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CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THESE!! Screen Rant's Ryan George offers his unique take on James Gunn's The Suicide Squad as Writer Guy pitches the misadventures of Amanda Waller's infamous Task Force X - touching on characters such as Idris Elba's Bloodsport, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, John Cena's Peacemaker, Sylvester Stallone's King Shark, David Dastmalchian's Polka Dot Man, and more! Here's our REACTION!!
#TheSuicideSquad #PitchMeeting #JamesGunn

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11 Ağu 2021




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Fikile Mkhize
Fikile Mkhize Yıl önce
Y don't u do honest trailer anymore
Felix Chavarria
Felix Chavarria Yıl önce
I don't get the logic behind folks like you both claiming Starro is innocent? With that logic, then any mass murder who has killed only because they lost it(anger syndrome) is justify. Then you get into really murky water such as Hitler, Bin Laden n other mass murders. Where is the line seriously? That whole scene was garbage n kind of ruined some of the movie.
Vatsal Yıl önce
Greg You can check "Pitch Meeting" Pitch Meeting. It's a 100th special video by rayn George.
Hrickthegeek Yıl önce
Javelin is a Green Lantern villain from the comics and his javelin is actually a bit more reinforced than regular bullets. So that automatically explains why it was able to pierce the eye whereas bullets failed to do so.
Bryan Yascaribay-Bermeo
Theory: They convinced King Shark to be apart of the team by promising he will get free nom noms
Jelani Byrd
Jelani Byrd 4 aylar önce
My theory is that king shark has gills, so instead of piercing his skin they just stuck it in past hill gills.
lilmil 9 aylar önce
Apologize for this painfully unfunny joke right now
lilmil 10 aylar önce
Thats so funny
kris denson
kris denson 11 aylar önce
That's adorable and scary.
Austin Alexander
Austin Alexander Yıl önce
I buy it. I declare it canon
Ace Madness
Ace Madness Yıl önce
I can almost hear James Gunn screaming at WB execs, "NO. FUCKIN. SKYBEAMS!"
azgirl Yıl önce
@Awesome5 Fire The Devil's Anus in Ragnarok could also bea sky beam, and it's different from the bifrost.
KK In a wheelchair
@pyroblast3000 the comment said marvel not just the mcu
pyroblast3000 Yıl önce
@Ronald Torres Ok it needs to be rules to what a "Skybeam" is a Skybeam is a threat by the villain in the final act the mcguffin that needs to be opened or closed. Any beam of light don't qualify...
pyroblast3000 Yıl önce
@KK In a wheelchair That is not from Marvel Studios.
Ronald Torres
Ronald Torres Yıl önce
I can recall these sky beams in the MCU. . . I edited these becuase I was wrong so here are the only skybeams used. . . The sky beam in Iron Man when Obadiah Stane gets blasted of the factory at the final battle and the skybeam on Avengers. . . Bifrost doesn't count. . . Teleporting beams doesn't count either. . . As well as Beams of light like repulsors, lightning, lasers . . . So I guess 2 and no the sky beam on the Wandavision Finale does not count because many people below me are saying I am wrong they are right so I am fixing my mistakes. . . There happy now?
Austin Full
Austin Full Yıl önce
I like to think that Javelin's Javelin is like made out of whatever's the DC equivalent to Vibranium
William Steinlicht
That’s what I chalked it up to. Idk if Javelin’s javelin is magic or whatever but it seemed like it was something.
Nicolas Cardillo
Nicolas Cardillo Yıl önce
I also believe that Javelin's Javelin is Especial/Magical/Unknown-Science and will become one of Harleys main weapons, But on this occasion, I understand that is not commonly known that Pricing and Slashing projectiles like Arrows and Javelins have a hight armor penetration than Bullets on most locations depending on the armor type.
Amount Snax
Amount Snax Yıl önce
@Emiliano Pedraza we get it, you read a wiki
Emiliano Pedraza
Emiliano Pedraza Yıl önce
That would be metal Nth, the material Hawkman and Hawgirl's weapons are made of
C-Mac Yıl önce
I love Ryan George’s channel. His pitch meetings also show me many plot holes that I miss. If you guys ever slow down on content I recommend your reactions to his hundreds of pitch meetings. At least some that may tie into something current.
