The State of Halo Infinite

The Act Man
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Halo Infinite has gone through some turmoil with the recent announcement that the game would not launch with Campaign Co-Op or Forge. The fanbase is understandably upset, but what else is there to be worried about? And is there anything to get excited for?

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14 Eyl 2021




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The Act Man
The Act Man Aylar önce
This game's development has been a fucking roller coaster of highs and lows. But what do you think?
ethan macphee
ethan macphee 17 gün önce
i think the skewer might be more aimed at hitting vehicles then people
The Intellekt
The Intellekt 20 gün önce
Not buying till co-op it was the one thing the series made more fun than any other game, it is simply not worth it to me till its in there
Aqua Somnus
Aqua Somnus 21 gün önce
Look at all the doubters, best halo ever.
4Tounces2Freedom 21 gün önce
First video I’ve seen of this guy. Very funny and informative. Old school Halo fan here - I can’t wait to play this game - with my KIDS now. That’s insane. Thanks for the update, breh.
2401 Penitent Tangent
2401 Penitent Tangent 21 gün önce
@Malazan leaked campaign is good.
Night Driver
Night Driver 5 saatler önce
Get used to it. After Game Pass, this is how Microsoft rolls now. Release the game in bits to keep engagement high.
Eat dem Greens
Eat dem Greens 10 saatler önce
I actually don't mind, it's better then waiting another 9 months for everything to release at once
T S 14 saatler önce
This is why I only play the halo games till Halo 4 haven’t played the new ones and never will💀
Justin L
Justin L 17 saatler önce
I don't play co-op much(don't have many friends who have good PCs or Xboxes), but this omission + delay is still bloody stupid. And Forge comes after launch. AGAIN. I already don't have many good things to say about 343 Industries, this is near the breaking point for me.
HiddenRaider 7
HiddenRaider 7 Gün önce
Act man me and the homies will make do and play it at the same time compare what we’re doing and experiencing AT THE SAME TIME. I understand this is shit but we got make do with what we got.
BoomBoomKoopa Gaming
I have no friends soo I don’t care about coop and same with forge I don’t really use forge though forge game modes are something I love but I can very easily wait for it because the regular multiplayer and solo campaign will definitely keep me preoccupied.
Chad Rattington
Chad Rattington Gün önce
Who gives a fuck lmao multiplayer is gonna be the reason why infinite has longevity, not the campaign that’s gonna take a max of 8 hours to complete. Forge is important tho ngl. That impacts multiplayer Bc we need community maps and map remakes of classics
OLI Sanchez
OLI Sanchez Gün önce
did the camera record the whorl holidays? Wow just for this one realistic video
Mickley 2 gün önce
It just hit me, I have the same glasses Act Man has
SlayerJustPlays 2 gün önce
Anybody that didn't play the first one on release you're opinion is invalid
9arc Gün önce
happy 15th birthday
name namerson
name namerson 2 gün önce
I just realised how long it's been since I first played a good halo campaign.
Always Remember To Relax
I had more fun playing forge than I did anything else haha. You could make some BANANAS zombie maps.
Kurran Mangat
Kurran Mangat 3 gün önce
At the end of the day, it’s a choice between Halo, Vanguard and Casualfield. Which isn’t really a choice.
elliotwol 4 gün önce
All I have to say is I’m very glad I don’t have to pay for this shit thanks to games pass will make it hurt less when I probably uninstall it after a month
Saud 4 gün önce
coop is a deal breaker for me tuff, I guess ill watch the online walkthroughs
John Brinkman
John Brinkman 4 gün önce
"all of the...have just been Thanos'd" Wouldn't that mean only half of them wouldn't exist? /nerd
John Brinkman
John Brinkman 4 gün önce
"Halo Infinitefirst with bots" What about Halo 5's Warzone?
enoknab 4 gün önce
Halo 5 is the only reason you need to never touch Infinite. Every other detail is just confirming such a decision.
Duck 5 gün önce
I agree about forge being a huge part of halo. I remember when i got halo 3 in 5th grade it was my first halo, and i asked my friend what forge in halo 2 was-and i didn’t believe him when he said halo 2 didn’t have forge.
Dylan 5 gün önce
This game will *make or break* the Halo franchise. I don't mind the wait for Forge or Co-Op campaign. We all need to give it a rest, and just hope that this game will deliver.
Shrika Bacon
Shrika Bacon 5 gün önce
It is still wip
TheGoldNShadow 6 gün önce
Compared to Battlefield 2042 and CoD: Vanguard, while this isn’t the greatest news at all, it seems to be quite a lot better than its competitors because it actually works and feels quite fun on the multiplayer side of things.
