The Offseason QB Market Ends in Chaos | Gridiron Heights S5E23

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It’s the season finale, and the NFL offseason officially begins with a wild QB market...and ends in chaos.

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8 Şub 2021




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Lowery 11 aylar önce
“Gronk, we need to go” “But Gronk just bought a house”😂
StarcoFan212 3 aylar önce
@C0DY TAYSOM, We're going to drive them up the price of quarterback stock? Hello Media, Can I interest you in Taysom Hill? He's Mormon but, also old.
HaHaHighFive 3 aylar önce
@Belac Ickekl Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead 3 days later. Get a relationship with God and Jesus and confess for your sins and Live for Christ and not the world and allow God and Jesus into your hearts. God and Jesus are trying to save you from going to hell. Jehovah and Jesus are all of our Gods and Lords and Saviors✝️
HaHaHighFive 3 aylar önce
Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead 3 days later. Get a relationship with God and Jesus and confess for your sins and Live for Christ and not the world and allow God and Jesus into your hearts. God and Jesus are trying to save you from going to hell. Jehovah and Jesus are all of our Gods and Lords and Saviors✝️
C0DY 4 aylar önce
@I am Bored “Suddenly, the price for a QB increased even more. Which gave one man an idea.
I am Bored
I am Bored 7 aylar önce
@DomGamer oh gotta tip here’s our 2024 first
Depressed Orioles Fan
Depressed Orioles Fan 11 aylar önce
Just promise us you won’t end Gridiron Heights as well 🙏
Vidya Sinha
Vidya Sinha 8 aylar önce
Dan Koehler
Dan Koehler 10 aylar önce
I hope not. The QB Convos on Facebook was the predecessor to these videos and they were legendary. Sadly, they're gone now.
Just Jack
Just Jack 10 aylar önce
Yeah. Trevor is awesome
I agree, but
I agree, but 11 aylar önce
@Sam Gentilotti yeah
Sam Gentilotti
Sam Gentilotti 11 aylar önce
I don’t think they will anytime soon, I don’t think nearly as much goes into this as GoZ
Cheng Bros
Cheng Bros 11 aylar önce
Poor taysom he’s being used for everything literally
MobileGamerYT & Well played YT
@The Winged Hussar nice
The Winged Hussar
The Winged Hussar 8 aylar önce
@MobileGamerYT & Well played YT congratulations, you are now... *a dumbass*
MobileGamerYT & Well played YT
@Yuh boi Eli I subscribed
Disney Enthusiast Matthew Avery
Gotta admit he is a great utility player, like a Swiss Army Knife
Jed Marcelino
Jed Marcelino 11 aylar önce
@Yuh boi Eli don't ask for subs earn them
Shak 11 aylar önce
Urban Meyer: introducing young kids that you don't have to pay. Trevor Lawrence: you know you need to pay us now. Urban Meyer: Huh WHAT?!?
HaHaHighFive 3 aylar önce
Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead 3 days later. Get a relationship with God and Jesus and confess for your sins and Live for Christ and not the world and allow God and Jesus into your hearts. God and Jesus are trying to save you from going to hell. Jehovah and Jesus are all of our Gods and Lords and Saviors✝️
Just Jack
Just Jack 10 aylar önce
@MediocreSZN I know
heyman112 - SSBU
heyman112 - SSBU 11 aylar önce
This one got a kick out of me
MediocreSZN 11 aylar önce
@Just Jack they do that for every rookie, once they finish their first season BR puts their voices back to normal
Dr Doofenshmirtz
Dr Doofenshmirtz 11 aylar önce
But did you see the peace sign by Winfield in the back tho?
BOOMDAWG 44 11 aylar önce
Urban Meyer do be retiring every time there is a scandal tho
Belac Ickekl
Belac Ickekl 26 gün önce
Aaannd now he's gone
bluerisk 3 aylar önce
This aged well, did't it. At least the scandal part...
