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The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is available RIGHT NOW on Steam for FREE!
It's Amy Rose's birthday and she's hosting a murder mystery party on the Mirage Express! When Sonic the Hedgehog becomes the game's victim, everyone is off to get to the bottom of things. However, something feels a bit off - is this really an innocent game or is something more sinister afoot?
Interrogate some of your favorite characters from the Sonic series as you figure out what happened to Sonic. Play as a new character who is starting their first day working on the Mirage Express, and meet the kind Conductor who is finally retiring from his long run with the train!
This project has been a labor of love from the Sonic Social team and a host of amazingly talented people who are just as passionate about Sonic as we are. Thank you so much for being a part of this with us, and we hope you all enjoy!
Happy April Fool's Day (observed)!
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30 Mar 2023




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Zachz Aylar önce
If Sonic Team's idea of an April Fool's prank is an entirely unannounced free game made by fans, for fans, then April Fools might just be my new favorite holiday
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Aylar önce
It has to be April Fool's gag.
VeryCleverUsername Aylar önce
@Victor Gonzalez Check the description
purrgiri Aylar önce
​@Victor Gonzalez nope it's legit on steam
Josh Coy
Josh Coy Aylar önce
...but it's still march.
CaptainScarLeg Aylar önce
@Josh Coy Not in Japan it aint.
Balena Productions
Balena Productions Aylar önce
I thoroughly enjoyed this game! It was such a pleasant surprise! The characters haven't felt this genuine in so long. I would love to see more of these!
ZeroPC Aylar önce
I just finished it myself as I'm typing this. I absolutely agree. It was a lot of fun!
Kaleionio Music
Kaleionio Music Aylar önce
@Repent of your sins and believe the Gospel ofJesus no
Lazy Lucario
Lazy Lucario Aylar önce
Would be kinda cool if you made an animation for some scenes lol
Crow {Nefarious}
Crow {Nefarious} Aylar önce
@Repent of your sins and believe the Gospel ofJesus I'm a Laveyan Satanist sooo...no.
Cole Kiesler
Cole Kiesler Aylar önce
You know despite being an April Fools joke, you got to admit that the fact that the Sonic team literally let an actual fan game to be announced might possibly the smartest move anyone has ever done.
Wandering Ace Minecraft and More
I mean Mania is a fan game that was given the Sega blessing and assistance. This is just another!
Mr. Needlestan
Mr. Needlestan Aylar önce
Street Fighter x Mega Man
Colby Boucher
Colby Boucher Aylar önce
Funny how it has more of a Sega vibe than anything Sega has put out recently
QuarterCentum Aylar önce
I am certainly more interested in playing a Sonic game, now!
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Blessed is the king of Israel!”” ‭‭John‬ ‭12‬:‭13‬ ‭NIV‬‬ R
Chibi Aylar önce
WHY WAS THIS FREE. I WOULD HAVE PAID FOR THIS!! 😭❤ I know this was just a little April fools joke but man, what a great little experience. The characters felt more like themselves than they have in a long time, the art was adorable, and the music slapped so hard. I would genuinely love to see more visual novel style works like this going forward!
P 3 gün önce
So you dont like when you dont have to spend your money on something, nice
Kedo Aylar önce
This is a criminally good April Fool's joke. The art here is fantastic. Really loving all the love being poured into Sonic lately!
SMToon Entertainment
This game got me smiling all around... The jokes, the references, the art, the soundtrack... THIS IS AMAZING
ChaoticSpooks Aylar önce
The fact that he's in the family guy death pose too is actually hilarious. Good job Sega this is absolutely hilarious I love this.
xTheori Aylar önce
I did not realize this till u said this. Had me weak 😂
Skyism Aylar önce
SonicFanatic67 Aylar önce
Dude when I saw he was in the family guy dead pose, I absolutely cackled out loud. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while
Null Hydrangea
Null Hydrangea Aylar önce
From the official Sonic TRvid channel… absolutely cracked
Lauren McFarlane
Lauren McFarlane Aylar önce
KodyCrimson Aylar önce
I just played it, absolutely fantastic game. Please, keep it on the Steam store forever. Don't let this just be a one-day April Fool's thing.
