The Surprising Secret of Synchronization

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How does order spontaneously arise out of chaos? This video is sponsored by Kiwico - go to www.kiwico.com/Veritasium50 for 50% off your first month of any crate.

An enormous thanks to Prof. Steven Strogatz - this video would not have been possible without him. Much of the script-writing was inspired and informed by his wonderful book Sync, and his 2004 TED talk. He is a giant in this field, and has literally written the book on chaos, complexity, and synchronization. It was hard to find a paper in this field that Steven (or one of his students) didn't contribute to. His Podcast "The Joy of X" is wonderful - please listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts www.quantamagazine.org/tag/th...

Nicky Case's Amazing Firefly Interactive - ncase.me/fireflies

Great Kuramoto Model Interactive - www.complexity-explorables.or...


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Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Mac Malkawi, Oleksii Leonov, Michael Schneider, Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, jim buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Lyvann Ferrusca, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Pindex, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal

Written by Derek Muller and Petr Lebedev
Animation by Fabio Albertelli and Jakub Misiek
Simulations and 3D Animation by Jonny Hyman
Filmed by Derek Muller and Raquel Nuno
Edited by Derek Muller
Additional video supplied by Getty Images
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci

More footage from NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

100 metronome video from www.youtube.com/watch?v=suxu1...

Intro animation by Jorge Cham

Thanks for the BZ footage from SteinbockGroup: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJn1s... and
NileRed trvid.com/video/video-LL3kVtc-4vY.html

Animation of waves in the heart from The Virtual Heart/ EM Cherry/ FH Fenton - ve42.co/Cardiac and ve42.co/Cherry2008

Chemical materials and protocol provided by Mike Morris and the UCI Chemistry Outreach Program www.chem.uci.edu/~jsnowick/ou...

Thanks to Alie Ward for title/thumbnail consultation
Thanks to Dr Juliette Becker and Dr James O'Donoghue for the planetary science help

Music from Jonny Hyman, Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com "Seaweed" "Deeper Than The Ocean" "Ripple Effect"
Music also from Artlist artlist.com "Children of Mystery"

Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci



30 Mar 2021




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Mr. Person Humanson
Don't you just love it when you're just about to go to sleep, then you accidentally discover a new scientific phenomenon
KeanoBo$$ 16 gün önce
Just happend🤣🤣
Ace Proffitt
Ace Proffitt 20 gün önce
Oh absolutely
ian palopa
ian palopa 23 gün önce
Hey, are you monitoring me?
Jonnikins Rosaline
Jonnikins Rosaline Aylar önce
Spamton G. Spamton Not fake 100% [[Real deals]]!!!
Yeah tomorrow is the first day of school for me and it's 1:15 lol
Marq Jaqobs
Marq Jaqobs 4 aylar önce
Ever since I was a child, I've noticed that when people walk together, they end up walking with synchronized steps. I thought it was some kind of telepathy or, at least, a no-verbal communication. I never realized it is actually a phenomenon in physics and chemistry.
bumbleboo twiddletoes
I have never once noticed this, and anytime I've paid attention to it the steps have not been synchronized. You'd have to have the same length legs, be going exactly the same speed, and actually care that the other person looks more stable to you. I usually look at the ground while walking.
bumbleboo twiddletoes
@random daywalker you make zero sense
Stephen A
Stephen A Aylar önce
@leighatkins22 it may happen because of "emotional contagion": where one picks up the emotional state of those close by. I was a carer for an elderly man who'd had a series of mini strokes and his short term memory didn't function. He was almost permanently in a "in the moment" mental state, like a sort of mindfullness. I would pick up his mental state, he was very pleasant to be around. In my regular job I occasionally have to deal with quite agitated people in toxic mental states. It's unpleasant, I can recognise myself start to be polluted by it and can, to an extent, retain my equanimity. I'm fairly well inured to being polluted by toxic mental states now.
leighatkins22 Aylar önce
@Fake Chuck The actual reason I said that was coz they have proven (Heartmath Institute) that if 2 ppl are sitting next to each other, with an EEG u will pick up the heartbeat of one person in the other person's brain and vice versa. And this happens becoz the heart puts out such a powerful electromagnetic signal, and we are first and foremost electrical beings sitting on a chemical bias, so we are very sensitive to electromagnetic signals, especially each others'.
@TomasGabriel83 That’s something called “stick in with the crowd”. When I was a kid, I would try not to be synchronized, but after a couple of minutes I would be synced. I never knew why. But now I don’t care.
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly 4 aylar önce
Breaking lockstep or cadence is hard. I noticed this during my many years in the Army. Going from double time to quick time march, brings a formation into lockstep extremely fast. Run to walk is what this means. A group of SMs (Service Members) just casually walking is in lockstep. That being drilled into your head day after day and year after year….is a habit not so easily broken. Kinda impressed more Brit SMs didn’t cause bridge collapses.
Ophelia Rolle
Ophelia Rolle Aylar önce
@Astrobrant2 Maybe the speed of the music. I just read about a theory of difference between men and women and how certain types of music impacts their speed and behavior while driving. So why not walking? In your case it makes me think of power walking to high intensity workout music.
Astrobrant2 Aylar önce
Buddy, That probably applies to musicians as well. I've caught myself mentally relating my footsteps to a musical tempo. Powers of two dominate my rhythms. When I was young and ran a quarter mile or more, I would breathe in rhythm with my feet (every four steps). When that wasn't enough I would change it to every three steps. Just think waltz! It really seemed to make the running easier. I also went to a quasi-military school for 11 years -- lots of marching -- and was in the band. If anybody unconsciously does things in cadence, it's me. That said, I really don't find myself walking in lockstep with other people unless it was when holding my wife's hand. However, my left foot is permanently on an odd number. IOW, if I'm walking in beat with some music, I almost _can't_ have my left foot on an even beat. Funny thing, though, if I'm walking when walking-speed music is playing, I actually consciously force myself to walk at a different pace. I don't know why.
M M Aylar önce
Columns 2, 3, 5. Change step, march!
gettingkilt Aylar önce
Training service members to walk in step is easy. Training then to suddenly walk out of step must be quite hard.
Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate Aylar önce
That isnt drilled into service members xD thats just what happens when people walk in groups to places. given enough time, they begin to walk in step
Mr. Jake
Mr. Jake 4 aylar önce
I have always been amazed when I synchronize with a complete stranger going to work in the morning on a consistent yet intermittent basis. I am referring to the situation where you are on your way to work in your car and you come to a four-way stop sign and this person is in their car and they stop at the same intersection at the same time as you--on a somewhat regular basis. It does not happen every morning but it happens often enough to where you easily recognized their car with a certain level of expectation. You do not know this person, you do not know where they live, but we are both going through similar rituals every morning...alarms going off, showering-up, making coffee, getting dressed, grabbing your stuff and heading out the door....starting your car....adjusting the seat belt, getting the radio tuned and Bamm... within the window of a half second you both pull up to the same four-way stop. You are heading North and they are heading West. Amazing synchronicity.
enicotinic Aylar önce
Thanks for putting it into words so eloquently. 👍!
Jenna Halcomb
Jenna Halcomb Aylar önce
This always completely blows my mind but this happens to me all the time
Kevin Whitely
Kevin Whitely Aylar önce
Yes, I have also being amazed when all the strangers in different cars all stop in front of red traffic lights.
Mr. Jake
Mr. Jake Aylar önce
@Waka Meta ....and now you're going to tell us that the Borg not real?
Waka Meta
Waka Meta Aylar önce
bro synchronicity is not the same as synchronization, also your mind is being blown by a pretty common thing like sharing regular routines with other humans.
MrChrispy777 4 aylar önce
One summer evening, in Pennsylvania, I was witness to a huge cloud of lightening bugs, against a pastel sky, at sunset. Additionally, up on a hill, the chimes of a church played a melodious hymn, which tune floated over the small town. The gentle pace of the hymn was synchronized with the lighting of the bugs, as they kept a beat. It was a magical moment, that I wish I could've captured on video..
sergio hernandez
sergio hernandez 2 aylar önce
@MrChrispy777 "smarter everyday." Is the name of the channel, Destin made a video on those lightning bugs
MrChrispy777 2 aylar önce
@sergio hernandez I'm not sure what you're referring to. Would you please specify.
sergio hernandez
sergio hernandez 2 aylar önce
Check out smarter everyday he just did a video on those
ERDFCN3040 Yıl önce
I'm from Russia and I watch your videos, but I watch your videos from another channel that does Russian voice acting. But I still go to your channel looking for the right video and put a like. It was you who instilled in me a love for physics and I would like to say a huge thank you! You probably won't even read this comment, but I still want to write it. Thanks!
ChickenBob 2 aylar önce
@Blitzmister yes and no but still, don't forget that people from russia have to learn not only another language, but also a completely different alphabet using cometely different symbols I'm from germany and I would say that I had a lot easier time learning english than someone coming from Russia, China, Japan, etc. there are also a lot of people from these places that can speak some English but can't write it same as i know some Russian words but i could never write them in cyrillic
DJM 74
DJM 74 4 aylar önce
Oh wow, that's so fascinating! How easy us only English speakers have it!!! Any great Russian channels (with subtitles) you could recommend? Science, comedy, etc?? (I don't think Crazy Russian Hackers counts anymore hey lolol - I already follow him anyway 🤭)
Joel Varghese
Joel Varghese Yıl önce
@J P No hate but they must have just used google translate, but yeah I appreciate their effort.
Sriv Gamez
Sriv Gamez Yıl önce
Let’s make Derek see this comment
WalrusRider 4 aylar önce
Interesting. I thought it would be a video on standing waves and natural vibration frequencies
Dr. Bench Canister
Dr. Bench Canister 4 aylar önce
@uncannily I thought it would be on people who still don't understand this is internet and videos have no age....
Joe Deer
Joe Deer 4 aylar önce
@Carolyn Cool no you did not
James B.
James B. Aylar önce
I used to practice jumping into lock step say, with my dad or someone I was walking and talking with. Walking while holding hands, I found, is another way of being in synchrony! It's a lot like drumming in a big circle and locking up with a synchronous rhythm with everyone else. It is amazing to experience the sudden coalescence and to even introduce a new movement and feel the effect it has on the whole group.
Mart El
Mart El 4 aylar önce
