The Problem with Solar Energy in Africa

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy ( www.behance.net/dylanhennessy1 )
Animator: Mike Ridolfi ( www.moboxgraphics.com/ )
Sound: Graham Haerther ( haerther.net/ )
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster twitter.com/forgottentowel

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23 Eki 2021




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rage4dorder Aylar önce
150 million * 592 is a bit more than 8.9 billion $
jpdemer5 16 saatler önce
@Real Engineering You can edit by adding subtitles as needed.
James T Cat Cato
James T Cat Cato 23 saatler önce
@AirIUnderwater what, is the Military budget sacrosanct?
James T Cat Cato
James T Cat Cato 23 saatler önce
@DeltaDooby D compare that to the US military budget?
Nereus Gün önce
i can say it is at least 3
Luc Foster
Luc Foster 2 gün önce
@going home damn, sorry for offending you, was only bringing up a point.
ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ 5 saatler önce
CSP is way too complicated to be profitable in the long term, you're better off with solid state PV systems.
Pete Cannon
Pete Cannon 5 saatler önce
Local. Local.
Aldwyn Robinson
Aldwyn Robinson 5 saatler önce
How does Africa benefit from this and not Europe? This has the feeling of your next door neighbor coming to your house and stealing your cable.
Z-MAN 6 saatler önce
North African war lords like this...
Balding Grey
Balding Grey 6 saatler önce
I sometimes play a game in my head where I try to guess where exactly the transition to the sponsored segment starts. It's usually at some point when the narration starts rattling on about knowledge in general. I miss the time before sponsors where so deeply integrated into the video itself.
Michael Law
Michael Law 7 saatler önce
Computer jocks and carbon dioxide alarmists over the bit player to the post little ice age temperature rise because of human added CO2. Firstly, get the Physics right and then take a long drive in a 1968 gasoline-guzzling muscle car and still be a conservationist compared to the elites tooling into COP 26 to heat the air with BS on climate change with drama and hysteria. Our know-nothing pampered elite leaders with private jets or government-provided jets to talk about how they can make life much for costly and brutal for the planet going broke with materials intense low energy unreliable energy in solar dilute form. Much better to fund energy research giving the physicists that new futuristic energy research pie. The greenhouse effect, a summary of the article by Happer and Van Wijngaarden By Andy May Figure 1. The calculated outgoing radiation flux spectrum from the Earth, with a temperature of 288.7K. The red, green and black curves represent the radiation emitted as modified by CO2 (in various concentrations) and H2O, O3, CH4, and N2O, the main GHGs, at their current concentrations. The blue curve is the flux without GHGs in the atmosphere. The black curve represents the flow at 400 ppm CO2, current concentration. Green has no CO2 at all and red has doubled CO2 (800 ppm). The x-axis is the frequency in wavenumber units and the flux is in (mW cm) / m2. The additional forcing caused by the doubling of CO2 is the integrated area of ​​the distance between the black line and the red line, major differences are highlighted in yellow. The rest of the figure is explained in the text. The data used is from HITRAN and the figure is very similar to Figure 4 of (Wijngaarden & Happer, 2020). clintel.org/the-greenhouse-effect-summary-of-the-happer-and-van-wijngaarden-paper/
Rifki Drsmn
Rifki Drsmn 8 saatler önce
If theres is no nation, just world, we can use sahara for electricity. and people can live wherever we can
AK 11 saatler önce
But solar plants generate DC current. If DC is the preferable way to transmit power over long distances, why convert it to AC in the first place?
kiwifelo 11 saatler önce
How much energy is required to manufacture a solar panel? I keep seeing conflicting information, some stating that the energy required to buy a solar panel is more than the energy created over its lifetime. The end result is consumers purchase clean energy created by dirty energy - still the same amount of dirty energy being used, no improvement to CO2 & climate change.
My Pet Crow
My Pet Crow 12 saatler önce
More pie in the sky. The panels have a very short life and have to be replaced constantly. There will still be the need for large amounts of fossil fuel. The amount of pollution and heat generated by the industrial manufacturing of all the components needed will be disastrous, not to mention the FACT that we are running out of many of the resources needed to simply produce all these components.
