THE PRESTIGE Breakdown | Ending Explained, Every Twist Clue, Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

Heavy Spoilers
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25 Kas 2022




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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Let us know if there's anything we missed in the movie. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel trvid.com/show-UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ
Mike Spearwood
Mike Spearwood 54 dakika önce
@AntonioPizza Happens at 15:06 too. Now the "most replayed" bit on the video.
Noobmaster69 Aylar önce
@heavy spoilers - The last scenes in the movie hints us that they were not brothers, but they were «clones». That is why the hat is so important in the shot, the one that fallon wears. Also the look on Bales’ face at the end when angier dies, like he knows the machine and what it does, and that he might make a new one of «himself». - At least I think it’s a fun plot twist for the whole movie, making us think again on everything when we have thought through everything already 50 times. Amazing movie.
James Cotterrell
James Cotterrell Aylar önce
@David Weed This is my opinion as well. He just ups the show and can rehire his drunk double from before until he catches Borden and finally kills the double rather than having someone free them. Tesla tricked him and we want to believe in magic.
JoeyDangerously Aylar önce
At the beginning of the film, Borden says something like "We were two men at the start of a career." You'd think he was referring to himself and Angier, but he is really referring to himself and his brother.
Gaia Carney
Gaia Carney Aylar önce
I don’t think the Borden’s were twins but rather Borden and a clone from Tesla’s machine.
Mark Cowley
Mark Cowley Aylar önce
In my opinion, this is one of the few complete movies; fully formed, rounded, no obvious plot holes. One of my absolute favourites.
Mike Spearwood
Mike Spearwood 37 dakika önce
@owen wurzer Ummm, they're magicians: their whole lives are revolved around their stage act. The movie makes that abundantly clear!
Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds 2 gün önce
@owen wurzer that's not a plot hole, you ding dong. the movie is literally about obesssion. they weren't obsessed with money or food, they were obsessed with outdoing each other on the stage.
owen wurzer
owen wurzer 2 gün önce
The biggest plothole is that the magicians knowly used a duplication machine to pull off... magic tricks. They could have duplicated food, money water, literally anything besides more of them. They were given the power of a God and did magic tricks.
Marty Moose
Marty Moose 16 gün önce
@Jayanti If they really had a machine that could duplicate items and people it's incredibly stupid to only use this for a magic trick. This Machine could be used to duplicate items and we'd be in a Star Trek post scacity universe. Nobody would ever want or need for anything ever again. How incredibly idiotic is it to only use this for a magic trick instead of changing the world for good forever?
Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds 17 gün önce
@World Comics Review why would he duplicate money? he was born rich. money is no object. there's nothing he cares less about. he only cares about revenge, and one-upping Borden. If he cared about money in the slightest, he wouldn't have pretended to be an out of work American magician's assistant in the first place.
Vincent Chow
Vincent Chow Aylar önce
Something that wasn't pointed out: at the 18:00 mark there's a reference to why Angier shoots the duplicate instead of having two - later in the movie Borden remarks that the 2 brothers were satisfied living half a life each - something Angier couldn't do. I thought it was a nice touch - the reason Angier can't do the trick, even after having a duplicate, is because he can't live that life - Angier and Borden aren't the same.
Mike Spearwood
Mike Spearwood 32 dakika önce
@James Yes, that's literally the point: Angier the original and Angier the clones are literally indistinguishable from each other. Their whole consciousness (memory, personality, identity, secrets) is present in the clone: effectively meaning there's no way to ever know when the original Angier or the first clone died in that first scene where one of them is shot!
Bigby B
Bigby B 11 gün önce
@Neonsilver13 This is it. The question of whether or not Angiers is "the man in the box" is not a question that can really be answered objectively, it's a philosophical question. Angiers seems to think that BECAUSE he knows that he has all his own memories, he must be the "original," either in the box or teleported across the room, whereas the one left behind must be a "copy" or in some way a less authentic version of Angiers. However, it is likely that both Angiers carry the exact same memories, meaning that you can't determine which one is "really" Angiers by that alone. The first Angiers that gets shot begs for his life, for example. That Angiers doesn't really understand the principle of the machine is foreshadowed when he first gets it from Tesla. When looking through all the copied hats, he asks Tesla "which one" is his hat. Tesla replies, they are ALL his hat. For whatever reaon, Angiers just can't accept that concept. For him, there has to be a single "real" hat. But from Tesla's perspective, if the hats are identical in all physical qualities, then there is no one "real" hat- they're all the same. In Tesla's view, both Angiers are equally as authentic as each other. To take a more psychoanalytic approach, it may be that Angiers also psychologically NEEDS to believe that there's one "real" Angiers and one "fake" Angiers, because he cannot bear to share his life the way Borden does, and doesn't want to face the truth that he's murdering a human being every time he does the trick. I think what speaks in favour of this interpretation is that he always kills the "other" Angiers as fast as he possibly can- before it can make any case for itself. Essentially, believing that he's not killing a "real" person helps him sleep at night- and he makes perfectl sure that he never has to confront a clone to find out one way or the other.
