The Rise of My New Pet Mantis 

Dr. Plants
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Possibly the most stunning mantis in the world...
Heartbreaking by Kevin MacLeod | incompetech.com/
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24 Tem 2022




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Man I wouldn't mind a few minutes of B roll of them in their enclosures, also I'm pretty sure we'd all love to see the other enclosures as well
@TheDrPlants Yıl önce
@khills Yıl önce
Absolutely! Ants Canada gets away with entire b roll videos - no reason why Dr Plants can’t, too. (Alt: we literally watch enclosure build offs at Snake Discovery… or Emily putting reptile eggs in perlite, over and over. Internet viewers appear to be simple in preferences… 😉)
@brooklynngoers Yıl önce
@@TheDrPlants your videos give me peace dude! We need more updates! How are the lizards, and the vampire crabs ?! How did the baby lizards do ? Where is the yellow jacket ?? So many questions ! 🤣 but keep up the good work !
@@khills literally just finished an ac video and then remembered i need to come back and watch this
For some reason I read this comment as Main I wouldn’t mind a few minutes of B roll of them in their enclosures, also I’m pretty sure we’d love to see each other in enclosures as well but that aside this is a great idea
@cottonhoodie761 Yıl önce
I finally found a channel that likes bugs as much as I do and I wanna show my love!❤️
Thanks for donating!
@@ger2572 i'm diavola
Based bug enjoyer chad
Same I love insecs SOOOOOO muxh
@cierrajones4473 Yıl önce
same! I like bugs to!
@O1NKery Yıl önce
Honestly, I'm so glad I found this channel. I'm very squeamish and I hate bugs but the way you present these creatures is so delicate and honest, I love it. Now I'm slowly starting to appreciate the aesthetic of these little guys, even the wasps!
@sc3nek1tty74 Yıl önce
Not the wasps for me- but I agree!
@@sc3nek1tty74 yeah the wasps still suck
@FireburstWOF 8 aylar önce
I agree. But they r still a little scary
@Gojoscousin 6 aylar önce
Me to I love this😊😊
@iamthecrab5594 Aylar önce
😢no Please
@aidanwilliams1046 11 aylar önce
this man rarely uploads but the ammount of detail and hard work is just amazing.
@bezinho9024 Yıl önce
this dude could film a tarantula or just some big ass spider and i would enjoy it, you make even animals that normally scare people seem nice and cool
@satyamanu2211 Yıl önce
Dont give him ideas...😶
@rickhuisman7723 Yıl önce
No thank you
@meria2082 Yıl önce
Fr I would not keep any type of bug as a pet but its so fun to watch people take care of them
@ricardobr1493 Yıl önce
Exotics lair: *man watching from blindfold*
@dfops7905 Yıl önce
@@meria2082 I hold 2, its a tarantula and a centipede.
@sthui2866 Yıl önce
I own an Indian flower mantis, and for a little while, an orchid, it's nice to see people take great care of them and introduce these wonderful critters to a wide audience (: hope to see updates of them soon
As someone who is highly afraid of insects, those mantis looks beautiful.
If your highly afraid of them insects 🕷 the why you click on this?
@thepotatoe101 Yıl önce
@@melissajeannealano7347 if your highly afraid of horror games, why play them?
@LcoDce Yıl önce
@@melissajeannealano7347 Leeet's see, it could be that they wanna overcome their fear, curiousity, acciental click, boredom. I used to be scared of tarantulas, now I own some myself. durrr
@Birbzz Yıl önce
@@LcoDce whoa, i am afraid of spiders in general but.. Only tarantulas somehow dont scare me. They're so... fluffy and friendly-looking
@@Birbzz Jumping spiders are the oly ones i can tolerate lol
@Huhu0137 Yıl önce
This kind of mantis has the nickname “orchid mantis” in my mother tongue ( very accurate imo), I am scared of bugs but still fascinated by their beauty. It’s nice to see people like you appreciate and take care of these weird, wonderful tiny creatures.
I think these aren’t orchid mantis, they are Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii if im not mistaken
@darkevilen1055 Yıl önce
same i am absolutely terrified of bugs this video made me involuntarily move my arm in fear but very beautiful and entertaining
@ThobyJukes Yıl önce
These are spiny flower mantises, but orchid mantises are cool as hell too tho.
