The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack: Official Reveal Trailer

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Live a life full of important choices, memorable milestones, and dynamic relationships in The Sims™ 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack*, launching March 16 at 10 a.m. PT. Pre-order or buy through April 27 and get the Outdoor Playtime Digital Content**! (This content will become available when the pack launches.)

Settle in San Sequoia, a bustling town with historic roots, and live a rich family life full of sleepovers, drama, and self-discovery. Let your parents move in with you - or don’t - and see how that affects your relationships. Navigate a midlife crisis and come out with new personality traits. Meet a stranger and have instant chemistry - or instant friction. There’s a lot to experience, together.

Available March 16 at 10 a.m. PT on Origin PC/Mac, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®5.

Pre-order now: www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the...

*Requires The Sims 4 & all game updates. For PC, see minimum system requirements for the pack.

**CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS APPLY. See www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the... for details

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1 Şub 2023




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The Sims
The Sims Aylar önce
ICYMI Simmers! Infants will be available as a free base game update on March 14. 👶 Learn more about the new lifestage in the first episode of Behind The Sims: trvid.com/video/video-spC-n7rWp_k.html ✨
Ifeelthebris 13 gün önce
The update still isn’t working 😞
MirA 14 gün önce
This should have been base game. Don't you ever feel embarrassed?
💎Sims 4 Fanatic 💎
@smvfc be grateful there is an expansion pack like this, I’m so sick of people complaining that this shouldn’t be an expansion pack but an update, I understand that it is kind of unreasonable but there is like 50 different complaints about this on every trailer. Give it a rest!
IHeartWinnie 23 gün önce
no strollers 😥
KlearChristal 25 gün önce
They...weren't already?
Caitlin Daniels
Caitlin Daniels Aylar önce
This makes it look like a proper family rather than just a bunch of sims who live in a house together! 😁
Fr tho
Just_Silver 24 gün önce
wait till the gameplay to say..
♡itz_tiny_Mia♡ Aylar önce
Yup ^^
Jayy Aylar önce
@Vem I don’t think so bc look at how big those are compared to past sims game. The packs don’t feel in-depth a lot but it is a huge upgrade from rabbit hole highschool and only being able to just ground our kids for something bad. I like how the team does it and take a topic and expands it
Jayy Aylar önce
@Carrot we needed it for the sims 3
Roysha Arielle
Roysha Arielle Aylar önce
I love this endless game of “could’ve been in one pack” 🥰
Jae S
Jae S 11 gün önce
@Mari Gold I agree!
Inded Games
Inded Games 11 gün önce
If it Was in one pack it wouldnt be as detailed
Kaylee Schade
Kaylee Schade 13 gün önce
Here's my take, dumb all the expansion packs and gameplay packs into the base game or at least the realistic ones (spa day, parenthood, highschool years, ect.) And cheapen the cost of more mythical expansion/gameplay packs More people would be more willing to pay a cheap price for some cool content and since more would be able to buy it in turn more money could be made I am still a teenager though so I don't know if this would work entirely but I feel like it would be a good way to help the communities issues with pack and still let us enjoy them at decent prices
FluffyUnicorn Aylar önce
This looks like something that should already be in the base game but we have to pay for.
Derek Danie
Derek Danie 6 gün önce
EA games/The Sims, could learn something from hello games, which is..... its ok to add more to a game, and not charge anything for it....
Giada Giuggiola02
Giada Giuggiola02 10 gün önce
pirate it then
Malika 11 gün önce
sorry but that's equivalent to sims 3 generation.
Dardan M
Dardan M 12 gün önce
And $40 at that...
Axst3ro1d !
Axst3ro1d ! 19 gün önce
@She‘s Mongolian ASMR so.. use sims4 updater?
Chitus Aylar önce
Interaction between younger life stages and infants will be amazing! I love how children interact with babies IRL it's so cute so I hope we get a bunch of new actions!
Tiph Aylar önce
Wow! So if you combine this with Parenthood, High School Years, My Wedding Stories, Kids Stuff, Toddler Stuff, and Nifty Knitting (for the rocking chairs), you can finally have Sims 4 Generations! (Remember when all this was one expansion pack?)