David Buderim
David Buderim 13 saatler önce
Rolls royce are developing a 470MW small nuclear reactor. A smallish building producing more power than the four Noor plants combined.
Chad Merkley
Chad Merkley 13 saatler önce
How much do wars cost? Let's put billions into this instead of the war machine.
FreedomWarrior 13 saatler önce
A Tesla tower would erase the problem of distributing electricity that that's 1 less problem.
Adil Hakam
Adil Hakam 14 saatler önce
Who are you talking about, the impoverished states are Europe check your history of North Africa never poor some times looted by Europe but never poor
Marcus Lang
Marcus Lang 15 saatler önce
I do not think the criticism of "exploiting" north africa with such projects is a fair claim. This could have been a win-win project (and maybe it will, in the future). But of course, similar projects funded by local countries themselves will get better acceptance.
Danny WLM
Danny WLM 16 saatler önce
Or we could just use coal ,gas and oil and not believe the global warming crap
whoRwe? 18 saatler önce
O Nikola, wh're art thee at which hour we needeth thee
BB MW 19 saatler önce
As o the AC vs DC thing, solar panels naturally generate DC. However most electrical usage is AC. But if they want to just directly transmit the current very long distances, they could just collect the DC from the solar farms, and step up the voltage. When it gets over to Europe they could run it through inverters there to get the necessary AC for the local grids.
Stephen Greer
Stephen Greer 19 saatler önce
A lot of this information is wrong, max solar power from one sq meter is 1KW at surface, only 1.4KW in space.
Bob Mirror
Bob Mirror 20 saatler önce
So, move to Africa where the solar is.
David Fryer
David Fryer 20 saatler önce
If you built such a grid it would be very vulnerable to attack a choke points. And have considerable political risk as well.
David Fryer
David Fryer 19 saatler önce
@NoodleEgg sorry was typing and accidentally sent. Couldn't find it to fix.
NoodleEgg 20 saatler önce
Straight talking
Straight talking 20 saatler önce
Given Russia and France's recent use of their energy supplies as a political weapon against Europe and Britain could we expect Morocco to follow a like path?
Baronarx V
Baronarx V 21 saatler önce
Nuclear energy is the answer...of course.
Edmund Dante Bautista
Edmund Dante Bautista 22 saatler önce
should be USD89 billion
C_R_O_M__________ 22 saatler önce
So, a terrorist will be able to cut a few cables and throw Europe into darkness! Great plan guys! I'm so happy I'm in the EU family, look at me smiling! P.S. Good luck guarding solar panels from looters, maintain them (who will be dusting the sand?), replacing them when they fail, operating under high heat destroys their efficiency (which is not great to begin with), etc, etc. Once again, "great plan guys!".
lemonborn 23 saatler önce
THE PROBLE, WITH ALL SOLAR ENERGY IS.. its a scam. #wakeywakeystupidhumanz! #scam #youaregullible! ok get angry now!
5504berry 23 saatler önce
So take from Africa to give to Europe. History just keeps repeating itself.
Judoball Gün önce
(Haven't watched the vid yet) Imagine a fleet of tesla semis transporting solar energy charged batteries from the dessert to the nearby countries/cities.
Robert Tyrrell
Robert Tyrrell Gün önce
You need to generate 3 xs TWatt. Power. You're converting DC to AC back to DC charging batteries. Each step 30%+ loss in energy. With out distance transmission prob's. In areas that drop below 32⁰f batts only charge to 78% taking over 1/4 longer. Below 18⁰f or lower, req'r heaters to charge at all. Where I live it gets -30 as high for the day. I'm in NY. Thorium salt nuke is better option. Idaho is loaded w it.
Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe Gün önce
I was thinking because all the copper being stolen.
Huw Zebediah Thomas
Good vid, excellent. Subbed. 👍
Huw Zebediah Thomas
I want to build a mini-solar farm in my back garden, with a small wind turbine, 63 amp at the very max..