Neonsilver13 12 gün önce
To me it also seemed that he didn't really understand the machine, the way he talked about the trick it felt like he thought that one would be somehow lesser, maybe would lack the memories. He thought since he had all the memories afterwards that he was still the real one, that he was transported but left a copy behind to drown, at least that was the impression I got from what he said about the trick.
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
Well Angier and Fred Borden are very similar. While he could live just having half a life, he didn't put much effort into the other brother's part of the life. Like tending to the wife and daughter properly. The main characteristic that Angier and Fred Borden share is Obsession. They are obsessed with each other and it drives them both to do some pretty twisted stuff. Al Borden was more or less a passenger. He tried to get his brother to drop the obsessions and the misdeads. Not listening, not being able to move on is what cost him to get set up. There is real tragedy in here initially for Angier, but Al faces quite a bit of tragedy. Fred just seems to create tragedy for both men.
Angus Davies
Angus Davies 18 gün önce
And Angier running from home and then is revealed as the Lord shows that he was 1 man living 2 lives, a foil to The 2 Borden's living 1 life. Which is pretty fucking cool.
Dom510 Aylar önce
I agree, this one of Nolan’s best movies. It’s a testament to how great it is that it’s so rewatchable
Acue Aylar önce
@Oli K oh mama's boy, go cry outside and notice human a bit
Oli K
Oli K Aylar önce
I personally think it is the the worst- it is obviously well made and all actors are very good. But the overall motive of sacrificing everything for a stupid magic trick kills the entire movie for me, reminding me of the movie "flash of genius". And revealing both of the absurd ways they get their tricks working doesn't even matter anymore- they already showed that their obsession destroys and kills everything... and on top of that there comes this cloning machine, that undermines the realistic setting of the entire movie. It is also completely out of proportion- imagine someone inventing a laser in the middle ages but then they use it only to play with cats...
Omair Mazhar
Omair Mazhar 2 aylar önce
If you watch the movie very closely, you notice that Bale actually shifts personalities while representing either of the Borden brothers. the one married to Sarah is overall more calm and composed with more focus on his family, while the brother who falls in love with olivia is more obsessed with magic, and looses temper easily. He's the brother who is later hanged, so in a way, the one who was the familyman got to be with his daughter, which to me, was very powerful moment in the final scene of the movie
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Gün önce
He still lost his wife and brother and gets to live with all the mess the other caused. I also think he has a huge amount of guilt for the death of Angier's wife and feels responsible for turning him into a monster. Ironically, it's the very same for Angier. Angier was also a good man and all his "twins" are evil. All clones start their lives by killing the "original". The original Angier and his goodness died when the first clone shot him. That's how he came to the decision of killing Borden and taking his daughter. But of course, the good Borden will never know that.
Matthew Wagner
Matthew Wagner 5 gün önce
It's complicated. My understanding is the brother that tied the knot I think has regret for what he did. The other brother is shot for it(he didn't know which knot was tied),,, which was not his fault and I think that fueled a rage / resentment in him. That made him hate Angier. The guilt ridden brother wanted to let it go, but the injured brother could not, which led to his undoing.
Kage 9 gün önce
wait, I always thought the father of the daughter was the one who hanged. this movie still blows my mind to this very day
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
@Nils Bengston Well his brother was still going to be hanged to death. Might as well keep the legacy of their trick in tact. Coming forward wouldn't have saved him and would potentially pose it's own set of legal issues. It likely had he come forward Angier would have seen to his execution too.
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
@ashley sterling I think it was Fred. Because it was in pursuit of his obsession with Angier. Al didn't share that obsession. Also why I think when Fred is being a dbag and said he almost lost something very close to himself today, I don't think he was talking about his brother. I think he meant his life. He almost lost his life.
Val Marsiglia
Val Marsiglia Aylar önce
The source novel is also really good, though very different in many ways from the film. For one thing there's an overall 20th-century framing device in which a journalist, a descendant of Borden, is investigating the Angier-Borden rivalry, which would have way overcomplicated an already complicated film. The characters and plot vary quite starkly at times from those of the film as well. Overall I like the film better, but it's definitely worth a read.
Name Redacted
Name Redacted Aylar önce
Agree 100%. I think the movie is cleaner and overall better.
Ravi Sinha
Ravi Sinha Aylar önce
I think you missed mentioning that between the 2 brothers, whoever held the rubber ball was the one who "played" Alfred (mostly).
Konan Playz
Konan Playz Aylar önce
I think you mean borden and that makes a lot of sense
Jacob Jams
Jacob Jams Aylar önce
I watched it recently, and it's probably one of my top 3 movies by Nolan. The movie itself is a magic trick as you also called it out. But I wonder, what was the ultimate message of this movie?! Because with Christopher Nolan and Specially in a collaboration with Jonathan there is always a core and meaningful hidden message. Other than that I totally loved it.
