The shooting range where you fire over a busy road

Tom Scott
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The Brünnlisau shooting range in Switzerland has its targets on the other side of a major road. And it's safe. Here's how and why. Thanks to everyone at the Schiessanlage Brünnlisau!

Camera: Alicja Pahl
Producer: Sebastian Capeda at Viven viven.ch
Editor: Michelle Martin twitter.com/mrsmmartin

I'm at tomscott.com
on Twitter at twitter.com/tomscott
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18 Eki 2021




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Tom Scott
Tom Scott Aylar önce
This video has a correction: the subtitles should say "Schusswaffen [firearms]" not "Schutzwaffen [defensive weapons]". My transcriber and translator was German, but not Swiss German, so it's an understandable mistake! There's unfortunately no way to fix that in-video, but hopefully it still makes sense.
kaliber6020 8 gün önce
if you ever look for a swiss german translator: chasch mer gärn schribe, ech helf der scho :)
jerregaming 12 gün önce
classic swiss vs german
Never Snows
Never Snows 21 gün önce
Didn't change much.
Rabbit Ears
Rabbit Ears 21 gün önce
I've been following along with the German for the videos but the Swiss German still trips me up quite a bit. It's an understandable mistake, things get slurred a lot in Swiss German!
itryen 22 gün önce
Swiss German is just Weird lower german. I can't understand it. Not even if i tried it.
Paul Buenaflor
Paul Buenaflor Saatler önce
Plot twist:they are just moving targets
Trizzthefrizz 4 saatler önce
Why can’t America be like Switzerland
Brett Tibbits
Brett Tibbits 19 saatler önce
note to self: don’t cross switzerland
Sam metzel
Sam metzel Gün önce
I really wanna go that looks like a cool experience
TurtleMarcus Gün önce
I have a very rudimentary understanding of German, so listening to this strange mountain German is quite wild.
Toxic Mist
Toxic Mist Gün önce
Gun restriction losers stay coping
Blake W
Blake W 2 gün önce
There's actually a range about 2 or 3 hours drive from me on the way the the cabin we go to and on one of the mountain highways has a rifle range that shoots over it. It goes from one mountain to the other. It's usually used by people who are obviously training for long range shooting competitions and such. Edit: It's in Pennsylvania. I believe they might actually also use it as a way to allow handicapped people that rely on wheelchairs to still hunt. They have a spotter to help them using a large spotting scope and such.
rambie 2 gün önce
Anybody with enough interest in firearms to get licensed and join a gun club is invested enough to behave. I'm not arguing gun policy and registration (registration does nothing practical to stop crime just punish) but these were never the people who had to be worried about
Fynn Gächter
Fynn Gächter 2 gün önce
It‘s amazing how we swiss most of the time foget how grateful we should be to not have any school or mass shootings for instance
Diggo Combs
Diggo Combs 4 gün önce
That would have been an awesome place to be raised in.
LucasFYT 4 gün önce
why does the swiss guy in the beginning sound like a dutch person speaking german ?
Alex Karlsson
Alex Karlsson 5 gün önce
If u close ur eyes u can almost hear chef Ramsey
Bobby Hempel
Bobby Hempel 5 gün önce
I like the idea I just don't like the idea of the registered weapons.
Jynx 5 gün önce
Why? What's the disadvantage? It helps law enforcement, which judging by your profile picture I assume you love, track down potential criminals who are involved in gun crime. It helps create accountability for improper storage, or training. Literally the only way someone would be against this is because they want to legally kill someone.
Jacob Delos Santos
Jacob Delos Santos 5 gün önce
Tom: there is no possible trajectory for hitting the road when lying down. Mortar: Hold my beer
bigsid1984 6 gün önce
Put road in tunnel
Sunny Ray
Sunny Ray 6 gün önce
The democrats would love that here..
n970 7 gün önce
he's british
Arty Zinn
Arty Zinn 7 gün önce
What about the mountain side where the targets are? Is that off limits to people? animals?
Oliver Gröning
Oliver Gröning 4 gün önce
In Switzerland self-responsibility still is a thing. What you commonly see in areas close to a shooting range where there could be a danger is a sign not to pass when there is shooting noise. That's it. Everything else is left to you and should you get hit that is on you too.