This makes me think of quantum entanglement and how maybe the reason it happens is because there is a shared field in a higher dimension from which the atoms "hang" and serves as a way to transfer information. Just like the table serves as a medium for transferring information here
Carl Hallstrom
Carl Hallstrom Aylar önce
A very interesting thought. Thank you so much. 🙂🍀
CaliJesse1.618 Aylar önce
Good point...nature movements proves your theory.For example, a flock of birds flying in harmony.
Hazbin Hotel
Hazbin Hotel 2 aylar önce
I like the way you think! You are close, but there doesn't need to be higher dimensions if you apply time field theory. you end up with 4 dimensions, but you also get 4 time feilds...the time feilds themselves are basically universal constants that occupy real physical space that everything is bound and ordered by. The fixed dimensions of the electron shell, the surface area of a black hole, this size of an atom...all of those are universally fixed by the time feilds...and because Universal fundamental laws and properties of the universe change from one time field to the next...you end up with things like quantum mechanics and general relativity never being able to be mathematically congruent. They don't need to be though, there is a far simpler explanation. Quantum entanglement happens at an instant across any distance...it is a universal constant of the 2d quantum time field...and because we live at a causal and relativistic scale, a 4d universe, we get things like superposition and every quantum measurement at best only being a probabilistic in nature. Ive been working on this for almost a decade and think maybe I need to publish a paper.
leighatkins22 2 aylar önce
Yes... and they tell us that if you can't see or believe in something it doesn't exist... Ever heard of ur electromagnetic field? Electricity 101 says if u pass a current thru a wire, an electromagnetic field will establish around that wire. Transformer Principle 101 says if u place another wire in that already established electromagnetic field, a current will be induced to flow thru that one as well. And if u modulate the current thru that 1st wire, the current induced in the 2nd wire will reflect the modulation pattern in the 1st wire, perfectly - in other words, data will be transmitted thru that electromagnetic conduit, without either wire touching each other. Our bodies run on electricity - our brain functions, our heart function, all our muscle structure, we are electrical beings, and as such we must also have an electromagnetic field around us - what tree-hugging hippies call an 'aura', and as transformer principle tells us, data can also be transmitted quite successfully thru that aura. Therefore, as an electrical being, u can sit next to someone and not even see them, yet on some level, u will trade data with them... ever wondered how it is that u can sit near someone u don't know, and not speak to them or even make eye contact with them, yet they will give u the creeps?!? This is ur intuition tuning into the data u've received via ur electromagnetic field, and u've been doing it all ur life, u just didnt know it coz u've taken it for granted. And I strongly suspect it is responsible for phenomena like critical mass and alot of that other social behaviour we are seeing here as well, especially when it comes to moving together as a single unit social mass.
Jeff Walters
Jeff Walters 4 aylar önce
I think synchronicity is like attraction. Everything wants to be like it’s neighbor (for lack of a better example) and tends to sync to it or a group. I was looking at trees and noticing how they tend to lean to each other say on a street or parking lot.
CrazyGaming Yıl önce
I really like how these videos immediatly start on the subject, no obnoxious minute long boring introduction of "sub this, like that, hit notifications, check my bro's channel blah blah" followed by minute long sponsor messages. No instead just a short message "sponsored by Kiwico, more about that in the end of the video". That's it. Thank you, that's how to do it!
F V 28 gün önce
"link in the description " "here's the family dog, say Hi" 🙄
Glendy Beatriz
Glendy Beatriz Aylar önce
@Anky Spon I’m too excited to watch another video by him that I forget to like.. everytime
The Chad Dad
The Chad Dad Yıl önce
You don't like seeing forge of empires ads before your watch video?
CrazyGaming Yıl önce
@The Trickster oh ok. so 1 lakh is 100k, gotcha, 90 lakh would 90 x 100k = 9 million.
Rowrowrow Yourbot
Rowrowrow Yourbot 2 aylar önce
"In science we do reductionism, all of our science courses tell us the way to solve a problem is to break it down into smaller parts and analyze the parts. And that has been phenomenally successful for every branch of science. But the great frontier in science today is what happens when you try to go back to put the parts together to understand the whole. That's the field of complex systems. That's why we don't understand the immune system very well. We don't understand consciousness very well. It seems like the whole is more than the sum of the parts. How can you understand the properties of the whole given the properties of the parts?" Using science as it is today using reductionism, you can't understand the properties of the whole given the properties of the parts. Most people think science can explain everything, especially the scientists, including the immune system and consciousness. But they're WRONG. We cannot understand consciousness by thinking of it as a byproduct of neural activity in the brain. Instead, it could be that the brain is the organism through which consciousness is processed.
Justin Teper
Justin Teper 4 aylar önce
In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. - Jung Also, I remember you posting a video talking about luck. Is it chance and circumstance? Chance and circumstance may have alot to do with luck or these cases of synchronicities.
Louis Muller
Louis Muller Aylar önce
@Ian Wallace Chaos as the opposite of synchronization is an extremely limited definition. Ultimately, it is emergent randomness, the opposite of contingency. I argue that this is an illusion, due to limited consciousness. Finis.
Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace Aylar önce
Chaos the distribution and synchronization the order, two sides of the same expression. A natural emergent property of relative position. Luck is synchronous interaction at the half step, bad luck the asynchronous punch out of phase with your motion. Hence why bad luck feels like getting punched in the stomach and everything grinding to a halt while good luck feels like riding a wave already going your way. Just that said system includes every variance of perspective both possible and imaginary that leads to it being hard to deliberately synch up with. Also why discordant action on purpose creates further collision of waves rippling outward from the initial incident. The kind stuff you do kind of have to approach polymath areas of interest to spot as a pattern so try not to judge too harshly the oblivious among us.
Louis Muller
Louis Muller 2 aylar önce
Chaos is the state of limited consciousness. Everything is contingent, except the exercise of morality. How we could decide to rebel against such harmony is the mystery at the root of human consciousness.
tweeleaf 4 aylar önce
12:50 This is also quite similar to the Briggs-Rauscher reaction. In fact, like the opposite. In the BR reaction, faint orange-ish liquid changes into an opaque dark blue color, only for a brief moment. In the BZ reaction, it is in the middle between opaque and clear. Dark orange turning into a light blue in a more equal time gap between the color switches.
Griffin Fornell
Griffin Fornell 19 gün önce
There is a fascinating implementation of this concept in high end mechanical watchmaking. There is essentially two mechanisms (escapements) which synchronize and theoretically serve to divide errors in ratekeeping. The F.P. Journe Chronometre Resonance is my favorite example. Unfortunately, one will set you back about as much as a nice American home.
rolturn Yıl önce
This channel is what the Discovery Channel was like to me when I was a child. I love how it brings life to "uninteresting" subjects.
Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate Aylar önce
@Jari wtf are those parentheses...
Jari Aylar önce
and now dicovery chanel are about disocover their fake documentaries (and) (about how to make money to the shareholders)
Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate Aylar önce
this seems pretty interesting to me, i feel like other people would also find it interesting...
Homuya 2 aylar önce
Wanna know the worst opposite of this? I had a teacher in school who gave us topics like the universe and if we said yes he put on the most BORING 2 hour documentary ever being like the most monotonous possible and despite that I am interested in that kinda stuff I literally almost fel asleep because it was like super generic. Sadly that kept happening for a bunch of topics and the worst was that often half these documentaries were just boring "theories" - Like come on I want knowledge and not could've should've would'ves..Either way we got shouted a bunch for falling asleep.
LIONARTO 4 aylar önce
Stellar Spas
Stellar Spas Aylar önce
