his speed varies tremendously not just from episode to episode but from scene to scene. He can either dodge bullets, or cannot dodge a punch, depending on what the writer wants to do.
Вардот Капрелло
@Victor Take a break for few seasons to make nonspeedsters are villians... Make 1 episode Godspeed for each season and completely ruined Real Godspeed and keep returning Thawne.
Victor 2 aylar önce
Weren't people also complaining that most of the villains were speedsters and so there were less.
Вардот Капрелло
Actually problem is that there is no live besides screen. If we can't see how Barry reacts in superspeed, he will not react at superspeed. If supervillians will go out off the screen, Barry will not do anything. But Barry never stops to react in superspeed, and Barry actually can catch the villians even if they left screen. Only thing they need that normal writing. You have to kept really dangerous villians, actually there was villians who could fight the Flash without superspeed. Turtle, Sand demon and planty of villians. And there was moments where Barry was angry or under control. Normally you will react like:'Oh shit, evil speedster guy is the real deal, how's they gonna stop him?'. But your actual reaction:'Well, its CW Flash. He will be beaten like 2 time before they will find some way to wake him up'.
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor 2 aylar önce
@ChaosPrototypeIX Right, that would make the show have content without being solved instantly by super speed. A lot of anime featuring overpowered heroes follows this pattern, either a soap opera relationship story or some mystery to be solved. And it would take advantage of his forensic skills and could tie into a popular genre.
JamesPolymer 2 aylar önce
@ChaosPrototypeIX That's actually an excellent idea. One Flash rogue with plenty of potential here is Murmur, a former surgeon turned serial killer who's trademark is removing his victim's tongue. They could also go the route _Batman: Arkham City_ took and revamp some of their villains to be more realistic/serious; for example, turning Calendar Man into a serial killer.
The Rock
The Rock Aylar önce
In my opinion zoom is an amazing villain. Sure, maybe a little inconsistent and stuff, but that guy was a straight up menace… absolutely terrifying. Full black suit, sociopath thoughts, terrifying voice, super strong and fast… absolute menace and I love him
someone 16 gün önce
how was zoom inconstant? he had a set speed limit and the writers didn’t make him slower or faster than that limit at any point in season 2. it’s one of the many reasons why season 2 was the best season.
Marcell2aG 8 aylar önce
Grant Gustin is a fantastic Flash, but I've always noticed how they never let him fully utilize Barry's sense of humor in the show. He sometimes felt more like Barry when he guest starred on Arrow or Supergirl.
Bryce Bitetti
Bryce Bitetti 3 aylar önce
@old man mark 09 Exactly. Barry was always the stiffer, more down-tp-earth of the Flashes. He had his life together pretty well and was fairly responsible. Wally was the more iconic interpretation of the character, since he was much more loose and goofy, wearing his heart on his sleeve. His portrayal in the DCAU was very formative for how most people view The Flash. After Infinite Crisis, Barry Allen's return was met with writers who grew up on Wally West stories turning Barry into a copy of Wally's personality.
IDefinitelyTapped 4 aylar önce
I like it a lot when he trolls Oliver like in the elseworlds and crossover events in general. Barry trolls him about Batman who Oliver seems too not care for cause in this universe he seems like Batman. Minus the killing part of course. Grants such a funny guy man they should have him use his powers for comic effects more. I also really loves anytime Barry would run to the next city over just to get some pizza they all like. That’s genius writing worth his powers.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 4 aylar önce
The Show had always bad writing, evidend by Madvocate making an hour-long Criticism-Video about it.
old man mark 09
old man mark 09 4 aylar önce
Barry is not the funny one that was wally west when he became flash after Barry died
Weeaboo Jones
Weeaboo Jones 5 aylar önce
@Chanique because they force all the intelligence stuff to wells cisco and caitlyn when in reality barry can do everything they do in less than a second. that's why the whole team thing sucks because they put all this focus on the useless side characters that add nothing to the story when someone like barry can easily work solo and do everything faster by himself
Fer Davila
Fer Davila 2 aylar önce
I agree. the thing that killed the show for me was when suddenly EVERY SINGLE ONE of the side characters had powers
freakEtAi21 17 gün önce
film fan
film fan 25 gün önce
@Nick Koyle I think because it was mainly 2 males arguing as it didn't have romantic tones. It felt less soap opera lol. I liked the later sesons still
Nick Koyle
Nick Koyle 25 gün önce
Nah Supernatural was definitely a soap opera especially in the final seasons. One of CWs biggest problems was they had no clue when they had good storylines or villains.
film fan
film fan Aylar önce
@Whitney Dahlin I think the only shows the soap opera angle is less done is supernatural and legends of tomorrow
Imani Black
Imani Black 4 aylar önce
I actually LOVED season 2 Iris like I was super excited to see her become apart of star labs, not because of her relationship with Barry, but because of her reporting skills. It would have been amazing for her to maintain a role as detective on the team in a way where she actually impacted the story
ArtemysWolf:D 23 gün önce
Your so right on that,iris(at least for me)wasn’t so annoying and cringy in s2 as in s1(mostly)
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 2 aylar önce
No, useless ever since season 1.
Dr. Joka-norsk gaming/Norsk Vlogging
Also she wasn't so annoying. She was actually written good.
Savannah Rodriguez
Savannah Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
My favorite Flash moment was from a Justice League (animated) episode. I don’t recall the exact situation, but Flash is expected to take care of this villain who he finds at a bar. And instead of being rough and being what people in that world expect from a Hero, he sits down with the man and lets him finish his drink before taking him peacefully to prison. It was something that made me respect him. Same with how Batman handled Ace. Heroes can have powers and also not have to rely on them and I wish I could see more of the Flash from the Justice League portrayed in other media.
Jilo Mohammad
Jilo Mohammad 6 gün önce
that moment and when he took out Luther/Brianiac.
Peony Flower King
Peony Flower King Aylar önce
Also it was the trickster who he was talking, yeah the trickster in the live action tv that almost killed people with venom, and I wish they could've kept that for the trickster and Barry, idk
c.a.rowanwax Aylar önce
Saaame! I loved that moment. So much.
Amanda Redd
Amanda Redd 4 aylar önce
I agree that Grant Gustin is who comes to mind when thinking of The Flash. I love most of the actors on the show, too, BUT I grew bored (and confused) after season 3/4. Such a shame. The original formula worked, and they should've kept going with it
ArtemysWolf:D 23 gün önce
I stopped after s3 bc the episodes were TOO LONG per season
Ricky Asuncion
Ricky Asuncion 29 gün önce
@film fan vr ww w
Pickle Odessey
Pickle Odessey Aylar önce
When I was younger, I watched the first half of season one and then came back six months later to watch the final three episodes in season 3 when they aired. And then I followed season 4 up until episode 13 and never came back until in 2020 where I decided to binge the whole show out of boredom. I don’t know why I took two breaks but maybe it’s cuz I would always lose interest after some time.
film fan
film fan 2 aylar önce
I stopped after season 4.
Poseidon785 Yıl önce
Barrry fights a villian. He fails. He sulks. He gets a pep talk. He beats the villian. This is the main go to for every single episode. I gave up on the series in season 5.
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish Aylar önce
I couldn't go past season 4. Arrow was getting bad and I just couldn't continue
Sofie Aylar önce
Me in season 3(I dint even finished season 3 lol)
Desi Arnes
Desi Arnes Aylar önce
I stopped halfway through season 2. I found about daredevil on Netflix & completely forgot about the cw shows
Jochem vd Berg
Jochem vd Berg Aylar önce
I did in season 3
MegaMarvel 3
MegaMarvel 3 Aylar önce
Literally just repeating what’s said in the video🤦🏻‍♂️😐
TheRusse 4 aylar önce
See, I so wish Iris was a better character because, when she started helping out the team more, I was actually exited. Because I THOUGHT that she was gonna become something more of a detective or private eye, while still being a reporter and telling the story of what going on. Not the tech genius or the Meta human expert, but the person how sees what's going on with the regular people on the street. Seeing how they feel or what they know, and she could have filled that roll perfectly early on. She was the inquisitive, street smart, forward, confident character who could handle herself in a scrap and was genuinely invested in tell the story right and giving people hope. But instead we got... whatever the fuck Iris is now. Do the righters even know what that is at this point?
