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Our baby boy has finally joined us earthside. In this vlog, you'll see the days leading up to our son's arrival and yes, he's a Virgo just like his mama. ♍️


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24 Eyl 2021




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Xenia Van Rooyen
Xenia Van Rooyen 3 saatler önce
Just discovered you and love you already!
06dc 4 saatler önce
Does anyone the name of the song playing at the end?
x 6 saatler önce
Jenn in the jacuzzi with the giant grin on her face brought me so much joy lol!! :)
Maritza Calle
Maritza Calle 10 saatler önce
Wow what a beautiful video. I’m sobbing. Congratulations Jenn and Ben
Stitch 16 saatler önce
It’s been 9 months already
Wintersnow147 17 saatler önce
Congrats what perfect birthday. My husband’s birthday is on Sept 2. You’ll make an amazing Mom!👩🏻‍🍼👼🏼
Lou Baudoin
Lou Baudoin 18 saatler önce
eis iceday
eis iceday Gün önce
Omgg it’s make me cryy 🥺
Carolyn Britton
Carolyn Britton Gün önce
The cutest lil baby. So happy for both of you, take some time for yourself adjust and just spread and feel the love between the three of you
Nicole Guillen
Nicole Guillen Gün önce
Waw i love it congratulations !!!
Loves k-pop music B
Omg CONGRATSSSS!!! I’m SOO happy for you guys!!! You will be great parents!
Minka Kathinka
Minka Kathinka Gün önce
So beautiful. 🌼
tessbubs Gün önce
Congrats Jenn and Ben!! So happy for you. Been following since the clothesencounters days with Sarah. So happy for you
Chester Sng
Chester Sng Gün önce
jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia
Congratulations 🎉
Ella Fior
Ella Fior Gün önce
Congratulations I’m so happy for you Jen and Ben!
Mia Yang
Mia Yang 2 gün önce
It makes me cry! Congrats Jenn and thank you so much for always be brave and always bringing courage to others!
Ashton Long
Ashton Long 3 gün önce
oh my gosh, Jenn. This made me SOB. Congratulations! You two are going to be the best parents.
Jessica Paola Grey
Jessica Paola Grey 3 gün önce
Why was I smiling like a fool when he brought her the dessert she was craving 😭
Zoey the Simmer
Zoey the Simmer 3 gün önce
It's Lenny being a Virgo for me😌😁 Beautiful 👏🏽
hadjer bben
hadjer bben 3 gün önce
OMG iam so happy for you jeen
Najah Imane
Najah Imane 3 gün önce
Congratulations 🥳💜
เพลงกล่อมเด็๋ก - Lullaby Music [SMG]
Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 😍😜👍😀
Hilo Nguyen
Hilo Nguyen 4 gün önce
The ending is the moment we have all been waiting for🥰🥰🥰 congrats jen!
Congratulations to both of you! Your baby is beautiful.
Сар-Герел Доянова
This is incredible!!! 😍😍😍
Lauren Marquart
Lauren Marquart 4 gün önce
Jenn, I’ve literally been watching you since you started and I don’t know what it is, but I feel like we are akin. I’ve never seen anyone on the internet that I relate to more. I wanna tell you how incredibly happy I am for you and your growing family! Right now… is such a time! While you’re welcoming your baby boy I’m about to get married to my man of 10 almost 11 years. And he has watched me watch you and your story for so long and we LOVE you and Ben! You guys are so great and relate to everything we want to be! You have been an inspiration to me for so long and continue to remind me to love myself and stay true! I wish all the very best to you guys! Hopefully one day the stars align and we run into each other on the street lol. Much love! -Lauren
Summergrace 4 gün önce
september 2nd babies!! woop woop
Michelle Remache
Michelle Remache 4 gün önce
cried at the end :')
Adventure Time Loui
Adventure Time Loui 4 gün önce
The most amazing feat to me is recording all of this while going through it! You are a super hero Jenn!
S H 5 gün önce
Not me crying thru this whole video omg Jen and Ben congrats 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
YouTube channel
YouTube channel 5 gün önce
Omg I love this vibe ♥️♥️
samy Jam
samy Jam 5 gün önce
You are a stronge person, respect you from deep of my heart
Shukri Mohamed
Shukri Mohamed 5 gün önce
Congratulations to you . I loved ur experience how calm and smooth it was. U made birth looks easy . And I loved how ur always smiling through it . Thank u for sharing 💓.
