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THE SHINING Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed. In this video, we are gonna break down an all-time classic movie which is The Shining. We will be going through all the details within the movie that make this such a good film and point out all the easter eggs that make this so chilling and mind-bending. There are so many hidden layers to the film and throughout this video, we're gonna be breaking down all the subliminal ways that the movie messes with you along with its hidden meanings. Starring Jack Nicholson in one of his most iconic performances in this Stephen King novel adaption from director Stanley Kubrick, what more could you ask for!! There is a lot to get through so let's get right into it!

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Ok so the Shining is one of my favourite movies of all time. Depending on what day it is the top spot for me switches between this, the thing and the godfather. It's one of those movies that has stuck with me since the first time I watched it and I remember being about 8 years old scared out of my mind after my first visit to the overlook hotel. But why does it have this long lasting power and influence. I mean on the surface you could be forgiven for thinking that the movie is extremely simple. As a kid I thought it was pretty much just about a family who were given the job of looking after a hotel and the dad went crazy and tried to kill them. However there's so many hidden layers to the film and throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down all the subliminal ways that the movie messes with you along with it's hidden meanings.

Now the biggest head f**k is the hotel itself.

King came up with the idea for The Shining when visiting The Stanley Hotel out in Boulder Colorado. He and his wife booked it October 30th which was the night before it was just about to close for the season. They were the only two guests there and King spent the night wandering the long hallways of the hotel swept up in just how creepy a place like this could be if it wasn't teaming with guests.

Now the idea of Shining comes from the John Lennon song Instant Karma.


This idea that people imprinted into something long after they're gone is what the Overlook embodies and it's seemingly filled with the souls of those that it's trapped along the way. Traumatic events leave longer lasting impressions and this is why it's teaming with all sorts of evil spirits.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
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ItalianAngel21175 14 gün önce
This is one of my favorite movies! I have seen it 283 times and counting. I have seen many things that other people never noticed. Next time you watch it, look at Ullman's desk you will see a cigarette in the astray then suddenly it's gone. Look at the television Wendy and Danny are watching. There is no plug anywhere! When Wendy is pacing back and fourth talking about leaving she is smoking a cigarette, suddenly Danny starts screaming redrum. Wendy runs in and where did her cigarette go?? Lol she was only a few feet away from Danny smoking and as she runs in the room it's gone! There are so many more. Sometimes being anal attentive sucks! 😆😂😆 😁
computeraidedyami 18 gün önce
It's not a satanic pose I do it all the time and have never been possessed
Paul Berg
Paul Berg 23 gün önce
Kubrick wrote all the pages
gildedpeahen Aylar önce
The shining is one of the best known mainstream films to use the concept of liminal space as a source of fear. Not dark shadowy corners, not cobwebby mansions, not an atmosphere of midnight…but brightly lit, endless corridors of loud carpeting, an empty space that should be busy, endless halls and doors…
Diego Zárate
Diego Zárate 8 gün önce
​@gildedpeahen you could skip that, it's just miles, ages away from the quality of Kubrick it's almost comical.
Lady Fibonaccii
Lady Fibonaccii 15 gün önce
The backrooms
gildedpeahen 19 gün önce
@History AndHorseplaying I had an avocado green fridge and stove with copper brown cupboards at my house growing up. The 70s definitely had some interesting taste in colors…
History AndHorseplaying
@gildedpeahen Ha yes, and the colors of the carpets, wallpaper, decorations etc were always like lime green, puke orange, dirty yellow, etc.. like “Sesame Street” colors.
gildedpeahen 22 gün önce
@David Sam hadn’t heard of it, I’ll have to check out Dr Sleep
morgan c
morgan c Aylar önce
If I have one criticism of this film, it's that Jack Nicholson already looks like he's about 1 hair from going insane/breaking right from the get go. I even thought that as a kid, and found him creepy and subconsciously knowing "yup, that guy is clearly going to go nuts". As always, great video.
Sade M
Sade M 2 gün önce
Yeah, that's literally just his face lol.
Jacqueline Rae
Jacqueline Rae 5 gün önce
Watch easy rider...
Justine Harper
Justine Harper 11 gün önce
Same. I actually read the book before the movie, and Jack Nicholson was nothing remotely how I imagined Jack Torrence. I do still love this film, even though I enjoyed the book more. I have to look at them as two separate stories though. Kubrick definitely went his own way. I adored Dr Sleep though. Mike Flanagan did an AMAZING job of combining both source materials
C 5quared
C 5quared 16 gün önce
@Elena Christian maybe in UK and Europe this was the case. But in America the roaring 20s cane from great markets and high profits.. The stockmarkets got too greedy and then the depression in the 30s. The people at the hotel in 1921 represent that debauchery and nihilistic materialistic behaviour.
Lio Aylar önce
One of my favorite scenes of this whole movie, and it actually follows the book well in this scene, is the bathroom moment with Grady. It is sooo well done and gives you this ever increasing unsettling feeling. I was so excited when I came to this scene in the book too. It's interesting because Grady actually was a gruff alcoholic like Jack, it's only after the hotel obtains Grady that he becomes this proper speaking/looking gentleman. "I corrected them, sir." One of the most chilling lines in any horror movie ever. ❤️
SSOtv 4 gün önce
Kubrick uses this "okay, mask off time" motif in a few different movies. In Eyes Wide Shut, Sydney Pollack's character tries lying but gives up early on when he sees it's not working, and cuts to the chase. Grady tries to act normally until he's pushed further and further, and then just cuts the BS.
bgoodfella7413 14 gün önce
​@Kevin Smith what's the 180 degree rule in filmmaking??
Black Sabbath Matters
​@Colin Hno,...it isnt at all...its a hotel bathroom, compared to the latrine in a barracks.....
Colin H
Colin H Aylar önce
@Kevin Smith The bathroom is eerily similar to the bathroom in Full Metal Jacket.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Aylar önce
The bathroom scene breaks the 180 degree rule in filmmaking, which adds even more of a disconcerting feeling to it.
666devilknight 23 gün önce
The story is about a boy who is a sensitive, and you’re right. Jack was also a sensitive, and it made him vulnerable to the spirits in the hotel.
justin hunt
justin hunt 15 gün önce
Ian666peace Aylar önce
I love the idea that there are no ghosts and the only paranormal occurances are Danny and Jack's shine. How Kubrik could manipulate the story as a director to tell a completely different story of child abuse alcoholism and mental unraveling is something I like to believe in. It would also explain why Stephen King hated it so much.