Huw Zebediah Thomas
Solar on house roofs, why isn't there panel cleaning mechanisms about, to not only clean them but to remove snow in winters?
Adrian Meredith
Adrian Meredith Gün önce
Sounds like green hydrogen would be a better option everyone knows that it takes a lot of energy to make and somewhere like Morocco is likely to produce too much energy than can be stored
ditto1958 Gün önce
Why? You’re on the same continent as Saudi Arabia Use oil Solar sucks Not as bad as wind, but it still sucks
Huw Zebediah Thomas
Mini-plants need to be looked into more, even mini-nuclear, using submarine and aircraft carrier tech. Excess energy can be used as hydrogen production nearby them, fuel for vehicles. Electric cars are not the answer, not enough grid to cope. The possibilities are out there, Humans.
Huw Zebediah Thomas
Pointless having huge solar farms if there is no power lines to take it away.
Chris Catron
Chris Catron Gün önce
I wonder why the so called, "experts", never talk about how covering the Sahara with solar would literally alter world weather patterns, and not in a good way.
Anonymous Security
Anand Kulkarni
Anand Kulkarni Gün önce
its time to develope a sophisticated methode to transmitt electricity wirelessly from far distanced remote sahara desert!!! door is open for new invention guys!!!!
enkrypt3d Gün önce
This was great! I just finished installing solar on my home and just hit 100% energy independence! I'm over joyed.... but we have a long way to go.
Brian Muhling
Brian Muhling Gün önce
Well done! There is a huge future in Sola power. ....and a tip. Kill-o-metre, pronounced the same as millimetre centimetre kilolitre.... and OFTEN. The T is silent like in listen. Don't give up though. I love your documentaries. Please keep them coming.
occhamite Gün önce
If anything has caused 'desertification" in the Sahara, it's over population, NOT Global Warming - ooops - I mean "Climate Change".
G Gün önce
meanwhile your little utopian idea just crossed about 20 countries and religions and cultures and would be incredibly vulnerable.
Alan J
Alan J Gün önce
How often do the solar panels need to be replaced? The solar panels being used in the Australian domestic market although are advertised to last 20-25 years, really last more the 12-18 years. And the inverters on the Australian market have a 18-24 month fail rate. This is just my observation of all my neighbours installations, and systems installed on some of my relatives houses.
SloopJohn B
SloopJohn B Gün önce
@ rage4dorder 150 x 592 = 88,800.00 x 1,000,000.00 = 88,800,000,000.00 So 88.8 Billion. Ahh the Irish what's one decimal point! Just 80 Billion. And how is this saving the planet from CO2 ? All that heated steel, copper and also one of those complications is heat. So the pipes have to be fill with liquid Gas to cool the line and the gas has to be pumped through the pipes. Gas tanks a both ends or even more places for distance. So all This FREE energy that COSTS REAL MONEY Constantly! It also has to be maintained. All those panels have to be Cleaned from dust. AND SO ON! This is all a big business CON! Nuclear power is the Only Real answer or you nation will be held to ransom. BY SOMEONE! All this when CO2 is not really an issue. There is no debate anymore! That is true just show us the Bloody Proof of the seas rising. Show us the real pictures today of the Melted Ice that will never reform! Show Proof ! There is no CO2 or methane issue. Climate of this planet, of our Solar System and Galaxy are control by factors we have yet to understand. Electric Universe.
Dan O'Neill
Dan O'Neill Gün önce
Solar works only fools can't make it work
Bildertal Gün önce
they could use solar power in Africa to produce green hydrogen, which is urgently needed in Europe to get to zero carbon emissions someday... water for electrolyse can be taken from the ocean. drinking water is too sparse to use it for hydrogen production.