Kierrific Aylar önce
It's still there. It's there permanently
Lieng Andriod
Lieng Andriod Aylar önce
​@Kierrific thank god. Everone needs to enjoy this masterpiece of gaming.
Kierrific Aylar önce
@Lieng Andriod of course they do
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Just came back from playing the game, I'm very satisfied, the amount of work put into this is crazy! Not only the art, but also the theme of a mystery was very fun to see. I really love the plot twists through the entire gameplay, but also connections to the orginal game (you'll know what I mean when you play the game). If this is how every April Fools would look like in SEGA, i want to have April Fools everyday!
FAKE Fish Aylar önce
The bots are insane 💀💀
BawlsDingus88 Aylar önce
I c this one on like every bigger game channel and it always has a different porn pic
Will Mangrum
Will Mangrum Aylar önce
JFK max
JFK max Aylar önce
marcus Aylar önce
Yall honestly can just release more of this and people would love it. Sonic visual novel story telling, rpgs, add chao garden.
Space Baby
Space Baby Aylar önce
10/10 the gameplay is very fun, the story is intriguing, consisting of emotional and funny parts, perfectly using themes and tones at the correct time. While the game is short, (around an hour or so) it’s the best hour I’ve spent in my life.
mar Aylar önce
Despite being a april fools game, this have a lot of love and effort put into it! The art is very charming, reminds me of the sonic idw comics, and i really apreciate that we got the rest of the cast interact more with eachother! Amazing work sega!
Cordell Riemer
Cordell Riemer Aylar önce
All they have to do now is to release this game on consoles
Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter Aylar önce
I don’t care what anyone says or even if the game is bad. THIS is the game that brought Knuckles’ cowboy hat back into the canon, and I will forever be grateful for it
armoredplacoderm Aylar önce
Didn't a mobile game do that like two years ago?
The Next Take
The Next Take Aylar önce
scrapnik island and sonic speed battle brought it back into the canon already
BlueK Aylar önce
​@The Next Take Also Sonic Dash and the Archie Boom Comics going by your logic but the IDW comics aren't confirmed canon and Speed Battle has no story. Technically this game isn't confirmed canon either but it's the first in a long time to be featured in a major story.
Oxide moment
Oxide moment Aylar önce
​@BlueKthe idw comics were confirmed canon along with most other sonic media a while ago. While tbf you are right about the mobile games not being canon
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson Aylar önce
You'll be pleased to know that the game is good
Comic Fan 13
Comic Fan 13 Aylar önce
Would you guys consider making more point and click Sonic titles like this? I think it’s really charming, and could be a pretty good way to fill in time between major releases. Not to mention the art is pretty awesome.
Frisktaker Aylar önce
This is an amazing game. Honestly it is almost a crime that it is free, because no, it is _not_ a prank, it's a full, maybe five-hour point and click adventure full of amazing humor, clever thinking, and an actually pretty decent narrative
GreenHillHedgehog Aylar önce
No joke, I'd totally want to play more stuff like this set in the Sonic canon 🤣 They mentioned escape rooms in the game, so that'd be a neat follow up.
Kieren Buckley
Kieren Buckley Aylar önce
actually a really good visual novel style mystery solving game, wouldn't mind there being another one
Makayla T.
Makayla T. Aylar önce
Aaaaah just finished my playthrough and it was amazing!!!! the characters, the humor, everything was on point! kudos to everyone who made this game and thank you for the “prank”!!!
nxri Aylar önce
The pose for Sonic and the “he’s dead” had me laughing for 3 minutes 💀
QuestionableHero Aylar önce
Family guy death pose
MaxedOutSociety Aylar önce
@QuestionableHerooh my god it is
Jerin _Dd
Jerin _Dd Aylar önce
“Sonic has passed”
family guy death pose
some madness fan
some madness fan Aylar önce
@Jerin _Dd Vinny reference detected capussi moment
GamerBlake90 Aylar önce
This was such an unexpected but amazing treat! For once, I am welcoming April Fool's this year. Thank you guys so much for this experience!
Rubberman202 Aylar önce
The best thing about surprise games like this is that there are no expectations, so people will be pleasantly surprised no matter what.
Fast guy
Fast guy Aylar önce
SEGA is really getting better at doing things the fans actually like!
Starhound Aylar önce
I would absolutely love to see more one-off character driven games like this in the future. Thank you for this lovely surprise.