Thank you, very well produced video. Much comes to mind, including a basic observation I had 30 years ago or so. It seems at almost everything, no matter how big or small (i.e., atomic or galactic), behaves in either a cyclic or rhythmic way. Many energy waves, as they travel through space (sound, radio, light, etc.) are rhythmic. I'm not formally well educated on much of this stuff, so don't know if there are some energies that travel in a straight line. Anyone who knows, feel free to comment. Your vid emphasized synchronization between a broad variety of individuals in a group. But it seems almost everything in the universe has its own established rhythm, which might be the same phenomenon, only with the subcomponents within an individual. An individual sound wave can only exist ("survive") if it's regular. If the crests (correct term for the outer limit of the wave?) of a wave changes, one of its primary defining characteristics (other than still being defined as sound) changes. IOW, it becomes something distinctly different from its former self. I'm just thinking this out real time as I write, so I may be off, but inspired (by your vid). Which I believe presented itself visually at 30 or so FPS via the laptop screen. When I was a kid, I noticed that water flowing from our garden hose down the sloped concrete of our driveway, formed waves. The concrete was (relatively) smooth, surely with no such similar wave pattern on it, so the waves formation was obviously attributable to some other element of fluid dynamics, I believe it's called. While knowing specifically why waves form would be nice, it was mostly the observation that they formed period that had me start to see how almost everything (if not literally everything) is rhythmic/cyclic. And if we don't think it is, maybe it's only because of our lives are a nanosecond on the universe's time scale. That, or some other element of our limited capacities to perceive, that have us physically unable to detect the cycle In astrophysics, the collective opinion among those in the field might be that 13.6 or so billion years ago, there was a mega-monster sized ball...just hanging out. You know, as it had for all of eternity until that point. Okay, so that's impossible, for one thing. Existence of anything, even empty space is impossible. It's impossible that that phat mega ball of matter was simply "always there". Something had to create it. It's impossible that there was ever a beginning. While I have a personal, experienced-based belief in a higher power I call God (for convenience), He/It is no exception. It's impossible that God, if there is one (I respect that my beliefs are not facts), has always been. Popular religion doesn't explain their conception of God. Saying "He's always been", or whatever is claimed, doesn't explain anything. It's just a way of moving on from that which can't be explained. So God, time, space, and all matter (and anti-matter), as I see, could never have the power to create itself from pure nothingness (meaning not even space, entirely void of even the small subatomic particle, exists). God...sorry, but while certain life experiences and "feelings" (the kind of feeling that...feels, or senses) have me believe you may be lurkin', I can't believe you created yourself. You might be omnipotent, but that'd only be after the fact. It'd impossible to for you to even have the thought "Hey, I want to exist" if you don't yet. Okay, so we've established that it's impossible for anything, including empty space to exist. With that in mind, the purely confident statement of truth I believe is entirely accurate, is: Something's going on. Moving on from that, since there's so much evidence that everything adheres to a cycle, then the universe must as well. I believe astrophysicists' popular theory is that the universe is expanding. If so, then I'd guess that expansion is only one phase of its cycle. It either expands so much it reconvenes on the other side of infinite space, or some other cosmic phenomenon causes it to eventually reverse from expanding to contracting, eventually causing it to all collect again, via the mega-ultra-as-big-as-the universe-plus-some, super duper massive black hole, which gets us back to that same phat and jiggly ball. Which in turn, probably hangs in that state for a few, until it gets either bored and/or antsy, increasing its baseline jigglyness, until it gets a hot under the collar (I might get a hair ticked off too if I was just floating in the middle of nowhere, for like 80 octillion years), heats up, causing all the atomic friction we like so much, until it just can't take it no more, and...BAM. You might see where I'm headed here. So, I submit, that everything, every element of existence, even mental (the guy with the headphones mentioned something about psychological processes...or something cognitive processes based) doesn't merely "acquire" a cycle, as the result of its existence. I propose that it may be the foundation or the source or precursor to its existence. Mike Myers (Austin Powers), who was once an SNL cast member, played a Scottish merchant character. In the skit he would say, "If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP!". I'm pretty darn close to feeling the same way about a cyclic precursor or foundational matrix being the only thing that matters...everything else (except maybe Scottish made materials and consumer products)...is CRAP! Okay, I kind of lost there for a minute, but don't blame me. The vid did it. It inspired free thinking and that can happen. In fact, while I haven't done a formal trend analysis, it might happen at regular intervals. Even if they were irregular intervals, they're still intervals. And again, we might just need to pull back a half a hair more, and like displayed depiction of a beating heart, it's a regular rhythm, it has unique patterns, peaks, blips an' stuff...within each beat cycle. So maybe my aforementioned loss of sanity is just as essential as the Yin is to the Yang. One defines the other. Insanity is defined by its opposite. That's kiiind of another subject, but I would like to say, if you'll permit me, that maybe I wasn't speaking pure gibberish when speaking of the impossibility of anything. 'Cause let's face it. For anything to exist, it has to also not exist. IOW, if the entire universe was "chair", and there was nothing else, we wouldn't really thinking straight if we called the only thing that exists "chair" (the thing we humans invented to sit on). It's the fact that a chair doesn't exist that allows it to exist. Sense exists only because nonsense exists. And it might get interesting here: Space might only be able to exist if it also doesn't exist. As I said...my base concrete statement containing what I believe to be the highest definition of the word "fact", is that...something's going on. It's no new theory that maybe nothing exists outside my mind. My mind and cognitive thought processes might have created the whole of the universe. Or...I might just be dreaming. Hey...when I hit they hay at night and dream, with only one exception, I don't even consider that I'm dreaming during the dream. The dream is just life. But when I wake up, it's...oh, I was dreaming, and am so convinced I've awoken to actual life, I don't often consider it to be anything else. But with the understanding that obviously our minds are sophisticated enough to create what we perceive as "reality", so well that we don't even suspect differently, then that A) says a lot about our mind's capacity to fool us, time and time again, and B) Has us consider that what we think of as "life" might be just another level of dream state. It could be when we "die", we simply return to a state of being that doesn't surprise us in the slightest...just like we're not surprised when waking from a nightly dream. Which brings me to the psychological mention of the gentlemen with headphones. It supports a consideration that I've had for many years. That A) Reincarnation, *may* a thing. or B) Not so much reincarnation, but whatever's responsible for me consciously living this life, perceived internally. IOW, I sometimes wonder why the world isn't exactly the way it is, only me (Terry), am not experiencing Terry's life from his internal perspective. I wasn't any of the uncountable people who lived in the past (to my recollection, at least), so what is it that's attributable for me consciously living and looking out past these eyeballs at life, from the inside? Since that question's not easy to answer, I'd like to conclude with another proposal. Since my internal perception of Terry's life is the basis for my only confident pure truth statement, that something's going on, it's not too much of a stretch to consider that...if this internal conscious perception of Terry's life has *definitely* occurred, why might it not happen again? I don't know much about a soul or spirit that came from and returns to some afterlife homebase. So I'm not saying my consideration is based on that. I'm only saying...since it's happening now, with this conscious experience of life and the awareness that I'm aware of it (well said, I know), then simply based on the logic that since it's proven that it can and does happen, then...according to the universal laws of probability, might be somewhere between likely and guaranteed to happen...again.
Ibu Kondo
Ibu Kondo 3 aylar önce
Regarding the gravitational synchronization effect that was demonstrated with the graphic or our moon, would that also imply that, given enough time, our own planet would be tidally locked with the Sun?
harshith swamy
harshith swamy 2 aylar önce
Its just amazing to find the video which is started with pendulum clocks synchronization and traveled through chemical , electrical and ended with the quest to find the properties of whole system using its smaller parts ,which i think everybody is struggling to do it now ! great video