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
It's based on a book. I have been meaning to read it but I never have.
D. A. Dela
D. A. Dela 28 gün önce
The message - aside from the danger of obsession - is that people aren't just blind to the truth, but they hate and avoid it. They want to be fooled.
sentient cardboard dumpster
@Ravi Sinha and hubris
Theo Faron
Theo Faron Aylar önce
The movie is about how obsession can be destructive. Nolan's core theme to most of his films.
Ravi Sinha
Ravi Sinha Aylar önce
Obsession can be fatal?
chalkmuted Aylar önce
I could be wrong, but I thought that Borden really did appear in Sarah's home, and it was not the twin brother. Right before the scene cuts away from him, we see Borden looking and heading towards an open window in the stairwell. And when he appears in Sarah's house, he is right next to her window. Presumably, he climbed out the window from the stairwell and climbed into Sarah's house from her window.
Austin Casey
Austin Casey 13 gün önce
@nerd journalI dont remember the "kcik" but the smile probably has to do with the fact that the brother that swapped was the one who loved her, as they say that each of them loved one of the women truly. It just seems like with this movie every minor detail has been thought out and this seems like an obvious one.
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
@Daniel Reynolds But is that the truth? How would one brother know to break in? How would they know things went well. I guess you are just like Fred Borden, too stuck on themselves to just give their opinion without trying to put someone else down.
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
@Austin Casey The thing is though.. How would the other brother know the date went well and that the trick would be appropriate? That's what makes me wonder. Also the fact that he has a genuine true smile on his face inside.
chalkmuted 15 gün önce
@Daniel Reynolds Perhaps, but it took courage posting that comment, not knowing if it would be drowned by people like you or considered by others :p.
chalkmuted 15 gün önce
@W8 M4N That is a good point too. The brothers probably want at least one of them to be disguised at all times except when they are switching off.
AntonioPizza 2 aylar önce
My favorite of all Nolan's films. He blantanly spoils it several times in each act, and even explicitly tells us that even though he's revealed the twist, we the audience will CHOOSE not to believe it.
Ricardo666 11 gün önce
@Jessica Lukram The audience wants to be entertained!
Anders Hansen
Anders Hansen 27 gün önce
@MELKOR It is real though. I know it's a fun fan theory but there are several scenes that directly contradicts it even after the 'unreliable narrators' bit through the diaries is over. The machine is real in the book the film is based on and it's real in the film itself.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Aylar önce
@MELKOR the twist is that it is science fiction and that you keep wanting to put a "real" spin on it because everything else in the movie is real. you want to be fooled, so you keep denying the science fiction aspect... thats what makes it soooo good.
Abraham Lupercio
Abraham Lupercio Aylar önce
@MELKOR Wait what please explain
MELKOR Aylar önce
The real twist is the machine isn't real but you believe it's magic/science fiction
Koolaid Foxdie
Koolaid Foxdie Aylar önce
this is by far is BEST film. It's always been my favorite and I'm hoping he returns to this style of filmmaking.
LLAMA LYSSA Aylar önce
This movie made my jaw drop. It's literally about perfect. This is cinema. This is why I love film. I wanna read the book now so bad. The casting was perfect! So many twists.. god this movie was so fucking interesting
Thurston 11 gün önce
@nerd journalI’ve also heard that the movie is the better of the two, which doesn’t seem to happen very often. I tried to read the book when this movie first came out but just couldn’t get into it. Love the movie, tho!
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
I've been meaning to read the book for years. Dominic Noble does a series on TRvid called Lost In Translation where he compares the books to movies to see what they got right and what they changed. From what I could tell from talking to people and watching that video, this is one of those rare situations where the Movie is better than the Book.
JoeyDangerously Aylar önce
At the beginning of the film, Borden says something like "We were two men at the start of a career." You'd think he was referring to himself and Angier, but he is really referring to himself and his brother.
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
@Wilma Wallace Well, I only know that Christain Bale played Fallon in the movie. When he is on seen that's Christian Bale. If Christian Bale is on scene and Fallon. They are both Christian Bale. Acting both parts and then combining the two videos to make like he is there in both. Prestige came out in 2006 so at that time to achieve that quality they would most likely only have used CGI to enhance aspects of the scene. They didn't CGI some double or use a double. Christian Bale is what you get here.
Wilma Wallace
Wilma Wallace 13 gün önce
@nerd journal Again, your not really looking you want to be fooled. I'm not saying he has a twin in real life in the biological sense but It's either that or a twin like double that is in the shot. Again using any sort of overlay would detract from the whole premise of the movie. The scene showing them side by side removing the make up is not the same person at different times then super imposed, it's two different people at the same time pretending to be one person which is the trick. It's the whole point of the movie. We know alot of famous people use doubles so is it beyond the realms of possibility that in all the years of famous male actors there may be one that uses a double in a movie to either replace him or in this case assist him. It's the simplicity that is the whole point. What would be easier and more in keeping with the trick about a double, using a double or a real life twin or using a cgi overlay to portray a double.