Celsius Yıl önce
in the comics king shark doesn't actually get the bomb injected into him, instead he is told that if he complies that he won't be tested on constantly
Henry Brown
Henry Brown Yıl önce
i was visibly sad and disappointed when they killed rick flag, everyone seems to be mad about Boomer and pass over him, i miss him and i love Joel Kinnaman
NinjaKiwi 24/7
NinjaKiwi 24/7 Yıl önce
@oosiee for real though I thought he might have been still alive then they jebaited us 😂
oosiee Yıl önce
Not to forget the post credit scene poking fun at it! 😭
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn Yıl önce
I was so upset 😫
james Villalpando
Just a cute Onigiri
The javelin was obviously giving Harley powers and that's also why it was able to pierce Starro's eye, the javeline was the true hero of this movie.
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw Yıl önce
The javelin was the dragon scroll of the DC universe.
julian t
julian t Yıl önce
it seems the rule for King Shark and Staro is.... Sharp/pointed objects can pierce their flesh, whilst blunt objects, even ones fired at high velocities; like bullets, are not able to.
Annika Yıl önce
I have some thoughts about this. I think they just hid the microscopic bomb inside one of King Shark's nom noms, it could even been modified to attach to his internal organs in order to not get processed by his intestines and shat out. For Staro I think his eye is not as fragile as the eyes of earth creatures, Come on it's a giant starfish alien it doesn't need to follow our biology to a tee, BUT there's something about the Javelin that makes it different from normal weapons, maybe it's made of some kind of special material, something like that would explain why it worked when common everyday bullets didn't.
Langit Ken Sahaja
@julian t even on mach 2?
julian t
julian t Yıl önce
@Langit Ken Sahaja velocity isn't necessarily equal to perforation.
Langit Ken Sahaja
@julian t they had 50 cals didn't they? And even if they are round. The velocity would make up for it.
julian t
julian t Yıl önce
@Amount Snax they're not sharp points. They have rounded off points.
Ollo Yıl önce
I hope to one day make a film so perfect there is nothing for Ryan to talk about.
azgirl Yıl önce
Just like the motto of CinemaSins ("No movie is without sin"), there's always something to make fun of.
Emiliano Pedraza
Emiliano Pedraza Yıl önce
The thing is tho, movies shouldn't be pitch meeting proof to be perfect. A bunch of films have some continuity problems or plotholes for the sake of storytelling. The most important thing is to tell a good story with good characters and make the audience feel
Loh Jing Yang
Loh Jing Yang Yıl önce
Maybe that's why there's no pitch meeting on blade runner and blade runner 2049.
EricStorm Yıl önce
I just imagine that Flag and Sol Soria and the others were talking and laughing loudly to hear it
azgirl Yıl önce
@Pop Culture Watch Even Americans. I have a very large, very loud family, and we don't even come close.
Pop Culture Watch
Explosions? No one talks that loud.
Jude Victor Balmes
Ryan pointing out King Shark's indestructible skin, how did they put the exploding chip in his head/neck after EVERYTHING that had happened 🤣🤣
Frank The Avocado
maybe inserting the bomb thru gills being they provide an opening. often times they have him doing it against his will by promising something in exchange. right now theres a suicide squad king shark miniseries and they have him protecting a young girl and if he doesnt listen then they kill the girl so they can use emotional attachments against you as well
Reuben Samuel
Reuben Samuel Yıl önce
The movie was so good that you don't pay attention to it at first
V10 Yıl önce
Good Question....
Bryan Yascaribay-Bermeo
Theory: They convinced King Shark to be apart of the team by promising he will get free nom noms
Alex A. English
Alex A. English Yıl önce
Another great reaction, Milton !
Hans Solo
Hans Solo Yıl önce
What was Milton gonna do?
Mosesraj Yıl önce
I understood that reference
Abdul Fofanah
Abdul Fofanah Yıl önce
Who’s Milton?
Milton was still with us?!