MegaPayton29 7 gün önce
1:35 yea and America has over 1 billion
Ken H
Ken H 8 gün önce
Superb, Thank you for making this video.
RS 8 gün önce
The reason this works is because swiss people aren't like "I want a gun just because I want one without going through any training on how to safely use it"
Perposterown 8 gün önce
No matter the safety precautions and the seemingly impossibility of hitting a car, I don't think I would feel comfortable shooting over a road like that. It would also likely be illegal to have a rifle range like this here in the US. Not sure about everywhere here but a lot of states (if not all) have laws about discharging a firearm within a certain distance of a road or highway. I know in my state, if you're within 500 feet of a home (that is not your home), road, highway, etc, it is illegal to fire a gun outside of a justified self defense situation. I think these laws are usually more about noise than safety and I think the road one is in the hunting regulations in my state (don't want hunters shooting an animal from their truck from the road).
Crit 8 gün önce
I won't be talking about gun rights since I'm British but here's how gun regulation saves lives. But jokes aside this was a great video explaining some of the examples of why gun regulations can be so important in day to day lives in a country filled with guns
Jonny Iles
Jonny Iles 8 gün önce
I’ve drove past there! 😳😂 I’m sure there’s one in Romania too? We were driving on a brand new motorway that had not long opened in 2015 and saw these great big concrete pillars on one side of the fly over and a shooting club on the other? Never really looked into it before 🤔 couldn’t tell you exactly where it was though.
Luke Fairrington
Luke Fairrington 9 gün önce
A armed society is a polite society always has been and will forever be true
JamesT 5 gün önce
@Luke Fairrington Crime is just as common in America, often times More common, than in countries without guns. Because they don't make any difference. They just change how crime plays out. You're just as likely to get mugged in the US as the UK but you're way more likely to get killed in the process in America because a gun was involved. Guns do not stop crime and that is a statistical fact. I'm not against gun ownership I'm just letting you know that it doesn't magically get rid of criminals. It just changes how crime plays out.
Luke Fairrington
Luke Fairrington 5 gün önce
@JamesT guns do play a part because there are a lot of places in the US with low crime and high firearm ownership and relaxed gun laws which is a high deterrent
JamesT 5 gün önce
Not even close dude. How "polite" people are is mostly correlated to culture. Guns make very little difference. Switzerland has high gun ownership and low crime because of their culture. America has high high ownership and high crime. Guns are completely irrelevant
nano 9 gün önce
this is absolutely crazy I live in the bay area and we're having a big problem with highway shootings right now this is unimaginable to me
ububububu bubububub
ububububu bubububub 9 gün önce
that's so cool!
drpygmr 24
drpygmr 24 9 gün önce
"I'm British I'm not sure I qualify" is the best line I've heard about someone's opinion about gun control
SLS 700 Brabus
SLS 700 Brabus 9 gün önce
You cant take home your weapon after finish military since 1999 🤦‍♂️
DukeOfEarle88 9 gün önce
Only in America.
Coconut Pete
Coconut Pete 9 gün önce
What about that dirt road below the targets?
Colton aitchison
Colton aitchison 10 gün önce
Taking away guns doesent stop gun violence, your just taking them from people who respect the law truedo
JamesT 9 gün önce
Good thing no one is trying to "take guns away". They're just trying to make the process of acquiring a firearm more thorough so it's much more difficult for criminals or people with mental health issues to get one. The entire notion that people are trying to "take your guns away" is just fearmongering used to win votes.
Dr.Crimp 10 gün önce
I saw the picture and was sure it was in Switzerland We have many shooting ranges like this here
Spencer S
Spencer S 10 gün önce
I think that it's possible that if a bullet collided with another bullet midair it could ricochet towards the road.
Isabella Angeline
Isabella Angeline 10 gün önce
Here in the states, when an entire classroom of 5 year olds are shot and killed we turn it into a conspiracy theory and say they just never existed because we are that unhinged and disgusting.
Junior Júnior
Junior Júnior 10 gün önce
They have all that land and keep that shitty range running. 😂
Shooter can't even see the cars. It's elevated. Would be interesting driving with window down and see if you can here ballistic cracks
A-10 Vörtugöltur
A-10 Vörtugöltur 11 gün önce
I still believe no one should go within 45° of direct line of fire or within the shooters 90° FOV so my brain just can't accept this.