Rob B
Rob B Gün önce
all those pitch black solar cells pointed directly at the sun....have to be adding to ambient temperature...then carried by the wind... adding to global warming
It’s a fun game, this discussion, but the project’s not happening. Like Enol Musk’s trip to mars or Boyan Slat’s clean up the Pacific Ocean, it’s idle speculation and has nothing to do with improving anything. That said, play on, kids
The Spirit of Truth
Solar panel technology needs to combine with people who study Nikola Tesla, not the cars
George Lyras
George Lyras Gün önce
Another huge problem with solar farms in Sahara desert...... dust storms You would need a huge amount of resources/man power to clean a vast number of solar panels
OdysseyTag Gün önce
Beautiful done video. Absolutely love when you mentioned it should be about Africa providing for itself first - very important.
Whitebeard79outOfRus 4 saatler önce
It feels like hypocrisy 'coz Africa hasn't enough money for that. And if Europe will give it, most of it will be dissipate by local corrupted governors
D P Gün önce
It's Africa, of course it will fail.
Texas Ray
Texas Ray Gün önce
Forget transporting energy to Europe. Africa should keep its oil, and its solar energy potential and develop its own industry for its own people, many who live in abject poverty with no power at all, no clean water, no economic activity, no job potential, no education, etc etc etc. There is no reason that Africa should become the solar panel of Europe. Africa can be energy independent and could become advanced and prosperous. Let Europe find its own energy. They already consume more than their share and they have pillaged Africa long enough.
Texas Ray
Texas Ray Gün önce
Al Qaeda is, and always has been, nothing but a pseudonym for CIA mercenary thugs. It has no real existence as an organization. Wherever the CIA wants to destabilize a nation or justify a regime change they hire local thugs, arm and equip them, and begin a campaign of violence. And voila another branch of Al Qaeda is born. The same is true for ISIS and ISIL (same thing). It's just that Al Qaeda is supposed to be Sunni fanatics and ISIS is supposed to be Shiite fanatics. But in reality, in every case, they are just hired guns, paid by the CIA to murder people and thereby justify invasion of oil rich lands by foreign super-powers who want the oil.
Dave O’Dell
Dave O’Dell Gün önce
How about just using less energy?
Jan van Lingen
Jan van Lingen Gün önce
Nonsens because the power of the photovoltaic cells degenerates because they get hot in the sunrays and their output decreases.
TheOxyThief Gün önce
Why not just use coastal Concentrated Solar to Distill Sea water instead of dealing with losses of solar > Electric > Desalination
Chris Catron
Chris Catron Gün önce
Bingo! They want our money, not the common good of all mankind.
Fundemort Grey Prime Defender of Truth and Justice
the future seems on small modular nuclear reactors.
Ron Wilson
Ron Wilson Gün önce
Perhaps these can be used to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water to power hydrogen powered cars. A hydrogen pipeline could deliver to hydrogen to Europe as well as other parts of Africa or be shipped to the rest of the planet... and (who knows) maybe even with hydrogen filled blimps, ala the Hindenburg, though maybe with a bit better safety feature and not painted with rocket fuel and such.
Aoki 9 saatler önce
i dont think blimps will ever return just way to slow but yeah a jet engine runned whit hydrogen instead of Kerosene could be really interesting
Avshalom Elyada
Avshalom Elyada 2 gün önce
Would love to see a cost analysis of solar power vs nuclear power.
Avshalom Elyada
Avshalom Elyada 2 gün önce
The simple and romantic idea of generating energy from the sun "for free" is easily marketable to common folk and politicians. Practically however, it is a complete and utter failure, and this video described only part of the reasons. Tiling large areas of land with obscene constructs of mirrors/photovoltaic cells, requires huge costly and polluting support constructs in order to generate and utilize the "free" power. The whole operation also has a very negative environmental impact (which the video did not mention). Instead, why not just build a few isolated and effective nuclear power plants in every country? Much more efficient, much more economical, and despite popular belief much less damaging to the environment.
Nimrod Quimbus
Nimrod Quimbus 2 gün önce
You could power the world off of Yellowstone N.P.
Alieu Jallow
Alieu Jallow 2 gün önce
We preserve it for ourselves and not for the west. It works not for them but it works for us.