Jaym Yıl önce
@Alex A. English it's fine :)
endless013 Yıl önce
maybe they use a drill to get the explosive into king shark, or maybe since he runs on big brain energy they just convinced him with nom noms No one ever mentions when Starro gets ahold of The Thinker it says "he had his way with me" and The Thinker has this smirk just before splitting As for the bullets vs blades thing, there's nothing really all that magical about it I mean there is plenty of "bullet resistant armor" on the market that a good knife can slip right into. However to go on a side tangent they did make the javelin magical in some way, I mean it was shining at one point so I wouldn't throw away an Arthurian journey of the javelin to end up where it's meant to be.
Factual Opinion
Factual Opinion Yıl önce
Pitchmeetings> honest trailers, how it should have ended, & cinemasins.
Anshuman Prabhu
Anshuman Prabhu Yıl önce
Yes I feel like Ryan is more honest than honest trailers
Mikey Yıl önce
Easily. That just a straight-up fact!
Chronic Sobriety
Chronic Sobriety Yıl önce
Thunder of the North Wind
One thing I hope happens with the next one is they go for another director and tone again. I'd really like if we had a trilogy of Suicide Squad movies each with a different style entirely (We'd have the Ayer Cut of SS, Gunn's TSS, and then another director's SS3 ideally), because that would match how the comic SS always changes tone as well. In addition, it'd be cool to see the directors get their own spin-off stuff as well. Ayer could finally make GCS, Gunn could do his Peacemaker thing, etc etc.. Edit: Also, the Deathstroke concept art was actually from Gavin O'Connor's sequel that predated Gunn's involvement. Gunn actually wrote the script with Deadshot in it and Idris Elba was going to recast Smith. But to respect Ayer and open the possibility for Smith to return, Gunn changed it to Bloodsport later on.
Frame by Frame
Frame by Frame Yıl önce
A Pitch Meeting about The Reel Rejects would be Super easy, barely an inconvenience.
Delix. Yıl önce
How does Ryan George notice every flaw?! Sometimes it takes people a couple years to notice lol
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw Yıl önce
Poeple ignore flaws to enjoy a movie. But ya hard to ignore if it is a to obvious flaw.
kingoclubs80 Yıl önce
When they did the prison van escape when they crashed off the road they just happened to land just where the team van was pulling up. Plus they only had a few scratches.
moonassery Yıl önce
super easy, barely an inconvenience!
ToylandChairman666 7 aylar önce
One of my favorite DCEU films. I like that we see so many different characters, and I love that Starro is in this. That never would have happened in the SnyderVerse.
Bloody Good June
Bloody Good June Yıl önce
I feel like everything I loved about the movie has been tainted. My soul is crushed lol.
Pandemic Jones
Pandemic Jones Yıl önce
Sorry I’m a little late to this video. Loved this shoutout! Haha absolutely loved The Suicide Squad, I have seen it twice. Just got done seeing Free Guy as well, and that movie is an absolute blast. So many belly laughs in that movie lol i apologize everyone, it’s true. I started the pandemic hahah
Diego Pansini
Diego Pansini Yıl önce
I mean, look at how Bloodsport defeated Peacemaker. It was DEFINITELY made for Deadshot XD
pyroblast3000 Yıl önce
The floating in space line made me feel bad but the line where Starro basically told the SQUAD that the Thinker been raping them for years did it for me...
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn Yıl önce
Dude, that SHOOK me. And the way he kinda shrugged at that, then later attempted to apologize when dying
Callum Yıl önce
Please do more and more reactions to pitch meetings
Maya Reads
Maya Reads Yıl önce
1am, just came back from seeing the movie. It was great. Even with all the good reviews I didnt think it would be that good. Now I'm ready for this ahaha (took all my will power not to watched this earlier)
josh oz
josh oz Yıl önce
The thing is a lot of things like bulletproof vests are bulletproof but not stab proof due to the way that the force is exerted on the target this is probably why starro got its eye stabbed but not shot and why they were able to inject king shark and the bitey things did the bitey. Its actually more realistic than you would realise.
Natalie Yıl önce
That ending in the pitch, oh it hit me.