DiabeticMan Aylar önce
Unironically, this is GOTY material for me. As a fan of both Ace Attorney and Danganronpa, this was right up my alley! A simple and charming experience that was worth it
Milton Gagliardi
Milton Gagliardi Aylar önce
An official Sonic visual novel with a who-done-it plot... I love this franchise.
Johnny Oie
Johnny Oie Aylar önce
I thought this was a joke before April 1 but it’s a real game lol
Markofthewolves sucks
Nice heart 👀
Megamemes Aylar önce
Yamaha dead pose
julianx2rl Aylar önce
We all do, that's why we put up with stuff like Sonic Forces from time to time.
The Sonic God 55
The Sonic God 55 Aylar önce
​@Megamemes first yamcha now my blue boy 😢
Damashi The Kaotic
Damashi The Kaotic Aylar önce
This game was absolutely fantastic! I was so happy to see Shadow so well written again! Hope we get more VN stuff like this in the future.
Rafael Antonio Ribeiro
We want more games like this!! They tell a great story and are super fun!
Maxie Aylar önce
I really enjoyed playing the game! It was short and simple but a lot of fun. The art was amazing, and I loved how the characters interacted. Genuinely the best April fools game everyone did a great job, and the character’s personality portrayed was great
ezpz_ Aylar önce
I really enjoyed this small game. They should make more of these in the future. Just characters interacting with each other in various situations.
Jessiboo Aylar önce
Imagine if they made more of these visual novel games for the Sonic series! Like the characters could be camping, or playing D&D, or escape rooms!! ❤
May4Lyfe Aylar önce
SEGA is just on the rise. So many wins, and their communication with their fans is impeccable. Good stuff!
Diogo7 Aylar önce
BloxyWaterGamer Aylar önce
Tbh because Sega listens to their community's wishes, I think this is why Sega does what Nintendon't
Sonixx Aylar önce
​@BloxyWaterGamer that's a dead meme
Man of Truth
Man of Truth Aylar önce
@Sonixx the only thing dying is Nintendo’s sales. Without Pokémon, Nintendo would’ve been absorbed by Sega decades ago.
Toby Lopez
Toby Lopez Aylar önce
Sega does what nintendont
The Shadowgate Keeper
What a genuinely charming thing to do, Sega. I really love this, thank you! ❤
Teka Aylar önce
It has so much heart and charm !!! I'd love more of little side games like these in between the big ones as we go into the future ^^
Spicy Apple
Spicy Apple Aylar önce
Genuinely beautiful and fun game, was a pleasant surprise when expecting an april fools prank! The writing gives very A Hat in Time vibes, which is one of the highest compliments I can bestow... more of this please sega :)
the one and only
the one and only Aylar önce
Props to you guys for the game It was lovely all the way through From the story, to music, to characters and the artstyle it was just all so great Wish i could do more to show how much i apreciate it, but i guess this is all i can do
TaLa - Fails
TaLa - Fails Aylar önce
I hope this opens up new opportunities for more sonic visual novels, as there are so many possibilities for these characters
ThePureVessel Aylar önce
THIS IS AWESOME! You guys did an amazing job putting all of this together! I'm so happy that it's free to play and I love the style of it all! I kept searching through the trash xd that part was fun aswell. YOU DID GREAT 10/10! (ALSO THANK YOU FOR PUTTING METAL AT THE END! I really appreciated that!)
Mr 3D
Mr 3D Aylar önce
This gives me Storybook series vibes and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Great job to the social team!
Kay Mojil
Kay Mojil Aylar önce
This is the best - it was not a joke at the fan’s expense, it was something silly and made with love and let us be in on the joke. Awesome fun time!!!
Legendary Quartz
Legendary Quartz Aylar önce
Played through the game last night. Masterpiece from the fans for the fans
FannyPackMan100 Aylar önce
This needs to go into the Hall of Fame of "This is how you do April Fool's jokes RIGHT" !!
TailsFan92 Aylar önce
I just beat this game, and it was honestly one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had playing a Sonic game in a long time. Seriously SEGA, I hope you let the team who made this game make more Sonic content in the future. It was so much fun!
Tori D.
