The Most Unbelievable Story in Sports

Baseball Doesn't Exist
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Yasiel Puig, Monster or Misunderstood?




8 Tem 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Baseball Doesn't Exist
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Landon Wright
Landon Wright 4 aylar önce
this dude is me writing essays
Root Beer
Root Beer 4 aylar önce
The girls whom is accusing Puig is an out of the closet Lesbian and wouldn't do something with a male, let alone ruin her relationship with her fiance, (whom she was at the game with)
Extra Google Account
Extra Google Account 4 aylar önce
Here's a series I'd love you to do: Unwritten rules of baseball. Lots of people, including me, watch your channel despite not normally following baseball. These unwritten rules are central or come up in many videos, and I'd love you to handle the topic in your BDE style. Its a topic tailor made for you! Thanks for the vids and have a good one!
K G 4 aylar önce
I'm sorry to tell you bro but MLB and TRvid TV are well aware of NORD VPN and they have been cracking down on people trying to trick the system into thinking they are somewhere else. All they do is sense a proxy and tell you to turn it off. I have Nord VPN for personal use but I cannot watch blacked out games.
Doug Turley
Doug Turley 4 aylar önce
"increase your internet speed" what kind of magic bs are they having you read?
ChrisGeez 3 gün önce
Uhhh… The background music as just too annoying. I couldn’t watch the video to the end.
ChrisGeez 3 gün önce
Dear BDE: “Escape” does not have an ‘x’ sound in the first syllable. (You’re welcome.)
Richard Bates
Richard Bates 5 gün önce
Josh Hamilton video?
QB1 6 gün önce
Life in communist Cuba is so bad, this man was willing to go through hell to come to America! And to think there are people in this country itching to turn America into a communist hellhole like Cuba! These people have absolutely no idea of the misery they're trying to instill upon themselves!
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 6 gün önce
Zack Grenke is a something else tho for another video
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 6 gün önce
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 6 gün önce
I bet u have El Duké 's story of how he defected from Cuba. I really want to find that one !!!!
Landon Alberts
Landon Alberts 13 gün önce
This channel is the G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!!!
knotzed 14 gün önce
7:20 ohh so that's why he doesn't like talking about it! He turned snitch and got other ppl locked up and torchered ....
Jorge Johnson
Jorge Johnson 19 gün önce
Bipolar and ptsd.
Flat Accord Music
Flat Accord Music 21 gün önce
Wow, they used the Practically Completely Random test to mess up his career. 🤣
Andrew Moseley
Andrew Moseley 24 gün önce
I’ve never been a big Puig fan, but if you’ll fight an entire team by yourself, you’re just my kind of crazy.
John Cummings
John Cummings 26 gün önce
Gotta walk in his shoes....travel his travels....see what he's seen..... before passing judgement. That's my unbiased opinion. The guy had nothing....got millions.....looked death in the face.....who am I to say how that changes a person?
CasualFan 26 gün önce
"6 years for human trafficking." "Sentenced 7 years for allegedly offering someone a way to escape their country." Find the problem with Cuba. What The Fuck!
ɥsǝlʌ 27 gün önce
The Twins could use him severely.
Connor McPeek
Connor McPeek 27 gün önce
Could have been a champ
Kill Moncher
Kill Moncher 27 gün önce
So basically Puig could be really great if baseball was his only worry
Jeremy Seal
Jeremy Seal 29 gün önce
We need a movie based on this dude.
Ryan Yeager
Ryan Yeager Aylar önce
But..but.. Obama and Biden say Cuban government are good guys 🤔🤔
ChungWei Wang
ChungWei Wang Aylar önce
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jackstraw Aylar önce
Man you gotta do one on yordano ventura
Michael McKinnon
Michael McKinnon Aylar önce
Pig is a good player, controversy isn't anything new to players in the MLB, George Brett although innocent concerning the "Pine Tar Incident" because the pine tar was 6.5 inches from the trademark of the bat (MLB minimum distance between the trademark of the bat and pine tar is 6 inches {according to the MLB rulebook}) and an umpire who thought there had to be 8 inches in between the trademark of the bat and pine tar application (pine tar is legal for use on bats in the MLB and the MLB rulebook says "a player may apply pine tar on a bat no closer than 6 inches from the trademark")
johnny lightning
johnny lightning Aylar önce
Go to America and develop an outrageous fuckin attitude. So.....what else is new?
OrphanTwin Aylar önce
Holy s***!
Arnold Lopez
Arnold Lopez Aylar önce
Personally I hope Puig gets another shot at the majors
Tony Leal
Tony Leal Aylar önce
That's a wild horse if I have ever seen one
Obey Swayz Hunter Greenfield
It really makes sense why he was the way he was when you hear his whole story. When you go through as much as he did the last thing you care about is playing the game with the unwritten rules and will show all the flare in the world.