MANTIS ARMY!!! A mantis is one of the coolest creatures on the planet. They are so alien in comparison to other things on earth and especially when these ones look so colorful and pretty.
I had a pet mantis he could eat a big ass cockroach in like 3 minutes the roach was about half as big as the mantis
@Who-cu9eu 11 aylar önce
@@jasoncrandall5320 Poor cockroach kill the mantis!
@M_J_Knight 8 aylar önce
I know this is an older video but when you said “ they don’t run off and hide, they dance”. I never laughed so hard. Just imagine if humans used this. Just picture it for a moment. I will now use this method of defense in my everyday life.
@moondewan 7 aylar önce
Basically confuse your enemies by dancing and then run while they are left baffled
@hidden8734 Yıl önce
I've always loved bugs, insects, and many animals! This channel is so nice and I love finding out new things about insects!
Hi Dr. Plants, I love the little mesocosm/vivarium you made for your mantis. Although, I have a few husbandry concerns that you may want to look out for in setups like this for mantises. Primarily, as mostly arboreal animals, mantises have a tendency to require high perches to climb and rest on, and usually dislike having to walk on the floor of their enclosure. They also require somewhere that they can hang upside down so that they can molt properly. In the enclosure you made, the easiest way I can think of to fix this issue would be cutting a large hole in the lid and covering it with mesh so the mantis can climb on it. This mesh lid would also ensure better ventilation in the enclosure, decreasing the risk of a failed molt (depending on the specific needs of your mantis species). The only other major issue I can see with this vivarium moving forward would be the resources available to your isopods. While springtails can survive just about anywhere that is wet and can grow mold, larger isopods generally require extra sources of calcium and organic matter outside of what other vivarium occupants can provide. Periodically adding dead leaves and cuttlebone to your soil could help mitigate this issue. Sorry if this comment comes off as being rude. I just thought sharing some of what I've learned through vivarium keeping might help you out.
@TheDrPlants Yıl önce
I appreciate your concerns! I in fact already glued a piece of mesh to the lid. I realized my mistake early on. The soil is largely made up of wood so the isopods have a lot to eat. They have actually already bred-there are baby isopods all over! I occasionally add in some fish food and some eggshell to feed the isopods.
@teonmoore5514 Yıl önce
​@@TheDrPlants 1111111111111111
Soo much to read 🤬🤬🤬🤬
@@hugoandhelen9893 Then… don’t?
@arellmk Yıl önce
@@earthtamerronan6352 i think that's /s
@FBI8625 Yıl önce
I respect you. You treat the ecosystem and animals so carefully, and with so much respect.
@sswulffable Yıl önce
The Praying Mantis is both my wife's and mine Absolute FAVORITE insect. They are also human friendly and affectionate. I met a Mantis one day and spent an HOUR playing and enjoying each other's company. He'd run up one arm, across my neck and down the other arm. He'd then stand there, look at me, twist his head then run back up my arm back over to the other one a few times ! I truly felt a love and acceptance from it, then put it back on a tree. Good Bye my friend ! 😄
@sswulffable Yıl önce
@@dawnjohnson9726 I absolutely believe it thanked you - It's been my personal experience of a mutual acceptance and interest. The Japanese also Revere the mantis as a spiritual entity. I personally Love the mantis and would never cage one for myself. Meeting and greeting in the world is pretty special !
@jackharding6483 11 aylar önce
They are not affectionate or friendly, they simply don't see you as prey
Don't really like insects of any kind, but I can appreciate their beauty thru your video's. These mantis are so beautiful.
@tuxedokitty Yıl önce
i'm new to this channel and i really enjoy this guy's narration with every videos, like he's just talking to his friends. it's hilarious! ♡
@ScrupAnimates Yıl önce
Mantis are super cute and beautiful, I think they have taken the number 1 animal for me
I'd like to see more shots of the mantis just chilling a little bit, see how it fits with the terrarium at rest
@TheDrPlants Yıl önce
I’ll take that into consideration for the update video!
@someone94949 Yıl önce
@@TheDrPlants dont let the mantis be too close to eachother,yheyre cannibals
@someone94949 Yıl önce
@@TheDrPlants sorry,i didnt watch the whole video lol
@CoffeeSuccubus Yıl önce
Praying mantises are cute. I love this
@lolaking6330 Yıl önce
As a mantis owner this is a great journey you have had with them so enjoy your time with them is what I learned when pebbles (my praying mantis)passed away😢rest in peace pebbles🕊
How do you get a mantis I have been searching for so long.
