The quickest way to get rid of a pimple 

Dillon Latham
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14 Haz 2023




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@kennyjohnson26 8 aylar önce
Small warning! Hydrogen peroxide is very harsh and drying to the skin so while it may work for some, it might cause problems for people with dry or sensitive skin
@arkii5420 8 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure people who do skin care know what moisturizer is
@Daisure 8 aylar önce
@@arkii5420 Just because someone uses moisturizer doesn’t mean their skin with heal from dryness
@commie281 8 aylar önce
@@arkii5420and yet they don’t know their moisturizer is probably giving them cancer too lul
@arkii5420 8 aylar önce
@@Daisure it will prevent from getting it from dryness, common sense stop trying to trap lmao
@arkii5420 8 aylar önce
@@commie281 just like eating food that contain led, or just pretty much letting the sun contact your skin, not much of a high risk
@TerroristFunds 8 aylar önce
side note.. do not use toilet paper to dab cuts toilet paper specifically has bleach in it most papers are made with bleach but toilet paper specifically has more in it if you want to dab it on use a cotton swab or some cotton balls it stops you putting any unnecessary chemicals inside of your skin which is usually the cause of breakouts.
@MedazelIi 8 aylar önce
Yeah not to mention it absorbs literal shit particles in the bathroom air 🤮
@urnotonmylevel1843 8 aylar önce
​@@MedazelIiyou know you can store spare toilet paper outside of the bathroom
@eclous_1459 8 aylar önce
​@@MedazelIiIts not actual shit in the air 😂
@vtgaming3116 8 aylar önce
Then again, this guy used the bleached toilet paper to apply bleach on his face.
@MedazelIi 7 aylar önce
@@eclous_1459 Yeah there is
@RuhullahSayed 6 aylar önce
Bro uses every muscle on his face to talk💀
@Chris22376 6 aylar önce
@TMMM_08 6 aylar önce
That’s what you’re supposed to do 💀
@Chris22376 6 aylar önce
hell nah@@TMMM_08
@lilcheco9923 6 aylar önce
Most underrated comment😂
@eelovfx9200 5 aylar önce
@@TMMM_08 no it's not
@zekihvh 5 aylar önce
Source: trust me bro Don't let any dermatologists hear you saying this bs, they'll go nuts
@tonyz5423 2 aylar önce
Let me be more specific for dumbasses like you and those 115 people who liked your comment. 1. Hydrogen peroxide is used to get rid of infections. 2. Neosporin is also an antibiotic(topical) 3. Vitamin C is an antioxidant( helps with regeneration of skin, new cells), and lastly retinol improves cell function specially when healing damaged tissue. Next time you comment something stupid, do a little research
@bmkbigpapi Aylar önce
dermatologists are paid to give you shit that’ll cure you for a week then have you come back, it wouldn’t be profitable otherwise.
@drakewasaloverboy Aylar önce
Dermatologists want money, that’s why they say a diet doesn’t cause acne.
@darlingMC Aylar önce
@@drakewasaloverboymost dermatologists say that diet is the biggest factor what are you on about
@talkingweevil3172 29 gün önce
@@drakewasaloverboy? They don’t not get money by telling truth
@lilbitdank4494 7 aylar önce
Dermatologists actually have something similar to this accept it’s actually designed for skin and it’s a lot less harsh than peroxide. I don’t recommend taking advice from people that aren’t professionals, especially when he broke the #1 rule of pimples… YOU DONT POP THE ONES ON YOUR FACE
@klee9062 Aylar önce
doesn't matter im gonna pop the ones on my face anyways
@c0l328 Aylar önce
@user-km9qo6dc1s 25 gün önce
If I don’t pop it it stays for over a week and a half but when I pop it, it goes away in 3 days. I wash my hands, pop it, stop the bleeding, and apply procell and sometimes silagen on it which heals it in a couple of days. Is there a con to this I don’t know about?