Ceci 5 gün önce
the countdown montage i'm crying like a baby i love you guys so much and i don't even know you but i feel like you're a big sister i'm so happy for you two and lenny is the cutest baby i've ever seen!!!!
Anna Atabekyan
Anna Atabekyan 5 gün önce
Jenn + Ben = Lenny ❤️
Cleo 5 gün önce
Omg the black and white pictures while she's pushing gave me CHILLS I'm in tears, so happy for you both!
Undercover Nerd
Undercover Nerd 5 gün önce
Thank you for sharing this crazy journey. This vlog made me realize how crucial it is to have the right support. From the right partner, to a doula, a personal midwife. Sometimes family won’t be the most useful in moments like this
Brenda B
Brenda B 5 gün önce
Love how calm and holistic this pregnancy video is . I’m 17 weeks with my 3rd child and it’s total chaos lmao no silent calm nights , or watching whatever I want , or laying down 😂
Lolololololhi 6 gün önce
NO WAY ITS ALREADY HAPPENING!!! Just yesterday it feels like I found out about the pregnancy I LOVE U JENN
Goguma Channel
Goguma Channel 6 gün önce
Congratulations!!! I’ve been watching you for a long time and it’s amazing to see the changes in your life and become a mom!! He’s so precious 😍 PS. My middle son is also a 9/2 baby 🙌🏼
JE J 6 gün önce
Congrats Jenn with your baby!
Who am I?
Who am I? 6 gün önce
He is so cute!!!
AfterTheBleu 6 gün önce
My birthday is the 1st of September so welcome to the club buddy
Muskan Shaikh
Muskan Shaikh 6 gün önce
You did great💕💕💕
짜뮨 6 gün önce
너무 축하드려요 🙏🏻🤍 강한 엄마, 훌륭한 엄마가 되실거같아요 ! 이젠 눈물말구 웃은일만 가득하길 응원할게요 🙌🏻
Bee Cool
Bee Cool 6 gün önce
Congratulations 🎉. Thank God for your safe delivery. It’s really beautiful to go through this with your partner
manzanaverde 7 gün önce
I cried watching this. I am 30 and I have mix feelings! I want to be a mom and have a partner but another part of me thinks I am still, thinks I am too young.
Angeline Rivera
Angeline Rivera 7 gün önce
its crazy to think that when i just started high school i watched clothes encounters and jenn was a college student. and fast forward to today im 25 and jenn is now a mom!!! time flies so fast. good luck and congrats to jenn and ben!
Lynn Wade
Lynn Wade 7 gün önce
i feel like i was just enjoying this video as i would enjoy any other jenn im video, taking in information and what not until the count down. then the tears came omg that was beautiful YOU DID THAT you are incredible. and then seeing him on your chest just hit hard i have no idea why. i have no intentions of being pregnant any time soon at all but wow that made me emotional.
ayl33 7 gün önce
so cute!
T 7 gün önce
This was so calming to watch. I loved how calm and relaxed u were when u realised the baby was coming
Stephanie Solis
Stephanie Solis 7 gün önce
Crying 😭😭😭 Congratulations guys!!
Kacy Mah
Kacy Mah 7 gün önce
Finally watched this…many congrats!! 😭❤️🥺
Beckiieanne 7 gün önce
Sitting here due for my long awaited rainbow baby girl in Jan, finally a sibling for my little boy. I have pretty much completely forgot what its like to have a baby again, very nervous. The countdown made me loose it. Thank you for sharing such vulnerable beautiful moments.
삼장 7 gün önce
Congratulations 🎉 and I wish you good luck for the future 🥺🤍✨
Corina Casti.