Shawna Weesner
Shawna Weesner 2 gün önce
Absolutely the STUPIDEST most egregious waste of money I’ve ever seen! All that money for energy that is NOT dependable, doesn’t help everybody, and only lasts 7 hours when the system shuts down. The loss of nature is astounding! Talk about trashing the planet! The most asinine thing is the system that purports to save the planet by not using fossil fuels, uses OIL! 🙄
Db Parrish
Db Parrish 2 gün önce
Morocco needs first to civilize and tame it's own people so they can play without smashing everyone's toys when they start losing.
Sextus Furius
Sextus Furius 2 gün önce
Love how the very first issue the video comes up with is the difficulty Europe will have appropriating Africa's energy for itself
BikeLion 8 saatler önce
The whole entire "issue" only came up in the first place because of Europe's own ideological idiosyncrasies. Europe already had a great source of emissions-free power available which works great in its climate, produces gigawatts of power day and night, and doesn't require a lot of land... It's called nuclear, but of course that's the power source that European "environmentalists" hate the most ;-)
Mike Doherty
Mike Doherty 2 gün önce
Even if feasible it would be a huge security risk for Europe to be dependent on electrical power from North Africa.
Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts 2 gün önce
Bullshit. We'll do it.
Shanin Coffer
Shanin Coffer 2 gün önce
Use them to make fresh water
Joseph Reagan
Joseph Reagan 2 gün önce
Instead of building an interconnected grid find ways for each building in the world to generate its own electricity. Solar, fossil fuels, and nuclear are the best options for electric power.
Dominik Lenné
Dominik Lenné 2 gün önce
in the XLinks project, UK will be importing Moroccan electricity via 2 1.8 GW HVDC cables of 3800 km length, if everything goes well. A very considerable distance!! So I don't see why HVDC or HVAC just over the meditarranean should not be an option. o t o h , spain has a lot of unused land with a lot of sun. Probably spanish potential will be first used.
Richard Cornell
Richard Cornell 2 gün önce
There estimate that 140 million more people have been born in 2021. By the end of this decade another billion people will be born. One way to keep the usage of people down is to lower the birth rate. Because the cost of building and the energy that is needed to make a solar panel. The other problem is terrorist problem.
Andrew DuBose
Andrew DuBose 2 gün önce
Solar to hydrogen.
Rob Miles
Rob Miles 2 gün önce
You have not mentioned the X-links project to run a sub sea inter-connector from Morocco to the UK. Its a joint venture and combines offshore wind power into the same cable. It appears to address a number of the issues in your report.
Jeff Walker
Jeff Walker 2 gün önce
Great idea. And with all this new source of electricity, how many millions job losses ??? Think of all the miners out of work. Thing of all the gas line workers, think of all the people that work building and repairing equipment for the mines and gas lines, power plants shut down. The loss of income tax and property taxes from these millions of people. Solar panels have to be replaced and the old discarded panels are very toxic. What do we do with all this toxic material ?
Dasch Dream
Dasch Dream 2 gün önce
everyone is trying so hard to sustain our current living standard which is really selfish, unnecessary and built around enriching greedy elites. it will all end up failing (solar, wind, nuclear, gas, etc). as long as everyone insists upon 3-5 tvs, 3 + cars, the brightest lights on everywhere, charging stations, i think people spend many hours each day just recharging their various electronic devices, 2 refrigerators or freezers, etc - we will always fall short. we literally have to scale back and go back to just living with the basics. i have always argued for a return to the days when people had underground cellars to store perishable foods, a wood stove for heat and even cooking, and a communal plot of land for growing local food to help relieve the burden of trying to power and import and ship everything. it’s crazy that we have to go burn gas or electricity just to go get food. we should only be buying rice, flours and meats in bulk and growing everything else. that would mean we could cut out the logistics of figuring out how to stock the hundreds of thousands of grocery stores with every single food item under the sun. we should really only have farmers markets instead of grocery stores. but i can’t see humanity scaling back at all. it will take a catastrophic disaster to force us there.
otto plichters
otto plichters 2 gün önce
make hydrogen from eletricety export that over the world
Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson 3 gün önce
I think the transmission losses are much higher. When PV is efficient enough and small windmills are cheaper and more efficient, distributed energy will be a no brainer for most homes and community programs. People also want the resiliency with a battery backup. It will happen.