@alexdiaz1769 22 gün önce
@@user-km9qo6dc1snever popped a pimple on purpose ever. My skin is clear as a baby now as an adult. You’ll probably end up up with some acne scars doing that
@TrixynFTW 22 gün önce
​@@user-km9qo6dc1sit can cause severe breakouts to some people but ofc if you're skin doesnt react negatively and give you breakouts..it's fine and you're lucky
@Duoqodnjwkd 29 gün önce
This is what my mom used to do with every pimple i had, it did work a little but unfortunately it left me with a ton of acne scars i now have to deal with as I'm older 😢
@MedazelIi 8 aylar önce
Don’t put peroxide OR neosporin on a pimple the first one is drying out the pimple which can lead to redness, flaking, scaling and even MORE beeakouts hydrogen peroxide itself can kill bacteria but on an open wound can kill healthy living cells the other is moisturizing (neosporin) but it is comedogenic meaning it’s likely you’ll create blackheads and whiteheads instead of full blown pimples The best thing to do for a pimple is cleanse it and put a pimple patch on it for 9 hours until it is fully gone for the love of God please do not pop your pimple it WILL scar and WILL leave a nasty scab
@amandahugenkiss 7 aylar önce
This isn't always true. You should extract whiteheads and if they are ready, there won't be a scar.
@MedazelIi 7 aylar önce
@@amandahugenkiss It’s not necessary to pop pimples since they will eventually go away on there own as long as you take care of your skin properly and alot of people don’t have the tools to so they dig at their pimples with their fingers until its gone which makes it bleed or leave an indent and nasty larger opening
@quietlifeandagoodone 5 aylar önce
@@MedazelIiI have 2 small scars on my face but they really stand out i’m trying to find ways to get rid of it 😣
@flowwyeditz 24 gün önce
fun fact: don't put hydrogen peroxide anywhere near your eyeball!
@Shhnee 8 aylar önce
Hydrogen peroxide is also great at getting rid of fish blood from my shirts. I fillet alot of fish and end up with some blood on it, easily the best way to get rid of it
@hcombh 8 aylar önce
@epantc143 7 aylar önce
is that with most blood, like deer blood from butchering or is fish blood different
@lilliand837 7 aylar önce
@@epantc143it’s all blood it removes it from cloth
@craftkidgaming2709 7 aylar önce
​@lilliandavis8188 All blood, you say? "Fellas, I may not have a brain, but I have an idea!"
@amandahugenkiss 7 aylar önce
Make sure to warn people that any kind of peroxide is going to bleach out their clothes.
@dragon9402 7 aylar önce
I just put honey and a bandaid on it before I sleep , it does the job pretty well
@vinusonyt 6 aylar önce
@@llennaa"ew thats so messy just buy a spot treatment" did you read his meesage correctly? do you know the definition of messy? nga you sound so silly right now
@vinusonyt 6 aylar önce
@@llennaa Do you like your internet?
@user-gx6hs2kn8x 6 aylar önce
How about advice for both, stfu
@lisaclopein5942 6 aylar önce
@@vinusonyt ur the one that sounds silly
@kookie-py 6 aylar önce
@cat-man5522 8 aylar önce
I just put some aloe vera gel on the pimple during the day when I'm at home and at night before going to sleep . Pimple disappears within 3 days without any scar or depression on the skin + plus aloe vera is good for the skin , totally harmless and chemical-free.
@heygirlbhebhe111 7 aylar önce
thank you!!!! i have school soon and i need to get rid of this 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
@Mike.tython 7 aylar önce
@@heygirlbhebhe111so did it work?
@maximayt6031 6 aylar önce
Yess I always do this but last time I got a pimple it really hurt and I got impatient and I popped it 😔 I regret my decision
Yessss I had a monstrous pimple 2 days before picture day and I used aloe Vera almost every other hour and it went away in 36 hours. I still use it to this day.