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
@Wilma Wallace When this movie came out it wouldn't really be a good idea to use full CGI to make a twin, so it's certainly just Christian Bale playing both roles hitting different marks then taking both videos of the same actor acting both parts. Then using masks, while editing the movie it's just superimposed over each other. The only CGI would probably be for creating shadows in areas that the superimposed performances may conflict with reality. Christian Bale is not a twin in real life. So I don't know what else to say.
Wilma Wallace
Wilma Wallace 20 gün önce
@Chaitanya CH "now comes the secret, but you wont to find it because your not really looking, you want to be ......fooled". look deeper and ask yourself would a director making a movie about the dedication of a true trick and that trick being about twins would then use cgi twins?? if you as a viewer believe that then you want to be ......fooled. Look at the plot of alot of christian bale movies, they involve brothers or a character that has more than 1 personality or a character that has been over looked for the advantage of someone else.
Chaitanya CH
Chaitanya CH 23 gün önce
@Wilma Wallace tf bro?😂😂😂 he had a twin in real life? Nah
Gerard Williams
Gerard Williams Aylar önce
Maybe I'm tripping but you switched the names a couple times in this but otherwise an excellent breakdown
sophia isabelle
sophia isabelle 2 aylar önce
The Prestige had so much to offer in terms of the plot, the characters, and the overarching themes. We appreciate your breakdown of this.
Ross Carlson
Ross Carlson 2 aylar önce
@Heavy Spoilers Agreed, awesome to see you do a breakdown of what I think is one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever created and Nolan's best by a long shot.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Ey thank you for the comment
Beastie Verse
Beastie Verse Aylar önce
Best re-watchable movie of all time 💞
Benjamin Thomas
Benjamin Thomas Aylar önce
Great film choice!! Turns out that half of it completely flew over my head
Cotton 2 aylar önce
Personally believe this is one of the best written movies of all time. Expertly crafted, acted, & executed. Thanks for the video on it, as there’s not many and this move is extremely underrated.
No Talkaroo
No Talkaroo Aylar önce
My favorite movie, good too see it made it to the channel
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas Aylar önce
I think Angier knows he could never share the spotlight with a copy of himself and neither would the copy. When he looked into his own eyes he literally sees his inability to do so and in that moment they both know one must die for this trick to go on. It’s why the other is immediately afraid of what’s going to happen.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Aylar önce
Yeah, its a copy where as a twin who you have a bond with. Great movie. Saw it when it came out when there wasnt breakdowns or spoilers. Mind blowing. Masterpiece of cinema.
Bernabeu Eagle
Bernabeu Eagle Aylar önce
The most complete film of Nolan.
Josh Rasmussen
Josh Rasmussen 2 aylar önce
This was a great breakdown, I’ve watched this film several times and missed so many of these details. Nolan is so good with weaving all these tiny threads together. Truly a genius.
Wil Densley
Wil Densley Aylar önce
This is brilliant top 5 of all time I think Nolan's best is Memento
Will S
Will S Aylar önce
Incredible breakdown!
n Aylar önce
Its batman vs wolverine with natasha as a spy, of course it is a good movie
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Cast is so good
Andres Pulgarin
Andres Pulgarin 2 aylar önce
This movie was my entrance/beginning into the “Plot Twist genre.” It’s been an amazing journey and I WISH I could rewatch this for the first time.
blacklite911 2 aylar önce
It used to be the Nolan brother’s thing until they started branching out. It could see how it can be annoying if you don’t wanna get out in a box
Alence Providence
Alence Providence 2 aylar önce
No problem mate. I'll knock you on the head a couple times and you can thank me later, if you remember 🫠😂
YUNG SHISUI 2 aylar önce
@Heavy Spoilers for real . Plot twists have been around well before this
Siddharth Sriram
Siddharth Sriram 2 aylar önce
Had this movie, released in 2022, it would have made a billion.
Sam Martin
Sam Martin 2 aylar önce
@Siddharth Sriram You enjoy Arrival by Denis Villeneuve? Im sure you would/do.
Veo 16
Veo 16 Aylar önce
20:40 watch the Mauler Twins scenes from Invincible. Same concept there. The clone and the original share the same stream of consciousness so neither knows who is the copy.
Spittin’ Venom
Spittin’ Venom Aylar önce
A terrific flick!!! Story, acting, pacing, cinematography and plot are so detailed, no wonder it needs many viewings.
Alkabirxy Bakil
Alkabirxy Bakil Aylar önce
Still the best Christopher Nolan Film in my opinion.
Steve Neumann
Steve Neumann Aylar önce
Awesome! Do the Illusionist next! (always loved both but thought Illusionist was slightly better)
Doctor Lorío
Doctor Lorío Aylar önce
No way. This one is more complex and superior.