Corina Casti. 7 gün önce
Omggg idk why I decided to watch this @ 2am. I’m literally in poodle of tears 😭 and I work tomorrow early morning Omg congratulations jenn! ❤️
person 7 gün önce
i recently turned twenty, and all my life pregnancy and kids were things i never wanted, but it feels like something just clicked in me.
tayturtle2 7 gün önce
you look so beautiful. you were meant to be a mother. I know your child is going to be amazing
Ms. Andrea
Ms. Andrea 7 gün önce
Im crying😭 ty for sharing this beautiful and difficult journey with us. 🥺 blessings to all of you
taradrienne 7 gün önce
A virgo baby!! 😍I'm also a virgo and same age as you, Jenn, and I've been watching your videos from your early clothesencounter days and honestly took a break because of grad school/work, but wow, I just watched your Confessions of a pregnant woman video and now this video, and omg, I'm not pregnant yet but I felt the anxiety you were feeling and all the emotions!!! I'm truly happy for you and Ben!! Congratulations!! Thank you for posting these raw videos because I feel it may help prepare me mentally when I am pregnant 😊
Jazz TheMess
Jazz TheMess 7 gün önce
🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰 so happy for you guys and your miracle lenny 💜
Anna Muel
Anna Muel 8 gün önce
My sister’s also pregnant and half way there. Watching the video made me cry. Congratulations and blessings to you and all
ellefromchina 8 gün önce
Congratulations! Been watching your channel for 4-5 years now and this is beautiful. So happy for you! Sending you lots of love and best wishes
Morgan Noon
Morgan Noon 8 gün önce
What a beautiful journey, and what a great start to your next big adventure!! Congratulations!
OhMyGauSh 8 gün önce
I am in tears *of joy*..when I first found you are having a son, it immediately stroke my mind that he is gonna be *Joy* just don't know why... He is so damnn cute..blessings to the FAMILY ❤️ cudos to you and your efforts Jenn! Lots of love 💕
Nan Meng
Nan Meng 8 gün önce
the part when you are starting pushing makes me cry. so happy for you and Ben! This is abs. beautiful
Sabrina Rostkowski
Sabrina Rostkowski 8 gün önce
every one of these pregnancy videos has given me serious "protect her at all costs!" energy about Jenn, thank you so much for welcoming us into this journey of yours and Ben's, it has been a true honor. congratulations to your beautiful family of 3!
BeingWitchy 8 gün önce
Man, you made this bitter 35 year old cry. I’ve always had great discomfort and hatred towards pregnancy, childbirth and child raising. I know where it comes from . . . Trauma from the past and toxic parenting. Watching your videos about your pregnancy journey TOTALLY changed my mind and healed a piece of my heart that I thought was going to be burnt forever. I am so proud and happy for you and your family. Many blessings. ❤️
Chelsea Dodge
Chelsea Dodge 8 gün önce
Thank you so much for your vulnerability in sharing this video Jen! I really want kids in the future and this helped ease some of my fears about childbirth!
Im crying uncontrollably! Congratulations to you two ❤️❤️
Kim Yerim
Kim Yerim 8 gün önce
Someone please tell me what the song is at the end after the countdown? 😭 this was such a beautiful video
Fern Weh
Fern Weh 8 gün önce
I started following her when I was in school , such cool style I used to think and adore...now I have graduated and jenim gave birth....time fliesss😌😌😌😌😌 it feels weird and comfortable at the same time. Thankyou jenim for sharing , now we will know if someday it happens to us. Thankyou jenim , genuinely.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ congratulations baby mama and papa!
A R 8 gün önce
So beyond happy for u mama it’s been so beautiful following ure journey . U are going to make the most warm living parents 😭❤️we love uuuu 💖💖💖
Tran Nguyen Minh Hien
im a 15-year-old kid and i swear you will be the COOLEST MOM EVER ✨
Tran Nguyen Minh Hien
Omg my fav vlog so far 😭 I love every single moment of this vlog, from the way u share your thoughts and feelings so genuinely and the process of labouring afterwards. You are the most beautiful, kind and humble human being ever existed on earth and i believe you will definitely be a super amazing mom. I am just a 15-year-old teenager trying to overcome adolescence crisis and finding my true identity, and u have helped me lot in this long and tiring process. I learned a lot from your videos and i even can relate to some of the situations you were in. So special thanks to you Jenn for being such an inspring person and making me want to be a better version of myself 💘
Pauly Allsbrook
Pauly Allsbrook 8 gün önce
Not me crying at Ben being such a great partner. 😭
Margot Burton
Margot Burton 8 gün önce
This blog is everything. Thank you and congrats ❤️
marlove05 marlove05
marlove05 marlove05 8 gün önce
Ah great bringing more happas into this already messed up world. I hope that kid doesn't turn crazy. He's still gonna look full Asian though.