Tristan Greene
Tristan Greene 3 aylar önce
this comment aged very well
daddy yankee
daddy yankee 3 aylar önce
lmfao now the bar controversy-
BOOMDAWG 44 11 aylar önce
@Ray Lanza sorry, didn’t know the grammar gestapo was after me
The Big Sad.
The Big Sad. 11 aylar önce
“Only 30 teams to go, Gronk we’re out.” This nightmare will never end won’t it?
rmar67 10 aylar önce
@The Big Sad. I'd love to see what Urinating Tree's reaction would be.
Gerod dunn
Gerod dunn 11 aylar önce
@wittylibrarian Lions? At lest Clevland made it to the divisional round
wittylibrarian 11 aylar önce
Not until Brady and Gronk win a Super Bowl for (checks the list) Cleveland Browns. ... ... ... ... Okay, that's never going to happen.
Ultra Venia
Ultra Venia 11 aylar önce
@DomiNathan Sports Just think, they could have had Rodgers and Brady battling it out.
Gerod dunn
Gerod dunn 11 aylar önce
@52flyingbicycles he grew up a 49 er fan. I don’t think he will help us
The Llama
The Llama 11 aylar önce
The way Bleacher report parodied the recent GME pump with the QB market is absolutely genius
Reed 11 aylar önce
it was a big short parody
Jacob Crinklaw
Jacob Crinklaw 11 aylar önce
And they put a gamestop in gridiron heights
rafael hg
rafael hg 11 aylar önce
While also parodying the wolf of wall street and the big short
BE C 11 aylar önce
Matt Stafford landing in L.A. "Oh god, the Sun!" LOL. It's like he was a political prisoner that has just been released from the Lions work camp.
BE C 4 aylar önce
@Timmy I REALLY hope you were joking. I was just quoting the video. Sigh.
Timmy 4 aylar önce
gosh*^ for God, do not use God’s name in vain 😇🙏❤️❤️
David Porter
David Porter 8 aylar önce
@Kahlil Pittman. You right, Titus Young didn't last long because of his attitude. However, when he did play, he contributed
Kahlil Pittman
Kahlil Pittman 8 aylar önce
@David Porter Titus Young was a WR who only lasted like 2 years and was complimentary at best. And Eric Ebron was barely catching colds with the Lions
David Porter
David Porter 8 aylar önce
@Kahlil Pittman. He also had Titus Young and Eric Ebron. Yes they are Tight Ends but they had the most receiving in the league with Stafford. Hell even Reggie Bush was catching the ball
Lucas R
Lucas R 11 aylar önce
Respect for having a 2 minute episode in back to back weeks
TehKaiser 11 aylar önce
Thank State Farm.
Juan 11 aylar önce
Can’t wait for Trevor Lawrence in Gridiron Heights
I'm Your Bean
I'm Your Bean 8 aylar önce
They’ll make him sound hot
Lola Jay
Lola Jay 10 aylar önce
Baby voice for a year
Sahil_goat 11 aylar önce
@Rylan Navarrete same
Aaron In Style
Aaron In Style 11 aylar önce
@Keepittogetherfrancis I’d much rather call him Goldilocks since it’s a funnier insult. 😂😂😂
Yuki 11 aylar önce
@Nicholas no no no. Sunshine was a Gamecock. The one thing us Clemson fans and USCjr fans actually agree on is Trevor is not Sunshine.
The GOAT Dame
The GOAT Dame 11 aylar önce
"Did somebody say cover-up?" - Urban Meyer
Gordon Taylor
Gordon Taylor 3 aylar önce
@Jade Nguyen And now the same kind of problem has reared its ugly head again. Urban should be thankful the 20-game losing streak got broken, or he might not still have a job right now...
MikeNIke 3 aylar önce
still making sure we remember to this day
no u
no u 11 aylar önce
Lmao I just got u to 666 likes not like it means anything
Jade Nguyen
Jade Nguyen 11 aylar önce
@matt man he covered up all that wifebeating and players being abusive at Ohio State and allegedly some other behavior back at Florida.
matt man
matt man 11 aylar önce
I dont get it
Thomas J
Thomas J 11 aylar önce
"Gotta tip; here's a 2024 first round pick" Had me dead.