Mateo D'Avino
Mateo D'Avino Yıl önce
Corey MrArtistic McCowan
"How did they get the bomb into King Shark?" Me: "He has gills." "Ohhhhh...."
Jhoshie Yıl önce
In the movie the one who Starro have attached to can be killed by gunshot to the body but when they are in the lab where Starro is imprisoned you can clearly see someone who is missing half of his body still moving.
SimasTheMozė Yıl önce
My theory for how they got a bomb in King Shark's head is that they either attached the injector to a hydrolic press and put him under it, or just shoved it up one of his gills
José Fonseca
José Fonseca Yıl önce
my best answer to the eye question is that, first off starro is gigantic so when the soldiers fired at him and the bullets reached that height they had lost some force and speed, second the bullets might have penetrated the eye but bc its water on he inside the bulets lost their remaining force and speed and just floated away and third harley jumped right in front of him with a big and heavy javelin that might be made out of something special we dont know but even if it isnt its heavier and stronger than a bullet and probably went in with more force and speed than the soldiers bullets
Frame by Frame
Frame by Frame Yıl önce
The Rejectverse keeps getting bigger! Epic crossover. 😎
Craig Goetsch
Craig Goetsch Yıl önce
Why Javelin needed to live a little longer. Javelin needed to tell Harley why his javelin is special.
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw Yıl önce
Turn out that javelin was Staro's only weakness.
Yankee76 S
Yankee76 S Yıl önce
Y’all need to do more of these
Chronic Sobriety
Chronic Sobriety Yıl önce
Finally a Pitch meeting! 🔥🔥
Andrew Cheshire
Andrew Cheshire Yıl önce
Ryan: let us know what other movies you'd like to see pitches for! Greg: Dances with Wolves! John: The Room! Me: wow, kinda hit both ends of the spectrum there, guys lol
BG VO Yıl önce
The Suicide Squad movie feels like it would fit in the Doom Patrol series, with how funny and mind blowingly weird it was.
Charan Yıl önce
Bloodsport :- shoots always in the center but doesn't shoot starro in its eye
Gökhan Yıl önce
About how Harley Quinn pierced Starro's eye but bullets couldn't and King Shark's situation; You guys know that bulletproof vests are not stab-proof, right? lol.
Braeden Steele
Braeden Steele Yıl önce
I’m proud to say that if you hon the IMDB goofs page for the suicide squad, you will find the goof about Flagg not hearing the commotion outside his tent. I was the one who wrote it and IMDB put it in. I haven’t done much with my life yet but I did that.
Bajan Phynyx
Bajan Phynyx Yıl önce
He missed an opportunity to say, "So they play Capture the Flagg."
Michael Glover
Michael Glover Yıl önce
When it comes to starro, if I remember correctly he largely turns and blocks his eye when he is getting shot
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon Yıl önce
Finally. Could you guys see the Loki one too
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn Yıl önce
If Poison Ivy ever enters the DCU, I can't wait for her to power up Harley and people get pressed that she becomes more of a metahuman 💁💁💁
Flaco Carrera
Flaco Carrera Yıl önce
Been waiting for y’all to do another one !
Jelani Byrd
Jelani Byrd 4 aylar önce
My theory is that king shark has gills, so instead of piercing his skin they just stuck it in past hill gills.
Apollohates Hisdayjob
Maybe they got the bomb into King Shark through the gills? Also the javelin doesn't bother me because it works with ballistic physics. A crossbow for instance can shoot almost effortlessly through kevlar, but will bounce off medieval plate, while a handgun bullet will shoot through that plate, but be stopped by kevlar. Basically bullets are better at penetrating initial barriers, but lose energy rapidly. You need mass and inertia to penetrate deeply.
Grant Sawyer
Grant Sawyer Yıl önce
You guys NEED to watch the Loki pitch meeting
sam karanja
sam karanja Yıl önce
You can tell this movie was good cause Ryan was struggling for nitpicky jokes
Liesmith Yıl önce
The javelin was able to pierce the eye when the bullets couldn't because of mass: the javelin weighs much more than any small arms round, and it has the entire weight of Harley along with it.
