The Porsche 928 is a Masterpiece 

Wesley Kagan
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A 928 video, finally. I've only owned this car half of forever. The Porsche 928 is my favorite car I wanted to show it off.
Thanks for watching!
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5 Haz 2022




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Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
I'm baaaaaaaack
Jeff Storey
Jeff Storey Yıl önce
Zestypig3000 Yıl önce
My dad had a Porsche safari rs with a 994 motor in it, Twas the shit. But he sold it about 3 months ago. You can still find it you look up “Porsche safari rs Kelly moss”
Greg Fulton
Greg Fulton Yıl önce
Who the hell doesn’t wear a seatbelt these days?
Surfside75 Yıl önce
Is it just actually something to avoid, yes!
Christopher Marentette
Make sure you HAVE FUN doing these videos or why do it, right?
TJ McLaughlin
TJ McLaughlin Yıl önce
We don’t deserve Wes. We are distracted by stupidity to truly appreciate the genius that has been presented before our human eye balls. Continue to be the hero Automotive TRvid needs Wes. The knuckle draggers will eventually catch up.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
These are very kind words, I appreciate it. I'm upset that it takes me so long between videos.
Robert R
Robert R Yıl önce
@Wesley Kagan dont. At least not for your subs. (but if you want more money its understandable) you deliver quality content and that's why we love your channel. I personally prefer fewer quality videos over more but lower quality videos and im sure many more are with me. I love your videos so obviously I would like more but i understand that it takes a lot of time and work to produce a quality video and i don't want you to overwork yourself. So just keep posting quality content and don't worry about it
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Yıl önce
@Wesley Kagan never be upset about dropping fire content that isn't shilling lame products
Thomas Yıl önce
The 928 is a beauty , my father owned a 928S in "grandfather spec". brown exterior paint and brown pattern seat interior. I absolutely adored it as a kid. Such a unique car with it's round pop up headlights.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
This one is White on Red, and I feel most came in "grandfather spec" Honestly. This is a Euro S, so It was imported.
WatchTool Yıl önce
Loved this review. Perfect for me. Not as absurdly high energy and overly hyped as most car reviews and not as much over reaching satire as regular car reviews. Still passionate, but realistic. Loved the history review and comparison to the 911 as well. Cheers
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Thank you! I was going for something right along those lines.
Tõnis Taru
Tõnis Taru 11 aylar önce
Doug Myers
Doug Myers Yıl önce
Took a 928GTS to Denver from New Orleans with my Brother, we drove the car an extended period leaving DFW towards New Mexico in excess of 140mph, the car was quiet, stable, exceptionally comfortable, we stopped for fuel made the trip in a tad over 14 hours. We picked up an M6 to bring back to New Orleans we were stopped 1 time in New Mexico near Raton Pass and told to slow down, traffic was non existent at that hour & the State Trooper was genuinely a decent guy. The M6, as nice as it was, was not nearly as comfortable or quiet but likely as fast or nearly as the 928. My Brother passed last year but we talked about that run many times, while we did plenty of these type runs, the best was that one from New Orleans to Denver in the 928. Wonderful machine.
David Yates
David Yates Yıl önce
I've always loved the 928, it's the only Porsche I've ever really coveted. One rather suspects that the exhaust on your example is not as the factory originally specified it ;-)
Roomsaver 4 aylar önce
The 944 and 968 are pretty cool, too 😁
LooseNut099 11 aylar önce
A most excellent review, Wes. You’re a masterful storyteller. I used to repair these under-appreciated machines, as such I developed an admiration for the engineering that went into them. Quite a difference to their air cooled stablemates of the era.
artbk Yıl önce
Outstanding video! All the references, a beautiful car and that exhaust note.... niiice.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Glad you liked it!
CSN Yıl önce
Fear and Loathing in Cowboy Bebop flowed unexpectedly well. 👌 You clearly have the right kind of eyes to see that high water mark.
GleepGlop2 Yıl önce
Style points for sure on this video, now we need more of em! I didn't expect the car to sound like that!
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
I really enjoyed making this, I might make more.