Kevin Williamsen
Kevin Williamsen 11 aylar önce
I was hoping Mahomes would show up at some point saying "Wow this is not easy. This is not fun." as he runs around wildly.
Hank Murphy
Hank Murphy 11 aylar önce
the writers of GIH LOVE PM, if he had won (instead of getting crushed) it would have been 2 min of PM worship, but because the GOAT won, we get 3 seconds mocking him and then stuff about everyone else but PM and GOAT.
Danny Dorito
Danny Dorito 11 aylar önce
The Big Short, Wolf of Wall Street, and GameStop stocks all in one episode? You guys know how to write a great video!
Patrick Roden
Patrick Roden 11 aylar önce
Sean Pratt
Sean Pratt 11 aylar önce
@Dryan3 MC/DC time! Watch your kneecaps.
Dryan3 11 aylar önce
Motor City Dan Campbell
Elijah Patterson
Elijah Patterson 11 aylar önce
I'm excited to see the new rookies, and to hear how this year's rookies mature into their grown-up voices. Especially since Kyler's voice is the bomb. lol
Elijah Patterson
Elijah Patterson 11 aylar önce
@YourAverageGamingWarrior2022 I'm a Saints fan, and I don't know his job, either!
@Elijah Patterson Nobody knows what his job is exactly
Elijah Patterson
Elijah Patterson 11 aylar önce
@YourAverageGamingWarrior2022 Nothin' much, just hoping we can actually get 40 1st rounders for Taysom. lol He can punt and return his own punt!
*Yo, what's up man*
Tommy Atwell
Tommy Atwell 11 aylar önce
Edleman in the beginning cheering for Brady had me dying
TwonDaGreat 8 aylar önce
QUIENSOY 11 aylar önce
Ooo, I noticed now
Nitro Mixer
Nitro Mixer 11 aylar önce
People to blame: Ryan Pace The McNairs Bill O'Brien Jack Easterby Taysom Hill
Rom 11 aylar önce
To be fair everyone on that list before Taysom is to blame for ruining the Texans
TDL Cannon
TDL Cannon 11 aylar önce
People to blame: "Ryan Pace The McNairs Bill O'Brien Jack Easterbay Taysom Hill"
Ryan L
Ryan L 9 aylar önce
@Scottie Beam'em I thought the same thing lol
TDL Cannon
TDL Cannon 9 aylar önce
@Scottie Beam'em OMG LMAO
Scottie Beam'em
Scottie Beam'em 9 aylar önce
1 Month Later: adds 22 more names
pretty cure Forever
pretty cure Forever 11 aylar önce
Poor dude stuck there forever tbh bill really is to blame
Jack Haddad
Jack Haddad 11 aylar önce
Gruden trying to get rid of Derek Carr is hillarious
Joe Flores
Joe Flores 10 aylar önce
In real life
Joe Flores
Joe Flores 10 aylar önce
He really is
bulldogsbob 11 aylar önce
There another Raider jokes about him they could make like too many FGs.
Jack Haddad
Jack Haddad 11 aylar önce
@bulldogsbob yeah Gruden stopped after his first year, but it adds to his cartoon persona lol
bulldogsbob 11 aylar önce
And inaccurate
Tripolar 11 aylar önce
Dan Campbell is the best new character. MCDC
Justin Tompkins
Justin Tompkins 4 aylar önce
Patrick 8 aylar önce
No wonder Rodgers wants out of Green Bay. Gotta look out for those kneecaps.
