The Olympics NEEDS This Sport!!

How Ridiculous
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21 May 2022




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Raytheon Nublinski
Raytheon Nublinski Aylar önce
Yellow missed a balloon. Do the right thing and strip his gold medal. This sport has a long history of honor and dignity and has no room for cheaters.
Gaming Minia
Gaming Minia 5 gün önce
Red also missed last red balloon
Alejandro Salamanca
Alejandro Salamanca 7 gün önce
@E Doe 🥰😊😚☺😇🥰😘😍
Future big bottom
Future big bottom 8 gün önce
Red missed one yoo
Mohammed Hoskly
Mohammed Hoskly 8 gün önce
١@Adam Nielson
Diego lencina
Diego lencina 9 gün önce
elgato 3 gün önce
i'm actually so scared of balloons but i love seeing these it's so binge-watching lol
Moe Wright
Moe Wright 4 gün önce
This looks fun as hell I want to do this challenge
Sammiejo Hill
Sammiejo Hill 12 gün önce
This is so awesome, looks fun,and thanks for sharing this video. Phenomenal entertainment!
Valeria Suarez
Valeria Suarez 15 saatler önce
Aliya Walker
Aliya Walker 6 gün önce
This looks soooooo fun 🤩
Nangkelvin Aditya
Nangkelvin Aditya 2 gün önce
Sweep Sports
Sweep Sports Aylar önce
they need to create the “How Ridiculous Olympics” and add all of these amazing games they have come up with
Jesus Tejada santamaria
@Jeffrey Jaramillo nada
Saida Velásquez
Saida Velásquez 28 gün önce
@Jeffrey Jaramillo pop
Jeffrey Jaramillo
Jeffrey Jaramillo Aylar önce
Then have their subscribers pay to compete!
William Hartman
William Hartman Aylar önce
How Ridiculympics
SteadyChasing MoneyBands
Nobody mentions the fact homie runs back while his friend is still throwing darts
¿Who? 22 saatler önce
@SteadyChasing MoneyBands no just sanity
Omer khan
Omer khan 22 saatler önce
@Hema Prajapati my
SteadyChasing MoneyBands
@Aprilia Cesa you losing your mind lady?
Aprilia Cesa
Aprilia Cesa 2 gün önce
@Peggy Tovar-Carpenter o h oh ohohogohohohoho hoh oh h
Aprilia Cesa
Aprilia Cesa 2 gün önce
@Peggy Tovar-Carpenter hh oh
Precious Faith Alone
Precious Faith Alone 11 gün önce
These guys are so fun to watch 🤣
Mohid Superboy
Mohid Superboy 6 gün önce
That seems sooo fun I wish I was there 🤩
Mervielle lisa Watter
Ça a l'air cool de vraiment jouer à ce jeu si seulement je peux le faire un jour 🥺😔😞
S MW Aylar önce
I love that Scott has been winning these 😊 he’s teased so much… he deserves all the success 😎
Ash 9 gün önce
It’s not how you start, it’s how you end ✨
Cheng 130
Cheng 130 Gün önce
This looks so fun I want to play
Dimar 4 gün önce
We need this after a long day's work Now which one of our staff is going to set this whole thing up ? 🤔
ProdigyGaming 5 gün önce
Yellow missed a balloon. Do the right thing and strip his gold medal. This sport has a long history of honor and dignity and has no room for cheaters.