MAsterr Serch
MAsterr Serch 2 aylar önce
This movie is literally: ---incredible ---one that DOES get better the more you watch it ---one that if u happen upon it while channel surfing, u just watch it til the end no matter where u catch it ---such a great example of finding more and more "new" stuff with virtually every viewing One of my all time favs too
ncnuggetz 2 aylar önce
Love that you're breaking this down. This came out when I was too young to fully grasp its greatness and as I've got older this movie has become a go to for showing people how good movies can be.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Yeah it’s incredible, gets better every watch too
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Aylar önce
When I first watched this when it came out I said straight away that's Bale also with a tash and beard, I could see him easily, I don't know why so many people missed it,, still a great movie.
weloveyou tiff
weloveyou tiff 3 gün önce
i noticed it too but i didnt understand it
loisen Aylar önce
It’s really obvious when you think about it but I didn’t pay any attention to that guy.
stanley13579 2 aylar önce
This movie, like a lot of Nolan's films, found a way of being both fast-paced, and a slow burn. There is SO much detail in his films, it's a miracle they don't implode in on themselves. His ability to jump from past to present is masterful. He did the same thing in Batman Begins, making both that movie and Prestige my favorites of his.
Jena Perry
Jena Perry 2 aylar önce
Finally!!!! I am so glad folks are giving the attention this film deserves! When I first saw it in theaters, I enjoyed it immensely.
CaptainTaco97 Aylar önce
Personally the only problem I have with the film is the fact that it favors Borden more. And I mean with the framing on who would I seen the most “right” they’re both horrible and I think having Angier painted as more villainous at the end I genuinely don’t like.
Matthew Wagner
Matthew Wagner 5 gün önce
That's because Borden is two very different people with different experiences and motivations.
Johnny Lobes
Johnny Lobes Aylar önce
I think the death of his wife turned him. As the movie goes he becomes more and more obsessed with the trick.
Adam O
Adam O Aylar önce
The book is even better and has more twists. The Borden / Angier relationship is very different in how it forms. But despite the differences this is a fantastic film and just because some of the book is missing doesn't mean that it's a bad thing.
RJ MacReady
RJ MacReady 18 gün önce
The book sucks in comparison to the movie
Name Redacted
Name Redacted Aylar önce
I disagree. I feel the book adds a completely unnecessary modern time plot line. Also what happens to Angier is a little more out there. I think the movie honestly cleans it up better.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Aylar önce
@Ankylosarus Wrecks almost everything from hollywood comes from a book, even if they use just the premise.
Steven Irving
Steven Irving Aylar önce
I just started reading the book. So far I'm enjoying it. But the film holds a special place in my heart
Ankylosarus Wrecks
Ankylosarus Wrecks Aylar önce
It's a book? How did I not know this?
Louis Berry
Louis Berry 2 aylar önce
This one of the most underrated movies and one of Nolan's Best. Amazing Details, Twists And Turns, And Performances especially from Christian And Hugh.
Matthias J. Déjà
Matthias J. Déjà Aylar önce
@Louis Berry Oh, I'm actually not aware about how much people talk about this movie in general. I've talked with others about this movie at several occasions. But maybe the fact that it's almost a quarter of a century old by now could explain that the talking about the movie has been ebbing out a bit. Sure, it's a timeless classic. But after one or two decades, maybe pretty much all that can be said about the movie has already been said. And repeated hundreds of times. How long should this go on? People still talk about The Shining, for example. But for movies of this category, there are new interesting theories and discoveries every few years. While I'm pretty sure that there might be a few things hidden in The Prestige that no fan has discovered yet, I don't think those discoveries would be as ground-breaking as for movies like The Shining.
Louis Berry
Louis Berry Aylar önce
@Matthias J. Déjà I know. But it's not talked about enough compare to other Nolan Films.
Matthias J. Déjà
Matthias J. Déjà Aylar önce
How is it underrated? It’s one of IMDB’s best rated movies of all time.
Louis Berry
Louis Berry 2 aylar önce
@Eddy Sandland Caine And Serkis are amazing in this too.
Eddy Sandland
Eddy Sandland 2 aylar önce
@Louis Berry, Defo Mate! It's Rebecca Hall and Yeah She's An Amazing Actor!
DianTheLion 2 aylar önce
The Prestige is my all time favourite movie! I love this breakdown!
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Thanks so much, that really means a lot
Breanna B
Breanna B 2 aylar önce
I do believe this is one of the greatest movies of all time. Love this movie!!!
Timothy Whieldon
Timothy Whieldon 24 gün önce
we know only one thing about the death of the double... that after the 1st copy the one that lives either knows that he will die next for the next trick or he infact has his mind transferred and its just killing his old self! both terrifying. However he does mention that he does not know if he is the man in the box or the man on stage and it takes courage to do his trick...... so perhaps its a coil toss and changes randomly?
Romain Vannier
Romain Vannier 7 gün önce
There are no cloooooooooones. It's all part of the trick.