Justin Pettit
Justin Pettit 8 aylar önce
Too bad he'll only be on this show for like a couple seasons
Rick Walters
Rick Walters 9 aylar önce
Just Jack
Just Jack 10 aylar önce
Trevor Lawrence is awesome
R4V3N 11 aylar önce
"No team is better than some teams!" - Allen Robinson, 2021
Kahlil Pittman
Kahlil Pittman 8 aylar önce
@Mark Portalski you seem kind of pressed 🤣🤣
Mark Portalski
Mark Portalski 8 aylar önce
@Kahlil Pittman wow, I don’t care
Kahlil Pittman
Kahlil Pittman 8 aylar önce
@Mark Portalski you were wrong
Lil Daddy Henry
Lil Daddy Henry 11 aylar önce
Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell 11 aylar önce
As a bears fan. That hurt. 😂😂😂
Echo 11 aylar önce
Damn we’re gonna have to wait 7 months to hear Burrow Herbert and Tua’s non rookie voices
Landoman 3 aylar önce
Didn’t have to wait that long for Tuas but I get the feeling we’re never hearing Burrow’s
ILikeAnimeThighs 11 aylar önce
Love how they mentioned the GameStop situation with out mentioning GameStop
Jacob Crinklaw
Jacob Crinklaw 11 aylar önce
Gamestop store, and they include blackberry as dakberry and an AMC Definitely in line with the WSB situation lol
Luc-Rikardo Fils
Luc-Rikardo Fils 11 aylar önce
Does the BigGameStop store at 2:11 count?
leinadcruz96 11 aylar önce
@fullbarneystinsoness both
Ray Eminizer
Ray Eminizer 11 aylar önce
@fullbarneystinsoness Probably both but the scene from the bathtub is LITERALLY from the big short.
fullbarneystinsoness 11 aylar önce
@Ray Eminizer it’s not about big short, it’s based mostly off wolf of Wall Street the crash is talking about what happened before the black Monday crash of the 80’s
Sean Twitchell
Sean Twitchell 11 aylar önce
The Clams - Teamy rivalry is amazing.
Matt Banks
Matt Banks 11 aylar önce
I swear the colts get no love lol the most desirable spot for a QB this off-season in a QB off-season based episode and they get less screen time than the Delaware Clams 😂
Ron the Auraknight
Ron the Auraknight 11 aylar önce
@Nicholas if wentz is traded they are the best team to get him due to overall capspace, and the fact that their pick is quite bad so they would need to trade up to getsomeone Dolphins are intriguing cause i believe they can trade down to someone who wants either the second or third (more likely third) QB prospect in the draft, or draft one of the best linemen or WR for it A lot of teams (barring jets, and Jags) Will begin the Quarterback Carousel... and honestly this year it looks more hectic than normal
Nicholas 11 aylar önce
Maybe that will change if they get a rookie QB in the draft. Or just use Jacob Eason, but I don't think they'll use him. They haven't said anything about Eason.
Ꭲ. Ᏼ. Ꮇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ
But Jim irsay doh...
Mark Of Hades
Mark Of Hades 11 aylar önce
“Taysom watch me dance” has to be my favorite line
tht one Guy
tht one Guy 11 aylar önce
“I’m not F***ing leaving. The show goes on.”
The Boulder
The Boulder 7 aylar önce
“Shirts should be about Treamy!”
Patrick 10 aylar önce
The Clam’s belligerent send in teamy!
Shakiem Jean Joseph
Shakiem Jean Joseph 11 aylar önce
Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street said that
Jitesh Ramakrishnan
Jitesh Ramakrishnan 11 aylar önce
Wolf of Wall Street
Skybound 11 aylar önce
Taysom Hill
GSP Hunter
GSP Hunter 11 aylar önce
"Everyone but Nathan Peterman must go!" That's right, you better not sell the GOAT
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn 10 aylar önce
@Demon King Badger he’s only 6’2
Jayden 11 aylar önce
the funnier part is he looked great in preseason and Raider fans were like we should start him lmao but who knows maybe he is the GOAT👀
Nick Montana
Nick Montana 11 aylar önce
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn 11 aylar önce
I’m convinced he got all of his interceptions out and he’s just gonna throw TDs now
Cerabrii 11 aylar önce
We all know Geno Smith is the GOAT
John Stevens
John Stevens 11 aylar önce
I love how every year is always chaos at the end.
