The Star Guardian Event WILL Have PvE... and here's why.

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How about we take a healthy dose of copium.

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21 Haz 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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This video is going to age like milk isn’t it…
T B Skyen
Huffing deeply, DEEPLY of that Copium because I want a PvE mode so badly
Antreas kanaris
And it's official Necrit has once again managed to make me hyped about something we might not get
Georgi Dimitrov
The "tea bag" you were referring to is a omamori, which is usually used as a protection charm. Though they are usually red, the knot is definitely of an omamori charm.
I rlly hope the PvE return they were soo fun
Mike Z
Necrit the "hanging teabag" in
Ben Vogel
Ultimate spellbook Annie-“I’m about to end this whole mans career”
Legoshi Rocha
I honestly knew we weren’t having a Void event since the devs didn’t mention it or didn’t tease it enough.
the entire star guardian trailer just gives off this like... calm before the storm type of energy. I have very high hopes for this event!
Dicklet ?
imagine halfway thru the event the void takes over the event
Name Less
Even without expecting anything, Riot Games continues to disappoint us... The Laziness, the little interest and greed makes me unable to take seriously what they say
Stop the copium, Necrit!!! It only hurts me even more... Odyssey will still be the best Best Gamemode Riot has made. Beat it in Odyssey Difficulty in one the most toxic servers in the world "PH Server" with a bunch of RANDOMS. You can not believe the amount of joy I felt achieving that. Riot doesn't care anymore.
Emmanuel Udoidung
An interesting thing is how often Kai'sa is popping up lately.
The odyssey game mode was unironically the most fun I have ever had in League of Legends, slight rpg mechanics with leveling the characters and getting new abilities to choose, and all the yasuo insanity. Incredibly fun, would honestly play just that for the rest of leagues days. Please riot, I BEG you.
The fanbase for 3 years now: "Rito please just give us a PvE mode"
Judgement Dragon
Necrit: *gives us several valid reasons for why riot could give us PvE
Cake L
yeah, I'd have to agree that the engagement issue with the last pve events was entirely there fault. It was bullshit when they kinda said "yall dont seem to like it enough". They only had 3 difficulties, ...so we only played it 3 times. It doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable just that we already did all the content. They need to design one with more replay-ability.
When looking at Leagues demonic compendium the rune you showed is closer fit to the ones we see with Fiddlesticks, so while Nilah may be a SG launch skin, it would be easy to reframe her Demon as her SG companion while leaving things open for one of the actually established Demons in lore, in this case Fiddle or Nocturne. I don't say Eve only because I think she'd be a way better fit for a Dark Star than anything else.
One thing I remember from the original star guardian event was that most of the enemies were Void champions and that would definitely fit with this years opening cinematic.
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