Bill the Butcher
Bill the Butcher 8 gün önce
@K A J exactly.
K A J 8 gün önce
@Powerpoint Paladin That’s a hell of a stretch… the no ghosts theory is scary and would make a good twist, but it really doesn’t make sense.
K A J 8 gün önce
That theory makes no sense because Wendy doesn’t have the shining and yet she still sees the ghosts. The whole “no ghosts” argument is absurd.
Bill the Butcher
Bill the Butcher 14 gün önce
King is a great writer but he has a terrible taste in movies.
Katya7 17 gün önce
Jack had broken Danny’s arm Previously which is why he had stopped drinking in the first place.
Linda S
Linda S 17 gün önce
I believe the reason this movie was so successful was that much of it worked on the unconscious level. Much work was put into messing with the mind, sort of like gaslighting, to make the ciewer feel confused, off balance, nervous and anxious. ALL WITHOUT A SINGLE JUMP SCARE. No feeble juvenile tactics to build tension, but a masterpiece of subliminal mind !uck.
Katie Allen
Katie Allen Aylar önce
a few pieces of trivia; I like the way the twin girls turn around by pivoting in a very strange way as if they're connected at the hip the kid who played Danny didn't actually see any of the scary stuff like blood flying out of the elevator, etc. Stanley Kubrick just asked him to act scared and he didn't even know he was in a horror movie until he was in high school and happened to see it on TV
Matt 19 gün önce
@Azure Phoenix Yeah I don’t think Steven Spellberg was that sensitive about the innocence of his child actors either. He even had a young girl from his movie that was brutally killed a long time ago. Makes you wonder..
Azure Phoenix
Azure Phoenix Aylar önce
@Katie Allen I'm just grateful she moved into production because I loved the show. Loved it so much, I hunted down the DVDs for my kids so they enjoy the hilarity that is FTT's Goldilocks. 😅
Katie Allen
Katie Allen Aylar önce
@Azure Phoenix I apologize. I should have been more specific and said her ACTING career. She produced Faerie Tale Theatre and producers have more of a say in what goes on than most actors.
Azure Phoenix
Azure Phoenix Aylar önce
@Katie Allen Depends on what you mean by a long career. I loved fairy tale theater way more than the shining, if I'm completely honest. She was precisely the right person to produce it and to gather the wide array of actors who brought each story to life. It never would have been as amazing and amazingly funny as it was without her.
Katie Allen
Katie Allen Aylar önce
@Azure Phoenix oh, I agree. He treated poor Shelly Duval abominably and I can't help wondering if that's part of why her career didn't last very long.
Kayla Michelle Pickens
The Stanley Hotel is actually located in Estes Park, Colorado, around an hour north of Boulder. It’s breathtaking when you first drive up and see the hotel on a hill overlooking (😉) the town.
Paul Voorhies
Paul Voorhies 3 gün önce
@Smart Cookie. I thought it was in Estes Park?
Paul Voorhies
Paul Voorhies 3 gün önce
Warning: does not come with Hedge Maze, which was constructed solely for the movie.
Smart Cookie
Smart Cookie 3 gün önce
The filming took place almost exclusively at EMI Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, England, with sets based on real locations. Only some of the interior designs of the Overlook Hotel set were based on those of the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. Though the Timberline Lodge in Oregon served as the exterior of the Overlook Hotel for daylight shots, a complete relica was built for the snow scenes at Elstree.
Amanda K.
Amanda K. 15 gün önce
i was there for a free night's stay but as soon as i laid down to sleep, i felt so creeped out that i left and drove home to denver
Kellsy 16 gün önce
Yes. I think the part about the hallways and windows, etc are just details that maybe even the movie folks didn't care to exact upon so much. Unless this has been an often talked about thing throughout the years the place being setup "wrong" or "spooky" just seemed like something movies will do knowing people won't notice or care about it. They just made the hallways and etc go the way they wanted it to be filmed.
ChaCha theGreat
ChaCha theGreat Aylar önce
I think the shape of the hotel shot jumping to the ladder shot is supposed to imply the shape of a teepee. The hotel is evil because it’s on a Native American burial ground, that’s canon from the book. Also, it’s implied in the book that because the hotel is alive, the hotel can “move” or “shapeshifter,” hence the appearance/disappearance of different hallways, rooms, doors throughout the movie.
Smart Cookie
Smart Cookie 3 gün önce
Yeah, the whole Native American burial ground is the thing that ruined King's story for me. Most tribes would leave the body to naturally decompose in a tree or on a funeral platform, or by leaving an opening in the burial chamber so the spirit could escape, not below ground like the book implies for a hotel to built upon.
linux stuff
linux stuff Aylar önce
The reason Jack was easy to manipulate was because of his alcoholism. That's the thing with addictions (and embracing of sins or weaknesses of flesh in general), Demons will use them as leverage in their games of manipulation and a means to worm their way in and start pulling strings. They used Jack as their puppet to go after Danny who was more protected by his innocence and purer soul (he has less weaknesses for them to exploit). This is what they do--use easier marks as pawn against tougher and more prized targets. Their goal is always the same in the end--it's to make all men fall by falling away from the Prince of Life by any means necessary.
Kris Kane
Kris Kane Gün önce
y'all, addictions and substance abuse issues are caused by gaps in our social networks, unemployment, untreated depression and mental illness, poverty, lack of opportunity, and hopelessness. Not demons. But yeah sure in the movie maybe ok. I prefer the theory that Torrence drank to dull his psychic ability. In fact, it was only after a long period of sobriety that Torrence began to hallucinate, so in a sense the drinking protected him from that vulnerability.
Don't ask
Don't ask 13 gün önce
@Dos Caminos Just names and titles us humans attach over time in our recounts. Jesus Christ is god in human form. God manifesting to us to teach us his gospel. God through Jesus has given us forgiveness for our spiritual sins. We only must accept him wholeheartedly to have eternal life. Free from any of this pain and suffering that is present in this plain of choice. Prince of life he is. King of Kings he is. Lord of the highest of all highs they are. They will return. This is our most precious gift from god. Mercy.
manbearpig 13 gün önce
Agree. Just asked this question.