@lolaking6330 Yıl önce
@@prathibhareddy4573 u can find some at the praying mantis den not the best but not the worst place
Wow, I can't believe how gorgeous these creatures are. Where I live, we rarely find just green praying mantid. I love these videos and keep it up. Even though I am scared of bugs I love these!
@smritiray4358 Yıl önce
Dude I feel in love with your channel at first sight
@yik7311 Yıl önce
Just a heads up, spiny flower mantises are really weak to mold, so make sure to give them extra ventilation to prevent still air!
@Mossious Yıl önce
question; would you do that by just adding more air-holes, or would there be another, better method?
@LastAphelion Yıl önce
Mantises are one of my favorite animals, one of my fondest memories is finding one when I was younger and for fun I started hunting prey for it in the garden, sure enough for several days it came back to meet me on the patio table awaiting a meal. But then I never saw them again I was very sad how short lived that friendship was. I love everything about this project, except for how claustrophobicly small it is I hope they get a bigger space and for things to grow out more
@lauraem650 Yıl önce
I’m so happy to see this channel growing, I love this guy! I’m obsessed with his pauldarium and it inspired me when I was really going through it. ❤
@gruss0314 Yıl önce
I love how you are so in love with nature and animals
@beepboop8046 Yıl önce
I really love all these videos so much! Can't wait for any updates you might have! Feels like being a kid watching the discovery channel again. Makes me want to start some sort of ecosystem for myself someday! Maybe this winter when I have nothing better to do
@MATEOVIZCARRA-zg8ik 21 gün önce
The best 7minutes and 4 seconds of my life love watching this
@CdeElle Yıl önce
I've had these in my garden for a couple of years now and they are stunning. They can change color too while they're growing, depending what flower they are on and what they've eaten. Since they proliferated I hardly have any common green mantis' left - now I can see why...
@CdeElle Yıl önce
Mine come from here and they arrived on their own. I'm surprised that you can buy miniature exotic predators by mail order 📦 you probably shouldn't release your 'army' from their cages 😔 once you have bred them I would imagine...
@@CdeElle where did you buy them? i wanna get some but i don’t wanna support animal sellong..
@CdeElle Yıl önce
@@IsaThePhilosophical I didn't 🚫 buy them they just showed up 👋. They come from here 🌍. Most of mine did their final transformation and have mated 😍 already. The females ♀ didn't 🚫 eat 🍽 their mates ♂ but I have loads of flowers 💮🏵🌺🌼 which attract loads of insects 🐝🦋 so I guess there's no need for that... The babies 👶 will arrive soon. Bitter 😭 sweet ☺ cos that means my creatures 🥰 will be gone 👻 and I know them so well this year 😢😭
@_WOR Yıl önce
@@CdeElle What race are you?
@CdeElle Yıl önce
@@_WOR 1 eighth each Irish, Scottish, Afrikaans and French & half Lebanese. You?
@jovelroystan Yıl önce
This was such a cool video, the species is gorgeous and I love the way you move through your videos, even the sponsored parts (with the timer)-very nice. Thanks for sharing.
These are my favorite animals EVER they are from another world
@ddoododd Aylar önce
Your videography skills are next level. Congratulations!
This is one of the best channels I have discovered lately. Congrats on the amazing content you are creating
@matt123411 10 aylar önce
Your flower mantis is gorgeous. I have always wanted one. The last mantis I had was an agile ground mantis.
@bassdaddy6548 Yıl önce
I love when I stumble across great channels like this one. The production is incredible! Thank you for putting out such a quality channel.
Raised those monsters for years. Watching them eat is mesmerizing.
the quality of this video from the shots to the sound effects, music and commentary is out of this world
@sansequanimity5998 11 aylar önce
Oh wow, they're gorgeous! Their tank came out perfectly! I would LOVE to see the other tanks! Please show us! We need a tour!
@Vitners4alex Yıl önce
Had me intrigued for start to finished always found mantis to be a fascinating bug , plz post more mantis , much love, keep up the great work.💞
@WisteriaBerlitz Yıl önce
06:10 makes for a good wallpaper 💜 I screen captured for future use
@hithere5674 Yıl önce
holy how did i find out this channel, man giving me some antscanada vibe but wider variety of animals, man im enjoying this sooo much
I love that they hatch black and fiesty. I had wild mantids in my previous garden. I loved that they were there. The egg caches were laid high up on my house. Hatching brought a myriad of tiny beasts creeping down the walls. So cool.
