The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy (Official Video) [Remastered in 4K]

The Notorious B.I.G.
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Official Music Video for The Notorious B.I.G. - "Juicy"
Director: Sean "Puffy" Combs
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The Notorious B.I.G. channel is the official TRvid home of The Notorious B.I.G. featuring his catalog of official music videos. The Notorious B.I.G. is widely recognized as one of the world’s most influential rappers and has sold more than 17 million albums in the U.S. alone. Before his murder in 1997, Christopher Wallace recorded two classic albums as The Notorious B.I.G. His debut Ready to Die arrived in 1994 and helped revitalize the East Coast rap scene with massive hits like “Big Poppa” and “Juicy.” Life After Death was released in March 1997 just weeks after he was shot and killed in Los Angeles. The record topped the U.S. album charts and featured the hits “Hypnotize” and “Mo Money Mo Problems.” It remains one of the few hip-hop albums to ever achieve Diamond certification from the RIAA.




6 Eyl 2011




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The Notorious B.I.G.
The Notorious B.I.G. 6 aylar önce
REMASTERED IN 4K 5/21/21 🎂
Lui 24 gün önce
@Cool Guy I have
Joseph Ahn안요셉
Jesus Christ loves us all very much. Jesus Christ took the punishment for all of our sins instead by dying on the cross to save us from going to hell, and so we can have eternal life in heaven with Jesus Christ and God. On the third day after Jesus Christ died, God raised him back from the dead. Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven and he will come back for his chosen ones. Nobody knows when Jesus Christ will come back but the Father, who is the one and only true living God. Also, please spread the Gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord because there are people who still go to hell for not believing in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Aylar önce
Now you can't comment on this comment
Canova Pace
Canova Pace 2 aylar önce
Last comment again 😊
Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu 16 dakika önce
King of NYC
Jay Arvi
Jay Arvi 45 dakika önce
They was living that life n the 90s
agon 2 saatler önce
Smth for Biggie trvid.com/video/video-K3WBM0yiVVE.html
Shardow Zakari
Shardow Zakari 5 saatler önce
Dragonfist 41
Dragonfist 41 7 saatler önce
ProfiYntroz 7 saatler önce
Oliver Enarsson
Oliver Enarsson 8 saatler önce
this was the peak of rap.
Skyler Cabrello
Skyler Cabrello 11 saatler önce
This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through hard times, thank god for music! I love you. 💕 ♥️
JAX Jonesy
JAX Jonesy 11 saatler önce
Legend ✊ RESPECT ☝️ legends never die rip 2 Biggie amen 💚🤛
SilverEcho 12 saatler önce
Meh. Eminem was better when he use to do this style
Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson 13 saatler önce
Shame he really had swagger & harmony cool dude
Eric Robbins
Eric Robbins 19 saatler önce
Old fire that keeps you from the bullshit of todays world 🌎
eltown boyzs gang records
eltown boyzs gang records 19 saatler önce
Rest in peace biggie smalls
ronald amaral
ronald amaral 20 saatler önce
CZone 20 saatler önce
Day 258 of me listening to “Juicy” everyday for 1 year my aunt died today, F 😭
Fredrick Balogun
Fredrick Balogun 22 saatler önce
I listen to BIG at least 5 times daily... Let me know the date you're seeing this😉 06-12-2021
MrKauzmo 17 saatler önce
12/05/2021 Now you know.....
_C.RoyY_ 23 saatler önce
som bout this track makes me optimistic
Ryan Safrany
Ryan Safrany Gün önce
am i the only 13 yr old that thinks old school destroys new school
Sorda Gün önce
“Blow up like the world trade” well that lyric aged well
Impotent Rage
Impotent Rage Gün önce
Now this is rap, a classic beat & rhyming lyrics. He’s “the notorious” for a reason.
Lee Jon
Lee Jon Gün önce
1ghostbros Gün önce
Such a king
Humans are here for ruining the world
Has anyone noticed the sample in Tamar Braxton's 'the one' and jlo's 'loving you'? I love all of them ❤️
Jaylin Gün önce
Mavis Quiroz
Mavis Quiroz Gün önce
Merry Christmas ☃️🎄 December 2021
Javen Wolford
Javen Wolford Gün önce
“Let’s see who listens in 2021”🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥
Pete Rock produced this! Never new til the other day
Glenn Gün önce
Blow up like the world trade in reference to the 1993 bombing only for it to be destroyed just a few years later
Hamza Shaukat
Hamza Shaukat Gün önce
Killed it
Jesse Alonso
Jesse Alonso Gün önce
How much people hearing this 2021 december
Andrea Pinto
Andrea Pinto Gün önce
Porco dio
Timothy Owen
Timothy Owen Gün önce
I’m just a middle aged white guy… but this guy really flowed.
Victor Onyango
Victor Onyango Gün önce
Did B.I.G Kill Tupac
Joshua Newgent
Joshua Newgent Gün önce
rip to all da legends we really wish yall was here with us concerts even xxx lil loaded and the other legends we miss all of yall
FourTwenty Gün önce
I like how this version isn’t clean
Kinzong Bhutia
Kinzong Bhutia Gün önce
M watching this on Dec 2021
Still here and I will keep coming back.
Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal Gün önce