Austin Probasco
Austin Probasco Yıl önce
What can’t this guy do. I’ve loved your videos since I found you and this is a masterpiece. Great video making and production. Keep it up Wesley
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Wow, thank you!
twinscrew928 Yıl önce
Welcome to the 928 club. Wait until you decide it needs 500whp! I've had several 928s over the years. Current has a 2.1l twinscrew. It's nice. Great, albeit impractical, platform for hot-rodding. Enjoy the journey!
In Need Of Speed
In Need Of Speed 3 aylar önce
It sure is a great car. I pulled one out of storage a few years ago, coolant had gone bad and taken the radiator and engine block with it. It's in working order now though, might keep it forever :) Also a manual 928S.
100PercentJake Yıl önce
Just drove one of these yesterday. V8, RWD, manual European GT car? That is... very much my thing.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
It's honestly an amazing car and is diverse in that you can strip it down and make a track car, or in stock form is very comfortable and "GT". I too have a thing for big GT cars. Did you drive Hoovie's?
Bernard McLake
Bernard McLake Yıl önce
Very very nice. Narrative as well as the camerawork and the editing too!
mpeugeot Yıl önce
You are absolutely correct. I almost ended up owning a 928S4, and I regret not being able to own one. My consolation prize was an F355 though.
James Garret
James Garret 11 aylar önce
this was one of my favorite videos of yours. You know your stuff, and most importantly love it. Can't wait to see what you make, create or restore next.
Alex Huntley
Alex Huntley 9 aylar önce
Loved the Cowboy Bebop title, just right, and the cars shape fits that world perfectly. I have always loved these curves and coveted a 928S well before the 911. Beautiful homage.
The Talent
The Talent 11 aylar önce
This video is a masterpiece. The 928 is the subject, but we all know the real artist is Wes.
randalljames 4 aylar önce
Been in a pair of 928s, both in Phx and one was at PIR.. The one at PIR was owned by the owner of I think it was "Phx fire equipment" (supplied race car fire systems) and that was one of the most fun rides I have ever had.. that 928 hustled around the PIR road coarse with some pretty nice sounds (custom fuel system done by a local machine shop.. I think Jerry Rhoads? dunno too long ago).. You are in a great area for your skill sets.. Surprising number of great race innovators out of the phx area...
Paul Moody
Paul Moody 3 aylar önce
Nice video. Back in the ‘80s I bought a four year old pristine ‘83 black on black stick. Best driving car I’ve ever owned. Drove it year round in New England (surprisingly good on snowy roads with studded winters) 130,000 miles with virtually no issues. Second kid forced a change in daily transport 😢 fun while it lasted 🏎
K Bar
K Bar Yıl önce
85 928 owner here since 2007 and 56k miles, currently at 148k. Just a wonderful car to drive and even to work on though we have had a few parts go NLA recently which can make relatively common jobs a bit more challenging. My car is now work 3x or so what I paid for it 15 years ago but I can't think of anything I could buy for the same amount of money that would give me as much satisfaction as an owner.
E. Clark Meyer
E. Clark Meyer Yıl önce
Wesley, I love it when you post something new. You are a hoot!
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
WickedTRX Yıl önce
Welcome back! The rear trailing arm bushing and how it's made to flex to induce tow in when cornering and braking is nothing short of brilliant! As a curiosity the engine has the same bore spacing as a Chrysler 440 or 426 Hemi
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
I always found the Wissach axle very cool!
Maximus Lockhart
Maximus Lockhart Yıl önce
It's funny how good it still looks, before really knowing anything about this car I'd seen a few out there and immediately been drawn to them, I now definitely would like one as a project car, they seem like a lot of fun.
peter schmidt
peter schmidt Yıl önce
I hope you give it a go, here's some tips. I've been doing restoration on a Hong Kong 87 auto for the last 3 years. Mechanically very solid cars, at this age the electrics and the awful vacuum system. The vacuum is a single system, one break effects so much. The car will run without vacuum, but the auto gear change is harsh, no cruise control, a valve in the intake manifold wont work, no climate control with permanent heater on in the cabin. Then there's the engine and cabin air vacuum actuators, the diaphragms will be shot. And definitely check if the timing belt is good, change if unsure. DEFINITELY change the radiator, there is either 1 or 2 oil heat exchangers built into the side tanks - one to heat / cool the transmission oil and one to cool the engine oil - The transmission heat exchanger in mine ruptured, filling the transmission with radiator water and the engine cooling system with trans oil - even though the auto gear box was not broken, it needed to be disassembled and rebuilt, VERY expensive - Just put a new radiator in if its still original. There is heaps of information online, pretty much any information I have needed I have found instructions, manuals, videos to show me how.