KamdynKidwell 17 gün önce
Yellow completely missed a ballon and red at the end of the race
Jack _l
Jack _l 8 gün önce
It’s unfair to the red
Надежда Калесник
@Nunya Beeznees з
Mabco Mabco
Mabco Mabco 10 gün önce
@jedi man rob تضخم ٨اض٩ا٥٨ض٩
cute shorts
cute shorts 11 gün önce
Yellow cheating
Hemalatha baskar
Hemalatha baskar 8 gün önce
X-gamer Pro-HD ‎‏
He missed the red one at the end. Even if he did do it he would’ve lost. Anyone see? 😂
ashley brunell
ashley brunell 19 saatler önce
I can’t even imagine how many balloons you guys had to blow up…🫤
Borna Helmrih
Borna Helmrih 2 gün önce
Agreed with Ray and the olimpics need this
Adrienne McPherson
Adrienne McPherson 13 gün önce
This looks so much fun!🤩 Great job guys.👏🏽👏🏽
syed Huzaifa Mansoor
The fear of bursting balloons vanished 😂
Eleanor Larkins
Eleanor Larkins 11 gün önce
This looks so fun I went to bounce yesterday
Many Many
Many Many 9 gün önce
I feel like I'm playing it with them that feel fun
Roberto A
Roberto A 8 gün önce
You guys have WAY to much time on your hands!! Lol..this is too cool👍
Just Another Voice
Just Another Voice Aylar önce
Man, Heren almost lost an eye to Gaunson’s dart!
K D 28 gün önce
@Jared L Neither of them actually won. Heron mist one at the end at 0:46
Jared L
Jared L Aylar önce
Gonnsan missed one that floated away. Heren won!
Vansh Aylar önce
Exactly man, they shouldn't get this carried away. I was in shockers when I saw that, thankfully he didn't hit him. Herron shouldn't have got in the way of the darts either
CLASH GOD 10 gün önce
Seriously olimpic need this amazing sports 🤣😍
Neal Samuel Rodrigues
They both missed 😭 But sounds so satisfying 😀
Maria Urquidez
Maria Urquidez 5 gün önce
The balloon at the end that looked like it hurt lol 😂
Shainic Arts
Shainic Arts 12 gün önce
Loved watching it 😂
Hannah Stubblefield
I love all the great content, I was on the edge of my seat for the entire thing. One problem though.. when they were ‘hacking’ one of Mr.Scot’s balloon flew away. I think Mr.Derek won that one.😕 👉👈
Shahzad latif
Shahzad latif 26 gün önce
@Naveed Anjam lp
Naveed Anjam
Naveed Anjam 26 gün önce
Mike Simpson
Mike Simpson 2 gün önce
Technically he lost he missed a Ballon
Chethan T.P
Chethan T.P 2 gün önce
Due to the ongoing cheatings, Olympics banned this game lol
proteach Gün önce
One of the yellow balloons flew up in the air, it didn't pop 😯 good try thou 👍 Red won for me 🏆
sajjad abbasi ja
sajjad abbasi ja 11 gün önce
Very exciting motivation
BigYoke 23 gün önce
I'm so happy to see you guys doing well.
Ashmi Agarwal
Ashmi Agarwal 7 gün önce
Yes yes yes Olympics need this !!
°• Srta Brehh •°
Each one is missing a balloon... Yellow loses before red, red loses in the last seconds... so in my opinion both lost 🤦🏻‍♀️
Bittu Dutta
Bittu Dutta 9 gün önce
Amazing race wow 😍😍
avron harman
avron harman 3 gün önce
these two make my day every day
Kalu Natwar
Kalu Natwar 2 gün önce
Marz5004 Aylar önce
That was just so much fun. Thank you guys.
maci world and madson
maci world and madson 22 gün önce
Your welcome
امير العبيدي
امير العبيدي
امير العبيدي
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 29 gün önce
haha, epic as always lads! love the longer videos to have some setup and faffing about banter as well though!
Samantha Fernandez
Samantha Fernandez 3 gün önce
Yellow missed a balloon and so did red at the end when he was going for the big white balloon
Chidinma Maryann Aniekwe
There's so much fun in this
Theresa Lovings
Theresa Lovings 7 gün önce
This looked like so much fun
Zax Crackz
Zax Crackz 13 saatler önce
Are we going to ignore the fact red and yellow both missed one
Putzzz Aylar önce
Had a laugh with the shovel smacking. I remembered the "Juice juicer" and "Concrete juicer" bits from the shovel video lol
StareeStars 11 gün önce
Kids: it's not safe to run with needles! Me: too late, I have 9 whole fingers.