Paarthurnax's Ex Wife
Nope I think the Writers know that there Show Sucks so there just screwing it over even more 😂😂 I Really stop watching the flash after I Saw That in season 5 I was gonna meet Barry and iris's kid
Bill Clay
Bill Clay Aylar önce
The worst was the explanation for why Caitlin and Frost became two separate people. You don't see anything on-screen except Caitlin and Frost walk into the scene together, people are like "Whoa how are you 2 people now?" and Caitlin says "I went to bed, then I woke up and now Frost has her own body"
Red 2 aylar önce
Seriously, there's only one, ONE character that has stayed consistently great throughout the whole Flash show, and that's Jay Garrick. The man is too good for The Flash, he needs his own spin-off.
Disgruntled Fox
Disgruntled Fox 15 gün önce
He already had his own flash show waaaayyyy back in the nineties
Ilinca zeca
Ilinca zeca 15 gün önce
Berit Heuck
Berit Heuck Aylar önce
I’ve never even watched the show but the scene where he was with his mother telling her they’ll be okay is so powerful it made me tear up without knowing anything about the characters… how is this written by the same writers who did all that other bs?
Zero Budget productions
There are still powerful scenes like that in the show, especially in season 6 and season 8.
Kung Lao’s Hat
Kung Lao’s Hat Yıl önce
I actually think that Iris could have worked really well if they leaned into the reporter thing more from the beginning. I only saw seasons 1 and 2 of Daredevil, but Karen Page always felt like what Iris should have been. A regular person who didn’t need powers or incredible combat training or genius intellect to go up against bad guys. Someone with street smarts, empathy and determination to uncover the truth and expose corruption. That would have given her a unique niche on Team Flash instead of forcing her into becoming the team leader (for some reason) or a speedster.
a 4 aylar önce
Yoooo you gotta watch daredevil S3, all of s1’s best parts literally elevated and its by far the best season
JokeCubed 6 aylar önce
I 100% agree. That's where I originally thought they were going with Iris' character. Karen Page was great, and the fact that she took out Wilson Fisk's right-hand man, basically because he underestimated her and gave her a loaded gun, was so good. I think she surprised everyone, including herself, when she killed Wesley. If only Iris was as good. Iris was even worse during Crisis on Infinite Earths. I remember one part where someone asks "What do we do now?" or something, and Iris takes charge. It's like bitch, you're in a room with the greatest superheroes in the world, just sit down, take a back seat and try no to get too lost.
TimeFliesAway 9 aylar önce
@Slospop112 bc apparently being a reporter is the only job you can have to uncover bad guys, when you don’t have superpowers 💀
Dallas Hewitt 🎶
Dallas Hewitt 🎶 11 aylar önce
@Kai Riggs I agree. I think that everything up until season 4 was good. I think that they should have left Barry in the speed force for most of season 4 and wally should have been fighting someone else. Then season 5 would’ve been the final season with flash vs Thawne.
Ua Toto
Ua Toto Yıl önce
this, exactly this is what i've been saying since season 3
H I D E 4 aylar önce
The fact that they made a multitudeness amount of people with the same powers as Barry like "the speedsters" made the show severely more unlikable. I felt like the flashes incentive for dealing with many traumatic hardships like losing his mother and his father was his superpower. When the writers and producers started giving so many people the same power left and right it made it seem like he wasn't special and these gifts was a trait anyone could have, like he didn't earn it.
StrawberryDoves Aylar önce
Season 1 was what hooked me, I was a 13 girl who loved the show. But later on as I grew up the scenes later just become cringe, they tried to make it funny but it just didn’t work. It’s like they forgot there audience grows up. I actually really enjoyed the reverse flash, if you have seen the comics he’s absolutely insane, and I honestly love it. Season 2 wasn’t as bad and I still enjoyed it. I think the rest of the season is what sucked. I also agree with you on Barry I wish he had character development, they made him winny and honestly annoying.
Nova 4 aylar önce
In the few minutes of screentime he has in The Arrow, Barry is way better portrayed than his own show.
Arsen Here
Arsen Here 4 aylar önce
Season one had its downfalls with some of the villains. Like how inconsistent barry was with his abilities. But at least the whole plot with Thawne was amazing. Season 2 was also good and focused more on zoom, and again the plot with zoom wasn't terrible. But season three is where it started going down. And somehow it kept going down below zero, and that's how we got season 7.
Disgruntled Fox
Disgruntled Fox 2 aylar önce
Barry: Fights villian Barry: *looses* Barry: " I'm not fast enough" *goes to the hallway* Some random team flash member: " I'll go talk to him" Barry: * Sits on the floor and ponders life choices* Some random team flash member: " The power of love will help you, you are unique. Now run Barry, RUN!!" Barry * Goes Mach 23455468900986424" *Theme song plays in the background" Barry: *Beats the villian* Team Flash: "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy, you did it barry." ( i just summarized an entire episode)
That Movie Nitpicker
"WAIT HOW DID HE LEARN OUR SECRETS?!?" -the screenwriters, probably
Yikes! Your Chunky Hostility has Arrived!
That's it. That's the show!
RebornSauce 2 aylar önce
honestly tom cavanagh carried most of the flash. Like he is such a good actor that he single handedly takes control of the show whenever he is there
Sofie Aylar önce
I feel that the “run Barry run” in season 1 is actually significant in that season bc he’s starting to become the hero that he needs to become.And now everyone just says that to Barry every single episode which takes out the significance from s1. (Btw,I only lasted watching it on Netflix 3 seasons bc it was too many episodes for each season,I was like “BRO,just make the GODDAMN episodes less longer,it’s TOO LONG JESUS”)
kene tabansi
kene tabansi 3 aylar önce
The issue is that his main villain always has to be a speedster. So you always have the same problem of “oh this is the fastest speedster he’s even faster than Barry” but at the last minute Barry gains some kind of boost and is faster rinse and repeat.
Adebola Adedoyin
Adebola Adedoyin 9 aylar önce
For me it's the repetitive, someone gets upset and leaves the room, and then the group looks at each other intensely and decides who is going to have the heart to heart. One person goes to talk to the upset person and then the issue is "resolved." Happens at least twice an episode.
film fan
film fan 2 aylar önce
Gotta love the corridors heart to heart
Jay ジェイもやった
yeah I got to admit that’s annoying as well💀💀
Kristoff Audain
Kristoff Audain 5 aylar önce
i hate how this isn't even an exaggeration
Coco Beans
Coco Beans 6 aylar önce
100 subs for no reason
"Ill go talk to him/her"
Victor Pagan
Victor Pagan 4 aylar önce
Honestly I just hated how Barry stoped developing and they decided to develop other characters instead. Genuinely I think Barry should have retired after the Savitar fight and then have Wally take over as Flash. Would have made sense for Barry’s character at that point. Just retire and start a family after having almost lost his family. Then you can just develop Wally as the new flash and have Barry pop up whenever there is like a end of the world thing. Would have probably saved CW a lot more money.
Sebu 20 gün önce
@Light_Up I would say the writers were actually very consistent. Consistently shit.
film fan
film fan 2 aylar önce
I think after season 3 Barry was only important for the first and last ep each season
W1z 2 aylar önce
@Stevepok Wally does become The Flash at some point in the comics so they should've just stuck with that in the show but they didn't.
Stevepok 2 aylar önce
Unfortunately the show is called The Flash
Jay ジェイもやった
it’s not even the writers, if they let Wally keep up with the story then they’re gonna have to keep up with the timeline cause if they make random events happen out of nowhere and make it up which isn’t even linked to anything they’ll have to restart or rework episodes for another year or 6 months, resulting in the flash to go downhill
mas anggar - ANIMASI LUCU
What I like about the first seasons of the flash are the mysteries surrounding the evil speedster (tawn, zoom) that prisoner behind the iron mask arc is also good too.
William Sherman
William Sherman 4 aylar önce
I really liked the first season. Was enjoying the second until they had zoom continue to just kidnap someone from the group and then they realized who zoom really was and that it was Jay Garrick who they thought was their friend but they didn’t think about the factor that he knows who they are, where they live and or hangout. So they just kept being at those places and then came the final few episodes and zoom comes in while they’re having a party or dinner at joes house and zoom takes Barry’s dad and I just thought well that could’ve been avoided if they’d just hang out somewhere else. Like these people are pretty freaking dumb for being really smart people. Season 3 started out alright but I’d as well for dumb and boring season 4 was just boring.
KC Pugh
KC Pugh 4 aylar önce
You have a point about the 22-episode season format, but I feel like it also depends on what kind of plot you're going for. If it's more action based and the plot driving the characters, then I could see having a shorter season length. But if it's character-driven then I believe a longer format is nice because it gives time to develop the characters. The Flash would have definitely benefited from a shorter season format, especially later on as the character would have been developed. The longer time just leads to plot holes and inconsistencies because they don't have the talent to justify the bad guy constantly getting away.