trwsandford Yıl önce
Yes! the 928 is glorious machine. I'm loving your quote "The 928 is the Porsche for people that don't care that it has a Porsche emblem" It still looks current, and will always be relevant. This is my 3rd favorite Porsche. 914/6, 944 turbo.. then the 928. Yes, I'm a fan of the obscure. I used to crave a mid 80's 911 with the iconic whale tail (because I was an impressionable kid in the mid 1980's... and bought car magazines. Ruff twin turbo anyone?), but when the prices started going up silly fast I decided I liked my cash more.
Kirt Fitzpatrick
Kirt Fitzpatrick Yıl önce
Great video Wes. I little different from your norm. I'm into it. Love all the nostalgia in this video. I've always been a little partial to the 928 body style myself too. Not sure why.
Jettemotor Yıl önce
My -81 euro S told me to thank you for this beautiful homage. Sure mine's a stripped out and a LOT lighter track tool (and honestly not very good at being neither a GT or a sports car), but siblings look out for each other and it has so much "soul".
mbclk65amg Yıl önce
I wanted one of these for the longest time. When I could finally afford one, I bought an E39 M5 instead because I couldn't afford what the prices are these days. Oops forgot to add, this is a damn fine video. Thank you
Chris W
Chris W Yıl önce
Oh, that sound.... beautiful. Jeremy Clarkson has a touching story about why he likes the 928.
Bill Klement
Bill Klement Yıl önce
Wesley, great video! In the 80s, a friend was working for a company that imported grey market cars. He had the opportunity to drive a 928 out on I95 between cities ant got it up to 150 for an extended time! He said it was awesome! It had been through a German performance shop before it was imported. Not uncommon for their customers. I didn't get to drive that one, but I did get to drive a 911. It was stupid fast! They also got Mercedes that went through the AMG custom shop. And BMWs that were just ridicules! And models you couldn't get here. Cool times! Thanks again for the video!
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Might of been this one, it was a grey market imported in '85. Thanks!
Lila Dale
Lila Dale 9 aylar önce
you are a quality video maker and the Coeboy Beebop opening was ace. I had a 79, it was a bucket, but very cool and fun.
Hans Ryter
Hans Ryter Yıl önce
As usual, a fantastic video and the wait worth our while. Thank you for your effort!
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
My pleasure! I'm glad you like it. My production quality is slowly going up.
Cristian R
Cristian R 11 aylar önce
Man we've missed you and your inventions and adaptations, please more freevalve stuff.
GarageCedric Yıl önce
For serious canyon carving they made the 924 turbo, the most fun one of the bunch :) , though the US version lacks a bit..
deesine 4 aylar önce
Top shelf writing Wes, the whole gonzo stream of consciousness blast, love it.
gyff jogofl
gyff jogofl Yıl önce
I can't express how much I liked this.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Thanks! I enjoyed making it
flyonbyya 3 aylar önce
I’m 61, and remember these cars when they were new. Timeless styling GREAT VIDEO !
test 5 aylar önce
love these cars. my favorites are the 90s gts ones where they successfully stretched the 1978 design to look just as, if not even more modern than its competition with a couple facelifts. can you imagine a 1978 bmw or a mercedes being still sold in 1995? well maybe you could, but theyd look clunky and odd and obviously dated like a late model XJS jag. a 928 GTS you could park next to an R129 SL (1989), 300ZX Z32 (1989) or a E31 BMW(1990) and it would not look particularly older. (much love to all the cars i mentioned. all among my favorites)
hitokitty Yıl önce
My God, the sound... The sound is amazing!
1967250s 3 aylar önce
As a 1/2 of a 928 engine owner ( a 944 ) -great video. Love to see more on this car, and what is the exhaust system?