@haloaxe6567 Aylar önce
aloe vera doesn't do anything for it, your pimple would be gone in 3 days without using anything
@BigGamerPlayz_YT 6 aylar önce
I never pop pimples I just apply the hydro peroxide to them. I would not suggest popping pimples. The reason why I am saying it is because the bacteria at some point will enter and it will cause more pimples. Also when I wash my face I mostly boil water and set it aside to cool it down and then wash my face since from the sink water sometimes tends to be weird.
@idudheebsbzdudbdhddh 4 aylar önce
that's wild
@f00tyBa11 8 aylar önce
FUN FACT!!! Doing that, or putting lots of pressure on a pimple can cause it to spread, and result in more acne!!!! YAYYY
@deakksyy 7 aylar önce
No. Hydrogen peroxide in small doses is the best thing in the world
@miriamlevy2514 7 aylar önce
yeah you pop one pimple and three more pop up. like a hydra 😂😂
@bluesclues3169 6 aylar önce
That was zesty
@akari5113 6 aylar önce
i just watch my face (like i do every morning in the shower) and i put this salicylic acid patch sticker thing on the pimple. its a star and i do it with the color pink but theres many other colors like black, blue, yellow etc. since im a girl it looks kinda cute on my face but what it does is it pops the pimple and shrinks it kinda. idk how to explain but it does such a good job
@CptApplestrudl 8 aylar önce
Peroxide in itself is already pretty agressive, but putting retinol on it as well seems like overkill. Moisturizer anyone?
@rachou6 8 aylar önce
that’s what i’m saying and he’s putting all of it on an open wound too 😭
@BEAST_69 5 aylar önce
My mom is gonna ask everytime "i found your drugs"
@Crownfied 6 gün önce
Never knew you needed to have "insane memory" to remember a 3 step process
@eelamite 7 aylar önce
step 1 - have 3 products at home
If you don't use peroxide it should be even quicker, peroxide retards healing, the Neosporin disinfects it just as well and the retinol is doing all the redness removal
@coohoolane 2 aylar önce
How the hell have I made it 61 years without this sage advice?
Me who doesn't have the last two items:
@Handleoriginal12 7 aylar önce
Best way to get rid of a pimple is to filet your skin. You’ll end up with horrible pain and eventual scaring but at least the pimple will be gone!
@notarxw 7 aylar önce
Like cutting away the pimple like a tumor?
@EvanB717 5 aylar önce
@@notarxwhe doesn’t mean literally
@mementary32 8 aylar önce
Do a morning hair routine
He sounds like an actual nice guy, not just a “Jim” bro or a dude that swears and yells constantly. We need more dudes like him
@stxticblixz Aylar önce
"gym" bro
@RealRaptor2 8 aylar önce
Bros neosporin bottle is STRUGGLIN 😭
@jumpy2783 8 aylar önce
Nah this how the average fellas toothpaste is
@shory3154 8 aylar önce
Honestly ive never seen a Neosporin bottle that DOESNT look like that lmao
@grungeshorts 8 aylar önce
Hydrogen peroxide has so many uses it’s unbelievable. Already use it for keeping my teeth white and dissolving earwax. And now this
@NeanderthalDogma 8 aylar önce
Broo some kid is going to do this 💀 do not put it in your ears or mouth💀
@Himothy_Bobbins 8 aylar önce
I mean in some concentrations it can be okay
@reyseholladay 8 aylar önce
@@NeanderthalDogmabut like you can 😭
@carltonbanks4312 8 aylar önce
@@NeanderthalDogmahydrogen peroxide is literally what is in whitening toothpaste and strips. Its also completely safe for your eardrum
@mxttchu6437 8 aylar önce
​@@NeanderthalDogmaTo whiten your teeth, you need to swish it around
@Alicia-xx5wo 6 aylar önce
Everybody’s skin is different but personally I pop every pimple I see come up on my skin and I do not have a single scar but I also drink a ton of water so I don’t get them that often and that might play a part
@Freepalestine12536 5 aylar önce
I think it does but o try to drink as much water as I can just for my skin to be clear cause I have a little acne ❤❤❤❤
@IzenOla-up3ld 4 aylar önce
Thank you for this ❤️❤️
@Killer_Macchiato 8 aylar önce
literal genetic lottery 😭
@aizeiv6957 7 aylar önce
@goofyboofy-jv6ko 7 aylar önce
@Vader4499 6 aylar önce
Look at Nic Kaufmann
@Lillywicker123 6 aylar önce
@DuskLegend 6 aylar önce
Not if he has a bunch of zits lol
@sethymothz 6 aylar önce
Just for the curious people out there, the song is Let It Happen - Tame Impala.
