The Strange Behavior of Virtual Images 

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27 Kas 2023




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@ShubhayooBanerjee 2 aylar önce
Michael has truly proven his superiority over all other beings by wearing that shirt
@tauon_ 2 aylar önce
@Asianthewock 2 aylar önce
@histiest1628 2 aylar önce
Yahoo finance
@BlubberFlubber-so2ep 2 aylar önce
Imma buy a T-shirt like that as xmas present for my mom, cant wait to see the look on her face
@Drpepper_addict9 2 aylar önce
I swear Micheal is just trying to find weirder ways to end his videos at this point
@EEEEEEEE 2 aylar önce
@geedeebeejay 2 aylar önce
its been kinda cool to see him grow through the years
@johnboygunsling666 2 aylar önce
Got subbed for it 😅
@N1ghth4wk110 2 aylar önce
@weidwingelobjegdiv 2 aylar önce
He really should rename the channel to "weirder everyday"
@boochin 2 aylar önce
For any not getting the explanation, Michael is a wizard who can warp time and distance to his will. The objects are not growing and shrinking just in the mirror, but in real life as well.
@esdeathTheEternal 2 aylar önce
I knew it
@graveyardprospecting 2 aylar önce
Thank you! My brain was flopping around my skull in a hopeless attempt to understand the magic that was happening on my screen.
@UshaUshakumari-nk5ov 2 aylar önce
Technoblade never dies😢❤
@knighy64 2 aylar önce
​@@UshaUshakumari-nk5ovAmen. (Also for people of the future the context is that the commenter of which this person replied to has a Technoblade PFP)
@editor8627 Aylar önce
Called it
@ALGARIC 2 aylar önce
Here for the ending
@puteqx 2 aylar önce
what ending, is it the ending where every atom has decayed and darkness would prevail through reality
@rusduderus 2 aylar önce
i wrote whole thing thats written on the shirt but dumb utub hides my comment maybe cause im shadowbanned or something :((
@rusduderus 2 aylar önce
Hey, MOM, you dont GET my LIFE .....OK??? I mean... H E L L O Yes, I am obsessed on the web! DUH Im talking.... TWITER INSAGRAM FRIENDBOOK... YOUTUB CLOUT TUMBER YAHOO FINANCE...... SO... Next time IM late for DINNER or some thing Dont GET MAD . . ... ): Just because u are JEALOUS of my LIFE STYLE! im just UNQUE and RANDOM!!! You do'tn Understand HOW life WORKS. . . so Just leave me ALONE (:
@boolightningstudios 2 aylar önce
@Dragonalynn 2 aylar önce
@@puteqxAre you dense? The t-shirt.
@KremThunder 2 aylar önce
only this man can convince me that i have 4 fingers and 3 limbs
@user-xz1lj4bp4b 2 aylar önce
What do you mean 3 limbs? Everyone knows that we have 5 limbs.. Well, men have 5 limbs, Women have 4. Though, in some males it's hard to notice the 5th leg.
@jhaimp.sullivan5618 2 aylar önce
@Elaf469 Aylar önce
@@user-xz1lj4bp4b uhh.. You changed the topic from mirrors to ...Not gonna tell ya💀
@skullmastergamer Aylar önce
@sophie15702_ Aylar önce
3 limbs? Would that be 2 arms and your tail bone? 2 legs and your head? 2 buttocks and your chin? 2 nipples and your nose?
@Mai_Ayumi 2 aylar önce
After giving me an existential crisis, bro just scooted in style 😭
@gcg8187 Aylar önce
time to study headlessness by Douglas Harding!!
@grizzy10090 25 gün önce
If this gives you an existential crisis, check out exurb1a
@cold485 7 gün önce
"The further you go the larger it will get." But also "If you want something to look... Smaller you move away." 😂
@thatdelta 2 aylar önce
Bro went from passionate physics lecturer to 3 year old in 60 seconds 💀
@jessebeegee 2 aylar önce
bro contains multitudes
@qwertyuiop.lkjhgfdsa 2 aylar önce
bro is UNQUE
@qwertyuiop.lkjhgfdsa 2 aylar önce
bro is RANDOM!!!