Chad Armijo
Chad Armijo Aylar önce
I've always known the skeleton scene. I always believed it meant Wendy was finally able to see the hotel in it's truest form but could be wrong. Yes, if you've never seen it before it could be a little jarring, I'd imagine.
Steve Sheroan
Steve Sheroan Aylar önce
I haven’t seen a video that mentions it (though I’m sure there is one), but it seems conceivable that the two girls also had the Shine, which would explain why they didn’t like the hotel to the point of trying to burn it down. It would also reinforce the idea of the Shine being a hereditary trait shared by Mr. Grady and his daughters, which is why they are all still there. The daughters may just be stuck in “Overlook Purgatory” and really do want Danny (and Tony) to stay and play with them because they’ve had nobody their age at the hotel with the Shine before. There may be no sinister intentions from the girls, just a high creepy factor. Maybe it’s in the novel, which I read so many years ago I can’t remember. I prefer the film to the novel, which may be a unique instance for me, as I can’t think of any other case of a film being better than the book (for my tastes).
Gilly 15 gün önce
Jaws. My favorite movie. Definitely not my favorite book.
Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan Aylar önce
I loved the comic timing of Jack Nicolson in the scene where he says *Here's Johnny* , truly an iconic scene indeed btw I don't understand why Shelly DuVall's performance was hated her performance was really great as a scared and mentally tormented woman.
nicolae madalin Boboc
nicolae madalin Boboc 17 gün önce
@Serious Bismuth While I agree that his behavior was most likely abusive, I think a lot had to do with Shelley's personality. Basically she seemed like a very neurotic person. I think Kubrick chosed her because of how vulnerable she seemed but the combination of Kubrick being very demanding and Shelley being very neurotic had this unfortunate effect. Sure, Kubrick should have chosen a better approach in handling her, but I think most actresses would not have behaved like she did in her situation.
nicolae madalin Boboc
nicolae madalin Boboc 17 gün önce
@ttintagel It's like they mistake the well posed, sort of dignified acting in dramatic scenes for how people react in real life, so when they see actors acting like how actual people would react in such a situation they see it as over the top or unrealistic because it looks ugly and undignified (the facial expressions mainly). Reality is unrealistic basically.
Incognito 24 gün önce
Her “acting” was COMPLETELY annoying and unbelievable.. She made the movie corny… They should have casted a more believable actress. Even the child actor’s acting was more believable than her acting. I literally stray away from the movie because of HER. She was a mess and not because her boss wanted more from her. She clearly earned that role because of her performance on the CASTING COUCH 🛋️ , not because of her “outstanding” acting skills. Oan: She looks weird asf too. 😂 She could have atleast used to that to her advantage in the movie. 🥴
The Big Ragu
The Big Ragu 27 gün önce
@Jaydee Haze she literally won a razzy for worst performance in 1980.
Jaydee Haze
Jaydee Haze 27 gün önce
I can't remember even one person ever saying that her performance was hated. It actually seems to be pretty universally acclaimed as an outstanding performance. So...... whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?
bgoodfella7413 14 gün önce
The entire atmosphere and ambiance of this film is mesmerizing. It's still a chilling experience everytime I watch it. Masterclass.
Shootfrick Aylar önce
The hotel has two sides? Maybe one side is guiding Wendy and Danny towards how to escape knowing the other side is planning Jacks attack. The bats in the perfect place, Danny’s trike trips are actually him unknowingly practicing maze patterns, Danny wakes Wendy with a knife and message he was given of redrum to signal to her of the incoming threat. I think the hotel plans to take Jack while the innocents who were just collateral of evil acts in the past are working to save Wendy and Danny.
speculative 12 gün önce
That's brilliant, I love that angle.
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 18 gün önce
I like that
MarkBarna1 Aylar önce
I watched this yesterday after originally seeing it in a theater in 1980. I like how Danny leaves his kitchen hiding place to draw Jack outside. Danny then again reveals himself to Jack and runs into the maze, with Jack following. Danny takes control and leads Jack to his death outside the hotel, which is perhaps significant.
Gilly 15 gün önce
Significant, indeed. He may have only been trying to evade, but... I imagine that, regardless of intent, patricide would certainly compound the haunting effects of any prior events.
Kevin Weaver
Kevin Weaver 21 gün önce
My favorite film of all time. Closely followed by the Thing. I have visited the Staley and have watched the Shining more times than I can count. I once used tape to divide my screen into four equal sectors and watched the entire movie observing the symmetry in almost every shot. Without question my favorite element of the film is Danny riding the "big wheel" through the hotel. The sound as he moves across carpet and floor. The pattern in the carpet. Awesome film making.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Aylar önce
DR.SLEEP was a very good follow up to Danny who survived a horrible accident where he had to lead his dad into a trap much like the boxes he made to catch the bad spirits in and put them away so they don't harm anyone else.
Ryan Turcotte
Ryan Turcotte Aylar önce
I feel the line "You've always been the caretaker. I should know, I've always been here." relates to the incarnation of Jack's vices. He's met the bartender, we know he's always been an alcoholic. He's met the lady in the bathroom, we know he's always been a womanizer. But there's been a murderous part of himself that has always been there though it's never manifested until now. Jack is the caretaker of his roster of vices. He's the main personality housing alcoholism, womanizing and murder. And while the first two have always been apparent, the murderous side has always been there hiding and now it's come out. Jack is the caretaker of his "three ghosts". It's like someone with multiple personalities having one of their personalities say to them: "I've always been here but you're in charge."
M.E. Summer
M.E. Summer 17 gün önce
Jack Nicholson thought that his mother was his sister for most of his childhood. The wonderful thing about Stephen King is that he makes inanimate objects actual characters in the story just like Christine
Boog B
Boog B 24 gün önce
Dude if this isn't the most spot on comment I've seen thus far idk what is. That part of the movie in particular has bothered me for the longest time! Awesome catch big dog!
Dizneydoby 1
Dizneydoby 1 28 gün önce
Brilliant assessment
Ricardo666 Aylar önce
@Retha Blair It absolutely was! It gives you even more on a second watch, knowing what is really going on.