dat vergil doe
dat vergil doe 4 aylar önce
The more I learn about science the more I understand just how important Huygens was. I learned about him in my adult years. Truly a remarkable mind.
Vegan Pete
Vegan Pete Aylar önce
Science is just a clumsy approximation of nature - if you find science so remarkable, just imagine how much your mind will be blown when you start to embrace nature.
Ferrari Au
Ferrari Au Yıl önce
Once again, Veritasium pumping out 20min videos that feel like 5min long
Joshua Schultz
Joshua Schultz Yıl önce
Thats the only thing I dont likeabout him. I feel like 15-20 minutes go by and then I look at my clock and see I've lost an hour and a half.
A Mad Hollow
A Mad Hollow Yıl önce
Felt like 30 for me
FALUBE 808 Yıl önce
here is my like for the 1k
why believe? just ask
topic in video, good. show global earth is, for me funny, because i know why these things happen for years. youtube, 2019 : not want wrong infos about, ( gave 4 example ), sandy hook ( school shooting ), miracle healing and ? flat earth ( talk about shape ) and holocaust ( world war, many horrible deaths ). to compare the last 2, say much about this, world. but enjoy this video and have a good day, in the, hell-i.o.-centric world-view, as it is called. - with, big bang and evolutionary -theories. ( and i thought, make such theories is not good ;) ).
LeviGotYouboi Yıl önce
@Reyes Duarte *FBI has entered the chat*
Code Hunter
Code Hunter 2 aylar önce
After watching this video, I start to wonder isn't it because of the nature of synchronization that one would find them working similar clothing as a random stranger, or sometimes when walking through a narrow passage in a different direction with another person, you move to the left to give them a way, and they also move left to give you a way and end up bumping into each other.
Peteri Davies
Peteri Davies 2 aylar önce
This simplistic explanation was so immediately and intensely enlightening. I wish I could learn other topics so easily.
fizzy 2 aylar önce
After you take a differential equations class you're ready to read Strogatz's book on nonlinear odes, dynamical systems and chaos!! Outstanding author!! Some of that book references BZ reactions and the synchronizing fireflies.
Drzeq 4 aylar önce
5 + 5 =/= 10 Basically when you take a mechanism with 5 parameters and combine it with another mechanism with 5 parameters, the outcome complex mechanism will have much more than 10 parameters that need to be taken into consideration.
Cole Smith
Cole Smith Yıl önce
Holy crap! Imagine you are performing on stage and the crowd is giving you a massive applause, then suddenly: CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP Edit: It's so interesting how this happens in different places. I've never experienced it in the US.
Ratre 4 aylar önce
We are told to clap in synchronization but no one do at the start . They said Its formal way of greeting a guest in our school .its common thing.
Mady 4 aylar önce
Never experienced it in the US? It's so common for me to experience. Both in the north east and south east, so maybe it's a eastern vs western thing, but 🤷‍♀️
Marco Antonio Falquete
@( V ) No, this is a myth, this sign of appreciation for the performance from the audience (and call for an encore) is common in non-communist countries like Norway, Denmark, Germany and Brazil.
Kristoffer Yıl önce
@WagonLoads That is probably very unlikely and most people would probably stop clapping then.
LOMe Zack
LOMe Zack Yıl önce
This is actually nothing rare, i've played and applauded in alot of concerts. usually they dont nessescarily slow down like that, but for an Applaude that goes for a couple minutes one or two Moments of synchronisation is quite usual.
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia 3 aylar önce
What's really dope about this synchronization theory is how it presents itself in people. Spend enough time with a person, and personality traits, ways of thinking, acting, talking begin to be overridden in each person; with respect to who they were individually. I'm no expert, just speaking from experiences
2C_4M 2 aylar önce
This video was SO GOOD. Absolutely loved hearing Pr. Strogatz talk, what an incredible final thought he shared.
Murthi  S.Kandanapitiye
Could this be used to investigate any correlation between the synchronization of laser clocks that work in the fabric of spacetime itself?
jeremy penner
jeremy penner 2 aylar önce
Given this information, I wonder why it's so hard to get people to clap together with a song, without rushing ahead of the beat. If you watch any live performance with a crowd clapping audibly along, particularly if the band stop playing and let the crowd's clapping control the tempo, they inevitably push the tempo forward.
Ahmad Khilfi
Ahmad Khilfi Yıl önce
Whenever a lot of people are having a chat to the point where the room was so noisy and then suddenly everyone just stop talking to complete silence is someting that is mesmerising and scares me. It's like they/we unknowingly agree to stop talking at the same time
Germán Salas
Germán Salas 4 aylar önce
@𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔗𝔥𝔦𝔯𝔡 𝔈𝔶𝔢 perhaps
Zino 4 aylar önce
Omg!! We used to say that an angel just passed by when that happens. 🤣
LIONARTO 4 aylar önce
wingerrrrrrrrr 4 aylar önce
And then you only hear the guy talking about his hemorrhoids, because he just don't care.
Ali Imran
Ali Imran 4 aylar önce
@Vincent Highwind My best friend from Alabama breaks the silence by saying : " boggie boggie blister, I nuts in my Sister"
L 2 aylar önce
Stephen Strogatz is one hell of an author. After one semester of differential equations you're ready for his book, _Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos_ .
Christoph Granz
Christoph Granz Aylar önce
Great video! I noticed that there should be some logic behind resonance and synchronisation, but with your explanation I understood it right away. Thank you a lot! 👍
Bhaarat singh
Bhaarat singh Aylar önce
People who are making these videos are really doing good Job. God bless them. Understanding Science becomes much easier when we take a closer look at our surroundings.
Crowald 2 aylar önce
One of my favorite things to do in school was in gym class, while we were learning about basketball. There were 30 kids in my elementary school gym class and every one of us had a ball. When doing dribbling exercises, I noticed this phenomenon for the first time, and I was kind of amazed that no one else had paid attention to it. When everyone sort of locked in sync, I purposely broke the sync and went against the flow. Interestingly, even though I broke the synchronicity, eventually so did everyone else; but what truly threw me for a loop was when everyone starting synchronizing with MY pattern instead of coupling to someone else's. Even if you try to purposely break the system, it just adapts, and it's no great wonder that the good professor Strogatz loves the concept so much, it's truly incredible that it permeates every facet of nature and synchronicity is almost integral to the universe.
WiZarD Yıl önce
Can we all take a moment to appreciate such knowledgeable content for free on this platform...
Russell Pizel
Russell Pizel 8 aylar önce
There used to be so much more, before it was purged for ideological reasons. You're now only seeing filtered content, and I guess, from what I learned from this video, that we will all start beating the same drum.
Justin Clonts
Justin Clonts Yıl önce
carefulcarpenter Yıl önce
@TMK Your attention is a commodity.
TMK Yıl önce
Free to us but youtube and ads pay for it. We are the product dont forget that
Jesper Johansson
Jesper Johansson Yıl önce
@Was Once Thør it used to be much, much better. It has only gotten worse. The people in charge only care about profit, not quality.
Nima Master
Nima Master 4 aylar önce
This was simply the best scientific video I've seen in a good while! Looking forward to more!
Break Freak
Break Freak Aylar önce
I love how the music is synchronised to the animation of Jupiter's moons at 11:42. Subtle and very clever 👏!!
IceFalken Ace
IceFalken Ace Aylar önce
I wonder if a cruise ships dampening system, that reacts to cancel out sway, could be used to eliminate bridge sway issues? Water tanks on either side of a section of bridge could work passively or actively. We'd need to treat the bridge as if it had several sections with a dampening system for each one. Perhaps all the tanks could be linked together so the water weight is shared and could be redistributed as needed? The presence of water ballast tanks on a bridge section would already provide some dampening of vibration as it would simply be absorbed by the water inside the tanks. But once sway was introduced the water would resist that sway while an active gyroscopic system could respond faster and more precisely.
Jacob Bosley
Jacob Bosley Aylar önce
The experiment to see if sound can stop tumors was a frequency sweep from 0-22 something. I've been using this as a means of defense from sound pollution and acoustics associated with piracy. When using several sweeps, even with different ranges and lengths, they still synchronize at intervals.
kummer45 Yıl önce
This is how you make school interesting again. Videos like these SHOULD be the norm in our high schools.
Saqib Shafin
Saqib Shafin Yıl önce
@Anel The same educational system also left behind many millions. It's better to include them in the 'billions' you mentioned. If by 'Our', you don't mean the Finnish or Swedish educational systems.