@Qwertylol 8 aylar önce
This made me so happy. I found a few baby praying mantis hiding on one of my lawn chairs and moved them, and like a year later found a full grown one in my yard, about to get mowed, so I moved it, too. They're such fascinating and beautiful little creatures! I would love to see you take on carnivorous plants!
@mmrseed 11 aylar önce
The sound of the mantis’ chewing on flies is its own ASMR
@travisj.1938 Yıl önce
Video was so friggin amazing!!! My new fav channel!!!
These flower praying mantis are the cutest.
@ay9748 Yıl önce
Once again really nicely made and interesting content! Looking forward to seeing the ghost crabs and geckos breeding terrarium again!
@panfilojr7217 Yıl önce
There colors are so vibrant I love it it’s so beautiful
@madness4690 Yıl önce
I am a fan of "Ant Canada" channel here on TRvid. And I think this is the second channel I will be watching regularly. ❤️
@blackpuglove 10 aylar önce
Just bought my first ever mantis at a reptile expo this weekend, and she's a beautiful spiny flower mantis. This video is informative, aesthetic, and helpful! Thank you 😊
@Giobemo Yıl önce
So pretty! I love how they're all different colors.
@pesxav1163 Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this very interesting experience. Can you tel us more about the mainteance of the plant : temperature ? lightening ? watering ? ventilation ?
@paullacy159 Yıl önce
I live in Virginia, two summers ago I had a wild, native mantis make it's home in a potted lantana on my side porch. We named her Waldo and got to see pretty much every stage of her life cycle. We saw her molt, hunt and eat, release pheromones, mate several times, and lay her egg sac. Watching Waldo everyday that summer was one of the best natural experiences I've had. Thank you for putting in the effort and doing stuff like this so others can experience it, cuz it's really really cool!
@lisalisa185 Yıl önce
Beautiful your preying mantis, how they adapt to their surroundings in nature, have an understanding to build an ecosystem and appreciate them at home, amazing!!
@calicobagels Yıl önce
Flower Mantis' are literally so pretty!
@Pigonisfine Yıl önce
My favorite type of insects are mantises this video just makes me love them even more
Mantis are so awesome. They are one of my favorite insects.Thank you for making this video!!!
@freddylee3013 Yıl önce
These are one of my favourite mantids . Interesting video. Thanks for showing!! 😀
@FormulaKJ Yıl önce
I’m glad a found your channel so early on in your TRvid career I can’t wait to see how your channel grows.
As a former tarantula owner, (Antilles Pinktoe) words can't express how much your heart sank when you thought your baby was dead, then how much is rose when you realized that it had molted!!!!!!
@catm590 Yıl önce
How did you sterilize the moss? I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t hurt/kill the moss besides just rinsing with water, but my brain isn’t working today lol. I never thought to clean off my outdoor plants that I plant indoors/in terrariums so thank you for that helpful tip about the pesticides! What beautiful creatures, thank you for letting all of us live vicariously through you raising them!
@ninelaivz4334 Yıl önce
I think he just watered it alone is a clean place for a month to see anything grew out of it.
@dankeman5266 Yıl önce
The way the mantis munches the smaller insects bit by bit is so satisfying. Especially with the sound.
@Jam_jam294 Yıl önce
Their cute when their babies 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
@deb7693 7 aylar önce
You have inspired me and my mate, and we build terraiums on a weekly basis. Thank you
I enjoy your pet mantis friends. I use to watch them in My Garden all time when I was young. Nature is awesome that's why I enjoy my anime and arts thank you for showing them take good care of them. Rock on!
@nalusafalaya Yıl önce
That mantis is extremely beautiful, wow the mantis life is brutal
These kinds of mantis look really beautiful
you should make a army of them and put some in your terrarium by the way i love your vids even though i started to watch you couple day ago so keep up the good work!
@MrsGump Yıl önce
I'm not sure why ur ecosystem vid showed up on my recommend list but I'm SO glad it did! I'd liked & subbed before the vid finished & now I'm binge watching all ur other vids!! Bloody great channel!!! 💕
The praying mantice is so gorgeous 😍
@Toe_Jamson Yıl önce
Spinies are such great pets. Very personable and beautiful. I'm curious about how well your self contained ecosystem works, does the plant life substitute for fresh air compared to cross ventilation?