Mmazen Mohammed
Mmazen Mohammed 4 saatler önce
انا اصلا بحبكو
Samara Greiner
Samara Greiner 8 gün önce
@karen ventura rojas hjihgh
karen ventura rojas
karen ventura rojas 8 gün önce
Abhijit Nath
Abhijit Nath 3 gün önce
Yesterday i was going to bring my birthday balloons but then the Shopkeeper : sorry but someone took all the balloons🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hi SiriCoffee!¡
Hi SiriCoffee!¡ 5 gün önce
Kallmekris would be so frightened watching this 🤣
me_ irah
me_ irah 2 gün önce
Idk but watching this I feel satisfied 😀
AkA 8 gün önce
Disclaimer : no ballons was harmed on this video :)
Brooklyn Straight
Brooklyn Straight 21 saatler önce
No we don’t talk about that one yellow balloon, legend says it still hasn’t popped to this day.
Iam_BORED⚠️⚠️ 10 gün önce
Why do i feel the big balloon are so soft lol😂✨
Jaspal Singh
Jaspal Singh 3 gün önce
Imagine if he forgot to record video
Kermit 24 gün önce
Yellow actually missed a balloon when the giant thing of balloons was being popped he didn’t pop one
CableTheGamer 13 gün önce
@Aniya tatorials but he only did it cause he know he had lost
Ugiloy Uzoqova
Ugiloy Uzoqova 14 gün önce
@Jethokanaiya Hotel ...
bossmoney is cool
bossmoney is cool 14 gün önce
So did red shut up
زهراء محمد
زهراء محمد 15 gün önce
زهراء محمد
زهراء محمد 15 gün önce
Sean Harris
Sean Harris 7 gün önce
That’s BS Yellow missed one!!!! Red won!
Sai Tat Toe Aung
Sai Tat Toe Aung 12 gün önce
Them: Me: Scaring of popping a single balloon
Emely Rosario
Emely Rosario 11 gün önce
Leah Games
Leah Games 11 gün önce
Fun fact of the day: yellow balloon went WEEEEE into the air and away :)
Srinivas Nxiv
Srinivas Nxiv 3 gün önce
Them: A task. Kids: my birthday ballons mommy. Legends: kids r playing at weekends 😂
Both missed one, sorry boys, rematch.
ꫝꪖ𝘳𝓲 𝓽ꪀ
1 yellow balloon miss 🙄
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan 9 gün önce
Johanny Baca
Johanny Baca 11 gün önce
Kraken sushi
Kraken sushi 12 gün önce
Red gave up on the last ballon because he knew he wasn't gonna win
Kannon B2
Kannon B2 Gün önce
That looks so fun
Muichiro 6 gün önce
Bro they forgot to pop one of the yellow balloons😂
That was intense 💀
Daqueengurl 5 gün önce
Yellow missed a ballon so technically red won
Late night talking
Yellow missed red missed at the end so technically no one won
Peek _a_ Boo
Peek _a_ Boo 3 gün önce
Really need it
Houda Bensaid
Houda Bensaid 8 gün önce
That's soo satisfying 😂😍❤️
Abdulrahman Kamal (physical games)
Nice and enthusiastic games and competitions / Good luck
Trains Trams And Crossings UK
Mad respect for the balloons that were harmed in this video
Travel, Music and Me Tv #SaxyJuan
This guy in pink almost had a headshot of dart
The Sacred Sword
The Sacred Sword 4 gün önce
Yellow had missed one so he didn’t win
Jellybean Afton ඩ
Jellybean Afton ඩ 8 gün önce
They both missed a balloon so they both technically cheated
Aryan Mishra
Aryan Mishra 27 gün önce
Everyone is talking that yellow missed a balloon but no one is talking that red missed a exercise ball and a balloon 🙂🙂
_StaticVoid_ 15 gün önce
The one flying?
tae Stan 💍?
tae Stan 💍? 17 gün önce
@domino_rower وبعدين معاش
tae Stan 💍?