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG 11 gün önce
20 years and not a single incident. If the same setup is build in USA, you'll get an incident every 20 minutes.
JamesT 9 gün önce
It's almost like having extremely strict gun laws and regulations (like Switzerland does) works. And allowing anyone and everyone to just walk into a walmart and buy whatever gun they want the second they turn 18 with bare minimum safety checks is a dumb idea. Who knew.
Heartworn Fox
Heartworn Fox 11 gün önce
Zurtle Bojangles
Zurtle Bojangles 11 gün önce
This is incredibly unsafe, ricochet’s and underpowered round could very well make their way into a car.
H C 11 gün önce
Must admit this has changed my mind on gun ownership in general. It does seem that America has a firearms issue. But is that caused by lack of training or a license issue
AeridisArt 10 gün önce
It's a mental health and gang issue. Most gun deaths in the US comes from gang violence and those gangs get those guns illegally.
Average League Gamer
Average League Gamer 10 gün önce
...and a 13% issue
Chasper Craft
Chasper Craft 12 gün önce
I saw the thumbnail and knew it was in switzerland
AngryTwxGaming 12 gün önce
I get that it's safe and I understand the yknow reason why it's safe but my question is why? What's the point
Knight 12 gün önce
I still prefer our American freedoms....
michaelfink64 12 gün önce
If you want to organise something that is potentially dangerous and want to make it as safe as possible, ask a Swiss to organise it.
Da Kraken
Da Kraken 12 gün önce
Swiss CMP?......
Izzy Hope Dolphin
Izzy Hope Dolphin 13 gün önce
Despite the language barrier, I kidda want to move to Switzerland now. Seems so safe
Gangsta Vic
Gangsta Vic 13 gün önce
This is dope
4.6L V8 Victoria
4.6L V8 Victoria 13 gün önce
Well America..you have a new challenger.
terminator3000 13 gün önce
The swiss don't have an army, the swiss IS an army.
Marksman24444 13 gün önce
This looks like a blast!
Steve 13 gün önce
You would find a way with all your training.
Rob John
Rob John 13 gün önce
Only 80,000 rounds a year............................... those are rookie numbers, gotta pump those up! -Sincerely 1 Proud American
EvilTim1911 13 gün önce
What if a bullet just hits the very edge of the wall and gets sent tumbling at a slower speed towards the road?
bchil3 #1
bchil3 #1 12 gün önce
The trajectory of a bullet after it strikes a target( intended or unintended) is called a ricochet. I doubt anyone strikes the wall at this place.
Philipp Frenzel
Philipp Frenzel 13 gün önce
Looks like Eau Rouge, but without the track haha
FootPlaysStuff 14 gün önce
"You will very rapidly not be holding the rifle British people are so Polite haha
p1rgit 14 gün önce
i had mild cultural shock from listening to swiss people. it went smth like: i understand what they say but not what language it is; must be english spoken with accent; oh no, it's german! swiss german, that is. - once i listened to hole lecture thinking it was french and enjoying how well i understood. and realized only then that is was, in fact, in english, with french accent.
Bas Groenhof
Bas Groenhof 14 gün önce
In what language did the guy at 0:55 speak?
Styx 5 gün önce
Swiss German
Mike 14 gün önce
In America we don't have guns for sport purposes. We have guns to rein in the government.
JamesT 9 gün önce
LMFAO. Your government is 100% owned and controlled by special interests and large corporations. They don't give a DAMN about the voters or what they want. Only saying things that give them hard ons. Like promising to defend your gun rights. So you vote for them and then when they screw you over and give tax cuts to the ultra wealthy while ignoring the diminishing middle class you morons just shrug and say "at least we have guns!" hahahaha. Idiots.
Erik2305 15 gün önce
Swiss German scares me
Ayoxe 15 gün önce
Everyone is talking about the highway, but those poor cows must be constantly shitting bricks.
Shellshock Gaming and toys
if the wall was not there I bet you some one would shoot a cow before they shot a car.
It'sGc-Kobe 15 gün önce
Wow was there just yesterday. I think You Tube is stalking me.
