The Romantic American "Psycho": You's Complex Storytelling

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watching Joe not being able to stand Love was the funniest thing because he was just as worse as her. he just couldn’t stand the fact that she was literally his female version
Happi Headed
You used to cause serious arguments between my boyfriend and I. I hated Joe and he hated Beck. Then I realized he can’t related to my fear and hatred of Joe because he’s a man. He doesn’t know the real fear of dating someone that likely can and will kill you. My worst fear in dating being abused and killed. His worst fear is being lied to and cheated on.
I actually really liked Beck because she was, in her words, such a mess. She's one of the most realistic women I've seen portrayed in media. And yeah, I found her annoying, I wouldn't be friends with her. But she's a fleshed out person, unlike so many other characters. I love in the last episode of season 1 when she screams "its my mess."
Can we just appreciate how Penn Badgley (Joe’s actor) just gets it?? Like sometimes the actors who play bad characters either don’t really understand it or play into the fans love for the character too much, but he knows exactly what he’s doing. He fully knows that his character is such a evil, complex villain that could very well exist in real life, and that there are many men that think the way he does, so he knows the responsibility he has in portraying Joe in the right way. Like ugh this man is so smart I love him💖
I don't even agree that Beck is a bad person: just disinterested and experiencing an unfulfilling relationship with man who doesn't care to actually know her.
CC Black
Found it so interesting the way that Joe hated love for being "impulsive" with her kills. If you pay attention to the way they navigate the world Joe would kill to get what he wanted and Love killed to keep what she already had. To protect her brother from abuse, to keep her husband(s) from leaving her after she played super wife. Love is calculating like Joe but he never respected that about her because he saw her as a problem and not a person once he got to know her. She planted that wolfsbane months before she ever used it, and she had used it years before on her first husband. Hwr relationship with Joe feels like a fulfillment of the fantasy life she had desired with her first husband. She had been begging him for a baby, I wouldn't be surprised if she got pregnant on purpose to lock Joe down. Over season 2 we witnessed several sex scenes that she initiated that didn't involve protection. This woman is 30 something, she knew the deal.
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri
Reminder: you can like HOW the character was written but not like the actual character. He’s a well written stalker and murderer.
Joe put all of his romantic interests on a pedestal until he realized that they are imperfect. He's hypocritical because he's so imperfect that he can't ever be authentic in a relationship. When he met Love, she was finally a perfect match for him but it was too difficult because it was like looking in a mirror. They should have continued therapy alone, as neither of them opened up enough in couples therapy.
Rosemary Domingues
i'm a cleaning lady, and anytime we leave business cards somewhere to attract clients, I make sure that they're the ones that have my cleaning partner's name and not mine. we get more calls/respect/better attitudes when the name on the card is "Allender" and not "Domingues". it's depressing.
Beatrice Otter
On the criminalization of mental illness: here's a case that happened when I was in high school. There was a mentally ill person in our community who was homeless because they couldn't hold down a job and (ironically) their mental illness got in the way of navigating the welfare system to get on disability and a social worker to help them get the resources they needed to get housing, food, etc. So this person hung out downtown, and a lot of people got annoyed with them. But they couldn't figure out how to get them off the streets either into a group home or a mental hospital or whatnot, because those services are underfunded. So one day, this person went into a convenience store and started to get themselves a slushee. They were talking to themselves. The store owner called the cops. The cop came, harassed the mentally ill person, and the person threw the slushee at them. So the cop arrested them, and they were charged and convicted of theft (of the slushee, which they might have been planning to pay for) and assault (for throwing the slushee). Boom! That person is now a violent criminal! ... if you only look at the court records, instead of what actually happened. And this person was white, I shudder to think what might have happened if they'd been Black.
Carter Poulsen
As a white cis male, I have noticed the differentiation and privilege given to me. I have also experienced people telling me not to identify with my Lebanese, Italian, and Syrian ancestry. I am a teenager and go to a private school and not only is the student population very obviously lacking in diversity but also the education unfairly teaches about the hardships that classic White men have gone through. One of the biggest problems with the continuing of this education (this form of education as a whole is problematic) that is fed to young privileged children is that they will never accept the reality of the truth. I love watching your videos in hopes to further my understanding of concepts and issues in order to hopefully further educate those in my circles.
Olivia Prusky
Only 20 mins in so I don’t know if you cover this so sorry if you do later:) But I think that the way Joe hates Love, specifically the way he hates her impulsiveness , is 100% a result of misogyny. Womens “hysteria” has been critiqued all throughout history, and has been a major misogynistic idea that oppressed women (like the witch trials, etc). The way that Joe thinks he is better than Love is definitely a representation of the way that he views her as hysterical. He has this idea of a crazy women because of his misogyny, so he views her murders are worse than his because his are calculated, while hers are because she is “crazy”. Can’t wait to keep watching!
Holly Kent
I think the choice to introduce Love as a mirror image of Joe was a brilliant choice by the writer(s). He hates Love even though him and Love have practically the same motivations. The fact is that Joe can’t stand the idea of a woman that would take action for herself. He considers her actions as less noble than his purely bc he expects that men should do all they can to ‘chase’ and ‘capture’ a woman while women should sit and wait instead of being violent, as Love is. That’s why he loved Beck, bc he could chase her all he wanted and she didn’t want to be caught and could be considered pure and angelic in comparison to Love’s inner violence and explosive emotions. Him and Love were probably perfect for each other in a terrible way if Joe wasn’t so completely self-righteous and entitled with a debilitating saviour complex. That’s my piece.
This actually explains a lot of things. Whenever I talk with my mother about rapists she says I should just dismiss it because they are mentally ill. I think that it is a culture at play that says that mentally ill people are villians and when someone did a crime but isn't mentally ill they either had a reason or there's more to it. But I think being mentally ill wont help much in the court anyways. Generally, people that are different are pushed or made out to be villians because theyre different and perhaps, but not dependant on that, will then be hurt. Take Toga Himiko, she turned out bad because of how she was hurt, she still is an exception and Im glad they showed that she had a reason behind her behaviour, but I think it's the same thing at play again.
Kayla Umaler
Also, can we talk about how this show was able to be renewed for three more seasons after the first. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the show since it appeared on Lifetime, but Netflix is absolutely selective with the shows they deem worthy of renewing, and those they cancel after the 1st season…
Cassidy Sullivan
As someone with BPD, I don't think Joe has it. He doesn't have the main symptoms, such as an unstable sense of self. All of the "BPD" things about him are his unstable behaviour toward his love interests, which could be explained as him just being gross.
Virginia Alworth
It's fascinating how Joe continues to see himself as a hero when he's blatantly not. It's horrific.
Robin Knight
The ownership part is triggering. My ex husband, as soon as that ring went on my finger, acted as though he owned me. His version of who I am is not based in reality, which happens a lot with a lot of men. When I left he told me that I couldn't leave because I was married to him. The sense of entitlement is staggering.
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri
It’s Penn Badgley’s fault for being so gorgeous and having that sexy as hell voice. Best Netflix narration ever. Still don’t like Joe but I love how well written his character is.
"but that's the thing about not really caring much for the romance genre -- you find it in media you're not really looking for it in" took the words right out of my aromantic brain
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