Tori D. Aylar önce
I opened up TRvid and saw the title… immediate panic and then I watch the trailer and am SUPER EXCITED to play this! I’m all for a murder mystery novel-esque game!!!
Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario Aylar önce
Finally, was wondering when you guys would start pumping out games. Yours works are always top notch.
Tohu Bohu
Tohu Bohu Aylar önce
I really hope we get more fun spin offs like this, this has to be one of my favorite games of the year, the writing, the art, everything is so good
It was amazing, I enjoyed every second and had a lot of fun, it actually made me feel really happy. I loved the story and the characters' writing. We need more of this kind of spin offs please!
Zero Sponge
Zero Sponge Aylar önce
For an April Fools game, they went hard for the artstyle. It's actually very pleasing to look at. Also, Family Guy death pose.
ijion Clifton
ijion Clifton Aylar önce
Its real and free
GeoKnuckles Aylar önce
April fools is tomorrow.
SliceJosiah Aylar önce
@GeoKnuckles it's today here in new zealand where i live so there you go
TearingUser935 Aylar önce
Wait a second. IT’S MARCH 31ST!?!?
lordcrimson Aylar önce
@GeoKnuckles SEGA is Japanese Company and it's already 1st April there
kestany Aylar önce
Thank you so much for all your hard work. Wasn't a fan of Sonic, but this really surprised me and enjoyed it.
The Last Wind Waker
Love it. Makes me want an actual game like this to distract me from the pain of the last Ace Attorney game being in 2016.
Trant X Rattler
Trant X Rattler Aylar önce
I wish more game companies did things like this.
Skybeck Gamer
Skybeck Gamer Aylar önce
This game is really enjoyable! I loved all the characters and I especially love the art in this game! Great job 👍
Steven Watson
Steven Watson Aylar önce
It's nice to see that Sonic Team used the feedback they've received to good effect.
Stuff Aylar önce
This has to be one of the most high-effort April Fools' Day jokes out there. You guys made an entire visual novel murder mystery based on sonic AS A JOKE? Big respect there, Sega. Big respect. Thank you.
Ame Aylar önce
And funnily enough, it's a real game
timotheninja Aylar önce
This reminded me of when Blizzard made an Overwatch dating sim for Valentine's day lol
canary 002
canary 002 Aylar önce
Plot twist it actually comes out in a few hours
super tactical droid
bug fables did the same
Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett Aylar önce
@canary 002 plotter twist. Its out now.
Diddy Konk
Diddy Konk Aylar önce
Well done to everyone on the team. A fun Sonic visual novel, for free, out of nowhere? Sonic Frontiers may have sparked hope in me, but this game just seals the fact that this is a great time to be a Sonic enjoyer. Even my younger brother loves it!
TheRouge1 Aylar önce
just played this, 8.5/10. the art was amazing, the music fit rlly well, and if ur looking for a cool short-ish game that still has some difficult gameplay, this is definitely worth a try!
AnimeOtaku64 Aylar önce
A murder mystery VN. Not what I expected from SEGA, but a golden gem nonetheless.
Tails Gamer
Tails Gamer Aylar önce
Very good game, the special stages were very good and at a very easy level for someone who has played a lot of sonic games (like me) I don't know how, but the character that represents the player was 100% like me (his personality and mine are identical) which made the gameplay much better I loved it, congrats to the developers!
『 Devneia 』
『 Devneia 』 Aylar önce
making an actual game as part of the joke is a power move, thank you sega
Sonic Sez
Sonic Sez Aylar önce
Nice heart
Alejandra Melendez
Alejandra Melendez Aylar önce
Cracking up rn😂😂😂😂
Daniel in the Maiden
The transition from Green Hill Zone to Death Egg Zone was smooth.
Germanzilla Aylar önce
A game so simple yet so well made ❤
Oriana C.
Oriana C. Aylar önce
We love this. This is what we want. More please.
Apollo Hoax Theory
Apollo Hoax Theory Aylar önce
This game was amazing, best April Fools surprise ever, absolutely made my day
Axel Heartstrung
Axel Heartstrung Aylar önce
AMAZING! 😍 This revived my love for visual novels.
RTD Productions [Game Developer]
You know what? I’m just gonna go ahead and give this an _immediate_ *10/10* rating. 🎖
Mysterious Idol Ch. - [ENVTuber]
don’t forget to give it a positive review
Marc DiMartino
Marc DiMartino Aylar önce
I concur.