Allan Sluis
Allan Sluis Aylar önce
I was wondering why Kubrick put that painting of the woman in Halloran's bedroom and then thought that it was an ideal and subtle way to show that Halloran wasn't married- which would make dropping everything in Florida (where Halloran lived in the off season) and traveling back to the Overlook far easier.
Piale 36
Piale 36 Aylar önce
I am absolutely addicted to "The Shining." I saw it in the 80's when it first came out and after it came out on video I revisit it every year and sometimes twice a year! Despite the fact that the movie "sits" in one location: the Overlook, each plot scene is unpredictable because Kubrick was a genius. While it must have been difficult for the actors, Kubrick knew how to expand the consciousness of the audience and the context of each scene. By the end of the movie, one can almost "smell" the Overlook as one watches the movie. No movie that I know has ever done this!
PR_ 18 gün önce
I really like the mini series. It's not as scary but it's definitely truer to the book. I also really love Steven Webber's portrayal of Jack.
Lisa Donohoe
Lisa Donohoe Aylar önce
This movie was freaking spectacular from every angle imaginable !!! Both Shelley and Jack Nicklson were absolutely fabulous !!!! This was one of the BEST Movies I've ever seen in my life !!!!
J Quiznos
J Quiznos 21 gün önce
I remember seeing this as a kid and so much of it stuck with me. I wouldn't say it was horrifying, but the overall creepiness of it all was something i never shook and still sits in the corners on my mind
Frank Gibbard
Frank Gibbard Aylar önce
I think the Overlook Hotel is like the monkey's paw in that it gives each person who enters it what they want, but always in a twisted fashion. Recall Danny told Wendy he wanted someone to play with in Boulder; now he gets the twins saying, "come play with us, Danny." Wendy is a confirmed ghost story and horror film addict, so now she gets the full horror story treatment, complete with cheesy skeletons. Jack wanted a second chance and to be respected for his achievements, so the hotel gloms onto that and gives him the "mission" of killing his son. I'm not sure what Dick Halloran wants--maybe he's special because he can resist the hotel's attempts to tempt him. BTW, in addition to the nude photos in the boiler room, there's instructions on how to help someone who is choking--and someone chokes Danny around this time. One question I do have is what is the significance of the little piece of paper Jack is holding in his hand when he's in the Baphomet pose in the 1921 picture at the end of the film--some kind of magic spell, maybe?
bgoodfella7413 14 gün önce
BOLLOCKS1968 14 gün önce
@NewWorldAstrology 😂😂😂
NewWorldAstrology 16 gün önce
The bathtub woman's phone number.
Anna Scott
Anna Scott 22 gün önce
The receipt for his soul makes a lot of sense, since he said, “I’d sell my soul...,” that kind of seems a little too obvious, but 🤷‍♀
Kimberly Owen
Kimberly Owen 29 gün önce
One of my favorite disturbing scenes - that few mention (so maybe it's just me) is while they are driving to the hotel - filmed from the height that it is and just the angle of it and the loneliness of if make me feel disoriented and creeped out before the movie even starts LOL! I was lucky enough to actually see The Shining in a movie theatre about 10 years ago, and that scene was amazing in the format in which you're intended to see it.... Loved your video by the way.
Tommygun 264
Tommygun 264 21 gün önce
Even if the impossible rooms with doors that lead nowhere, was unintentional, when I watched the movie at a friend's house, I noticed some of the sets made an actual floor plan & that was one of the two things that gave me chills. I thought it was part of the hotel being a living breathing entity, churning & changing so that a door could take you into a ballroom, a hallway or a suite, The other thing that made me shiver was when Jack looks over the model of the maze and sees his wife & Danny in the maze, The elevator door unleashing a river of blood, room 237, most of the hallmarks & scenes most people found terrifying didm't really scare me. Okay, Scatman getting hit with the axe was frightening, but primarily it was a jump-scare.
Jen Erick
Jen Erick 22 gün önce
Thanks for covering that window in Ullman's office, I remember watching the movie in my teens and feeling so unsettled by that scene, but I couldn't pinpoint WHY it left me that way. Everything you went into about the impossible layout and the unconventional use of light in the film, makes perfect sense.
MrNateSPF Aylar önce
Always just told myself the hotel is an impossible shape, or in other words while walking space-time warps around you so that the halls and stairwells line up. Wouldn't get into it, but I got a whole backstory that it was cursed even during construction. With the workers building stuff that didn't make sense, getting lost, and not understanding how things are working out. Edit, to add this goes for any continuity errors too...
Natural Joe
Natural Joe Aylar önce
I got a real “Winchester House” vibe from the layout as well.
Lorn Roberts
Lorn Roberts Aylar önce
The hotel is alive in the film. Jack showing up meant it captured his soul. The photo isn't a real photo, its something created by the hotel. The picture is a picture of the damned. The hotel warps time and space as well. The hotel tries to lead its victims to its heart.
manbearpig 13 gün önce
Does it have parallels to the song 'hotel California'
Jim Humphries
Jim Humphries Aylar önce
I'm in the opinion that pretty much everyone in the film has the Shining. The hotel attracts them like a magnet. Wendy has it, but it only works when she is afraid. Note the line where Jack says she's a horror movie buff. So when she's freaking out she Shines the Overlook into a haunted house full of skeletons and spider webs.
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Aylar önce
I took it to be disingenuous banter by Jack, during his job interview. He says she's a confirmed horror buff, but we see her reading Catcher in the Rye and watching Summer of '42. Granted, she had limited entertainment options but if Kubrick was interested in confirming what Jack averred he had opportunity.
Ѕқџ Gęṃἱחἱ
Jack didn't have it. That's why he was easy for the hotel to control.
Irma LaLa
Irma LaLa Aylar önce
@Lio But remember people with really strong Shine. Like telekinesis end up going crazy.
Irma LaLa
Irma LaLa Aylar önce
Not quite. According to King, all mother's shine a lil. Mother's intuition.
Lio Aylar önce
In the book it's explained that Wendy has it a bit because she's a mother and I guess most mother's shine a bit and the novel also heavily implies Jack shines too but he's so broken as a person and has shoved it away so much that he isn't aware of it nor can he actively use it. I really do highly recommend reading the book cuz it actually answered a lot of questions I've always had about the movie. You even find out who the people are in the scene with the dogman.