@maybejay7506 6 aylar önce
@sethymothz 6 aylar önce
@@maybejay7506 np
@jacksonkelly-alves 8 aylar önce
Bro, this guy uses the best music for his vids I legit listen to these songs all the time
@Lua-um4gz 7 aylar önce
Vitamin c doesn’t work with retinol in fact most vitamin c serums don’t work at all cause either they have no acsorbic acid or they have it but they don’t paire it with vitamin E which is necessary
@Gianna_xp 7 aylar önce
My mom always made me do most of this haha
@_kkv_ 7 aylar önce
If popping pimples works for you, that’s great, what I don’t like about it though, it leaves acne scars and sometimes causes more pimples.
@rohamebrahimi7844 Aylar önce
This method actually works but keep in mind that you shouldn't use it a lot as it can actually damage you skin but yeah popping the pimple right here is actually needed because you actually want the hp to kinda like close the cut area and prevent bacteria to go there but the best solution is just skin care professionals they use specific acids and products that will heal your face in no time and it only costs 8 dollars per visit for me and you do it 1 time per month
@brix5380 Aylar önce
Vitamin C and retinol counteract each other so use a seperate serum for both in two different routines to make sure they actually work
@leeportnova2845 Aylar önce
do not use neosporn on your skin if you have sensitive/ acne prone skin!!!! the petroleum jelly acts as a barrier and doesnt let your skim breathe causing breakouts
@V_R_1324 6 aylar önce
What I do when popping pimples always cleanse my face with a random face cleanser and then pop the pimple then I rub ice on it so it doesn’t scar and then continue with my skincare .. hope this helped 😊
@felixkey5337 7 aylar önce
What really helps is keeping your hair outta your face because the oils from your hair….
@rylans.5365 7 aylar önce
I really wouldn’t recommend popping a pimple at any stage. Just put some benzoyl peroxide spot treatment then pop a hydrocolloid patch on it. Do that for a few days then it should be gone. Popping pimples prematurely will cause scarring and that is a pain to get rid of.
The devs keep patching the old ways
@jakeevans4175 5 aylar önce
make sure you specify the concentration of the h202
@ari23777 2 aylar önce
if you have a pimple and you are going out somewhere and need to get rid of if fast, this is what i do: step 1- DONT pop it! step 2- put aloe vera gel, or moisturizer but i use aloe vera step 3- put foundation on it, or powder that’s it but i DONT recommend doing this often, only if you’re desperate and need to cover it up fast
@Hannahjk- 14 gün önce
This is how I use too keep scars from forming when I was younger!😊
@auntiem873 7 aylar önce
Try witch hazel as well.
@user-yd4qi5gy3r Aylar önce
Bro is going crazy about one pimple
@safwanshaheri2793 Aylar önce
Looks nice but the pic at the end looks like you shaved it off 😂
@Iris-vd6tt 15 gün önce
The literal #1 rule from dermatologists is to not pop your pimples. Especially when they don’t have a head.