Simon41 Aylar önce
Orson Zedd
Orson Zedd Aylar önce
@Simon41 20 out of 20 is the same rating as 10/10
sockman Aylar önce
@Orson Zedd shuddup
танкист 108
танкист 108 Aylar önce
This game was definitely a masterpiece it definitely deserves an s tier I recently just played the whole game from beginning to end it's an amazing game I loved the story writing too good job sega really great work on the game
Jason Cameron Marone
Jason Cameron Marone 26 gün önce
The game is fricken awesome and hilarious. The Ace Attorney vibes are real ❤
bark Aylar önce
I played the game! It was so cool and would definitely play it again! 10/10 game, hoping to see more!
Outshinedsg Aylar önce
This game was super fun and so charming! The character designs were super cute.
Kimchi Aylar önce
This actually looks genuinely very fun!
Tails is disappointed in your recent decisions
As Death once said, "I came for an arrogant little legend, who thought he was immortal", and then he took Sonic.
Surreal Aylar önce
Eggman: I’ve been called a lot of things, but never Death. I like it! That’s MY Emerald!
Puss in boots reference eh
Abigail Jacob
Abigail Jacob Aylar önce
Stop please
SonicFanon1 Aylar önce
Jeż Electro
Jeż Electro Aylar önce
i wonder if Death in Sonic wouldn't be something worse then (And here spoilers for Puss in Boots 2, but for real, good luck avoiding this one especially) a Wolf
Esmiden Aylar önce
The art of this looks amazing!! And I like how it takes somewhat of a darker tone. 😶❤️🌸
Apricotoxy Aylar önce
It's weird I've always wanted to see this type of sonic game and I really did not think it would be done at all anytime soon :)) good job keep it up!
O'Phylia Aylar önce
Even after playing this game, I love just watching this trailer. it's perfect.
Zach Freeman!
Zach Freeman! Aylar önce
This is such a baller move on SEGA's part. I cannot believe they released a whole game for FREE as an April Fool's Joke! Absolutely incredible
Ethan d'Ouro
Ethan d'Ouro Aylar önce
StereoPixel Aylar önce
Ha. Funny meme is funny. Social media is the future, lets forget about what Sonic actually stood for originally. Fighting against abuse of technology and respecting nature. This is a slap in the face for actual sonic fans
saint_michaeI Aylar önce
@StereoPixel Aww 😢
須賀川市 Aylar önce
Jhoan U
Jhoan U Aylar önce
10/10 soooo fantastic . I loeve seeing this much love put in a game , a real delight for fans
Barebare kun
Barebare kun Aylar önce
The best part about this other than its real and not just April's Fools joke is that its real and its a fan game that's actually pretty good! Loved the art style of this Visual Novel Sonic fan game, its cute and gorgeous!
FauxVier Aylar önce
Incredible art direction, hope they actually do more with this and oh yeah THE MUSIC HOLY COE
skylarthegalaxycat Aylar önce
Oh man, I knew miniscule amounts of this franchise, but when I got recommended this trailer and saw in the description that this game was free I immediately went and played through the entire thing, got attached to the characters, and decided to start watching playthroughs of every sonic game in order of release along with the animated series. That's how sega fucking GETS YOU GOD DAMN IT
MoonYune Aylar önce
I just finished and this was truly enjoyable. Love it!
DARKSONIC896 Aylar önce
Just played through the entire game! It was a masterpiece from beginning to end! The sonic franchise and its fans are amazing for giving us games like this!
Ryo Aylar önce
How long was it?
Atlas The Mayor
Atlas The Mayor Aylar önce
@Ryo around 4 hours if you read most of the dialogue
Commander Rainbow Ducky
This one rare occasion ain't going to clean up the mess so don't act like it.
MaikoR Aylar önce
@Commander Rainbow Ducky At least they're starting to do something good, and they realised that they needed to shake up the formula. Not like other game franchises like Forza.
Saleh Atat
Saleh Atat Aylar önce
​@Commander Rainbow Duckythis game was made by the sonic social team(basically at Sega), not Sonic Team themselves
SIG7 Profficial
SIG7 Profficial Aylar önce
One of my favorite games in the series to be honest.