KC Pugh
KC Pugh 2 aylar önce
@film fan Yeah they really did Felicity dirty as the show went on, she was my favorite character until some point after her and Oliver got together. And I wanted them to be together! I guess I forgot CW can't write romances.
film fan
film fan 2 aylar önce
@KC Pugh that was in the 2 parter that led to legends. Yeah that did annoy me as I thought it was crappy of felicity. But I carried on. Season 5 makes up for it. Even when Samantha told felicity it was her that asked Oliver not to tell anyone.
KC Pugh
KC Pugh 2 aylar önce
@film fan True that. I'm pretty sure I stopped watching Arrow after the whole thing of "how dare you not tell me about this child you just found out existed. You should've told me immediately instead of honoring the deal you made with your ex to see the kid in the first place."
film fan
film fan 2 aylar önce
@KC Pugh I lied to protect you You hurt me with your lies I hurt you to protect you Rinse and repeat 😂
KC Pugh
KC Pugh 2 aylar önce
@film fan For the Flash it should have been shorter, but I understand why it was longer for Arrow. Arrow was both action and character based, so it needed longer seasons to develop the characters and relationships, not to mention all the flashbacks to the island. I think it's leftovers from CW's drama shows. Which also explains the writing for the relationships lol.
Jade Nostromo
Jade Nostromo Yıl önce
I have a feeling Grant Gustin is extremely grateful for those episodes where he doesn't need to do anything. He (and most of the main cast) have probably settled into the Ackles/Padalecki 'paycheck' phase of their job, they know the show isn't good but it's paying for the mortgage.
KingKiwi 4 aylar önce
@Oppa Kunn it can be rough for actors after reallllyyy long project like that or iconic roles. Some break away, some are one hit wonders. You’re right tho definitely taking the safe job.
Andrew Vidmar
Andrew Vidmar 5 aylar önce
now your talking about supernatural eric kripke had a 5 yr plan for the show but the fans wanted more so obviously the majority of the fans love the show because they got 10 more seasons
Wander 50
Wander 50 5 aylar önce
@Dave102693 Dude! I stopped watching after the dumpster fire of an episode that talked about the greek gods in season 10. They messed with Artemis and I could not forgive that.
Febe Fox
Febe Fox 11 aylar önce
@Ander Garcia He needs to suffer as we have lmao
Common Logic
Common Logic Yıl önce
That’s probably exactly what it is.
Charged Bow
Charged Bow 2 aylar önce
Season 2 was still great I must say, it expanded the world and characters and although Zoom had a bit of a lame goal, he was still flashed out and still threatening. Season 2 still managed to deliver some emotional moments too.
Scott H
Scott H 4 aylar önce
I liked the flash in the first few seasons, but even then I could see the contrived drama. To me the power of the Flash pretty much makes him impossible to deal with. Unless someone can completely stop time, the flash will beat them every single time. What drives me nuts is how often all the CW shows ignore even basic common sense. I remember a big scene in Arrow with some mercs vs a crowd of civilians with Arrow, the mercs are ALL holding guns....and never use them, just run up and get into fistfights. Hell most of arrow is like this, hey I got a gun, but I'm going to punch you so you can beat me up.....drove me insane
San_Holo77 2 aylar önce
I remember watching 4th season and I thought "It's kinda not bad, but why it's gets worse". This was the last season I watched. Thanks to Invincible, The Boys and Umbrella Academy for making comic media great again. P. S. I would never thought in my life that I would fully watch an 1 hour video about how The Flash is a bad show. Amazing video!
Elias Harrison
Elias Harrison 4 aylar önce
I feel like they could have kept Barry just as fast and powerful if they made it lean on the science and forensic science. Make the who, how, and why more important, and maybe it would have felt more consistent.
GenerationWest Yıl önce
The absolute fall of The Flash was the final nail in DC CW-verse, because what a fall! Arrow was Batman-lite, but it was solid, until Season 4. Supergirl was... Okay? But Season 2 started to fall apart, and Flash really fell apart in Season 3. Once you start to notice the "CW template" (like you have), plus their plot lines and budgetary shortcomings, you can't watch anything from it (but Superman & Lois is the only thing I watch now). Seeing The Flash now in Season 7 makes Power Rangers look good, how does it get WORSE?! As a Flash fan who rocks KF... (Oh Kid Flash...), seeing Flash in live action shows and movies shouldn't make me constantly cringe. I'll get a proper good Flash adaptation one day, with maybe a blonde Barry, but at that time, I'll be either old or dead.
Relo 9 aylar önce
@DC World Can't find the clip though looking online with people talking about it he didn't kill them but put them in the ICU and whiped their memory, which still is an extreme reaction to seeing someone being, at best, harassed by cops and at worst were rightfully doing what they're doing (as no context was given on that front). As for Oliver, I don't mind it in the case of Oliver as he was always portrait from the start of having rather homicidal tendencies. However with BL it came out of no where within the story and broke pretty much every rule the guy had, and the world's reaction to it wasn't shock at that he did so but rather "you weren't caught doing it, right?". Like even if for some unexplained reason he had some weird unexplained mental breakdown, you'd expect the people around him (and especially his mentor) have a reaction to that instead of treating it exclusively as some risk to his secret identity or that he himself finds himself having issues with what he did. But none of that, it's treated as if it was justified. Worst case scenario he attacked cops for simply being cops out of nowhere. Best case he massively overreacted and seriously harmed cops all because he saw a dude getting harassed by cops. He doesn't know, nor is it ever explained to the audience. All while most cops shown in BL seem to be good cops with the bad cops tried to be actively pushed out of the service but kept in due to politics. Yea, the actress that replace Jenn was good (honestly much better than the original in my eyes) and to undo the whole plot development of that season was kind of a letdown. As for the Markovians, it's not even so much for me that it was isolated to BL. Like so many problems can be solved much better a character from one of the other arrowverse shows with so much ease, that's part and partial of the whole universe (and arguably a lot of shared superhero comic's universe stuff in general). But the issue to me is that somehow the Markovians still only focused on Freeland in a world where Central city exists, a place that (probably) gotten way more meta-humans even before Freeland became a hotbed for meta-humans. Yet they never even seem to attempt to do something to central city or remotely mention why it's Freeland they exclusively focus on. All of arrowverse seemed to have been effected by infinite earths yet somehow the Freeland and Markovian relationship lived in a bubble exempt from effects, yet would be one that story wise would be the most drastically effected. I think the main issue I have with BL (aside the multi-season sized Markovian shaped plothole) is the Black Lightning was a better person in season one than he was at the end, yet the show treats like the reverse is true. He went from King to X, but the reverse is much better (and much less hypocritical).
DC World
DC World 9 aylar önce
@Relo Its cool that BL can show up but yes it doesn't make sense that the justice league would let something like freeland takeover happen. Or that they wouldn't shut down Markovias own black ops meta operation. But most of Olivers problems could be fixed in seconds the moment barry arrived. Sure he wasn't that fast, but I remember laughing at the irony the same week oliver was tortured for 8 days, Barry and Kara was stuck in a musical for a couple hours. With Both of them and Jonn on at that time earth 1. They could have saved him easily and stopped all of chases plans right then and there. Same with Batwoman when Guggenheim tried to set up Kara and Kate to replace Oliver and Barry's relationship but I just try not to think about it.
DC World
DC World 9 aylar önce
@Relo Could you link that clip if you find it? Because the way I remember it he shocked the cops and then did that electric mind wipe thing. Before Tobas used something to kill them to make it look like jeff killed them. Although let's be real Oliver killed cops too and in these shows, dc or marvel most cops are corrupt anyway. It's why they usually just have 1 person on the force they can trust otherwise their vigilantism wouldn't be needed beyond when dealing with powered individuals. The final episode was a bit anti climatic. Felt like they were going for a showdown that got held back by budget and I didn't like that OG Jenn returned. We spent so much time with having us care about the new actress and I thought she did a good job in a hard situation. Only for all of her progression to be made undone.