BabyBoomerChannel Aylar önce
Ambitious. Good job. You could do 10 videos on this (as others have done). You covered a lot of ground well. Kubrick is known to have been reading Carl Jung prior to writing this - and he is quoted as saying it’s about being “uncanny”. I do think you make a good case for the Overlook to retain the spirits of the horrors that happened within it. I do believe a major theme is Jack having been molested himself. This is represented by the Bear costume. And Jack molests Danny in room 237 (which is their apartment with cartoon colors - so Danny can distance himself from the abuse). Danny’s escape from Jack in the maze - represents Danny breaking the chain of child abuse - and that’s why Jack is shown smiling at an “Independence Day” party at the end. His eternal spirit is free. One more thing - Danny is called, “Doc”, as in Bugs Bunny - and Wylie E Coyote is in those cartoons too. Jacks frozen face looks like something out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon - not a real “death face”. There are several cartoons where Wyle E Coyote is “frozen” after failing to capture Bugs or the Road Runner.
tony tranquilli
tony tranquilli Aylar önce
I think that the events that take place while he’s watching the hotel this particular season are all in the book he’s writing…which is probably similar to king’s novel. It’s why there are set inconsistencies like the type writer, the gold room sign, furniture changes etc. also why Charles shifts to Delbert, and girls 8 and 10 shift to twins. In the book, like a dream, things are based on everyday life, but some things shift. Also think of what Tony tells Danny…” it’s all just like pictures in a book….it isn’t real.”
Dookie Butt
Dookie Butt Aylar önce
Room 237 is so nice and beautiful I love that color combinations of purple and green. I wouldn't mind living in that hotel, if it wasn't cursed of evil. It always bothered me about how they made such a mistake with the maze and it being out back but the overhead shit shows no maze anywhere in the back or anywhere near the hotel, not one at all. Weird
Bill Bommarito
Bill Bommarito Aylar önce
Hello. Great video. I have something to add. The term "shining" is used on James Taylor's album "Sweet Baby James". At least twice on the album (Carolina on My Mind and Suite for 20g). This album came out in 1968, well before " Instant Karma" . It is also worth noting that James Taylor was originally signed to Apple records so it isn't a stretch to think Lennon heard the lyrics and took the term "shine" from James Taylor. And I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor got it from someone else. It would be interesting to trace the roots of the term "shining".
Jammett Malibu
Jammett Malibu Aylar önce
I like the theory that there's two stories going on, the story Jack is writing and the actual reality of what's happening.
Dimitri Smith
Dimitri Smith Aylar önce
Love how Paul begins all these videos with "ok" like he's sitting you down for a tough conversation
William Aylar önce
@Heavy Spoilers Ok.
aachelabelaaron also
@Heavy Spoilers Imagine when you have to explain to us why Cocaine Bear just won Best Picture...
Kris.tea.Pife. Aylar önce
It’s kinda like Mike at That Chapter and his “Let’s give it a goo!” Lol
(Blue Exodus)Mr. Bobby Wright
@Heavy Spoilers ok
Absinthe Alice
Absinthe Alice Aylar önce
I saw The Shining when it hit theaters. I was just a couple of weeks off of turning 12. My mom hid her face for half of it, but when she tried to cover MY eyes, I squirmed away and ran down to sit closer to the screen. I was hooked. It's been my favorite movie since then. I'm 54 now, and have ZERO regrets. I feel like I got to grow up learning the ins and outs of Kubrick's genius along with the rest of the world. The 1980 US release was impeccable. I can't come close to imagining what more Stanley would have done with the Shining given time and budget.
Arnold Litke
Arnold Litke 29 gün önce
Your the same age as me 54 and I have to say growing up in the 70,s and 80,s is like no other. The movies the music, the childhood freedom, and the fast foods tasted way, way, better!!!! 😜😜😜🤪🤪👍👍🇨🇦😇
Send A Raven
Send A Raven Aylar önce
He'd still have Shelley doing retakes. Lol
Dream 9 gün önce
I've seen this movie countless times, and probably watched nearly every video of someone discussing it I could find and this is the first time I've been made aware of The Red Book being on Ullman's Desk. Yet another entry to the list of things about this film that I literally can't be convinced Kubrick didn't do intentionally. How fitting the stories of Jung conversing and trying to understand his inner demons fits with the themes of the film, it has to be intentional.
Bradley Yohe
Bradley Yohe 17 gün önce
Not that he would do it, but if Kubrick was still around, it would be cool to see him do a reaction to this breakdown. Well done. The movie theater "The Alamo Drafthouse" played The Shining a few years back, and Danny Lloyd (the actor that played the little boy, Danny Torrance) gave a talk and held a Q&A at the event. It was very interesting.
Dansk DNA
Dansk DNA Aylar önce
That music was also used in Sleeping with the Enemy. Very effective. The Shining, Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby are all perfection, untouchable--should never bother with remakes, they are bound to fail.
Alison Aylar önce
I’ll never forget my first time visiting the Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite. It is literally where they filmed all the interior scenes from the movie but I didn’t know that going in! I recognized my surroundings immediately. It was amazing
Frank Koshel
Frank Koshel 23 gün önce
lets go
Emperor Trevor Norton
I feel sorry for Shelley and Scatman for the number of takes both were either on the verge a mental breakdown or were so worn-out that they collapsed after multiple reshoots yes I consider this one of Shelley's best roles but she went through hell for the right to call herself the safest horror movie mom ever
Robert Dore
Robert Dore 19 gün önce
@Badge01Kenobi YES. but the implications would have been quite far reaching.
Robert Dore
Robert Dore 19 gün önce
A similar neurosis was displayed by artists like Frank Zappa, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker who ran (some of the worlds greatest) session musicians through the ringer. Maybe this is partly why we're still enjoying the art they created.
Emperor Trevor Norton
Emperor Trevor Norton 23 gün önce
@Badge01Kenobi especially Scatman that dude was seriously old Stanley Kubrick is scarier then the Stanley Hotel with retakes
Cold Blooded
Cold Blooded 26 gün önce
It was intended.