andres olivares
andres olivares 11 aylar önce
Love how every year grid iron heights goes through an apocalypse and just fixes itself like nothing happened
Felipe Antonio Leon
Felipe Antonio Leon 11 aylar önce
Did anyone catch Edelman right at the beginning? LOL
Jonathan Held
Jonathan Held 11 aylar önce
Todd Evo
Todd Evo 11 aylar önce
I watched this several times and didn't notice that.... Real good 👁️, it's my favorite part now.
Clay McCoy
Clay McCoy 11 aylar önce
Good eye. It was literally half a second.
Kellen Jones
Kellen Jones 11 aylar önce
“Here’s a 2024 first round pick” 😂
wittylibrarian 11 aylar önce
At this rate the next year the Rams have a First Round draft pick is 2047.
_Mean GreenJersey
_Mean GreenJersey 11 aylar önce
Shmavster 420
Shmavster 420 11 aylar önce
“WELCOME TO THE LION CAGE HAVE DINNER OR BECOME DINNER” Yeah he’s gunna be one of my favorite characters
Mac Jones Biggest Fan!
Mac Jones Biggest Fan! 11 aylar önce
“Look, the internet says now I’m worth half a Darnoldcoin.” lol
Sumoy Das
Sumoy Das 11 aylar önce
So sad this season is coming to an end I love gridiron heights
Moon Sniper
Moon Sniper 11 aylar önce
Man, such a shame the season is already over 😭🥺 Can’t wait for next season 😌
Splash! 11 aylar önce
I was laughing when Sean Payton was dancing “TAYSOM WATCH ME DANCE” lol
Jesus F. Bravo G.
Jesus F. Bravo G. 11 aylar önce
These episodes are so packed with good content, everyone just glossed over the fact that they actually got Adam Lefkoe to do a voiceover.
Michael Tyler
Michael Tyler 10 aylar önce
How did they know this big ass Taysom contract was gonna happen 😂
Lloyd Shepherd
Lloyd Shepherd 11 aylar önce
OH MY GOD! I’m disappointed the Packers couldn’t bring it home but I FREAKIN LOVE THIS SHOW. CLAMMY has quickly become one of my favorite characters
Andrew Alvarez
Andrew Alvarez 11 aylar önce
Ahhh drew brees didn’t get a goodbye like he should of 🥺🥺🥺
Andrew Alvarez
Andrew Alvarez 11 aylar önce
@Roy Jonesthe subtle things like “goodbye to the saints having a franchise QB” and drew waving in the background isn’t like others who retired and got an actual goodbye like Andrew Luck.
Roy Jones
Roy Jones 11 aylar önce
What are you talking about ? He gave 3 different goodbyes
Bobby Tricks
Bobby Tricks 11 aylar önce
Sammy DeLorenzi
Sammy DeLorenzi 11 aylar önce
Dan Campbell is already the best Gridiron Heights character ever
William Anderson
William Anderson 11 aylar önce
Can we have a Teamy shirt, for he lasted longer than Haskins who created him.
Ogre Rated
Ogre Rated 11 aylar önce
This might be one of the all time greatest episodes, absolutely electric
Snoopy 11 aylar önce
You know damn well that the firsts intrigued the lions more than Goff
Wesley Nankervis
Wesley Nankervis 11 aylar önce
Pretty clever lines drawn. Especially impressive considering the time you had to come up with it. I’m a fan.