@TheDrPlants Yıl önce
Thank you! The tank is not airtight- there is ventilation at the top of the tank.
It's so cute when you picked it up man!
@Nosimpping Yıl önce
It's soo cool to see a mantis up close
@michaelsmith-rf1ii 11 aylar önce
I remember finding this channel last year, i watched every video you had but, later on i forgot about this channel since there were no new videos. i’m not saying that it’s boring, I know your videos take a lot of time. Thanks for the good times 🙂
@Who-cu9eu 11 aylar önce
I really want to shoot a mantis with a nerf gun
@MoistFrogs Yıl önce
This was a great video! I so enjoy finding people like you who have found cool passions in life and now share them with others. You not only earned a like but im also subscribing. Wish i could count as 100 subscribers. Keep up the awesome work. Will be watching many more of your videos.😁
@Shrey_31 2 aylar önce
Got the top quality content...👍. Please keep uploading this...
@ashnium Yıl önce
I really like stuff like this. It's fascinating knowing that with care and a lot of human ingenuity. You can harbor any creature. No matter how exotic.
@uoopster.628 Yıl önce
that mantis looks beautiful, i never thought a mantis could look like this tbh
@electricave Yıl önce
brilliant and awe inspiring to see close ups of these creatures, thanks
@keemio84 9 aylar önce
Those preying mantis are so cute!!
@sleepyclawzzz 4 aylar önce
Subscribed! I LOVE your videos!!! Truly inspiring.
@surgegaming9994 Yıl önce
Spiny flower manti are my favorite manti So you can imagine how frickin fast I clicked on the video Thank you for your time😊😊😊
@lauraem650 Yıl önce
I love your videos so much! Thank you for the great content. I Love to show my dad what is possible with a trip to the nursery and a little backyard moss. I can't wait for babies! We had them at my elementary school; a mantis mama had thousands of little green bebes and it was something I will never forget! So joyful.
@DYORTV Yıl önce
bro, you are not wasted anyone's time. we need more videos of these mantis😳
Honestly quite cool to see your hands are able to carry those isopods crawling around
@horyshet 7 aylar önce
Would love to see part 2. I love your videos man.
@mr.pizzamarlon Yıl önce
My jumping spider, *Gypsy 🍕 Pepperoni* molted and looks beautiful. Great videos 👍🏼 I'm new to this world but love it.
@bugsbaby Yıl önce
You are my favorite foreigner! I am amazed every time I see your kennel
@leviathanu099 Yıl önce
It's already been said but I would love to see a few minutes of footage of these ecosystems in action. Especially these mantis they are so mesmerizing
@rachaelhash8675 Yıl önce
I love watching these. So interesting. I love nature. And i love your videos. I found a large full grown all green praying mantis and got her to climb onto my hand once for my kids to see once when i found her at a park. She was pretending to be a leaf but did so on the play ground itself where my kids were playing. Love how they move. They are my favorite insects. Some martial arts were inspired by them they say
@levii2037 Yıl önce
I love ur voice bro. Like for real. And the content is very interesting. Love from Germany mate!
@kennyhagan5781 11 aylar önce
So pretty! I think that those are the nicest looking mantids I have ever seen kept as pets.
@stealdst Yıl önce
When I was in college we found a mantis in our frat house. We named it mantis toboggan and kept it for months in a little terrarium, it would eat anything that moved, really cool to watch it hunt. Once we found a black widow and put it in the tank and the mantis murdered it so fast, it was crazy
@ilonqueen Yıl önce
@TheDrPlants Yıl önce
You’ll see…
I wish the best to you Dr.plants, this content gives me hope for an insight to the little critters. When I was in like second grade I only knew about the ants walking on sidewalks. Keep up the amazing work😎😎
Random video came up suddenly 😳 and now I am loving all of your videos 💯👌
@Garfield36900 Yıl önce
I've seen a mantis IRL in Massachusetts when I was working at Home Depot. It was VERY large and was devouring the flies that were everywhere.
@Hanhan_the_Dolphin 11 aylar önce
Very beautiful mantis. I love insects😍
@NecoLumi Yıl önce
They're gorgeous!
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