Dreamative 7 gün önce
this fucking editing is top tier lmao
AwesomeSpaceStudios 7 gün önce
Don’t they always release forge later? It’s not the first time it has happened
PhazonEnder 7 gün önce
They should delay the game in its entirety, no it's, ands, or buts about it.
Vice Admiral Cole
Vice Admiral Cole 8 gün önce
infinite should be called halo 5 2
MrHousecup 8 gün önce
And there wouldn’t be any Red vs. Blue!
f7357 9 gün önce
Halo 3 players be like : "Halo what?"
SomeSerenity 9 gün önce
While the trailers were interesting and all, without a doubt in my mind, this game will fail. I pray that 343 just simply stops making fps Halo games since it is clearly Bungie's speciality.
Big man
Big man 9 gün önce
this is the dumbest thing ive ever seen. have u even played btb
Itsuko 9 gün önce
Holy shit, the state of old halo fan
Edged 10 gün önce
Imagine being such a fucking manchild that you get angry at a good game having a couple good features not ready at launch. And I'm not just talking about *you* Act Man, I'm talking about ALL halo fans.
iurhviusdfavhi 11 gün önce
Would you rather be able to play now and take the 2 features 3 and 6 months later, or would you rather they just keep it unreleased for another 6 months...I am more interested in the single player experience being amazing and repeatable, I played combat evolved co-op like hundreds of times! it had awesome replayability...if the quality is there I will be there with my friends when it gets here...just make it GOOD!
Adam Link
Adam Link 12 gün önce
Scalpers keep getting away with hording things because companies have websites that make it too easy to spam multiple orders of a single item. You could very easily program a check for number of orders from an IP address a refuse the purchase being processed for security and reputation reasons. You can require something to be done before a purchase can be accepted by asking randomized questions (e.g. "four with an addition of four is"). If a purchase is made of an item less than something like 10 minutes to an hour from the same identified individual, the payment is not accepted. Scalping gives places a bad reputation. If something can easily be scalped from your store, I will look somewhere else for it. The solution to this problem is so simplistic that it actually makes me mad it is not being done. I would gladly write code for these companies' store websites for free if it means scapling stops becoming a "business". Scalping is not a business it is unintentionally legal piracy.
Igno 12 gün önce
love the videos act man!
Fly Lights
Fly Lights 12 gün önce
Considering how many people replay the campaign at least like 2-3 times then you have the campaign addicts once a monthers that can quote the screen play… I don’t think people will care if they get to play it by themselves once and in a few months play with all their friends. Yeah it might be a tough wait but look how much their turning this game around it takes some time to create a quality game and catch their flow And momentum for the next halo games.
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 13 gün önce
It's kinda disappointing that most triple AAA games nowadays feel like they have the mentality of releasing a partially finished game, and then planning to finish it down the road
Lego Tech
Lego Tech 13 gün önce
this sucks because the reason I love halo is because of the co-op split screen so my brother and I can play together on split-screen but without that, I don't see a point in sticking with Xbox 343 and Microsoft you gotta get your act together because if they don't ima just move to PlayStation I don't see a point in sticking with Xbox if they don't have split-screen co-op I don't care if it is a bad campaign I just want to play with my brother. But of course, Microsoft says get a second Xbox and get another copy of the game and get another multiplayer subscription. Um no Microsoft the only other game I play on split-screen with my brother and friends is Minecraft and they are mostly on PlayStation. if this game is guna be without a split-screen it's not halo and I'm moving to PlayStation.
Sinopa Hyenith-Renard
Sinopa Hyenith-Renard 14 gün önce
12:05 OwO!? The Act Man is a Furry I hear?
Sinopa Hyenith-Renard
Sinopa Hyenith-Renard 14 gün önce
Im still gonna buy Halo Infinite but not preorder. The only game I’m preordering is Battlefield 2042. I had to cancel Vanguard’s Preorder because it was literally a MW2019 WW2 DLC. Why play that when I have MW2019 and Cold War.
jbm 14 gün önce
Floridaball 14 gün önce
This is an ideal breaker for me because I don't have any friends to play Halo with
ViceN53X 14 gün önce
The Gravity Hammer could use a new sound. Make it sound more powerful like in the previous Halo games
Crizalfn 14 gün önce
i only play halo for multiplayer anyway
GHOSTLY_MOSTLY 15 gün önce
your mother is
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 16 gün önce
Hilarious how games these days cost more but have less content
GlitchyHollow 16 gün önce
I’ve heard that co-op campaign was only gonna be missing from PC at launch
The Weird Drako Show
The Weird Drako Show 16 gün önce
Cyberpunk had a silver lining, it was fun. When it worked
top recovery
top recovery 17 gün önce
hey, have you heard about this shit game called cyberpunk 2077?