Drew H
Drew H Yıl önce
Veritasium and Smarter Every Day are so good because they are so passionate about learning and passionate about the things they talk about. I was homeschooled up until last couple years of high school. At home I basically taught myself and I was able to focus on the things that excite me and watch videos like this, I dived deep into math and science while avoiding literature and social studies. At USA public school the teachers have a lot more to deal with than just learning. They are dealing with the social aspect of teenagers, and the curriculum that they have to come up with for everybody to pass and expose each person to everything. Science at school was so boring but then they could also fit in literature and social studies. At high school there is some flexibility for people that like learning but it's still quite rigid to a basic curriculum. Not many kids at my high school cared about learning, maybe 30%, the rest just wanted to get it over with. Public school isn't about passion, it's about getting people good enough to get a job and live in society. I went to college and it was the same attitude. Probably only 70% of the people in college wanted to learn, the rest just wanted the degree to get a job, or just did it because it's a social norm and raises your status in society. In college there were people in my program that only passed because the school doesn't want failing people because it reflects negatively on the school, even when those people didn't earn the degree. I hate public school but I also realize we have millions of people that need jobs, push them through school and the kids that enjoy learning have to do it on their own time.
Richard Wicks
Richard Wicks Yıl önce
School isn't designed to educate, it's to pacify and indoctrinate. People have been warning about this for a long time, but look at our technology. Students have access to anything they want, but the books (which tax payers pay for) are not online, they aren't freely available, parents aren't able to easily find out what their children are being taught. When I was in school learning high school math, the books were terrible. Examples always were expressed with trivial examples - like the associative property would be demonstrated like so: (1+1)+1 = 1+(1+1) I hated those books. The example constantly used 1's and 0's to "explain" a property, but the numbers they chose allowed multiple interpretations of what was happening. like this would be a derivative example: d(x) = 1 or d(x^2) = 2x but a better example would have been d(3x^8) = 16x^7 The last example demonstrates that the derivative of cx^n = c*nx^(n-1) But they would NEVER have complex examples so it was difficult for many students to understand what was going on. The books were purposely written poorly in my opinion. My grandmother was a teacher, and I had access to books SHE used to teach calculus - they are INFINITELY better.
Agnaktorex Yıl önce
@Anel Sight is the most important and most used sense of the human including the biggest brain structures. "Not everybody is a visual learner" completely undermines this and although you are technically correct because there are also blind people, you should not state it like this
Julian Klappenbach
Julian Klappenbach 2 aylar önce
Question: as more metronomes are added to the group to be synchronized, does this result in a slowdown of the overall group?
Greg Anikin
Greg Anikin 2 aylar önce
That is why runners training in groups have greater success in running, there is always a stronger ones and weaker ones and weaker ones tend to reach stronger ones during their runs. Makes total sense! Pendulum effect in running.
hi 4 aylar önce
Thank you. Just getting started in this video but I've been fascinated by the idea of collective people walking in step ever since younger. We seem to naturally!
Eman Ruoy
Eman Ruoy 4 aylar önce
This reminds me of Itzahk Bentov's Stalking the Wild Pendulum. He was a classic genius. It's 50 yrs old now but still just as valid as when he wrote it.
We may now know the secret of synchronization, but we will never know the secret to how Veritasium edits his videos so impeccably smoothly.
xawz Yıl önce
@st1300 r He's a big guy.
st1300 r
st1300 r Yıl önce
@xawz Well he's an actor with a Ph.D. in physics education research so there is that :/
xawz Yıl önce
He's just an actor. The videos are professionally edited and produced.
AdammasterX Yıl önce
U got heart
Rudolph Guarnacci
Or why we were in Viet Nam. Oh, wait. I know.
Christopher Provience
Christopher Provience 2 aylar önce
here's my theory: each time one of them ticks while another one is out of sync, it causes a very slight delay in the next tick of the others that aren't in sync, eventually leading to them all ticking at the same time. i should've watched the whole vid, you explained this literally 30 seconds later lol. and instead of a delay you described it as a "kick", so my guess was the opposite of what was occuring
Tim Ed
Tim Ed 4 aylar önce
Lovely explanation about the Millennium Bridge, but as I remember it: the architects, Foster and Partners had been mocking a recently built French Bridge so there was a heightened awareness. A group of Brits started to purposely march and others joined in the fun. This was as much about Tall Poppy Syndrome as physics.
Zabb Wolfe
Zabb Wolfe 2 aylar önce
I remember one time in elementary school, our teacher told us how disrespectful it was to clap in sync and how the people who were "starting the synced clapping" were trolls, etc. At the time none of us knew any better, but now this explains why we were all clapping in sync without trying haha
Bob S
Bob S 2 aylar önce
People hear others clapping in sync and join in. People are highly social especially in group settings.
C0nstellati0ns 2 aylar önce
This is actually amazingly thought provoking. Love it.
Ondřej Ficek
Ondřej Ficek Yıl önce
Give your animation guy a raise, he deserves it... a lot. Wonderfully done!
Caleb Pagan
Caleb Pagan Yıl önce
I agree, very talented person!
Texan in Italy
Texan in Italy 4 aylar önce
You don't have to be on a bridge to synchronise with other pedestrians. I have seen it on a packed alley in Japan after a fireworks festival, where everyone had to exit down one narrow street. Everyone did this side to side penguin walk, and was in perfect step, all without a word about it.
Reagan Doyon
Reagan Doyon 3 aylar önce
I genuinely have so much respect for this channel. The animations that go along with the information that is presented make this channel so much better than any other one like it.
Kino D
Kino D 5 aylar önce
I've never felt more smart than when I watch these videos. the way you guys break it down and even your voice is soooo good. the examples you give for us to understand are great too!
Brian 4 aylar önce
I don't think anyone has done it the last fifty years, though. In the UK we used to say 'double-declutching'. Modern gearboxes don't need it.
Timothy Price
Timothy Price Aylar önce
Thank you! Finally! After 64 years, (and playing the video back at .25 speed), I can now see the motion of gravitational locking. It's so simple I feel almost embarrassed. But nevertheless, thank you! That alone merits a SUBSCRIBE!
Andras Feszthammer
In Hungary, members of the audience purposely sync up the clapping to honor a great performance. We call it the "iron clap". After a while, it disintegrates into just random normal applause, but people will again try to sync up. It's fun and the performers love it.
Noukie Her
Noukie Her Aylar önce
This is quite common in south germany too. No speeding up tho. Just continuous syncronized claps. But its not just with the very best performances, like as a standing ovation, but at almost evry aplause at the end of somethig bigger.
David Brick
David Brick 4 aylar önce
I remember watching a television show back in the 60s called International Showtime. It was hosted by Don Ameche and it showcased some of the greatest circus acts in Europe, some behind the Iron Curtain, to American audiences. The show was great, the acts, tremendous. But one thing that really drew my attention was the applause. Often, it was synchronized. I had never heard such a thing before. American crowds NEVER clapped in this way. Draw your own conclusions, but for me, it was a strange experience.
Marco Antonio Falquete
@Paul Haynes It isn't a "Hungarian thing", it's common in Brazil as well. It's a way for asking for an encore. Pity you don't stay for the encore .... LOL ...
Sten Nordenmalm
Sten Nordenmalm Yıl önce
Ha, ha jag också👍
Nicolai Kecskés
Nicolai Kecskés Yıl önce
@Andras Feszthammer Gave you a thumbs up before I got off YT.
Ashley Berkowitz
Ashley Berkowitz 2 aylar önce
I love watching the metronomes because your brain clicks the instant they synchronize. Gotta love that pattern recognition
Ann K.
Ann K. 2 aylar önce
I remember walking on a cruise ship that hit a large wave, and every person took a step in the same direction to keep their balance. It's an automatic response to a lateral movement. There's a tiny suspension bridge over a creek in a nearby park that I'll only cross alone, because even one additional person on the bridge makes it hard to maintain balance.
Xirius YT
Xirius YT 2 aylar önce
Only just started watching it but I must say the whole "sponsored by ____, more about them at the end" is an amazing way to do sponsorships, don't know why more creators don't do this
James Wik
James Wik 4 aylar önce