Nicolas Grimmer
Nicolas Grimmer 3 gün önce
Very good analysis. Love to learn how engineering problems shape geopolitical decisions.
Rivan 3 gün önce
quality content
the other Andrew
the other Andrew 3 gün önce
Neoimperialism will fail. The disadvantaged are learning to recognise it. The climate/energy crisis is global, any investment that is not mutually beneficial is doomed to cause conflict and ultimately fail.
Clifford Morris
Clifford Morris 3 gün önce
Why can’t you use lasers and satellites to beam this power around the world?
j 3 gün önce
Lol so you still need fossil fuels to use solar. Lol
Venus Reena
Venus Reena 3 gün önce
With all that sun?
Chris Montes
Chris Montes 3 gün önce
Fusion Energy is the answer. Solar Power is a pipe dream. It can produce some and so can wind but we need a reliable stable source of energy. Fossil Fuels will completely be depleted in 100 years. We have that long to develope Fusion. Not Fission or Nuclear but fussion which is the combination of atoms and equal to the power of the sun. This along with Hydrogen used as fuel for all transportation will stop.the destruction of the climate and the Earth will heal itself once all carbon burning is eliminated on Earth.
Chris Montes
Chris Montes 3 gün önce
We yet don't have the technology to store and transport the energy far distances. There I saved you 20 minutes. Your Welcome.
Richard King
Richard King 3 gün önce
My gut feeling is that we need New (Cleaner and safer) Nuclear - and will do for quite some time into the future...
Roobah 3 gün önce
People forget how difficult it is to keep solar panels washed, especially where there is dust and wind.
efferus 3 gün önce
"The big bad Europeans take advantage of Africans" --*Yawn*-- Europe's (both positive and negative) influence in Africa's history is notable. However, many of Africa's problems are Africa's problems. Just as one would expect a foreign nation might invest in Europe with selfish intentions, so it would be foolish to expect Europe to do any different. Global collaboration towards a better future is important, but similarly to the way European culture did over thousands of years, the many nations of Africa must pull up their socks and eliminate the corruption and criminality of their homeland if they expect to culturally or economically flourish. It is an extremely wealthy territory. Why does the entire world takes advantage of the slave labour in China and nobody bats an eye? We'll see if people refuse to purchase an electric car when they know a large majority of cobalt is mined by child slave labour in African mines. The issue is much bigger and more complex than what has been presented. We must take responsibility as individuals before pointing fingers at other cultures or territories. Hard pills to swallow.
Molb0rg 2 gün önce
>before pointing fingers at other cultures or territories. Hard pills to swallow. Not at all, not hard at all. What is a harder, maybe, pill to swallow is to see how things are in reality. What you describe is convenient truth, and sure it has some validity to it, or else it could not be that convenient truth, but omitting inconvenient causes out of the picture and out of the mind is what happens in what you describe. It is similar to saying to a prisoner - man be free, grow wings to fly away, and if you can't, no matter why and how did you get there, you deserve that. Or to a poor - to say - man do not be poor - look at Top500 Forbes - they worked hard and see, so work hard - what a BS there are millions of people(10's of millions, hundred's of millions) who work hard every day, but it does not mean Forbes top 1 million will become a thing one day, lol. Fingers have to be put at every valid cause - to understand the whole picture and to find a working solution. Only by having a whole picture can you say what is first, or rather more important, which causes are connected in a reinforcing system of connections, etc. Okay, the whole picture is hard to have, but at least it should be an equivalently correct one, and it includes at least two sides.
John Thomas
John Thomas 3 gün önce
Coal or natural gas is about 1/3 the cost. I'll buy into "Climate Change" when global elites stop buying beachfront property.
김정수 3 gün önce
Manuel Labrador
Manuel Labrador 3 gün önce
10:32 :D
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