Legends Of Blood Gulch
The ladies like armor plating bro man. But for real, good video, and I do agree that this is a disappointment. Unfortunately this is just the state of the games industry, and if they need to delay some key features to realese a game that otherwise works I will be mostly OK with it. That is as long as the game is good, and is not broken at launch. (MCC and Cyberpunk, I'm looking at you) Oh and as long as they are FREE, not packaged in paid dlc...
DR Iceman
DR Iceman 17 gün önce
Calling it now, they will either cut co-op way down or scrap it all together. And 100% committed to a release date and not pushing it back further sounds exactly like CDPR and CP2077. Joe is saying all the corpo speak that CDPR said. I hate to say it but Infinite is going to be a mess when it launches.
Howard B Bailey
Howard B Bailey 18 gün önce
My copy of Infinite is still wrapped in my "To Play" box. 🙈
slamdolphin 18 gün önce
the art style and sounds in the game suck
Rich 18 gün önce
God, 343 is such a pathetic company. The multiplayer is bad, minus the fact they got rid of elites and assassinations, two of the best fixes to multiplayer, forge isn't gonna in the game for months. Co-op won't be in, I don't even wanna touch this game for half a year or so. It depends on what people say on the review of the campaign, if people say it's something that you can't miss out on, I might suck it up and just play. We'll see though. Such a sad state of affairs for Halo.
Coffee Man
Coffee Man 9 gün önce
@Big man which are you referring to?
Big man
Big man 9 gün önce
watching u purists literally makes me hope u guys actually cry harder knowing u lost ur game cause u guys rlly dont deserve it. seriously u guys are gonna kill the game that is tryna actually make u guys happy and its pathetic
Coffee Man
Coffee Man 12 gün önce
@Saben And Halo has countless times mind you. Dual Wielding, Brute weapons, Equipment, even the armor for Master chief! From CE to now it has been evolving. It makes experiments and dares to go further. Bungie has done it so why can't 343? Plus its not all bad because Multiplayer is FREE, so you can try it yourself and hop off if you do not like the finished product with no charge or repercussions. Just my 2 cents but everyone has a right to interpretations and opinions ^^
Saben 12 gün önce
@Coffee Man Adds variety lol. 343 is changing the game again farther away from it. It adds variety, who cares it's making the game unrecognizable.
Coffee Man
Coffee Man 14 gün önce
@Rich to each their own. I honestly like it because the outlining is easy and also it gives more variety in combat Edit: Like it makes your spartan, YOUR spartan. To your own eyes and to everyone else. That spartan is YOU
Sesame skopez94
Sesame skopez94 19 gün önce
I'm ok with waiting a month maybe 2 but 3 and 6 it's way too much
xTAARGUS 19 gün önce
Actman, as a fellow "boomer" starting with CE, you and I would have had a great time on splitscreen together. Me and the boys used to make up stupid games. Grenades only on blood gulch with vehicles and no shooting, ramping off of tanks with grenades. Man good times.
WereItSoEasy15 19 gün önce
I just hope Joe doesn’t ruin his reputation for BEAUTIFUL games by helping this game ship
Losh 19 gün önce
Epic Games released Fortnite Creative in a rough state. Then they made and continue to make updates and improvements to it over time. Just give us the barebones version of forge and do the same 343🙄
Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson 19 gün önce
Don’t release your games until it’s actually finished.
CEE 20 gün önce
Judging a game that most probably haven’t played yet cause it’s not even out but yeah man you gotta get your views
VHS 20 gün önce
Imagine if spartan ID doesn't come out until another 5 months
Exorce 20 gün önce
The state of the game that’s in alpha is not good… i mean… what else would you expect? Hahaha
Fnatiks 20 gün önce
Can someone please tell me the exact name of the soundtrack playing at 1:40?
Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts 20 gün önce
As long as there's no battle passes idc. Please go back to challenges actual skill!!!! And makes skins iconic as not all can get them if not good enough
Brandon Naughton
Brandon Naughton 20 gün önce
I really don't mind the delay of co-op campaign and forge. I am REALLY glad they aren't rushing halo infinite like other game titles do (cyberpunk 2077). After playing the beta, I can tell you this game will age like fine wine. Exploring the open world campaign, getting used to new weapons/vehicles and the multiplayer will keep us busy, and when they are ready, forge and co-op will be added. Be grateful they aren't releasing the full game with half assed effort, like new cod games lol
Negativitron Prime
Negativitron Prime 21 gün önce
I'm excited for angryjoes review
Warren G
Warren G 21 gün önce
You mean they delayed it to make more money
SnuzzySnorlax 21 gün önce
I blame Microsoft
a e
a e 12 gün önce
@Your BigBlackDaddy because they didn't have 6 years? are you forgetting MCC and halo 5 updates?