Relo 9 aylar önce
@DC World S2's bar to me always came of as some small no-name place and that often be a backdrop. Not exactly establishing that there are large amount of good aliens out there. It seemed only during and after the "deport all aliens" season they tried to establish that there where many good aliens. As for Humans that posed a threat to a kryptonian, meta-humans where already thing during the that season both from at least 1 major city that was filled to the brim with it but even before that you had people like livewire. (granted the whole military invasion of Freeland to collect meta-humans also didn't make much sense for that same reason after infinite earths) To me Supergirl also has been real obnoxious from day one for the exact same reason you state, though to be fair it started more mundane with Supergirl but with some weird cases (like a space ship only women can enter? why?). With Batwoman it's simply more obvious as it started on a similar level as Supergirl was at that time. But I think the worst offending episode in the whole series would the the BLM episode in the last season of Supergirl. I honestly don't know why they decided to keep that episode while cutting together 3 episodes as the finale. But I have to agree with you on Alice, she's arguably the only good character on Batwoman Luke in season 1 was also decent though they ruined him in season 2. In hindsight I find it rather funny that the whole Oliver Queen as politician run was less focused on politics than your average Supergirl or Batwoman episode. As for Black lightning while I'd say it's the most consistent and had it's politics baked into it (and made sense in universe for the most part) I'd say it dropped the ball in the last 2 seasons. Both leaving giant plotholes ignored (mostly created by infinite earths) and him becoming both racist and just generally angry at the world without any real explanation. Black lightning really jumped the shark for me when he killed 2 cops for no other reason than stopping a black kid walking on the street. And before that already made slightly racist comments and let those comments slide from his daughters. While in the early seasons he was full on "treat everybody equal" type guy and talked back at others when they treated people different for their race. This change seemed to have happened for no other reason than a write change I think. That said I really wish they made that painkiller series, that "hidden" pilot episode was great.
DC World
DC World 9 aylar önce
@Relo There were regular aliens in season 1 they were mostly just in hiding but they were still there. In s2 they establish an entire bar full of aliens to show them as just regular people. Also what did you expect them to do? Besides Lex Luthor there aren't many humans that could pose a credible threat to a kryptonian. The same goes for Flash, 90% of metahumans that are not regulars we see in the show are villans. But we also know that there are a ton of metahumans just in central city alone that are neither heroes or villans that just live regular lives. And no you are wrong, supergirl could get very preachy but batwoman from day one was outright obnoxcious. Its written as if there is an imaginary viewer who is going to see the error of their biggoted ways by watching a show about people they don't like. The only reason I lasted the first season was because Alice was so well written I was mad that she wasn't in a better show. I've since watched certain alice scenes on youtube when new episodes come out because I just couldn't bare the show after the first couple episodes of season 2. I would not have cared, if they have made Kate Kane black I would much rather have watched that than them creating a whole new character from scratch. And it was frustrating when I did see the episode where Kate semi returned as herself but with another actress who did a better job than Rose ever did. The show shot itself in the foot twice because they were more concered with optics than they were creating the best show possible. And the easiest reason to know that is how gory the show was allowed to be. I could tell the ratings dipped and that they know the young girls they wanted aren't seeing the show after seeing scenes with more blood in a single scene than the entire run of arrow. Instead of doing the smart thing which would just be let the characters just be characters rather than putting an insane pressure upon them to have to represent their sexuality and race. Yes Arrow and Flash just got worse and worse, the only show which started and finished strong so far has been black lightning, and hopefully superman and lois will do the same.
Emanuel Tennyson
Emanuel Tennyson 28 gün önce
How I write Killer Frost's origins: Caitlin was a normal child; enjoying her life til a couple arguing while driving almost hit her til her metahuman genes activated as self defense freezing both the vehicle and couple completely. Then her father rushed out of the house to bring her in. Fearing for his daughter's life and safety though her ice powers came from his metahuman genes, he turned to Star labs for a suppressant agent to suppress her powers and the memory of the incident. Fast forward later, when Barry traveled back to time, the flashpoint negate the effects of the suppressant agent allowing her gene to be reactive and remember the incident. Then she realized that she has ice powers since she was a child and living a false normal life , causing her to develop a hatred towards Barry
Fyngol Noldor
Fyngol Noldor Aylar önce
It's kinda funny that it took the CW being sold due to its massive debt (so pretty much the whole network failing) to stop shows such as The Flash and Riverdale.
slayer 2 aylar önce
I agree with Eobard being the best villain I think the dynamic between him and Barry is one of the only really well written parts of the show my favorite episode is the one in which Barry has to go to the past and convice Eobard to teach him to get faster
SKiP Studios
SKiP Studios Aylar önce
As someone who stayed with the show since season 1 into the most recent abysmal season 8, I totally agree. This show, out of all the Arrowverse was my favorite because it had the potential to succeed where other shows hadn’t. But instead they decided to just make this the sci-fi version of Arrow(which also started out fairly well) and wasted all the potential it could’ve been. I for one am a fan of Candice Patton’s Iris, despite the very questionable and annoying storylines they’ve thrown her in. Having her as the 2nd lead, a black woman at that, in show like is absolutely dope and powerful, but the series has failed her just as much as it has Grant. I wish they better utilized her time, the writers just didn’t know how to handle her and didn’t allot any time to give her a proper journalism arc to work her well enough into the overall plot. Candice has even talked about their not being enough presence in the writers room or on set to really support her or her character. I think she would’ve benefited from the Lana Lang/Lois Lane treatment on Smallville. Though fans are divisive about both, they were still pretty well written and thought out characters in a show that still managed to be about it’s main protagonist. Cisco was yet another wasted character who probably had one of the coolest powers of the series, but they never got explored and by the time he had really cemented himself in the show it was very obvious that Carlos Valdes had grown bored with it all, which then led to Cisco stupidly getting rid of his powers. I will say one thing I do disagree with here is that DP is a good actress. As Caitlin she’s serviceable, as Killer Frost she’s insufferable, and they continue to give her material that she is just not strong enough to take on. On top of that, all of her storylines are repetitive. To the killer frost retcons to losing Ronnie over and over again, to getting knocked out within the first five seconds of every battle she’s in. She could’ve worked well as a consistent antagonist throughout the series, maybe a reluctant ally, but much like others she’s outstayed her welcome on both accounts. This goes for a lot of of the remaining characters on the show, who kind of just stand around waiting for “morphin’ time” until Barry, for whatever reason, gets knocked out or has to rely on the power of love and friendship to save the day. And my god, if Cecile announces another script action as a form of her “powers” I’m gonna scream 😭😭
Michael Fraser
Michael Fraser Yıl önce
I find it fascinating how every CW superhero show has a good first season, a better second season, and then completely falls apart.
Dionysos Aylar önce
supernaturals fourth season was one of the best. Until season 5 supernatural was great. After that good. Mid Season 10 was when everything felt apart.
Cloakanio 2 aylar önce
@Nightwing is it cw, the hell am I asking of course it is 😂
Nightwing 2 aylar önce
Is uh bat woman included 😂
Cloakanio 2 aylar önce
It is called the arrow paradox
Novadestroyer The Sun destroyer
​@Michael Fraser I am not sure about black lightning, but I haven't watched it in a while
Jay McKeown
Jay McKeown 4 aylar önce
I don't think it is as simple as getting bad from the start. S2 was a step up for S1, and while S3 was visibly worse than both it wasn't terrible. Season 4, 5 and 6 all started well but dropped off a cliff because neither Todd Helbing or Eric Wallace knew how to make much content. 7 was pure trash but TBF S8 has been great so far.
tronvillain 4 aylar önce
I can't pick out one moment-for me it's just been a gradual slide into mediocrity. And even now, it has moments I enjoy. But it says something that I have access to most of this season but have only gotten around to watching the first few episodes. And I like having a bunch of side characters, because the Flash is so overpowered (oh look, the Flash stopped running so he can get hit), but they have ballooned a little out of control.
Artur Vinicius
Artur Vinicius 2 aylar önce
tbh it's impressive this series came this far, it has such a 2013 energy that one would think it wouldnt survive a year
Kristopher Jordan
Kristopher Jordan 4 aylar önce
I think season 1 of Flash is the best season of any super hero show ever. The writing was tight and focused. There was not one wasted episode, and basically no subplots - the show was entirely about the Flash stopping the bad guy all leading up to the Big Bad... who had decent motivation I might add. But just like so many shows, every character eventually got their own subplot, relationship, etc., and it just got too much. The final straw was when Barry and Iris got engaged and broke up and reengaged 2 or 3 times within a matter of a couple episodes. Functioning adults don't live or act like that.