@alexanderlevy158 5 aylar önce
I don't know about the other stuff, but use something other that hydrogen peroxide lol They make special antiseptic solutions or sprays now and you can get them at CVS. The age of rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine is over. The antiseptic can even have lidocaine in it, which would probably help with skin irritation/redness a lot better than a skin irritant like hydrogen peroxide 😂
@Zerblex 4 aylar önce
Honestly y'all just take a shower at least 5 times a week, keep good hygiene, don't stay up late every night either (sleep loss can be bad for your skin barrier which makes you more prone to acne) and try not to touch your face often because oils from your fingers can cause acne. Hope that helps
@IzenOla-up3ld 4 aylar önce
God Bless you all and your whole families ❤️🙏 in Jesus Christ name I pray amen ❤️🙏🙌
@that_boi_chris3053 8 aylar önce
can you please do a hair tutorial
@michealp4160 8 aylar önce
No clue which concentration you are using of h2o2, but it is considered a strong oxidizing agent which is probably not a good idea to use on your skin.
@Melody36785 6 aylar önce
⚠️this will dry your face out so before you do it apply a thin layer of moisturizer as a barrier
@IzenOla-up3ld 4 aylar önce
Keep up the great, good, amazing, wonderful and beautiful hard work, content and videos ❤️
@Malenia_The_Severed 8 aylar önce
This makes sense because a pimple is caused by a clogging of a pore on your skin wich causes a buildup of bacteria and it gets red and "angry" due to this so popping it clears out the bacteria allowing it to heal
@johnnybravo1207 8 gün önce
This Kid is everywhere!
@IzenOla-up3ld 4 aylar önce
Much love 💓
@ravenlenorexiii Aylar önce
This is an all around good video for what NOT to do....
@breetalong 6 aylar önce
Please don’t pop with your fingers! Poke a hole with a sterile sewing needle or something sharp like that. If this method requires pus removal use something like the hole at the bottom of a bobby pin and gently and slowly apply pressure in all directions. This’ll help prevent scarring, infection and lessen irritation
@serg.i0 5 aylar önce
Before you do this Use ice first to reduce the inflammation it will speed up the process of the pimple popping naturally and possibly get rid of it right away
@nugget4597 5 aylar önce
hydrogen peroxide dries out skin and there for pimples so that’s why it works so well. They have products for this same exact method so i recommend finding them and not trying to do this. Hydrogen peroxide is very harsh on your skin so if you do do this don’t use too much.
@Paris13Johnson. 3 aylar önce
yeah i’m just using it for today since i have somewhere important to go tomorrow 😂
@JAY-kq2qx 8 aylar önce
Don’t use peroxide if you have to use it once it just hurts your skin
@jaymarklaude2995 Aylar önce
I poo my pimples in the morning and then wash it with 2 soaps, 1 with kojic acid (whitens) and 1 with salicylic acid (clears) but if its a cyst, i just let it dry and let it turn into whiteheads and pop it at the right time
@carterlamont2906 6 aylar önce
Bro uses every muscle in his face to talk
Also guys do not use vitamin c on your skin in summer/when it‘s really sunny because sun & vitamin c combined is not good for your skin
@user-ou3zs2ye7l 5 aylar önce
My advice is to put brake cleaner and transmission oil on the pimple.
@swishstudios285 Aylar önce
How to get rid of a red pimple mark from an old pimple?
@HeIterSkelter 5 aylar önce
I always did rubbing alcohol or an astringent, then hold an ice cube on the pimple for 5 minutes.
@ellah5942 7 aylar önce
Does anyone else notice how he frequently smiles for like one second
@richarddabeaner7321 4 aylar önce
My grandma taught me to use the aloe Vera plants we had before you sleep and in the morning when you wake up it’s gone
@kays_2cool 6 aylar önce
I use Aquaphor on pimples. It goes away after like 2 nights.