Steve Doucette
Steve Doucette 25 gün önce
I just read a story from 2021 on how Shelley Duvall has had so many struggles over the last few decades. It was heartbreaking to read and to see her physical transformation was unexpected. I dare say I would not have recognized her if it were not for the article. I also had no idea of the infamous Dr. Phil interview either. That was awful. I hope Shelley is able to find peace within herself that allows her to be healthy and happy. I have entered a rabbit hole this evening that would rival the complexities of the Overlook’s maze!
aces high
aces high 12 gün önce
she is in a movie that was just released. So I would assume she is doing better than the Dr Phil interview days. The Forest Hills it's called.
Cis Whiteman
Cis Whiteman Aylar önce
Midsommar. An amazing horror movie with a really weird “Happy Ending” is filmed almost solely in the daylight in Norway during the Solstice and the midnight sun. And yet it’s oppressing and terrifying.
Natthebratster 28 gün önce
I agree. That movie was so uniquely disturbing.
Slake Pliskin
Slake Pliskin Aylar önce
steve O
steve O 5 gün önce
I love when people do a deep dive into Kubrick’s movie’s. There’s a lot more going on when you really analyze each scene. Kubrick was a master
Daniel Granda
Daniel Granda 25 gün önce
Great work! I agree that this is my favorite Nicholson performance. I always felt bad for Shelly on how difficult this process was on set. I think Kubrick was channeling his inner Hitchcock. Her performance is inspired though and in my opinion sets the bar for all the “final girl” horror endings that proliferated the 1980s. This movie always made me think of a Norman Rockwell painting. The closer you look the more there is to find. Kubrick is notoriously an obsessive compulsive perfectionist and I think every item visible is every frame was specifically there or no there, on purpose. It this fact that there are so many theories about this movie. I always thought of the Overlook as a glimpse into Kubrick’s mind. The impossible rooms, windows, doors and moving furniture. Great work can wait to see Doctor Sleep!
jimmyolsenblues Aylar önce
This movie was so scary that this breakdown actually scares me at time. What a great movie. So scary.
Jim Humphries
Jim Humphries Aylar önce
I was pretty shocked that Doctor Sleep wasn't a bigger hit. Fantastic film.
Shoeting Star
Shoeting Star Aylar önce
Agreed! I was apprehensive but it was excellent. I wished I had seen it the theater.
Eric Larousse
Eric Larousse Aylar önce
Shining was a hit. In the theaters for months.
Matt Gilbert
Matt Gilbert Aylar önce
@Sammey Phammey Yes it was less "horror film" and more "dark fantasy" There was one scene that people talk about, where the Shine-Vampires (idk what they are called) eat a kid. That's kind of horrific
Sammey Phammey
Sammey Phammey Aylar önce
@Matt Gilbert it was fun, not really horror just action centric and I assume that’s why people don’t appreciate it because they were expecting scariness all over then there’s probably a bunch of haters who were upset that Kubrick isn’t around anymore
Matt Gilbert
Matt Gilbert Aylar önce
Agreed. Great little film.
NoLongerHuman13 Aylar önce
The fact that the book is also completely different in the movie is a big thing it’s like this could’ve been a movie called anything else but the shining and it’s still would’ve been great. It has so little to do with this book it’s kind of crazy.
Danielle Brothers
Danielle Brothers 10 gün önce
I read a theory that had Wendy's perspective be the "real" story. The physical space of the Overlook changes--the pattern of the carpet, the light switch placement, depending on Wendy's memory of the space determining the set up. And that when she traps Jack in the cooler, everything after that is only in her head. It was really interesting. The movie plays differently when taken from each character's perspective.
I'm Tired
I'm Tired 12 gün önce
I remember seeing this movie as a girl, but it was edited for television, so other than the obvious horror of the wall of blood and Jack's murder / attempted murders, it was never scary until I watched it with a pair of headphones on a few years ago. The audio right in my ears took the whole thing from uncomfortable to terrifying.
Adam Orly
Adam Orly 14 gün önce
What is almost ALWAYS overlooked (pun intended) when these "explanation" videos come out is Kubrick's almost constant fascination with Gematria (and also King's). A lot of the names and themes in the movie and book are based on their numerical connections. So, for example, here are a few: Kill = 44 Genocide = 44 Torrence = 44 Fourty Two = 44 Shining = 44 Mirror = 44 I could be mistaken, but I also think that Wendy *could* swing the bat exactly 44 times.
You Know Where You Went Wrong
This is without a doubt my favorite Kubrick film. There's SO much there, and after all these years, you've pointed out to me things I've missed after dozens of viewings. Certainly divisive when released (Kubrick was nominated for a Best Director at the Saturn Awards AND worst director at the Razzies, so there you go) I think he pulled career defining roles out of the leads (despite a few of those actors lamenting their treatment after the fact.)
RM N Aylar önce
Charles and Delbert Grady were 2 different people that had worked at the hotel. The names are not script errors. Besides the girls being twins (not 8 and 10 yrs old) and Grady's names, the era is different. The ghost soiree Jack attends in the Gold Room is clearly set in the 1920s whereas Charles Grady was the "previous" caretaker before Jack, according to Mr. Ullman, which would be the 1970s. Delbert worked at the hotel in the 20s and Charles in the 70s.
X Aylar önce
Wendy never heard the first name, so her delusion/ hallucination makes one up, that’s why they are different.
Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle Aylar önce
Great video as always, thank you so much for all the great insights! I know it's not a super popular film, but if you could do a deep dive on Under the Skin by Jonathan Glazer that would be so cool. Feel like it's a highly underrated film with tons to unpack.
Andrea G
Andrea G 16 gün önce
In my opinion the Shining is the best horror film in cinema history. There are many other horror films that come quite close, but the Shining was blessed by fantastic acting, extremely creepy atmosphere and… well… the perfect director for such a masterpiece
LIL not PAULITE 16 gün önce
First time watcher ,great breakdown,I subscribed because you clearly put a lot of work into this,you deserve everything you receive 💯🙏🏻🇦🇺
Grace 27 gün önce
I love the idea that the shine is not only genetic but it affects ppl differently. Both Jack Torrance and the Whites (Carrie's parents) have the shine, but Jack and Carrie's dad are mentioned having drinking problems, and Carrie's mother is just cracked. Jack and Carrie's parents seemed to experience their shine as mental illness, Margaret White literally thought it was the influence of the Devil. Makes you wonder what happened to them to cause that reaction to their shine, when other characters like the Losers Club in Derry, Carrie and Danny Torrance can use their shine effectively.