@jessebeegee 2 aylar önce
@@qwertyuiop.lkjhgfdsa u sure he’s not unque
@adityabiswal5506 2 aylar önce
Bro is Michael Stevens.
@StikAmations 2 aylar önce
Vsauce lore is expanding
@mjlnirswrath9782 2 aylar önce
Never realized what insanely jacked calves are possessed my Vsauce Michael
@mindblown42069 2 aylar önce
Just drops facts then dips on his scooter XD
@namewasnotavailable 2 aylar önce
He's been the same way for decades
It’s not even his
@bigreddodge 2 aylar önce
Rollin on the skates! Brrrrrap!
@voelz1670 2 aylar önce
Drips* Did you see that shirt?
@RLomoterenge 2 aylar önce
With some heavy ass breathing to go along lol
@plutonicattic7995 2 aylar önce
Vsauce every short gets slightly weirder, bro really just wanted to show off his shirt outside like a 2 year old
@JBKiser 2 aylar önce
I really miss long form videos on this channel.
@MrNoob76 2 aylar önce
Michael about to dominate the skate park with a scooter
@MrNoob76 2 aylar önce
@@jash21222 woops ill fix that
@Rip_hack_ 2 aylar önce
no snakes alowed
@pmerics 2 aylar önce
The line "to a point" is the best pun
@Starfox46 2 aylar önce
He just scoots away 😂😂💀
@fus-ro-dah 2 aylar önce
Bro doesn't skip leg day
@Cytotoxin_86 2 aylar önce
I would kill to have calves that size
He never skips brain day too
It’s not just because I’m really strong, even though I am
@oogahpanda9275 2 aylar önce
@@Cytotoxin_86go biking it helps a lot with leg muscles
@oogahpanda9275 2 aylar önce
@@Cytotoxin_86 hiking help a lot also
@maopedonz3983 2 aylar önce
Bro's got some magestic calves
@mamoonahmed9993 2 aylar önce
It is a concave mirror so the size of image depends on the distance of object from mirror
@DriestApollo 2 aylar önce
I love the little slices we get to see of Michael's life
@thatdelta 2 aylar önce
im convinced Vsauce is a multi universal hive mind and each video is from michael in a parallel universe
@samfeleke4023 2 aylar önce
Vsauce doesn't skip leg day
My boy is getting more unhinged by the day
@tf2juice 2 aylar önce
If you are still confused on how this works, it's quite simple, it's because Vsauce is the harbinger of space and time, he controls physical existence with his infinite power and wisdom, he is the master of reality and the dictator of truth, our only choice is to sit and watch.
@yoshieggshaha 2 aylar önce
he is both Dialga and Palkia
@AL-fl4jk 2 aylar önce
Knew it
@hana-ov1ju 2 aylar önce
Quite simple indeed
Ah,it's been so obvious all this time,thank you for opening my eyes
@at-atwithcrocs1628 2 aylar önce
You have revealed the answers to many mysteries to me. I appreciate your wisdom, kind fellow.
@raynjpg 2 aylar önce
"Yahoo Finance" is the cherry on top to that shirt
@ddragontrainer 2 aylar önce
"You do'tn Understand" 😂😂
@Cheetosthepug 2 aylar önce
Vsauce doing normal Vsauce things
@susibaka5341 2 aylar önce
I swear, Michael made this video specifically, just to spite that one guy in the comments from his previous short.
@AdamKlownzinger 2 aylar önce
You are becoming more and more detached from reality every day and I love it
@The_D00M_Slayer 2 aylar önce
Wdym hes explaining reality, nerds closer to reality than normal people cuz they study reality in detail
@SeveralGhost 2 aylar önce
Damn bro you really think knowing how mirrors work is detaching from reality?
@dinkeykong 2 aylar önce
Hey you’re the Jerma comment guy what are you doing out of your cage
@AdamKlownzinger 2 aylar önce
@@dinkeykongI have broken my chains and ascended
@AdamKlownzinger 2 aylar önce
⁠@@SeveralGhosti was very clearly joking dont get mad at a random person on the internet
@jayr2138 2 aylar önce
Vsauce got those dad calves.
