The New Kanye Song Is Sad

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13 Oca 2022




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Kanye West switching his character straight from Angel to Demon is what he's all about.
Reading lyrics isn't Anthony's strong suit he always takes them so literally lol
Modal Sahil
Kanye being insecure and toxic doesn't make the song bad. It makes it real. The song was written in a bitter state and it's harrowing and wonderful to listen to.
Catherine Comer
As a person Kanye isn't my favorite but I do love his music. I respect that you are constructively criticizing that he's coming from a place of insecurity and not confidence, but it's raw emotion. Not what everybody expects of him to be feeling. That's what makes this a great song.
It's really not that bad - Ive heard far worse efforts from Kayne. I dont think it's really meant to be taken that seriously - the Pete Davidson line was def said with a smirk
malusi ntsele
I have never been a Kanye fan like dat when it comes to his rapping. But this has to be his most refreshing verse I have heard from him in a long time. To say it's trash u r way way off the mark buddy. The verse is personal without being boring. I don't care what u say. The verse is good actually it is very entertaining. How can we forget u gave Kanye MDTF a shitty review. You clearly have something against Kanye.
Kassu H
Kanye putting out that single cover after releasing two christian rap albums is pretty hardcore
Presley Luis
Honestly the Pete Davidson line shouldn't be taken anymore seriously than his Southpark and snl jabs. it's just tongue and cheek
I love the calmness and acceptance in his voice when he says “it’s horrifying”
Damn for a music critic you sure take lyrics literal and are judgmental towards a man being emotional. A bit hypocritical since you were a bit upset when people made fun of you for crying at that Mac Miller song. Yikes.
Spencer P.
Sometimes Fantano puts too much weight on having a perfect and clever verse that is topical and not “cringe.” I personally think the real ness and heart of Kanye’s verse is killer. He’s the only rapper who says what’s actually on his mind, 100% true to himself and his life, never about superficial stuff. One of my favorite Kanye verses in a while and on a sick beat
Antonios Harvey
why r people defending kanyes verse it dont even sound good and thats even after you remove how embrassingly bad his lyrics were
Kanye skined an NFT for the cover
Of course he's coming from a place of insecurity. This is a sad song. If he was confident it wouldnt be a sad song. Art is about letting your inner world show through, and it's exactly what Ye does. It's a phenomenal song in my opinion and it really touched me.
S Brooks
Damn Anthony completely missed the point. It’s less about him looking “cool” and more about him capturing his feelings at the moment Which makes it more genuine than 99% of rappers can claim to be. Literally on brand with “blame game” or most of 808s
Veego von DOOM- Reviews!
song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
chiemeka osuagwu
what’s wrong with a rapper feeling and being insecure in his music. the beats artists give a lot of themselves and pour who they are and how exactly they feel I to their music all the time, whether it’s them being in love or being depressed. why are those acceptable feelings but not a feeling of insecurity? why must confidence be so important in rap? we’re human - most of us don’t feel confident most of the time, so why should be an artist be able to express this through their art? the logic doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it’s your opinion. love your videos. review “made in lagos” by wizkid
Chase Dungan
i love this song
Luke Bushman
I don’t care how crazy or immature it is, that Pete Davidson line killed me
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When you said, "What a waste?"
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