Lizzy Marie
Lizzy Marie 8 gün önce
@marlove05 marlove05 you Ligit keep using the racial slur keeps showing your racism
marlove05 marlove05
marlove05 marlove05 8 gün önce
@Lizzy Marieyes it totally depends on how they were raised. Happas always look full Asian. If he is raised by the wyte dad he's done for. He'll get bullied just like the other Asians. Azians wouldn't want him since he's a happa. 18 years later he'll be on ted talk talking about biracial identity LMAO 🤣😂.
Lizzy Marie
Lizzy Marie 8 gün önce
@marlove05 marlove05 clearly you only watch the depressed ones so it can fit your negative racist view
Lizzy Marie
Lizzy Marie 8 gün önce
And I did do research and it did also state that it depends how they where raised and being biracial doesn't mean they will have identity issues
marlove05 marlove05
marlove05 marlove05 8 gün önce
@Lizzy Marie lol! I have dad and mom who are happily married for 30 years. Got tons of friends and a good social life. These are general observation of azians and these "mixed couples". No hayte involved.
mi_kayla MM
mi_kayla MM 8 gün önce
Omg😪😪💜💜 Thats so nice and crying😭😭 Love you from SLOVAKIA🇸🇰💜🍾
Indigo Snps
Indigo Snps 8 gün önce
Pain level 6.5 out of ten? Why need epidural?
Lizzy Marie
Lizzy Marie 8 gün önce
Cause some people want it is that a problem
Annisa Putri Jiany
Annisa Putri Jiany 9 gün önce
Godot 9 gün önce
OMG, she made a baby 👶
Cindy greenhill
Cindy greenhill 9 gün önce
Trendyvee 9 gün önce
Watching for the 200th time🥺😂
Ranga Pussella
Ranga Pussella 9 gün önce
Congratulations to you ,husband .
T X 9 gün önce
Why am crying 😭🥺
Bour Na Chiengmai
Bour Na Chiengmai 9 gün önce
I’m so happy for you 🥰
Mary Joy Bersamina
Mary Joy Bersamina 9 gün önce
Congratulations on your first born! I am certain that you guys will be amazing parents. 💙 Looking forward to Parenting book recommendations soon! 😊
ran zhuo
ran zhuo 9 gün önce
I have been following Jen since college time... the feeling watching her went through all these new chapters of life 🥲so proud of you Jen, congrats to you and Ben!!
Kaja Anas Ilemam
Kaja Anas Ilemam 9 gün önce
Congratulations, you did great mama! Enjoy your bundle of joy! 🥰❤️ he’s so precious!
hyucksleftboob 10 gün önce
me out here rly thinking harry styles stood beside her bed
Shaffron Henderson
Shaffron Henderson 10 gün önce
It can also be boiling in hospital so I would recommend a fan that fits in your hand or able to clip on the bed if they will let you 🥰
anna FS
anna FS 10 gün önce
wait... i thought once your water breaks, you have to go to the hospital immediately yes? thats what my doctor told me, 'once your water breaks, you must come to the hospital straightaway!'...... but jen was eating her dinner, im confused now...
Lizzy Marie
Lizzy Marie 8 gün önce
You are supposed to immediately go do to risk of infection
tithi 10 gün önce
congratulations jenn! it's such a thrill ride and the video is so well made. it was prolly hard for you to capture everything with the tension and pain but all i can say is thank you and all the best to lenny, you and ben!! cheers
jen o
jen o 10 gün önce
I teared while watching this omg 🥺 i rmb watching your first video when you were still clothesencounter & now you have a baby
fiola m
fiola m 10 gün önce
gua kira rizky nazar..
Eunice 10 gün önce
Congratulations - I'm so excited for you both!
Katie Maggioli
Katie Maggioli 10 gün önce
His prefect god bless you and welcome to the world lenny
joandmike 10 gün önce
Why was I cring in the last part huhuhuhuhu congrats Jen ♥
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