@maddss795 6 aylar önce
Popping pimples is a bad idea. But if you have something or somewhere to go, pop the pimple then put a cloth with a little bit of water on it and press it to the pimple for some time. Then it shouldnt be super red and since its a damp cloth it won't harm it dry out your skin
@damnbhanu2374 Aylar önce
I m 19 now but I only got around 5-6 pimples during my puberty phase
@col1n. 8 aylar önce
Dillon I have hair that is inbetween curly and wavy. Is there any way I could get it straighter? I would like it to be easy like you had with your long hair
@nacho3854 8 aylar önce
You want straight hair? I love having curls
@cioluvsurnan5722 8 aylar önce
You can try straightening shampoo and conditioner. Preferably one that won’t damage your hair.
@figgusriggs6462 6 aylar önce
Doctors no longer recommend putting hydrogen peroxide on cuts. It damages skin cells. If you're worried about aesthetics, putting something that damages skin on might not be a great solution in the long run
@itachispainless5339 3 aylar önce
Bro uses so much energy just to talk
@fishy_beast8130 6 aylar önce
Buddy is a little self conscious
@Logan-nx4lz 15 gün önce
Bro, I’m 15 and I never had a pimple in my life. Is that good or bad? Should I be worried?
@XTerrinLit 6 aylar önce
His Word of GOD bro it is was and is and is Comeing Prophecy
@masonpage9559 7 aylar önce
I pop the pimple use peroxide let it dry wipe it with water then use witch hazel let it dry then wipe with water then I’ll use a facial cleanser and let it dry over that area it’ll let a lil dry layer of the cleanser then wipe it off ina couple of hours no bleeding no pimple it’s completely flat and will basically be completely gon next day
@lakanduskin 8 aylar önce
Hair tutorial!
@niie1091 6 aylar önce
Hydrogen peroxide can also interrupt the healing process and cause scarring
@GugaVilaini Aylar önce
btw hydrogen peroxide is also used to white your teeth and clean ceramic
@bbatteryacidd 2 aylar önce
"i will show you in real time" proceeds to cut the video 6 times
@naajmccue5815 6 aylar önce
Don’t do this for cystic acne, or breakouts, it will cause severe scarring, and irritation
@checkpointstore1 6 aylar önce
WARNING hydrogen peroxide needs to be in a skin safe variation and dont let it get in your eyes
@your_mom1999 Aylar önce
1. Hydrogen Peroxide 2. Neosporin 3. vitamin C with Retinol Serum
@miniSmokicxx 7 aylar önce
If you have sensitive skin, do not try it.If you have a lot of pimples, do not try it.If you have really dry skin, do not try it.This is at your own risk but I got rid of mine bye putting ice in a cloth/towel etc.Rub or dab it on your pimples and change your pillow case every day or 3-4 times a week.Hope this helps!
@YourLocalRat541 6 aylar önce
Thank you I'll try this!!
@withsallysmith 6 aylar önce
I’ve been doing this my whole life and I have pretty clear skin so apparently I’ve been doing things right
@arixcamo 13 gün önce
should i do this for acne 👩🏽
DONT take notes from influencers, if you have problem speak with your dermatologist.
@Brosfam101 3 gün önce
Our bro that has life together but only 2 years older
@abdullahhaider6576 6 aylar önce
Bro popping it in the area between both sides of the lips and the area between the eye brows is very dangerous and can cause cavernous sinus thrombosis (because of the spread of infection) So the whole idea of popping it to start close to this area is very risky. It’s not worth it
@Bloog1 7 aylar önce
Background music name: Let it happen (by Tama Impala) The song’s name is Goldberg because it’s the copied version of the real song.
My dad always make me do this 🤣😂
@Friendlyrats 6 aylar önce
Tea tree oil!!!!!! Trust me!!!!
@dawnmarie8903 2 aylar önce
I love you TRvid channel. Keep making you TRvid videos please thank you.😅
@Eldaasink 25 gün önce
I have a pimple on the same spot😭😭
@Rron. 6 aylar önce
I’m so sorry about what happened to you
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