Biggus Dingus
Biggus Dingus 10 aylar önce
An 84 928s was my first car. I got it in fairly rough condition because that was what I could afford at 16. I learnt; how to fix things with it, how to keep things running, electricity, how to drift, and how to drive on the edge. I got my racing license with it, and I've driven it every day for 4 years and it's never left me stranded(knock on wood). It's 38 years old but nothing squeaks or rattles, it's fun to say I drive a Porsche but that doesn't really matter to me. It just a beautifully engineered car, and a car which should be the standard for all.
Liten Fara
Liten Fara Yıl önce
You did something to the air intake and the exhaust headers of Your 928. And You did it very well.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
It has mufflers, and that Euro cam is something else for sure.
OLD SCHOOL 6 aylar önce
My wife bought me a 928 for my birthday in 1989 and I loved the car- never got so much as a door ding until 2002 when a woman rear ended me at a stop light, I took the insurance money and kept the car. We needed a shop truck, and I thought- a truck is just a car with a box on the back- I have a car and I can build a box. 3 months later the 928 was a 6 wheel pickup truck. Drove it for another 3 years until a guy from Germany heard about it and made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
dbates314 Yıl önce
Nice Hunter S. feel, though I believe a red convertible is the preferred transportation in this situation.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Hah, I sold my red convertible a while back.
Dylan Zrim
Dylan Zrim Yıl önce
This platform (including older supras, older Rx7, some of the S and most Z chassis Nissan’s etc) are the best start for a race car project. So aerodynamic.
Thomas Yıl önce
Yeah the Porsche *edit* 944 and RX-7 FC offer amazing beginner platforms for track racing. Super cheap good handeling cars.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
They really are, although depending on the track a 944 is a bit lighter to start. The V8 is easier to make power with though.
3UZFE 11 aylar önce
Great car! The Lexus SC400 / Soarer is a similar car. Same GT vibe but Toyota reliability.
Kuddlesworth NA
Kuddlesworth NA Yıl önce
I always liked the 928 more then any 911. Shame they are still too much money in the UK.
Vic Loma
Vic Loma 11 aylar önce
Back when I was a kid I would see these on the road from time to time. But not very many and I lived in Palm Beach. Lots of 911's and way more 944's in the 80's for P-cars. I think this car was misunderstood by the car buying public that equated the V-8 engine with stoplight performance and this was wasn't that. Then came the C4 vette and kind of stole the show. I'm glad they are starting to get some love as a cool car because there's tons of these in people's driveways broken. Once they get the repair bill and faint the car then sits for a decade or two. But now it's awiting on that brave soul with a love for Porsche and a fat wallet.
Macguyva Channel
Macguyva Channel 5 aylar önce
I had a 1988 porsche 928s4. Gorgeous car . Until i found the wire harneses under the car were disintegrating.
Chris DeMaio
Chris DeMaio 3 aylar önce
Well Done Wes- really enjoy how your brain works
Thesuperderp 137
Thesuperderp 137 Yıl önce
As someone who’s had the luxury to actually drive and work on a 928 I have to say they are an amazing car to be around in general.. it’s something Porsche in every opposite way a Porsche would be yet somehow it just works perfectly.. tho sadly the automatic transmissions they were sold with along side the manual.. just turn the whole experience into something akin to a American muscle car more than a sporty touring car
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Yeah, an Auto and a Manual 928 are two VERY different experiences.
SparkyGage Yıl önce
"The 928 is the Porsche for people that don't care that it has a Porsche emblem" - so true. My favorite German GT.
LegacyMuse Yıl önce
That's an incredible sound you've gotten out of it. I saw in another comment that it's the Euro cam and some different mufflers, but is that it?
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Pretty much. True duals and the Euro motor. That's it. K- jet will always have more intake noise, though.
David Voss
David Voss Yıl önce
@Wesley Kagan - Honestly, it sounds terrible. I thought you had had swapped in a “local” V8. I had a chance to get a 928S in the early 90’s, but found a ‘73 914 2.0 in perfect condition for $5k cash, and never looked back. Ok, I’m looking back now; thanks.