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
Well the first clone seems to have his conscious and seemingly tries to stop the Original from killing him. However, the first time the trick is done and he kills the person on stage that is when the Original Angier dies. You know the one on stage has the memories, because he is the one who lives as Angier between the next show then it dies and the next copy starts over. So every single copy he kills and his Original self were all exact copies memories and all. Now from the moment it was born had it been given a chance to live they would slowly diverge from the exact same mental state as each one gained their own memories and encounter not including the other.
Greg Deocampo
Greg Deocampo Aylar önce
my favorite Nolan movie.
Moses Aylar önce
A real beauty of this movie is that the "twist" is foreshadowed so heavily that it's almost expected, to the point that Michael Caine repeatedly tells Angier what the trick is but he won't listen. But the foreseeable but unknown twist is basically what the theme of the movie is. I think it's represented well when Borden shows his wife the bullet catch and she's like "womp womp". Ppl would rather be tricked, ppl want to believe in the impossible. And that's what makes magic (and film) so enduring.
Alba ZR
Alba ZR Aylar önce
This is one of my favorite movies because when I first saw it, I was totally blown away by the plot twists and all the entanglements. How cool that you made a video of easter eggs.
Karen Thomas
Karen Thomas 2 aylar önce
I adore this movie, it’s definitely my favourite of Nolan’s work, though it’s closely followed by Memento. It’s clever, gripping and with a simply brilliant cast. Btw, have you ever done a breakdown of Memento? Cos if you haven’t, that would be an excellent one to add to the list. x
Krystal Aylar önce
This and the Illusionist are some of the greatest magic themed films ever made
Sean Green
Sean Green Aylar önce
This movie is genius. The book it comes from is vastly different, and it is worth a read.
I’d Rather Not
I’d Rather Not 2 aylar önce
Saw this when it was released and thought it was the best movie I had ever seen. Im still shocked it’s not much more popular than it is.
Lee Gallacher
Lee Gallacher 2 aylar önce
Easily my favourite Nolan movie. Incredibly interesting and a rare example of a movie that is even better AFTER you know the twist. Chuffed to bits to see what my favourite British movie reviewer thinks about one of my favourite movies of all time.
NeverLetOff 2 aylar önce
Great breakdown! This is one of the very few movies I own physical copies of. It is such a fantastic movie!
Patrick Wong
Patrick Wong Aylar önce
17:03 he wasn't happy about almost losing his brother - in that scene he was the brother who was in the box that was buried. He almost lost his own life!
Bri Stevens
Bri Stevens Aylar önce
The first time Tesla tests out the machine it’s on a cat that he brings out in a box. While I was thinking about the concept of Robert having to face death every night, I realized that at the moment he stepped into the machine, he was both dead and alive, exactly like Schrödinger’s cat. I am utterly blown away by Nolan.
Noel Yanes
Noel Yanes 13 gün önce
@nerd journal who cares the movie sucks anyways
nerd journal
nerd journal 13 gün önce
@Noel Yanes Someone isn't much into thought experiments, eh? The idea fgoes to the ideological belief of the consciousness. The one on the stage on that platform seems to fear that he could accidentally kill the copy that held the consciousness and collective thoughts and memories that make the man Angier is. For the brief moment when the machine does it's magic the character is both alive and dead. Metaphorically speaking. One is going to go on from that moment and live till the next trick. The other is going to die. For the briefest of moments he is both Dead and Alive.
Noel Yanes
Noel Yanes Aylar önce
That makes no sense
CiceroMode Aylar önce
Great Breakdown and Definitely one of my all-time Favs! I'm on Team The Machine never worked though. Those unreliable diaries or a Dying Angier are the only times we're told it duplicates (also the cats and hats r told by Angier). Insert the 'The entire movie is a magic trick' line here, but it's the truth. A Saw never actually cuts a girl in half, same idea in the Prestige. That's to me what makes it so amazing 💯
Gabriela Fonseca
Gabriela Fonseca 2 aylar önce
One of my favorite movies. It gets overlooked a lot. I also watched it back to back and own it on DVD. Also, I have a crush on all the actors who play the most important characters, specially David Bowie and Michael Caine
Tooley Headbang
Tooley Headbang Aylar önce
I turned it off the first time I watched it, after the actress I'd instantly fallen in love with gets drowned in a cabinet. I still fast-forward past that bit.
Silly Head
Silly Head 2 aylar önce
Thank you for a great review of a greatly underappreciated movie. First time I saw it I remember thinking how amazing the ending was.
John F. Remedy
John F. Remedy 2 aylar önce
One of the rare movies where it’s good after the first watch, but even better when you rewatch it…
quikkill1501 Aylar önce
This movie deserved soo much more upon its release at cinemas. I remember while working there ppl leaving angry and talking down on the movie while I sat it disbelief and awe at how they missed such a gem
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
yeah I've noticed that with a lot of Nolans stuff. Always gets meh reviews when they first release and then overtime it finds appreciation. Outside of the Dark Knight and Inception its happened with all his movies.
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas Aylar önce
People go to the movies to escape not think, plus trailers can mislead people into expectations not even a great film can match. I remember when Drive with Gosling came out it was made out to be the next fast and the furious and it was a much more thoughtful movie and I walked out hating it, but then I saw it in a film class and it’s one of my favorites. Perspective is a helluva drug.