anyone else have this song randomly come into their head? havent heard it in years
Rita Dunham
Rita Dunham Gün önce
Yosu Rushindra
Yosu Rushindra Gün önce
Bro this man is a legend his raps never gets old.
CZone Gün önce
Day 257 of me listening to “Juicy” everyday for 1 year
SweatYtv Gün önce
How many listening 12-04-21
Davion Dantzler
Davion Dantzler Gün önce
Who still here in 2021 going into 2022?!!! This new generation ain’t got ish on Biggie, Tupac and the other legends. 🙏🏾🕊💙
Sadboi Slim
Sadboi Slim Gün önce
Still eating sardines for dinner
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson 2 gün önce
Me my wife and daughter ate sardines for dinner but i know one day we going to be okay🙏🏿🙏🏿
Phineas Finny
Phineas Finny 2 gün önce
Stronzio XxX
Stronzio XxX 2 gün önce
A tutti i preti pacifisti
Agusbg 2 gün önce
4/12/2021 🙋🏽‍♂️
PNGx BEASTx 2 gün önce
this is my favorite song ever and I'm 17 biggie's a legend
anonymous jaat
anonymous jaat 2 gün önce
Love from India Biggie - Listening in 2021
Jan Luca Hilgenberg
Jan Luca Hilgenberg 2 gün önce
Whos still listening to this goat in 2021 december
MisterZalgo 2 gün önce
0:50 dude did he just predict 9/11?!
Pug 2 gün önce
@MisterZalgo ye
MisterZalgo 2 gün önce
@Pug ohh ok i didnt even know about that. thank you for the clarification!
Pug 2 gün önce
No I think he meant when they went to rebuild it in like the early 90’s or maybe that one thing where a van brought a bomb and blew one of them
Jaylynn Kim
Jaylynn Kim 2 gün önce
i still miss him... my teens... tupac too...
Visionscout420v 2 gün önce
2021 December anyone?
Na U
Na U 2 gün önce
Rubens Felipe BJJ
Rubens Felipe BJJ 2 gün önce
"Você nunca pensou que o hip hop chegaria tão longe"... é Big hj em dia o Hip Hop está no topo graças as suas obras primas...
Crusader VR
The flow is amazing R.I.P. what a legend
Amoe the Unicorn
Amoe the Unicorn 2 gün önce
Daym..yall..its been a yr since anyone asked "who's listening too this.." type a comment?!! Come on people!! Who's listening in DECEMBER 2021!!! feed me all you're likes!!! 👍
Come on, Arian
Come on, Arian 2 gün önce
0:49 biggie knew it all along, He was ahead of His time
Tman 2 gün önce
The kids from the late 90s were so lucky...all the kids nowadays have is mumble rap😓
Mattew pyro
Mattew pyro 2 gün önce
How many people in december 2021?
Lyle Carroll
Lyle Carroll 2 gün önce
Word, track still thriving today..
BFE KENNELS 2 gün önce
Rip big dog 🙏
GilzSoDownBad 2 gün önce
Watching this now in 4K is lowkey weird tho ICEL 😭
Mike The Breeze
Mike The Breeze 2 gün önce
50" OLED screen nowadays
Efrain Mendez
Efrain Mendez 2 gün önce
Who’s else is here for this in December 2021?👀👀
CZone 2 gün önce
Day 256 of me listening to “Juicy” everyday for 1 year
happy possum
happy possum 2 gün önce
the one
the one 2 gün önce
Juicy..... Smollett?
faysal adan
faysal adan 3 gün önce
Just look how different life was when this tune dropped, like if you watching in December 2021!!!
Tremaine 3 gün önce
Lets see how many people are watching in 2021 december.
victor bremen
victor bremen 3 gün önce
december 2021?
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 3 gün önce
Still listening December 2021, anyone else?
BradyA1124 3 gün önce
This dude was straight tight
Tracey Logan
Tracey Logan 3 gün önce
3 Dec 2021 💙
raccoon 3 gün önce
あなたのゲイ 3 gün önce
Ritabrata Chakrabarti
ya, the classic hip-hop. Love it, just love it!
Adam Power
Adam Power 3 gün önce
Am I the only one who hears blow up like the world trade but that doesn’t happen till 2001
Adam Power
Adam Power 2 gün önce
@Drip Guts ok I though I was going mad
Drip Guts
Drip Guts 3 gün önce
The only attack on the world trade center wasn't 9/11. Another attack had happened in 1993
Amin Shah
Amin Shah 3 gün önce
Nick Karn
Nick Karn 3 gün önce
Who claiming to be big poppa here move back on in my seat get me quivk dont miss ne im back no bluff out in the indiana cant put my address on here so who nk in my ear cuz this shit it aint all god but know you know
Vatos Locos
Vatos Locos 3 gün önce
Where are my houmies in december 2021 BROOKLYN WE DIT IT
Peter Mutunga
Peter Mutunga 3 gün önce
I love Pac but Biggie got a whollipa rhymes
Izaiah Smith-Sheridan
Let's see the legends coming to watch this December 2021
R J 3 gün önce
Relax music
Herve Saheed
Herve Saheed 3 gün önce
Bert kicks
Bert kicks 3 gün önce
lifewithmercy 3 gün önce
jerry fischer
jerry fischer 3 gün önce
BIG had way more hits than 2Pac tbh and he is just more unique and better.
athul Kini
athul Kini 3 gün önce
We still bumbin biggie in December 2021
Patricia Licea
Patricia Licea 3 gün önce
Anyone know who the blonde with the braids is?
raseblueberries 3 gün önce
maybe I December 2021 one how did he say blow up like the world trade in 1994
Drip Guts
Drip Guts 3 gün önce
There was an attack on the world trade center in 1993
Karma Malla
Karma Malla 3 gün önce
Still watching in 2021 Dec 3
CZone 3 gün önce
Day 255 of me listening to “Juicy” everyday for 1 year
Southp4w 3 gün önce
Ready to Die was a series of timeless classics. Rest in Power Big, you's a legend
Maurice Cankucul
Maurice Cankucul 3 gün önce
How many People See this in December 2021?
Walter Chinaz
Walter Chinaz 4 gün önce
Am still with in 2021
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