JAFrk 15 gün önce
High gun ownership works in Switzerland because they have mandatory military service so most gun owners understand gun safety. Unlike the USA when you throw in a bunch of LARPers. That's how you end up with that guy from a couple weeks ago who chased down, shot, and killed a guy who was lost and parked in his driveway....then still claimed self defense.
HNCS2006 12 gün önce
That's tragic
Danny Topete
Danny Topete 15 gün önce
Meanwhile in Texas I was able to shoot a rifle in my brother's backyard
Kaine 15 gün önce
Pay attention America
Yeah. 15 gün önce
Great drone work! This came together very well
John Hurst
John Hurst 15 gün önce
I can't imagine anyone shooting a car intentionally in this scenario, but I've two questions. Is there a risk of cliping the top of the wall and the trajectory being lowered under the right circumstances? And are the drivers aware of the range overhead?..
The Odd Strategical Gamer
@Just Some Guy With A StrawHat Physics also dictates that if you skimmed the tip of the wall for example, the bullet would not change its trajectory downwards towards the vehicles.
Just Some Guy With A StrawHat
It might have been possible if the wall was incredibly thin that it bent the trajectory of the bullet when hitting the wall But seeing how the wall is 30 cm (about 12 inch) think and how the original trajectory of riffle is somewhat upwards, I would like to say that it is impossible for that to happen
Amancalled Adam
Amancalled Adam 13 gün önce
It would be literally impossible for someone at the range to shoot a car.
John Hurst
John Hurst 13 gün önce
I'd like to see a demonstration of this, it's intriguing.
well, shit
well, shit 13 gün önce
In order for the trajectory to be lowered enough to hit something on the road the bullet would have to lose too much energy for it to be dangerous
tekkaoz 15 gün önce
I'm jealous, I thought I had a nice shooting club but this blows it out of the water.
Luis Dawnfinder
Luis Dawnfinder 15 gün önce
America doesn't have a gun problem so much as it has many economic, psychological and cultural problems. As an American I've lived in many places that have high rates of gun ownership per capita (that's for American standards which means probably some of the most armed places in the world). These places were safe and gun ownership in these places was a non issue. If you are to look at gun violence in America you'd have to look at various different areas, as you'll find most parts actually have comparable crime rates to many European nations
JamesT 9 gün önce
@Luis Dawnfinder I agree. Area is everything. And in America the deadly areas are higher than other developed nations because of guns. To be clear I am not anti-gun so don't get that twisted. I just think there should be stricter laws and checks. America is a big place. It requires big laws. Just my opinion.
Luis Dawnfinder
Luis Dawnfinder 9 gün önce
@JamesT That's fair but it goes back to my point that it all depends on area. Most areas are perfectly safe
JamesT 9 gün önce
It's not about crime rate. If you compare America's crime rate to other countries it's really not that drastic of a difference. The difference is that in America DEADLY crime is 10x more common because guns are involved. You're just as likely to be the victim of a crime in America as you are in the UK or Canada or most other developed nations. But in America it's WAY more likely that people are going to get shot and killed because a gun was involved. Guns do not stop criminals, they just make crime more deadly for EVERYONE both victims and perpetrators.
Regular Guy
Regular Guy 15 gün önce
well it looks like a good idea but not sure I could bring myself to shoot over a road just goes against everything I have been taught
EarthToAccess 16 gün önce
"'oh, what if i decided to point the rifle at someone??' you would _very rapidly _*_not_* be holding a rifle anymore"
Who Who
Who Who 16 gün önce
Swiss cheese is great
William James Jr.
William James Jr. 16 gün önce
I would like to participate 2024 Paris Olympic shooting games
MyLittleHecarim 16 gün önce
i want driveby footage on that highway with bullets flying over, curious
Vince Vince
Vince Vince 16 gün önce
the title will get yu all the views yu need
Dragz johnson
Dragz johnson 16 gün önce
remind me to never ride a double decker bus in Switzerland
FendrZwag 17 gün önce
This language sound like a scuffed version of Ducth
ryanhenry21 17 gün önce
In South Africa someone would have been shot in their car on opening day.
TUCOtheratt 17 gün önce
In my opinion the range is not designed properly. The fact that you can stand and fire from a braced position, leaning against a wall, or offhand at the targets with the road and cars in view proves it has happened before and will again. A negligent discharge from the shooting area will happen sooner or later. Don't tell me the Swiss never negligently discharge.