Daniel Straight
Daniel Straight 2 aylar önce
This was such a great film. David Bowie was so perfect in this.
Daniel Straight
Daniel Straight 2 aylar önce
@MalindaPC Very true^^
MalindaPC 2 aylar önce
He was just perfect all round.
Matty Boy B
Matty Boy B 2 aylar önce
One of my all time favorites!! Loved this breakdown brother. Thank you very much for this!! Never knew of the Current Wars, now I do. Will check it out this week and you’ve definitely got me planning to watch the Prestige again.
Lucy VanLipton
Lucy VanLipton 2 aylar önce
Love this movie! Didn’t catch how the wives’ deaths foreshadowed the guys’ respective deaths. Or how the line “where’s his brother” spoils the twist
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott Aylar önce
I love this movie. It’s one I catch something new on every watching. In fact, you pointed out several other things I haven’t noticed before. Thanks for the great video.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Ey thank you for the kind words, much appreciated
doxy66 2 aylar önce
I'm loving these looks at slightly older films. Great stuff!
Gerald Gallagher
Gerald Gallagher 2 aylar önce
Absolutely top shelf mate! I love this film, have seen it many times and I always find something new. Christopher Nolan is a true genius and has not made a bad film. I also love Memento
MikeT0816 T
MikeT0816 T Aylar önce
This is still my favorite movie of all time. I love all of Nolans movies but this one has been my absolute favorite ever since it came out
Sam Martin
Sam Martin 2 aylar önce
Loved this movie- 16 years ago...wow, really, I'm getting old, and love it today too! It really was that movie which had me looking at C. Nolan as a magician. I had seen Memento a couple times too, but since the Prestige I get always excited when I hear he has a new project/movie coming out. Goes without saying, I really enjoyed your breakdown of it. Do you ever recommend movies? What are your top 5 movies ever? Happy Holidays.
Tyler Anselmo
Tyler Anselmo Aylar önce
Fun fact. This movie almost wasnt made. Nolan said if he couldn't get David bowie it was off
Handsome Longshanks
I've watched this movie over 100 times, I'll be shocked if you've noticed something I haven't but I'm willing to give you a chance ;)
Matthew Wagner
Matthew Wagner 5 gün önce
I'd like to talk to you about it.
MacKenna Lalanne
MacKenna Lalanne 29 gün önce
gosh this movie is everything. i wish i could erase it from my memory and watch it again like it was my 1st time just so i could experience that plot twist again 🤩
Aidan Doyle
Aidan Doyle 2 gün önce
I love how in the beginning of the movie cutter explains how in the end of the trick the thing that dissapeared is brought back. In the beginning of the movie angiers is killed and in the end it’s revealed that he didn’t actually didn’t die, thus he is returned
Daniel CF
Daniel CF 2 aylar önce
Couldn’t agree more, an absolute masterpiece!
Kin Ho
Kin Ho Aylar önce
Hugh jackman also plays the rich playboy who uses money to buy prestige and will do anything to get it but put in the hard work and dedication that Christian Bale's characters were willing to do. And thus parallels the two roads that people in life have to choose to walk down.
Paul McVitie
Paul McVitie 2 aylar önce
Absolutely love this movie. Its ridiculously underrated and much like yourself I was rewatching it straight away after first seeing it. Great vid. Cheers
batgurrl 2 aylar önce
Excellent breakdown of a film that blew my mind when I first saw it. I adored David Bowie showing up playing Tesla. Brilliant casting choice❤️
batgurrl 2 aylar önce
@Heavy Spoilers you are very welcome. David Bowie is one of my favorite musicians tied with one other. I always enjoy it when he gets a solid acting role like Andy Warhol in (another ‘27 club’ member) Basquiat
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Thank you
gonadiator Aylar önce
I always tell people that this is the greatest movie of all time.
ajrestivo 2 aylar önce
i honestly am so happy you appreciate this movie this much. it makes me trust your judgment a bit more.
Val Marsiglia
Val Marsiglia Aylar önce
Yeah, Fallon was a brilliant demonstration of misdirection, so essential to so many magic tricks. I'm a lifelong amateur magician and am usually pretty good at figuring out movie twists, but I have to admit that Fallon flew completely under the radar.
Jay Rolla
Jay Rolla 2 aylar önce
Im so happy you did this. this is one of my top movies of all time and you are a breakdown G! Glad I got to see you talk about it.
Robbo Gaming
Robbo Gaming 2 aylar önce
*Minor spoilers for the book ahead* One of the heartbreaking things about this movie compared to the book, is that both Angier's wife and Borden's wife live. Seeing them both die in the movie is brutal! Still though, great movie! One of my favourites of all time! Glad you did this breakdown.
alphajake Aylar önce
Favorite movie of all time. Thanks for the break down, you pointed out some symbolism I haven't noticed before.