Jayy 2 gün önce
Well it’s not meant the be the same thing from past games because those games are still out their and if we keep getting the same things it gets boring
Blu Moon Fiction
Blu Moon Fiction 10 gün önce
Yes 😂
CoLdBITeR 11 gün önce
@Jae S sims 4 and EA in general isn't the only ones who do the same thing with your games, and they will all continue to do it too. My main thing would be how the sims community has more hate than most any other gaming community, especially when the devs are trying to please the community, when a lot of other games hardly do it. Now that doesn't mean praise them to high heaven for doing the bare minimum, but no need to attack the devs with negativity everytime they release a new product that people spent months on. Constructive criticism is fine, as long as it actually has real points on how to fix the issues. Most negative comments are vague I.e "this pack looks like garbage" "not up to par with the last game" even positive ones can be ridiculously vague "looks great" "can't wait to play it" giving details on what you are looking forward to and what you aren't is constructive criticism, just saying you hate it or love it, is not.
CoLdBITeR 11 gün önce
@fearthereaper25 yes there is nothing wrong with complaining, just as there is nothing wrong with enjoying the packs. But it isn't a bad pack, there is no such thing as a great pack or bad pack. Because it is all subjective. Everyone has different interests and clearly there are people who still enjoy the packs even if others hate it. You can complain, but it doesn't do you much good on TRvid comments. If you truly want to complain and see differences, go to their official website, where they will have a higher chance to read your opinion, since your opinion is nothing on here to them. Or just don't play the game and don't buy packs, up to you.
Jae S
Jae S 11 gün önce
@CoLdBITeR people are complaining because the way they constantly make packs that are glitchy (1) and packs that could’ve been combined with another for the price points (2). I do agree people should stop supporting sims 4 until they be more reasonable but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. It’s hard asking someone to stop playing when they have a strong love for the game. I personally dislike sims 4 & play sims 3 but I have an understanding of the frustration people have.
russellpuff Aylar önce
Looking at this pack makes me realize that as an adult, I’m actually living this pack when back in middle school playing Sims 3 with Generations was what I was imagining my future to be. Hope the teens that play this pack today find inspiration for what they want in their future.
George Ashraf
George Ashraf Aylar önce
That’s really heartwarming man, I’m a teen and honestly playing stuff like this really makes me actually look forward to adult life instead of dreading it, I can’t wait!
Iron Seagull
Iron Seagull Aylar önce
Please let this be the family expansion pack I've been wanting! And hopefully the new world will be a nice change from all the rural towns lately
Kee Aylar önce
Weird it says the vid was released 9 days ago and your comment says 11 days ago 😳
net Aylar önce
Lailla Aylar önce
You mean like... Parenthood that was released a long time ago?
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
I think it will be like the generation dlc they had in the sims 3
ja h
ja h Aylar önce
TRvids made the homes
itsmea1isa Aylar önce
I’m glad that it’s not coming out right away so the sims team has a chance to look at the community’s feedback. Honestly I’m really excited! It looks like it could definitely be a solid pack. The only thing I’m a bit bummed out about is there is no mention of daycare or babysitters. I feel like that would be such a good opportunity for an active career. I’m curious to see how all this shakes out.
TheCoolDude Aylar önce
When has the sims team ever looked at the communitys feedback?
Maddie K
Maddie K Aylar önce
That's an amazing idea. That sounds like such a fun active career
Amari Aylar önce
Omg you’re so right I would live for that tbh and also elementary school could be fun
Precious Byrd
Precious Byrd Aylar önce
I ain’t never smiled so hard at sim content before. This was beautiful! Parents visiting, kids being able to record and so much more. I’m excited!!😂
MyIslandCyster Aylar önce
This is literally is parenthood literally
Sen Chihiro
Sen Chihiro Aylar önce
Smile from the beginning ☺️☺️
maxy Aylar önce
@George Ashraf true! that would be great. and i hope they also fix the issue where when you visit your parents they kick you out for trying to shower or sleep in your own home lol
George Ashraf
George Ashraf Aylar önce
@maxy knowing the sims some of this might be in the base game and some the dlc, they might include the parents visiting thing in base game
Natasha Aylar önce
idk why but I teared up a little bit 😂
DallasPark 2000
DallasPark 2000 Aylar önce
I’m a family orientated kinda simmer so this pack is a must have for me! I also cant wait for the infants update they look so adorable.
Stasi Prewett
Stasi Prewett Aylar önce
Couldn’t help but have a tear in my eye towards the end of the video. Finally a representation of Generations which I played for countless hours and will forever have a special place in my heart. I remember treehouses, home videos, and so many small details that made the game special; I see that some of these key gameplay elements in Generations will now be included with Growing Together. Thank you.
Xbox Aylar önce
11 am: puzzle time ☑ 2 pm: water park ☑ 4 pm: aerobics with Granny ☑
The End
The End Aylar önce
INSTANT r_a_m_e_n
INSTANT r_a_m_e_n Aylar önce
Ariana what are you doing here???