Lockdownfan 11 aylar önce
Mahomes “Free Real Estate” has been ransacked by the Bucs front 7
Justin Fever
Justin Fever 11 aylar önce
Denice Everhart
Denice Everhart 11 aylar önce
Mahomes Depot
The WingedWheelWarrior
The WingedWheelWarrior 11 aylar önce
It's sad that Drew Brees is gone now. I've always loved watching him
MockEmperor 953
MockEmperor 953 11 aylar önce
Best episode I can remember it's 3 minutes long that makes it twice as good as a normal episode
Jongin was 19 when he did this
I would love to see OBJ babysit the rookies at some point! 😂
Cailin Proctor
Cailin Proctor 11 aylar önce
loved the burrow cameo. he got the short end of the stick this season 😂
Kyle Patrick Hall
Kyle Patrick Hall 11 aylar önce
There needs to be Keenan Allen in this episode saying "I'll go"
jonathan aguilar
jonathan aguilar 11 aylar önce
they need to make one during the off-season free agency and another draft episode
AgentOrange90 11 aylar önce
one of the best episodes ever. played into all the $GME hype with wolf of wall street and the big short
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 11 aylar önce
Blake Griffin to Jared Goff “Mmmm...first time???”
Garland Washington
Garland Washington 11 aylar önce
Koji Machado
Koji Machado 11 aylar önce
The peace sign by Winfield Jr. - hilarious
Kody 11 aylar önce
*"Everything but Nathan Peterman must go!"* LMAO
Karma 11 aylar önce
“Oh god the sun” welcome to a playoff team matt
Epic Typhlosion
Epic Typhlosion 11 aylar önce
Fudge the offseason! I want friggin football!
Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris 10 aylar önce
Taylor James
Taylor James 11 aylar önce
As a chiefs fan I’m gonna miss Phil 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
the rat
the rat 11 aylar önce
StickGuyAlex 11 aylar önce
Sam Benham
Sam Benham 11 aylar önce
Mangos IQ
Mangos IQ 11 aylar önce
Just make a Sam Darnold one where he is just depressed
Philly Nation
Philly Nation 11 aylar önce
@KAEP Have him excitedly telling people how other teams want him then zoom out to see he’s just seeing ghosts again
John Raven
John Raven 11 aylar önce
He was depressed all the season...
Keith McCarthy
Keith McCarthy 11 aylar önce
"Wentz not traded before this episode aired, much to the relief of the animators."
Brock Yay
Brock Yay 11 aylar önce
I really want a Delaware clams team now😂
__________ 11 aylar önce
I like how Julian Edelman is at the super bowl parade
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 11 aylar önce
LOL 2:12 I love that savage Urban Meyer reference!!! I'm dying it's so funny. Hit me harder than Urban's assistant coach hit his wife.
Dalton Farris
Dalton Farris 11 aylar önce
This was a good episode everyone holding the line
Michel Tapes
Michel Tapes 11 aylar önce
I was laughing so hard when he tipped the uber a first round pick
Cabral Richards
Cabral Richards 11 aylar önce
SO SO SO good. These are excellent. Always hilarious.
Paul L.
Paul L. 11 aylar önce
The peace grafiti signed by Winfield just sends me man
ItsKaspa Hoe
ItsKaspa Hoe 11 aylar önce
DW on the bears would be awesome to watch man. Haven't really been entertained watching a bears game in forever
Nick Griffith
Nick Griffith 11 aylar önce
this was the best Gridiron Heights episode of the season. Hands down.
Enraged Kermit
Enraged Kermit 11 aylar önce
Just make an episode deciated to sam darnold being depressed, he's earned it.
Tobias Landes
Tobias Landes 11 aylar önce
Only 30 more teams to go- had me die laughing😂
Theodore Fernandez
Theodore Fernandez 11 aylar önce
The mascots fighting in the background have me dead
TheTbtercel 11 aylar önce
I have laughed so hard at this, I'm crying. And I'm a Saints fan.
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading 11 aylar önce
2:16..... ☮️ - Winfield Jr. 😂😂😂 this is gold
ali ali
ali ali 11 aylar önce
This is probably the pinnacle of the series Bravo , see you dopes next season!