I wonder if this phenomenon has a quantum relation too, besides from sharing the same platform? A quantum equilibrium might take longer time for us to test at macro physical level?
2nd_place 8 aylar önce
I always wondered why audiences would start clapping together. I always figured it was the concerted effort of a group of people and people start copying to make a more deliberate clap, that I would consider to be a more enthusiastic clap for a great show. But maybe it only happens for great shows because people are clapping longer and therefore giving themselves time to synchronize? Interesting. I was always the weird kid paying attention to clapping when I was a kid. In church people often clap in sync with the music, and when I would try to clap out of sync, it was very difficult and I would keep trending towards synchronization, even though I was consciously objecting to it. This explains a lot! But I feel like it could be explored more deeply in relation to how this not only affects human psychology, but the effect of their behavior, such as analyzing economic market behavior.
Noukie Her
Noukie Her Aylar önce
Its really just tradition or custom in a few countries. Eg. In south germany. It comes along with stomping ones feet or shouting "zugabe", nothing special at all, just the audience asking for an encore.
Fernando Neri
Fernando Neri 4 aylar önce
@Smoko I don't think so. The theory is absolute valid, I did not question this. Just that specific example of the clapping audience was wrong putted. Just that.
Smoko 4 aylar önce
@Fernando Neri youve missed the point entirely
Reginald Curry
Reginald Curry 4 aylar önce
yeah, if you sing in front of an audience you can start with them clapping to the beat of your singing but end up singing to the beat of their clapping.
Fernando Neri
Fernando Neri 4 aylar önce
The clapping in audiences like concerts, there is nothing to do with this theory. Actually is a sign to artist that the people want him/them to back to sing/play another music. Just that.
UHFStation1 2 aylar önce
This makes me think about a video I saw about fractals and how everything tries to find a balance between order and chaos including the human heart which is fractal when it's healthy.
jorge arreola
jorge arreola 28 gün önce
Great video. I'd recommend Steven Strogatz 'SYNC" to anyone interested in the phenomenon of synchronization. It blew my mind.
Krizefugl 2 aylar önce
First time I ever witnessed it was in cars at long red lights with turn signals. The clicking noise of the turn signal in your car will synch up with other turn signals every few seconds. Always found that weird but cool.
Gabe Bo
Gabe Bo 25 gün önce
so beautifully narrated, a scientific work of art
mnotchc Huang
mnotchc Huang Yıl önce
this reminds me of a phenomenon that sometimes a noisy class would simultaneously stop talking. In the short sudden silence everyone is like 'WTF', and finds out that it was a false alarm-the teacher hasn't come yet, and continues chattering.
pinky Yıl önce
the 1 second gap that coincides with the most awkward word in your entire convo getting shouted in a silent room xD
BlinkinFirefly Yıl önce
@Philip that's not synchronicity, that's just kids watching the clock and counting down the very seconds they have left to finally get to leave XD
nCr=odds Yıl önce
@TheRealTampaDude definitely had this happen at parties, it's funny and crowded coffee shops...
Jason Crocker
Jason Crocker Yıl önce
@aman I never said that was why it happens. I was simply making a joke about it almost always seems to happen.
James Perez-Sanchez
@TheRealTampaDude I have never experienced this. People always yelled for the entirety of lunch.
John Petrakis
John Petrakis 4 aylar önce
Sure glad I discovered these videos! they are absolutely great! If you look at the number of views, you can see that lots of people want to learn.
Angela Moore
Angela Moore 2 aylar önce
Could you use a really long plank using the metronome situation to message the one way speed of light? Once they are sync shine the light to the other observer?
P 4 aylar önce
You can't correlate people clapping to phase transition because people have cultural biases to clap in that manner from experience rather than synchronization. During mass clap someone with louder clap could have provoked it's neighbors and then it spreads. It's not synchronization of frequencies. People with completely different cultures might not have same result.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 4 aylar önce
I love your content. There's so much I've wanted to learn since Covid hit and I wish these videos existed when I was in college.
Tomi Nigerian Inter Fan
Derek has just dropped 3 videos in a row that are straight up next level. Quite frankly they are cinema quality. He’s hitting out the park lately. Absolutely well done sir 👏🏿👏🏿
Alan G
Alan G Yıl önce
I know! He has come a long way since the channel started. I think he should have had a section where he asked a bunch of random Aussies on a day out to explain synchronicity, for old times sake.
Stefania Smanio
Stefania Smanio Yıl önce
and I clap in syncro....
Fil Magnoli
Fil Magnoli 4 aylar önce
Amazing to watch … I always land on the same question when I watch this, or similar, videos … what do I do with this information? How do I apply it, or use it? Make something from it? It’s amazing, but frustrating in asking, “so what do I do with this information or knowledge?” Keep posting, great stuff! :)
Debbie R
Debbie R 2 aylar önce
Perhaps theres more to this realm than we can see by using our capacity for logic and reasoning. The experience of wonder and awe can be thresholds to perceive the presence of a higher meaning or greater purpose for every one of us. (PS, I don't believe chaos exists, only order that's too big or too complex for us to understand, yet.)
Bruno Savastano
Bruno Savastano 11 gün önce
ever since i watched this video for the first time, about a year ago today, I began spotting synchronization quite more often. it fascinates me.
Josh K
Josh K 4 aylar önce
could this synchronization be used to synchronize 2 clocks in order to measure the one way trip speed of light?
Steve H
Steve H 4 aylar önce
Very interesting demonstration with clear explanations for the observed phenomena. I know this is nitpicking, but I was disappointed with the animations which show pendulums swinging is a very un-natural manner. I wish these animations were more realistic, because they detract from the overall presentation.
Saksham Kiroriwal
As a child I did observe that randomly people in group start walking in synchronization but could never reason it. This video was amazing tbh!
DualNexus 10 aylar önce
Yeah I noticed that as well. It's really weird but u know when someone is gonna speak coz u feel u wanna speak at that exact moment. It applies to movement aswell, which us why you get that awkward moment when tryna walk past someone and u both go each same way
Joris Keijser
Joris Keijser Yıl önce
Then you were wrong. It happened on that bridge only for reasons that generally never apply.
Fawx Fox
Fawx Fox Yıl önce
Same in school, when people start clapping. Like everyone was in sync, and I don't have any rhythm yet somehow would be clapping in sync.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Yıl önce
Nobody: Scientists: hold my RGB water
retr0 26 gün önce
i like the representation of the first seconds of the video, cuz... you know people tend think that fast thinkers are smarter then the individuals that do things less faster, but point what they miss is that it doesnt matter how fast we figure out things, we tend to think like that, but what comes in place is that less fast thinkers are more adaptive ans creative and the more they train their growth tend to go really slow, but then keep raising and growing, like exponencials and in the end they can overgrow the others with knowledge that sometimes can be even crazy, that scares the others and so they tend think these people are crazy, but only because they themselves are scared of potential creativness of people, thats the way how math works, motivation is a key and many times they will fall, but every time they stand up the, also grow a bit more, and the more steps the more falls but the way we learn the pattern of failing gonna grow with the fails, so they simply have to understand thats it not about how many successes u got but how mamy times did u fail and stand up again with determination to stand up again even if it would be even harder...
Kbrnsr 4 aylar önce
I saw this in Baki where it referenced the crystallization of liquid explosives across three completely different locations at the same time. It's called SYNCRONICITY, all caps
Mark Otterbeck
Mark Otterbeck 4 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this. Keep up the great documentaries and I'm happy YT recommended your channel.
0ldrasput1n 4 aylar önce
When the bridge osculation was finally explained at the end of the video I just broke out into a long laugh. It was like a realization laugh maybe? It was a new experience to say the least
wasaglass 8 aylar önce
I watched this earlier, and I was thinking about how it relates to the concept of "sanity" and if sanity really just means synchronicity. When people get isolated they often lose their minds and become out of step with normal thinking and behavior. I wonder if it's really a question of socialization keeping people "sane" or just keeping them like other people.
Hercules Balls
Hercules Balls 2 aylar önce