EG and AJ
EG and AJ Aylar önce
@RedRoseSeptember22 But like... what if it didn't need a mod?!?!!?
RedRoseSeptember22 Aylar önce
@Alyssa Contreras LittleMsSam has a quick shower and bath mod :)
Alyssa Contreras
Alyssa Contreras Aylar önce
@The Sims hang on are we fixing how time works now? So things like showering don't take 4 hours to do.
SammiPinkNinja Aylar önce
This is what so many of us were asking for. Yay!! Not only does the content look good, the trailer has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it like the older sims games by being silly.
Ariston Kahl
Ariston Kahl Aylar önce
I think (am hoping) this will be the one that will reignite my love for the sims. I love the in depth family dynamics. It really makes the sims feel like...the sims! Im so excited!
Superstarrr Aylar önce
I love how the sims music is in their language but it has a little bop to it 🎶🎶
Kia Maria
Kia Maria Gün önce
This is a real song “Ooh La La” by Faces.
EG and AJ
EG and AJ Aylar önce
EG and AJ
EG and AJ Aylar önce
video games
video games 19 gün önce
I’m really excited for this pack! I hope my families will finally be able to sit down to eat meals together now, mealtime is always so frustrating especially with large families!
magnolia Aylar önce
The fact that the kids can loose teeth, kiss their toddler siblings on the forehead, the elders living in a community/rec center*, THERE'S JUST SO MUCH AND I AM LOVING EVERY BIT OF IT.
H F Aylar önce
@Saeboogie Yeah true but someone might get excited thinking that toddlers hugging infants is a feature of the EP when it’s actually free in base game, like how some people got misled thinking ladders were included in eco lifestyle when they were free. So they might buy the pack for a feature that isn’t actually included.
Saeboogie Aylar önce
@H F umm I think your thinking is a little off usually the ep has more than the base game
H F Aylar önce
@maxy I 100% agree!!! and also the trailer is misleading cus I bet half of those family interactions WILL be included in the base game infants update, meaning not much is actually included for your £35. but if they are only in the pack, that’s terrible too, because why should we pay extra for our child sims to kiss our toddler sims on the head? madness what they think they can monetise now.
maxy Aylar önce
It’s great but don’t you think it’s a bit ridiculous that you have to buy an expansion pack just for these features that should be in the base game to begin with. like why do i have to pay extra just to have these simple family interactions.
H F Aylar önce
@~asleep~ yeah true, I’m a bit scarred after the “gameplay” in snowy escape ngl so praying it isn’t as shallow as that
Miss Nicky Baby
Miss Nicky Baby Aylar önce
I really love the look of this I love how there's more interaction with the babies and toddlers and I love how you can carry the baby on your back with the holder, change the baby on the mat, teaching kids to bike ride. Love it
Shen Aylar önce
I’ve been waiting since the first sims came to out to enjoy more interactions with my babies ❤ but pls let their be STROLLERS!!!!!
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Aylar önce
I haven't been this excited since parenthood....as someone who plays big families constantly I'm so EXCITED
Nia Fennoy
Nia Fennoy Aylar önce
This looks so heartfelt and whimsical. Can't wait for it to drop and hoping for no bugs/tech issues 🤞🏽💕
ShaniaPaige96 Aylar önce
This pack looks lovely!!! 😮 I hope it’s what us simmers have all been looking for!!! That world looks beautiful and I’m excited to see it ❤
Tyco Curious
Tyco Curious Aylar önce
This makes the sims actually look like a family instead of just random roommates like they do right now - I'm looking forward to seeing the gameplay stream!
Liz Marzano
Liz Marzano Aylar önce
@Aimee Barrett No not really, it’s just that weve been playing it since the sims 1 or 2, and we know the potential it has and how great of a game it can be. When simmers start complaining about things that’s when things actually change or get added to the game if you’ve noticed, bit strange huh 🤷🏻‍♀️
KS squad
KS squad Aylar önce
Errm they don't look like random roomates?
Aimee Barrett
Aimee Barrett Aylar önce
@t they've been doing it since the Sims 2. Bit strange how people want to complain about it. It's almost like simmers are trying to find things to complain about.
Aimee Barrett
Aimee Barrett Aylar önce
@waffles ♡ Then don't play it
Monkey Chatter ⭐️
yeah, I'm not picking up Sims 4 until they get rid of that random mean interactions bug on the console. In the meantime, I've been playing Sims 3. I'm happy that y'all are finally getting the family pack after almost 10 years. lmao
Taylor N.
Taylor N. Aylar önce
Man, wish this came out last year while I was pregnant. But now I'm living it all! This trailer actually looks pretty accurate, good job team.