Diego Brandão
Diego Brandão 8 aylar önce
Fun fact: there is a episode of this show in the brazillian-portuguese dub version that someone didn't edited the audio properly and, in the episode, we can hear the voice actor say "this dialogue is shit". The actor recorded the line, than trash talked the line right after and the guy who should cut the insult from the record, simply didn't cutted out.
film fan
film fan 2 aylar önce
Thalmor Agent
Thalmor Agent 4 aylar önce
Lmao, yeah I'd be frustrated too 😂
ZalyBrainlessGenius 4 aylar önce
I always wondered if dubbers are apathetic to the lines they're given or if they get sucked in from time to time :D It must be strange, having to say something you don't agree with
Daniel Venâncio Duarte Carvalho
@myusernamegoeshere me too buddy
myusernamegoeshere 5 aylar önce
I love my country man
KC Pugh
KC Pugh 4 aylar önce
I think it's kind of unfair to blame the teen audience on the ships being so bad. The dynamic between Oliver and Felicity was really good at first, and that is why many people liked them together. But like most CW shows, the writers' need for melodrama outweighed the desire to write a good script and so both characters ended up being ruined by the romance. Sure, the fan reactions might have "inspired" the writers to put them together, but I'm pretty sure everyone who was invested in the ship can agree it was the writing that sunk it. (Felicity regaining the ability to walk just to walk away from their relationship was *hilarious* thinking back on it)
Jaxson Bateman
Jaxson Bateman Aylar önce
Darn; sad to see how the show has fallen. My partner and I watched about 2 and a half seasons, and while I did enjoy Madvocate's videos and agree with most of his points, Flash was enjoyable for the same reason as some guilty pleasure movies are (like the Fast and Furious franchise) - fun for the sake of fun, where you can overlook some degree of plothole and shoddy writing. But yeah, it sounds like it got to be a bit too much to take. Incidentally, the notion of the Arrowverse is what made us stop watching. Flash season 1 was the first of the Arrowverse we watched, and we enjoyed it, and so we tried to back to Arrow season 1 and 2, and basically watch the Arrowverse in the proper order. I guess that just subjected us to way too much CW. I believe it was season 3 or 4 of Arrow where the show just felt really, really underwhelming, and we were always considering if we should just skip episodes because they weren't grabbing us. Supergirl was interesting, but didn't feel as good as early Flash. And with our attempt at watching the whole Arrowverse failing, and season 3 of the Flash not being as good as the first two either, we kind of just stopped. While I'm curious to go back and see what I missed out on, quite frankly between western TV and anime series over the past 10 years that I haven't seen - there's too much actual good content for me to waste my time on something that most people agree ended up being fairly bad. Also, I feel like writers should just steer clear of time travel unless they're going to do it justice with a well written story that abides by a cohesive set of rules, rather than using it as a cheap plot hook that allows them to retcon things and drastically change others (without caring about the internal inconsistencies they create). Even a much better studio in Marvel backed by Disney, who did an ok job with time travel in Endgame, still created inconsistencies and plotholes. There aren't too many time travel stories that make it through unscathed, so it really shows when writes don't put much effort into it - the plot holes are immense.
Danielsan98 2 aylar önce
The first two seasons of the Flash was pretty good and the 22 episode format worked in my humble opinion. But after the second season, there is absolutely no need to have one season last for that long. There were too many filler episodes and we as the audience don’t see what happens next in the main storyline until the final two or three episodes.
Unfavred420 4 aylar önce
The thing is Barry is so fast he can put a hole in the villain with a mere thought and hell if he doesn't want to commit violence he can disarm them or nullify them and hand them over in seconds it's like he has the speed of light but his 1 brain cell travels at snails pace
WhatSoEver Yıl önce
"Iris has no powers" Excuse me?! She obviously has the power of love and friendship!!
Yikes! Your Chunky Hostility has Arrived!
@You Tube "the bad writing in the show gives racists leverage" not really. Leverage suggests people will listen to them and say "oh, you're right. Black people are bad because of a fiction show that has bad writers! We'll give you more power now, since you must be absolutely right!" It's 2022, at this point, a majority of people (including Caucasian people) know that a bad show/character doesn't mean that whole group is bad. They can seperate terrible writer from the actor. Sure, racists will use it, but in no way will a badly written show give them the "leverage" to be racist.
MissYoli 5 aylar önce
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 11 aylar önce
@John A I understand why. Technically I quit the Flash mid season 3, so I didn't know about the writers ruining Iris's character.
Batman Wayne
Batman Wayne 11 aylar önce
Joseph Coon
Joseph Coon 3 aylar önce
Having never really gotten into Power Rangers, that’s the vibe I have been getting from the last 6 seasons of Flash. I never finished the Savitar Season, and I caught up on the other seasons through YT videos. 24:00 Barry doesn’t evolve. They kinda did the same thing with Luke Skywalker in the sequel dumpster fires. Like had ALREADY evolved, but they devolved him to pass the torch to the new generation INSTEAD of making him a wizened mentor. They actually went a step further and turned him into something he never was: cynical. Imagine being the ONLY person to see the good in the abject face of evil in the galaxy just to try and kill your best friend’s and twin sister’s son IN HIS SLEEP…based on a “vision.” Story telling has taken a back seat to diversity lectures, and the quality suffers.
BuzzabeelGC 20 gün önce
The “cw problem” makes me think of _The Originals_, which had a similar downfall. Seasons 1-3 were amazing. Seasons 4-5… not so much. Even with the actors still giving great performances, the writing fell so hard from what it used to be that it felt like a different show. The scene I remember most from any CW show ever (though I haven’t watched all of them) was when Freya killed off a certain character in S3 for good. It was such an emotional and messed up scene… and then they undid it by bringing her back for no reason. The small scale conflicts between vampire factions, werewolf factions, and witches, turned into a world ending threat that never had the same weight. At least _The Originals_ was allowed to end before it got worse.
Whatever 4 aylar önce
There is a basic problem with the whole concept of superspeed as a superpower. In order to be able to run at these speeds, Barry's mind must also be running much faster or he would be unable to register and react to obstacles that he couldnt see 5 milliseconds ago because he just turned a corner. But in soooo many scenes he just stands there and lets the villain do their thing and cause their damage, as if its a chess game where he has to wait until its his turn to make a move. And then only when the bad guy has made a move it Barry allowed to make his move. It goes something like this: Barry runs at superspeed to whatever place the bad guy is currently robbing or destroying. Then he stops and just stands around while the bad guy gets out a weapon that can hurt Barry or threathen some innocent civilian. Only then does he go into superspeed mode again and tries to stop the threat, but now its a lot harder. If his power were logical he would simply arrive, knock out and tie up the bad guy and only then drop out of superspeed.
Ob 2 aylar önce
Your right about the timeline part. Barry keeps messing with the timeline to the point where he doesn't learn his lesson. He also keeps revealing his identity to everyone he knows even the villans.
des2knee 5 aylar önce
I loved Barry as a forensic expert. I was expecting him to juggle his job and superhero duties. But like immediately he is a full time superhero.
film fan
film fan 2 aylar önce
Yeah it was a shame the csi part wasn't explored more
Chop The Dog
Chop The Dog 2 aylar önce
@PsyrenXY Nonono the ending was terrible! Are you talking about the same show I'm thinking about?
Thomas Nøhr
Thomas Nøhr 3 aylar önce
This, so very much this.
brasco18 3 aylar önce
I think when it became a team show it really went down hill, it would’ve been cool if it was mainly just Barry doing csi shit while juggling the Flash
Lawrence Lamar
Lawrence Lamar 3 aylar önce
WhyAmIStillAlive Aylar önce
A better story to begin with was to not just kill off RF in season one. Instead they should've allowed barry to grow strong for two season. Peppering bits of RF in first season than introduce him into the second season. Season one would have moments of wells (like in show ) giving very experienced advice. And so in season one Barry begins to suspect Dr wells but hides it. Season one would end with Barry's first year as the flash. Although he was sloppy in his missions, he at least caught most of his villains. Season 2 would start with RF/Wells iniating his plans of finally using barry to return home. While on mission , Barry would not notice RF releasing the captured villains. He is now alone , since cisco and caitlin snow are in critical condition. Wells is presumed missing. Alone and left to work alone Barry must grow stronger by himself and capture the escaped villains. Occasionally RF would mess with him and he would not be able to capture the villains. In final arc of season two, Thawne would reveal himself to be RF and Wells. With an epic final of the two duking it out. Barry is left in a bad condition, while RF was in worst state. But RF would escape and disappear to return one day. Thats what I wanted and still do. RF is still the best character and zoom's design is just so cool. Wish they had made Zoom some kind of reaper chasing after Barry after he had fked up the timeline. Like Zoom would chase barry and always try to kill barry. And Barry would out run death and some crap.
Alfreedom 4 aylar önce
It took me so long to actually finish season 3 before falling off of it. Barry was just so unlikeable the only characters I enjoyed were Joe and Wally. I only ever like Barry in crossover episodes with other shows because I feel that's where he shines best. But honestly the only Arrowverse show I kept up with was Legends cause it was campy and knew it. After season 1, it stopped taking itself too seriously and was just a clusterfuck of randomness each episode, it was great.