Prathap Kutty
Prathap Kutty Yıl önce
Wow that concept art for that deadstroke costume looks way better than the Snyder version.
BigJT246 Yıl önce
I never understood why bloodsport never shot starro in the eye. He shot all around the eye instead lol.
MD Yıl önce
Actually recently the comics say that since they can’t put the bomb in king shark they put it in somebody he cares about to make him do it
Doomy McDoomerson
Another thing that didn’t make sense: As mentioned, shooting Starro with guns didn’t seem to have any effect, yet Bloodsport was able to kill the mini starfish with his gun. How come they were susceptible to bullets, but Starro wasn’t?
Shawn James
Shawn James Yıl önce
Well, starro is a fully developed monster-fish-thing and the mini starfishes are just newborn starfishes.
MaxxArt Yıl önce
Well the thing with the javelin is.. The Javelin didn't do any significant damage. (other than creating a hole) The rats killed Starro. And the eye is filled with liquids, even if bullets entered the eye they wouldn't have cause any damage. because the impact would be absorbed by the liquid.
Cat to the Future
@MaxxArt If you look closely, the bullets didn't penetrate his eye. they defected the same as his flesh.
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn Yıl önce
Yes, thank you - it only gave them a way inside to eat his brain
MaxxArt Yıl önce
@Nixx No. The liquid didn't drain out of the hole that harley created either.
J S Yıl önce
Harley Quinn could have trained alongside the Joker's henchmen for combat skills...
Grim Yıl önce
Maybe King Shark is like a Kevlar vest. Can block impacts and bullets but not sharp stuff like knives
Liam Rush
Liam Rush Yıl önce
The bullets vs knife thing is that bullets are round while knives and the Javelin are shard same goes with the teeth from the fish.
Robert Dupree
Robert Dupree Yıl önce
In the comics King Shark wears a bomb belt, due to them not being able to puncture his skin.
Tiffany Sullivan
Tiffany Sullivan Yıl önce
I'm convinced that John has worn that Harley Quinn tshirt for like, 2 weeks straight, now. 🤔
Delix. Yıl önce
7:22 we usually do a sky beam 😂😂😂
Movie and Game reviews
Blades can get through bullet resistant vests so it really isn't hard to comprehend that their bullets were ineffective. Also, can any gun enthusiasts figure out what caliber the arms were for the Mario kart racing assholes?
Evanics Zoltán
Evanics Zoltán Yıl önce
You guys gonna react the Titans Season 3? I watched the first 3 episode and holly shit it was soo damm good
Just a Guy
Just a Guy Yıl önce
The Javelin was clearly blessed by the DC Gods.
Shadowbreed Yıl önce
TDK is alive and just in critical condition I don't know how people are missing this. New Rockstars already confirmed he was alive.
Johan Jörtsö
Johan Jörtsö Yıl önce
“We usually have a skybeam…” 😂
Todss Yıl önce
What about the Loki pitch meeting? Have you guys watched it yet? Are you going to react to it? It was hilarious as usual but you haven't said anything about it. Just curious and very much desperate for a reaction lol.
Mr. T
Mr. T Yıl önce
King shark difference is they never mentioned that he had one put into him
Jake Constantine
Jake Constantine Yıl önce
Starro could have been neutralised as soon as he got out of Jotunheim if the Corto Maltese army just had sharp enough bullets. Then again, they would have been able to kill King Shark too, so.... RIP civilians who died so King Shark could live. We appreciate your sacrifice.
Aaron Barlow
Aaron Barlow 6 aylar önce
Polkadot guy could've killed the starro outright with a hail of polkadots through the eye.
Carmine Bokesch
Carmine Bokesch Yıl önce
Do more ryan george watches!!!
Mark Via
Mark Via Yıl önce
I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now, you guys are awesome. You should do the mortal Kombat 2021 reaction!
Albion of Avalon
Albion of Avalon Yıl önce
Deep Blue Sea Movie pretty much can explain how this movie manage to insert a bomb chip on King Shark
Jonathan Starks
Jonathan Starks Yıl önce
Bullet proof and knife proof are different things. For example A bullet proof vest does not necessarily mean knife proof.