@desjardinsmk3 2 aylar önce
I had to watch this twice to fully comprehend this .
@astronics 2 aylar önce
Ray diagrams would be of great help in both understanding and explaining this concept!
@eesanta 2 aylar önce
Exactly! Just wrapped up reflections in physics and if i learned anything, its that diagrams are extremely helpful
@WaffleStomper69 2 aylar önce
Ray Diagrams is a no good dirty bastard. Don't trust a word he says.
@lbell1703 27 gün önce
"Yahoo finance" 😂
@OldSport1987 2 aylar önce
This man blows my mind, and then just scooters away.
@felixb.1756 2 aylar önce
For anyone still confused: try imagining the mirror just as a frame and the reflected objects behind the mirror. As you get closer to the frame the appearant size of it grows much faster than the size of the object behind. Thus it look as if the object in the reflection is shrinking as you get closer but in reality it gets bigger just not as much as the mirror.
@THORFINN-go4mi 2 aylar önce
Thanks man this is much easier explaination
@jam_toast1 2 aylar önce
I’ve always looked at mirrors as windows to a mirror reality
@agtube2998 2 aylar önce
I love that vsauce is slowing becoming the chuck norris of science
@starryknight5555 2 aylar önce
The bits near the end of these shorts give me life ❤
@kaboomer 2 aylar önce
I live for Micheal’s excitement and curiosity in science and the universe
@EEEEEEEE 2 aylar önce
@Theguywithatie1961 2 aylar önce
Bro got so amazed that he started scootering
@ToxicBastard 2 aylar önce
These only come up when I'm high lmao
@Cheeseycake779 2 aylar önce
I’m still confused on how that works lol😂
@edwinmaster7326 2 aylar önce
let's say the mirror is 2 meters away and the earth model is 4 meters away (inside the mirror). you move 2 meters back. the mirror is double the distance and thus half the size but the model is 50% further away and 50% smaller in size, appearing bigger in relation to the mirror
@retard-kat4444 2 aylar önce
@@edwinmaster7326 I still don't understand it, and please don't explain it again because I'm having brain rot, and mental whipsplash because of the end part!! 😵
@awesomebydefault3877 2 aylar önce
@@edwinmaster7326ahh kk but what I don’t understand is why this phenomenon applies to free standing objects such as the globe but not to ourselves or in the case the phone… is it due to us also changing or pov and distance consistently?
@StonieTark 2 aylar önce
I did a couple years doing the physics of reflections. I still barley understand it.
@justdoit83388 2 aylar önce
​@retard-kat4444 I also don't get it.. well I guess it's not that important that i do anyway 😢
@LordOfThyMemacus 2 aylar önce
The scooter at the end 😂
@klutterkicker 2 aylar önce
Shamefully I have never stared at a single object in a mirror while moving toward and away from it.
@euanruss6822 2 aylar önce
He's right here officer
@Wolfgang595 2 aylar önce
@@euanruss6822you mean firing squad
@cat2187 2 aylar önce
Well, that changed quick
@grahamsmith8648 2 aylar önce
Michael has now calmed down and taken time to reflect on his life.
@Moezashraf5108 2 aylar önce
This guy makes me think I am fever dreaming 💀
@Un039 2 aylar önce
@Emil_Stoltz Aylar önce
Or to explain it in another way: the phone doesn't look like it's changing size because you're holding it. If you'd pick up the globe and then walk closer to the mirror, it would stay the same size as well
@colasticc7508 2 aylar önce
i was confused at the end but then realized it was just vsauce being vsauce lol.
@parsa26 2 aylar önce
Vsauce is most free men i ever seen
Vsauce is the most channel man I've ever seen
@MachineElf_Official 2 aylar önce
He's the most skibidi toilet, gyatt rizzler man out there
@hoomanhiho 2 aylar önce
​@@MachineElf_Official"you're so skibidi, you're so fanum tax"
@orbboom6119 2 aylar önce
He is the Pirate King Michael D. VSAUCE
@tango_doggy 2 aylar önce
@@MachineElf_Official delete this
@sirpugstudios 2 aylar önce
micheal reminds me of that cool yet awkward teacher during covid
@GoldBlueSkies 7 gün önce
New fan!!! Love his informational educational videos!!!