Zachary Seibert
Zachary Seibert Aylar önce
An absolute masterpiece, and my favorite movie of all time.
Mr. Haloran didn’t give Danny the nickname ‘Doc’; his parents did. They called Danny ‘Doc’ because he loved Bugs Bunny cartoons.
Allan Sluis
Allan Sluis Aylar önce
With Bugs Bunny being another Warner Brothers property
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott Aylar önce
That’s right
Robin Huff
Robin Huff Aylar önce
Thank you. I noticed that too.
Chris Perez
Chris Perez Aylar önce
I also noticed when he was talking to the bartender, the alcohol bottles weren't there until the bartender appeared. Then the bottles disappear when Shelly showed up to talk to him...
kyle bridgett
kyle bridgett Aylar önce
Loved this video, fantastic info on the movie. You actually made me appreciate it way more and watch it over again.
Gavin Soccorso
Gavin Soccorso Aylar önce
Dude you nailed it!! So many fans get into the metaphors and technical details and leave out the how and whys of the mythos its self. Its refreshing that you focused also on the explanations of why things are the way they are WITHIN the universe. Ie the blood from the elevator could be a psychic 'blemish' of the past from using the shaft to desecrate bodies. Can you do children of the corn or pet sem?
Reah Toni
Reah Toni 25 gün önce
pet cemetery was creepy i still recall the boys name is gauge or cage. memeber that dog movie cojo
Slake Pliskin
Slake Pliskin Aylar önce
Tomnickles Aylar önce
I liked the 1997 adaptation. Both versions of the shining offer different things I think. I liked the more book accurate stuff but I liked the more mind fuck of the kubric version. Each offers their own thing. Great video.
Siaeva 3 gün önce
I noticed from this video that the version of the maze that Jack looks at and sees Wendy and Danny walking through contains an inverted cross (25:13), whereas the actual maze model in the hotel doesn't. Also if you look closely at Danny's toys (27:06) they could be a subtle hint at sexual abuse too.
Da Mc
Da Mc Aylar önce
Excellent breakdown. I never noticed the similarity between Baphomet and Nicholson’s pose in the 1921 picture. That raises questions about how much Kubrick’s imagery in “The Shining” is intertwined with his later occult imagery in “Eyes Wide Shut,” which has several references to Satanism, Babylonian paganism and Freemasonry.
killedbyclowns 15 gün önce
Which is everything Hollywood! 👿 👁️
Mr. A
Mr. A 27 gün önce
@Kreig Alm He mimics everything God does, poorly. ♥🙏
Kreig Alm
Kreig Alm Aylar önce
Devil is not a Creator but a deceiver, father of lies. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven is God's train of thought. No surprise he copied that, but not just, he inverted it- it should actually be "As below, so above." But that would sell as well...
Irish Technical Thinker
Love the book and the film, most of all I love the endless different theories and esoteric messages.
ebrown126 Aylar önce
Great video, lots of crazy things I didn’t know. The Santanic pose is off though since Kurbrick placed a picture of Nicholson’s head over the original picture from the actual 20’s. The guy originally in the photo was his actual pose, they just swapped heads. You can do a quick search and find the original photo.
Chris Serrano
Chris Serrano Aylar önce
Great detail analysis. I was a kid and too scared to notice. I watched it in the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA when it came out. Thanks!
Mark Lane271
Mark Lane271 28 gün önce
34:28 When we first hear those “chants of the spirits”, we are lead to think it’s something Wendy was supposed to be hearing at that moment; however, a few scenes later, we hear that same chanting as Danny runs through the hedge maze, causing us to wonder if Wendy heard the chanting - or if the chanting was just part the musical score - - and I wonder if Kubrick did that to further confuse the audience?
wakingohiomama 91
wakingohiomama 91 25 gün önce
I LOVE this film and the novel is FABULOUS. Great collab King and Kubrick.
Robert Thorn
Robert Thorn Aylar önce
There is a great scene when Jack and the family are being taken on a tour of the hotel.There’s a man cleaning a cabinet or something and he is dressed exactly like Jack when he tries to murder everyone.The interesting thing is when Jack walks past the man he looks over at him and then starts limping.Check it out,.I Love iT!..X
Llama Sugar
Llama Sugar 16 gün önce
The architectural anomalies are something you don’t necessarily pick up consciously, but they add to the feeling of _disproportion_ (is that a word?) that in my mind at least was very disturbing. I felt so unsettled watching this movie, even though the only thing I really knew about it was the “Heeere’s Johnny!” moment. Even though I was (by design) a step ahead of Shelley’s character, she made me feel her growing horror. I remember groaning out loud when she picked up the manuscript. It was a powerful performance; it’s really sad to hear how she suffered in the making of the movie.
Samantha Sharpe
Samantha Sharpe 18 gün önce
The Hotel is the acoholism in Jack's life. The whole film is a metaphor. One of my favourite films.
Available Light
Available Light Aylar önce
Wow! I actually got chills listening To the deeper explanation. His father had the shining too and Suppressed it with alcohol. Some of the concepts in this video I never even thought of, And makes the movie that much deeper and Scary.
missouri stone
missouri stone 20 gün önce
I think its so sad that the movies i grew up on are overlooked and that the movies comming out today do not compare to older classic films. Even with all that technology we have today dosnt even come close to old films that used simple dressings and make up but make the movie beyond scary. Thank god for Tubi and thank god for being born in the good days
Great breakdown of a true film for the ages. I agree with you on the skeleton scene. I’ve always thought that a Native American chief standing, center frame, looking past her, should have been used at some point in that sequence. The skeletons, I think, represented the past and how her reality was slipping away. No matter, Kubrick was a genius.
CiCi Aylar önce
Absolutely loved this! Every time I see anything on this movie I realize I had no business watching this as a kid 🤭
99nozy Aylar önce
Bink Willans
Bink Willans Aylar önce
Creeped me out as an adult.
Dario Garcia
Dario Garcia Aylar önce
So true! We grew up watching some of the wildest things. Probably why modern movies have no effect on us, other than thinking most of them suck and are just remakes.
Daniel Aylar önce
It always bothers me how when Jack freezes to death, he's seen resting up against the hedge maze. However, in the cut, he is clearly several feet in front of it.