Anthony Cabadas
Anthony Cabadas Aylar önce
This sounds like a good Netflix story
Not R. Kelly
Not R. Kelly Aylar önce
The bringing of the shift to let the kids play. He just couldn’t stop lashing out
Hao Dy Lan
Hao Dy Lan Aylar önce
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Steelflex Aylar önce
What a stupid sport!!
MikeP2055 Aylar önce
A baseball player, his girlfriend, a boxer, and a priest walk into a bar . . .
AC/DC Freak
AC/DC Freak Aylar önce
Puig is one of the most memorable players in Dodgers history for good and bad reasons. I feel like there might still be a chance he plays in the big leagues again if this court case ever gets dropped or hes proven not guilty, but until then ya he is not coming back to MLB
Nugglashine Aylar önce
Puig is legitimately a psychopath.
dacuna1010 Aylar önce
I was laughing hard when you said during the reds/pirate fight puig ran into the field fighting and he wasn’t even a reds player he’s been traded. The only thing that would of made it even funnier is if he was traded to the pirates and he was fighting his own teammates omg that would of been great lol
Only60Games Played
Only60Games Played Aylar önce
That’s why he was called Pig! I’m sure he is not the only one!
Joseph Mostarda
Joseph Mostarda Aylar önce
I've never heard of a player being traded mid-game. Is that common? And when that happens, is the player ushered off the field?
Paul man
Paul man Aylar önce
He seems to be a Product of his environment = Finally getting a Big-league break = And showing not so unexpectedly = HE just couldn't handle it ... Not the Athletic Part = The personality and emotional Part = disliked in his own locker Room = HE could of Still been Playing
Jennifer Acosta
Jennifer Acosta Aylar önce
Puig the Dodger fans miss you !! He a real G !
Nicholas Sapphire
Nicholas Sapphire Aylar önce
Weird how these "problem players" always end up catching a sexual assault case.
Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence Aylar önce
Another fake character, devil puppet. Was making $17 a day for playing baseball then paid over a million dollars to get smuggled in to US.? Yeah right that makes sense. All fake stories for the dumb masses to suck up. Why does the word Puig sound like pig? It’s Not an accident people ... these players are actors just as much or more then they are athletes....
doobeone Aylar önce
30 for 30 shit. nice bro
The dark emperor
The dark emperor Aylar önce
“Mexican smugglers threatens Puig” Puig: “signs a deal in Mexico” !!
LeemTV Aylar önce
Man I love this channel.
Ethan Delacruz
Ethan Delacruz Aylar önce
This video is such an L
Jhonny Rodriguez 🇩🇴
I don’t understand what happened to this guy. Great talent and he was in a great organization “I’m Yankees fan” he has the opportunity to become a superstar. But his attitude? It was like a cancer, looks what happens? Nobody wants him. Perhaps he needs to learn to be humble.
Freddy P
Freddy P Aylar önce
I remember his first month like it was yesterday. Los Angeles was having fun again. When he hit his first grand slam and Mr Scully said that epic quote. It was very magical. If only Dodgers would've kept Greinke, let Kershaw walk and traded away Gonzales and a few more tweaks. We could've had a few championships during mid 2010's. Fortunately for Dodgers, they won last season and will repeat as champs!!
Hayden Vowell
Hayden Vowell Aylar önce
Deal with the Braves fell though...phewww...we already have a Marcel Ozuna case on our hands. Dodged that bullet.
booognish Aylar önce
I always think American players should generally be cooler to players that defected from Cuba. Who the hell knows what they’ve been through just to get there.
Whitehall Milla
Whitehall Milla Aylar önce
U and jomboy have me really interested in baseball
chad hill
chad hill Aylar önce
its ridiculous how these idiots destroy their own lives
Brent Wise
Brent Wise Aylar önce
He needs to be on a team!
RJ Aylar önce
1rst comment 😉
Jmilly Aylar önce
Someone should make a movie about his journey to the MLB
Justin Last 2: Last Harder
Yasiel Puig: I'm the most misunderstood player in baseball Milton Bradley: That's Cute.
Rob Banks
Rob Banks Aylar önce
Try altuve lol the whole team cheated but not their best hitter noooo he has morals and principles
Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores Aylar önce
Ain’t Puig playing in the Mexican Baseball League right now? He had to of paid off that debt or he’d be dead
Jimbo Aylar önce
He was my favorite player on the Dodgers !