@js2010ish I'm afraid I know know of any good books on Wittgenstein (not that there aren't any - I just don't know of them), but some great books on abnormal neurology are written by Oliver Sacks who uses them to highlight how much actually goes into most folks 'normal' experience without them being aware of it. One of the first and most popular was 'Anthropologist on Mars', but I think he wrote three or four altogether. I'm sure Amazon or Barnes and Noble will bring them all up. Very readable and not too technical.
Faraz Khan
Faraz Khan 2 aylar önce
..great observation. I think the psychedelic thinkers like Terence McKenna and the psychedelic experience itself argue (really well) that Culture nothing but is a collective hallucination.
ande28 2 aylar önce
@Hercules Balls This is true in my experience. I feel isolated and alone when I get the feeling that I’m out of sync from everyone else.
Ruben Misrahi
Ruben Misrahi 3 aylar önce
Interesting idea: social synchronicity. Think of generational behavior, think of societies that have become convinced that Nazism is right, crowds that suddenly become violent. Excellent point
Stephen Farrugia
Stephen Farrugia 3 aylar önce
When a child loses it and starts to cry, a good hearted mummy puts the palm of her hand on the child's head and calms her down. How does she do it? Synchronization! Some persons claim to have the gift of touch, they touch people to cure them. Same thing, synchronization. Maybe one day, instead of pushing chemicals down our throats, scientist will manage to delve deeply into the 'mechanical' brain and see where this synch is failing and use alternative medicine (metronomes) to fix heads. Wouldn't that be nice?
Tambet Ott
Tambet Ott 2 aylar önce
I have always wondered about the aplause thing. I speculated, that it must be a custom or something, so when one guy (thats me) claps out of sync, he would stick out and was afraid of other people's judgement, so then he just conforms.
edward mac nab
edward mac nab 4 aylar önce
Mathematically the term Chaos , doesn't actually mean chaos . It means something more like , complicated . I would think that real chaos would be almost impossible to occur , actually , and that things just get more and more complicated . BTW , this was a really great video !
Lindsey B Hui
Lindsey B Hui 2 aylar önce
I love that! My mind is flashing with that idea *
edward mac nab
edward mac nab 2 aylar önce
@Ron P Chaos has a gender ? News to me !
Ron P
Ron P 2 aylar önce
Had to laugh when it occurred to me that chaos has historically been labeled as the feminine...complicated?
edward mac nab
edward mac nab 4 aylar önce
@mambagr mathematical chaos is ordered
mambagr 4 aylar önce
In Greek chaos means complicated but disordered.
NCZects_ 2 aylar önce
I'm actually learning each videos you upload actually because it reminds of a science subject, geography Subjects and others great explanations
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz 4 aylar önce
I assume this effect works on mechanical metronomes. A metronome is suppose to give an accurate constant time. If you use a digital metronome I don’t think this will work. The digital metronomes will never sink in time. I think….
AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
I learned so much in this one! Thank you for educating us while keeping it very entertaining
Trevor Chabot
Trevor Chabot 4 aylar önce
I learned about it on the Discovery channel.
LIONARTO 4 aylar önce
Kuaqy 4 aylar önce
@StereohearT. Kk kjkkj
Youngest spoood
Youngest spoood 4 aylar önce
😂. B n nb
MyUsernamesKitty 4 aylar önce
Hello checkmark.
Miss E.
Miss E. Aylar önce
I experienced the synchronized clap one time at band camp and I thought that was really neat. This video explains so much about why that probably happened. Very cool. 😎
Miss E.
Miss E. Aylar önce
Time crystallization- this video is probably going to stay with me for a while. Haha
Charles Mouse
Charles Mouse 4 aylar önce
...armies should break step... There's an arched suspension footbridge over the river in my home town, built in the mid 1800's but nearly brought down when I was a child. The teachers of a local girls school got it in to their heads to have their pupils march in step over it EVERY DAY, bringing worried comment from all who witnessed it oscillate like a gigantic trampoline as a result. Having refused to listen to all reasonable advice to stop the school was threatened with legal action in the end! The bridge is still in use with a notice at both ends warning large groups not to march in step over it! It often seems the primary source of chaos in the universe is stupidly selfish people who never consider consequences or listen even to urgent advice.
ScorpioHR Aylar önce
Imagine what great things people would discover when bored without a TV/electronics these days
Pyro Potassium
Pyro Potassium 2 aylar önce
Synchronisation on a bridge is applying force/enhancing the strength of gravity simultaneously among all people walking on the bridge, if synchronously done so. This means excess pressure is applied to all parts of it. Meanwhile normally walking means pressure is applied at different timings and not simultaneously; this reduces the amount of force exerted atop the bridge drastically as if everyone's steps never occurred synchronously (i.e. everyone takes a step at a different timing from one another), then the bridge surface would only have to tolerate the weight of one person on the bridge at any given time of day provided it is open and has people walking on it. Of course, reality is never like this where no two people walk the Earth stepping concurrently. But even if some hit the ground at the same time as another individual on the same bridge, it would not cause nearly as much force to be exerted upon the bridge every second as if all walkers were moving synchronously.
Balqis Asifi
Balqis Asifi Yıl önce
Can we take a moment to appreciate how much effort was put into those animations damn they explain it so well
CatLady Yıl önce
@Oscar Foley Nonsensical jibberish.
Oscar Foley
Oscar Foley Yıl önce
@CatLady us it woke sjw propaganda to artists did a good job
CatLady Yıl önce
@FrightenedDuck I salute you on your proper use of the elusive Apostrophe! In today’s school of woke political social justice, you are the equivalent of Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, and Colonel Green, all wrapped up in one! Congrats! 🏆 👨‍🎓 A+++++ 🎉 🎊
FrightenedDuck Yıl önce
@CatLady lolwut. they're giving credit to the animators, not the animation
CatLady Yıl önce
The animations were just doing their job. They’re not heroes and deserve no extra accolades.
Brian Morris
Brian Morris 4 aylar önce
Any number of metronomes will all appear to synchronize for a short time. This would only be amazing if they stayed synchronized.
Alberto Blanko
Alberto Blanko Aylar önce
this video is so cool. i love how it just show us pictures and not just explain it. very cool really. thank you guys for doing that
David Hereaux
David Hereaux Aylar önce
Was the bridge an Embarrassment, or a great scientific study? The way they independently did a study on the amount of people it took to make it happen, was amazing. I wonder if the sway of the bridge, according to the weight ratio of the people made a difference, from say, other things we use everyday. A smaller bridge, or item, would be an exact weight to weight ratio. Any similar factors?
Mumbo 3 aylar önce
The recent collapse of the bridge in Mexico (07/June/22) seems to be caused by this Synchronisation effect. You can see it happening just before the collapse as they walk in sync. Interesting and informative.
Finn de Graaf
Finn de Graaf Yıl önce
5:14 conclusion: if school bands start playing on wobbly platforms we’ll finally always play in time. Even better, the longer we play the better we play in time!
slayer 1
slayer 1 Yıl önce
@Andrew Durfee we got to start somewhere you rocked that one
slayer 1
slayer 1 Yıl önce
@emiemiemi you would be right there are certain rock songs that are like that African drums African American drums which is actually in the American it should be Blackfoot more to the point I'm pretty sure some stuff from the '60s in the seventies that used to do that a lot I'm sorry I don't have any specifics but they are definitely out there
slayer 1
slayer 1 Yıl önce
@Herra Käärme that is some far-fetched stuff but I like it
Flinch Yıl önce
No, but thanks for the laugh: inconsistency is the hallmark of humanity. School bands will always struggle [just a bit].
david whitaker
david whitaker 4 aylar önce
completely awesome. I am a practicing Nicherin buddhist and we chant nam myoho range Kyo this is known as a mantra who’s translates to the devotion to the mystic law tru "sound and vibration’ I watch a presentation of scientists who isolated what they said was the sound of the quantum universe. I wonder I the recitation of this mantra can be understood as helping to synchronize our minds and body....
Adi's Projects
Adi's Projects Aylar önce
Isn't the collatz conjecture also essentially figuring out the behaviour of the system given the behaviour of all parts? All the paths are defined but unless you know how the system works as a whole, there's no way to know if all numbers go to 1 or not
iCantEvenButtons 11 gün önce
It hurts me that someone with such knowledge stared at a few pendulum clocks for hours, and could not decipher that the beam they hung on was causing kinetic energy from one to move the other. If they are all connected on a surface, of course they will synch up eventually.
Smh_240 4 aylar önce
I really just watched 20 minutes of science because I wanted to see things synchronize.
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