The Rivian R1S Is the Most Amazing Electric SUV Yet

Doug DeMuro
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Rivian R1S review! The Rivian R1S is a truly amazing electric SUV, and today I'm reviewing it. I'm going to show you all the cool quirks and features of the R1S and show you what it's like -- and I'm going to get behind the wheel of the Rivian R1S and drive it to show you what it's like behind the wheel.


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26 Eyl 2022




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David P
Consistently great reviews, zero clickbait. I enjoy your content, Doug.
I'm really impressed with how well Rivian seem to be nailing it with their target audience, while making a truck & suv that is still a good functional vehicle for anyone. I'm glad they're not trying to out-quirk all the other EV competitors and seem to be focusing on utility and ergonomics, while throwing in a bunch of handy stuff for outdoors like the speaker & leveling setting. I'm hoping the long term reliability is fair on these.
Oscar Carias
This SUV looks truly impressive, the only thing I don't really like is that simple tasks like adjusting the AC vents or your steering wheel seems to be quite complicated. Other than that I really think that Rivian is doing an amazing job with their products, this is a truly capable ando comfortable SUV.
The first thought that popped into my head when hearing about the Camping Mode auto-level feature was, “that would be really handy when you have to check your oil.” Then I realized how that doesn’t apply here 😂
Your last sentence:
The Angry Otaku
i love how many features they managed to add without any of them seeming gimmick-y or unnecessary.
Varun Aggarwal
I was going to buy the Mclaren F1, but after I saw the Doug score,
The Traveler
I'm truly surprised they did not put in something as simple as a pull strap for the 3rd row to get them back up. Looks good overall.
I love how unique and oldschool this vehicle is in some ways! Also I'm disappointed Doug didn't get in the backseat, its hard to tell how big or small it is when he doesn't get in it.
I hope that in “pet mode” there’s something to indicate to well-meaning passers-by that the air conditioner is on, so they don’t smash the window to rescue your dog.
Isaac 84
I’ve seen 3 of these this week, a pick up and suv version in different sides of town so I’m assuming they are selling very well already. They look even cooler in person because I couldn’t help but stare. It’s like a KIA Telluride & Jeep Wagoneer had a baby. Love it!
What a profoundly brilliantly designed vehicle.
Eric Sanchez
Appreciate your reviews! Always straight forward no BS, no clickbait, just straight up quirks and features! Keep doing what you're doing!
Wil H
Great review Doug. A lot of features similar to Tesla, but also full of terrific innovations. I actually like the front-end appearance though---very distinctive signature for a new brand. I hope they remain financially viable, the more EV manufacturers the better!
Drew O.
Rivian took the buzzword “all in one” to its literal extreme!
Drew Naylor
Drew Naylor 7 saatler önce
The fact that the doorhandles pop out when unlocked instead of already being easy to pull on is an automatic dealbreaker for anyone living in an area with ice.
Bo Henriksson
Looks like a very well thought out vehicle and I’m sure Rivian will be very successful!
NKP Garage
I’m actually impressed how complete the Rivian suv is. Looks very well appointed and well thought out
I can name some things I want that it doesn't have. 1. Decent front-end styling. 2. a sunroof that opens. 3. Physical buttons for often used and safety related stuff like adjusting mirrors, etc. I hate going through on-screen menus while driving!
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