The Sad Reality of My Dream House.

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6 Ağu 2022




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Matthew M
The house is gonna be done before the gallardo 💀
The one thing I love about The Strad is even when things don't look to good he still is hopeful and still makes enjoyable videos.
Its nice to see how Stradman has grown, from living in a TT to a rental house and at the end gonna live in his own house we are all proud of u strad, have fun and keep up the good work and posstivity😁😁
Cole Joseph
Ive loved watching the house updates. As much of a pain in the ass and expensive the build has been, it will all pay off when its done. It will not only be a amazing place to live, but a amazing place to create a ton of epic content from.
Chris Rouvalis
House looks amazing. Red brick, black… looks awesome. Btw, paint the wood beams outside black. The only thing I’m having a hard time with is the blue cabinets. Alone they’re fine and “fun”, but the black/white/gray stone on top of the blue… they clash.
Seeing oscar makes my day, seeing him grow up from a lil puppy up to today is amazing. Love you oscar! Keep up the amazing vids strad!
goose 1
Make sure you stain the columns, even if it’s a clear sealant coat. It’ll start oxidizing and turn dark and possibly greenish then you’ll need to resand it and it’ll never look as good as it does now
hey james ive been watching since 2019, you've came a far way, went from having a widebody supra to plowing snow and doing donuts in the snow with a wrapped lamborghini aventador, Im sorry for the loss of your dad and i wish you the best of luck to get that house built in the next 2 weeks, love the vids as always.
Incredible Rob
I am so happy watching you grow and where you came from you are truly blessed and just to see you bless encourages me I’m in a hospital right now waiting for unplanned surgery it’s a little sad but Your energy and positive videos make me feel good and I appreciate that God bless you and your family always keep it up you’re doing great!
Lazy Fish
Man I cant wait to see the finish process .Im so happy for you seeing it from start to now is so exciting .Speed707 gave you a s/o because he's building his house and plans on taking us on the same trip .Thank you for influencing others with such an amazing process .
I’ve been watching this guy for forever(2019), love to see that his house is coming together. I remember the days when you were living out your car. 👍
the fact that luke is his cameraman but strad is a good cameraman himself is just crazy
I have never wanted a TRvidr to succeed more than Stradman. The energy and excitement and love for his fans deserves all the great things to come.
Ross Simonds
House is looking good. Only “no” I’d change is the blue cabinets. Love the rest! Cheers and good luck!
Paul Cunningham
Stoked for you man!!! Great place, can easily be your forever place, stain all the exterior wood natural, it looks amazing the way it is, personally not a huge fan of the red brick but it still works.... Home ownership, especially on a custom build is oddly so rewarding!!
Dylan & Jessica
This is amazing brother congrats on the house man it's coming together really really well I love it man best house on TRvid for sure dude keep it up glad I got to see the whole process too keep up the hard work man cheers from Ontario Canada
Jacob Williamson
just think how loud it will be in the aventador or the ferrari. cant wait to see the house fully completed, you deserve this so much. glad to watch the journey with you
Random Dude
I love how you have almost accomplished everything, good job Strad
papa . cody
its crazy that you went from living in your audi tt to getting a huge dream house built with multiple cars. youve come a long way. congrats
Royal Guava
I built a house last year and was worried about the echo at first too. You'd be surprised how easily it goes away with just a bit of furniture to absorb the noise.
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