Gregory Morhardt
Gregory Morhardt Aylar önce
Auditioning lol
Sean MD
Sean MD Aylar önce
Idiot savant…….so what’s the problem?
Over Charging For The Cold Crush!
All them white boys fucking with that mane
John Price
John Price Aylar önce
BINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best hardball channel on YT!
Lonelysad Wildbeast69
Lonelysad Wildbeast69 2 aylar önce
Still missing Yasiel Puig I hope some day he will be black to play with my dear Dodgers 🙏
Sam Right
Sam Right 2 aylar önce
His life should be a Movie
Emii 2 aylar önce
Baseball's Dennis Rodman.
xMoNsTeRx6969 2 aylar önce
Bro Cuba such a trash place honestly. Like don't let you leave the country if they want something from you. Forget that place
Playthell Marshall I
Playthell Marshall I 2 aylar önce
Wait, he made $17 per but, paid 1 million to get to the US. Ok😉
Jack Larue
Jack Larue 2 aylar önce
Madbum staring someone down and then saying “dont look at me” is classic asshole energy
Brian Walden
Brian Walden 2 aylar önce
So No More Slap Ass!!!!
Gil Velasquez
Gil Velasquez 2 aylar önce
He still my favorite player just wish he stayed out of trouble
Minx Cards
Minx Cards 2 aylar önce
Keep that same energy for Trevor mlb
DM310 2 aylar önce
Really isn't this guy playing in the Mexican League or the cartels can get him?
VIC ORTIZ 2 aylar önce
From 10 Millions to $17 a month DAMN GINA!!!
JustRELAX84 2 aylar önce
Puig is fun to say innit?
Neal Fisher
Neal Fisher 2 aylar önce
If baseball doesn’t exist, then what is this video?
Frank Pilch
Frank Pilch 2 aylar önce
I don't know how you can be misunderstood with videos of you doing shit like that?? I'm mean come. That's like saying Jeffrey Dahmer is just misunderstood!
Frank Pilch
Frank Pilch 2 aylar önce
Raymond Patrick
Raymond Patrick 2 aylar önce
I can't stand pitchers who cry about a bat flip.
Speed ExiLe
Speed ExiLe 2 aylar önce
Puig Is A Legend , This story only make him more like able. Like Aroldis Chapman ❤️Thank you for justifying this man!
karld001 2 aylar önce
VPN's are BS, all streaming services will not provide service if you're using a VPN.
Ro Rober.
Ro Rober. 2 aylar önce
Miss Puig in L.A. with DODGERS
TFT Trickshots
TFT Trickshots 2 aylar önce
Puig and Jose Fernandez had essentially the same story up until the 2nd MLB year
Logos Cartel
Logos Cartel 2 aylar önce
he wanted it so bad, prolly too much.. first 5games, 4homers.🕊. long live the puig 💯 new sub ⚾️
Logos Cartel
Logos Cartel 2 aylar önce
150k of beer😏?!? what was he finna open up a tavern 🍺
John Krause
John Krause 2 aylar önce
Yea, the thumb nail for the video isn't gay at all.
Rodrigo Morales
Rodrigo Morales 2 aylar önce
The Man
The Man 2 aylar önce
My god man, why do they get so mad on bat flips?
Koller Media
Koller Media 2 aylar önce
Is everyone from Cuba an informant in your videos
Brian Cannon
Brian Cannon 2 aylar önce
This is an ugly world
Kayode Phillips
Kayode Phillips 2 aylar önce
He was a damn knuckle head damn u finally make it and u mess up
Jordan MP
Jordan MP 2 aylar önce
He will be back in the majors “when puig’s fly”....
DonMega DonMega
DonMega DonMega 2 aylar önce
Love your channel brotha.! Binge watched 4 episodes and subscribed just now
AGoat1971 2 aylar önce
I don't understand why he wanted to leave Cuba. Is he not aware that they have 'free' healthcare and 'free' education. He really is stupid.
Tbh, if I was Puig, I would have just payed the smugglers if it meant keeping them from threatening me and my family
Dante Moody
Dante Moody 2 aylar önce
This is the best baseball channel on youtube by far in my opinion. The research is incredible. The stories told are incredibly entertaining and the voiceover is amazing. Thank you for your hard work.
Christian Fournier61
Christian Fournier61 2 aylar önce
As soon as they plug in their sponsor I just skip the video.
Janelle Wade
Janelle Wade 2 aylar önce
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Isaac DiSanto
Isaac DiSanto 2 aylar önce
As a giants fan, I've always hated Puig. But Jesus fucking Christ this man has been through so much shit, I can't help but respect him
Dutch 2 aylar önce
Skylinx Gaming
Skylinx Gaming 2 aylar önce
Puig is good for baseball
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