Athens_1 PSVR
Athens_1 PSVR Yıl önce
The fact that it takes these breakdowns to notice the ridiculousness of these movies just shows the blinders and goggles you watch them through.
KMM Yıl önce
Someone said they just told King Shark theres a bomb and he believed them.
Ryoma Hoffman
Ryoma Hoffman Yıl önce
I think king shark is so indestructible because he’s half God, not because he has thick skin
Tinka beast
Tinka beast Yıl önce
First time i heard Harley shout " BOOMER" i just thought Independence Day !! the scene where Jasmine calls for the Dog in tunnel..
Rea3443 Yıl önce
Wasn't it the rats who actually harmed the Starfish? I don't think the javelin did anything xD
Logan B.
Logan B. Yıl önce
The javelin pierced the cornea, through which the rats came swimming through.
King Shark
King Shark Yıl önce
the new King Shark comic that came out today explicitly says Waller couldn't get a bomb in him, and had to use other methods to control him.
King Shark
King Shark 11 aylar önce
@Hi Man nope, she threatened to blow up his friend's head.
Hi Man
Hi Man Yıl önce
I.e rectal placement
King shark obviously has a thing for pointy and sharp objects just like Wonder Woman
EricStorm Yıl önce
I think the Javelin was magic
MC Paully
MC Paully Yıl önce
There is a video of Will Smith legitimately asking someone if Idris Elba is playing Deadshot or someone else🤣my man had no idea if he got recasted or not lmao
Mateo Paez
Mateo Paez Yıl önce
I’d imagine the javelin is a special javelin
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw Yıl önce
Like a first Olympic games javelin.
William Steinlicht
Maybe they injected the bomb into King Shark through his mouth. Like that scene in Jaws when Richard Dreyfus has to get into the shark cage and use that syringe thing.
David Eaton
David Eaton Yıl önce
Captain Boomerang's death was a little harsh maybe.
Kaea Edwin
Kaea Edwin Yıl önce
HISHE will definitely touch upon that part where they kill the freedom fighters and no one heard that
K G Yıl önce
Reacting to Ryan George, super easy barley an inconvenience
Drescher1984 Yıl önce
Dancing with wolves summery, retired school teacher moves out in to the wild, to teach wolves how to dance.
Orion Hernandez
Orion Hernandez 11 aylar önce
The "Sky Beams" are used as allegories for the CIA op called "Project Bluebeam" involving a faked alien invasion. So it's kinda funny how the one movie they dont use the "Sky beam" they have an alien invasion haha good times...
Jan Emanuel Guico
love your vids guys! a fan from the philippines here! 🔥
Goof Ball
Goof Ball Yıl önce
Boyd Yıl önce
Harley really could've taken boomer boomerang 🥺
DCF Yıl önce
"how does a nidle penetrat King shark but a bullet doesn't?" "how does a blade penetrare star bu bullet don't?"...how can someone with a bulletproof vest not die by a bullet but ca-n by getting stabed with a blade through set vest? It's not that farfetched calm down guys, it's just fizics, more importantly it's a superhero movie not a war biographic.
jonathan powell
jonathan powell Yıl önce
They did at least have the radio on inside the tent.🤷‍♀️
saiyankev Yıl önce
The bomb in king shark could either injected into the gill holes or because hes stupid they could just go through the "surgery" but never get it in but convinces him they got it in
Samuel Lemos
Samuel Lemos Yıl önce
James Gunn should colaborate with Ryan George to discover how they put the bomb in King Shark.
King Shark
King Shark Yıl önce
there's no contradiction in the fishy things hurting Nanaue when bullets couldn't. of course a gun can't hurt anyone capable of surviving at the bottom of the sea...but if those creatures can live down there too, they'd be much stronger than a gun. and they're probably aliens. and i just assumed there's no bomb in his head. they never said there is one. in the comics, they strapped a bomb to his waist (and it was later detonated, destroying the building he was in, but not harming him)...but in the movie, i assume he just went on the mission for fun
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