Gilly 15 gün önce
It's supposed to bother you
Gilly 15 gün önce
I think it may have been intentional. Like to subtly convey that even without that particular set of lungs breathing the air, all of the other moving parts are still moving. "To be continued"
Christopher McCafferty
After years of contemplation (yes - years) I thought the photo at the end indicated that jack Torrance (Nicholson) had been possessed by the spirit of the man in the photo and that presumably his appearance in real life was not as he was portrayed by Jack Nicholson. We, the audience are finally privy to this as the plot twist is revealed in the final shot of Nicholson in the photo along with the year it was taken. Nicholson is portraying the evil spirit that resides in the hotel and not Jack Torrance, the writer. Thoughts?
Robert Hill
Robert Hill 15 gün önce
Maybe the skeleton scene toward the end was inspired by The Ruling Class, with Peter O'Toole. The parliament scene had a similar "dead feeling". Another great movie that doesn't get talked about enough. Excellent analysis! Better than the movie to watch after several views.
Janelle Aylar önce
This movie reflects the extreme capture of sin, in pride and vanity, where that fast paced life creates a psychosis. And that's the true break down into life as spirit.
SimTheory Aylar önce
Great video! One cool thing that wasn't covered is that when they first arrive at the overlook Wendy talks about how's it's like a maze and she will need to drop breadcrumbs to find her way out. This foreshadows how Danny escapes the hedge maze at the end, by following his own footprints in the snow.
Bobby Poole
Bobby Poole Aylar önce
It was because he was trying to escape his dad! (Jack) Remember him backtracking his own footprints in the snow? The Maze was a great idea. It was to me, a better idea than having Animal Bushes trying to get you. The book was amazing but to me the movie took it to the top. The one thing I hated about the movie was Dick getting killed.
Lisa Leone
Lisa Leone Aylar önce
I always thought the "impossible" layout was just because they needed to stitch disparate shots together. Like the dry storage room. It's clear when they first go in that there are windows right next to the door on the outside but a block wall on the inside, now that you pointed it out, but most people are paying attention to the conversation that's happening. I don't know if I believe all of the impossible architecture was intentional to make things feel "off". I think some of it was just done to make the shot better, or longer. Lots of movies and TV shows have exteriors that don't match the interiors, and room layouts that don't match the hallways.
Cale Dunsmore
Cale Dunsmore 24 gün önce
This rabbit hole goes pretty deep. I've seen an entire Documentary just on the hotel layout I'd agree that yeah it's a movie set so obviously they are refusing the same set for different shots but considering how deliberate everything in the movie is I buy into the theory that the Hotel is somewhat malleable considering it's long history and having different layouts for each "Ghost" trapped in purgatory.
Hikeeba 2 gün önce
One of the most powerful parts of King’s novel is the slow boil of Jack’s devolution into madness. In this film he’s barely through the front door before he loses it. Obviously, the book is the real deal.
B Noble
B Noble Aylar önce
I would love to read Kubrick's side notes as he was directing.
Alex Swanson
Alex Swanson Aylar önce
I liked the explanation that Kubrick intended to subtly portray that Shelly's character is insane. Tang vs Kool-Aid, depending on whose perspective we're sharing. Her imagining events when she isn't present.
Anna Bagwell
Anna Bagwell Aylar önce
I think they were both smart enough to respect each other's artistic license, and were both great lead singers of this remarkable cinematic and literary band. Thank you for the wonderful video!
Yessir Aylar önce
I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve been using these videos as a book club for movies I haven’t seen and some I want to revisit. Thanks Paul!
SuperMario Bros. III
@Heavy Spoilers How about the two Jacks theory?🏨🤔🪓🤷
MadameWesker Aylar önce
I watch the breakdowns for movies I haven't seen and decide if it sounds like it's worth watching. Or revisit old favorites
Poopy McPoop
Poopy McPoop Aylar önce
Whhhhhhaaaaaa!?!? You've never seen the shining? You may be in for a treat.
Shivermetimbers Aylar önce
Me too!!!!
**Mahina808** Aylar önce
Me too thanks Paul!
Laurie R
Laurie R Aylar önce
I am in my sixties and The Shining is my all-time favourite horror movie.
Korra 228
Korra 228 Aylar önce
Really cool to see this! I usually watch you for Marvel or R&M breakdowns, but I also love this movie, so it's a nice change of pace.
Matt R
Matt R Aylar önce
I could see connecting Jack's change over to Red clothing after his dream of murdering his family as being a representation of a Red Right Hand from Paradise Lost which in the poem specifically speaks refers to God's vengeful hand against the devil, but around the mid 20th century became a term used for any vengeful actions that could be considered a divine or primal right to vengeance and retribution against those you deem wicked. Jack had been made to believe his family was the root of all his suffering around the same point he has this dream and the colour change occurs, so in a twisted manipulation of a demon or king of hell kind of way John was the Red Right Hand of the Overlook protecting it from people that would stop its feeding or destroy it outright.
Irish Technical Thinker
Room 237 was also symbolic for the moon being 237,000 miles from earth and the JFK character being a symbol for JFK as he announced we would land on the moon. I don't fully believe this was the purpose of the film but it's always interesting to me to just say what if.
Helga Gaines
Helga Gaines Aylar önce
I'm fascinated how you dissect this picture and point to symbolism...I was scared to death at the first viewing on t.v. , and so was my husband. We NEVER wanted to see it again ...and we never have. NOW that EVIL surrounds us , I cautiously watched this and the entertainment became real in our day's.Was this a warning of what was to come.I think the veil is getting thinner.Thank you.
Damn Jae
Damn Jae Aylar önce
With The Shining being one of my favorite movies, I’ve seen tons of breakdown videos. Nevertheless, I ALWAYS learn of new theories and conspiracies. Thanks for another great video!
Ricardo666 Aylar önce
Did you watch the "shone" video?!
Kim Wiliams
Kim Wiliams Aylar önce
I love how he talks about the architure like "we know..." no, we don't know. We just accept what is being shown us.
Bill Aylar önce
I think the chair disappearing behind Jack while he sits at the typewriter represents the point where Jack decides there's no more room in his life for other people and she is longer welcome there.
Steven S
Steven S Aylar önce
I never understood the reason the hotel was evil in the first place. Also, after watching this movie so many times, I didn't notice the back of the scenes changing when Dick shows the freezer.
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