Sr. Haru
Sr. Haru Aylar önce
A coisa que eu mais amo é a interação familiar dentro do game, ansiosa pra essa expansões tomara que não decepcione
Rahma Zahidah Pertiwi
Thank you so much the Sims Team for your hard work!! I cannot wait to experience the life you created, I've been playing the Sims since elementary and you guys always give the besttttt✨️✨️✨️✨️
Saphire Murphy
Saphire Murphy Aylar önce
I hope they can do a preteen stage now that they see the importance of different life stages. They can go to middle school and have different aspirations from children and teens.
RedRoseSeptember22 Aylar önce
I can't wait for this!!!!!! It looks soooo cute!!!! I haven't been excited for a new EP in sooo long ♥♥♥♥
violetrevival Aylar önce
This is what The Sims has always been for me. Even with the nightlife packs, the supernatural stuff and even pets. At the end of it all, I really just wanted to create families full of life. I can't wait
Fish King of the Aquarium
@nico "Be happy for once" I bought all the packs thinking they all looked fun enough to buy yet not one "expect maybe werewolves and get to work" were worth it. In the end this pack most likely will be extremely basic and will get boring within a hour of playing. Also consumers have the right to complain about a terrible overpriced product especially when EA keeps producing more of the same basic crap.
Kitty Underwood
Kitty Underwood Aylar önce
@Hunter Lawrence you right
Hunter Lawrence
Hunter Lawrence Aylar önce
@Kitty Underwood The Sims 3 one was called Generations. Parenthood is a Sims 4 Game Pack
Kitty Underwood
Kitty Underwood Aylar önce
@Anna M This is literally the same as the parenthood expansion for sims 3
itsmike64 Aylar önce
Hands down never been this excited for a Sims 4 pack before. I hope they did it justice and did it well. More like this please!!! You have lots to make up for!
azimae Aylar önce
love how this pack looks!! with the infants and the new animations and interactions.. ahh it’s just soo cute. can’t wait for the release!
Hassan Carmaletio
Hassan Carmaletio Aylar önce
This gave me Sims 3 Generations vibes Here for it 😍❤
Jazmine Boyer
Jazmine Boyer Aylar önce
this is literally making me emotional! I’ve been waiting for this for so long 😊
Chicken Nugget Man
Chicken Nugget Man Aylar önce
I hope the devs see this and in case they do, I LOVE the new pack, it looks like it has so much fun stuff to do and really adds more content to raising children in the sims. I hope that we get a stroller too, for toddlers!
Caden Aylar önce
Things I noticed at first glance: 1. A HOME VIDEO CAMERA !!! 2. Belly time mats for infants 3. Bicycle riding for kids 4. Treehouse building! 5. Baby showers 6. Family game tables 7. Pillow fights & Sleepovers 8. Amazing interactions between toddlers and infants 9. A water park! 10. Changing tables & that's just some of it!! *edit* they confirmed that video camera's are not in the pack 😔, what a tease...
broodylavellan Aylar önce
It also seems like retirement homes might be added? And senior activities, maybe?
desertrose0601 Aylar önce
Oh bummer. Yeah especially when they dropped the camera sideways, that seemed like a for sure indication of a video camera. Not sure why else they’d make the video like that.
Ghostie TheFriendly
They confirmed no home video camera by the way
Astrology M
Astrology M Aylar önce
@ave is not coming either way
ave Aylar önce
number one should have been infants tbh
Ella Star
Ella Star Aylar önce
This feels like new life is being breathed into the Sims. I’m so excited for this to come out!!
Danielle L
Danielle L Aylar önce
My favorite part of the Sims is reproducing them lol I always choose the family aspiration. I would really love to see like a sims genetics expansion pack that focused on the breeding aspect of the game
Hollballoo 2
Hollballoo 2 Aylar önce
i already love it icl, one feature i love is that it’s not just solely focused on the infants but there are other additions to the toddlers and children. I really think this will positively impact the whole game. I also loveeeeee new worlds and ones that I will actually use regularly, so far this one looks very liveable.
A.m P.m
A.m P.m Aylar önce
Idk why, but this gave me the feeling of seeing the sims for the very first time. Just pure nostalgia went through me.
Papaapple93 Aylar önce
So excited for this expansion pack and the addition of infants being added into the base game going to be a wonderful year for the sims this year
Alisa Morikawa
Alisa Morikawa Aylar önce
Everyone is waiting for infants, but I really want the old people to add gameplay!
JordieSama 14 gün önce
@Anna Parks Yeah but the point is that I shouldn't have to do that. It's fine though because they said they extended the lifespan for elders.