XianDBL Aylar önce
I just finished the game and i should say. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES IVE EVER PLAYED. I also liked the fact that the games plot is almost the same with Glass Onion. Thank you SEGA for giving us a fun experience in April Fools.
BOWEN Smit Aylar önce
Finally the supporting characters getting some respect
DaBirdMan42 Aylar önce
This was an absolute blast to play, please keep these fun little side games coming. also detective pikachu crossover when
Adie Bernhardt
Adie Bernhardt Aylar önce
This game had no right to be as good as it was. Enjoyed my time playing it and would love to see more crazy spinoffs like this. Turns out Sonic meets Phoenix Wright is a fun direction.
GonerBoy Aylar önce
Binged through the entire game as soon as this came out. It's a 10/10 in terms of character writing and visual style! So much love went into this. Amazing work!!!
Im Here
Im Here Aylar önce
Better than the actual games then?
Dreams that go Together
Yeah because an actual game isn’t an actual game 🥴
Im Here
Im Here Aylar önce
@Dreams that go Together Oh, you don't know what I mean? I can dumb it down if you can't piece it together.
GonerBoy Aylar önce
@Im Here In terms of characters? 100%! An amazing breath of fresh air, especially for characters like Shadow.
Im Here
Im Here Aylar önce
@GonerBoy It's disappointing that we can't get as much effort and care for the official games
Yoav The Guy
Yoav The Guy Aylar önce
This game had NO BUSINESS being this good!!! ANOTHER! 😊
Fluffy the chacal
Fluffy the chacal Aylar önce
Eu amaria jogar esse jogo. Mal posso esperar 😄, espero que tenha pra celular, seria bom
Temporary Handle
Temporary Handle Aylar önce
This and Sonic Frontiers makes me think the franchise is finally getting back on track.
ThatPoggingGamer Aylar önce
Even though Sonic died, I can’t help but smile and laugh at the presentation and execution of this trailer! The fact that this is real just blows my mind.
linux750 Aylar önce
It's nice to see that despite it all, Sonic Team still has a sense of humor.
Shade's Main Chamber
This is *PERFECTION.* We need one *EVERY YEAR.*
ChristianoLord9 Aylar önce
The bois are going Mojang style
Heartwell Roots
Heartwell Roots Aylar önce
ffs, no. I love this, too, but yearly release schedules are the worst.
L M Aylar önce
I can totally imagine a SEGA-backed game jam for sonic fan games, that would be SO sick!
Ryu Gi
Ryu Gi Aylar önce
How? Sonic is dead! And no, we're not using a kiss from a princess to bring him back just so he can get murdered again next year!
Dkttt Aylar önce
​@Heartwell Rootsthey are just small games bruh, and this game it's not made by sonic team so sonic team can work normally
迷路P Aylar önce
This game looks awesome!!! It looks too awesome to be on steam. This is the greatest masterpiece ever and if it is on steam I’m playing it.
Kirbygamer06 Aylar önce
This is freaking incredible. Seeing Sonic officially in the Family Guy death pose…and seeing Knuckles in his cowboy hat- This…this is incredible. I love it.
Sonic the hedgehog franchise can’t be over! It’s to good for it to be it’s the best thing!
1 Aylar önce
I finished the game and I really loved it!! Thanks SEGA ❤❤❤
gogosegaga Aylar önce
I couldn't believe how good the game is!!!
Donut Burger
Donut Burger Aylar önce
The fact that this is an actually real game makes it even better.
Kevin Connelly
Kevin Connelly Aylar önce
​@Roman Reigns it was made as a joke
SakuradaBP Aylar önce
​@Roman Reigns Do you know this curious day called April Fools?
K$AMA  ⚡
K$AMA ⚡ Aylar önce
@SakuradaBPyeah but it’s March 31st lol!
SakuradaBP Aylar önce
@K$AMA ⚡ Sega is not from america
K$AMA  ⚡
K$AMA ⚡ Aylar önce
@SakuradaBP damn bro you’re right didn’t even think about it 🤣
superstarbros1.0 Aylar önce
Hope you guys make a series out of this, I loved and and beat it yesterday! lol
Unfunny Rockleto
Unfunny Rockleto Aylar önce
Just finished playing it. It was so cute and amazing.
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