Seth Gokey
Seth Gokey Aylar önce
arrow is one of my favorite shows and the only seasons i can handle are the first three. season one was amazing with peak flashbacks, season two was even better with almost as good flashbacks and season three was mid but good flashbacks. after that the show falls off HARD
Cookiemilk 2 aylar önce
Season1: amazing start to open up the show. A full on roller coaster that was very successful Season2: Very good continuation, the storyline stayed on point, and introduced the multiverse Season3: arguably the best season in this show. It was serious, but funny at the same time. And savitar was amazing. Season4: not too bad, but not as good as the other seasons. They really made us hate devoe, and when he died it was so satisfying. Season5: This is where it starts to go down. It had its good episodes, but overall the storyline was kind of confusing and weird. But Thawne was incredible. Season6: the start of season 6 with blood work was honestly not too bad. I loved how it was leading up to Barry’s death. But then Crisis On Infinite earths happend, and that’s when it starting to completely fail. The crisis made Barry the paragon of love, and after that that’s all what the show was based on, love. Love was the new main thing of the flash. And the second half of the season sucked. Season7: the worst season of the flash. It was cringey, and really ruined characters. All the actors that were holding the show like Cisco, and Wells, they went away. And then the show just felt boring, and extremely cringy. They even managed to ruin Godspeed, a character that the fans waited for with excitement, they ruined it with a lightsaber battle. Terrible writing, and terrible season. Season8: Pretty much the same as season 7. Had some good episodes, but overall just cringey and love filled. But it’s not as bad as season 7. Personally I think that they should end the show at season 10. Because that will be 2024, because I think Barry should have is final confrontation with the reverse flash. Go back in time and let reverse flash kill his mother. And season 9 should be about Blue Colbat aka Eddie Thawne. I am hoping that the future for this show will not be centered around love
Sjono Yıl önce
Barry: “I’m the Flash.” Iris: “See that’s what you don’t get. You are not the Flash. We are.” Pretty much sums up every direction this CW show is going in
Jay ジェイもやった
Miles The Dirty Minded Goblin
Man that sounds horrible
Xehanort10 6 aylar önce
@TimeFliesAway Barry and Iris's relationship isn't love anyway. Just lust. If it was love they'd care about each other for more reasons than looks and sex, they'd have things in common, similar interests, they'd make decisions together instead of Iris deciding for both of them and acting like him disagreeing with her is an act of high treason, not every conversation they have would be an argument and so on. In Season 3 he basically became her simp not actually caring about her but just doing what she wanted to get her to fuck him. That's not even getting into them being adopted siblings.
Xehanort10 6 aylar önce
@Dlord1PlayStation She might not think she has Barry's powers but she thinks being married to him makes her also The Flash even though she's never saved innocent people, stopped criminals or saved the universe. If anything she gets in the way by meddling in things she should stay out of and gets herself kidnapped and nearly killed. So no it's not just an "I'm here for you" thing. She literally believes being his wife gives her credit for what he does.
Xehanort10 6 aylar önce
@Dlord1PlayStation Iris saying they should discuss things together is hypocritical since Barry tries to do that but Iris instead of having them agree on things just makes decisions for the both of them and throws tantrums when Barry doesn't blindly go along with whatever she wants.
walmartpimp2 4 aylar önce
I was done with the show when they came up with the meta human cure and Barry wanted to weaponize it against evil Metas, but Cisko was opposed to the idea, and then there was a falling out between Barry and Cisko. They were going for something akin to Civil War's superhuman registration act plot line, but failed miserably. The superhuman registration act plot line in Marvel is very deep, and both sides of the argument have valid points, the same can not be said about the cure plot line. There's a million arguments that I can come up with on why it's a good thing to force a "cure" on a criminal that's a meta human.
Nani 2 aylar önce
I could not stay with the show beyond season 1 and honestly this review makes me glad that I couldn't. I think the issue with Iris is an issue with a lot, if not all, CW superhero love interests/superhero love interest in general in that they're introduced too soon. They're always indicated to be The One (although some shows never keep up with that), and it sets an expectation for the audience from the get-go. I think introducing The One at the end of season 1, after the hero undergoes their first character arc and the story establishes itself, its lore, and its tone, would be a lot better. They also kind of don't exist for any independent reason of their own - like they only exist to be a love interest until the writers realize they can't sustain a character that way. Laurel in Arrow was an awful character until her sister died and she went on her own character journey to become Black Canary and fill her shoes, and the process of doing so was long. She had to earn it, and the bumps along the way made her more interesting. When Laurel, iris, and James are introduced into their respective shows in season 1 they get the little romantic music in the back and exist only to create unnecessary romantic drama in some kind of love triangle and make the protagonist pin for them, and once they finally get together with the lead hero they experience some kind of external drama that tests their relationship, and it's all painfully boring. I vaguely remember Lana Lang in Smallville suffering the same Pretty Love Interest Lamp syndrome where she just stands around. Lois being introduced later in the show and always kind of doing something else was good for her character. I actually hated that iris isn't even a reporter from the start of the show and the only reason she really picks it up is because of the Flash, as if journalists aren't some of the bravest people in the world when they go to dangerous locations to tell a story in its entirety.
Ombeod Hellhound
Ombeod Hellhound 3 aylar önce
As someone who just binged the whole show from season 1 to 8. I love this show but watching it within a few months made me realize how empty the show feels by the last season. Hope the last few episodes are good but doubting.
ImNotCreative27 Aylar önce
I watched the show for two seasons and watched the third as it aired. I loved all three seasons and was super excited for a fourth season but I was busy with school so I forgot about it. As time passed I began to pick up a lot more knowledge about storytelling and became more critical of what I watched. The first episode of season four aired. I stopped watching twenty minutes into the first episode and haven’t touched it since. Very disappointed to this day.
Froglet Yıl önce
No matter how cringey the show eventually got, watching the first season when it first came out is the most fun I've ever experienced watching tv
Scarlett Super Nova
Scarlett Super Nova 2 aylar önce
@italkcrab cap
AV_Kay 2 aylar önce
@Leonardo Balelo masterpiece, no It’s a lot better but if u watch it again you’ll see what I mean, or check out the vids done by Madvocate on the flash Masterpiece of a season is awarded to something like Vikings, GOT, maybe even TWD U can like what u want, that’s up to u, but masterpiece? Ehhh
ChaosPrototypeIX 2 aylar önce
In my case, first season of TWD is the best 1st season of any show ever imho and I highly recommend that you check it out, even if you dont like zombie shows.
Leonardo Balelo
Leonardo Balelo 5 aylar önce
Season 1 is a masterpiece, such a shame that they ruined the show :(
alan white
alan white 5 aylar önce
The Flash season 1 and Heroes season 1 best first seasons ever. Sadly both peaked season 1
grr sss
grr sss 5 aylar önce
The 1990s flash gave Barry a limitation to his ability to use his speed force. He would suffer crashes or seizures of a sort if he overdid it in the opening TV movie. I feel like this would have been a good limitation to the arrowverse flash. need him to not be able to do a thing with super speed? just have him suffer a crash.
grr sss
grr sss 2 aylar önce
@Liquid Sleep Games It was more of a energy crash or a seizure. Think low blood sugar on steroids.
Liquid Sleep Games
Liquid Sleep Games 2 aylar önce
Then you run (no pun intended) into the teen age mutant ninja turtles cartoon mutation problem where they write the crashs (mutations) so much that they become a trope itself.
Angel Bahena
Angel Bahena 2 aylar önce
I remember back when season 3 was going on, I would wait every day for a new flash episode to come on waiting for the episode to start because I loved the show. I have never loved a show as much as I did with the first 3 seasons of the flash even though those 3 seasons themselves aren't perfect but compared to what we have now I wish we could go back.
Penny Manalo
Penny Manalo 21 gün önce
Totally agree on the Iris part. No chemistry and just takes up space. The story would’ve worked if she just died like it suppose to happen on season 3. Would be nice if it’sa struggle for barry to have different love interest. And she’s insensitive self center and she’s someone I would ask to step out as soon as she enters star lab.. im just in the beginning of season4 though..
Will and Will Studios
Will and Will Studios 3 aylar önce
This show is the prime example of "Just because it's faithful/ accurate to the source material, doesn't mean it'll be good or coherent writing"
DarkZerol 3 aylar önce
Because films, comics, novels and video games are totally different form of entertainment medium. You can't simply take something from one medium and try to make into 1:1 or almost 1:1 into another medium and expect it to be good or even remotely entertaining. It simply doesn't work that way thus why various creative liberty needs to be done when it comes to adaption.