Anna Parks
Anna Parks 14 gün önce
@JordieSama I’m pretty sure you can turn off aging in the settings
user92 Aylar önce
1 2
1 2 Aylar önce
Yes but is it just me or did in the beginning of the trailer it looked like a retirement home?
Garushia Aylar önce
OMG YASSSS 😭😭😭 I think nobody payed attention to elder stuff I LOVE IT
Crowdofone Aylar önce
It’s so weird to buy better times with your sims This one should have been in the base game
NO Aylar önce
Dani Fehr
Dani Fehr Aylar önce
This looks so amazing!!!! Finally real families ❤️
Denise Dupree
Denise Dupree Aylar önce
This is the first time I've been excited for Sims 4 content since launch...but I'm gonna check my expectations and stay very cautiously optimistic.
Luna Aylar önce
I‘d love to know if it also affects how related sims living in other households interact with each other, like if they randomly come over or invite you for holidays or even just for dinner and if they have somewhat of a relationships even if they didn‘t meet yet for example with their cousins or grand parents, aunts, uncles etc. i also hope they improve the family tree. the trailer looks great, the infants look very cute, the worlds looks great, i‘m very excited.
nicole Aylar önce
i'm actually crying because the sims 3 generations is everything to me since i was a kid. THANK YOU.
LivSaintLaurent Aylar önce
I haven’t felt this much excitement over a Sims expansion pack in a really long time! This is what we want!
Tincho Ardiles
Tincho Ardiles Aylar önce
Yeah! I can't wait for this to be out. I felt the same way for other previous expansion packs like Snowy Escape, Werewolves or High School Years, I just can't wait for this to be out.
Yes! This is what I have been waiting for too!
Agung Putro Nugroho
Changing table & Tree house is back to The sims franchise 😍
R&L Sports
R&L Sports Aylar önce
In the last year, the Sims has really stepped up their game! The new packs and updates have been amazing and I really appreciate that they applied to what we have been suggesting. With this pack, my household members can now finally make special unique memories that make them feel like actual family! After March, The Sims 4 will be so fun and awesome!! ❤❤❤ P.S. Thank you so much for giving us the family elements we have been asking for a long time. Also, I think the game will be more realistic including the fact that we will now have infants. THANKS FOR THE 100 LIKES!!!
Fandom_Destoryer Aylar önce
I was actually just finishing up this generations family I was about to do and this is perfect timing!!!
。⁠*゚。c e l e s t i a 。⁠*⁠♡
I have never done a legacy family but I want to do one with the new pack when it comes out. Hopefully it make families more fun especially with their first kid. :)
𝑏𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑎  ୨୧ ⋆。˚
fr im definitely going to do a legacy family now with this!
Um Gamer Nada Qualificado 🎮
I love this trailer!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
SilentApprentice Aylar önce
This is essentially Generations which, in my opinion, was the best expansion pack from the sims 3. I love family dynamics. Parenthood helped me enjoy playing the sims 4 ❤️
Deya Rhymes
Deya Rhymes Aylar önce
@charity what's stopping you from enjoying it? They're allowed to have an opinion
Deya Rhymes
Deya Rhymes Aylar önce
@justin kaufman We have problems that need to be solved right now before adding more kids. Most people are delaying, limiting, or choosing not to have kids because of said problems. Government wants more kids then they need to stop ignoring issues
Deya Rhymes
Deya Rhymes Aylar önce
@Alex De la Loire yeah but the only big difference with occults is that they have a skill tree now. It doesn't justify them being split up...
J M Aylar önce
@Alex De la Loire open world allows more realistic features of the game, why would you want a loading screen when your Sims go to a shop it's a jarring issue that ruins the game, you can literally see a park and stand in it but have to wait for a loading screen just to play there lool what kind of nonsense is that? With open world you Sims can own vehicles, and gives the gameplay more dynamic features, like being able to control kids at school without having to leave the other household members behind I doubt this will compare to generation which was so diverse and dynamic, teens where able to throw house parties when the parents where away, more action and less rabbit holes Sims 4 feels lazy to me and makes the gameplay dull, rabbit screen or loading one for everything where is the actual fun in that? I really hope they fix all of this should they make a Sims 5, give people the option to have a open world version or loading screen for those who actually like it, can be done easily.