@Saeshi. 2 aylar önce
I secretly hope that Michael just sneaks into random garages and sheds to film these videos and leaves the objects behind to scare the owners when they arrive.
@ddawgfnaf1575 2 aylar önce
@lourdesmaldonado6509 2 aylar önce
Bro really said "nah im gettin outta here"
@calvinharriott4041 2 aylar önce
Perfect timing! We were just talking about ray optics in Physics!
@ForTheFREEMAN 2 aylar önce
I NEED that shirt! OMG❤
@bluff3d209 2 aylar önce
Where do I get it.
@DeerJerky 2 aylar önce
I see this shirt in multiple websites but the sites have "scam" reviews on trustpilot... no idea
@qwertyuiop.lkjhgfdsa 2 aylar önce
ya same
@nicholasjay3932 2 aylar önce
I'm not stoned enough to comprehend this.
@SeniorCrude15 2 aylar önce
Michael got that scooter rizz
@gio3061 2 aylar önce
I am telling you, this isn't the real Michael. It's Leahcim, who's come from the mirror realm to take his life over BY FORCE.
@onliwankannoli 2 aylar önce
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
@TactileTherapy 2 aylar önce
@@onliwankannoli it's necessary
@synchronuse 2 aylar önce
​@@TactileTherapyjust another step towards greatness
@GBS4893 2 aylar önce
Leahcim has a great t-shirt though
@winstonknowitall4181 2 aylar önce
Of course! We all know that Michael is still locked up in the sensory deprivation room. Poor soul.
@Goose_010 2 aylar önce
What are those calves, damn 💀
@R_____369 2 aylar önce
In the 2nd case the object (Earth) was in stationary position but at the same time the observe(camera)was moving forward and backward, that's why the object was not fitting into the circle. 😊
@Guying. 2 aylar önce
Damn vsause really got that drip 🥶🥶
@TTime685 2 aylar önce
ThAt DRip 🥴 Your generation is doomed 😂
@Guying. 2 aylar önce
​@@TTime685"Your generation is doomed" Oh god it's one of these guys
Nah the dude who got the pin of shame in the last mirror video must be devastated, Vsauce NEVER loses.
@codiserville593 2 aylar önce
As he explains things to me, I end up more confused. And then he gives us that walkaway
@ikebeckman1074 2 aylar önce
Objects in mirror are not only closer than they appear, they are approaching faster than expected
@PLAYERSLAYER_22 2 aylar önce
this comment is perfect!
@MopruWasUnavailable 2 aylar önce
The real talent is by drawing that perfect circle
@Donttalktome1854 2 aylar önce
Why do all of vsauce’s videos make me want to laugh and cry all while making me uneasy?
@WhatSmellsLikeToast 2 aylar önce
Never change Michael
@heathertoomey7068 Aylar önce
"Okay, time to go be a kid now. Bye!" I'm working on letting out my inner child, myself!
@somebodysnobody 2 aylar önce
Peculiar how something so simple can be so intricate to understand 🤔
@universecubed8221 2 aylar önce
Man I would've killed to have him as my science teacher back in the day. He should honestly start an education channel. He's got that Bill Nye educational rizz.
@thumper88888 2 aylar önce
I hope Michael forgives you for comparing him to that worm
@artemkras 2 aylar önce
Then what kind of channel he has now?
@oscarjr2679 2 aylar önce
“Sir, is this to go or for here”
@adamblesener2916 2 aylar önce
I swear every vsauce outro is like a mental flashbang
@joshbernard3733 2 aylar önce
Love the outfit
@justinalias2279 2 aylar önce
What am I missing?