Jane F.
Jane F. 2 aylar önce
Truly one of the best Nolan movies ever! One of the few movies I'll watch over again and discover something new!
Kevin Keene
Kevin Keene 2 aylar önce
My favorite Hugh Jackman film. The novel the movie is based on is also a great read.
stvbrsn 19 gün önce
This is a great movie… one of my favorite of the “cerebral” type. And lot least of which because it was my first time seeing Scarlett Johansen. And there was nothing cerebral about that! Despite her questionable accent, she definitely left an impression on me.
Saoirse del Tufo
Saoirse del Tufo Aylar önce
I get why you did it (the cars) but putting a picture of Musk up for Tesla is pretty funny given he's far closer to Edison
Jay Sin
Jay Sin 2 aylar önce
Such an amazing movie, watch it at least once a month. Soooo good
William Lusk
William Lusk Aylar önce
BEST OPENING LINE EVERRRRRR. Preach it Paul, Prestige is a gem, often mixed up with The Illusionist (Norton/Biel - also worth noting a great film in its own right) but I own both and this one is the superior presentation. Stronger actors, visuals and themes.
Captain Viper
Captain Viper Aylar önce
It's not a trick, it is science. Applies to biological twins as well.
Pete W.
Pete W. 2 aylar önce
Love this movie. Crazy replay value.
DadaPlayz 2 aylar önce
Amazing break down for such a bizzare complicated movie, absolutely love this movie, maybe the best rewatch movies I've ever seen.
Love this Film 👌 indeed one of Nolan's Finest! A true Master work 👌.
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke Aylar önce
I liked it until the Tesla beaming/cloning BS. Seemed a cheap twist to me.
Elizabeth Shannon
Elizabeth Shannon 2 aylar önce
This movie is mesmerizing, brutal and beautiful. One of my most favorite films.
Ellie Crane
Ellie Crane 2 aylar önce
This is one of my favourite movies and I have watched it countless times. This video has shown me so many details I didn’t realise. ABKDR genius!
Brien Prendergast
Brien Prendergast 2 aylar önce
This is one of my top favorites to this day. I have not seen a film that has captivated me this much that after the first watch I rewatched right away to find out what was going on lol. The closest to it was The Illusionist
E Gilvary
E Gilvary 2 aylar önce
Great video! I love this flick. Even after several re-watches it still delivers.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Thank you
etherealtb 2 aylar önce
OMG, finally! Someone doing this movie! I've watched it so many times and always see something new and you pointed out many things I didn't see! This is my fav Nolan movie by a long shot!
Erni3K 2 aylar önce
My favorite Nolan movie! It gets better every time I watch it (and it IS an improvement on the book, which is very convoluted). This AND the Thing!?! Love it!
Andry Duarte
Andry Duarte 2 aylar önce
My fav theory is that Alfred actually told Angier how to do the trick, when he told him to go to Tesla. Reason being that Tesla was super secretive about his life, so he never makes public appearancesbut his "assistant" does. His "assistant" is always the one doing presentations, the one who speaks to Angier, the one with the cat in the lab (Tesla was known to have owned a cat in his life) and the first to greet Angier on Tesla's property. The man we know as Tesla is just an actor who is the public face so the real Tesla can live more freely. It explains why when the machine didnt do anything to the hat initially he didnt react, since he couldnt. He didnt know what to say. And when he wanted to experiment on the cat, his "assistant" pushed back on it, as of to say "hey chill, youre improvising". Finally, when Alfred was at the expo, he stared intently at Tesla instead of the machine like everyone else was, cause Alfred was studying his trick like with the old man. The passcode Tesla is the method and trick: Alfred was living a double life, like him. Angier just couldnt see it. Anyways, that was the theory, or at least what I remembered of it.
Angelica Galdos
Angelica Galdos 2 aylar önce
I haven't seen The Prestige in years. I love the plot twists.
Aaron Tuplin
Aaron Tuplin Aylar önce
Couldn't he have been copying himself with pockets full of gold instead of entertaining people? Nevermind, entertainers need that validation.
Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds 17 gün önce
listen: my favorite mental exercise is to watch this movie and in real-time figure out WHICH Borden i'm watching in each scene. I will say this: Christian Bale absolutely 100% did the work to figure it out and plays the two physically identical characters noticeably differently. The Alfred Borden who loved Sarah was more polite and refined and careful, and the Borden who loved Olivia was more edgy and boorish, and more likely to push the limits of what they could get away with. If you pay attention, you can figure out WHICH Borden you're watching in every single scene, and it makes absolute perfect sense plot-wise. All credit to Nolan for doing the work to distinguish the two, and all credit to Bale for playing the two with such subtle distinction that it's challenging but absolutely obvious to tell them apart once you know the secret. What a brilliant film. Spoiler: the happy ending is honestly a happy one -- the Borden who ends up alive and reunited with their daughter is the Borden who truly loved Sarah and the family they'd made, and is no doubt the daughter's real father, for whatever that's worth.
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