J M Aylar önce
@Александра As a long time simmer I agree with him sims 3 was the best, It was actually worth the money, Sims 4 really isn't and comes off as a cheap downgrade compared to Sims 3 Only things that Sims 4 did better what the navigation feels smoother, the characters and overall graphics are better but not by that much, and easier time installing and using mods But bad thing is that mods is literally the only thing keeping the Sims franchise afloat right now, I didn't know what mods where when the Sims 3 came out and still didn't need them to enjoy the game, you playing the Sims 4 without mods, gonna get boring real quick too much fluff and not enough functional content If they ever get around to making Sims 5 they need to use Sims 3 as a base and work from there, bring back open world for starters best feature about the Sims 3 them fix the issues it came with e.g. family forgetting about each other when you move them to another town etc they do that guarantee Sims 5 can be the best out of the lot
Taecy Loved
Taecy Loved Aylar önce
I can't wait for this !! It's so cute!
Amber Wadlington
Amber Wadlington Aylar önce
I'm so excited about this. It looks like it's going to give me everything I've been wanting lately.
Lynn Aylar önce
From first looks, it seems awesome! It seems like they are finally listening to simmers, the last time I felt this seen was when cottage living/bunk beds came out. Simmers have been asking for more family game play for a while, and it is great they are giving us infants and a full expansion for it instead of just another game-pack or kit ( not dissing parenthood, I use it all the time! it's just good to get a full expansion finally)
LadyBayleaf Aylar önce
I am very excited for this pack. THIS IS THE STUFF THAT MATTERS!! Keep it up with more like this :)
Missy45 Aylar önce
August Virgo
August Virgo Aylar önce
This is honestly the best sims trailer in a while, please don’t let us down
August Virgo
August Virgo Aylar önce
@Fish King of the Aquarium lmao I have a feeling it will 😭😭
Fish King of the Aquarium
you already know this gonna be a buggy mess XD
ThaliaCrafts Aylar önce
It's EA. Letting people down is kind of what they do.
Shadow 2
Shadow 2 Aylar önce
This looks pretty cool. Hope that we will finally get what we want. There is some stuff that I want to see in this pack, but i will not complain if we'll get good gameplay. That's what I'm missing the most in ts4, gameplay, and I'm here for it!
Tanya White
Tanya White Aylar önce
If we get everything shown in the trailer this will be an awesome pack. Hopefully family reunions will be able to have more than 8 playable sims.
Mike 13 gün önce
Okay, this is gonna be absolutely the best expansion ever!
LARVA en Español
LARVA en Español Aylar önce
Love that it’s filmed like a home video. I hope we get a new lot venue and funerals
Ah ha ha
Ah ha ha Aylar önce
for the first time in a while, I'm excited about an expansion pack. Well done Sims!
Danielle Wooten
Danielle Wooten Aylar önce
There should be something where grandparents can come watch the kids or drop them over there so parents can have a day off or night out.
Nohemi Aylar önce
The grandparents are coming over and watching the kids. That's what the trailer shows.
The Holy Gamer
The Holy Gamer Aylar önce
@Spring's Bliss I like original gameplay on certain games
Spring's Bliss
Spring's Bliss Aylar önce
@The Holy Gamer mods are great
Spring's Bliss
Spring's Bliss Aylar önce
@Yorbelize LittleMsSam Spend Weekend With
Yorbelize Aylar önce
@Spring's Bliss What's the mod? it sounds amazing
Patti LaBeefe
Patti LaBeefe Aylar önce
I'm just so glad to see more stuff for lifestages other than Young Adult! Because honestly, right now the babies are boring and I age them up straight away and I always wished Elder Sims should have more fun Elder-specific things that they can do. The new Infants look so cute and the new cross generational interactions look so sweet. Can't wait!
Laura Klob
Laura Klob Aylar önce
I seriously cannot wait! There are so many things to be excited about from this trailer
Holly C
Holly C Aylar önce
I'm so proud of you for doing this! I've hoped for this for awhile. ❤ Thank you!!!
J I Aylar önce
That's what parenthood pack should have been from the begging. I love it!
Daishauna Peterkin
Daishauna Peterkin Aylar önce
I feel like this is a good step toward adding some real personality to the game, this feels like a real family with so many details which is what the sims 4 needed
Eden Pops
Eden Pops Aylar önce
small things I love that I saw: -We can pick up and hug our kids now WHILE holding our baby on our back -Elder walking team -New all ages interactions -Toddlers can kick people now, like the little cute menaces that they are!😂 -Old/older people gameplay; give my grandkids random candy - Teach parents technology -I think aunts/uncles and cousins? (Seems hinted) - popping balloons at someone in a sleeping bag -New scars/genetic additions - JUST EVERYTHING❤❤❤❤ I just hope they expand the family tree system for this pack❤
Nohemi Aylar önce
@EG and AJ We are getting horse hints interestingly, so who knows! LOL While I do love TS3, I just can't enjoy it as much as TS4 lately. It's like the things I miss from TS3 and TS4 are getting bigger and bigger. I start leaning more towards TS4. All I really wanted was a family EP and I got it. Horses and cars can't win me back now!