@leviathan5451 2 aylar önce
Never thought I'd be learning my ray optics again And from Vsauce at that...😂
@yeoldpepsi 2 aylar önce
Glad to see Michael treated himself to installing the entire Earth inside of his house
@fyukfy2366 2 aylar önce
*I'm early, gotta think of a funny original comment* Michael never recovered from the isolation room haha
@boombob3D 2 aylar önce
Oh I’m a early reply uuhhhm LMAO 🤣 😂
@lpzmarkus564 2 aylar önce
@Thebenjiball0 2 aylar önce
Facts lmao I don't think most of the people who comment that even know he was actually in a lifeless isolation for 3 days 💀
@gerarddip 2 aylar önce
Bro really hit us with the 🛴
@samwebster1405 2 aylar önce
the scooter at the end is what defines a vsauce video
@kublaikhan8600 2 aylar önce
That ending was fire
@the.abhiram.r 2 aylar önce
that scooter unlocked a core memory
@binkbonkbones3402 2 aylar önce
The scooter was unhinged af
@oliviercreange2664 2 aylar önce
When you approach a mirror, the angle at which light reflects off the mirror's surface changes. This alteration in the reflection angle influences the way your eyes perceive the image. As you get closer, your brain interprets the change in perspective, making objects within the reflection appear smaller than they actually are (because you’re physically getting away from the reflected objects as you approach the mirror)…. It's a visual illusion created by the geometry of the reflection process….
@Schoolforthesoul 2 aylar önce
Thank you for helping me learn Michael. You are truly a inspiration to my late night TRvid scrolling.😊
@Lemonator32 2 aylar önce
I always watch Vsauce shorts for the ending
Okay, the ending got me. Even knowing Vsauces shenanigans
Micheal and the endings of videos is the best masterpiece that could ever be made by anything combined. Micheal: *cutely drives away from the video*
@lordofgaming9390 Aylar önce
The endings are so random and i love it
@ALGARIC 2 aylar önce
Love you Vsauce
@jakosloth 2 aylar önce
Um are we not gonna talk about Michael's calfs? My god he's lifting mountains with his legs
@NewbieBlox_1 2 aylar önce
Next Vsauce video: How to create a nuclear weapon.
@joydipmajumdar3263 2 aylar önce
Need a similar series on car rear view mirrors.
@kittenslayer516 2 aylar önce
Not sure if my science teacher or photo teacher should use this
@pilapila183 2 aylar önce
This is why car mirrors say "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear"
@picklerick7803 2 aylar önce
@Vsauce I experience something similar if I am looking out of an open window (if I am standing very far away from it e.g. by the the door of the room I see that the opposite building outside is much bigger all of a sudden.
@tristanroy3000 Aylar önce
I'm stumped on how he drew that perfect circle in the mirror
@amisfitpuivk 2 aylar önce
I almost thought it was gonna turn into a 'Fake Doors' ending where he just scoots home silently and starts talking again a minute later
@mrmcfluffy212 2 aylar önce
This just blow my mind even after watching it 1,000,000 times💀
@edwinmaster7326 2 aylar önce
it barely came out 10 minutes ago. It is impossible for you to have watched this short that is longer than a second a million times in less than 10 minutes as 10 minutes does not contain even 1 million seconds and the short is much longer than a second 🤓🤓🤓🤓
@YodaSkywalker 2 aylar önce
I wish my teacher explained ray optics like this, ray diagrams just tell u what wld happen in theory seeing it practically makes much more sense
@Cian_saunders527 2 aylar önce
Coolest scientist alive over here
@ForTheFREEMAN 2 aylar önce
I showed my parents and they don't believe it!
@Morfeusm 2 aylar önce
That’s seriously sad if grown adults don’t believe science.
@ForTheFREEMAN 2 aylar önce
@Morfeusm go into a church sometime and you'll continue to be shocked
@hazeltree7738 2 aylar önce
They don't believe it? Do they just... Not... Have eyes??
@erickg667 2 aylar önce
You just showed them Michael hopping on a scooter and they're still in disbelief???
@christbaumer 2 aylar önce
They're just jealous of your life style.
@procrunchie4899 2 aylar önce
Mirrors honestly trip me out if you think about them and look at them long enough
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