Your BigBlackDaddy
Your BigBlackDaddy 16 gün önce
Why? 343 were given six years to develop Infinite, there's literally no one else but themselves to blame
Ashton Ingram
Ashton Ingram 21 gün önce
I understand why forge was delay because of it new forge mode and to me I don't really care about coop as I am a sole player first infortmost me and my friend play the campaign alone before we play together so coop being delay doesn't hurt me
Dr. JB h.c.
Dr. JB h.c. 21 gün önce
Halo 4 disappointed me so much that I stopped playing it, outside of custom games with friends, really quickly. When Halo 5 launched it looked like trash and so I never bought it. Sure, it looks playable NOW, but the whole 'release content later' thing just doesn't do it for me. So, Halo Infinite started to look like it might get my attention, make me interested again as I loved Halo when it was a Bungie property and it was looking like it had potential (unlike 4 and 5), but now this? Co-op campaign and forge have been the biggest parts of Halo for me, moreso than multiplayer. This just makes it look like this is going to be another pass, but who knows.
haha yes
haha yes Gün önce
I don't know why people complain about content later. Making video games now takes so much time. It's reasonable to have a game and make money while developing new content
Peace Weapon
Peace Weapon 21 gün önce
We need to speak with our wallets. Don’t buy this shit. We need to stop developers thinking they can do this No co-op, it’s not halo
Andre Jones
Andre Jones 21 gün önce
If only you knew how good the forge is. If you could see how in depth it is you would understand why they are taking their time
Dane Green
Dane Green 21 gün önce
Dude this game got delayed a year and still has basic features that are expected at launch not in the game, I can’t give Xboxs flagship main IP any benefits here since they should be killing it and not barley satisfying their audience with the idea of content being drip added over months Should be better than this why do we accept this
Tsunami Sue
Tsunami Sue 21 gün önce
Yes. I'm a lady, and I don't like this. 2:11
sleepy at dawn
sleepy at dawn 21 gün önce
I love co-op, but forge is horrible. Most community maps arw terrible and look the same, i guess because the tools aren't quite there yet. I loved Halo reach Mp, but it died for me as soon as bungie allowed forge maps onto the playlists. Nothing but boxy, look alike maps.
GX 21 gün önce
unfinished game but thats ok because its "FrEe To PlAy" and on "GaMe PaSs"
Malazan 21 gün önce
My question is why does Microsoft trust 343 still? They almost killed the Halo franchise and MS still gives them the reins?
BigShiftD 18 gün önce
@DT Nah it’s just funny in the act man newest halo video I see a lot of people now praising halo and such even after all he amount of people been doubting this game in this video. Seem likes people usually follows others and not making their own decisions
DT 18 gün önce
@BigShiftD who wouldn’t? they took the best trilogy of games in history(change my mind) to being a joke besides reach
BigShiftD 18 gün önce
So you have doubt in them I assume ?
Malazan 21 gün önce
Look at the dislikes from the fanboys in denial!
Malazan 21 gün önce
No Forge could outright kill Halo Infinite MP if it drops too late. It's hard to get interest back when people leave a game in droves. Forge is what kept old Halo going. I also know it will drop much later than 6 months it will be delayed even further.
Malazan 21 gün önce
And to think this game was supposed to be out November 2020! They would have released it if there wasn't a big uproar also.
Malazan 21 gün önce
The MP looks like it's shaping up to be solid but the Campaign is worrying me! I feel like they're putting all their eggs in one basket with the MP.
Johnny Six
Johnny Six 22 gün önce
I hate 343
Johnny Six
Johnny Six 22 gün önce
I miss halo 3 when it first came out. That was perfection in its own moment.
Ryan Hodgson
Ryan Hodgson 22 gün önce
The game is good, quit being dramatic.
Saben 12 gün önce
The game is trash, quit being stupid and desperate.
Something Awesome
Something Awesome 22 gün önce
You just said you would take any opportunity to shit on CDPR for Cyberpunk. Then you said 343 would be mad/crazy for delaying Halo Infinite another year. So which is it? Part of the reason CyberPunk was released too early is because fans lose their shit when a game gets delayed. Especially when it is delayed AGAIN. Put enough pressure on a studio and send enough death threats to developers after announcing a delay and yeah, maybe they will release the game when they realize a second or third delay is warranted.