Sara Yıl önce
what’s painful is that Grant is *so* good. he just has that look and emotion and snark that is all Barry Allen. I can’t imagine someone else doing what he does, and now he’s wasted in this show, and it’ll take ages until someone tries their hand on this kind of Flash story again, and it won’t be him. I like Flash in JL (the Zack Snider version) just fine, but there’s something about Grant that is perfect for this
TFoxRNG Yıl önce
You literally listed what Wally's personality is: Emotional Snark
lil Berry22
lil Berry22 Yıl önce
@kam :0 I completely agree so writing in the flash is just garbage
kam :0
kam :0 Yıl önce
I agree. Grant is a pretty good actor and I’ve been on his trail since he was on glee for a bit (he was so good in glee omg). Unfortunately, the writing for the flash kind of kills it in general. Grant still delivers when he needs to though.
lil Berry22
lil Berry22 Yıl önce
@Fake Friends grant is actually a great actor Greg Berlanti Andrew Kreisberg Geoff Johns just don't know what they're doing
Zaza hair Braiding olga Reoular Taidje
@Fake Friends how
The_ Archer1202
The_ Archer1202 2 aylar önce
Honestly I agree, though I would say that the 5th season that really ended the show for me, the 4th season with iris really frustrated me but the actual villian story and the story of devoe actually kept me watching, the villian in the 5th season was interesting, but he never really takes the front seat throughout the season he just does what he wants like he is impossible to track down with a single goal and a single ally, who then takes a backseat for his insane daughter honestly can't speak for any season after that as I havent really watched them. I honestly never knew it was widely known that the writing in CW was bad throughout most shows, but with how each of these shows go I definitely see it, Since you mentioned the 100 I will tell you, it is pretty great up to the last 2 or 3 seasons(been a while since I watched it) where they start expanding the scope and making it super sci-fi to a level that is honestly ridiculous, including an idea that this world(which has pretty average tech overall) had space ships off planet and cryo sleep developed, as well as alien planets with connections to earth that are basically just video game teleporters(they also kill off important members of the cast and leave a character who feels like Nora in that he is basically told all sorts of things but has a ridiculous level of naivety throughout his existence)
DarkSylince 4 aylar önce
I like 12 episode shows just as much as 22. But to me what's more important is a show that has a plot that isn't 50% on the fly. They have a direction in which they intend to go to from the very beginning.
Sir lemon
Sir lemon 4 aylar önce
The flash is like a advertisement for an energy drink but they didn't know how to end it
Roland Tuck
Roland Tuck 2 aylar önce
Agree with all of this. It should have wrapped up after S4. I think I have watched some of S5, not sure as it was so not-memorable. Arrow went on for too long as well. Typical of US shows, they take a good concept and wring it out for way too long and turn it into a cluster.
Nick Koyle
Nick Koyle 25 gün önce
Most shows I think can make it 10+ seasons. It's the writing and in most shows that's usually bad from the start we just dont notice it until later. The 100 started lying to the audience in its first season. Arrow begun in its first also. I think alot of shows could go on awhile there is that much content but writers are trash.
Nischal Yıl önce
I like how many times you pointed out that it's not the actors that are doing a bad job, it's the writing. Which is 100% true, Grant Gustin is THE Flash, and the fact that we can all see that despite the shit writing just proves how amazingly well he fits the character. Just imagine what he could do with some actual good writing. I dropped off after season 5, and it's just heartbreaking to see how far the show has fallen. Really hope they manage to pull something coherant together by the finale.
Mr. Osama Bin Gaming
@Tweeks I can't blame her.
Lt. Ghost Night
Lt. Ghost Night Yıl önce
M.J. DeBot
M.J. DeBot Yıl önce
I would rebuttal with saying that while they're not necessarily bad actors, but more like lazy acting. I've seen most of these actors in other projects and have enjoyed them, but in this show I'd say they look and sound like they just don't really care that much.
Hilton Hoover
Hilton Hoover Yıl önce
I dropped off 4 episodes into Season 4, HATED Season 3
Tweeks Yıl önce
@Brad Woods yeah u can tell she’s getting bored of the role
CloudSky TV
CloudSky TV Aylar önce
The thing I hate the most about this series is that every time flash encounters his enemy, he always talks to them before fighting. If the enemy is already confirmed wrecking havoc or what-not, barry should neutralize them first before speaking to them, I mean he can do that with his speed before they can even react. Yet he chose to run to the scene then stops to talk to the villains. Try rewatching all villain scenes before the big fight. You'll see what I am talking about. He could've surprise attack the enemies as he entered the scene but decided to chit chat
Antichrist 4 aylar önce
As a flash fan his greatest weakness in terms of TV, Movies, and even comics is just explaining how anything would ever inconvenience him. I think someone needs to make a trilogy of movies that focus on his psychological problems with being so fast and shit
Ace Anarchy
Ace Anarchy 19 gün önce
I used to watch The Flash with my dad as a last ditch attempt to form a father-child bond. I very vividly remember my dad pausing an episode that was about halfway through season 4, proclaiming "This got weird." and leaving the room. He never watched another episode with me after that and I stopped watching around the time season 6 came out
Maverick 2 aylar önce
Godspeed is one of the biggest prime examples of “Wasted Potential” in TV history, he could have been an amazing villain but they wasted him with the story they gave him, if they had used his original origin story and then gave him an actually understandable motivation and put in the time to build him up as a genuine villain, then it could have been amazing, in my opinion the best villains always have a personal connection to the hero, and considering in his original origin story he used to be Barry’s lab assistant, they could have done something amazing with him, instead we got that weird godspeed war from the future with all the clones and everything, and that weird lightning lightsaber thing, Godspeed SHOULD have been one of the best villains, but they wasted that chance
Lauryne Amanda
Lauryne Amanda Yıl önce
Like Syndrome said, “Once everyone’s super, no one will be.”
Normad Garmez
Normad Garmez 11 aylar önce
Jirito 11 aylar önce
@Otis Milburn How so?
Otis Milburn
Otis Milburn 11 aylar önce
Syndrome’s overrated
Jirito Yıl önce
@Jash It's if everyone's OP, no one is, because they all have powers
Ray Gregory
Ray Gregory Yıl önce
Ziven Noorani
Ziven Noorani Aylar önce
How did they turn Iris from a halfway decent side character to one of the worst-written secondary protagonists of modern media? Many such cases
Nelson 2 aylar önce
Great article. I have been watching from the begging, and now that in season 8 here's my thought. 1) I'll agree there are too many characters. Son are one hit wonders or they have nothing to do. 2) Too many Earths. Writing slows down, put the actors in other costumes and let them be different. 3) Berry can be a downer a lot. When they come up with a plan, Barry is usually trying to shoot it down, or barry comes up with plan that everybody doesn't like. Argue comes out. And 4) Conversations. When two characters go to the coffee shop, office, anywhere private, a 10 min talk ensues. I have gotten in the happet of fast forward till they get back to the story. All conversations is about what is happening in their lives that does not have anything to do with the end of the world the team ifs fighting against every week. I am watching couse it is season 8 and I want it to be done. Thanks for reading
Tommy TwoShot
Tommy TwoShot Aylar önce
Season 1 and 2 were always very good but then everything just became “and then” type scripts. One of my favorite episodes though is “Flashtime” where a bomb is about to go off so Barry is desperately trying to find a solution before it does.
Militarize 2 aylar önce
My favorite season was with Cicada as the villain. After that I didn't like the show. What I didn't like is they haven't had Barry get a promotion that you see from season one. You also don't see him create Gidean. It would be awesome to see him create the AI we see in every season. It would also be awesome to see him interact with Bruce and Hal from the phone you see on Earth 2 in season 2. But they avoid these things and it makes me wonder.....why?
Sokol Zahiti
Sokol Zahiti Yıl önce
The moment flash got ruined was when iris said, "No Barry, we are The Flash" ...
Nick Koyle
Nick Koyle 25 gün önce
It's the same as saying it wasn't just you who was hit by that car that day in a way it was all... Barry was just saying it changed all of their lives. Which wasn't even true at the time. It was a psychopath not a accident that put them all on their tracks.
Jj 2 aylar önce
No because I fully blame Barry for making that a thing, it all started with her being his lightning rod and saying that without her there is no flash. In my eyes he’s the one at fault.
s Jacel
s Jacel 2 aylar önce
@DoomStadt a menace 💀💀💀💀 but you're right, after season 3 she was unbearable
Vilestorm 9 aylar önce
I wonder if they were going for a "We are Groot" type moment with that.