TKING2724 Yıl önce
I've asked a few times in the comments-- can you please list the specs of your wall mounted PC?
C Casper
C Casper Yıl önce
After Ficara's recent video on the 928, I'm psyched to see one coming from you as well!
Built-Not-Bought 9 aylar önce
So, couple questions. 1. You said you’re moving, bigger garage?😁 2. Do you still have the vette or v12 or are those projects gone? 3. You’ve said you’re not an engineer but 99% of your videos are engineering leading me to think that if you’re not some type of engineer, what in the hell do you do for a living because I know you’re not flipping burgers. Thanks Cale in MN
scrubstronaught Yıl önce
I don’t know about the car but i love that road for driving anything on. Fantastic video
FixItUpJack Yıl önce
Your videos are so great! Thank you!
Charalampos adn
Charalampos adn Yıl önce
really nicly edited and overall made video great work
Hhrl Gup
Hhrl Gup Yıl önce
Dude. Great production value!
kedelbach Yıl önce
I agree the 928 is very very cool, but I didn't get what makes it a "masterpiece". Disclaimer, have only driven one for about an hour.
Y. T.
Y. T. 10 aylar önce
Great video! Love your sense of humor.
Brian Halstrom
Brian Halstrom Yıl önce
After enduring decades of Porch owners correcting people to Pour Sha, 5:28 did not disappoint.
Rusty Mustard
Rusty Mustard Yıl önce
My buddy back in the day (early 90's) had a German spec '78 928 built to ridiculous specs. And by 'ridiculous' i mean as much added lightness as possible and making 750hp on the dyno. He got it from a dead Miami drug dealer, the car next to it in the garage got carbombed, it took fire and blast damage, and he got it for next to nothing, basically for the scrap value. He picked at it for years doing a build from the ground up including internals, pistons, titanium valvetrain, wide open intake, ground shaking exhaust and a crazy color changing purple/green paint job. I used to drive it sometimes (we'd swap cars, i had a classic Benz) and it was wild! Thing was a drift beast lol, one of the easiest things i've ever slid, pinpoint accurate and more power than you could ever need to break it loose.
Dizzy84 Yıl önce
I’ve always told people, it’s hard to describe the feeling of the 928 when it gets sideways. Euphoria I guess. The most controlled slides and just pedal out everything lol
bakkus Yıl önce
People have always just looked at me weirdly when I say the 928 is my favourite Porsche. I mean.. Just look at it! (then drive it, omg!)
Dennis Yıl önce
Looks funny and sounds american :D 911 all the way bby
Micah Butler
Micah Butler Yıl önce
Great production value man!
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Much appreciated!
dan725 Yıl önce
Holy crap this video is AWESOME! It’s kind of like Jason Camissa’s Revelations videos. Well done!
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Thanks a lot!
Meteor Media
Meteor Media 4 aylar önce
Please don't ruin it. Pretty please. My grandpa was one of the lead engineers of Projekt K (- which became the 928).
Cornelio Fehr
Cornelio Fehr Yıl önce
I had a chance to buy one in high school but I bought a fox body instead. Still always wanted one though.
Dizzy84 Yıl önce
Crazy!! I was looking for a fox body in high school. Came upon a mint ‘85 US 5 speed 928 for under $10k. Hooked on the 928 ever since
Paul Leggett
Paul Leggett Yıl önce
I couldn't do 500 miles with THAT exhaust though lol
john Joseph
john Joseph 5 aylar önce
Designed and Built just before planned obsolescence. Porsche spent more on this than any car they had made to date. Today it’s a bargain…
Ericbuyslunch Yıl önce
The intro with Tank! was a good choice. It certainly looks like a car that would be in Cowboy Bebop
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 4 aylar önce
Wesley, I miss my 1988 S4 5 speed. I lost my storage and had to sell many of my cars. Storage is expensive!
Esah G
Esah G 9 aylar önce
928 really needs retrofuturistic do over
Jay Ballauer
Jay Ballauer Yıl önce
I've wanted this car all my life.