Your BigBlackDaddy
Your BigBlackDaddy 15 gün önce
If you honestly think crying fanboys on Twitter are what pressured CDPR to release this multi-million dollar project early and and not investors and the Holiday season you might actually have brain damage
Fox 22 gün önce
Let's say, I understand why people would be upset, but I really don't share that feeling. It's coming eventually. What does it matter anyway?
bester Mülleimer der Welt doch das Schlimmste
If they put a tether system in the campaign coop I shall be sad
UxR Nation
UxR Nation 22 gün önce
That's the good thing about infinite though if your mad that theres no co-op campaign just wait till it comes out to play the campaign the multiplayer is free so you can still play the multiplayer even if you haven't brought the campaign or game pass.
Malpractice96 22 gün önce
I just paused this to say THE NEW HALO WILL BE GARBAGE
JamesH N7
JamesH N7 22 gün önce
SURPRISE SURPRISE…. A Halo “Fan” complaining about Halo AGAIN…. people just can’t please these losers…. Turns out a game actually take a lot of works you morons… so STFU and let the talented people make your game for you while you sweat away in your funko-pop riddled basements…
hoss7 22 gün önce
I became a halo fan from playing campaign co-op on halo 3 back in the day and online forge on reach with my cousin who I don’t see that often. Halo has been a huge piece of my life and it hurts me to see it struggle. I have been really enjoying the halo infinite flight on my pc this weekend but I pray the launch is good.
Fettkotz & Bromas
Fettkotz & Bromas 22 gün önce
I‘m sad for Forge but I‘m ok with it as long as the game will stay cool to me
SaturnsGod 22 gün önce
I don’t have any homies that like halo….
Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas 22 gün önce
This is extremely disappointing. I haven't played Halo since Halo Reach and Halo 3. Everything looked soo promising for Infinite and I even got my friends to get onboard with Halo. We will probably still get it but I was looking forward to Forge and Co-op. I was banking on those experiences to bring me back to those nostalgic times of the Halo franchise 😔
Branflakes, Bold new taste
How does a company with so many collective years of making video games completely drop the ball like this?
Joji Hern
Joji Hern 22 gün önce
Why would anyone want co op then? This game has microtransactions so you would prefer to show that to your friend so you can buy stuff together? This is why these mini disguised casinos aren’t leaving.
iZombieCat 23 gün önce
Battlefield better
Eva San
Eva San 23 gün önce
I don't know what "Halo" Infinite MP Is, but I Know it is Not Halo. As a Game, it is a cheap Wish-app Knockoff of Halo. As a HALO game, it is an Abomination. This game is a Failure, on the Highest level and the Absolute Lowest bar for multiplayer videogames. It is Ugly, Stupid, and Unbalanced. Halo 5 was the worst Halo game, but Infinite is Worse than H5 in multiplayer because it is Not a Halo game. It is a Bad Call of Duty, and Anyone that thinks This is the future is blind as a bat and probably never even played MCC nor Any of the Halos, just wanting that color addiction Fix. Wait for the reviews, because the MP IS BAD. PERIOD.
Hajimakairu 23 gün önce
Genuinely, they should delay the game another year. Wait until they can release the game with everything there, let all the anticipation build up another year, have the big release player numbers able to access everything without a bullshit pipeline, right in time for Christmas. They'll make more sales that way and earn way more good will than by doing what they're currently doing which will translate into more sales for their next inevitable project and they'll have a whole year to fix bugs and polish the game to a sickening extent that would wow people for decades to come and become the cause of a new generation of Halo fans with cherished memories of the game they waited so long for.
Hajimakairu 21 gün önce
@Post Rock Mixes Read the rest of this comment section. Forge and co-op are a big part of Halo, just as big or bigger than the single player. Without it, the game just isn't done and concurrent player numbers will be stunted right from the start and will drop off way faster
Post Rock Mixes
Post Rock Mixes 21 gün önce
@Hajimakairu It will be done. The campaign will be content complete and bug free. There will be absolutely nothing to add for singleplayer. Thats called being done. There is no reason to release the game for people looking for singleplayer.
Hajimakairu 22 gün önce
@Post Rock Mixes Wait for me? Nah, I'm not getting the game regardless. As for why people should wait; the game's not done yet.
Post Rock Mixes
Post Rock Mixes 22 gün önce
Ok. But for people who don't care about forge or co-op. Why should they be forced to wait for you, when the game is ready for them?
Varroktorgan 23 gün önce
I apologize but I really only understand forge, I’m not a fan of co-op because I don’t want people to bug me when I’m sitting in silence and wandering around halo maps.
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