tae Stan 💍? 17 gün önce
@domino_rower وبعدين معاش اومعاك
tae Stan 💍?
tae Stan 💍? 17 gün önce
@Madelynn Spencer لو سمحتي أنا ما أعرف اقرا انجليزي يعني ابغا بلعربي اوكي
tae Stan 💍?
tae Stan 💍? 18 gün önce
@Madelynn Spencer خير هاي
Off-track Encounters
Off-track Encounters 10 gün önce
I've been there, BOUNCE Cannington haha so good
J3Z Productions
J3Z Productions 9 gün önce
This is such a fun n safe thing to just drop everything n help set up😂😅😄
Adriane Santos
Adriane Santos 10 gün önce
Se parar pra preatar atenção sobrou bola amarela do campeão!!!
King Mahad
King Mahad 9 gün önce
The Olympics needs this sport really
Izzy Brady
Izzy Brady 24 gün önce
Yellow always gets “lucky” with where he gets to go too, because everything is always close to him, he doesn’t have to run as far, give red the trophy
Sadia Naznin Mim
Sadia Naznin Mim 4 gün önce
This is so fun😁
Dinesh Dua
Dinesh Dua 9 gün önce
Both missed 1 balloon yellow missed at starting and red at last
EfEeNa 7 gün önce
Red was the real winner ❤️
Claire Shumway
Claire Shumway 9 gün önce
POV: your a balloon on the chair “How’s your day going?” “AHHHHHHH LOOK OUT” “What do you-“ *pops after being sit on*
Ryan Ryan
Ryan Ryan 8 gün önce
عكممبلنزوةوتنمور وتنتفهاوة😅
serry ciok
serry ciok Aylar önce
I really needed this today. Thank you for making me smile with another awesome video!!!
Valarie Soria
Valarie Soria 25 gün önce
U know that it’s fake yellow missed one
Piggy corn
Piggy corn 3 gün önce
Butterfly Twins12
Butterfly Twins12 10 gün önce
Olympic does need this sport….
wildcraft ночной волк🐺
Я была за жёлтого давно. Кто со мной согласен(а) пишите😊
Bernite Preval
Bernite Preval 6 gün önce
I literally love your videos you're like the best 😄😱😱🤯🥳
Mariya 0ver L!ve
Mariya 0ver L!ve Aylar önce
Come on Herron! So close. My heart rate spikes when watching these. 😂
Mark Weathers
Mark Weathers 9 gün önce
You guys are legends.
axemaster1215 2 gün önce
It must hurt stepping on the balloons and popping them
Jeff Dollaz
Jeff Dollaz 5 gün önce
Technically I gotta give that one to herron cuz goneson missed a balloon
Luis Guillen
Luis Guillen 8 gün önce
El amarillo verdad, 💛💛💛 aplauso para el amarillo ❤️❤️❤️
Praveen Acharya
Praveen Acharya 29 gün önce
Yellow missed a ballon so clear winner RED congrats.... brother ❤️
Major W
Major W 24 gün önce
Red missed too get better eyes kid
ThunderRailAviation 25 gün önce
why does that matter 🤡
Surya B
Surya B 12 gün önce
I want to keep a thumbtack in that chair. Lol
ALIEN🦂 10 gün önce
One yellow balloon missed n finally one red to 😂
What i do for a living
The fact that this video has 100 million views is insane!
Kitten and Turtle
Kitten and Turtle 10 gün önce
Yellow missed 2 balloons if you look closely, and red missed one at the end.
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz Aylar önce
Are we going to talk about how he clearly missed the yellow balloon
Major W
Major W 24 gün önce
Red missed one too pay more attention
Fernando Neaves
Fernando Neaves 4 gün önce
I was laughing at your video only on the very beginning part of how it sounds. 🤣
Rebecca Umukoro
Rebecca Umukoro 7 gün önce
Yellow missed a balloon, so I think the winner should be the other one.. I love to play this kind of game 🎈🎈
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