The Story of Minecraft's FIRST Piglin...

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This is the story and theory of the origin story of the Minecraft Piglin. Who are they? And what are their secrets? That's what we uncover in this Minecraft Video. This theory was wild! The first piglins were once innocent little piggies.

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(Music by Kevin MacLeod & C418)



5 Kas 2021




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Tevin Karunatilaka
Nice story. I like how you actually managed to fit everything in.
Hamburger HamburgerV2
Alternate version: after Notch accidentally flipped the y and x axis of the pig (which created the Creeper canonically) the piglins were made instead.
Dragonic: Talks about how isolated the portal is.
A Goose Goes Honk
“The portal was built far away.”
love how they already have potions before even finding out the nether existed
"The portal was built far away in case it exploded"
Love the story format! Hope your new system works.
Blue Lightning
Fun fact. An old glitch made it so that if you place a mob below an adult version of the mob, the thing will be spawned a baby.
Snarf the eternal
The visual effects were pretty poor but your amazing storytelling skill saved it. Liked a lot.
Brutus will always be remembered in our hearts
Piglin story: pigs that were sent to the nether. Forced to mine gold. Destroyed the wither, and defeating the king.
That was really sad, but at the same time, pretty EPIC!
"The portal built far away in case its Explode"
"in a middle of isolated plains biome"
subeme la radio
fun fact: if mojang tells us the stories it would be no fun
a theory to the ocean monuments and the evolotion in the ocean
I think that the pigs brought to the nether to do experiments, because the nether is ugly anyways. Who cares if a experiment goes wrong. So the ancient builders built the bastions for living and small experiments like with the pigs and the slimes. But the fortresses for the more dangerous ones like the wither (or the skeletons), blazes and mushrooms (after placing on soulsand they transformed into netherwarts). But than some pigs escaped and ran into a foodrich area. The crimson forests, which are an experiment of the ancient builders. And because of the hard live conditions they transformed to hoglins. But some got catched and brought back to the bastions (the reason for the name hoglin stables). But in the meantime the ancient builders gave the pigs during an experiment somehow increased evolution and wanted to make them more human. The piglins are created. Than the ancient builders tried to mix some of them with zombies. The zombie piglins are created. But than one of the experiments gone wrong, the wither. He destroyed the portals of the ancient builders and their buildings (The reason why the bastions are so damaged). He only let the fortresses in peace because there are his friends or subservients, the wither skeletons. But with the hunt of the wither on the leftovers of the ancient builders the piglins got focosed. So some piglins ran away. They found the hoglins and considered them as stupid. And if the piglins are hungry they hunt the hoglins. But the piglins who didnt ran away fought against the wither and defeated him. But many piglins died and the survivers told the later gernerations of the wither. And also the piglins who ran away heared from the fight. And after or during the war the piglins killed the ancient builders in the nether so they can never create such a monster. And when they see a wither or the skeletons now they want to do everything to kill them so such a tragedy with so many destruction and victims never returns. And the reason why you wont get attacked by the piglins when you wear gold armour is because after the fight the piglins made gold armour from the storages of the ancient builders in the bastions (thats why in the storages Bastions are so much gold) and if you wear gold too they neither cant differentiate you from theirs mates or because they consider that you respect a tradition of the piglins, wearing gold. And the reason why some piglins dont wear gold armour is maybe they are still young and have to do a final task to get adult and are allowed to wear gold armour.
Wow, this was an amazing story. I loved it. You should make more like this.
Flagz ‘n Gunz
I like how you base the story off of some other big Minecraft lore channels. Like retro gaming now. Where the piglins were forced to mine gold by the builders
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