Coval 15 gün önce
At 2:05 they say that whenever they have a loaded rifle they are in the prone position and only stand back up to unload their empty magazine
TUCOtheratt 16 gün önce
@Tripptank Ya, I seen that. Perfect safety record, no matter how many times someone shoots from the standing position showing off to a pal.They can claim a perfect safety record until a bullet impacts a car. And it will sooner or later. They should have designed it better.
Tripptank 16 gün önce
3D Printing Dog
3D Printing Dog 17 gün önce
You coulda done this in England, Tom, albeit... not over a road.
Andrei Ivanov
Andrei Ivanov 18 gün önce
hes british
Buehler1997 18 gün önce
how I do not miss the days in these shooting ranges in military service when some folks didn't know how to aim and shot into the concrete two or three times before they noticed 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏿🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏻🤦🤦‍♂️ I think you delivered a good over all image of what shooting ranges in Switzerland could be like but you might have overestimated the capabilities of your average swiss military guy 🙃
Popotato 18 gün önce
Oh why it has to eb safe?
PiikachUwU 18 gün önce
I love how quickly you started enjoying yourself. Oddly therapeutic, isn't it!
JamesT 9 gün önce
@PiikachUwU Ding ding ding. It's natural human behavior to have power fantasies and to enjoy the feeling of having power. That's something that guns invoke in people. A feeling of power.
PiikachUwU 13 gün önce
@Chris my one word 3am answer would be "Power".
Chris 13 gün önce
I wonder what makes it so satisfying for humans to use tools of war. What makes it so enjoyable for us to fire a gun, or shoot arrows at things, or fence with swords, or throw spears?
Center Mass Content
Center Mass Content 18 gün önce
Excellent report 👌
fr89k 19 gün önce
It's simply not true that Switzerland has only 1-2 incidents with guns per year. When you check the statistics, you'll find that Switzerland has 200 - 400 deaths with guns per year. The biggest part are suicides, but even if you subtract them, you still have 20 - 60 gun deaths per year. That is a lot more than 1 - 2...
Gandalf Stormcrow
Gandalf Stormcrow 19 gün önce
The shooting range president was speaking high German which Swiss Germans HATE to speak. You should have gotten a Swiss German translator.
matthew anderson
matthew anderson 19 gün önce
Don’t tell Alec Baldwin about this place
tech tonics
tech tonics 19 gün önce
At least the owner looks like a very trustworthy character. :-/
More Superior Than Coal
"I don't want to get into the politics of gun ownership" Lemme guess, this county overwhelmingly votes Trumpian.
A 19 gün önce
The problem in the United States is not gun ownership it's gangs gangs and drug violence Is the overwhelming majority of shootings in the United States over 90% of them are done by people that aren't even allowed to have firearms that were obtained illegally Is and out of that 90% The majority are handguns not rifles or shotguns of any kind
JamesT 9 gün önce
The problem in the United States is that background checks and mental health checks before selling someone a firearm are a joke. And anytime someone proposes more thorough and strict checks conservatives freak the hell out and scream tyranny and oppression.
Miguel Ferrandis Perez
4:24, look at that projectile
Elliot Underhill
Elliot Underhill 20 gün önce
I've never been able to understand Schwyzerdütsch in Switzerland, but I understand this guy perfectly for some reason. Great video! :)
Artisorak 17 gün önce
That's probably because he's speaking German ;)
Ally 20 gün önce
I understand it’s not as dangerous as it seems, but I still think they could have put the gun range somewhere else
Abu Safwan Md farhan
Abu Safwan Md farhan 20 gün önce
What if a bird gets hit while it is flying in that range? What if a person jumps really high and gets hit?
GROOTS 18 gün önce
I don't think a person could jump that high up from the road, and also, why would they?
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 18 gün önce
OH NO 😱 WHY did no one think about that??? Thanks you very much for your help, but What if they shoot down a plane by accident, so many risks 😱😱😱
Felix 20 gün önce
Dort gibt es wenigstens noch normal denkende Leute in größerer Anzahl. Nicht lauter Antiwaffenhysteriker wie hier in Deutschland.
Mostly ForYT
Mostly ForYT 20 gün önce
Imagine being for some reason on top of a car and getting blasted 15 times
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