EG and AJ
EG and AJ Aylar önce
YESSS we need more detailed family trees. I've always wanted that. They did add some more relationships, but aunts uncles and cousins should be recognized in the game too. Oh and teaching parents technology is awesome 🤣 I love "give my grandkids random candy" just the way it's worded is funny and doing that in-game is something they should've had a long time ago. But ofc they add it with this pack, all of it together because they all go with the theme. I apologize btw I am incredibly tired so writing a comment is hard right now.
EG and AJ
EG and AJ Aylar önce
@rima ni bruh they actually are making infants so who the heck knows what they might add They were probably just waiting and/or also seeing what people want the most. But, uh, horses are probably gone with cars and open world. That's ok! Want to play the Sims 3? *Buy the Sims 3 (and play it)*
Wooow I didn't see everything thank you
ScriptKeeper Aylar önce
@ASA ASA yeah, I can see some people wanting that gameplay with the in laws, but I do feel like that should be player driven and not a random goal that can pop up out of nowhere. The step children and extended family flirting is pretty gross and really needs fixing tho, it’s really unsettling to have a sim raise a child as their own and then want to woohoo with that child.
Lexii Aylar önce
im soooooo excited for this!!! I only exclusively play families so this is gonna be great. Does anyone know if they've fixed the high chairs yet?? that's what was breaking the immersion for me mostly lol hopefully things will go smoothly because this trailer looks amazing!!!
jaydthesims Aylar önce
REALLY loved this trailer! I can't wait to build houses for you guys to download and play in!
bb 667
bb 667 22 gün önce
finally a good gameplay expansion been wanting something like this for awhile
The Jami Show
The Jami Show Aylar önce
This was like watching a feel-good movie. I loved it.
Sam Bengivingo
Sam Bengivingo 13 gün önce
the game keeps getting better, i love it !
Anzsy Aylar önce
I love it, I’m excited and grateful for this pack-but honestly we all know this should’ve been in parenthood 😭
Anzsy Aylar önce
@DAJ Madness yes hehe this is what I meant, I know it’s a game pack so it’s quite limited but yeah anyway you get my point thanks dude 😂
Fiona Major
Fiona Major Aylar önce
I hope they've done proper pack compatibility testing so that parenthood and this one work well together unlike HSY and parenthood clashes.
DAJ Madness
DAJ Madness Aylar önce
For ppl saying that parenthood is a game pack, yes you're right. But the point is that ea is breaking up packs into pieces. U shouldnt have to buy both parenthood and this pack for the full experience of family gameplay. Not to even mention the toddler and kids stuff packs. Its a cash grab and its annoying for us who love family gameplay bc they know we're still gonna eat it up.
Laney Hesse
Laney Hesse Aylar önce
@kify that’s what I thought too! I also really like it and I think for all the cas and gameplay it’s a great game pack! It adds a lot of missing little details, and I’m hoping that this expansion pack will do the same but on a larger scale! ❤️
kify Aylar önce
parenthood was a game pack though? Its main mechanic was the parenting skill and the interactions that allows between parents and kids. They obviously aren't going to add as much stuff in a game pack lol
Ellie 15 gün önce
Omg i’m so excited!! This is all i’ve ever waited for since I got Sims 4
julry Aylar önce
I love how it looks like an actual game and gameplay, rather that animation which has nothing to do with a game when you buy it!!💗 It really shows how it’s gonna look like
DeltaBleu Aylar önce
Haven’t played the sims or bought a pack in over 2 years. This makes me want to get back into it! I hope it’s worth it!
Bucktooth Johnson Original
Angela Ziegler
Angela Ziegler Aylar önce
I'm in love with this pack, everything we needed to make this game more lively, i hope this pack doesnt end up like my wedding stories and high school years cause those were disappointing. I don't play family style cause it doesn't feel like a family. This might change that.
Nimueth Aylar önce
My mom passed away when i was 6 years old. I remembered when Generation came out, I made my family for the first time in Sims 3 and share with her, all the moment that I couldn't in RL. It was a healing experience, in a way. I was waiting for so long this pack in sims 4, and now I will do that again and live new adventures.
kitty meowmeow
kitty meowmeow Aylar önce
@Nimueth thank you, it really is. I'm really happy for you, sending my love right back! ❤️
Nimueth Aylar önce
@G O A T E D Yeah, for me was great. I sahre with her all my achivment, my degree.. and now maybe i'll do my wedding. But i would recomend use some cheats to make her inmoral. I know for a fact that my sims die making cereal... so, if you are trying to do something emotional, maybe is not the best let that thing can happened. Sorry for my english, so bad, not my first language. But did you undertand what i mean ? Ask me if you need help, I'd be more than happy to help you.