AdrianBoyko Yıl önce
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
It's fantastic and I love it
Hex Bread
Hex Bread Yıl önce
I wasn't gonna say anything about the homage but you acknowledging it made me giggle. Now to look at craigslist.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
I have to give credit where it's due haha
akrapovic09 8 aylar önce
Beautiful video. Thanks Wes:)
Stefan Wahl
Stefan Wahl 3 aylar önce
928 . Realy my Thing. I love the V8. Important to have 5 Speed. Enthusiastic regards from Cologne/ West-Germany. Stefan
SevenSixTwo Yıl önce
That intro with the 1-2 punch of references was awesome.
Carnuts 11 aylar önce
Fantastic cars :)
niacal4nia 9 aylar önce
Actullay my 86 928 5speed 23 gallon fuel rank does over 500 miles on a highway going the speed limit and takes less than 5 minutes to fill up. No EVs for me yet.
Bryan Wyatt
Bryan Wyatt 11 aylar önce
You're channeling a little bit of Mr. Regular. I dig it.
priceless 11 aylar önce
When can we expect more Porsche cart footage?
Acepilotzero 2 aylar önce
I’m planning on rebuilding 85 928 that I found. I hope to upload the process this summer
Jojo 6 aylar önce
I had an '82 s weissach with a '94 gts swap with an obd-0 ECU. I wrecked it a few years later😭. Tree came out of nowhere 🫣
Jojo 6 aylar önce
Also, one of the most pain in the ass clutch and flywheel job ever...
Noah Dekker
Noah Dekker Yıl önce
Hope the new house is coming along!
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Slowly! Some of this was filmed out at the site! Thanks!
Tiit Saul
Tiit Saul Yıl önce
It’s been a while. Good to see you again
Duncan Dorris
Duncan Dorris Yıl önce
I have my '82 5-speed in a billion pieces right now. I'm ditching the k-jetronic for a full standalone with drive-by-wire and coil on plug. It's just about ready to hit the engine test stand. Pray for me.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
hah! I was actually building my way through a standalone system with a redesigned intake, but this still has K-jet. Have faith, this one was in about a million pieces a few months ago!
Dizzy84 Yıl önce
I have a twin dizzy that’s going stand alone as well. Gotta do it if you aren’t too much of a purest
Duncan Dorris
Duncan Dorris Yıl önce
We’ll all have to trade part numbers and STL files. I’m still a little trepidatious of my custom cam position sensor’s performance.
trwsandford Yıl önce
Duncan, You are in my prayers good sir!
Itsjustme 5 aylar önce
911 guys are always shitting on the 928 but it's an outstanding car!! Love that PorscheV8 rumble. You can't compare the 911 to the 928 they are both VERY different cars.
Scooby 6 aylar önce
Thought i smelled some RCR in there hahahaha stellar work
Chest Rockwell
Chest Rockwell Yıl önce
Car fans who've not driven an air cooled 911 and/or a 928 are not likely to get it...as the 911 gets so much attention. Even mid/late 80's 911's felt like driving a riding lawn mower with the pedals that hinges downward, they weren't fast, sounded a bit better than a Beetle and some were ugly. The 928 was comfortable, felt like a very modern well made vehicle as it was and the v8 sounded nice and had nice torque and power, better shifter feel as well.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Exactly. The 911 is great as a large go-kart, the 928 is a car
William Hardes
William Hardes 10 aylar önce
damn that thing sounds good!
James De Ath
James De Ath 11 aylar önce
Love it. Dr Gonzo rides again.
Thayer Krantz
Thayer Krantz Yıl önce
I'm loving the RCR vibes
Alex King
Alex King Yıl önce
Definitely felt some influence from RCR in this vid
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
I love me some RCR
ClimaX Speed
ClimaX Speed Yıl önce
YEAH!! Porsche 928! 🔥🔥🔥
Nick Kingsbury
Nick Kingsbury Yıl önce
Amazing video as usual
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Glad you think so!
PAC-MAN 9 aylar önce
great video 928 for life
DukieMoto Yıl önce
Sweet! That was fun.
Wesley Kagan
Wesley Kagan Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
gph42 Grant
gph42 Grant Yıl önce
Tremendous. Thanks
Jusmar Yıl önce
A man after my own heart
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