Xehanort10 11 aylar önce
@MeShannan I've never brought up her race when criticising her because that's not my issue with her. It's the fact that "Barry's wife" and "damsel in distress" are her only personality and character traits and she's also treated as a perfect Mary Sue who even when she's wrong or does something wrong she's never called out on it and is in fact portrayed as right. Other characters are called out for their wrongdoings and have their flaws acknowledged but Iris is portrayed as if she has no flaws and is constantly praised even when she doesn't deserve it. There are probably some racists who hate her for being black but that isn't why most hate her. Her fans are the other extreme though. According to them you're not allowed to find her boring or criticise her in any way or else you're supposedly racist.
MasterJade 2 aylar önce
As a teenage girl who watchED this show, I couldn’t last after season 5. Nora’s character was so insufferable, but because of my love for the past seasons (1-3) I decided to give season 6 a chance! I lasted 6 episodes :/
Jj 2 aylar önce
Nora was so annoying, I tried to understand where she was coming from with her being so impolite to everyone and stubborn and having this complex that she was above everybody else but I just couldn’t get it. She had no respect for anyone on the team (sometimes including Barry) but she was often blatantly and unapologetically rude to Iris for no reason that had anything to do with Iris in that time. Like I wasn’t particularly fond of Iris’s character and found her a bit irritating but Nora was 10x worse.
Expired Milk
Expired Milk 3 aylar önce
Season 1: wow that was fun and incredibly interesting although season 2 needs to fix some things up Season 2: meh it just feels like season 1 spin off but whatever there hopefully season 3 gets better Season 3: oh wow that was cool but half of the time opposite no need to panic though there will be season 4 Season 4: holy crap that was fun.. also I cannot remember an episode also it was a bit dull Season 5: wow more lore and Flash is even faster really hope season 6 will be better this was a bit too random + why was the whole season focused on just fighting and trying to fix the timeline Season 6: ... What the fu-*? Season 7: oh wow it gets even worse!
grr sss
grr sss 5 aylar önce
I felt like the infinite crisis was a good stopping point for me. I feel that way for the entire Arrowverse.
Captain Price
Captain Price 2 aylar önce
The cw should’ve did 2 seasons of each show and had the new hero introduced at the end of the original show, maybe the arrow appears in the flash, then the flash in super girl and so on. If they did this model the arrow-verse would be seen as some of the best superhero content out there. The cw is really good at making origin stories but that’s all they’re good at. If they did origin stories to introduce every character before crisis and then the arrow-verse ended with crisis it would be worth binging the series. The biggest problem with the cw is that they tend to use the hero’s rival or arch enemies at the start to draw in viewers. This makes those original seasons more captivating bc when a villain has so much impact on the protagonist it leaves a larger impact in the viewer as well. But as the shows drag out the newer villains/season are way less captivating. The villains have less to do with the our hero’s story and have a way smaller impact on the hero’s compared to the older villains. There’s less of a mental and/or physical threat making us less interested in watching.
Alex P
Alex P 10 aylar önce
The inconsistency I found most hilarious is one episode where he is able to run to China and back in a few seconds, but in the next, he is unable to run across a large vestibule and back in time to prevent a villain from running out the door.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 3 aylar önce
For me, it was the episode Flash Time. After watching this, there is no reason why he should fail at anything.
Isaac Clodfelter
Isaac Clodfelter 8 aylar önce
He never chases people down when the majority of runners are normal humans and have been running for 3 whole seconds. Barry says, " There's no where to run!", then he stands there mouth open looking at them until they slowly walk away and as soon as they round a corner they cease to exist. Barry has absolutely zero object permanence.
Alex P
Alex P 8 aylar önce
@SuperSonicDemonKingFortniteGamer123 there’s similar stuff in the comics where the text says that he’s travelling a fraction of the speed of light, but he would have to go many times faster than light to pull off what is depicted. There’s specifically a point where he empties a city of millions of people just as a bomb is going off.
barry went faster than lightning in the first few episodes which is mach 354 and apparently he only reaches mach 3 in season 3 bruh
Alex P
Alex P 8 aylar önce
@x 7Inferno true, there’s some inconsistencies about the powers, but the main thrust of the video is him stupidly choosing not to use them. He didn’t point out stuff like Colossus hearing him coming, despite a major plot point of that episode being that he’d broken the sound barrier.
Jempuh 2 aylar önce
Gave it up in season 5 episode 2. I couldn't understand how it was okay for Nora to stay behind and change the past, but when Barry did it everything got messed up.
muiz mustapha
muiz mustapha 2 aylar önce
i really think the shows problem is that once it got of a good start i wasnt able to maintain it so they kept repeating the same storyline until it became what it is now .and after season 3, to me it felt like nobody knew what to do again .
Rod Scarbrough
Rod Scarbrough 3 aylar önce
frankly I hated, hated flashpoint. the entire storyline of saving his mom - btw didn't happen in the original comics- HOW saving her was going to somehow destroy the world made no sense at all. I totally ignored that storyline.
Arc Trooper Rod-269
Arc Trooper Rod-269 3 aylar önce
KingKiwi 4 aylar önce
All those shows lasted longer then they should have its so sad to see them all turn sour:/ I slowly fell off all of them only watching the thanksgiving specials of the others. ( which I actually loved all of) At least I have some nostalgic memories of the first season because Flash was my favorite as a kid:)
Mars Murderer
Mars Murderer 8 aylar önce
"Why did you kill my mother?" "Because I hate you." The Flash has 0 chance of ever becoming that good again
Nick Koyle
Nick Koyle 25 gün önce
Oliver should have continued as it started for at least 3 seasons. Just you had your chance and you failed. Felicity would have stayed a side character in 2 and 3.
Arc Trooper Rod-269
Arc Trooper Rod-269 4 aylar önce
tFighterPilot 4 aylar önce
@Arc Trooper Rod-269 IMO season 3 was pretty good as well. Season 4 was bad. Season 5 was better (even though it introduced all these useless new heroes). Season 6 is when it really went downhill.
Me 4 aylar önce
@Spider-man well not 10 but like 5%
Andrew Vidmar
Andrew Vidmar 4 aylar önce
@Muhammad Shafeeq the day i stopped watching the flash is the day it ends legends of tomorrow had way worst writing and i still watch that even though after season 2 when it became a comedy show it lost alot of likeness in my opinion but it is still a superhero show so im going to watch it
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett 2 aylar önce
When the Flash was in the early seasons I was obsessed with it. Now I can't even watch it. I just recently rewatched Arrow. No, it's not perfect and is bad at times but I loved it. It was super engaging and all the characters grew some way. I watched all 8 seasons getting through all of it with enjoyment. Some seasons I LOVED and some were not great but I really felt as a whole it was a great show. Sadly, I can't say the same for the Flash. It is soooo hard to watch. I stopped watching mid season 6. I would watch on and off after season 4 but I finally gave up season 6. Even though arrow had it's low points I always wanted to see more. I know a lot of people think both shows were bad but for some reason for me Arrow just was so much better and a lot more engaging. I really really enjoyed it till the end.
RGC2005 4 aylar önce
I agree. Barry could solve the world energy crisis but doesn't.
kid named finger
kid named finger 2 aylar önce
Tbf, about the "barry never evolves" point, I noticed in Season 2 that he was becoming much more competent and independant. Same in S3 as well. S4 is when they backtracked on this and made him a shitter again.
DareDArrow Aylar önce
I don't have a problem with 1 dimensional villains... It's when they stay away from that and gives us a crappy character with terrible motivations that kill me.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 9 aylar önce
I feel bad for Candace Patton, it's not her fault the writers fucked her character up and now everyone hates her character. Candace deserves better. I pray she leaves this show, and gets better roles.
Dr. Myrlynn Delille
Dr. Myrlynn Delille 24 gün önce
@Anthony I can totally see that. She is the same person that openly had an affair with a married NBA player (JR), and did not care at all. Even whilst his wife was posting videos saying how much it was hurting her! They were still posting under each other's IG posts like crazy. She comes off exactly like her character. The writing could be bad, but I'm of the impression, the actress is worse.
Nick Koyle
Nick Koyle 25 gün önce
It's the internet... Everyone is bullied. Plus mentally ill and challenged are not in short supply. Point is saying so and so was bullied is like saying water is wet.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 27 gün önce
@Ivanna Claudette Which is absolutely ridiculous Justin Prentice and Grace Saif are fantastic actors. They DID NOT deserve to be bullied.
Artsy Fartsy
Artsy Fartsy 7 aylar önce
the flash more like the trash
DGXD 2008
DGXD 2008 7 aylar önce
Yes! Iris was such a good character in the comics but in this show it seems like she’s a motivational speaker. She’s just there for Barry and that’s it. No depth to her character at all.
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