Sir Mar
Sir Mar 11 aylar önce
Can't wait to see the multiple jokes about Juju dancing next season 🥲
The Respected Madman
The Respected Madman 11 aylar önce
“You know you need to pay us now, right?” “Woah! What?!” 😂😂
Srithan Madala
Srithan Madala 11 aylar önce
Julian Edelman just casually hanging out at the Bucs parade signaling tuochdown
Roboknight 11 aylar önce
Love that he wants to keep gronk with him
Sean Neumann
Sean Neumann 11 aylar önce
The timing on this episode lowkey stunk, brady throwing the trophy would've been hilarious for this episode
Prynce NY
Prynce NY 11 aylar önce
Pretty good, although I was expecting a Mahomes appearance
Adam Freedman
Adam Freedman 11 aylar önce
“Wentz not traded before this episode aired, much to the relief of the animators”
Nicholas Damiani
Nicholas Damiani 11 aylar önce
Hey, at least the Eagles got to be the last NFC East team to ever win the Super Bowl.... ...forever :D
MR EE 11 aylar önce
And beat Brady and the Patriots in a shoot out no less.
Mary Shaw
Mary Shaw 11 aylar önce
gonna be a hell of an off season
Sports Shorts
Sports Shorts 8 aylar önce
Who else can’t live without this series?
Richiep88clone2 11 aylar önce
2:21 this is actually my favorite part
Brooks Davis
Brooks Davis 10 aylar önce
Me too
Gabriela Carroll
Gabriela Carroll 11 aylar önce
"did somebody say coverup" absolutely sent me.
Que first Name
Que first Name 11 aylar önce
I love how they base episodes off of movies, I was just waiting for a wolf of Wall Street one.
Josh T
Josh T 11 aylar önce
“Taysom watch me dance” “ uhh coach you should probably trade taysom hill” “Hold the line”
Keith McCarthy
Keith McCarthy 11 aylar önce
Lmao the Bears offer for Wentz: "Philly gets Foles for two years and then we trade back and forth forever."
wee woo wee woo
wee woo wee woo 11 aylar önce
It wouldn't be like this if QBs weren't over valued. Just remember Seahawks made it to the SB with Hasselbeck. Ravens withflack, niners with kaep, the list goes on. Also if you have a golden QB you have to build around him not just expect him to do everything, he needs weapons. That's why Brady shits out wins.
Ethan H
Ethan H 10 aylar önce
This more ironic now that Tysom got that 140M contract.
A Dogo With a cool saxophone
I hope they make Matt Ryan the baby sitter QB 🤣🤣 Wait never mind, it would be a chocking hazard for the rookies
Baldomero Chavez
Baldomero Chavez 11 aylar önce
So we can safely assume that BR never sent clammy back into the ocean due to t shirt sales not being enough. 😢
cbfabulldogs 11 aylar önce
Always high quality. Can't wait till next year
Benjamin Nutter
Benjamin Nutter 11 aylar önce
This episode reminds me of when covid started, everything crashed
funny dude
funny dude 11 aylar önce
“Protect me hurts uh or wentz uh or hurts or uh wentz” 🤣😂
Commit Die
Commit Die 11 aylar önce
Hurts won
The Loneliest Rocket
The Loneliest Rocket 11 aylar önce
That made me laugh far to hard.
Jacob Walther
Jacob Walther 11 aylar önce
@Anthony Mendez you aren’t very smart are you? You can learn to know someone well within less than a week. Who cares if they screw up one press conference, he’s a football coach not a public speaker
Anthony Mendez
Anthony Mendez 11 aylar önce
@Jacob Walther With the fact that this is a new team for him, these are not people that he knows. With that, free agents come into the building at the beginning of each new season. Also, talking at press conferences is a part of your job as a head coach. Belichick is not a good public speaker, but he answers questions from the press very concisely in as little words as possible. This new coach should learn from the professionals.
Jacob Walther
Jacob Walther 11 aylar önce
@Anthony Mendez there’s a difference in talking to a couple dozen of players that you already know well, and can talk casually to most of the time, and talking to potentially millions of people that you have to be very official with.
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