Nimueth Aylar önce
@kitty meowmeow I'm so sorry for that. Is hard to deal with. But i found in the Sims a way to do it. I send you all my love and care =)
Nimueth Aylar önce
@Jay Bee Thanks !!! Yeah. I was thinking since I did my real life in Sims 3, i can do some crazy thing in sims 4, like other race :P
Saint Shion 詩音💜🖤
That kind of the magic of Sims. So many ppl have explored crushes, gender, sexual Identities, family dynamics that have been a helpful tool for them to grow and explore.
DiscoverJoana Aylar önce
Probably my most awaited among all the EP!
Kat M
Kat M Aylar önce
The baby scooting at the end was just perfect 😂❤
Lexi A
Lexi A Aylar önce
hopefully they’ll add generational titles like they had in sims 3. i miss seeing ‘cousin’ in my family
Hannah Gilbert
Hannah Gilbert Aylar önce
I really hope that the grandparents with the suitcase means being able to stay over for a few days bc I am so sick of grandparents kicking them out for “inappropriate behavior” like cooking or sleeping
mitchi. Aylar önce
i am literally LIVING for this expansion pack omfg- like I’ve waited for more stuff for kid, teen and toddler plus a baby update to come for a looong time 😮‍💨 So ex-FREAKING-cited for this and infants ! ! ! SO CUTE- 🥺💕
Callum Bowyer
Callum Bowyer Aylar önce
New things I have spotted: . NEW WORLD (San Sequoia) . Doing puzzles activity . Family centre community lots (?) . Picture wall for kids drawings . Cinema rabbit hole (Presumably) . Sleepovers . Sleeping Bags . Rocketship play item (Maybe build-able?) . WATERPARK! . New items for infants . Learning to ride bikes . Baby carriers . Balloon wakeup prank . Losing teeth and gaining pocket money . Build-able treehouses . Confetti cannons . Birthday gift giving . New rocking chairs . Old people jog (Power walking) . Grand parents coming to stay (Suitcase) . Domino board game . Old people not knowing how to use technology lol . Picnics
Courtney Collins
Courtney Collins Aylar önce
Anyone else see a different kind of piano in the background?
Dana Nuella
Dana Nuella Aylar önce
@Kerahia Jno Baptiste me toooo
Taylor Welch
Taylor Welch Aylar önce
The elder not knowing how to use technology is really accurate I’m excited for this because I taught my grandpa how to text a few years ago before his passing but I love this and the whole splash pad.
Kerahia Jno Baptiste
I saw a baby shower and a retirement home. Is it me?
Callum Bowyer
Callum Bowyer Aylar önce
@Meadow Broadhurst Oh perhaps yes IO did not pick up on that. Perhaps more themed gifts? Like you will more likely receive baby stuff at a baby shower, or toys at a kids birthday? In Seasons it was just more random objects like a book or a random lamp.
Aryana Thompson
Aryana Thompson Aylar önce
Oh my god this one is gonna be one of the best if there isn’t a lot of bugs. There is so much that adds everything you didn’t know you wanted but desperately need. And stuff simmers have been asking for lol
Tior Inaya
Tior Inaya Aylar önce
As a family Sims player, this is amazing to me
Kaytelyn Trombley
Kaytelyn Trombley Aylar önce
This looks like I’ll finically be able to to play again! So much more to do. It looks amazing
lacerda Aylar önce
it would be really cool if you put more relationship options in the cas, like boyfriends, grandparents, uncles, cousins and everything else
Pinkmon Aylar önce
This pack looks so precious~! I simply cannot wait. 🥺😭💖
blackrose538 Aylar önce
This looks promising. I hope the pack will be fully functional without a tonne of bugs when it's released
taylor lacusta
taylor lacusta Aylar önce
My hopes for it to work upon release are so low they're in hell🤦🏼‍♀️
Stone Adventures
Stone Adventures Aylar önce
I really wish there were trampolines too. I've been wanting that particular item for years now. But I love how kids can be picked up and that toddlers can be sweet to infants.
Samantha Monroe
Samantha Monroe Aylar önce
ugh this is the best thing ever for family simmers!! sims team don’t let us down !!!!!!
YouwishYouknew Aylar önce
Hopefully they FINALLY integrate memories into the game. That would make this a MUST BUY. If not, this looks like it could and should have been included in the Parenthood pack. Been a loyal sims fan since 2000!!
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