The Russian Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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16 Ağu 2020




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@OverSimplified 2 yıl önce
Get 68% off NordVPN! Only $3.71/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at:
@zane9337 2 yıl önce
Russia: has poor farmers, and rich, partying nobles
Nicholas seemed like the guy everyone wanted to be their friend, if only he wasn't the Tsar.
I like how he says Stalin has the “second most known historical mustache”
“Your grandfather has a mild case of being blown up by a terrorist” That part got me 😂
I love that all it says about the UK is that it invented the train: as a native of the area I can confirm that this is an accurate representation of our attitude to our past.
Fun fact: Jimmy’s family consists of several cosmic beings, him and his mother each being one. They live in the gaps between reality and have the ability to travel through dimensions and visit out mortal plain whenever they see fit
@staceyscroggins 2 yıl önce
It isn’t a communist joke until everyone gets it.
Unbeknownst to many, little Jimmy is the reason why the channel exists. Thanks to his space-time travel abilities Jimmy, aka Oversimplified, can see directly through the unfolding of world events that shaped humanity. Thus the storytelling of the channel is to be taken as gospel and preached to all.
Lenin: I wanna start a revolution without being blamed
@pandaiscool9552 2 saatler önce
I swear I’m waiting for one of these videos to just say “oh no, your dying of death”
The fact that we get free documentaries on TRvid by OverSimplified is truly a gift 👍
The way I learned it, Nicholas wasn’t necessarily a big fan of Rasputin, but he loved his wife very much as was easily influenced by her opinions. Rasputin, however, had a lot of influence over Alexandra. There were rumors that the two of them were having an affair. So if Rasputin thought a certain policy should be enacted, or a certain minister should he fired, he told Alexandra who would suggest it to Nicholas.
@beatlemaniac Yıl önce
Fun fact:
I like how he doesn’t even try to voice act and it still turns out great.
I could say many things, but I'm gonna say:
@mrrk3501 4 saatler önce
There is something about the Russian empire and the Japanese
Apparently Alexander III's plan for succession was something like teaching his son nothing about government until he was 30. Unfortunately the Tsar miscalculated slightly and died when Nicholas II was 26.
Part of what made the Khodynka Tragedy so deadly was a long ditch which many rushing people fell into before being trampled.
@ajayjoel6401 Yıl önce
"and even people like you, can get a girlfriend"
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